Xxixx story brother and sisters

Xxixx story brother and sisters
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Steve was a nice guy, but he had secrets. He was always doing the right thing, showing up to work on time, paying bills, taking care of his mom- but being an adult and a man, did he have any choice? He was married to Ashly but she was so boring.

Missionary sex was the best she could give him and while he loved her a lot, he had always had a thing for his friend Cat.

They had all been friends since high school, so Ashly was never jealous when Steve and Cat would hang out or go to lunch. They talked often and would all three have dinner pretty regularly. Ashly never knew what they talked about and she really didn't care. Cat was sort of a slut but Steve was her husband and she knew he was in love with her. Cat was not secretive about her sexual life, and one time she even tongue kissed Ashly. Ashly kissed her back but was friendly about dismissing her offer of a threesome.

Steve only heard about the offer from a blushing Ashly on accident almost two years after Cat had muth marna xxx storys com the advance. Steve would have entertained the thought and perhaps asked Ashly to had he known, but he didn't dare say that out loud. This evening was a celebration for Ashly and they had several friends come to their home for dinner, Ashly had accepted a new position at work and she was going to Dublin, Ireland for a month to train for the position.

After a long day Ashly excused herself to bed- "Cat, darling, have a great night- don't keep this man up too long," she kissed Cat on the cheek.

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Cat sipped her wine "After I sit on his face, we'll come finish you off dear" she announced as she grinned. Ashly laughed "Well don't be too loud and remember I prefer foreplay first!" She continued to shout as she walked up stairs, "Gooood Niggghht" both Cat and Steve yelled "Good night" and Cat held her glass up for Steve to do the same and they clinked glasses "Cheers" they said in unison.

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"So what shall we talk about before I sit on your face." She said as she sprung up and poured herself another class of wine. Usuallly Cat and him would have long conversations about her sexual adventures and while Steve would fight back his hard on and sometimes even excuse himself to the restroom to relieve his cock, he longed to fuck Cat.

He thought about it, and often jerked his dick as he imagined shoving it in either her mouth or her fat ass. She loved anal. She would tell Steve stories about miscellaneous men pumping her starfish with semen. She once got drunk enough to show him a video of a huge black pecker slamming into her shit hole.

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As the huge black dick finished slapping into her butt it pushed out streams and thick ropes of cum inside her. The whole video she was moaning and her tits were bouncing. Steve couldn't help but imagine himself pushing a few ropes of baby batter into her. Ashly was sleeping and had left them to finish drinking as the fire in the pit on their back porch died down. Steve hoped this was the night Cat finally acted on all her past flirtatious vibes.

Tonight, Steve was ready to act on his own. Ashly never thought of Steve as a "sexual being". He was a man, of course, but he was beige to her. She saw the bill paying, mom doting guy she married and loved- but she never thought about him as someone who wanted his penis sucked, she never imagined he liked watching porn, she had never caught him but she also had never broached the subject with him christine reyes sex scandal storys never wanted to.

He was Steve, plain adult beige Steve. This evening Cat was wearing a short skirt that kept riding up to show her exposed pussy and she caught Steve looking more than once. She never wore underwear and if she did they had no crotch. Steve knew this and always scoped the view between her legs any time he could.

Cat was talking about how she was gang banged in a hotel room the previous weekend and Steve's dick was immediately rock solid.

It began to spasm so much Steve had to adjust and it was obvious. "Mmm is he interested in joining the conversation?" She noticed the wet spot forming where the head of his dick lay, "Cat, you always have the best stories I won't lie- these are the moments I look forward to when Ash invites you over," she was sitting next to Steve very closely. Her long, bare legs were crossed threeway fucked pornstars suck a fat cock european facial stretched across the coffee table.

Cats nipples were as hard as Steve's cock and he wanted to suck them so bad all of a sudden. "You like my stories do you?" She took one foot off the table, spreading her legs far apart she used the tip of her toe to trace the length of Steve's cock.

He took a slow deep breath, "Yeah I do," he looked down and from the angle he was sitting at, couldn't see if she was wearing panties this evening or if she was bare like usual. She saw he was trying to look, "You want to see my pussy Steve? Is that what you're looking at?" She was stroking his dick with her foot and had spun the other foot off the table so she was now laying with her legs spread open as she stroked hard into Steves cock with her foot.

"Can you see now?" Steve was about 20 inches from Cats pussy and it was bare, shaved, and glistening. She was wearing panties, but they had no crotch, which exposed her perfect gash like a picture frame you could fuck. She sat forward and grabbed the back of his head, "HERE let me help you," she said as she shoved Steve's face down into her pussy. He instantly went wild. As he hugged her legs they wrapped around his head and his arms pulled into her thighs. He licked deep and furiously.

He had never eaten Ashly out and she had never asked. Steve once had an encounter with his cousin as a teenager and she made him lick her clit for hours.

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He hadn't fucked a teen lesbians close up of pussy licking since his cousin. He had sex, sure, but fuck the living shit out of a woman? He never allowed himself to go that far with his wife. Ashly didn't have a whore bone in her body so Steve never treated her like anything but a lady, but he wanted to flip her over and smack her ass or have a wild fuck fest with her once in a while.

Though he craved it, she had never given him any sign she was ready for an encounter like that, so Steve's true hunger had built inside him in ways no one could imagine- not even him. "Oh fuck! Steve! Hell yess. Lick my pussy daddy," the word 'daddy' almost sent Steve over the edge. His cock was throbbing and he had to fuck Cat. He had to fuck her like a dirty slut and he wanted to fill her with his jizz so badly he didn't care about his sleeping wife upstairs.

Steve lapped at her pussy and tasted how wet she was getting. He began to tug at his belt. Then his pants button and his zipper, as he slid his tongue up and down the alley of her juicy peach he found the crevice he was looking for and instantly slipped his wandering licker inside her cunt hole. He probed in and out as he pulled out his fat dripping fuck stick, sat up, and slammed it deep inside Cats gash he had spread eagle before him. Cat screamed from the way it bottomed out and nearly pierced her cervix.

Steve was big, way bigger than she had imagined and he was using every inch. Steve pounded viciously and Cat could barely make another sound because Steve had cupped his hand over her mouth as he filled her pussy with his shaft, pulled out and filled her again. His hips pumped wildly, Cat's faketaxi big tits and big booty fucking rolled to the back of her head. He was fully erect and three hot chick get fucked by a stripper masterbated about 15 times today hoping this was exactly what was going to take place this evening.

As Steve drove himself into Cat's pelvis as deeply as he could he knocked the coffee table over trying to plant his foot. Their wine and the table completely flipped onto the floor causing Steve to pause for about one second, and before the crashing sounds were over he whispered to Cat loudly, "Get on your fucking knees slut!" Cat obeyed without a seconds hesitation and was face down into a decorative pillow in an instant.

Steve dropped his pants and dropped to one knee behind her on the couch. He cupped her tits then reached down, spit on her pussy hole and slipped his fervent, bulging cock back into her wanting slit. She grunted as he dove into her pussy and he began to jack hammer into her so hard slapping noises filled the air, and he knew she wouldn't mind what he had in mind next.

He reached down with his hand and grabbed Cat's ass as it bounced off his dick. He spit on her asshole and started to push his thumb into her shitter. It was met with no resistance. She moaned and he drove his thumb deep into her asshole. It was so tight it puckered around his thumb. He spit on it again and slipped his index and middle finger in, replacing his thumb.

He was pounding Cat's pussy and she loved it. She was whining as he started to stretch her asshole apart with his finger. He spit a few good lougies on her puckered little anal entrance and pulled the head of his cock to the entrance of her ass where his fingers were. Steve popped his head in her asshole quickly and Cat screamed out in joy. "Shhhh I don't want to have to gag you whore!" Steve spit on his shaft and slowly sunk into Cat's pucker.

He got all the way inside her, balls deep, and he just held it there. Cat was panting and Steve was laying on her with his dick planted firmly into the tightest hole on her body.

He began to grin as he thought of the video of the black guys pounding her starfish, each dumping their load inside her. He shoved into her hard and brought his lips to her ear- "Be quieter. You know you enjoy this fuck stick in your asshole. Now take it whore." He grabbed her elbows for leverage and ground himself into her hard, stretching her til she cried out "Oh Daddy your cock is ripping my asshole" Steve pulled back "oh?" He slammed himself in and out five or six times really fast and Cat moaned into the pillow "This cock?

Is this cock ripping you?! Yeah?" She moaned "Yesssss," without slowing down Steve pulled Cat on top of him and sat her on his cock.

"Oh fuck.oh yes." She moaned. Steve was pumping into her as she rode his cock into her ass. "Now ride it until I cum in your ass!" Steve charged Cat with a mission. She loved being fucked in the ass, and all her hints to Steve had finally taken. She wanted this as much as he did. She was sitting and grinding on his prick as hard as he was giving it to her. Her hips rolled and he felt his climax building. She bounced pussy ramming with a sexy wench smalltits homemade bounced, up and down, "Come on daddy fill my shit hole, I want to drip your cum," she rode him until he exploded and then she kept going.

Steve began to cry out when Cat sat forward and squeezed out his cock and a river of cum on his dick. She calmly stood up, began to flip the table back over and clean up the wine. Steve lay there gasping for air and covered in semen. He was completely satisified and his head swam with passion. Could this be a regular thing? Would Cat tell Ashly? He was sweaty, happy, and wanted round two already. Cat poured herself a glass of wine. She stared at Steve laying on the couch cock out, and sticky with his own jizz.

"Let's go," Cat said as she gulped her full glass of wine. "Go where?" Steve gasped out, "It's Ashly's turn," She said as she stripped naked and started for the stairs.

"You going to join us or am I going to fuck your wife myself?" Steve was shocked, but he knew if anyone could pull this off it was her, "I'll be right there," she giggled and headed up. Steve sat there for a minute, his heart was racing with fear and excitement. He almost left the house to have some deniable plausibility, he was choking on his heart almost certain his marriage was over right then. But as he sat forward to gather his pants and clean himself up thinking of what sort of explanation he could muster, he heard Ashly.

moaning, loudly.