Apro hair maid teen cecilia lion gets fucked by her master

Apro hair maid teen cecilia lion gets fucked by her master
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Jack noticed how tired his step-daughter was when she walked in yesterday. Emilia Clarke went straight to shower, then bed last night. While Emilia was showering, he went to check her hamper for her freshly worn panties. He didn't notice any, which he thought were strange.

Emilia always took off her panties before going to shower. Jack is in a business trip in LA and is staying at Emilia Clarke's house for the next few weeks. Truth is Jack and his wife use to own this house before they moved to San Diego.

He was excited to busty asian slut tigerr benson intense domination with anal staying with his sexy step-daughter.

Jack drank his morning coffee as he checked out the replies to Emilia's pictures to a perverted website which he uploaded the day before. He smiled in satisfaction as he read strangers comment on his sexy daughter and called her names.

He especially loved reading about what these men would do to his daughter. Jack squeezed his hard cock through his sweatpants, his mouth watering at the thought of Emilia being brutally fucked. He loved that because his step-daughter is famous he gets to see all kind of lewd pics and comments of her on the internet.

Time to time, he would post pictures of Emilia Clarke on it. The responses were almost always of how they'd fuck or rape Emilia, of how one eyed monster fills vagina copulates it hard Emilia was, and more along those lines. He had been uploading pictures from Emilia's Facebook and myspace for a whole year now. Jack checked out his last added picture of Emilia. She was in her bikini at the community pool, turning her back around while standing.

This was from when she was a teenager. It already had two thousand views since being uploaded yesterday. "This girl gets posted repeatedly but I'm never tired of it. Look at that ass! I would love to plant my face in between." "what a little whore, she knows it" "The Mother of Dragons need to be put in her place " "she needs to be tied to a tree with a line of men waiting for their turn" "what a cute girl." "She needs to be taught a very rough lesson. And I mean getting throat fucked and ass fucked over and over by a group of men until her self-esteem is in rubble." "I would tie her up in my basement and fuck her every day, no food but just my cum and piss.

Okay, maybe occasional dog food." Jack furiously stroked his cock as he read the dirty responses. On the top right, it said he had four messages unread. He clicked on the link and read the messages. Usually the messages asked if they could have more pictures, which Jack obliged and sent. Or the messages would ask how Jack knew Emilia, what school Emilia went to and such. Jack would never tell them how he got so many personal pictures of Emilia Clarke. He skipped through first two messages asking for more of her pictures.

He would reply to them later. The third one had a link, and the message "I had fun with her. Add me to yahoo if you're interested." Curious, Jack clicked on the link. The page opened. A huge, erect cock was against a printed picture of Emilia. He clicked next. The cock was being stroked. As Jack pressed the next button, the huge cock pressed against Emilia's face, mouth, eye, basically smothered her whole face.

Then the pictures showed a thick load of cum on Emilia's face. Whoever sent this message had cum on a picture of Emilia. The following pictures showed her cum-covered face in multiple angles. Hurriedly, he printed out a picture of Emilia. She was smiling in a pretty summer dress.

Placing busty mature babe trixie sucks and gets fucked with mouth cum pornstars hardcore picture on his thighs, he furiously stroked his cock up and down.

"Fucking little slut, little daddy-whore, cum dumpster, little skanky cocktease, ahh. Fuck you, little Emilia, you love daddy's big cock. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass then let throw you into a room with ten of these men, they're gonna fuck you nice and proper, you little slut." muttered Jack to himself as he stroked his cock faster.

He groaned loudly as big boobs blonde masseuse blowjobs big cock under the table came over and over the picture of his daughter. After catching his breath, Jack added the yahoo e-mail to his buddy list. He then went off to work. - It was 11 AM when Emilia Clarke woke up.

She was still very sore from being fucked the day before. Her dad had left the house a long time ago. She thought over what happened yesterday as she laid in bed. She felt herself getting horny as she thought about sucking Oakhill's cock and how the three men abused her. Soon, it took over her guilt, and Emilia was desperately rubbing her clit while sucking on her fingers. "How am I going to fill up that whole jar with cum?" Emilia said to herself.

She thought about who she could ask for cum. She is famous and could very easily get guys to fill it up, the only problem is to keep it a secret. Too many guys would be ready to tell the world that they got sucked off by Emilia Clarke.

Maybe her neighbor. She knew that Gordan was always staring at her when she was jogging in the morning. Sometimes when she spoke with Gordan, she could figure out a lump in his pants. Emilia moaned as her body shivered through an orgasm. "Ding dong," the doorbell rang. Emilia groaned and put on a pair of shorts and ran to the door. It was a UPS delivery guy. "Hey, miss" said the man as he handed Emilia a box. It seems he doesn't recognize her. He could make out Emilia's nipples from her tank top.

Emilia was a little chilly from just leaving her warm bed. "Hi," said Emilia. She could feel the man's glare as his eyes roamed up and down her body. She wished she wore a little more than a skimpy tank-top and shorts that came just below her butt. Then she had an idea. "Thank you," said the delivery man as Emilia handed back the clipboard with her signature.

"Ummm. would you like a coke?" said Emilia, biting her lips. She felt her pussy moisten from the idea. She was going to suck off this man for cum. "Uhh, yes, I would love a coke." said the delivery man. Emilia turned around and left the door open for him. The delivery guy stared at Emilia's ass as they wiggled from her step. "Well, aren't you coming?" said Emilia shyly. The man nodded and followed her inside, closing the door behind him and looking around, hoping nobody was watching.

Emilia opened the fridge and grabbed an ice-cold coke. She knew the delivery man was staring at her bending down. It made her feel sexy to be in control. "You can sit down," said Emilia as she handed the delivery man the coke. The deliveryman's cock was erect and pushing up against his shorts. Emilia blushed. "Thank you, miss." said the delivery guy as he sat down on the sofa. He had heard about things like this happening. A cheating housewife would invite the delivery man in and offer the lucky man sex.

He wondered if he was going to get lucky. Emilia Clarke stood in front of the man as he drank his coke. Her heart thumped as she thought about what she was going to do. She felt nervous. "So." said the man as he looked at Emilia, inspecting her sexy frame and legs, "what's going on?" Emilia bit her lip as she kneeled down in front of the stranger. The deliveryman smiled and took a sip of his coke, trying to keep cool as his heart raced.

"Wou. Would you like a blowjob from me? I need to fill this jar up with cum." said Emilia as she showed him the jar. The delivery man laughed, wondering what this pretty girl was talking about.

"Sure babe," said the delivery man as he lifted his hips to pull down his pants anxiously for the girl on her knees.

This was his lucky day. He parted his legs further, no longer embarrassed to hide his oncoming hard on. Emilia sighed as she scooted up further between his legs. His cock stood at attention in front of her.

Emilia carefully wrapped her little fingers around the thick cock. She could feel it throb under her grasp. Emilia's pussy tingled as she brought her lips to the tip. Her mouth was watering up. "Feels good, babe." groaned the delivery man as he ran his fingers through Emilia's hair. He watched as the actress stroked his thick cock with her tiny fingers that could barely wrap around his cock, and her soft pink lips tightly stretched around the tip of his cock and sucked.

He took a sip of coke and leaned back, watching the sexy cocksucker work on his cock. Emilia was twirling her head on his cock while sucking up and down, with both her small hands wrapped around his cock.

"Ahhh yeah, you sexy nymph." sighed the delivery man as he petted Emilia's pretty face. He placed his hand on top of Emilia's head and pushed her down, pushing her down a bit more as she sucked. He leaned his head back as he kept pushing down at Emilia, breathing harshly as Emilia's head bobbed on his cock. He felt his balls tighten and ready to burst, but he didn't want to finish the blowjob yet. He grabbed Emilia's hair tightly and pulled her willing mouth off his cock, and took a deep breath.

"What is it?" asked Emilia, confused. She thought she was doing a good job. The hand behind her head pushed her down again, and she instinctively resumed sucking to the rhythm forced by the delivery man.

"Can you deep throat baby? Let's see how much of my cock you can take," said the man as he petted Emilia. Emilia looked up at him and shook her head. Despite being facefucked so much yesterday and having whole cocks stuffed into her mouth, she had no confidence she could do it again.

"Just relax your mouth hon," said the man as he grabbed Emilia's head with both hands and started pulling her down his rod. Emilia closed her eyes and winced as the thick cock pushed its way into her throat. About halfway down the length of the shaft, the man pulled her back up and let her breathe, then pushed her down again, slowly gaining depth.

"You're so good at this babe," said the man as he groaned and pushed Emilia down on his cock, this time until she was three quarters down. He watched as Emilia's pretty face was stuck on his thick rod, and how she was drooling down on his cock. He let go of Emilia's head and let her catch her breath, then grabbed the back of her head again. "All the way down," said the man as he looked down at Emilia.

Emilia nodded and faced down, letting the man push her down on his cock. She opened her mouth as wide as she could as she felt the thick cock push down her throat. Then something tickled her face. She had the whole cock down her throat and had her nose in his pubes. "Lick my balls like that baby, lick them good," rushed the man as he held Emilia's head down.

Emilia's tongue flailed around, licking whatever she could. The deliveryman wiggled Emilia's head around on his cock, pressing his cock around in Emilia's throat and having the cockwhore slobber all over his balls. It turned him on so much having a seemingly innocent girl have his cock all the way down her throat and still lick his balls like the truest of the whores.

"I'm gonna cum on your face, you hot little cocksucker," muttered the man as he let go of Emilia's head. As soon as she pulled off his cock, he grabbed a chunk of her hair and pushed her into his sweaty, saliva-covered balls.

Emilia caught her breathe as she mouthed both of his balls, while the deliveryman stroked his cock in Emilia's face. "Get ready for it you cock loving slut, yeah, you're a slut, ughh ahhh ahhh," groaned the man as he came, unleashing ropes of thick white cum, covering Emilia Clarke's pretty face with goo. He then pointed his cock at Emilia's mouth, shooting a couple thicker chunks into Emilia's mouth.

Emilia sucked him a little more, milking last bits of cum from his balls. "That was good." said the man, looking at the work he did on the pretty girl's face. He stabbed his cock into Emilia's mouth a couple more times, rubbing his cock all over her lips. Satisfied, he grabbed the coke, and walked straight out the door, leaving cum covered Emilia and her dripping wet pussy.

She heard the UPS truck leave as she spat her mouthful of cum into the jar. She then carefully scraped the huge load the delivery man left on her pretty face, and put them in the jar. "That wasn't so bad." Emilia thought to herself. She laid on the floor with her legs apart. Her fingers were unconsciously rubbing her little button. Emilia curled to her side and brought her other hand to her mouth, and started sucking on her fingers, which still smelled like the deliveryman's sweaty cock.

Emilia moaned softly as she toyed with her little clit. - Emilia laid in bed, wondering what she should do next. She stared at the window, and peered outside. Gordan, her neighbor, was working on his car. Gordan was always nice to her. Whenever they greeted, she knew that Gordan was checking her out. Even though it was awkward for her when he eyed her up and down, she was flattered that Gordan would think of her that way. She planned to seduce Gordan. Maybe she'd just drop to her knees and hope he gets the message, or just be very sexy and suggestive.

Gordan was working on his car in the garage when he noticed Emilia standing on his driveway. He had always admired her, and had jerked off to her countless times, spying on her when she was jogging in the tight shorts and tank top. He honestly has her nude scenes in Game of Thrones on repeat and would jerk off to them.

"Hey Emilia, how long have you been there?" said Gordan as he wiped his greasy hands on a towel. His eyes traveled up and down Emilia's body, carefully scanning her luscious tits that were covered up in a t-shirt too night. The summer breeze was pushing Emilia's short tennis skirt around, letting Gordan wonder if Emilia was wearing white panties, or if he was just seeing things. "Not very long, Gordan." said Emilia, smiling. She pulled down her skirt just a bit.

Although she had the sluttiest intentions, she still felt shy from Gordan's gaze on her body.

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"Do you need something hon?" said Gordan, approaching the little minx. His cock stirred and started to fill. "No. just bored," said Emilia, kicking the floor lightly. Her heart raced even though she tried to appear calm. Her pussy ached for touching in anticipation.

"I like the way you look at me," blurted Emilia, her face flushing red. Grinning, Gordan slyly replied. "How do I look at you?" "Like I'm sexy, the way you look up and down my body." said Emilia, biting her pink porcelain lips. "Sexy? You are very sexy, Emilia. I would do inappropriate things to do Emilia, things too terrible to say." said Gordan, getting closer to Emilia. Emilia took a step back. All the confidence she had earlier had evaporated.

The sexy thoughts of smoothly seducing Gordan was all gone now. Her head went blank. She was surprised he would be so upfront about it. "Like, like what?" Emilia stuttered, unable to look up at Gordan, who was standing right in front of her. Her gaze went to his crotch, where she could see the outline of Gordan's cock. She gulped down. Gordan brought his hand to his crotch and rubbed his restrained cock through his pants.

He watched as Emilia nervously stared at his erection. "Girl, why don't you shut the garage door for me?" said Gordan as he squeezed the tip of his cock. Emilia nodded and bombshell ella knox gets her pussy serviced the keypad button, then walked into Gordan's garage. The door slowly shut behind Emilia as the two stood in silence. "Come here, girl," said Gordan, pointing to the floor in front of him.

Emilia slowly walked to Gordan. This was different. Earlier, she was in control of giving the delivery man the blowjob. But now, for reasons unknown to Emilia, she was no longer in control with Gordan. It was like with Oakhill in his office. Gordan's hand traveled up Emilia's back, and grabbed the back of her neck. Emilia complied as Gordan slowly pushed her down onto her knees.

Emilia stared at the huge erection in front of her. She watched as Gordan pulled down his sweatpants and boxers, letting his huge cock spring up in her face. Emilia unintentionally licked her lips. It was the biggest she had seen.

She looked up at Gordan, hesitating. She felt Gordan's grip on the back of her head tighten, urging her to start pleasuring him. Emilia obeyed and opened her lips, wrapping Gordan's cock in her wet velvety mouth.

Gordan groaned as Emilia gently sucked on his cock, her head moving back and forth. He watched intently as his cock disappeared into Emilia's pretty mouth each time she sucked. Her wet lips were wrapped around his cock tightly, and her tongue was slurping at the underneath of his cock. Gordan wondered how such seemingly innocent Emilia had gotten so good at being a cocksucker. He bet it was how she gotten so popular fuck a beach babe and lick her asshole hardcore and reality Hollywood.

His legs shook as Emilia looked up at him, with her little tongue twirling around the tip of his cock as if it were a lollipop. "You're doing a good job, Emilia." murmured Gordan, looking down at his neighbor. Emilia smiled lightly and kissed the tip of Gordan's cock, then resumed sucking.

She pushed herself down on Gordan's fat cock, struggling to stuff the cock into her throat. Gordan moaned as his cock pushed down into Emilia's tight airway. He grabbed the back of Emilia's head and pushed his cock in further, forcefully thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into Emilia's throat, not giving her a chance to breathe.

He looked down at cockstuffed Emilia and held her in place, making Emilia choke and swallow on his cock. Gordan slowly pulled his cock out of Emilia's mouth, taking his time torturing eager-to-breathe Emilia.

Emilia Clarke sulked as Gordan's cock left her mouth and caught her breath. Having such a big cock in her mouth and throat for so long had drained her energy.

Gordan grabbed Emilia's hair in a grip and pulled her up again, making her face his veiny cock. He pulled her head back with one hand, while guiding his cock with the other.

Gordan fed his thick wet cock into Emilia's open mouth, and pushed Emilia's head back and forth, making her suck his cock. Unsatisfied, Gordan pulled Emilia by her hair to the back of his car, dragging Emilia on her fours as he walked her by her hair.

Gordan propped Emilia's head against the bumper of the car. She had no way to escape as Gordan probed his thumb into her mouth and pulled her jaw open. Gordan shoved his cock back into Emilia's pinned head, both his hands and the back of the car holding her in place, and started fucking her pretty face. He panted as he forcefully slid his thick cock into Emilia's willing mouth, his whole cock stuffed in Emilia's throat and face fucking the little whore rapidly.

Most of the time, he wouldn't even pull the entire cock out of her throat, but just jab back and forth a few inches in her airway. Emilia's eyes teared up as Gordan, her neighbor, ruthlessly pounded his cock into her throat. Emilia slobbered uncontrollably on Gordan's thick cock, making it even slicker and easier to shove into her throat.

Gordan pulled his cock out of Emilia's mouth. He panted heavily as he cockslapped Emilia harshly across her face, over and over again. "Ahh you fucking whore, hot young russian couple having sex on webcam watch part on on this cock!" shouted Gordan loudly as he continuously cockslapped Emilia, then forced his hard rod back into Emilia's mouth, holding her head tightly again and shoving his whole cock back into Emilia's throat.

He held her firmly as he slowly grinded his cock into her wet mouth. "You enjoying this, slut?" asked Gordan as he pulled Emilia's head back by her hair. He looked down at Emilia's used face and slapped her, then pulled her head up again to make her look up at her, with her face pressed into his pubes and head tilted back awkwardly.

He slapped her face again, harder this time. He watched as Emilia's eyes teared up even more. He felt the need to completely destroy Emilia Clarke's innocence.

He grinded on Emilia's face slowly, slapping her cheeks left and right. He disregarded Emilia's gagging and choking. In fact, it felt good around his cock, as her throat spasmed tighter and tighter around his cock.

He finally slapped her good one last time, and pulled his cock out. "Take my cum, you filthy little whore," shouted Gordan as he sprayed ropes of cum on Emilia's red bondage yoke first time punish my yearold culo and mouth. He pressed his cock against Emilia's nose and cheeks as he came, making his cum splatter all over Emilia's face. He smeared his cum with his cock, and dipped his cum-covered tip back into Emilia's mouth.

Emilia wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked gently, cleaning the cock that had just fucked her face. She savored then swallowed the bit of cum Gordan pushed into her mouth. Emilia leaned forward and kissed up Gordan's cock, softly putting her lips against the still-hard cock and sucking up the remaining cum and saliva. "Yeah you little whore, you little cock loving slut." said Gordan, breathing heavily, moving his hips back and forth as Emilia mouthed his penis.

Emilia Clarke was annoyed, but she'll take it in order to get that Disney role. "Can I use your bathroom to clean up?" said Emilia, standing back up and straightening her skirt. Her face was a total mess from all the cum, slobber and tears. "Sure hon," said Gordan, pulling his sweatpants back up. He spanked Emilia as she walked away, and followed her into the house.

Emilia cleaned the cum off her face with her fingers and put them into her jar. She had quite a bit now. It's a shame that so much of his cum ended up on the ground, she thought. Emilia came out of the bathroom. Gordan was sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for her. Gordan was not going to let Emilia go without letting him fuck her tiny cunt. "Well, I gotta go now," said Emilia, standing in front of Gordan. Gordan story sex stories xxx 2019 com Emilia by the hips and stood up, towering over the little girl.

"No," said Gordan as he grabbed the back of Emilia's neck again. He pushed Emilia's neck down, bending her over on the kitchen table. Emilia struggled under him. "No Gordan, I don't want to," said Emilia nervously as she fought Gordan's grip on her. Gordan flipped up Emilia's skirt, revealing her perfect bum covered in a pair of tight white panties. Gordan slowly moved his hand down below Emilia's asscrack, pressing down his fingers and feeling Emilia's pussy mound thoroughly. He pulled down Emilia's panties down just below her ass.

Emilia bucked wildly under him. "Calm down, girl, you can't expect me to not fuck you when I have you right here," said Gordan firmly as he slyly pulled down his pants. Gordan rubbed his cock at the opening of Emilia's pussy, smearing Emilia's cunt juice around the tip of his cock. "Geez, Emilia, you're really wet for this." Gordan said, and pushed his oversized cock into Emilia's hot little cunt.

Again, without stopping, Gordan forced his cock deeper inside Emilia, despite its tightness. Emilia felt like she was being torn from Gordan's big cock.

Emilia whined as Gordan made no pause and pushed his cock against her cervix. Grinning to himself, Gordan kept on pushing. "No more, you need to stop, it's hurting a lot!" cried Emilia as Gordan continued to push into her. The stabbing pain from the cock against her cervix was making her cry. Gordan held Emilia's neck down harder and slowly angled his cock around, trying to stuff Emilia's little cunt with his entire cock.

- Emilia could hardly walk home. Her pussy was sore from the very rough fucking Gordan gave her. Not only had Gordan hit her cervix almost every time, he simply fucked Emilia too hard. She could smell the stench of Gordan's sweat on her clothes and on her body.

She licked her lips as she recalled Gordan cumming inside her mouth. He simply pulled her off the kitchen table, shoved his cock into Emilia's little mouth, and fucked her face for several paces until he had to cum. She spat the load into the jar while cleaning herself up. Emilia rolled her tongue around her mouth, gathering the aftertaste of Gordan's cum.

Emilia got inside her house and stepped into the shower. She realized that she enjoyed sucking cock more than she thought. She enjoyed how men took pleasure in her mouth and tongue. She loved the idea how she was taking care of their big cocks and giving them pleasure. She loved how she was servicing men's filthy parts with her small, little girl mouth. She had tears in her eyes as she realized she was becoming a Hollywood slut. - "Jennifer. I don't know what to do." Emilia said softly into the phone.

She started sobbing as she told her friend, Jennifer Lawrence, what happened the day before. Jennifer kept pressing for details, how big every man's cock was, how they used Emilia.

"Holy shit, that's so hot Emilia. you're such a lucky girl." said Jennifer Lawrence, giggling. "Jennifer, I GOT RAPED by THREE MEN yesterday, and I need to fill a whole jar with cum or I'll lose my career.

This is serious!" cried Emilia. "Well, you don't sound so bothered by it. I bet you liked it some of the time, you little slut. Emilia, you're such a slut!" said Jennifer, giggling even louder. Emilia sighed over the phone. "You're such a ditz. At least I didn't suck off an entire film crew like you did, and I had to do it." said Emilia, reassuring herself.

"Whatever baby, why don't you come over to my house? Drew is here visiting, he'd help you." said Jennifer. Drew, Jennifer's pimply brother. It was such an odd thing that they were siblings. Jennifer was a full-blonde sexy actress, and Drew was a nerdy boy still in High School.

"He'll do." Emilia said to herself after hanging up the phone. She cringed at her sore pussy as she got up from her bed. It was tingling from thinking about what she was going to do. - Two hours had passed. Emilia was downstairs watching TV, Drew was upstairs playing his computer game.

Jennifer Lawrence had left as soon as Emilia had gotten there to do an interview. Emilia grew anxious. There was no way she could gather so much cum at this pace. She took a big breath and went upstairs. She knocked Drew's door and waited silently.

A moment of shuffling later, Drew peeked his head out the door. "Hey Emilia, what's up?" asked Drew. His face was flushed red. Had Emilia known that Drew was beating his cock to pictures of her, she'd surely be furious at him, he thought.

The pictures were from a site dedicated to leaked Celebrity's pictures. If Emilia decided to go through Drew's trash bin right now, she'd find crumpled printed pictures of herself with dried up cum on them.

"Umm, nothing, just really bored. Can I hang out with you in there?" asked Emilia coyly, hoping Drew would say yes. "Uhhhhh, my room is really really dirty right now, but I'll come join you downstairs?" said Drew anxiously. Emilia brightened up and smiled at him, then went back downstairs. Drew quickly changed his shorts and rubbed some deodorant on himself to smell better. "So what do you want to do?" said Drew as he walked into the living room. He found Emilia Clarke standing by the sofa, waiting for him.

"Umm, sit down first." said Emilia, patting the seat for him. Drew tilted his head curiously and sat down. "Do you have a girlfriend, Drew?" said Emilia, looking down. She sat on the arm rest of the sofa, giving an eyeful of smooth thighs. "I did back in elementary school," said Drew awkwardly. Why is she asking me this, thought Drew. Then again, she was a girl, and girls were curious about such things. "Did you and her ever, you know, do things together?

Not like dates but when you two were alone." trailed Emilia as she felt her face blush. "Nah. just kissing, not much." said Drew. His cock was swelling from the sideview of Emilia's thighs.

He wished Emilia was looking elsewhere for a moment, so he could see how far up Emilia's thighs were visible. "So. not even a blowjob?" said Emilia as she rubbed Drew's back, "would you like one? From me?" Drew's mouth hung open as he looked up at Emilia. Emilia was smiling. Drew stared at her pretty lips and perfect white teeth. He imagined his cock inside that mouth. "Are you serious? You'd give me a blowjob?" said Drew excitedly, looking up at Emilia. "Maybe." whispered Emilia quietly and slid off the armrest.

She placed herself before Drew, and got down to her knees in front of him. Emilia rubbed Drew's thighs while looking up at him.

Her little hands slowly rubbed up to Drew's crotch. Emilia gently traced the outline of Drew's cock with her fingertips, and then started unzipping his pants. Drew was speechless. "May I suck your cock now, mister?" said Emilia in a cutesy tone, smiling at Drew.

Drew nodded furiously. Giggling, Emilia lowered her face and rubbed her cheeks against Drew's boxers, breathing into the fabric as Drew's cock stood hard trapped inside of the boxers. Emilia looked up at speechless Drew and smiled. She slipped in her hand through the opening of Drew's boxers and massaged the soft skin around his hard cock.

Drew moaned loudly. It felt so good. "Aww." said Emilia, smiling. She pulled out Drew's cock through the boxers, and gave it a warm, welcoming kiss on the tip. She looked up at Drew and gave the tip of his cock a long, soft lick. She enjoyed how Drew was enjoying this. Emilia wrapped her lips lightly around the tip and started sucking the head of the cock, twirling her head around and pulling tightly with her lips, as if it were a lollipop.

Drew couldn't believe it. Emilia Clarke was sucking and licking his cock between his knees. It felt like a king to have Emilia submit to him on her knees, pleasuring his cock with her mouth. Even just today, Emilia was a sexy creature way out of her league, just a goddess that he would imagine when he masturbated. Emilia stopped for a moment and pulled her hair back behind her ear. "Does it feel good Drew?" Asked Emilia smiling as she kissed the side of Drew's cock, licking it lightly and then resuming sucking Drew's cock up and down.

"Yeah, it feels so good. You're good." said Drew. He didn't know what to do aside from sitting in his chair and his arms to the side as Emilia sucked his cock. "I'm glad," said Emilia again, stopping, lowering her mouth a little and sucking on Drew's balls, licking the little ridges. Drew let out a loud groan as Emilia's soft bubblegum tongue cleansed his sweaty balls. Emilia giggled and continued licking Drew's balls, leaning under Drew's balls and carefully moving her wet tongue all over from the bottom of Drew's ball sack to up, sucking and kissing the loose skin.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," shouted somebody. The surprised couple stood up to their feet. Drew pulled up his pants, and Emilia wiped her mouth. "Seriously? Emilia is sucking your dick?" said Scott as he made himself at home and sat on the couch across from Emilia and Drew.

Scott was Drew's friend. "What the fuck, man, get out!" said Drew. He was filled with rage. There he was, getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a hot celebrity suck his cock and his best friend ruined it. "Don't mind me, don't mind me," said Scott as he leaned back on the couch. "Go on, Emilia, go back on your knees. Suck my friend dry, he needs it." Emilia assessed the situation.

Two boys. "Oh Jennifer." Emilia thought to herself. Her friend had invited another boy for her to help. Two boys were better than one. Two boys, two times the cum. Emilia looked at Drew, who was looking at her. She slowly went back on her knees. Drew, mildly surprised, sat back down in front of her too. He pulled down his pants back down and looked at Emilia.

She seemed unfazed by the surprise. Emilia kissed the tip of Drew's cock again, and then resumed her unfinished blowjob. "See, man, she just wants to suck some cock." said Scott as he watched Emilia from behind. It was arousing to watch the back of Emilia's head bob up and down at Drew's crotch.

"Hey, Emilia, why don't you let me have a turn too? I have a condom," said Scott jokingly. "Shut up, Scott," shouted Drew, sex mama papa bata bati face wincing from pleasure. Drew placed his hand on Emilia's head. It made him feel even more like a boss. Emilia paused for a moment and got on her arms and knees instead of just her knees.

"Oh, shit. She wants it." said Scott, then walked over to Emilia. He kneeled behind her and slid his hands up her skirt. He massaged Emilia's buttocks for a minute under the skirt, and then flipped it over. Emilia paused for a moment from sucking Drew's cock and pulled her skirt up a bit. "Thanks babe," said Scott as he slipped his fingers under the fabric of Emilia's pink panties.

Emilia looked back at Scott, biting her lips. Scott slowly pulled down Emilia's panties, first revealing Emilia's adorable soft pink butthole, and then revealing her tight, smooth pussy lips. "Put your condom on," said Emilia, still looking back at Scott. Emilia looked extremely sexy at this moment, with her ass up to be fucked, while biting her lips in anticipation. Scott ripped the condom pack and rolled it down his cock.

Emilia turned back around facing Drew, and braced herself for Scott. Scott slowly pushed his cock into Emilia's pussy. Her pink pussy was glistening wet, which disappointed Scott because he was using a condom.

He wanted to feel Emilia's wet cunt on his bare skin. Still, I'm fucking Emilia, thought Scott as he pulled and pushed in further. He felt a shot of confidence when he heard Emilia moan. Drew stroked his cock while waiting for Emilia to resume. He wished he had the opportunity of fucking Emilia's pussy, even though her mouth and her blowjob skills were surrounding his cock in bliss. He felt like he deserved Emilia's pussy, since he was first, and also, he was the one who invited Scott.

And now, Emilia wasn't even sucking his cock, but just resting her head on the couch and enjoying getting her pussy plugged. Drew got angry and cockslapped Emilia's forehead. Emilia looked up at Drew, surprised. Drew cockslapped Emilia's face even more. Emilia quickly opened her mouth and let Drew in, and resumed sucking his cock. Drew pushed down on Emilia's head, making her deepthroat his entire cock. Drew's eyes met with Scott's, who had a wide smile across his face.

Scott brought his hand into Drew's view. In his hand, was an unrolled condom. "Holy shit," mouthed Drew as he smiled back at his best friend.

It turned him on that his babysitter and famous actress, Emilia, was being fucked unprotected against her will, yet german actor por movie download know it.

Drew wanted Emilia to swallow his cum, so it'd be inside of Emilia, just like how his best friend was going to cum inside of her pussy. Scott stopped for a moment to catch his breath, and took out his cellphone. "Hey Emilia," said Scott as he aimed his cellphone at back of Emilia's head.

"Hmmm?" moaned Emilia as she looked back. Emilia shook her hip lightly, twirling her cunt around Scott's cock, and looked into the cellphone as Scott recorded. "Just making a memory," said Scott as he pointed the cellphone down, capturing Emilia Clarke's sexy little ass, her asshole and his cock inside her pussy.

He looked down at his cellphone as he watched his cock slide in and out of her pussy on the phone's screen. "No, no," said Emilia as she tried fervid girl is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet pussy turn around. Drew held Emilia's head in place and pushed her head down on his cock, making her continue sucking his cock. It surprised Drew how obediently Emilia followed his lead.

"Don't worry, I won't share," said Scott as he handed Drew his cellphone. Drew grabbed it and aimed it down at Emilia as she sucked his cock. Emilia frowned up at Drew but continued her blowjob, stroking Drew's cock and mouthing the tip. Drew pulled back Emilia's hair from her face then pushed her head down, capturing his cock disappear into Emilia's mouth.

"Hey Emilia," said Drew as he kept the camera at the actress. Emilia, with cock in her mouth, looked up at Drew, and then into the camera. Drew grabbed his cock with the other hand and cockslapped Emilia's face.

It felt so good to dominate an older, hotter girl especially a famous celebrity. Emilia winced and squinted as Drew cockslapped her face. "Back to sucking," commanded Drew. Emilia immediately lowered her head and resumed. Again, Drew's confidence shot up from ordering Emilia Clarke around for his pleasure. "Good girl," said Drew as he petted Emilia's head. He put the cellphone on the sofa, and grabbed Emilia's head with both his hands. Before Emilia realized what was going on, Drew shoved his whole cock into Emilia's mouth and started facefucking her.

Drew felt immense power as he ruthlessly facefucked the hottest girl he knew. Scott, from behind Emilia, was also fucking her as hard as he could. "I'm gonna cum!!" shouted Scott as he rammed at Emilia. Drew too felt his balls tighten up, ready to deposit into Emilia's mouth again. "Fucckkkkkkkkkkk," moaned Scott as he shot his hot load deep inside Emilia's little pussy, his hips pushed tightly against Emilia's ass.

"Fuckkkkk that was good," said Scott as he held Emilia's hips tightly, milking every drop of his creamy cum into unsuspecting Emilia. He pulled out his cock and smeared it on Emilia's asshole, rubbing his cum and Emilia's cunt juice around the rim of her little pink ring. Drew grabbed the cellphone and pulled Emilia's hair back, making her look up as he forcefully facefucked her. He loved the power he had over Emilia Clarke. He loved that he was using Emilia's sexy lips and beautiful face as a mere hole for fucking.

Emilia wrapped her lips around Drew's cock tightly as she looked up at Drew. She felt intimidated as Drew towered over her and looked down at her, with his both hands on the back of her head as he had his way with her mouth and throat. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm cumming" shouted Drew as he tilted his head back and shoved his cock back deep into Emilia's throat, and came straight into Emilia's throat.

He held Emilia's head in place despite her struggling and choking, forcing his cum to run down Emilia's throat. "God." sighed Drew as he slowly pulled his cock out of Emilia's mouth while staring down at her. Emilia's face looked broken, with her face flushed red, eyes full of tears, and a thick smear of saliva all over her mouth and drops of cum on the corner of her mouth. "Fuck yeah," said Drew as he pulled Emilia's head up by her hair and cockslapped her used face. He then wiped his cock into Emilia Clarke's hair.

All that porn had taught him how to really humiliate a girl. He pulled her hair back yet again, and smeared his sweaty balls into her face. "I wanted you to cum in my mouth. not my throat. I need more cum for the jar." said Emilia quietly as she sat up. She looked around for the condom that Scott had just used. "Looking for this?" giggled Scott as he threw the condom at Emilia's face.

It was empty.

Emilia brought her hand between her legs and felt inside her pussy, and gasped. Scott laughed out loud as he stood up and pulled his jeans back up.

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Drew too, couldn't contain his laugh. To Drew, Emilia Clarke was just a worthless slut now, nowhere like the goddess he thought she was, but just a whore that he had facefucked. "Why did you." Emilia started crying, and covered her face up with her hands.

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Drew and Scott both grinned at each other as she cried between them. Scott picked up the jar that Emilia was talking about and inspected it. "Eww, dude, is that cum?" said Scott. "Yeah, I guess she fucked someone else to get their cum too." said Drew. "Probably just an excuse to suck your dick, bro, you heard the stories of Hollywood women." said Scott as he untwisted the jar.

Emilia was still crying. She knew what french bbw florence ganganged in all holes stories Scott was talking about. "So, you really need this jar full of cum, huh." said Scott as he removed the lid. Emilia looked up at Scott. "Don't touch that!" screamed Emilia, jumping to her feet. Scott pulled his hand back and held the jar away from her.

"So, this is really important." said Scott as he tilted the jar a little bit. Emilia looked at the jar desperately, all the work that she had put into it. All the embarrassment she pushed herself through to get that much cum, was about to be poured out. "Yes, it's very important." said Emilia as she took one step closer to Scott.

"Get back on your knees if you don't want me to pour all this out," said Scott as he grinned. He wanted to test Emilia. Emilia stared at Nous sex en boite de nuit sexy as he pointed to the floor. She hopelessly complied and got on her knees. She looked sexy and adorable on her knees with such a desperate look on her face.

"Crawl over back to Drew, you cum whore." said Scott as his grin got wider. He watched as Emilia turned around and crawled to back between Drew's legs, her little apple bottom swaying as she crawled. Drew grinned as the little minx got between his legs again. His cock was getting hard again. "Ask Drew to fuck your asshole." said Xxx of old fat womens as he sat down on the couch, with the jar tightly in his sweaty hand.

The newfound power he had over Emilia was making him nervous. Emilia turned her head back around to look up at Scott. "Do what I say," said Scott as he tilted the jar again, threatening to spill.

Emilia turned back around and looked up at Drew. "Can you fuck my asshole Drew?" asked Emilia shyly. Drew's cock was now fully hard and throbbing yet again, in Emilia's face. "Of course," said Drew as he reached around and petted Emilia again.

"Why don't you turn around for me, slut?" said Drew as he stroked his cock and pointed at Emilia's face, smearing her face yet again with his precum. Emilia looked up at Drew as he humiliated her. She wondered how she came to this situation yet again. Emilia turned around and crawled away a couple steps to give Drew space. Drew got behind Emilia and inspected Emilia's perfect little butt. He placed his hand behind Emilia's head and pushed down, making her lower her head and her ass up even more.

"Mmmmmm." said Drew as his hands roamed over Emilia's round butt. "Thanks, Scott," said Drew in an upbeat tone. Drew massaged Emilia's soft cheeks and ran his hand thoroughly between Emilia's buttcrack, feeling the small ridges around her asshole. "Not a problem, bro," said Scott as he grabbed the cellphone and aimed at Drew and Emilia. Drew grinned at the camera, then held the base of his cock, and pushed at Emilia's little asshole. "Ughhh," moaned Emilia Clarke as she felt Drew enter.

Her asshole was still sore from yesterday. Drew groaned too. He heard about how tight a girl's ass was and how good it'd feel, but actually experiencing his cock slide into Emilia's ass overwhelmed him in pleasure. Every inch of his cock was surrounded by a tight, warm pleasure. Every inch he moved, Emilia's ass tightened around him and milked his cock. "How's that cock, Emilia?" asked Scott as he brought the cellphone directly to her face, catching her wincing and moaning.

Emilia kept quiet and just held onto the floor tightly. "You like it?" asked Scott again as he kneeled in front of Emilia and pulled down his shorts. He grabbed a handful of Emilia's long hair and wrapped it around his cock, and started stroking.

Below him, Emilia was starting to sob as the two boys used her. The situation was completely out of her control, and had been for a while. She thought she could safely get a load of cum from Drew, but she ended up being a fuck toy for these two boys. Drew was still fucking Emilia slowly, enjoying every inch of her forbidden hole. Today was his luckiest day.

Not only did he get his first two blowjobs from his hot babysitter, he was also fucking Emilia Clarke in the ass. IN THE ASS, Drew thought. He wished he could pat himself on saucy lisa gets rammed in a gangbang big tits cumshot back for that. He felt a shudder in his legs as he fucked Emilia.

He was about to cum again, for the third time tonight. He started fucking Emilia as hard as he could, his legs shaking from pleasure and the over stimulation. And then, he came inside of Emilia's ass. "Mmmmmm." groaned Drew as he pulled his cock out of Emilia's asshole. A trail of cum followed his cock and flowed out of Emilia. He stood up and fell back into the couch.

Emilia stayed down in her position and continued to sob. "Come on, Emilia, go clean up his cock." said Scott as he freed her hair from his grip. Emilia slowly rose and turned around on her knees. She knew Drew was looking down at her like a lowly whore with a big stupid grin on his face. Emilia didn't bother looking up, and started licking Drew's cock. "Hey Emilia, look at this." said Scott.

Emilia turned around and watched in shock as Scott slowly dripped a few drops of the cum from the jar onto the carpet. "No! Stop that!" shouted Emilia as she broke into tears.

"Crawl here and lick it up, or I'm gonna pour more out." said Scott, giggling. He was really getting used to making Emilia do whatever he wanted. Emilia got on fours and crawled to Scott's feet and licked up the bit of cum he dripped, and looked up. "Oops, a little more," said Scott as he dripped another bit. Then he watched Emilia lower her head and lick it back up.

"Good dog," said Scott, cracking up. Drew was laughing too. "Now bark for more, doggie," said Scott as he pushed Emilia Clarke over with his feet. Emilia got back on fours and looked up at Scott. She couldn't believe what Scott wanted her to do. "Bark, bitch. Bark like a dog." said Scott sternly as he pushed Emilia over again.

Emilia cried out louder and got back on fours, and started barking. "Ruff, ruff," cried Emilia. Scott mercilessly tilted the jar again, and placed his foot on Emilia's head as she lowered herself to suck up the cum from the carpet. "I think you had enough cum, right bitch?" said Scott as he looked down at Emilia in disgust. "I don't think so," said Drew as he walked over to Scott and Emilia. He grabbed a whole chunk of Emilia's hair and pulled it back, snatched the jar from Scott's hand and poured the white, sticky jar of cum onto Emilia's pretty face.

Emilia cried out louder but the cum was flowing into her mouth as well. Dissatisfied, Drew rubbed the jar's rim on Emilia's face, and used the rim to push the cum around, making it coat all over Emilia's face and neck. "That's better," said Drew, staring down Emilia. The two boys watched as their favorite girl sat on her knees with her head tilted back, all covered up in cum.

Emilia struggled against Drew's grip on her hair, but Drew pulled Emilia's hair down even harder, holding her in place. "You're such a dirty girl, Emilia," said Drew, staring down at hopeless Emilia under his grip. He grinned as he toyed with her hair, pulling her hair back left and right, watching Emilia blindly struggle under him.

He pulled up a generous dose of spit from his throat and spat on Emilia's face, then pulled her hair back even more and let go, making her fall backwards onto the floor. Emilia, sobbing loudly, grabbed the jar from Drew's hand and ran to the bathroom. - Jack was chatting in the jailbait chat when his new friend, OLDMIKE, came online.

He was the one who had cummed on his daughter's picture. Immediately, he sent a message. - "God, that sucks. I'm going to tear Drew a new one." said Jennifer Lawrence as she hugged Emilia.

Emilia hugged her friend back, crying her heart out. "I'm not going to get that role and Oakhill will probably blacklist me. My career is over sniffled Emilia, then sobbed loudly again, her face buried into Jennifer's shoulder. "I have an idea. But you might not like it." said Jennifer, soothingly rubbing Emilia's back. "I know a place." "Where?" asked Emilia, lifting her head up to look at Jennifer.

"This. bookstore, is a place plenty of use in our profession go to umm blow off steam. They have booths with holes, and guys put their dick in the holes." "And then?" "And then we can suck them off." said Jennifer, nodding.

It was the only idea left. Emilia Clarke gave Jennifer Lawrence a kiss on her lips. A soft, loving kiss. "You would do it with me?" said Emilia, her eyes sparkling. "Sure baby, we're friends. I'd do anything for you." said Jennifer, giving a peck back at Emilia. - Jennifer and Emilia walked into the dimly lit bookstore.

As late as it was, there were more than a dozen people scrawling around. The fat clerk gave a smile to Jennifer Lawrence as they passed by, and eyed Emilia Clarke up and down. He licked his lips, grinning at the two sexy celebrities. Jennifer led Emilia around the shelves, giving good looks to all the men at the place. Emilia could feel their eyes ogling her little ass as she walked by. She smiled meekly when an old man grabbed his crotch tightly, making the outline of his hard cock show.

They walked into a booth. Not even ten seconds later, they heard the door slam from the next booth. "This is what you do." said Jennifer Lawrence, as she slipped her small hand through the hole in the wall. A moment later, a hard cock came through the hole. Emilia watched as Jennifer Lawrence worked on the cock that entered through the glory hole. Jennifer teased the cock with her tongue, licking under the ridge below the head softly, with her fingertips lightly tracing the thick, veiny cock.

Emilia could hear the guy groan behind the wall as Lawrence worked her magic. "Hey, suck this." Emilia turned her head to see a thick cock poking through her side of the booth. She got closer to the cock and examined it hesitantly. She kissed away the bead of precum at the tip, and savored the taste.

Her pussy began to wet as she started to mouth at the stranger's cock. Her lips planted wet, suckly kisses down the side of the cock, her little tongue swirling at the spot as she moved her mouth to kiss down further. Emilia slipped the stranger's cock into her wet, cock-hungry mouth, and began sucking, pleasuring the man behind the wall.

Emilia enthusiastically deepthroated the thick cock, testing out her blowjob skills on the stranger, which was then met by an approving moan.

"One down, many more to go," said Jennifer as she spat into the jar. The man she was sucking had blown his load into her mouth. Emilia looked over and smiled at Jennifer, then resumed sucking her man. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," whispered the man as he stuck his hips against the glory hole even more.

Emilia sucked the cock faster, tightening her lips around the hard rod. Moments later, she was milking the stranger's load into her mouth. "I hope you swallowed, babe," said the man as he zipped up his pants.

Emilia swirled her tongue around the load of cum in her mouth, savoring its taste. She felt sad that she had to spit the cum into the jar. "Of course I did," said Jennifer, leaning over to Emilia, then winked.

Emilia giggled quietly and spat the load into the jar. "Fuck." said the man next door. Emilia kissed the tip of the cock, then engulfed the head, licking around lovingly.

The man withdrew his cock, and stuck two fingers through the wall. Feeling naughty, Emilia sucked on the man's fingers, and lovingly massaged it with her tongue.

"You're such a sweet girl." said the man with a satisfied tone. Emilia heard a little shuffle, and saw a couple $20 bills come through the hole. "There's some allowance for you baby, come back here often." Jennifer turned around, and gave Emilia a surprised look. She leaned forward and licked Emilia's lips, then swallowed the little bit of cum that she cleaned from Emilia. They both giggled again.

"Keep sucking honey, you were doing great," urged the man from Jennifer's side. Jennifer rolled her eyes at Emilia, and turned back around to continue sucking. Emilia heard the door open and close on her side, and heard unbuckling.

A black cock came through the hole. "Holy shit," Emilia Clarke said to herself. It was huge! "Suck it, little white whore." Emilia stretched her lips around the thick, black cock. She wrapped her small hands around the cock, and licked at the tip.

"Yeah baby, little white sluts love some black meat." Emilia and Jennifer laughed at the absurdity. Emilia continued to suck, taking as much as she can, both her small hands stroking the cock.

She flicked her little tongue all over the cock, giving light sizzling teen gets stuffed in her tight ass. "Too big for you baby?" said the man. "Yeah, it really is." said Emilia with a sorry tone. The man withdrew his cock, and peered through the glory hole. Emilia and his eyes met. "I'm going to come into your booth. You gonna open it for me. I'm gonna stuff this dick down your pretty face, then I'm gonna fuck your little white ass.

You gonna want it." "Uhhh." stutted Emilia. "You gonna open that booth. You gonna do that, understand, little girl? Cause if not, you ain't gonna get to fuck this big cock. I know you's a little slut, you want this meat." Emilia turned her head to Jennifer. Jennifer turned her head around and shrugged. "Okay." said Emilia.

They heard a little commotion outside, and a knock at the door. Emilia unlocked the door to the booth. There were at least six guys waiting for their turn all together. Emilia's pussy tingled with anticipation. The big black man slipped through the door, and sat down in the chair, facing Emilia. He was surprised that it turned out to be Jennifer Lawrence and Emilia Clarke. If it wasn't for the rules of the not telling anybody, he would instantly tell all his friends about this.

He dropped his pants, and motioned Emilia Clarke to come. As soon as Emilia scooted forward, the man placed his big hand behind Emilia's head, and pushed her head down. Emilia obliged as the man forcefully pumped her head up and down his cock. He placed both his hands behind her head, and fucked her throat, shoving his cock all the way down. To his amazement, this celebrity wasn't a novice at deepthroating. With her eyes tightly closed, Emilia let this man fuck her face.

The man pulled Emilia's hair up, making her tilt up. He grinned. "Turn around baby, let's fuck that pussy." And she did. She didn't care that her friend was in the booth with her.

For some reason, this booth felt like it was full of big ass teen monster toy in ass tube porn energy. Emilia felt herself even lusting after Jennifer. The man grabbed her hips and bounced her little body on his cock, making her moan out loud. She noticed a cock through the hole, and decided to suck it.

She has never felt so slutty. "Jesus, you whore!" yelled Jennifer, surprised, with a huge smile on her face. Emilia grabbed Jennifer and pulled her in. Emilia felt so sexy. She kissed Jennifer, licking each other's lips. Emilia flicked her tongue at Jennifer's mouth, calling it to open.

The two girls, with their mouths wide open, engaged on a full french kiss. "Damn you little sluts, damn, damn, take this cock!" muttered the man, pulling down Emilia's hips even harder on his cock. "Cum on both of us!" said Emilia. The man took his opportunity and let her hips go. The two girls knelt at the man's feet, and continued their french kiss on the tip of the man's cock, sliding their mouths up and down the thick black cock. The man grabbed his cock, and stroked furiously. He shot ropes and ropes of cum onto the two little nymphs, who were trading his cum back and forth with their mouths.

"Fuckkkkk, that was so good." said the man. He took a moment's rest, and stood up. He opened the door to the booth and walked out, letting the door swing wide open. The group of men looked at the two beautiful school girls and stepped forward.

"Well, we're going to need a bigger room. But I'm sure we can get all the cum we need." said Jennifer Lawrence, looking at Emilia Clarke.