Big dick public beach xxx got me a ample one today

Big dick public beach xxx got me a ample one today
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Over the summer, my freshman friend Colt and I had literally no plans. We both had money left from previous summer jobs and didn't feel at all like working again. Colt was going into his sophomore year and I was heading into my senior year. This was our summer to relax and enjoy what little time I had left before I went away to college, and the little time Colt had before he would be sucked into Advanced Placement and pre-college coursework.

So we ended up getting talked into building a tree house. I know it sounds immature and a little bit childish for our age group, but we had plans.

It was intended for his little brother, but both of us could imagine building some colossal superstructure out of plywood and nails, capable of housing our weed. Plus, his dad had given us an almost unlimited budget. So for the next two months we built our crazy tree for the lack of a better purpose in life. I was still managing to keep my sexual exploitations secret. Tyler was long gone from New York and Will was split between his girlfriend and me.

Mainly, we just had intercourse whenever Will felt the desire. I was essentially his bitch, which lately had started to make me feel down because I really liked him and he obviously was too traditional to overcome the necessity of an acceptable FEMALE girlfriend.

It was easy to hide this type of thing from Colt because he was a freshman when I met him. Even as friends, he was intimidated by my age and seniority so it wasn't like any socializing was happening among my group of friends and him. In fact, from the start, I tried to tell myself that I keisha gray and mishcha brooks bbc only wanted to be friends with him, but the reality overtook me.

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I was desperate. I would fuck anything, no matter how it affected me socially. I was loosing my grip on reality and covertness and lately had been blatantly throwing signals out to anybody, especially Colt. Before we ever had the platform up for the tree-house, Colt and I were struggling every day to get boards in the right place.

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It was a trapeze act; a trapeze act I happened to take advantage of significantly to try and feel him up. He would be leaning near vertical and ask me for the drill and I would intentionally slide it up his leg, along with my hand.

While he was in a copious position, I would hand him a screw, only to drop it in the folds of his pants. Since he couldn't exactly reach it, I would go after it. In the end, I would get myself a good amount of thigh and side-cock feeling-up on him, while Colt hardly took it to thought each time my hand just so happened to make it within millimeters of his unimaginably young cock.

I had to be honest, I was a little bit curious to know how developed he was. Eventually, we were nearing completion and had a solid platform built high up in the trees. One day, after working for hours, the two of us were sitting up there and I brought my arm around his shoulders, puling him close to me. "This is truly amazing amigo." "No doubt.

You know what Scott; I'm glad I got to do this with you." I edged in closer. This whole time I had been second guessing myself when to make a move, but I felt confident that I had him. Then, I just couldn't move.

I was precariously close to his cheeks, arms around his shoulder, and just couldn't take the next step. I let go and just kept staring at the falling sun.

Colt didn't even notice. The next day, we essentially put ourselves into that same scenario. The only difference being, something actually happened.

I was leaning in on Colt and just stared at his awkward, lanky freshman frame. His bronzed skin had me all dizzy and confused. The shorts weren't helping me control myself. He was a swimmer, the tan line wasn't even visible up his thigh. "Colt, do you ever feel like a liar?" We always asked these strange questions to one another. Colt was a really deep guy and I just wanted to get fucked. "All the time. Like right now, I feel like a fool because I can't make up my mind about the girls at school.

I feel like such a jerk." Please Comment Anyone who has hit on a straight guy always gets instantly turned off by the talk about girls, but for some reason, nothing like that happened to me this time. Instead, I put my hand directly onto Colt's crotch and softly rubbed his package through the light material of his shorts. "Whoa!" Colt always got this crazy panting on whenever he was nervous.

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"Scott, whh whhat are you doing." "Just be quiet, please." I was such an idiot. If this went wrong then i was totally fucked for the the rest of the year. No doubt a sophomore would be the first to try and earn some respect by ruining a seniors reputation.

I just kept rubbing though, trying to seem oblivious of his pants and the stark reality of the situation. This could end up really badly.

My hand made it onto the other side of his shorts and was now stroking his cock.

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It was growing so I was filled with a new inspiration. This might actually go well. Colt leaned back and inched himself from the ledge. I followed because there was no way i was letting go of his cock. He got down on his back and lay completely flat against the floor of the tree house.

I re-adjusted and took a moment to pull down his shorts to his knees; after all, I wanted to see how developed he was. The initial prospectus that I determined from tactile observations seemed correct. Colt was clean-cut, he was just starting to get serious pubic hair and for the most part was smooth all the way hot teacher loves to be anal fucked his legs.

His dick was long and narrow, maybe 7 inches. There was no girth. I could tell, he was already rock hard and had pre-cum building up at the top of his penis. It was beautiful and smooth. His panting had settled from the jacking off so I decided to kick it up. I got positioned near his torso and began to suck on his cock. It wasn't hard to stick in since the only major characteristic was its length.

But none-the-less, I had a great time playing with his head. I bobbed up and down on the smooth head of his dick. Then I would shaft him entirely almost down to the balls. I kept going at his dick until finally he began to shudder and shot cum into my mouth. By this point, I felt experienced at sex. But no matter how many times I had met Will at his demand and given him a blow-job or any type of sex, the cum still tripped me up on occasion.

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This so happened to be one of those times. When Colt shot into my mouth, I choked and came up off his dick, coughing. He jolted up. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry" he looked scared and afraid that he had hurt me. I was still coughing, trying to work up the cum that was stuck in my throat. Colt grabbed me in his arms and cuddled me, his cum and saliva-covered dick pressing into the back of my shirt, making it wet as he spooned me.

"So, are we cool" I glanced over my shoulder at Colt. "Yeah" He started to make out with my neck. That was a good sign. I was tired of always taking the moves. Now it was someone elses turn to fuck me in the tree house.