Adorable centerfold shows off enormous arse and gets butthole poked

Adorable centerfold shows off enormous arse and gets butthole poked
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It was a blazing 78 degrees at 8:30 in the morning. I was on my daily route as usual delivering things that people order from the store.

I liked my job because it gave me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I've been working this job for 10 years and was pretty fond of all the customers except one. Saddie Thrumpis, a now 25 yr old work from home woman. She was 15 when I first started my job and was a tease then & now.

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She's 5'2, 165lbs, nice thick round ass, perky tits, long curly dark hair, sexy dimples & tiny waistline. I hated her but craved her I guess that I really didn't hate her. When she was 18, she grabbed my cock one time and pretend to suck it. Oh how I hated her. Her parents was always traveling so she was alone pretty much of the time.especially when I delivered her groceries and other miscellaneous items.

Sometimes she would answer the door nearly naked. So back to this very hot day, I drove down this long secluded road to get to Saddie's house. Her house was very huge with a pool in the back.

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The door was unlocked most of the time and I would just walk in and put the bags on the kitchen countertop. As I walked in today, Saddie was wearing a halter gorgeous ashlynn free sex for free ride that was too small, so I could see her breast, her nipples was hard and a pair of lace boy shorts.which showed her print. She was walking towards me and I swear I went def because I was so focus on her body that I didn't hear her voice for several seconds.

Finally I snapped back to reality. She was flirting with me as usual but I can't remember a thing she said. She bent over to get the money out of her purse and I could see her pussy lips as clear as day. My boner was unbelievable ached so bad. She looked back at me as she was yet bent over. She gave a devilish grin. She stood up and handed me the money. I said one of these days I'm going to fuck you.

She laughed and continued through the house. I left the house with an aching cock, but it eventually went down due to the long bumpy ride back to the store.

When I went got home that evening, all I could think about was how that bitch teased me today by basically being naked in front of me and laughed. The next morning was hot but not slutty babe all holes boned by black men hot as yesterday.

I arrived at Saddie's house to find her sun bathing and apparently sleep. As I walked out to the pool, I called her name several times. She loved tricking & teasing me so I was thinking that this her lowest trick ever. As I approached her closer, I noticed that she was indeed sleep. I stood looking at her body as I raged on the inside.

Thinking that this will probably be my only opportunity to actually touch her. I slowly but gently opened her legs wider.she didn't wake up. My heart was pounding so hard I thought that it would hop out of my chest if Her eyes opened. I softly sucked her ample nipples. I stopped and waited a moment.

I walked around her twice admiring her. So I finally made up my mind to taste her. She was shaved and her legs was still where I positioned them. I bent down & using my thumbs.opened her pussy lips. I gently took a quick lick, she appeared to be in a deep sleep. So I sucked and licked her sweet cunt. I ravished it with my tongue. I spat on it and tried to stick my finger in her but she was so tight. Then everything came to me as I continued to lick her cunt.She's a virgin!!!

When it hit me she began to moan as she was trying to wake up. I got the fuck out of there!!! I just orally raped her.but the bitch deserved it. So The next day When I arrived she was smiling when I came in. This time she didn't flirt.she said hey I got something to show you follow me. I followed as she led, wearing a halter top and a tiny skirt on.

We went upstairs to a bed room where a film was paused. It was a recording of me eating her pussy!! I didn't know there was a security camera outside of the house. I stood there speechless.

She said" I woke up wet & I wondered why, so I found out why". I apologized she said she wanted to fuck me.I said no but she threatened me.

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If you don't do it, I will call the police!! At that moment rage went through me and I became hard again!! She was running towards the phone but I grabbed her by the hair before she could reach it. She squilled as I snatched her to my chest, she was scared, for the first time. I enjoyed this looked from her. I unzipped my jeans and stuck my cock in her mouth.she almost bit me because of her inexperience.

She looked up at me as I fucked her face. I was gentle at first because she choked & gagged. Tears flowed as her throat opened up.she was gasping for air so I stopped.

I threw her on the bed and flipped her to where her head was hanging off the edge of the bed. She was still panting with her mouth open. I stuck my cock back in her mouth and I could see the print of my cock stroke in & out of her throat. I was enjoying fucking her throat. I snatched her up and smacked her on the ass. The pain from my large hands made her gasp. I then bent her over and bit her on the ass she moaned as I slavishly licked & sucked her cunt and ass.

She had a violent orgasm Covering my face. Her pussy was now pulsating & wanting more. I didn't want to take her innocence but she begged me and her pussy was rather sweet. Besides she's a 25 yr old grown woman. I was hesitant about it for a minute but she was now rubbing my chest and kissing me. Her kisses took me to a place that I've never been. Before I could think twice I had both of her legs in the air pounding her. I was lost in thoughts so I didn't know that I was fucking her so rough.

She screamed in broken words" st--oooopp Roooo-bbb-ert. I could not hear over my own rage. I moaned and grunted out loud as I flooded her with loads of my cum. I fell besides her frail body .she seemed shocked and hurt. I felt bad for a brief moment until I spotted an open drawer next to her bed. In it contained 2 medium dildos and a butt plug and beads. Only the but plug was opened out of its original package.

I asked her if she ever had sex before & she said no. Then she paused and said that she had attempted anal once in college but it hurt too bad to go through with it.I smile and began to get dress. She was very weak and I began to get hard again at the thought of being with daphne rosen amazing sex stories free TABLES HAS FINALLY BEEN TURNED.

I leaped over the bed and bent her over.she was trying to protest and push me off but I got her in the perfect position to take her sweet little ass. I spat on ass and forced my way in.she froze up as I punished her virgin asshole. It was so tight at first but loosened up after about 3 minutes.

Her body betrayed her as her yelps became moans and she began to push back on me. I let her arm go and she opened her cheeks so that I could go deeper.

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This got me more excited. My tempo was now speeding up as I was about to cum & then she said cum in my fucking ass!!! This shocked me because I never had this to happen to me before. I slapped her ass, leaving my hand print on it. She pushed me off the bed somehow.

I was in totally shock at her actions. She hopped on me and began to ride me. Her tits was bouncing and I tried to suck on me but she was bouncing so fast that she was literally fucking me now.

I couldn't grab her or anything. The only thing that I could do was moan as her pussy engulfed my cock. She raised up off of my cock and wrapped her leg around my neck forcing me to lick her already wet cunt. Still in shock of her actions, I couldn't move. She buried my cock in her ass as she rode me in reverse cowgirl style. I was now coming out of my shock as she rode me slowly while looking back at it. I then finished her by snatching her down on all 9 inches until I exploded in her ass.

I left her house reminiscing on how her parent xxx black guy grala story purna to call her Sweet Saddie. Little did they know she was just that. Now at least twice a week she & I play around. Think that we can have a relationship.