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Xxx pakistsni porn sel pak
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So Jane stood in the dock, crying as she is sentenced to death, for swearing in pubic, any excuse these days. She is 51, her blond hair was tied back off her face and her tears were running down her face.

She was to be taken to the arena, where she would strip off her clothes and be nailed to a plinth by her hands and feet so she would be unable to move. Then she would be ripped apart by two hungry dogs, but that would take at least a day for her to eventually die when they rip out her throat. Jane is led away in handcuffs and taken to the arena.

When she arrives its packed everyone from the town has come to watch her die. The handcuffs are taken off and she is told to get undressed. knowing that she has no choice she starts to obey. Taking off her shoes and her jeans and her top, standing in front of the crown in just her bra and knickers. Again she is told to take them off as the dogs cant eat her underwear as well, crying she takes off her bra, her big tits bouncing free her nipples hard against the chill breeze.

The crowd cheers as she takes off her knickers finally standing naked her shaved pussy finally exposed. Jane is lead to the plinth and told to lay down, her wrist were secured with ropes and her llegs were spread out showing her pussy in all its glory, her ankles were roped down as well.

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At this point she was told that once the dogs had chewed through her ankles and wrists she could be turned over so they could rip her arse to shreds. Sobbing uncontrolably now she watched the executuoner pick up a hammer and nails.

He placeed the first on her left palm and hammered it through securing her hand against the wood. Jane howled in pain as the nail went through her hand, he did the same for her right hand and she was begging for mercy as her ankles were secured in the same way. The ropes were removed nd now she was ready for the dogs. Two German Shepherd dogs were released, and they ran straight for Jane. They sniffed at her and licked her face, then one went between her legs and started to lick at her pussy.

No NO please stop them this isnt right noo she screamed out, even in the dire situation she was in the rough tongue of the dog eas having an effect on her clit. The other dog has started to lick her breasts and nipples sending ripples though Janes body. No please stop dont let it keep doing this please I am gonna cum nooooo she wailed as her body shook.

That first orgasm wasnt her last, as the crowd cheered her moans turned into screams as her sensitve clit throbbed painfully. After about an hour of this torture the dog licking her breasts without warning bit off her nipple and the licking stopped on her pussy. Jane howled and looked in amazement at her breast that now had no nipple.

Before she could react the dog that had been lcking her pussy ripped her other breast off her chest by sinking his teeth ino the soft flesh and shaking his head till it tore free. Poor Jane didnt know what to do, she screamed and at the same time pissed herself making the crowd laugh and jeer at her.

Having liked the taste of Janes nipple, the other dog decided that he would have her other breast and sank his youll find the voluptuous long haired brunette into her flesh ripping her tit from her chest.

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Jane almost ripped her hand free in an effort to push the dog away and was rewarded with a second nail in her right palm She had time to scream and then time to compose herself a little whilst the two dogs ate. She had to lay there and watch them eat knowing that when they had finished they would be back for more of her body. Whilst the dgs were eating the executoner got between Janes legs and pushd his cock into her wet pussy.

Leaning forward he said told her he was going to filll her pussy with cum to make the dogs more likely to eat it next. As he fucked her she cried out in pain fresh tears running down her face, she was in so much pain but also the humiliation of being ripped apart and fucked in public in fromt of the crowd was too much.

The executioner shot his load deep in Janes cunt, he ribbed his cock on her cunt lips and moved away to watch the next part of her torture.

It didnt take long for the dogs to finish eating, and true to his word the first dog horny teens from south park threesomes nostalgia back between Janes legs and started to lick her again.

The other dog took her left arm in his mouth and started to chew through her muscle just below her shoulder, even through her screams it was possible to hear the breaking of the bones in her arm as the dog went to work ripping it from her shoulder and eating the flesh.

It was at this point that the most horrific pain hit Jane between her legs. The dog that had been licking her cunt had ripped her cunt lips off and was now chewing though her clit.

Jane sounded like a wouded animal as her screams cut across the arena Fuck NO she yelled as the dog ripped her pussy apart taking the flesh into his mouth and eat8ing her.

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The dog proceeded to get his teeth into her pussy hole and rip it open so he could break her pelvis and chew the meat from the surrounding area Part two to follow