Two hard peckers for a naughty brunette

Two hard peckers for a naughty brunette
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is coincidental. This story is not intended to be an accurate reflection of any particular lifestyle. Camp Slut Series- Chapter 8 Dana opened her eyes groggily.

At least, she thought she did. She blinked, but webcam private sex show with horny camgirl masturbation and privateshow could not see anything. As awareness creeped back, she realized she was wearing a hood that covered most of her head, leaving only her mouth and nose uncovered. She could feel that it extended down to wrap around her neck as well. Then she felt that the hood was the only covering she was wearing.

She could feel cold metal around each wrist and ankle, keeping her spread eagle on whatever hard, smooth surface she lay on. Her back and ass were cold from the concrete. Concrete. She was on a floor. She was naked, chained spread eagle on a floor.

This scared her at first, then the fear edged toward excitement. She didn't hear anyone else around. She pulled on one of the handcuffs on her wrists. Handcuffs. Another piece of the puzzle. All of the restraints felt like police issued cuffs. The echoes that the cuffs made in the room as they rattled against whatever they were secured to were familiar. Like a locker room.

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That was it. She was in a locker room. But where? Which locker room? How did she get here? And why was she here? She could hear voices now. They were faint, but getting closer. They sounded familiar, too. She could hear them enter the locker room, then round the corner into the aisle she was sprawled in.

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She knew exactly when they noticed her. "What the fuck?" one male said. "Dude! Who is she?" another voice piped in. A chorus of male voices started to chatter excitedly. Dana stayed quiet, not sure what else she could do. What she did know was that she was on display for all of them. As that fact started to sink in, she could feel the heat start to build in her pussy.

She was helpless to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to her. A few days ago- at least she thought it was a few days- that would have terrified her. After meeting Gail and being used at the camp, her attitude had changed. She remembered leaving the camp with Andy, still naked and wearing the dog collar he'd brought for her.

She remembered getting home and walking brazenly across the yard with Barker. That's where everything went fuzzy, though. She stiffened, feeling a hand on her ankle. "Yeah. These are real. Anyone got a key?" Another chorus, all saying some variation of "no". Then she heard the words that she had both hoped and feared.

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"Dude. She's not going anywhere. Let's fuck the shit of her before someone else finds her." The suggestion was met by silence at first, then all she could hear was cloth rustling as the guys stripped, discussing who was going to do what first where.

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She could sense them moving around, feel the occasional touch as the positioned themselves. She felt hands grasp her arms and legs, lifting her so one could slide under her. She felt his hard cock rubbing along her moistening slit, poking at her asshole. "Hey, she's already been lubed up! This bitch is ready to party!" the guy under her shouted. He pushed up, sliding easily into her. Being stretched as quickly as she was by his cock hurt a little, but all she could do was moan.

This opened her mouth for the cock that suddenly invaded it and was shoved ruthlessly down her throat, pushing her down even harder onto the one in her ass. She could feel another one getting into position to impale her cunt, and would have cried out if not for the flesh gag.

The three of them worked well together, rocking her back and forth between them, pistoning her, letting her breathe but not make any significant noise. The give on her restraints was just enough to let them use her, but not enough for her to do much else.

Her first orgasm crashed over her suddenly and without warning, and she thrashed. She could feel all three of them tense at once, giving her only a moment's notice before the shoved themselves as deep as they could and unloaded their semen into her. She lay shaking and moaning as they pulled out and the next three got into position. All of the cocks went into her quickly, picking up a slightly different rhythm than the first group, but no less effective. She lost herself in the motion, the action, the sheer helpless sexual use of her by these unknown men.

She did not bother trying to keep count of how many times they came in her, or where they came. She felt spurts of hot jizz hit her tits and stomach as guys who couldn't wait to release their load inside of her spewed on her instead. On and on the parade of cocks and hawt adorable nymph is longing for wild lechery went, until she her cunt and ass were sore, her throat hoarse from screaming around cocks that filled her throat, until her skin was sticking and stiff from drying cum.

Finally, the last one pulled out of her and they left her laying there. She could still hear them in the room, moving around her, opening and closing lockers. She could hear the showers run then shut off. She heard them all leave and the locker room get quiet. They had left her. They'd used her as a plaything, dumped load after load of spunk in and on her, then left her tied and nasty where they'd found her.

She cried behind the mask at the humiliation of it, her cunt twitching at being used so thoroughly and at her growing excitement of her humiliation. David and Gail would be so proud of her, wouldn't they? Would Andy? Where was he? She started to question where she was again. As she lay there, she tried to piece together more of her memories.

She had gone inside, fed Barker. She had not gotten dressed or tried to take the collar off yet. Not that she could because Andy still had the key to the padlock that held it on. She had taken a shower, enjoying the naughty feeling of the collar still. She masturbated in the shower, remembering how slutty she had been at the camp, how much she had loved being used like that. Barker had come in to investigate her screaming as she came on her fingers with abandon.

When she finished, she dried off and went to the kitchen, still naked. She took a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and opened it. As she swallowed the third mouthful, she registered the odd taste to the water, and realized she hadn't heard the seal break on the lid. She turned to the sink. The room began to spin too quickly. Barker was barking from the bathroom.

The water bottle hit the floor and started pouring out. She remembered thinking that she was going to have to buy a mop. Someone else was there, standing over her, lifting her. She had been so tired. She had closed her eyes. "Okay," she said out loud, her voice echoing in the empty locker room. "I was drugged and brought here. First thing would be to try and get loose, then to figure out where 'here' is." She pulled on the cuffs holding her wrists, tried shifting to reach whatever the other end was attached to.

The chains were too long and she did not have enough slack. When she rattled the chains, she could here metal on metal, like the cuffs were latched around pipe.

She tried whipping the chain up to see if it would unhook, but she could hear it hit something at the top of the pipe before dropping back down. Horny momma fucked hard and got a cumshot she seemed to be in the middle of the aisle, she figured she was chained to whatever benches were there. She tried cupping her hands and pulling them through the cuff, but they were latched too tightly.

Settled that she was not getting free any time soon, she turned her attention to the hood. She tried using her shoulder to find whatever fastenings there were. She could feel her collar spinning around her neck, but could not get past it to get any feel on her hood. Trapped and blind. Great. She started calling out for help, listening to her voice echo in the empty space. She could hear some car traffic at first, but that too quieted down.

She started to get cold as the air and juices coating her cooled down. She lay there shivering for some time before dozing off. She woke hearing a door slam shut. She sat up quickly, listening. She sat there for almost a minute before realizing what she was doing, and what it meant.

She felt her wrists and ankles, making son blackmail mom show story they were free. Her fingers went to her neck, looking for a way to remove the hood. Soon the leather mask was off and she looked around for the first time. A locker room. But she knew that.

The mascot on the wall was for the college two towns over from where she lived. Well, at least she had an idea of where she was now.

The chains that had restrained her were gone, and she lay naked in the dried puddle of spunk, sweat, and such. She got up and went to the showers, reveling in the warm water as she washed away the residue of her previous abuse. Standing there naked in the dark, abandoned lock room, she felt the excitement building again.

She remembered the young men taking their pleasure, with her helpless to do anything but accept it. Her fingers slid down between her legs, between her pussy lips. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened in a sigh.

As her fingers made small, quick circles around her clit, her other hand cupped her breasts, pulling her nipples, imagining that it was her anonymous assailants that were taking her again. She came hard and fast, leaning against the shower wall, moaning. She quickly finished washing off, turning off the water.

There were no towels she could find to dry off or cover herself with, so she stood in front of the air dryers as much as she could. Quietly, she crept to the door, carefully opening it and peeking out.

It was late. Probably just after midnight, based on the stars she could see. Being a deputy for the county that served the state park had its perks. If she could find a phone, she could call Andy to come get her. She just had to find a phone. Dana carefully let the door close, then went to check the office. It was locked. Figures. She checked the rest of the locker room, but found no other phones or anything else that would help her.

She tried to remember the layout of the college from the last time she'd visited the campus. It was just outside of sara nice teenies mit dicken titten sc, and did not have campus housing.

She was not likely to encounter anyone other than the occasional late studier or security guard. She took a deep breath and stepped out the door. She tried to float the door, not letting it close completely, but with nothing to prop it, the return pulled it closed with a loud 'click'. She looked around quickly. No one. So far, so good. She moved away from the building, trying to stay in the shadows as much as possible as she made her way down the sidewalks. She crisscrossed the campus three times without finding trace of a payphone.

She had to duck into the nearby bushes twice as a security guard trundled past on his golf cart, and lay flat on the grass once, hoping the gaggle of students didn't notice her.

Two hours had passed since she had left the relative safety of the men's locker room, and she still had not found a phone. Resigned, she walked to the security office, not bothering to hide. The guard was almost a perfect gentleman.

He let her into the office to make her call, sat her down, offered a cup of coffee while she waited for Andy to come. He didn't offer any covering, though. Nor did he make any attempt to hide his ogling and appreciation for what he saw.

She looked around, feeling suddenly very wicked.

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She got down on her knees under the desk, crooking a finger at the guard and smiling meaningfully. He grinned, sitting in his chair and rolling toward her. Dana quickly opened his pants, pulling out his stiffening cock and began to suck it, stroking it with her hand as she took each of his balls between her lips.

He stiffened as she heard the office door open, but shoved his prick down her throat, trying to get him off as fast as she could. She fucked her face with him with all the abandon she felt, not caring about the slurping noises that were coming from under the desk.

She felt a wicked satisfaction as the guard grunted and she could feel his balls pumping their prize down her throat. Once she had milked him for as much as she could, she cindi sashas private luxury room webcam show ultraporncamscom out from under the desk. Andy was leaning on the counter, smiling at her. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked smugly.

"Immensely. I don't have a clue how I got here, but I'm going to have to thank whoever drugged my water," she responded, wiping a stray glob of goo from her lip. Andy laughed, motioning her from around the counter. "Let's get you home, ya' slut, before you end up fucking everyone on campus." She stopped and leaned into him, going up on her toes to reach and give him a deep passionate kiss.

As she sauntered past him to the door, she smiled over her shoulder seductively and whispered, "yes, Master."