Reagan unbuttons elizas night shirt and kisses her nipples

Reagan unbuttons elizas night shirt and kisses her nipples
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I was supposed to be dropping my wife off at the airport, but the car broke down shortly after we left. Luckily a taxi had been passing by and took my wife the rest of the way, and we were only 5 minutes away from my mechanic. So, rather than a four hour trip to and from the airport, I was home in about an hour, which is why I wasn't expected and why my daughter, Kay, and her girlfriend, Trissa, weren't too worried about being quiet. I'll admit I was stressed out when my daughter came out of the closet when she was 19, but it relieved me of the stress of having to deal with any more boyfriends.

She had one guy, for about 9 months, but they were so awkward together, and when they ended, we were all releived. A few months later, she came out. When she started bringing around girlfriends, we were cool, and fuck!, my daughter has good taste in women.Her current love, Trissa, and her have been dating for a year and a half, and Trissa's a fox.

She's the spitting image of 90s porn star Felicia.She isa bubbly, friendly girl, flirty girl, who gets on great with everyone, man or woman. Anyway, I walked into the house and it seemed normal, so I walked upstairs to my bedroom.

Than I heard it - quiet moaning coming from my daughter's open door. Don't ask me why, but I couldn't help but peek in as I walked by. And it was worth it, there was Trissa straddling her lovers face. It helps if I don't think about it being my daughter. Trissa's back was arched, showing off her smashing figure, tiny hot ass blonde endures rough sex in dungeon tits, flat belly. She was pulling hard on her pert little nipples.

Just like Felicia, she has small breasts accentled by triangular tan lines. Those sweet little tits, and rock hard body made my cock stir, but then the realization that it was my daughter under her (yes she's a woman now, but still my little girl.) Well that stopped the blood flow.

I rushed past to my bedroom, and quietly closed the door behind me. Really, I should have buggered off, but I just wanted to hide out and try and get Trissa out of my mind. The girls were going for it, and the closed door muffled the most of it. But then Trissa came, and the neighbourhood was going to hear. The screams and the 'Oh fucks", and "Oh gods," were enough to give me wood.

As good as any porn, and all I could do was imagine thrusting my cock in and out of Trissa/Felicia. I imagined myself in my daughter's position, with Trissa riding my face, and then sliding down to ride my cock.

I'd love to stare into that ass, watching my shaft sink deep in her pussy. I'd watch her pussy stretch as she slides up and down on my cock, my hands on that perfect ass. My cosk was fully stiff with this thought. But then, something else popped in my head, and my cock started to soften. Sure, my daughter is beautiful, looking just like her mom, but it's hard to keep hard when you picture that little girl you held in your arms for the first time 23 years before.

It didn't seem right. So, I put Trissa out of my head, pulled out some work, and sat down on my bed. After that last massive orgasm that one of the girls had, it was quiet for a while. I head the pipes groan as someone turned on the shower. So, I was on my bed, absent-mindedly massaging the remnants of my errection, which still buldged in my pants. Then, the door opened and in Trissa walked. She was topless, just wearing some tight short shorts, and carrying a dildo in her hand - one of our dildos.

She crouched down down beside the bed, and pull a box from out from under it when she realized I was there. She froze, but didn't try to cover up. "So, you found our toy box?" I replied trying to make light of the situation. "This is awkward," she said with a sweet smile. Then her eyes turned to the bulge in my pants, and she stared at it for what seemed like an eternity. Cute babe sadie leigh sucks a pawn mans cock for money, she hastily got up, and anounced."I'm gonna go now." She pushed the box under the bed and rushed out.

If she weren't so tanned, I think she would have been blushing. "Yup, that was awkward," was all I could think. Then, I slid off the bed, looked in the box, and was even more surprised when I saw which dildo they habe been using. "Oh, fuck," I chuckled, "Really fucking awkward." I thought that was the end of it. Later, when I bumped into them both downstairs. "Daddy, I'm so sorry," Kay blurted out.

"It's OK, Sweetie-pie," I replied using my pet name for her. She was having a difficult time making eye contact. "Weren't you going to the airport? How long were you home for?" Ah, that was it.

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Here I could either tell the truth and embarrass them both, or I could just lie. "I'd just got home from the Joe's (the mechanic), something's wrong with the car," she wasn't wanking brit beauty stripping in lingerie handjob cumshot at me, but Trissa was.

"You must have been in the shower when I came in." My daughter sighed in relief, but Trissa caught me with those pretty brown eyes of hers, and she smiled a knowing smile. "I'd rather you didn't raid our toy box in the future," I added. "Sorry, Dad." She was looking for an excuse. "You know, we really don't need to talk about this. You are both grown women, and." I paused, "ya, we don't need to dwell on this." With that, I grabbed my bike helmet. "I have to go get the car.

See you for dinner?" "I won't be here," announced Kay, "but Trissa will be. Spaghetti OK?" Trissa looked shocked, but still smiling. "Perfect," and as I walked out, they began bickering. I'm guessing that she was not to comfortable with having dinner, alone with me tonight at least. I was right. Dinner was uncomfortably quiet and Trissa couldn't handle it.

"You heard the whole thing, didn't you?" "The neighbourhood heard you." "Oh shit, was I that loud?" I could feel my cock twitch. "Uhm, ya. Sounded like you girls had fun." "I couldn't help it. The way Kay was stuffing that dildo in and out of my pussy, and working my clit." "I don't need the details," "But that dildo is amazing. Where did you get it. Since we can't use it anymore, I want one." "You don't want to know." "No, I do." "I can't tell you," I concluded.

"Why?" "I really can't." I was blushing and she noticed. She's a smart girl, and knew what to do. She pushed me back iin mychair and sat on my lap. "Why not? What is it you aren't relling me?" I stayed silent. Then she did something unexpected - she rubbed my cock through my pants. "Ooh, you're a big boy.

You like me sitting on your lap, don't you?" She wiggled around, and straddled me. "It's one of those things I just don't want my daughter to know," I admitted.

"Oh, I won't tell her." She ground her pelvis into my growing cock, and she let out a bit of a sigh. "Hmmm, I'd like to feel this inside me." "I'm home," called Kay as she walked in the house, startling us both. "You already have," I said as I stood up, her sliding off my lap. "What?" "It's a clone-a-willy. Don't tell Kay!" and grabbed some dishes, leaving her there as I walked away.

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Yes, the dildo they used earlier, was a latex clone of my cock. It had been a joke gift for my wife blonde and brunette share a dick pornstars and hardcore a friend of ours, so she could take me on business trips. She hadn't taken it this time because she was on her way to the KSR. It's nice to know that Trissa enjoyed my cock so much, but a little disturbing that she may have used it on my Kay.

Later, I walked into the kitchen with the girls dressed to go out on the town. Kay looked just like her mom did when we got married. Actually, the tight jean microskirt she was wearing once belonged to her mom.

So many men, and women look at my daughter with lust. At least my genes were good for something. Trissa, was fucking smoking. She stood there with her hair in a long braid, a white sport bra, and painted on tights - Felicia dressed as Sporty Spice - a total wet-dream for an old man like me.

She was distant, like my news of the clone-a-willy was messing her up. Fortunately, there wasn't much time for more awkward conversation, because the taxi arrived and they went out dancing. With them on my mind, I had lube ready, my cock sticking out in front of me, ready to releave several long hours of sexual tension.

And then the fucking phone rang. It was my wife, and my hopes of some phone of skype sex ended when she needed me to find documents for her. After 3 hours of sifting through files and scanning/sending documents, I was worn out. My sexual frustration, was frustrated more, but I was now tired, and went to sleep. My dreams were filled with my wife and Felicia(or was it Trissa?). It dreamt of the time that we made the dildo.

We had to use a cock ring to keep the blood in my cock long enough for the form to harden, but the problem was the cock ring wasn't let my cock soften, so it was hard longer than expected.

When I finally pulled out, my wife hopped on my cock and rode me until she orgasmed. She tightens up when she cums, shudders and stops, usually needing time to recover. But again, the cock ring was refusing to let my cock soften, so I stayed hard in her pussy, so she rode on. I know it was a dream, because then she rolled off me exhausted, and Felicia/Trissa took her over. She stroked me cock's dorm room college orgy with afro sluts cunt banged hardcore length, lubing it with coconut oil, and then licking up and down the shaft.

Finally taking me in her mouth. I grabbed her hair and guided up and down on my shaft. If felt so good, and so real. Suck a beautiful face, and my cock sliding in and out of it. But then, even in a dream, my mind betrayed me, and I thought of my daughter.

I woke up. Then I realized that my cock was being stroked, and was still hard. I opened my eyes expecting my wife to be surprising me with a 'I'm back" blowjob, but I got even a bigger surpise, I opened my eyes just in time to watch the head of my cock popping out of Trissa's mouth.

She shifted, and mounted my errection. She slowly slid down on my tool. I let out a moan of pleasure when it 'locked in'. I looked up at her, in the pale moonlight. She noticed I was awake, and the drunkenly shushed me, and started rocking up and down. Her pussy felt amazing sliding on my cock - she was so wet. She rode my cock slowly. I was amazed, looking at her hard body, and tracing a line from her belly button up to her to her firm a-cups. For the first time I noticed the shine of metal pearcings.

I understood the constant errect nipples she ported. I was living my collegehood dream of fucking Felicia. I new I should stop, being that this was my daughters partner, but there was no stopping this, not with how sexually frustrated I'd been all day. I loved watching her bounce up and down on my cock.

I was already near cumming, and I wanred her. Unexpectedly, she hopped off my cock, spun around and sat on my face.I groaned in frustration and elation. Her pussy was intoxicating. Fuck she smelled good, and had the sweetest tasting pussy I'd had in ages, she was like Dr Pepper. Fuck, I drank her in, sliding my tongue over her clit and into her pussy best I could.

I reached around grabing onto her firm ass, pulling her harder into my face. Her reaction was to grind even harder into my face, using my chin to stimulate her clit, while I tongue fucked her.

All the while, she slowly stroked my cock, keeping me hard, but not letting me cum. Then she must have been nearing cumming herself, because suddenly everything changed. She began riding my face hard, almost smothering me. And my cock, I don't know what she was doing, but the sensation was phenominal.

I'd never had a handjob like that. I was focusing on tonging her pussy, and then she came. Hard and loud again. It pushed me even closer to cumming myself. Then she rolled of me. My eyes widened, because the sensations on my cock didn't end. Instead, I saw the image of my wife, more than 20 yeas ago riding my cock. But it was Kay, my baby. The thought was there, but my cock didn't weaken. She looked at me, saying nothing, but continuing to ride me.

Her eyes didn't betray being drunk. My daughter was sober, and fucking me hard. What to do? Instead of pushing her off, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder. The taboo was broken, and we both gave into it. We fucked harder, and with abandon. I thrust my cock up deep into her pussy as she pounded down on me. Trissa moved behind Kay, reached around and pulled on her nipples, which triggered something, because Kay came. She let out an intence maon, and, like her mom, she bucked and clenched down tight on me, but instead of stopping, Kay kept riding.

She rode faster, bucking hard, and then I started cumming. I groaned, and unleashed a massive load into my daughter's pussy. She must have felt my cock swell, tantra sex lovers explore their sexuality here suddenly she was cumming again.

This time, she collapsed, exhausted, on top of me. "Oh, fuck, you're leaking out of her," Trissa slurred in surprise, and then dove down between our legs, and licked the cum off my balls and out of Kay's dripping pussy. She was slurping. "Oh, I miss the taste of come," she anounced and she came up and snowballed my daughter in front of me. Kay wasn't as thrilled with the taste. The girls cuddled up on either side of me, silently.

Then, Kay apologized. "Don't be." I started. She cut me off, "I couldn't resist feeling it for myself after Trissa told me it was your cock. Taboos be damned, that didlo felt better than any cock I'd had before. I'm supposed to be gay, but I couldn't get the thought out of my mind.

Then, after my shower, I walked in here to see you fucking Trissa. At first I was a bit angry, but my pussy was so wet. When she invited me over (I must have missed that part being smothered by Trissa's pussy) I just did it, not thinking." "Then he came a gallon in cesd 275 mature lesbian hitomi enjmaika asai interupted Trissa, partly coherant. "You're gonna have to get a pill." "He had a vasectomy. He won't knock me up.

That may have been part of the reason I didn't mind. Knocking up family is what's bad, right?" "Oh wow! I want a load like that in my pussy, too.No kids?" "Uhm, I don't think I'll ever have that much cum in me. You guys had me completely frustrated, and now I'm completely drained.

That was a load that needed a release." We laughed, and fell quiet, falling asleep. Trissa, was quietly snoring. "I love you, Pops," Kay said to me. She's never called me 'Pops' before. "I love you too, Kay," I replied. It was a change in our relationship. Not just because we fucked, but she never called me 'Daddy' again, and I stopped using sexy year old beauty hardcore and massage childhood pet name, too. We were now on adult terms, having shared an intense sexual experience, and looked at eachother differently.

Thoughts of my daughter no longer acted as a cock-clock.

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I didn't lust after her, but I noticed all her beauty and sexuality. The next morning, Trissa was in the kitchen making breakfast, and Kay was out for a run.

When I walked in, Trissa turned off the stove, dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down. She gobbled my cock up. "Is this going to be a normal thing?" "No, I just want that load you promiced me last night. No man has ever come inside me, and I want the experience." So that was that. As soon as I was hard, she bend over the counter, the perfect height for me to slide into her pussy. I dipped down to take a lick, and she was soaked.

"No need, I want that cock and your cum. no foreplay. Fuck, I turn gay and I finally find a guy wanting to eat me out, but he's married, and my girlfriend's father. Fuck me alread." Her words stopped as I thrust into her.

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She wanted it, so I gave it to her hard. I fucked her doggy, pushing her hard down on the counter. "Fuck ya, give it to me!" I loved watching her from above. My cock sliding into her pussy, between those perfect cheeks.

I wanted to fuck her ass, but was in heaven being in her pussy. I thrust hard into her, one hand pulling her hair, the other pulling her hips.

I was experiencing only what Felicia's boyfriends had ever experienced. a hardcore session with adult-video's most desired lesbian. OK, not Felicia, but even better. "I go out, and you've converted my girl-firned to a cock craving hetro?" Kay came in. Trissa stood up, like being caught. "Just once more. I want a load of cum. then I'm all yours." She spun around, hoped up on the counter and opened her legs for me. "Sorry, maybe we shuld stop," I said awkwardly.

"No, you finish what you started," Kay grumbled. "If she's going straight, she better know what she's getting into." This was some fucked up, but my cock was still totally solid. I drove it right back in. I wanted to cum, and she wanted my cum.

I was driving my cock in and out of her pussy. I russian amateur teen will a long penis feel it dripping around my cock. I looked over at my daughter, and she was in a chair, leg up, and 4 fingers deep in her pussy, watching me pound her girlfriend's pussy.

It was fucked up, but fucking hot. And cum was beginning to build up. I looked at my Felicia clone, and she grabbed me and kissed me hard, our tongues dancing while I fucked her hot cunt hard. Then, my cock swelled, and I started to cum. She felt it, and she started cumming too. I kept thrusting as much as I could, in total extacy.

We held eachother, for a few second, savouring the moment. Then I pulled out, and cum came sliding out and dripped onto the floor. She looked at Kay, inviting her to come clean her up, but Kay declined. "Nope, I had my fill of my dad's cum.

That ship has sailed." She hugged me, "I still love you." and she walked away. Trissa dipped her finger in herown ussy and sooped out a fingerful of cum, and sucked it into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm." And she waled away leaving me to wipe the floor. And that was it. No more sex. Trissa still flirted. KAy's and my relationship was changed, but good, and not sexual. Still having the clon-a-willy mold, I made a dildo for the two of them as a joke the morning of their 2nd aniversary. My wife doesn't know about our encounter, so I didn't tell my wife about the dildo. It was quietly given after she went to work.

Later that evening, with all of us at a fancy restaurant, the girls told us of their engagement. I was a bit embarrassed, until Kay and her mother went to the toilet leaving Trissa andI alone at the table. "Thanks for the toy," she whispered.

"Both of us have already experienced it's magical virtues. Maybe you and I can try the real thing again some day?" She stroked my cock under the table.I just smiled, and the waiter interupted before I could reply. He lingered, so we kept our conversation clean until the two returned. That did you talk about while we were gone?" my wife inquired when she came back to the table. "Oh, the future," I replied.

"I think we will be a close family."