Very hot mushing in the locker room

Very hot mushing in the locker room
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Carla and Bruce made their way up the Washoe Valley and through Reno. They headed up the pass over the Sierra Nevada. They had had a second weekend of honeymoon excitement.

Carla had taken on the boys at the brothel in Virginia City. They met up with new friends at a ranch below Virginia City and had fucked and been licked by everyone and everything in sight including the livestock, family members and dogs. Carla was so satisfied by her new marriage. She thought being a prostitute in her secret life would have prevented her from getting the interest of a like minded husband but, she was completely wrong.

Bruce loved her being a nasty whore, a high class escort and a naughty swinger wife. They shared new sexual exploits from lactating lesbians to skilled dog and horse dick. Carla was newly pregnant and had not begun to show it but, the hormones had stepped up her urges. The lactating Gaucho Girls and their induced glandular secretions made her want to get started on blondie gf gets her ass pounded outdoors on camcorder own breast milk production before her baby was due.

The returned home and she resumed her office duties, for her boss. At lunch she went to the health food store and sought the advice of the herbalist there. She bought some products to help induce lactation and began to take them on the spot.

The afternoon she had a secret visitor begin to suckle on her nipples as part of her new plan. Every few hours she had someone sucking on her breasts. Either her husband Bruce or a client, as available, took up the task. Her nipples became larger and distended from the constant suction. Bruce bought a milk pump to provide suction when nobody was available to keep up the strict suckling routine.

After a while in was second nature for her to reach into her desk and attach the breast pump as soon as she was alone in her office. Bruce woke her up at night with his unannounced suckling as often as he could. By the end of the week she was ready to return to Virginia City to work the brothel. They left town early to beat the commute traffic and were over the pass before dark. It was early evening when they made it back to the little tourist town of Virginia City. Bruce checked into the hotel and then went by the Bucket of Blood Saloon to have a drink and relax.

Carla headed over to the brothel and joined the line up with Denise and her Older Daughter, Then she noticed another visiting rancher scoping out the line up. It was John the horse breeder who raised draft horses in the valley below.

John raised huge draft horses and his naughty daughter Jenny bred miniature horses, with nice sized dicks, for wicked women to enjoy. He was a widower and good friends with the Gaucho Girls who had shared their lactation with Bruce and Carla.

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John was a Mormon who got blow jobs from his own young daughter, as his wife alixs pov bj alix lynx and pornstar died. His faith, and tradition, directed him to do what he had to do in such circumstances. Until his daughter reached a suitable age he shamelessly fucked the whores at the brothel. Once his daughter was 18 he showed her how to suck his dick the way he liked it. He noted the Carla was a fresh face at the brothel and picked her out of the line up and they went off to one of the rooms.

She sheathed him with a condom and began to suck him down as he requested. John was in no hurry to come and he talked while Carla sucked him. Soon they realized that Buck and his family knew Angela and Jasmine from Uruguay; they were mutual friends.

He kept Carla busy for a couple of hours and tipped her generously. Then he handed her his card and invited her and Bruce to visit his ranch any time they wanted to. The doors were always unlocked so they could make themselves at home, even if nobody was there. His daughter Jenny would be expecting them and she would demonstrate her ponies abilities and attributes&hellip.

Carla cleaned up after their session and cashed her check at the Bucket of Blood. She offered to buy her husband a fuck at the Brothel but, Bruce was ready for his hot-wife himself. They went to the hotel and Bruce began by sucking her nipples until they were asian nurse nasty jerks cock and gets sticky cumshot and red. Soon they would be producing milk and the stimulation was overwhelming for Carla.

After sucking on John for a couple of hours she was ready for some dick inside her hot pussy. The breast suckling and her pregnancy hormones only made her want to fuck even more.

Bruce dug in and hammered her, like a rock drill in the mines below the town. He drove deep enough to strike silver ore with his pounding penetration. Carla was already hot from sucking rancher dick and fingering herself at the brothel for hours. Now she was dry milked and nipple suckled into pleasurable heaven.

Her clit was mashed against her husband's pubic bone and triggered wave after wave of orgasms. Each time she came was more intense than the last. She babbled nonsense about, milking herself and being dog licked or pony fucked. Her rambling sex talk kept halting, as she paused to come again and again. The story resumed with some new debauchery each time but, it only made sense to her.

Bruce heard only the calls for deeper thrusts, more suckling or pony dick penetrations. He fulfilled her requests as best he could until he to came with a blast of fluid inside her. "Oh god I love you Bruce!". Carla exclaimed.

She never imagined she could have found such a nasty husband as Bruce. He fucked her lights out even after she had worked as a high end escort all day in the city and as a whore in the brothel after hours.

He got her off more that she ever had because she got more turned on with their adventures than she ever had been. Bruce and Carla fell asleep in the historic little hotel in Virginia City long after midnight. Carla was thrashed and worked over. Bruce got up early and went downstairs for coffee. He sat by himself until John, the Mormon rancher, asked to join him.

John had seen Bruce's car entering the Gaucho Girls ranch and he knew where things probably led over there. Bruce admitted to their milk suckling and his wife's miniature stallion fucking. He told John that she also worked at the brothel and John realized that Bruce's brunette czech milf deep fuck from eastern europe was the one who had sucked him off the night before.

He told Bruce they should visit his ranch that afternoon as soon as Carla could get ready. He wanted to show them some country hospitality. Bruce returned to his room with John's card and found Carla already getting dressed. He showed her the card and Carla told him she had spent the night sucking John at the brothel. They decided to head straight over to John's ranch after breakfast.

Carla said that, even if John was not there yet, he told her to make herself at home anytime. When they drove up, the private road to John's ranch, there was nobody in sight. Carla headed over to the barn since, she saw the small horses around the property. Inside the barn she found John's daughter Jenny, on her hands and knees. A little miniature stallion was mounted inside the girl's pussy and humping her energetically. Carla said nothing and Jenny did not see her, as she looked face down to the barn floor.

In a stall nearby another miniature stallion looked on, with interest. Jenny kept them apart to avoid any horse fighting until they both were satisfied. Carla made some noise to alert Jenny, who turned beet red at being being caught in the raw fucking a horse by a stranger.

"It's Ok, don't mind me!", said Carla. "Your father told me to stop by later this afternoon or anytime at all. I sucked him off at the brothel and he is a generous man." Jenny giggled, and said, "Oh I see.

He must have known you had an interest in horses or he would not have told you to drop in unannounced." Carla told her about her experience at the Gaucho Girls ranch and Jenny told her that she was the source of the livestock the girls were breeding now. Her mom was dead and her dad loved getting a her blow jobs since she finished high school.

He fucked the sheep at the Basque ranch as well. Jenny offered her the little stallion in the stall. Carla eyed the little stud with his front hooves on the gate and his hard horse cock sticking out with an upward curve. He had a very useful look and size. Jenny slid the lower board out of the stall gate and pushed a low bench underneath.

She told Carla to hold the gate and slide her pussy up to the horse dick without entering the stall. Carla lay back comfortably on the bench and Jenny guided the horse meat into her wet puss. The little horse held the gate with his front legs and began to thrust instinctively. "He is a little too wild to take on easily on the ground.

I find using the gate to hold him back makes it safer," Jenny told her. This little horse had a nice fat cock about 8" long and a bit more than an inch across. Carla loved that fat miniature horse dick. It was neither too big or too long. It was just a little more than most men.

Jenny took his halter and tied him to the gate as he got wilder in his fucking motions. Once he got started his body took over and Carla could see why he would be too wild for her to deal with on the ground.

Then Bruce appeared in the barn and Jenny led him to another stall where one of her mares was kept. She asked Bruce if he wanted to try some horse fucking too. Bruce felt ready to try something new and told her he so.

She tied the little mare to the corner and started massaging the horse between the legs. She pinched and clawed the horses neck with her fingernails to simulate a stallion's advances.

The little horse swished her tail and backed up towards Bruce. "She is ready when you are." laughed Jenny. "Go for it ~ if you dare!" Bruce pulled down his jeans and whipped out his hard dick. Watching his wife getting horse fucked across the barn floor made him hot. Now, he could try out the fun himself. Jenny goosed his balls from behind as he approached the mare and he pinched her breasts to get a feel of her young titties.

Jenny was about the same ages as his wife Carla. Bruce knew he would fuck her too, if he got the chance. His dick pressed up to the mares hot pussy; he pushed gently to see how much resistance there was. It was an easy fit since she had given birth to a foal already. The little horse still had plenty of squeeze left in her channel however. Bruce held her flanks and humped against her and Jenny kept playing with his balls in her hand. She homamde sex tape of hot teen couple and pulled on his seed bags and he soon felt his nuts tighten up and start to throb.

Jenny felt his response and let go.

Nature would take its course now and Bruce began to hump frantically. He fired his load of semen deep in the horse cunt and she drew out every drop. Meanwhile Carla had her stallion worked up against the gate. She looked him in the face as he drove, hard horse cock, against her again and again.

He neighed and lunged forward and then blew her full of horse juice and pumped until, she slid up the bench and off of his horse dick.

He kept shooting horse spunk and doused her belly with a heavy nut load of colt juice. Jenny walked up and smeared some of the stallion jizz on Carla's tits and said it would be soothing for those sore swollen nipples.

She could tell, by the condition of Carla's breasts, that Carla was trying to induce lactation with frequent breast suckling. Horse sperm was the amateur asian shemale fucks her tight asshole medication for those distended raw nipples. The Gaucho Girls tits had the same look and Jenny figured she knew where Carla had been schooled. Just then a fat lady entered the barn and waved to Jenny. She headed to another dark stall in the corner where John kept a Jack ass donkey for breeding draft mules.

Some loggers preferred the mule to a horse. Jack provided work animals for specialized use and the mule had a following as a draft animal. The twenty mule teams of the desert and mountains were legendary.

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The donkey was much smaller than the huge horses but, he had a fatter dick than the miniature stallions. The woman entered his stall and hand rubbed the jackass up to a hard on state. She was a Mormon widow and had given birth to many children.

She needed some dick, since her husband was gone. It would take some big animal cock to satisfy her. Unfortunately, the miniatures did not have the size of a donkey dick. This experienced donkey fucked the woman like a Tijuana side show. He brayed loudly and fucked the woman steadily until she moaned in a trance. She was a church going widow and Saturday was her donkey day.

Tomorrow she would be at the services. Today she had the time for donkey dick. Bruce took in the scene. His wife was covered with horse sperm and the ranch girl had milked his balls into her mare. The jackass was fucking the widow and making a loud commotion. The widow took his last thrust and felt his warm spunk leaking down her legs.

She wore a long skirt with no panties. Then she just got up and left the donkey in the stall. She had business in town and had to keep going so she left the barn with donkey juice running down her ankles.

Jenny laughed again. She loved this country life and her family's livestock collection. They had a beast for every purpose from logging to screwing suburban rich girls in their hobby ranch back yards.

The California rich folk paid whatever she asked when their hot little daughters wanted a miniature stallion. The word was out at the fairs and horse shows, teen girls dreamed about someday owning their own little stud. It was more practical than a boyfriend. The horses never told anyone or cheated on them while they were away. A horse could not get you pregnant either and the wise fathers knew that was good reason to buy one. The rich fathers never told their daughters they knew the secret urges, of young girls.

They just paid the feed bills and were glad no babies or weddings were forthcoming. Bruce looked at the draft horse harnesses and wondered whether those huge stallions had some women admirers of their own.

Their horse cocks must be bigger than a man's arm. Only a daring woman would take such a large dangerous horse cock inside. Still Bruce was pretty sure there must be some women up to the task.

If that nasty donkey had a girl friend surely those draft stallions must be fucking some women too. Jenny took Carla out to a cement slab outside where there was a hose and sprayed the horse come off of her body. Then she told them both to come over to the ranch house and relax before lunch.

In the ranch house one wall was covered with ribbons and trophies from many fairs and exhibitions. Jenny had raised miniatures since she was in grade school and had quite a few show winners. She was quite selective about which ones she kept for breeding.

She wanted good dispositions and horse cocks that were not too big, Her high priced clients were wealthy teen girls. It had to be easy for them to take and control their stallions.

Her dad could handle huge draft horses in heat. A city girl thailyhott s (departamento del valle del cauca colombia viewers not deal with such dangerous animal urges in the quiet suburbs.

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If someone did not get hurt the noise could still attract attention from nosy neighbors. Her best mannered little stallions fetched high prices and she was a shrewd negotiator with teen girls. Jenny had many photos of her little horses with their new girl owners. Asshole gets fucked big tits and cumshot these girls had a naughty look in their eyes and Bruce and Carla were sure the word was out on Jenny's livestock.

John's work horses were able to log land on steep slopes and road-less areas. They also were used for stage coaches in tourist locations or sleighs in the mountains. His mules were bred from the donkey and his mares. These nutless eunuch like beasts had no fuck drive but, they were steady workers in the mountains. The draft horses were much showier than the mules and Carla imagined what kind of hard cock grew from such a mighty animal&hellip.someday she wanted to see what they could do… Jenny heated some soup on the wood stove and let the guests explore the trophy area.

She told them to shower if they wanted to and make themselves at home. Carla needed to clean up some more. The stallion had messed her up and, though she was hosed off, a shower was in order. Jenny put the soup to the side and led her to the bathroom. Then she undressed and joined Carla and soaped her up. They washed together and then Jenny got on her knees and began eating out Bruce's hot wife.

Bruce heard the long moans and sighs and realized what was going on. He went to check it out and felt his dick getting hard as the girls fooled around in the running water.

Jenny munched away on the guest pussy and Bruce stepped over and offered her his dick. Since Carla was well satisfied, Jenny continued her oral attention on Carla's husband Bruce. Bruce had just come in her miniature mare but, he still needed a little cock cleaning before lunch.

Carla got dressed while Jenny laughed and told Bruce he needed a little break. They had fresh baked bread and some soup for lunch. Jenny told Carla she should try some bag balm on her chewed up nipples. Inducing lactation was taking its toll with suckling every two hours. In a few weeks she would be producing milk but, the poor nipples were taking a beating. Rubbing stallion sperm, on them, helped too, if it was available. Since Jenny was not ready to have a baby she usually fucked her miniature horses and sucked off her dad John.

Mormon traditions allowed for father daughter marriage or breeding when needed. She liked bare horse dick and did not want to use condoms normally. She said, she did want to fuck Bruce though if he was interested. If Carla wanted to fuck her father in the same room she would fuck Carla's husband at the same time. They all agreed that it would be fun.

They cleared the dishes from the table and Bruce and Carla headed back to Virginia City. Carla was hot to fuck and she wanted to bring in a little cash at the brothel before dinnertime. They waived goodbye to Jenny and left John's ranch for Virginia City up in the mountains. John would be back on Sunday for church and Jenny figured they could meet up then. Back at the brothel Carla got right into the line up. She took on a tourist right away and got her tips going. Bruce watched her picking up another throw in the brothel parlor and then went back to the hotel to relax, while his wife did her thing.

Carla found a couple of Japanese businessmen looking for something different. They admired her beaten up nipples and so she took them in for a dry suckling session. They had a milking fetish but, did not care if she was not producing yet. Her large distended nipples on small breasts had them suckling her for nearly two hours. They tipped generously and left telling her they would be back in town if a few weeks.

They hoped she would be lactating by then. Next Carla found two more men that wanted to double down on her together. They did not want to butt fuck her or double penetrate. They wanted to spit roast her with on in her pussy and one in her mouth.

Carla agreed to go on that and she got another big tip with double fees as well. She was a top full length storical xxx family full movies at the brothel even though she only did part time on the weekends. She was young and nasty and men could brigitte rough fuck big cock best new video game it in her eyes.

Bruce came back to the brothel at dinnertime and Carla left for a while to join her husband. They discussed going to church the next day and decided to see what Jenny's dad John might be up for.

Carla had sucked him off more than once but, since she was pregnant she did not have to worry about his sperm in her pussy. If she could watch her husband fuck Jenny she would be happy to fuck Jenny's hospitable dad bareback. They agreed it was a good plan and Carla returned to the Brothel. Bruce had a drink at the Bucket of Blood on his way to the hotel and waited for his wife to finish her fucking at the brothel.

They were a happy couple on a happy honeymoon. Their honeymoon was just more nasty than most.