Tamanna bhatia ki blue film

Tamanna bhatia ki blue film
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I think you all remember me now and I don't have to introduce myself by wasting a page again So lets start My name is Rohan. Let me briefly tell you about myself I'm now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic body and average looking. I have my Own Business and I'm a Martial Arts and Yoga Trainer in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai gyms. (Why so jennifer white takes an hard anal fuck session places you will know in the stories.

People who may know me might study these stories so I want to keep my identity undisclosed. I'm writing these stories with the permission of few ladies with whom I'm in contact with. I had Sexual encounters with aged, middle aged, married and many sex starved women who were between 20 and 48 as they are the highest and the least aged in my list coz below 20 are considered as kids in my view.

They might reach puberty or mature by 13 or 14th year but a little matured body would always be good to make love J ;).

Okay let me start the Story … After a beautiful Oral Session I cleaned up with a towel and wore my shorts. I was sitting on the bed. She came into bedroom with full force and said "vedhava, vedhava ani, nenu edhaite cheyya koodadhu anukunnano naa chetha ade cheyyinchav(idiot, idiot lol, I never wanted to do that and you made me break my word)," and tapped on my head.

I was actually enjoying her scolding in her cute Brahmin slang. I was feeling very confident and happy at that time.I was just looking her beautiful face and lips.

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Lol. After she stopped scolding I said "enti aunty meeru kooda, asalu kamasutra cheppindhey kottavi try cheyyamani (aunty what is this? Trying new things is what kamasutra all about)." More over sperm is the most amazing fluid which will be secreted in a male to give birth." And stopped.

She posed a sarcastic face and said "neeku baaga maatalu,knowledge tho paatu vedhava telivitetalu kooda baaga vachayi ra (you have become over smart and knowledgeable for your age)." I said "meeru nerpindhey kada aunty (it was you who taught me)" She said ("ahaa nenu aa pani cheyyamannana?

(did I teach you to cum in my mouth?)" I said "no you said sperm and its meaning of life." Uma said Seriously "so?" I said "so, I gave you that eternal fluid which creates life and enhances beauty." She said "shut up, don't talk nonsense." I said "no aunty its true, I read that in a library about sperm and its uses when I went to a sports meet which was held HPS, Hyderabad.

In B.C women used to apply the cum of strong men on their body to slow down ageing. I don't know how far it true but who wants to be a jerk. Okay lets get back More than the truth in it she was looking at me admiringly at my interest in sex. Lol. She city club gay new sex york "what happened to you bujji?" I didn't want to hurt her with that stuff anymore and said "sorry aunty, I shouldn't have done that.

I wont do it again." She said "its okay with oral bujji, but I don't want to eat cum." I said "alright aunty no problem, next time I'll inform you." Uma aunty: Oh you have plans for a next round huh stupid? Are you hard again? Me: I said next time aunty, not next round. If you are okay with the next round I would be the luckiest ass for today. and Yeah if you ask me truth I'm hard againJ Uma Aunty: shut up idiot.

You are teen nymphomaniac raylin ann gets fucked by a stranger your mind. Concentrate on studies first. Me: did I ever get last marks aunty? Have you ever seen me sitting and lying lazy? Did I ever hurt you? Did I ever hurt anyone? Am I not good at sports? Uma Aunty: it's not about that. You should get first rank and you should get more marks blah blah.

Me: aunty I have got the sense of life after reading geeta, Ramayana, mahabharatha and kamasutra and our Sanskrit lessons. History is all about female and sex and wars for that. Doesn't matter how much you have, how many acres you have or what ever you have.

It really doesn't matter when you are not good at women. Me: I have actually given her a small class. I don't want to do any wars for women aunty. I just want to have as many girls as possible in my lifewithout hurting them. For that I need good and healthy physic and some earning. I want to do sex psychology aunty. I don't want to be a doctor but a sex psychologist. No problem if people want to say that I'm a womanizer doesn't matter. I boldly told her that I want I fuck as many girls as possible aunty ;).

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Knowledge is everywhere. You just have to know what you want to hear. Uma was giving multiple expressions. Uma: what do you want do now? Me: I wanna make love to as many women as possible including you aunty. Uma: don't even think about that dear. You have gone too far for your age.

Now cut the crap and leave. Me: I will have dinner with you today and I'll leave. Uma: okay then go to kitchen. I'll come in a minute. I went to kitchen and waiting for her. She came after a minute and started cooking. After 5 minutes and i went behind her from the kitchen counter. Uma: hey I told you to sit there right. Me: aunty you take busty babe raylene has a huge rack big boobs pornstar cooking business I will do mine for sometime.

I would like to be near you for sometime. Uma: No need go and sit there silently bujji. Me: 2 minutes pleaseee. Uma didn't replay anything. Remember guys if you ask something and the girl wont reply negatively that's 90% affirmation you can proceed.

but if she strictly says a BIIIG NOOO. Please dont attempt to touch her. I held her waist and pressed my dick immediately on her ass. I wanted to rub my dick on her naked ass. But she wont allow. She wasn't telling anything for pressing her boobs and ass on saree and blouse. I was hard. I held her tightly and started rubbing my dick a little fast in anxiety and excitement on her ass. I was whispering in her ears. "Uma aunty please one more time aunty, I promise I won't cum in your mouth this time." She didn't say anything.

I was asking her again and again slowly near her ear. Uma: bujji you should not do it often. You will become weak. Me: its okay aunty, I'll eat more. Nuts and dry fruits will keep me strong aunty. Sometimes I shag more than 8 times thinking about you in a day.

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It okay aunty. please do it one more time. I wont ask you again. Uma: where are you learning all this? Okay go to living room. I'll come.

Me: No aunty its okay we will do it here. I want to fuck your mouth standing like this. More over you are in the middle of cooking. Now you do my business and I'll do yours. I mean cooking. Uma: hmmmmm. I think you are on your plans. You have explanation and answers for everything. She said that and she was on her knees. I lowered my shorts immediately. My dick was pointing towards her neck.

I wanted to become completely nude. I removed my shirt also. She took my dick in her hand and started moving it. it was feeling good. She was not taking that in her mouth. I moved immediately from her and went to fridge. Took some chocolate sauce from the bottle in my hand and rubbed it on my dick. And I also took some in my hand.

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She was smiling at what I was doing. I came back where she was kneeling. I stood in front of her. She took my dick again in her hand and started rubbing it nice and slowly.

choco sandwitch massage ummmmmmmmmmmmm it was awesome. With my free hand I removed her pallu from her shoulders. Her upper portion and cleavage were shaking with her hand movement. That was really really beautiful. She slapped on my ass with her hand for that.

She tried to adjust but I made that fall again and smiled. She did not bother to cover from then. She was shaking it fast. I asked her to take it in her mouth. She said no. I moved from her and asked her to close her eyes please. I put my chocolate hand on her lips first. With affirmation she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to lick my choco fingers. Then I held her head with one hand and pressed my choco covered dick on her lips and cheeks.

She know what it was. She didn't resist. I was just rubbing it on her face slowly. Meanwhile I said aunty please while she closed her eyes. She didn't say anything and allowed my dick inside her mouth. Then I started my real business. I was moving my dick into her mouth and she held my waist for support.

she was moving her hands from waist to ass and versa I was fucking her mouth slowly actually. Don't do it fast dudes she will end up chocking. I was enjoying it like a dick massage. Wowww. As there was chocolate she was licking and blowing my dick with ease and licking. She was eating all the chocolate and drinking it. My plans started again. I had some choco in my hand. I moved her a little from my dick and applied it again on my dick.

Quickly grabbed her head and guided to my cock again. It was happened in seconds. I didn't want to give her a chance to stop. I planned to cum in her mouth before she drinks the choco. And I slowly started cumming in her mouth. She was drinking it in the beginning but when jets spurted out she knew it. I was cumming in her mouth slowly. This time She drunk a good amount I guess as she had to have a gulp when I pressed her head. She moved away and went to sink to spit.

She cleaned herself and started shouting again lol. I enjoyed that for sometime and said sorry again:P. She tapped on my head and was about to adjust her saree. I held her pallu in my hand and rubbed all the chocolate on her upper portion of her breasts and on her blouse. I pressed the boobs as much as I can. She relieved from me and said "idiot you are spoiling everything." Me : aunty.

What is this. Let me clean it out for you and went near her. Please aunty let me clean. After everything happened between you and me why are you objecting me for this. Uma: edokati cheptav kadara babu nuvvu.(bujji you say something or the other to convince always) I didn't take any permission from her. I went and started licking the choco from her upper portion of her boobs I was kissing her neck in between.

I pressed her towards the kitchen counter. I made her to put her hands around my head. I brought my hands from her waist to her boobs and started pressing them. I wanted to see her naked flesh and started opening her hooks. I opened 2 and she stopped. I didn't force her. I just smacked all the exposed area. More than 60% was out of her boobs. That was being enough for lick and suck. I was pressing her waist and ass. I was trying to open the other hooks with my mouth and was finding it little difficult.

They were tight. She understood my struggle and opened the other hook. She left one but 90% of her boobs were out. I immediately pressed one hand on right and started sucking her left.

I was kissing her nipples I was trying to squeeze something out of it. Though I know that I wont get anything form it. I was biting, kissing, licking pressing her abril and lilly fingers each others latin pussy with my mouth, lips, tongue and tooth. I was switching between her boobs. She was saying hissshiss, hiss and a little hummmm once in while when ever i was giving love bites on her nipples and booobs.

i know She was excited as her nipples got erected. She was dropping her shoulders on me. I understood that she was getting into mood. She held horny czech cutie stretches her yummy slit to the special amateur and babe head tight and was dropping onto the floor. I didn't understand. She sat on the floor crossing her legs.

She didn't bother to cover her boobs. They was glittering with my saliva. I didn't give time. I sat beside, saucy regina has her juicy snatch pummeled her shoulder and dropped her onto floor with her. She was doing everything with little resistance and little uhuuuu. I came between her legs and attacked her boobs immediately and started pressing my dick exactly on her pussy.

I was sucking and squeezing her boobs simultaneously. She was trying to lift her legs, that was actually in excitement. I rose her saree to her knees so that she could lift her legs up. She closed her legs on my hips and started enjoying my massage on her boobs and belly. She was pressing my head and shoulders. She was not moaning much but was giving sighssss and hmmm and body jerks once in a while. I thought to move her saree to her waist and touch her pussy.

I was trying to move that, I was succesed to her thighs and she held my hand not to. I was happy with the thighs and started giving jerks on her pussy which was covered by saree. Sometimes she was moving with me. I mean she was giving jerks. My knees were touching her inner thighs. With lot of rubbing I felt I was cumming. I dropped my shorts a little and guided her left hand towards my dick. She took with in her hand and started rubbing i fucked my friends hot mom czechsuperstars. I was pressing both her boobs and biting her nipples and was jerking in her hand.

It was aweeeeesomeeeeeee. As everything was happening for cocu encul par un germane first time, it was amazing.

She held her legs tightly around me and pressing me hard. she had an orgasam. She relaxed for a minute and stopped doing everything. I wasted no time and immediately climbed on her shoulder pointing my hard on towards her mouth. I started pressing my dick between her boobs. pressing them hard. I was giving jerks slowly. She was enjoying it. she was just smiling at me.

I was happily pressing and doing everything. Then I moved a little and asked to take it in her mouth. She didn't say anything and took it in her mouth raising her head .

She was moving her head while blowing my dick in her mouth. I like it when women do it on their own. When women takes control on male it will be really amazing. I wanted to go for 69. I went to her knees and started kissing her on knees and thighs. She was holding my dick and sucking it. I was raising her saree from her thighs. I could do that till I could see her panty. I was kissing all her thighs, inner thighs, knees and legs .

I moved a little up and was rubbing my chin on her pussy. she was happily sucking my dick. In 69 you have an advantage. Girls hands cannot reach your head.

So your access to it will be more easy. I held her thighs and pressed my hands to move them aside and attacked her pussy with my mouth, with full force. She was trying to put her hands on my head to stop me but I was not reachable ;). She was trying to close her thighs but I was exactly between her thighs. I moved her panty to see her pussy clearly. It was all wet and fussy smell. But it was intoxicating. I moved more into her and started kissing and sucking her pussy on little pubis hairs.

It was little thick and rough too. She resisted for few secs. I was kissing her madly and sucking her. she stopped her resistance. She was throwing her hips up and up in pleasure. I felt I was cumming and I didn't want to move again.

I started humping in her mouth and cummed and made her drink as much as she could. She couldn't as my legs have almost locked her shoulders. And my hip was fit enough to do the rest of the job. She took as much as she could and removed my dick from her mouth. She was enjoying what i was doing to her pussy.

I could sense that from her hip movement. I could see her cum flowing out of her pussy not like a flow anyways but I could see it was oozing out. I didn't try to lick that but I inserted one finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her.

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She jerked a little by moving her hips slowly. After 5 minutes of action or may be more she was saniya sex sonakshi sinha sex a little fast and locked my head tightly between her thighs and melt down with a sigh.

She pushed me aside and went to sink to wash her face. I wore my shorts and was standing silently. She didn't say anything.

She was doing all nonsense in the kitchen I mean adjusting the shelf and taking the vessels from the floor. She was acting tensed. I didn't say anything and went to living room. She came and sat in front of me in a chair after 5 minutes. Silence for some time. I said I'll come in the evening aunty and left.

I went home and was flying high remembering what ever happened. As they were holidays I have no other work than eating, studying and eating. I had lunch and slept. I went to her home in the evening. She was working on her PhD.

She said that she will take the class tomorrow. I was there for some time, enjoyed her company and left home. Next day morning I went to her home with books after uncle left. I studied and she taught me for some time. She told me to eat lunch at her home.

I was feeling happy thinking I could stay with her for some more time. She went to kitchen and was preparing lunch. She tugged her pallu inside her saree at waist.

I could see her naval. I went to kitchen and sat on the kitchen counter. Me: aunty what are you preparing for lunch today? Do you have some sweets I'm hungry. Uma: lunch will be prepared in 5 minutes.

Don't eat anything now. Daal and alu fry today. I was asking stupid questions to know her mood and to bring her into mood. Her curves were tempting me to touch her. I went and slowly stood behind her. I wasted no time and grabbed her waist from inside her saree and pinned her to the kitchen counter. Uma: bujji, what is this?

See the time. Don't you have time for this? I have work after we eat lunch. Wait till evening. I was holding her tight. She didn't try to get away from me. I was kissing her shoulder and neck. I was pressing her waist and fingering her naval slowly. Me: what aunty. Everyone has set time for everything like there is time for breakfast, lunch, sleep, work, study. But no one has set time for sex.

I kissed her cheek saying this. Uma: haha bujji you started talking toooo much now a days. Do you have any plans for PhD in sex? Me: I wish I could do that aunty. I wanna learn about sex while experiencing it and feeling it. Aunty when are you going to allow me to fuck you? She stopped laughing and became silent. She was finding her words. She said "whatever you are doing now is more than enough with me.

You please stopping planning sex with me." She again said "your plans are being dangerous now a days." As I have told you, you have become over smart for your age. I said "okay no problem." She finished cooking. I asked her to come to bedroom once. I really didn't bother about my hard on in my shorts. It was poking out. She asked me why.

I told her "I'm not asking you to strip your clothes aunty. Please do whatever I say for some time. I'm not taking your clothes off anyways." She came with me.

I asked to sit on bed. She was doing whatever I was telling her to do without any objection now. I told her to lay flat on her ass. I slowly went on her and adjusted myself between her legs and locked my both hands in hers. I slowly removed her pallu with my mouth.

I was looking into her eyes and said "see aunty everything is so simple if you don't resist." She said "neeku baaga alavatu ayyi antha easy ayipoyindhi ra vedhava (things have become easy for you idiot and you have learned everything fast)." I tried to kiss on her lips but she moved away. I kissed her on her cheeks and was licking and sucking her. I was going down slowly and kissing her neck, her upper portion of the breast.

I released her hands and brought them to unhook her blouse. I started unhooking. I removed three hooks in a hurry. She stopped at the 4th one and said meekingly "after lunch." I was kissing her exposed boobs and said "5 minutes aunty please." She knows that I was not the worlds hottest schoolgirl kissa sins college girl and school girl to stop or get up from there.

I removed her hand and placed them on my head. I removed the last hook and took her left boob in my mouth. I was pressing the right boob with my hand. I started rubbing with my dick on her pussy on her saree. she was not showing any resistance. She was actually enjoying it. She released her legs and adjusted me between her to my comfort.

I moved my hands to raise her saree while kissing and sucking her boobs switching one after the other. She held my hand in resistance and when I moved it away, she left it. I raised her saree and petticoat till her thighs. I started releasing my shorts with one hand. I removed them completely and started rubbing her legs and thighs with mine.

I couldn't remove her saree till her waist as I couldn't lift her ass. I inserted my hand inside and started pressing her pussy.

she started moving her ass and I immediately moved her sarre till her waist. It was easy when there is cooperation ;). Me: see aunty, how easy it will be with your cooperation. Uma: shut up idiot. finish it fast I was pressing and rubbing her pussy and thighs with my naked dick. As her blouse hooks were removed I had full access to her boobs. I was doing all activities at a time as I may not get another chance. I was kissing, sucking, pinching, biting her boobs and pressing, rubbing her thighs and her pussy.

I started removing her panty but she objected. I thought its okay, anyways panty wont object me from eating her pussy. I slowly started coming up and moved into 69 in a swift. I guided my cock into her mouth and started kissing and sucking her pussy on panty.I started moving my hips slowly in all directions pressing my dick in to her mouth and making me touch as much area as possible.

I was licking all the inner edges of her mom and son fucking x story to make her move more. I slowly moved away panty from her pussy and started licking her. She shaved it today. As she had pubic hair yesterday. Observing all that and thinking about it that she prepared for this I was getting more horny and sucking her wild. I gave love bites on her pussy and thighs and sucked them.

Sometimes I was biting hard. All this while she was making ummmmm moans as she had my dick in her mouth. She was sucking my dick and blowing it. Wow. Her cooperation was increasing for every session. I thought that I was almost near to fuck her. She closed her thighs tightly and pressed euro pornstar sheridan fucking some dude pleasure photorama head to her pussy waving her hips.

I liked it very much. I was fingering her pussy by ascending my fingers one by one. Her movements become stronger and she moved my dick away and started moaning slowly by taking breath.

She was saying hmmmmm ahhhhh hmmmmm. She was moaning well. i love it when women make moans. it clearly means they are enjoying it. But there are also few women who will resist their moans and enjoy getting fucked. Her moans encouraged me more and I started fingering her fast and hard with my 3 fingers. I again guided my cock into her mouth.

She took it and started sucking it slurp slurp slrupppp. I was actually kissing her piss hole too. I like the flesh over there. I was taking hey pussy lips between my lips and sucking and kissing them simultaneously.

I was pressing her ass as much as I could and as hard as I could. It was very big for my hand. I was pressing her everywhere. I had no intentions for asshole. I enjoyed with all her private parts for more than 20 minutes.

I think she tightened her grip for 3 times in between. So I thought she had 3 orgasms. I cummed in her mouth slowly and silently. She asked me to move and went to wash room to clean.

I cleaned up with towel and wore my clothes. I came out of the bedroom and sat in the sofa. After few sessions she was not objecting me for cumming in her mouth. She cleaned herself and adjusted her saree.

She combed her hair and went to kitchen to arrange lunch. We were eating lunch. She was not saying anything other than asking me to eat more and what else i need. I said "aunty I need to tell you something." She said "what is it bujji?" I'll let you know about our discussion in the next part We wiil meet in My Real Sex Life Part 6 My email address is [email protected]

Ladies and Girls you are always welcome ;) and guys please Dont ping me for girls id. I'm not going to disclose them to you anyways. Don't waste your time on me guys. Try to understand me guys. I'm not your enemy, same way I don't need enmity from Women. Stay Fit and Be Horny. Please and Thanq.