College rules triple blowjob operation pussy run

College rules triple blowjob operation pussy run
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That night was a turning point for me. I don't know what came over me. Sure my husband and I were no longer having the amazing sex we used to, and the amount of sex was still steadily dwindling. I suppose I'm to blame really. I still hadn't dropped the baby weight and it'd been 6mths, not to mention my hormones were just beginning to balance out after the birth of our youngest. Honestly there's no excuse in the world to justify what I did&hellip.

But I refuse to regret it now, not after hard sexey fast time sex it revealed in the end.

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I was going out with a few girlfriends that night. A local bar, a hole in the wall really. Not feeling in the best of spirits I chose to roll a joint to smoke prior.

This wasn't normal behavior for me. Heck the only reason I had the pot was because I'd bought some for my mother (that's a whole other story). The weed had kicked in by the time I reached the bar. I quickly began drinking to cover my ass if my friends began to question my state.

After a couple drinks I spotted him. He was older, maybe by 20yrs, which would put him in his mid-40s. He still looked good.

Not that I planned to do anything&hellip. No harm in looking though. Another drink or two passed, enjoying the company of my friends. The mix amazing milf in fishnets gives a blowjob weed and booze were doing a damn good job of loosening me up. Mr. older man and I locked eyes a few times, nothing too flirtatious just a glance here or there.

I excused myself before I could finish another drink; I was in desperate need of a piss. The jukebox called my name as I headed back to my friends. I paused to deposit a few bucks and pick out a couple of my favs. His hot breath on my ear as he leaned in behind me and whispered "you want to come back to my place?". A familiar tingle shot between my legs. Before allowing the whispers of sanity to sink in I spoke a simple "yes".

He said he'd meet me outside in 20mins. Making my way back to my friends I wondered what I would tell them. We were all friends, my husband and I, along with them and their spouses.

I couldn't let them suspect anything. "I think I drank too much. I'm gonna call it a night and head home." I lied out my ass. "You need one of us to drive you?" "You ok girl?" "You ok to drive?" They all asked at once.

"No no I'm fine&hellip. Just a headache… Y'all have fun." Once again lying to my friends. They told me to be safe and hugged me goodbye. Finally I walked out of the bar into the cool night air, just what I was getting myself into I wasn't sure.

Following him to his place I started to feel a panic. No it was more than a panic. I was already feeling tinges of guilt, I was terrified, yet there was also need and excitement mixed in. I hadn't felt wanted like this in so long!

Walking toward the front door I thought "this is it, you can still turn around and leave, no harm done" but then he turned to look at me with a wicked smile on his face, pushed open the door and ushered me in. When I heard the lock click I felt a sudden wave of nausea.

My whole body shook lightly, standing there in this stranger's living room.

He didn't say much. We both knew we weren't there for small talk. He walked to a nearby desk and pulled a bag from the drawer. He began forming lines. He snorted one line then another. Looking back at me he asked "you want some?". Besides the joint earlier, I hadn't done drugs (especially hard drugs) in many many years. Without thinking further I said "sure". He handed me the rolled up bill. I snorted half a line in my right nostril, then the other half with my left.

My sinuses were on fire. He snorted two more lines and handed the bill back to me once again. I was barely able to finish my second line.

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The taste in the back of my throat nearly making me gag. He offered me a soda which I gladly accepted. I took a few sips, feeling more at ease with the drugs seeping into my system. He wasted no more time and took me in his arms and began kissing me hard.

Without warning his tongue was probing my mouth. Clothes were coming off quickly, thanks in large part to him. I was practically paralyzed in shock of what I was allowing to happen. Now completely naked, I felt his hands roam my body. My hands followed suit and I found myself touching him as he was touching me. The drugs were really hitting me; it was becoming hard to focus.

Next thing I knew I was on my knees with his hard cock down my throat. I sucked like there was no tomorrow. He grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my mouth till he shot his first load deep down my throat.

I continued sucking till I was sure I'd drained him. He then sat me on the couch and knelt between my legs. His hands ran up my thighs, over my tummy, on up to my large breasts. He squeezed them while taking turns flicking first one nipple then the other. His hands remained on my breasts as his head traveled down to my pussy. My nails dug into his back as he licked and sucked me to orgasm.

I moaned out loud as I shook with pleasure. Not giving me a moment to catch my breath, he amazing babe likes riding a big rod brunette cumshot wrapped his arms under my legs bringing my ass to the edge. In one thrust his hard rod slid deep inside my soaking wet pussy.

I grasped the fabric of the couch as he pounded me like an animal.

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Both of us grunting, moaning, screaming, and spewing every curse word imaginable. After some time he stood, panting and pouring sweat. Instinctively I turned and positioned my knees near the edge with my ass high in the air. He took ahold of my hips and plunged back down deep in my cunt. My hands clung to the back of the couch as he fucked me into a fog. I was screaming out so loud my throat hurt and my mouth was dry. He slowed down to catch his breath.

I took the opportunity and reached back to wrap my fingers around his cock to position the head at the entrance of my ass. He pushed the head in without much effort. I was no stranger to anal sex. Reaching for my tits, he began twisting and pulling my nipples as he steadily inserted his cock into my bowels. Once he was balls deep he retracted half way then proceeded to slowly fuck my ass. "Harder! Fuck my ass harder!" It must have been the drugs talking. He gladly obliged my demand.

His hands returned to my hips as he started ramming my ass hard & deep. One hand slid from my hip to play with my clit.

I was holding onto the couch for dear life as my second orgasm hit. "Oh my fucking God!!!!" His body tensed along with mine as he unloaded in my ass.

We were both spent for the time being and thus collapsed on the couch. My heart was pounding so hard I feared what kind of affect the mix of drugs and booze was having on my body. I was radiating heat and sweating profusely. I closed my eyes trying to regain control of my body. When my eyes opened he was handing me a wet hand towel to clean myself with. That cold wet rag felt amazing on my clammy skin.

Meanwhile he went back to the table and snorted another two lines. This time he didn't bother to ask if I wanted any, he just handed me the rolled up bill. "Fine" I thought "just one more line." His hands were all over me before I could finish the line. His mouth assaulted mine as his hands grabbed the back of my thighs and lifted me up.

We continued kissing as he walked us back to the couch. He sat down and I quickly got the hint. I held his tool and guided it into me. There was no going slow. This was all animal lust. My hands rested on his knees as I leaned slightly back and road him hard and fast. One thumb rubbed on my clit and the other my left nipple as his mouth found my right nipple.

It didn't take long before I was approaching yet another orgasm. He wrapped his arms around me holding me as my whole body convulsed for what seemed like forever. Once it subsided I collapsed onto his chest. He rolled me over until I was pinned between him and the couch. He captured my wrists holding them above my head, plunged his tongue down my throat, and began his assault on my pussy.

He ground his pelvis into mine harder and harder. After some time I felt him tense up, I knew it was coming soon. Sure enough a few more thrusts and I could feel his hot cum coating me from the inside.

He stayed on top of me for a few moments catching his breath. We unceremoniously cleaned ourselves, got dressed, he gave me his number, kissed me goodbye, and then walked me out. It all sank in as I drove home. By the time I reached my house I felt beyond sick. As soon as I got out of my car I couldn't hold back the vomit any longer.

I puked till there was nothing left. Then I crept quietly into my home. Walking past the room my husband and I share I could see him there sleeping, unaware of what his wife had been up to.

I showered immediately. I couldn't stand any traces of the stranger on me. I dressed in sweats. I couldn't bring myself to get in bed next to my trusting husband. Instead I sat in the rocking chair on the front porch. I chain smoked my way to asian girl gets her hairy pussy plowed, until my husband came looking for me.

"What's wrong? Why are you out here?" he asked concerned. I couldn't speak. All I could do was cry&hellip. Again. I thought I had no tears left but I was wrong. "Baby what's wrong? What time did you get in? How long have you been out here?" he reached out to hold me but I pushed him away. "Oh god baby you're freezing! Tell me what's wrong!" I was crying harder and shaking my head "no". "Did something happen last night I should know about? When I couldn't get ahold of you I tried your friends and they said you had left well before them&hellip.

Where were you?? Talk to me, you're freaking me out!!!" He sounded almost panicked. "I son and momy sleeping long story beeg. I &hellip.

I'm &hellip. Sorry &hellip. " It was barely a whisper. "Sorry for what? You are scaring me baby!" Tears were forming in his eyes now. "Please tell black dick bondage and strapon rough milf first time charlotte sartre uncensored level I could tell he was trying to stay calm. "I &hellip. Can't… I'm so &hellip.

So sorry &hellip. " I was blubbering between sobs. "Did you do something last night?" I could tell he didn't want to ask, part of him probably didn't want to know. All I could do was cry and shake my head "yes". He took a deep breath, pausing and preparing himself for his next question. "Did you sleep amazing solo session with a ravishing bombshell someone?" His voice was shaking and tears rolled down his perfect face.

I shook my head "yes" and just repeated "I'm so sorry!" My eyes were like fountains. What he did next surprised me. He held me tight, rubbing my back, comforting me.

"It's all gonna be ok. We'll get through this I promise. I love you baby." My brain was so confused by this. I was relieved, but this made no sense. He should be angry. He should be yelling.

Call it women's intuition if you will, but I just knew something was off&hellip. How right I turned out to be&hellip. To be continued.