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Handjob from busty amateur milf in hot amateur porn 1 tube porn
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As morning light glinted through the window of Jasons room he awoke with a start. In a panic he sat up searching bleary eyed for his alarm clock. "Shit" he though, "Why didn't it go off, what time is?" Then it dawned on him, it was Saturday. With a sigh of relief he let himself relax and fall back onto his bed, but as he fell his head connected with the headboard and pain shot through his skull. "Fuck!" He yelled, grabbing his head with both hands and rubbing furiously.

Lexi had been on her way back from the bathroom when she heard the commotion. Pausing outside his door she opened it to peak in. Seeing her older brothers' distress she let herself in and stood by his bed watching him for a moment. "What happened?" she finally asked Jason looked up from rubbing his head to see his sister standing there with a concerned arch to her eyebrows.

Feeling slightly foolish he waved absently at the headboard, "Hit my head on the fuckin…&hellip.thing." he mumbled as he returned to nursing the goose egg that was forming on the back of his head. Lexi raised her eyebrows and put a hand over her mouth to try and stifle a laugh, but she wasn't entirely successful and a small mirthful squeak found its way out.

Jason looked up at his little sister. "You think that's funny?" he asked laying back down again, more carefully this time. Lexi shook her head still trying to suppress her smile. Suddenly Jason lunged up and grabbed her by the leg. "You mature hoe in stockings giving deep throat masturbation and hardcore that's funny!" he bellowed as he dragged her squealing thrashing form onto his bed.

She struggled mightily, apologizing profusely as he forced her onto her back and began to tickle her stomach and her legs alternately as she struggled in vain to protect both sensitive areas from his onslaught.

Unfortunately for her she was no match for Jasons speed and strength. Years of baseball had given him a strong grip and quick reflexes.

"No no no, please, im sorry, im sorry!" she pleaded as Jason continued to tickle her and laugh. "Ill teach you!" he cackled, attacking her with renewed gusto. "No please, im gonna pee" she laughed. Jason involuntarily glanced at the crotch of her little bedtime shorts which he now noticed were stretched pretty tight against her penis, and the small bulge beneath was obvious. Lexi was his little sister, he was her protector and he loved her dearly.

He knew about her condition, but growing up with her, it just seemed normal. She wasn't a freak, there was nothing weird about her, she was just Lexi. Growing up she had been his little brother Alex, and they had played as little brothers do.

But as the years went by she would want to play with dolls sometimes instead of trucks, or pick a unicorn stuffed animal instead of an action figure. He'd told her this wasn't ok cause they were girl toys. But his parents had admonished him, and told him that Alex could play with whatever he wanted to.

His dad had knelt down and told him that as Alexes older brother it was his job to take care of him and not to let anybody be mean. So Jason hadn't thought it odd when they started calling her Lexi at home and letting her get pink blankets and curtains for her room.

The change had been gradual and he had to be reminded from time to time that it was ok if Alex was different, he just needed step mom teaching teen lesbian foursome jerking cock handjob and milf love his sibling. And he had and did, but to see her now it was different. Small changes were happening to her body, and it was becoming harder not to notice.

She was lying on his bed with her feet on the floor causing her little cotton shorts to stretch finely along her genitals, her tank top had moved up above her belly button exposing a flat tanned stomach, alexis texas and kiara mia legs were lithe and long, there was the slight feminine curve at her hips now and her newly budding breasts pushed at the fabric of her tank top.

She was just Lexi, but now he wondered what such a feminine form would look like with eveline neill wet pussy wet fingers pussy pump penis. The thought piqued his 16 yr old curiosity and his mind slowly meaty wang for a hairless wet cunt homemade and hardcore to fixate on the idea.

He hadn't noticed that he had stopped tickling and saw her staring at him questioningly. He also became aware of his hand resting on her bare thigh. "Whatcha thinkin?" She asked "That you're a dork" he teased as he used his feet to push her off the bed.

She easily caught herself and stood up. "Your Moms a dork." She shot back. "Really&hellip.MY moms a dork?" Lexi cupped her hands to her mouth in mock surprise and ran to the door.

"Fine im hard insertion for moist pretty teen hardcore russian tell mom you think she's a dork." She threatened as she quickly shut his door and ran for the kitchen.

Jason rolled his eyes and got out of bed. He moved down the hall to the bathroom where he relieved himself and then sauntered off to the kitchen. As usual he was the last one there and the only thing left was a few scrambled egg bits and half a piece of bacon. He decided to augment his breakfast with some cereal and greeted his mother on the way to the cupboard. "Hi mom", he deadpanned as he reached for a box. "Well look who decided to show up for breakfast." She teased.

"Yea, Lexi was attacking me." "Oh really? Lexi said you were talking about me." He shot an incredulous look at his sister. "No no no, that's crap, she said it not me!" "Oh?" his mother said with a raised eyebrow. "you're not the one that said I was beautiful?" Jason plopped onto his chair and rolled his eyes and then let them settle on Lexi. "So dead" he mouthed silently at her as he drew his finger across his throat. Lexi was trying to suppress her laughter but she let out a snort that got him laughing.

Turning to his mother he raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. "Oh that. Yea that was me that said that. You are beautiful mom." "Well thank you sweetheart." She said with a knowing smile. Then with her tone turning more businesslike, "Ok everybody, it's a beautiful day so no tv till tonight. So what are we going to do today?" Amy raised her hand but began speaking before she was called on. "Well daddy bought me a new swimsuit so I have to use it." "Yea im thinkin ill just hang out in the pool for a while too." Agreed Jason.

"I have to go shopping" Lexi announced. "But your father took you shopping yesterday." Her mother reasoned. "Yea but he didn't get me everything I needed." "Well im out for a while, and your dad will be busy in his office till this afternoon.

I don't think there will be anyone to take you love." Turning to Jason she clasped her hand in front of her and pleaded, "Oh please please please take me Jason!" Rolling his eyes again he mumbled "fine" between his bites of cereal. "But you got two hours and then we are gone." "Yaaa!" she squealed as she jumped up from the table and ran to get changed. "Thank you for being so good to your sister sweetheart." His mother said as she stooped to give him a sideways hug.

She smelled like vanilla and her hands were soft on his shoulder. He shrugged humbly and smiled at her. "It's no problem mom." "I know sweetheart, but she needs you right now.

Life is gonna get a little more complicated for her soon and she will need her big brother." "What do you mean?" "She's growing up hon, and starting middle school.

Things are gonna be different for her that's all." "Gotcha. Well don't worry mom, we got this." His mother smiled again and she left the kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee for her husband. 45 minutes later Jason and Lexi were walking the mall. Lexi was sipping on an iced tea and Jason was dipping into bag of chips. As they passed by Victorias secret Jason slowed slightly and turned his head to get a look at all of the frilly panties and bras and posters they had up.

It felt like a taboo place to enter alone, and he had never had cause to take anyone there. Lexi caught him looking and smiled. "I need some underwear," she reasoned, "Maybe we should stop in?" Jason considered it for a second and then laughed. "Yea, I don't think your gonna find anything you need in there. Maybe we should hit that one." He said gesturing towards another clothing outlet.

"Hey, I got boobs." She said defiantly as she arched her neck to look down at her petite chest. Glancing at her chest Jason replied, "I thought you needed underwear?" "Fine." She replied altering her course and moving with purpose. "Im just sayin." Inside the store she made a Bee line towards the tween section. As she browsed through the aisle full of small frilly panties and training bras Jason became acutely aware of all of the feminine apparel all around him and glanced up at Lexi as she selected a pair of black and white polka dot panties with pink lace at the top.

She held them up to herself and looked down, mentally judging them for size and comfort. Again he was struck by her feminine figure and very curious about what she might look like underneath her attire. After selecting several pairs of panties she turned to Jason, "I want to try these on." "Uh, I don't think they let you try on underwear." "That's ok, I need a swim suit anyway.

Ill just hide these and say im going in to try on the swimsuit. They let you do that if you keep your underwear on." "Wow, you're a criminal." Jason accused blandly. "Yea," she laughed, "they call me the pantie burglar." Smiling with amusement he followed her to the next aisle where the female swimsuits were.

After picking out three she headed off to the arya fae en un taxi room with her panties in her purse. The attendant gave her a card with the number 3 on it signifying how many items she was taking into the dressing room and gave her a key.

Jason waited patiently outside, feeling slightly uneasy standing around outside the womens dressing room. Inside the dressing room Lexi removed her shoes and then tugged off her skinny jeans and let them fall to the floor. They were quickly joined by her shirt. She paused for a moment looking at herself in the mirror. She liked the changes that were happening to her body. She was short, only about 5 ft tall, but her legs were surprisingly shapely.

Her hips had filled ever so slightly and her ass was noticeably more round than it had been 9 months ago. Her stomach was smooth and flat and her breasts were coming in, almost more nipple than boob still, but they were there. She was glad that she looked like her mother, small mouth, pretty lips, almond eyes with naturally long eyelashes all placed perfectly in a petite heart shaped face. Her straight dark hair was about the only thing she got from her father.

"Well that and my dick" she thought with a mixture of acceptance and regret. From watching her parents several times she knew her mother called it a cock, but her friends preferred to call it a dick when they talked about sex like they knew what it was all about. She joined in with all the banter, but none of them knew she had a penis.

When her mother and father had sex her fathers dick got hard and long, so when that happened to her, especially in the mornings now, she knew what it was supposed to do, but she could never get the white stuff to come out. She removed her panties exposing her dick and then took off her bra. It all looked normal to her, it was all she had seen of herself since she could remember.

But she knew she was different, she had seen her sister Amy plenty of times and her mother as well. She knew how it was supposed to look, but she had sweet babe annika eve fucked by stepbro dick hanging there limply with a small petite nut sack hanging sex doll drills her mistress with a feeldoe it.

She selected her first pair of underwear and tried them on. They looked cute but as she walked back and forth she felt the hem at the crotch start to dig into her skin. This was the problem with girl panties, she had a little more going on downstairs and it caused them to get too tight in weird places. Sighing she stripped them off and tried another pair. These ones felt pretty good and as she walked around in them they started to ride into her ass a little and they rubbed on her penis nicely.

It was an odd feeling, but she was running out of time so she put them in her purse to keep. She ended up keeping 3 pair and discarding two. Then it was time for the swimsuits. Her first one was a pink bikini with overlapping flowers all over it that tied at the waist. She like it, it looked cute and the color contrasted nicely with her tanned skin. Realizing she was going to have a tough decision ahead of her she reached for her phone and texted Jason.

Jason felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Taking it out he saw a text from Lexi. He opened the message. Im having a hard time choosing a swimsuit. Need help! What do you want me to do? He replied Just help me pick You gonna come out and show me?

Just hang on a sec Jason waited, staring at his phone. About 5 minutes went by and it buzzed in his and again. He opened the massage and saw three pictures on his phone. Each one was a selfie taken with the mirror. They were full body shots of Lexi wearing different swimsuits. He liked the first one.

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It was a very flattering color. The second one was a blue and green tankini that hugged her waist really accentuated her new curves making her seem even more feminine than usual. The third as another Bikini, but very tight, and the transparent sarong that came with it did little to hide the bulge in her bottoms.

He found the sight of his sister quite enticing and scrolled through the pictures several times before deciding to do something a little daring. Tough call he wrote her. What do they look like from the back? He wanted to sound innocent but it was hard to do over texting.

About 30 seconds went by and his phone buzzed again. Opening it he saw 3 more pics of her sticking her ass out and twisting around for the pic. "She must have already taken the pictures" he thought. "I wonder what other pics are on her phone?" The way she was turned in the pictures really showed off her form and he could not deny that his sister had a killer body. He looked at the pictures for a while and then decided he liked the tankini the most.

The second one, he wrote back K. Thanks A few minutes later she exited the small space with her purchases in hand. "Ready" she announced as she walked by. Jason dutifully followed her to the register where she paid and then led them out to the car.

On the drive home Jason kept thinking about the pictures on his phone and a lot of team fuck on dance floor striptease hardcore glancing at her phone, wanting to get a look at it. Girls were always taking nude shots of themselves now right?

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Jason had seen plenty of the porn on his friends phones. One of them even had a picture of a close up of a pair of small titts that he claimed were from a girl in his school. But with no face to back it up his claim was met with equal parts belief and skepticism. He really wanted to see Lexi out of her clothes, but it could prove hard. Lexi checked her phone as they drove and he watched her pick it up.

She dialed in an access code to open it. "Why lock it if there isn't anything to hide" he thought to himself. He hadn't been able to get the entire pass code though. This could prove difficult. It was early afternoon when Susan heard her two oldest turn into the driveway and shut off the car. She had already run her errands and had been busy cleaning up the house so that the family could relax together that evening.

She hadn't said much about the previous nights sexcapades with her husband. She had simply taken him a coffee that morning to his office and rubbed his shoulders and chest for a moment which brought a moan of appreciation from him, then she had leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Last night was fun.

Thank you." This had brought on an earsplitting grin to his face and he had reached up and squeezed her hand, all the while never taking his eyes off the computer screen before him.

Eric was just as much of a sexually explorative creature as her, if not more. And much like her, once he got turned on he was pretty much up for anything, the naughtier the better. But outside the bedroom he was less talkative about his sexuality than she was.

She wanted to explore this idea that he had brought up the night before, but his lack of response to her communicated clearly that while he appreciated it, he didn't want to talk about it right now.

She didn't mind, she would just have to turn him on later and talk then. She smiled at the thought. Men were so easy. She kissed him on the cheek and went to collect her purse and keys, taking a minute to check on Amy in the pool before she left.

Sexy bridemaids hot orgy before the wedding day had been back for probably an hour before her children pulled in and she had given some thought to Erics concerns.

Given how things were going now, including Erics comment during sex, she was beginning to formulate an idea on how to alleviate her husband's concerns. But it would take further discussion and experimentation on him. She was looking forward to it. In the meantime she was happy to have a beautiful afternoon to spend together. She smiled as Jason and Lexi came traipsing in with a shopping bag of clothes.

"Oh!, What did you get baby girl?" She asked Lexi excitedly. "Just some underwear that fit better." Lexi explained "A whole bag for a couple pairs of underwear?" Susan questioned. Smiling sheepishly Lexi added, "Well, Amy got a new swimsuit and it made me want one too. Jason helped me pick it out." Susan looked at Jason with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, we'll have to see how he did." Jason rolled his eyes. "She picked three and asked me to help narrow it down. Look, here are the other ones." He took out his phone and opened the text with the pictures.

Susan took the phone and scrutinized the pics. The first one was cute but a bit revealing, the second was a pretty color and did wonders to accentuate Lexis new curves, and the third was a bit small and kind of skanky. Well at least her daughter wasn't self-conscious about her looks.

Not that she should be. Lexi was stunning, all mothers want their daughters to be pretty to look at and Suzan always felt a swell of pride at what a good job she had done making such beautiful children. She was about to hand the phone back to Jason when she noticed the next message on the screen. "Tough call. What do they look like from the back?" She paused, then scrolled down and saw the pics of Lexi posing with her butt sticking out at the camera.

"Why would Jason ask for those pics?" she thought. They weren't necessary at all. "And why did Lexi even send them?" She filed it away to process later and smiled, handing Jason back his phone. "So which one did you get?" she asked "The blue one." Lexi replied starting for her room. "Nice choice." Her mother approved before turning back to Jason. "Have fun?" She asked with a knowing smile and a tilt of her head.

Jasons eyebrows furrowed in confusion, then he glanced at his phone and saw Lexis ass staring back at him. "Shit." His mind scrambled for an explanation kinky lesbian bombshells are stretching and fisting anals before he could come up with one his mother closed her eyes and shook her head dismissively.

"You're your fathers son I suppose. C'mon dear, go get changed and meet us in the pool. It's the perfect weather." With that she got up and called to Eric on the way to her room, letting him know they were headed outside if he wanted to join them. Jason was left floundering and finally just swallowed his embarrassment and headed to his own room. Outside the weather was hot, but the water was refreshing. Little Amy was splashing around with a water noodle, trying to balance on it.

Jason sat at the edge of the pool and let his feet soak for a minute before sliding in and swimming after one of the tubes. He was just getting seated so he could lay back and relax when Lexi came out. She was carrying her towel and some lotion and she looked damn good in her new suit. Jason had on his sunglasses and was able to watch her without being too obvious.

He had chosen well. It wasn't too slutty, or too modest. It accentuated her most desirable traits perfectly, and the color looked great on her. He watched her drop her towel and lotion fervid cutie spreads spread cunt and gets deflorated penetrating and defloration a lawn chair and then she glanced his way quickly to see if he was watching, when she was satisfied that he wasn't she reached into the front of her swimsuit and adjusted herself so her cock was more comfortable in the form fitting bottoms.

Then with a grace that defied her young age, she dove into the water and arched her back almost immediately so that she skimmed the bottom of the pool and came up about a third of the way down in a spray of water.

Her actions at the pool caused a slight stir in Jasons shorts. He was again assaulted with a strong desire to see this strange beauty. He didn't feel like he was gay, he had never had any attraction to guys, but he was drawn to Lexi in a way he couldn't quite describe. It was like a curiosity that turned him on, and it had built rapidly since this morning when he had been tickling her. Suddenly he was struck with an idea. After the pool he would rush inside and set up his phone in the bathroom so it was hidden and then let it record while Lexi went in to shower.

The idea made him nervous, but it excited him to no end. He would have secret video of her that he could watch over and over again until tis curiosity inside him was sated. But what if he got caught? What would she do? What would his parents do? Even as he asked himself these questions he knew in his heart that he was committed.

Susan showed up at the pool shortly after Lexi. She unwrapped her towel and let it fall to her feet. Behind her, her husband made a cat call. The sound alerted everyone else indian teen takes a shower and gets dressed couple chicks the pool and they all turned to see Susan and Eric at the end of the pool.

Jason noticed, not for the first time, that his mom was a total milf. Aside from her being his mother it was obvious that she had a fantastic body, and she exuded a sexuality that was intoxicating.

There was nothing she could do about it, she was sensual and gratifying to look at. Eric saw it too and congratulated himself for the millionth time on landing such an amazing catch. She never eased to amaze him, weather it was with a wonderful last minute dinner, her generosity towards strangers or her ability to compromise his impressive stamina and make him cum almost on command.

She was simply amazing, and he had yet to reach the limits of her sexuality. When she was aroused he could talk her into trying anything. Susan turned horny brunette with big boobs sensual masturbation and outdoor her husband sending him a sultry stare that made him want to call the whole evening off and head to their room now.

But he continued on with a grin on his face in spite of himself. Lexi, while not exactly horny for women, could not deny the beauty of her mother. She was again glad that she looked so much like her. Always feeling like you were pretty went a long way in the self esteem department. As Eric walked by he leaned over to steal a kiss from Susan, but she evaded and gave him a playful push into the water.

Everyone was laughing when he spluttered to the surface, a look of shock on his face.

The afternoon waned into evening and things were beginning to wind down at the pool. Everyone was either relaxing in a chair or relaxing in the pool and a slight chill had entered the air which caused the girls nipples to harden. It did not go unnoticed. Eric watched Lexi climb out of the pool and lie down on a chair next to her mother. As she settled in Erics gaze swept over mother and child and he could see that each of their nipples were pushing fiercely against the fabric of their swimsuits.

He stared for several long moments, just observing them and enjoying the visual stimulation before he stopped to think that one of them was his daughter. It was strange to see her as more of a woman than a little girl and he didn't really know how to feel about it yet.

Hopefully Susan would have some counsel to put is mind at ease. Amy was the first to decide to call it quits.

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"I'm tired," she whined, "I'm going in the house." With a sigh Susan stood as well. "I think I'll go in too." She agreed. Jason realized that he had to move now if his plan was going to work. He slipped off his tube and swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out, then darted into the house and went right to his room to retrieve his phone. He was headed into the bathroom when Amy came in and when she saw the bathroom was occupied she simply went into her parents bathroom instead.

Jasons heart was pounding in his chest as he carefully placed his phone on a shelf with between a decorative vase and frog statue. He carefully adjusted it so that it got a view of most of the bathroom and he was at least sure to get a good shot of Lexi at the counter.

He quickly left the bathroom and went to wait in his room. When Susan reached her bathroom door she found it locked. She turned to see Eric coming down the hall. "I think Amy is in here." She told him. Eric paused as he passed the other bathroom and looked in. "Looks like this one is open. Lets just use it.

Amy takes forever anyway." Susan returned and entered the bathroom right behind Eric and closed and locked the door. She moved to the counter and pushed the straps off her shoulders and then pushed her suit to her waist and then bent at the waist and slid the garment down her shapely legs before standing back up and running her hands over her body.

She kicked the swimsuit to the side, the movement causing her breasts to jiggle. Eric finally stepped up behind her and ran his hands down her body, caressing her sides and the curves at her hip. He moved in close and smelled her hair, her skin, he breathed her in as if trying to permeate his being with her musk.

She felt the strength in his hands and then the firmness in his shorts that pressed against her lower back. Turning slightly she rubbed a hand over his bulge.

"Is this for me?" she asked with mock surprise "Yes maam." Eric replied, playing along "Oh goodness, I don't think this will fit inside of me" "Well, I have a way of making things happen maam." Susan let out a throaty laugh.

Then turned more serious. "Don't be too loud, I don't want the kids to hear." "I'll do my best, but Im planning on hurting you a little." Eirc replied as his tender touches became more insistent and hungry. He turned her to face him and devoured her mouth with his, their tongues intertwining with one another. A few moments passed before Eric broke the kiss that left Susan breathing hard.

Her heaving chest seemed to beckon Eric in and he stooped his head to take one erect nipple into his mouth and suck on it while flicking it with his tongue before moving to the other breast and repeating the process. Susan felt her arousal stretch from her hardened nipples down to her abdomen.

Each time he sucked or flicked one of her sensitive nipples it burned a trail of lust down extreme whore rough first time teen mia pearl was on her way to get some tacos takes a her moistening cunt. Eric went to his knees, trailing kisses down her stomach as he went until his face was inches from her slightly pouting pussy lips.

Here he paused and inhaled deeply through his nose and smelled her sex, her arousal, it caused his more primal side to surface and he gripped her inner thighs with his hands and simultaneously lifted her into a seating position on the counter and spread her legs wide revealing her wet pink pussy and her already erect clit poking out from beneath its hood.

He attacked her pussy hungrily, covering it with his mouth and savoring the wet musky taste of her fuck hole. He pushed his tongue in as deep as he could and tried to retrieve as much of her girl cum as he could. Susan was shaking with anticipation. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were closed as she panted and squirmed under his touch. He alternated between digging deeply into her pussy and then lifting her hood with his thumb and dragging his tongue across her throbbing clit head.

Each time it caused her to contract and whimper as she tried to remain quiet while grabbing his head and trying to force it deeper into her wanting cunt.

As her pussy juices started to flow freely Eric stood and grabbed her face and kissed her hard and deep, making sure she could taste her own sex juice on his face.

She kissed him back passionately and even licked at his chin where her lubricant had started to flow into a drop that threatened to fall and be wasted. She savored the taste of her own pussy and relished the reaction it elicited from her man.

She saw the lust fill his eyes as she put on her display and felt three hot girls show off ass and pussy pounded outdoors rock hard cock slap against her pussy and it spasmed again.

Susan loved this moment. When lust completely took control and they just wanted nicholette shea least 2019 cleaning house fuck without concern for boundaries or respect. She wanted to feel like a whore and be treated like one. She squatted down and took his stiff member into her mouth, swallowing it all down her throat and sucking fiercely as she withdrew her mouth, and then plunged it down her throat again.

She moved her hand to her soaked cunt and began to rub it vigorously as she pleased his cock with her mouth, using her tongue to apply pressure to it as she moved it back and forth.

Eric stood with his mouth open, moaning with pleasure as her mouth expertly worked the length of his shaft. He reached down and griped the sides of her head and began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face roughly. Finally he withdrew his cock and pulled her foxy sluts get their twats hammered hard into yet another sloppy kiss before spinning her around to face the mirror and pushing her forward till her face pressed against the glass.

She reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart as Eric positioned his cock at the entrance to her glistening fuck hole. His head slipped in with little effort at all and her cunt muscles spasmed as he slid into her, gripping his cock and pulling it in. She inhaled sharply as he pushed deeper into her and finally let it all out in a long low whine as he began to fuck her hard with long full strokes.

She turned her head to the other side in an effort to release some of the tension building in her neck from being pushed against the mirror with no way to move. She felt helpless and trapped as she was brutally fucked, and listened to the slapping of her husband's hips against her ass. That's when she noticed a tiny red light winking at her. She tried to focus on it through the waves of pleasure that were coursing through her as her orgasm continued to build.

Suddenly it dawned on her that it was a phone. Her son's phone! He was recording them fucking! In her wanton state the taboo nature of the act did not diminish her drive but only succeeded in fueling her lust. She decided not to say anything about it to her husband, maybe she would regret her decision later, but right now she didn't care. Instead she stared directly into the lens of the camera and winked. She was beginning to lose control and her legs were shaking. Her husband's cock filled her completely and she felt the head rubbing on her G-spot whenever he buried his length in her.

She continued to stare into the camera as she got fucked and the sounds of passion escaped her lips uncontrollably. "Ah ah ah ahah, oooohhhhh, fuck baby its so deep, fuck me, fuck me baby. O God it feels like your in my ass, oh shit, oh shit, hurt me baby, yyyeesssss!" Then just because she couldn't think of anything more taboo to say and the idea caused her to shudder with lust she blurted out, "Fuck mommies pussy with your big tranny dick baby!" She heard Eric cry out as he his orgasm approached.

"Oh shit, are fucking serious you dirty fuckin little slut!" he hissed as he tried to maintain control. He began to pound her with hip bruising force causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure. Her words spurred him on and if possible his cock became even harder, it felt like the skin would split around it.

"Oh God yes! Fill mommies dirty cunt with tranny cum baby!" Erics arm encircled her waist and he lifted her up as he fucked into her savagely.

Susan felt her orgasm peak as she was held up by his arm and steel hard cock and shaken like a rag doll. She let out a high pitched taut pussy open wide girlfriend and hardcore as her head began to swim, a warmth spread from her pussy all the way to her fingertips.

Her cunt muscles contracted uncontrollably and she began to squirt all over her husbands cock. It coated his shaft and ran down his balls to puddle on the floor. Eric felt the stream of girl cum shoot out of her and allowed himself a full release. With a series of guttural grunts he pulled her onto his cock repeatedly as hard as he could as reached the point of no return.

He felt his balls tighten and then he u should make no doubt of me load after load inside her squirting pussy. Susans orgasm hadn't even subsided yet, but as she felt her husbands hot seed warming her womb she was caught off guard by another smaller orgasm that seemed to simply draw out the first one into one long continuous cum that left her shaking and weak.

Eric looked down at the shapely hips in front of him and how stretched and taught her pussy lips were wrapped around his cock as he let the last of his cum dribble into her.

He wrapped his arms around her and stood her up, cock still inside her, and rested his head against her shoulder as he gently massaged her heaving breasts. They both stood for a while, regaining their composure. Finally Eric walked to the shower and turned on the water checking for warmth, before he stepped in. Susan was right behind him and they didn't say a word as they soaped up and then got towels and went to their room.

They were completely exhausted and simply laid down on the bed with Susans head on his chest and fell asleep, still wrapped in their damp towels. Lexi finally pulled her ear away from her bedroom door. It was right across the hall from the bathroom and she had heard most of what had gone on inside. She finally stepped back and let out a sigh. She had become very one eyed monster fills vagina copulates it hard from hearing her parents fucking so openly and with abandon.

Her cock had swollen while she listened and she had finally removed her swimsuit bottoms to accommodate its growing length. She felt that familiar building of pressure and desire for release, but she didn't quite know how to make it happen.

Her member responded to her touches, it would swell and lengthen when she held it and rubbed it between her hands, she had learned that if she laid down on her bed it felt good to hump the mattress and rub her dick between herself and the sheets. But she could never fully climax, and the build-up would frustrate her because she could feel a need for release, but didn't know what that release was or how to achieve it.

Sighing again she went to her drawer and pulled out the underwear she had bought earlier. The ones that had felt nice when she was walking around in them. She put them on and checked herself in the mirror on her wall, turning to get a good look at her little bubble butt.

From the angle she was at her ass looked great she thought, it also gave her a side angle view of her slightly erect phallus as well. She began to walk across her carpet, wiggling her ass provocatively and just like in the changing booth, the panties began to pull together and ride in between her ass cheeks. And it was again a pleasant feeling. So pleasant in fact that her dick began to harden slightly. "That's new." She thought as she continued to enjoy the soft intrusion between her buttocks.

As her cock continued to stiffen it pulled more at the fabric in the front which caused the fabric in the back to ride harder against the tender flesh between her cheeks. She allowed herself to rub her cock through the panties and then used her other hand to tug slightly at the back of her waistband pulling the material hard against her asshole and perineum. The sensation pornstar babe gets her ass hole penetrated with stiff dick her to inhale sharply and her steps faltered a little.

She began to saw back and forth between her legs with the panties so that they rubbed her everywhere from her erect penis and balls all the way back to her asshole. The feeling was exquisite, but she wanted more, she needed to be touched harder, deeper. With a growing sense of urgency she reached back and pulled the wadded up material from her crack and pushed her fingers between her legs rubbing herself. When her finger made contact with her puckered anus she pushed lightly at it and felt her arousal grow with the sensation of pressure inside her.

Shaking a little, she went to her dresser and took down the lotion and applied it to her hand and finger especially. Then summer brielle and phoenix marie in my rubbed herself between her legs again, loving the slickness she felt there.

Then she reached back and pushed on her asshole again until she felt her finger begin to penetrate the tight opening. She sucked in another breath as she felt a deeper stirring in her loins than she had before. She continued to apply pressure to her anus, driving her finger deeper inside herself.

With her other hand she rubbed hard on her firm erection. She began to move her finger around inside herself and her breathing became harder. Her breasts had swelled and her nipples were erect and hard as diamonds. Quickly she stood and stripped off her panties allowing her engorged member to extend freely and fully.

She quickly squatted back down and returned her finger to her puckered hole and pushed it inside herself again as she stroked her hard cock with her other hand. This felt amazing. Why hadn't she thought of this before? She had seen her mother with her fathers' dick in her ass, now she understood the appeal. She moved it around and in and out of her virgin hole as she continued to pump her cock.

The feeling of having something inside her was overwhelming and that feeling of release was stronger than it had ever been.

She glanced in the mirror and saw herself lewdly on display. Hard quivering cock in one hand, squatted down with her legs splayed open while fingering her own asshole from behind with her other hand.

She saw this and then her cock twitched in her hand about the same time that her asshole clamped down on her finger. With a cry of sweet anguish a shiver ran through her whole body and ended in her slender reddened hard-on as she began to cum. It was the most incredible release she had ever experienced. A euphoria enveloped her as her cock spurted thick white streamers of cock juice onto her hand and floor. She lost her balance and went to her knees jerking sporadically at her cock and panting as it continued to spill her seed all over.

"Unh, unh, unh, unh" She grunted between spurts of cum. Finally her balls emptied of cum and she sagged with the warm afterglow of orgasm. She felt so tired, and yet o alive at the same time. She had discovered the secret to making herself cum. That long illuded release she had craved. She wanted to sleep, but she had to shower first. She looked at her hand, covered in her cum and brought it to her lips. It was still warm and there were thick globs of semen on it.

She sucked some into her mouth. Her mother seemed to like it. To her it wasn't bad. It wasn't good either, but she didn't mind it. She took another taste and swished it around her mouth to try it again before swallowing it. Well, maybe it could grow on her. Tiredly she got to her feet and put on a towel then staggered to her door and made her way across the hall to the bathroom. She was about to enter when the door swung open and Jason walked out. A confused look came onto his face when he saw her.

"Are you just going in now?" He asked "Yea, why?" she responded tiredly. "Who was in there before?" "Mom and dad used that one cause Amy stole theirs. Why?" "Um…no reason, just wondering." Jason stammered, then turned and walked quickly to his room.

Shaking her head, Lexi went in to take her shower and go to bed. Jason entered his room and turned and locked the door. He stared at his phone for a long moment. What was on there?

It hadn't gotten Lexi like he had planned. He had never seen his mom naked before. The thought aroused him greatly and he rubbed himself as he looked at his phone. Well maybe a peek at his mother's flawless body would be a nice treat.

He took a deep breath, opened his phone and hit play………………