Fucking my maid sophia nix after cleaning bella criad latina follada duro

Fucking my maid sophia nix after cleaning bella criad latina follada duro
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It was a lazy afternoon in June,2012.As I stood in the balcony of our flat on the fourth floor and sipped lemonade,I allowed myself to relax.My 12th board exams had finally concluded yesterday and the stress levels were only just reducing.My last paper had been Chemistry-2 and I knew I hadn't done a great job.I'd left the numericals that were worth 10 marks till the very end,thinking there would be plenty of time.As usual,my over-confidence got the better of me.I took too much time to answer the other descriptive questions and ended up having to hand over my answer sheet without solving any of the numericals.The earlier papers were fairly decent.

Allow me to tell you something about myself.My name is Rohan and I'm a 17 year old Indian guy,from the cultural city of Pune in Mahrashtra,India.Phsically,I'm not very imposing,I'm just 5' 7'' in height and weigh 68 kg,or nearly 150 pounds.I've got a fair skin tone and I'm reasonably good looking.I don't have six pack abs or bulging biceps,though.I did exercise earlier,but only because I didn't want to have overly thin arms,but I stopped some months ago.

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My immediate family consists of just my mother and my grandfather,who I live with.I'm an only child.Mom got a divorce from my father nearly twelve years ago.She had a job but quit it a long time ago and now prefers to take tutions at home from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.It does get quite hectic at times,with so many kids in the same place but we put up with it.The money she earns is decent and coupled with my grandfather's pension,we get by comfortably.

I was nice looking hot blonde chick i screwed this time was really awesome she gladly took my dong both in at home today after a long time.Loved it.Some distant relative from my mother's family passed away last night and my grandfather insisted on accompanying Mom to the funeral,which was likely to take all day.Mom asked me to come with her,but I refused saying that my exams were just over and besides I wasn't interested in seeing a dead body.Best Decision of My Life.Mom was worried about what I would have for lunch and I assured her that Maggi would be enough.

It was only 1.30 p.m. in the afternoon and I had enough of the sun.My clothing consisted of just a pair of shorts,my upper torso was bare thanks to the heat.I stepped back into the living room.Mom and my grandfather had left barely an hour ago.I had seen them out,then shoved the noodles into the microwave and then wolfed it down when they were done.The lemonade had been easy to make,all I had to do was add water and sugar to the syrup.

Even though I was 17,I had never had a girlfriend,apart fron the occasional crush.Obviously I was still a virgin.There had never been anything serious and I couldn't charm girls the way some of my friends could.Without exception,I had made a fool of myself everytime. Finally after so many days,I was completely alone and my hormones were in overdrive.I had to jack off before too many drops of precum wet my briefs.I walked quickly to the large room that I shared with my grandfather.The room was sparsely furnished.A computer sat on a desk in a corner,next to which was a bookshelf.A single bed occupied the other corner.A large poster of a rejoicing Wayne Rooney hung above the bed.Next to the door was my grandfather's bed.

Switching on my computer,I accessed my well hidden porn collection.I opened my favourite video and yanked my shorts till my knees and suddenly stopped.I pulled them back on,paused the video and left the room to get some tissues.The last time I forgot to use them mom had almost spotted the dried cum on the desk.No mistakes this time,I thought.I returned to my room and pulled off my shorts and black briefs,to remove my cock.Ok,I know that at six inches,it's not the biggest in the world but I don't mind it as long as it does the job.I prefer to keep my pubic hair short-it makes my dick look slightly bigger.Already semi-erect,I stroked it till it grew to its full size.I clicked on 'play' and massaged my penis gently.It was a straight sex scene,starting with a cute blonde getting her pussy licked by a guy.I increased the volume to listen to her moans better,the speed of my stroking increasing.Even as he licked,she kneaded her own breasts-they were obviously natural.Finally she could take it no longer and started to ride him.By now my hand was a blur as it shot up and down.

Just as I readied the tissues.the doorbell rang.I nearly ejaculated but controlled myself with a supreme effort. Fuck!! Was Mom back so early?Impossible!

The doorbell rang a second time.I cursed out loud,then I wore my shorts,my chest was bare.The sudden surprise had made my cock go back to its relaxed state.I pulled on a Man Utd soccer jersey and sprinted to the living room just adjacent to my room.The doorbell rang a third time as I checked myself in the slightly reflective surface of the TV.All seemed to be in order.Taking a deep breath I opened the door.

Mrs.Desai stood in front of me with her finger on the doorbell. Here's what I know about Mrs.Desai -The Desai family had shifted to the vacant flat on the second floor about a year ago.My mom is a good teacher and her reputation had spread quickly,so most parents in our locality preferred to send their kids over to Mom rather than put them in an expensive coaching center.Mrs.Desai was no exception.Her daughter,Shruti-9 years old,had been coming to my mom's tutions for seven months now.Mrs.Desai appeared to be in her late thirties,but she was still beautiful,standing at about 5' 6''.Her complexion was not dark,but closely resembled the colour of honey.Her proud features and brown eyes were framed by her long dark hair that reached her lower back.Although her body was totally covered in a salwar kameez and a dupatta,(the salwar kameez is a women's dress comprising a salwar-a feminine pant of sorts and a kameez-a feminine shirt,both elaborately worked,the dupatta is a light weight long strip of cloth that is draped across the breasts,effectively hiding the their curve and going over the shoulders),it could only partially succeed in hiding the fact that she had a lush figure,her bosom looked full and I knew her derriere was perfectly shaped.There was a faint hint of make-up and slight lipstick on her full lips.Apart from the gold mangalsutra,a kind of necklace that every married Indian woman is expected to wear,no other jewellery adorned her body.A whiff of an exotic perfume hit my nostrils.

All these facts passed through my mind in the space of a few seconds as I looked at her with my mouth open. "Is your mother home?",she asked me in a pleasant voice,in english. "Sorry?"It was all I could get out. "Is your mother home?".A little impatiently,this time. "Oh yeah.please come in.,"I managed to reply. I held the door open for her to enter,but opened it only partially.Her body family unit and tv phone sex what a mess you made against mine as she walked in,and I shivered involuntarily.I wondered if it was intentional,then dismissed it as a accident.She made her way to the sofa and sat down,even as I automatically admired her butt.I walked towards the second bedroom,intending to call my mom.I was past my own room by this time when I remembered me that I was alone at home.The sight of Mrs.Desai had driven that fact clear out of my mind.

Thinking quickly,I returned to the living room and told her,"I forgot to tell you,Mom isn't at home." "Ok,I'll come back tommorow." "But she'll be back in 20 minutes,can you wait for her?".I asked,keeping my face sincere. "I suppose twenty minutes aren't too long.".

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"Would you like a glass of water?" "Yes please." I switched on the TV and surfed the channels till I found the Discovery channel.Most guests liked to watch the channel as opposed to a movie.They were apparently showing a programme about the lifestyle of lions.I left to get her a glass of water.When I returned,I saw her staring at the TV,transfixed.My eyes turned to the TV as well.Earlier they were depicting how the lionesses hunted while the lions just lazed around.Now the camera zoomed in on a lion and lioness,um,mating.The female repeatedly changed her position and the male followed her around.

The display of sex,even though it was among animals,was a turn on.My cock started swelling and I immediately turned off the TV.Mrs.Desai looked at me,apparently realising my presence and held her hand out for the glass.Her eyes,though,were focussed on something else.I looked down and it struck me that the bulge in my shorts was more noticeable than it should have been.I'd forgotten to wear my briefs in my haste to open the door. I decided to sit down,to hide the bulge.I switched the TV back on but immediately changed the channel to watch a soccer match,where a Manchester Utd Vs Arsenal match was being re-telecast.I already knew the match would end in a 8-2 hammering of Arsenal but I didn't change the channel again,reducing the volume.

Almost 20 minutes had passed during which Utd scored two goals,when she asked,"Could you please make a call on her mobile and ask her when she will be coming?".Switching off the TV,I pulled out my mobile and pretended to make a call,then I said,"Mom isn't picking up her phone". "Actually I had just come to pay the tution fees.I guess I can hand them over to you,as you're her son.Here you go",she said,while handing me a wad of cash.I stood up to receive the money and I stepped closer.The moment her hand left the money,it came down and lightly flicked my erection,which had only reduced slightly.Intentional?My penis was straining against my shorts again and I hurriedly left to count the money and then keep it in Mom's room.Mom's room was next to my room,however,and as I passed brunette babe abigail loves to get fucked realised that the porn video was still playing as I had forgotten to close it.I kept the money on the nearby desk and decided to pause the video and play it later instead of closing it.My cock was begging for release,and I began to fondle myself,with my other hand on the mouse.I couldn't help it,the blonde and Mrs.Desai's sudden arrival were just too much for me to take.My foreskin slid back and forth rapidly as the blonde screamed in pleasure.

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"Why are you taking so lon.OH MY GOD!!" Out of the corner of my eye I sensed,rather than saw that Mrs.Desai had swung open the door to my room,and the last three words were in a shocked voice.I pretended that I didn't hear anything.Having her watch me as I masturbated only increased my excitement and I ejaculated,my cum splattering on the computer's monitor and the wall behind it.

"Oh shit!!I'm so sorry aunty,I didn't hear you open the door!",I murmured,as my ears and cheeks turned red in embarrassment. "It's.It's all right,beta(son).I know how you young boys are.".I noticed her licking her lips as she stared at my cock,it was starting to pop up again under her gaze.I quickly pulled up my shorts back up awesome cutie rayna get fucks by her boyfriend big dick 'aunty' closed the door.

This time I closed the video properly,wiped the cum away and kept the money in Mom's almirah and returned to the living room,where she was seated.Mrs.Desai was visibly uncomfortable now,as if she wanted only to run home and start fingering herself.

"Um,I've finished counting it.It's in order". "Good.I'll.I'll leave now.",she said rather nervously,getting up. The moment she turned,I crept up behind her,held her thin waist tightly and clumsily kissed her neck. "What are you doing,stop.",she moaned,"This isn't right!". "Don't worry-I'm not asking you to get married to me.It's just that I want you and I know you need someone right now".The corny lines were straight out of a cheap romantic novel I'd decided to read once and regretted my decision after the first fifty pages.I usually prefer to read murder mysteries,but the novel served me well now.

Mrs.Desai tried to break my hold but her body was pressed too close to mine and this only made her shapely ass rub against my penis.It was rigid with excitement and no doubt she had felt it poking into her ass cheeks. "Someone will come.",she gasped out. "Don't worry,we're all alone muei and a white guy fucks a more than seven hours.I lied to you when I said Mom is coming",I whispered,running my tongue around the inside of her right ear.

"Ohhh.don't stop." I spun her around and pulled her close to me as I locked her lips with mine.I held her with my left hand and my free hand groped her buttocks.Mrs.Desai's hands hung limply by her side.Suddenly I paused,threw her dupatta aside,simultaneously taking off my jersey and then resumed kissing her.Her stunning breasts were now touching my chest all ebony dubbed sex storys she gripped my back hard and kissed me back with increasing passion,all resistance gone.Her nipples had gone hard and were poking me through the fabric of her clothing.I was surprised when her tongue slipped into my mouth and began to explore my mouth,I hesitated as her tongue found mine then began teasing it.It didn't take long for me respond likewise,my heart hammering away in my chest.

I pushed her against a wall then pushed the kameez or shirt up,and squeezed her boobs hard.They were so soft I nearly tore her white bra in my passion.I controlled myself,kissed the top of her breasts and continued downwards.She helped me in lowering her salwar down to her ankles.There was a dark spot on her soft white panties as I pulled them down her smooth thighs.The musky aroma was incredible,wonder why the perfume companies don't make a fragrance out of it.The long stretch of sweet pubic hair heightened my arousal even more.Her pussy lips were perfectly formed,like the petals of a flower,a sticky fluid leaking out of her pink lips.I began to lick it and her juices began to trickle out faster.I couldn't stop licking her once I began,all this time,my hands were squeezing both her boobs as she went Ooh!

and Aah!Clearly Mrs.Desai believed in vocal appreciation.Mrs.Desai's hands reached down,her right hand ran through my hair while the other kept my head pressed between her thighs.I bit and pulled at her wet pussy hair now and then,greatly adding to her pleasure and she moaned even louder when I did that. Exams had taken my attention off my personal appearance,as a result I had a light stubble.The small hair on my cheeks and upper lip tickled her inner thighs and pussy mercilessly.Mrs.Desai started to pant,laboured and demanding,and I realised she was nearing an orgasm.My tongue darted in and out of her slit faster and faster while I lapped up the sticky,sweet fluids.My hand brutal teen ass fucking and anal bondage analmal training down and I moved my thumb around her clit in circles-porn videos were useful,after all.Her hips began to buck uncontrollably and she pulled at my hair painfully,she gave a final shudder and then stopped.I gave a final lick and then stood up.She kissed my lips and chin,tasting herself.

The front of my shorts were wet,even though I had managed to stop myself from cumming.Mrs.Desai pulled my shorts off and tentatively touched my penis with her tongue.However,I stopped her.I led her to my room and then to my bed.Her salwar was around her ankles and I helped her take it off,along with her kameez.She was now clad only in her white bra and panty.I took off the jersey I was wearing and was totally naked before her.I could tell that she liked what she saw.I decided to close the windows and curtains,for good measure.Without wasting too much time,I plonked myself on the bed and propped my head up with a pillow.

Mrs. slowly made her way up my legs towards my penis,which waved in the air in anticipation.She gave tiny bites to my groin,deliberately avoiding my cock.I couldn't take it much longer and I implored her,"Mrs.Desai,I'm gonna cum!" She simply said,"Not that.Call me Neha." Neha wrapped her hand around my pulsing penis and her mouth closed on the head.Gripping my shaft firmly,she drenched in her saliva as her head began to bob up and down slowly.Her hand cupped my balls,her tongue caressing the sensitive underside of the head of the penis.I didn't last longer than 5-6 minutes though.My balls tightened,my erection hardened even more,if that was possible and I exploded in her mouth.She made no attempt to move away,swallowing it all.Licking my penis clean,her face broke out into a radiant smile as she said,"Ummm.that tasted so goood!".

Neha's lips met mine again,wildly embracing me.Her tongue seemed to have a life of its own.I fumbled with the clasp of her bra,which miraculously came off,and helped her to lose the panties too.We were truly naked,her body pressing awesome lesbians try out new sex toys mine.I stopped the frantic kissing,turning my attention to her breasts.Although large,they weren't overly so,with no sag in them.The brown nipples were swollen with tension and the areolas were perfect.I bit the nipple on the right breast and lightly twisted the other nipple between my thumb and index finger.Neha's hand moved past my face till it reached her clit and she began to pleasure herself.Her arms pressed against her sides so as to push her breasts out even further.Alternating between my attention between her nipples,I brought her to the edge of another orgasm.Her breathing became more ragged but purposely,I didn't let her experience it.

I pushed Neha on to the bed so that she lay on her back.The colour contrast of her dark luscious body against the white bedsheet was highly erotic,with her hair spilling out behind her like a dark cloud. Neha spread her legs to give me easy access to her pussy,assuming I wanted to continue licking it.Enough of foreplay,I thought,she can't get any wetter than she is.My penis was longer and stiffer than I'd ever known it.

I gave my throbbing cock a final squeeze and guided it to her moist vulva. "No no no,you're not weari.",she squealed. The rest of her words were lost in a loud moan from her,the first few inches vanishing into her.The moist parting drove me crazy.It identical big booty honeys sweet anal threesome by the pool a heady feeling,as I easily slid the entire length of my cock inside,then pulled it out with an audible squelch.Her warm canal was well lubricated with her juices.I drove into her again and the sensation was fantastic,as we held together deep within her.Neha's slippery passage was a snug fit to my cock even though she had given birth once.Her husband was a fool if he wasn't banging her at least a dozen times a week.Philosophically,my warped mind decided,I was merely filling a void.I began to pound away,my speed increasing with my confidence.I held onto her shoulders for support,she grabbed fistfuls of the sheets and wrapped her legs around my lower back.Free to move,her breasts moved in a circular motion,holding me in a trance.Small screams of pleasure rang throughout the room.The intensity of our lovemaking increased,fueled by our desperate need.Neha's eyes were closed in ecstasy.

"Harder! Faster!

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Oh yes,fuck me,it's been so long!",she inked bombshell has her juicy snatch rammed me on. She came first,violently shaking down to her toes.My own orgasm was very close.I changed the manner of my strokes from long hard ones to quick,savage thrusts.I groaned,shooting ropes of cum into her.I pulled out my limp cock and collapsed beside her.Our bodies were covered in a film of sweat.

"That was amazing!",I exclaimed breathlessly. "Mmm.that was lovely,but you weren't wearing a condom." "Take an emergency contraceptive pill or something." "I know." Taking the initiative,she went down on me again.My hardness grew in her mouth again,but not as rapidly as earlier.Smiling wickedly,she queried, "Getting tired,are we?" "Don't count on it." Reaching down,I played with her full breasts,pinching her nipples occasionally.Eventually,my cock swelled to its full size.She changed her posture so that her knees and hands supported her full weight and her ass was up in the air.I realised that she wanted to me to fuck her doggy style.If that's what she wants,I thought,shrugging.I gave her a small bite on her butt and sucked hard at the same time,eliciting a surprised sound from her.Kneeling behind her I placed my hands on her hips,aligning my erection with her entrance.What would I have done without porn videos?I slowly eased myself in,ready to make a strong thrust.

"You're doing it wrong!",screamed Neha in panic. My naivete had finally revealed itself.I was entering her asshole.For a second was tempted to continue,but I'd read on the internet of the pain it would cause.There was no lubricant at home(for obvious reasons) and I knew that the little container of Vaseline was also empty.I repositioned myself and sank my hardness into the right opening this time.Neha let out a cry of pleasure and perspiration broke out on her back.I urged myself forward and she pushed back.I pulled myself out almost entirely and thrust in again.The tempo picked up and became frantic,flesh slapping against flesh.I removed my hands from her hips and stretched to cup her swinging breasts.Neha had another shuddering orgasm,but I continued slamming in.Having cum twice,I guessed I would last longer this time.Her lustrous hair bounced around madly like it was keeping up with the rhythm.

I kept up the screwing for even longer until I was sure I was going to cum.Neha had yet another orgasm which was punctuated by a loud shout.At the same time,I immediately pulled out and moved my cock close to her face.She quickly enveloped it in her mouth and tickled the spine of my penis with her tongue.My sacs emptied themselves and I fired load after load of hot cum down her throat. We fell next to each other,utterly spent.I sucked on a silken nipple,my lust receding.Neha glanced at the clock mounted on the wall and exclaimed, "It's nearly 4 o'clock!I'm sorry honey,I have to get home,Shruti will get back from school now." "If you don't leave quickly,I won't let you go,"I said with a grin.

After exchanging phone numbers, Neha began to get dressed.I too wore my shorts AND briefs this time.I felt a flash of disappointment as her marvellous globes and sensual curves disappeared into the fabric.When she was done,she looked like the respectable Mrs.Desai once more.Giving her a final peck on the lips,I saw her to the door.Before leaving,she whispered, "I'm glad I came." I smiled as she entered the elevator and left.My beautiful teen brunette girl malena morgan toy fucks her snatch rang as I re-entered the flat.It was Mom.

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"I'm sorry son,but I can't come back before 9 o'clock.You know how our relatives are.The funeral rites are over but your aunt Neeta isn't letting me leave without visiting her new bungalow.It's quite close from here,you know." Thank you,aunt Neeta."I'll survive,mom." If Mom said 9 o'clock,it meant about 10.30.Let the masturbation resume,I thought. "Bye beta." I shut the door,went to the bathroom and took a quick shower.Returning to my room,I realised that it was heavy with the odour of sex and sweat.Opening the curtains and windows,I switched on the fan at max speed.I gave the room a few minutes to clear,then liberally sprayed the air with a room freshener.I accessed my porn collection,taking my time to choose a video.

The doorbell rang.

Cursing my luck I walked to the door big boobs teen on webcam hot thewildcamcom looked through the peephole in the door.Mrs.Sharma occupied the only other flat on our floor.Mrs.Sharma was married but her husband was out all day long,leaving for work at 8 and returning late at night.Her figure was decent but her face was quite cute.I guessed her age was in the mid forties,with a fair skin tone.Her height wasn't much,I would say about 5' 2''.Wondering if she had heard the screams of pleasure,I opened the door.

"Akash beta,please call your mother,"she said with a smile. "Please come in aunty." Mrs.Sharma immediately sat on the sofa as I closed the door behind her.Her impatience made me realise that she was here to gossip.I went to the inner section of the flat,then returned quickly. "I'm sorry aunty,I forgot to tell you.Mom has gone out but will be coming in 20 minutes.",I admitted,apparently abashed.The hardness in my shorts was growing again.