Blonde campus ex girlfriend fucked from behind in bathroom

Blonde campus ex girlfriend fucked from behind in bathroom
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Blow and weenie bounding girlfriend and homemade After a long break, i'm looking to be back to writing. Looking for reviews and comments. I love hearing from other Authors, too! So if you're an author of this style, please message me. This story is completely FICTIONAL. All characters are fictional. _____________________________________________________________________________ y name is John.

I'm 15, semi athletic build, short dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes, nearly 6 feet tall, and I'm in high school. From that, you know that I'm an average teenager. But what isn't average about me is the size of my cock. Ever since I began to grow, I knew I was big.

In the showers at school, guys would shy away from me and stare. I thought nothing of it, but that was before I knew the power of having a massive cock. By the time I turned 14, I was nearly 10 inches. Now, hardly 15, I am a full 11 ½ inches erect. This went from a medical concern to getting me laid very quickly. Throughout my pre high school time, I had a few "relationships" with girls that never went anywhere.

But sophomore year, girls finally began to put out and became open with their sexual needs. My first encounter began on a Friday.

Friday nights were the Varsity football games at my school, and football was a big deal. We were consistently a solid team, and this year was no different. We were in the running for a great season, but that's not what mattered to me. Earlier that day, harmony vision hot anal henessy vaginal masturbation pussy licking parents told me they would be out of town for a meeting, and wouldn't be back until late Saturday night.

Missing this opportunity would be absolutely insane, so before the game, I decided that I would lose my virginity that night, to whichever girl I deemed fun at the time. I showed up to the game, and said my usual hellos. I noticed a girl that I hadn't talked to in quite a while, for she was my "ex" girlfriend. I was hardly serious about relationships before this year. Her name was Hannah, and she was gorgeous.

She was about 6 inches shorter than me, same colored hair but longer, down to her chest. She had my same dark brown eyes. She had the most amazingly beautiful face that seemed to be touched by God. It constantly amazed me how beautiful she was, but that wasn't the best part. Looking past her face, I realized she had filled in to become quite the hot girl. Her chest stuck out in her low cut shirt, though she wasn't trying to be revealing. She was something around a D cup, if not bigger.

She had the most beautiful ass, seemingly sculpted onto her curvy body. She stood there talking to her 3 friends, and I approached her, trying not to stare at her body. "Hey Hannah, long time no see!" I said, reaching out for a hug. "Oh my gosh, John! Yeah! We don't have any classes together, and I never get to see you. Why don't you text me? Asshole!" She hugged and insulted me jokingly. "I'm sorry.

I've been busy, you know, with training for football." I said, trying to remind her of my social status. "Oh, that's right. I forgot all you guys are nuts about working out all the time. Well fine. No time for me." She said, mockingly looking down. "Well we have right now, don't we?" I said, trying to catch her eyes. "True that. The game's getting intense. Wanna take a seat in the stands by the super fans?" She gestured towards the packed stands.

"Er… I don't see why not." I said, following her. She grabbed my tender brunette shagged hard with a bbc and pulled me up to a cramped sections filled with people screaming, shirtless, and covered in body paint.

We found our way to a quiet corner that was momentarily vacant, and sat down. The bleachers were cold, as always. "Ughh… Why are these bleachers always so cold?" She complained, reading my mind.

"Oh, well, you can sit on my lap if you want. We'd take up less room that way anyways." I recommended. Without a word, she took her seat on my lap. This instantly made my dick squirm. I hoped she didn't notice the small stiffness growing in my pants, and hopefully it wouldn't cause a problem.

We watched the rest of the game in that position, the most comfortable I could imagine. After the fans began to leave, she got off and sat next to me. I looked at her, thinking of how I could get her to come home with me. "It's not too late yet, not even 9. Do you want to walk home with me? It's less than a 5 minute walk." I said, realizing it was kind of a big question.

"Sure! I don't see why not." She said, excited. "But I want to stay here, at the field, until they turn the lights off." "Uh, okay." I said. Why did she want to do that? Hiding from the janitors and other people, we ducked until nobody could see us. After 10 minutes of uncomfortably crouching, the lights began to shut off. Darkness consumed the area, and soon enough I couldn't even see Hannah.

"Hannah?" I asked, talking to xxx mom papa milk vedio. "Han-" I was interrupted by a kiss. Hannah's lips met mine in the dark, and confused at first, I reacted by pulling away a little.

She put her hand on the back of my head, and pulled me towards her. I did the same, and our kiss turned into something amazing. After nearly a minute, our kiss broke. It was followed by silence, until I broke it. "Umm… We should uh, probably get back now." I stammered. "Yeah, good idea." She said. I grabbed her hand, and she held her fingers in mine. Through the darkness, we stumbled to my house. We opened the door, and I turned the lights on.

We kicked off our shoes and I guided her into my room. Laying down on my bed, she came and did the same next to me. "I missed you." We said, together. "No way…" I said, turning over to look into her beautiful eyes. Once again, she kissed me without warning. This time, a little more was behind it. Our kiss evolved into touching, which evolved into me taking off her shirt.

I stripped off mine, and eventually, after small breaks in kissing to take off clothes, we were naked. My massively hard cock rested between my legs, until I finally decided to expose it. I adjusted my body so my massive cock laid between her legs. My tip was just below her entrance, and it rested there, until, without warning, she grabbed it and pressed it against her sweet pussy.

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She broke the kiss. "Mmm, you're big. I want that big cock inside me." She whispered in my ear. Slowly, she pushed her body against mine, and my hard penis went into her.

I felt it expand at my command as it penetrated her deeper and deeper, slowly filling her up. She bit her lip to suppress the pain, until I was almost completely inside her. Then, she slid back, allowing it out. I was already soaked with her pussy juices, the perfect lubricant. We adjusted so I was laying down, her on top of me, and she gently lowered her hips down, sliding me inside her again. She finally got the hang of it, and picked up in speed.

She began to speed up until I was completely inside of her, and her moans echoed throughout my hose. "mm… Ohh… OHH! John!

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lezzies trying dildos and great sex times pantyhose and lesbians Oh… fuck yeah." She moaned. I put my hands on her sides, controlling her body as she slammed down on my cock.

An orgasm soon overcame her, and as the feeling faded, we adjusted once again. I was on top this time, and she laid with her legs apart and up, exposing her amazing pussy. Before I entered her, I had to taste it. I put my head there, and began lapping at her soaking pussy. Her juices were delicious, and I soaked them up with my wanting tongue. Another orgasm overcame her, as she shook, I got ready to fill her up once more. "Are you ready baby?" I asked, positioning my cock at her sweet pussy once more.

'YES! Fuck me, damnit." She said. As our lust took over, I slid into her, fucking her sweet pussy. I was amazed she could take me fully. We moaned in harmony until I felt an orgasm deep inside me, beginning to run its course.

"Mm… Hannah, baby… We need to stop… I'm gonna cum!" I moaned. "Do it… Mmm… In my mouth." She said. She slid off, and I sat on the edge of my bed, cock in the air, while she was on her knees, sucking me off. My orgasm was raging now, and my cock was about to explode.

"Oh… Ohh! Hannah!" I whispered as cum erupted from my cock. Along with my cock's size, I had quite the semen production. I shot stream after stream, and after I filled her mouth, she swallowed the whole thing.

"Hannah, you little slut. You swallowed it all!" I said, amazed. "Mmm, yeah. It was yummy. Can I have more?" She said, innocently.

"Yes, You can. But not tonight. I'm worn out. You fucked me out tonight." I said, heaving. "Fine, I can wait until tomorrow. But, one question." She said.

"Yes, baby?" I wondered. "Can you fuck my friends, too?" She asked, with a completely serious look. __________________________________________________________________________ Looking for comments, reviews, and messages!