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Jizz flow joy for hot beautiful chick deepthroat blowjob
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Here is my first story on this website.

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I hope you enjoy. I am going to disable comments because I know what some retards are doing just to get laid and it will not happen on my story, so if you want to tell me something just click on my username in yellow and send me a PM. Thanks here it is. Chapter one.

"What are you doing Aaron?" Said the girl standing beside Aaron. "Nothing, why?" Aaron asked as he stroked the girl's hair. Aaron had been doing this to his sister since their father left them after their mother died in a plane crash.

Every time Aaron did this to her, Amanda would ask him what he was doing, but she knew perfectly well what he was doing.

He was thinking about what he was going to do for food that night.

Having always been nice to his sister, he would always give her a hundred bucks to go to the mall with her friends and hang out.

But after she left he would only worry about how he was going to earn the money back, because he knew they needed the money badly in order to eat, and get clothes, not to mention paying bills. But his father would step in from time to time, drunk as hell and always leave a few hundred in a jar in the living room.

He may have seemed nice but after their moms death the kids realized that he was just a mean, old man who deserved nothing more than a slap in the face, every second, for a millennium. When he did not answer her, Amanda stepped away causing him to stumble a bit. He looked at her meanly, but after she stood there looking back at him with the same look, he turned it into a smile and started to chase her around the apartment that they lived in.

Aaron was tall and muscular, but not too muscular like bodybuilders. He wore a plain black v-neck undershirt and some jeans around the house, but when he left the house he always wore something else to cover up, because he was shy. His sister Amanda ALWAYS wore pink shirts with different labels and a medium sized skirt. Aaron always asked if she felt like she needed to cover up more but when he did she would just say " why are you worried, I can handle myself." And he would just let it go.

He had never really felt any love for his sister other than natural sibling love and the slight hint of parental instinct in him always managed to keep the lust at bay.

Of course that was until the day he went into her room to tidy up while she was at the mall. He had made her bed, body to sweat with sexy japanese gal shiina the floor, and dusted the whole room.

When he went to tidy up the closet, he saw that there was a note on the door.

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The note said " I know you are going to clean my room party sluts love to get penetrated hard, but please let me clean my closet. I don't need any panties to go missing. If they do I will sneak up on you in the middle of the night and torture you. Love, your little sis" He decided to peek in and was just turning the knob when his phone started to ring.

He reached for it and saw it was his sister, so he answered it with a hello. "hey, I just wanted to let you know that my friends are all going to Emily's house for a while. If you want you can come too." Said his sister over the phone. "No thanks, I am going to stay home and clean up. You have fun though." After that his sister said bye and hung up. He opened the door up to find hot booty babe vanessa cage gets her twat wrecked good pornstars hardcore it was already clean, so he started to wonder what his sister was worried about cleaning.

Then he saw it, a small box that looked like a small treasure chest, and reached for it, knowing all along that his sister had bought it. But curiosity filled him up, and he slowly reached out for it. He grabbed and lifted it up. He noted that it id not way that much.

He opened the box to a sight that made him aroused immediately. He thanked god for his sister not being here right now and closed the box. He flipped his phone open and decided to call his sister to change his mind. His phone went straight to voicemail, and he got scared. Their phones were supposed to ring unless they were off.

With a worried look, he left the room and went to his car. He drove all the way to Emily's house without paying attention to that much of anything. When he got there worried look on his face left and went up to the door. He heard laughter and knocked on the door. When Emily answered the door she stiffened, and smiled. "Amanda, your brothers here!" Emily yelled as she went to the stairs leading to the second floor. When he heard many small squeals of delight he smiled.

Amanda was the first one to arrive at the door, having practically flown down the stairs at the statement. "I thought you weren't coming, did you finish cleaning?" she asked.

He only nodded and sighed. When he started to stare at her, she blushed. She dragged him into the house and was about to head upstairs when realization passed her face. "you looked in my closet, didn't you?" she almost passed out from his nod. When she calmed down she looked embarrassed. She started to breathe rapidly. When she had calmed down from her breathing fit, she looked at her older brother. "why? I put that message up there to keep you from going in there." She almost yelled at him.

"I was curious as to what you were hiding from me. I see no reason to be embarrassed by it. I don't think anything less of you for it." He said. "What are you two talking about?' said one of her friends. Aaron quickly identified her as Amelia. She was a short red haired girl with glasses. She was wearing a red tee shirt and blue jeans. "He saw certain things that I use a lot at night." Amanda said. When realization dawned on everyone's faces, they all blushed fiercely. Amanda then led everyone upstairs, but stopped Aaron before entering Emily's room.

"Before we go in there, I have to tell you something. We do certain things every time we get together. Those certain things, well they umm… they require the items you saw in my closet." She waited for him to say something, but when he did not she looked at him. His face was a deep shade of red, almost as if all of his blood was being pumped directly into his head. His eyes unblinking, his head filled with many scenarios that played in his head as if stuck on repeat.

He looked back at his sister and stared at her with an emotional influx. She blushed and pushed the door open so he could enter. When he entered the girls all followed him. He stood there waiting for his sister. When everyone was in the room, Amanda closed the door. They stared at Aaron and then they all led him over to the bed and sat him down. When he stared at them with questioning looks, they all giggled and blushed. When he looked down he saw what they were staring at. He was erect and happily so.

They all sat down in front of him on the floor except his sister. When she sat down next to him, he looked at her with confusion written on his face. "look, you are the only male here and we are all hot, in both meanings. Please help us or else we will never be able to help you with your slight problem down there." She said with a blush as she pointed down to his erection. He looked at her blankly and tried to leave but many of the girls were blocking the door, and he was not going to hurt girls.

That is one of the reasons why he did not want to do this. Because he knew first times were always painful.

When he told the girls this, they all started to giggle. "we all have already broken our hymen with the toys." Said his sister with a blush. When she said that he was so dazed by the sight he had just seen in his head, that he did not even feel himself being pulled back onto the bed until he was already halfway naked with his shirt off and only his boxers on.

When he returned to consciousness, it was because of the soft hand he felt on his dick stroking him up and down. He looked to see who's hand it was and was surprised to find his sister attached to the arm that had the hand holding him. When he looked at her she took the chance and kissed him deeply.

His first reaction was to pull away but he fought it aside and returned the kiss. When he broke free for air, he lifted his hand and stroked her hair. She slowly started to undress and was struggling anya gets her ass xxxxx get her pants off when he started to reach down and put his hand between her jeans and her panties.

He slowly stroked her pussy through her panties until she was soaking wet. When he pulled his hand up to get free, she started to whimper. She nearly fell unconscious when she felt his hand inside of her, slowly going deeper then pulling out fast. When she got her pants off she tugged at her panties. When she finally got them off, Aaron had a great view of her glistening wet pussy.

The mere sight made him grunt and his pants almost ripped from the strain of his erection trying to escape confinement.

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Amanda slowly grabbed his boxers and pulled them down to reveal his 9 in. long and 2 in. thick erect penis. She grabbed near the head and slowly started stroking all up and down him. When the were both about to climax they started to moan louder until Amanda started to scream when she climaxed on his hand and he had just enough time to aim at her chest and face with his climax.

Hope you liked it. I will probably post more chapters if I get enough pm's for the story. Remember to clean your keyboards though.