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Cougar danielle dereks big fake tits seduce a big fat cock naughty america
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A friend and I have both have a boat and we generally alternate whose we go fishing in. We like to keep the people down to less than 4 per boat and most of the time it is just him and I but if others come with us then we generally take both boats. We decided to go out fishing on 31st Dec as it is generally quiet on the water as people are busy getting ready to host or go to New Year's eve parties.

Both his teenage sons said they wanted to come out fishing so we decided to take both boats. We both live in the same suburb so I stopped by his place early in the morning on the way to the boat ramp, Dane his 17 year old son had decided to come with me so he got in my car and off we went.

When we got on the water it was cool in the early morning sun, I had shorts on under track pants and a jacket on over a T shirt so I was okay but Dane had on jeans and only a T shirt so I lent him one of my spare jackets to keep warm. As normal we headed out to slightly different spots on the bay about 2 or 3 kilometres apart with the aim to call each other if the fish started biting. The morning was quiet and we only got a couple of fish.

By lunchtime it had really warmed up so I took my track pants off and my jacket and put sun screen on.

Dane had peeled off the jacket I had lent him and was complaining it was getting too warm. I suggested he drop his jeans off but casual teen sex dirty talking and dirty fucking said he had forgotten to put on shorts under the jeans.

I said fair enough but stop complaining about being warm if you forgot to be prepared joking with him. It wasn't masga sex full big body hot but he kept complaining and then he asked if I would mind if he dropped his jeans as he had boxer type trunks on, I said okay it didn't bother me so in a flash he had his jeans off and was just in tight bright red Bonds trunks. Up until now he was just my mates son and I hadn't even looked at him in any other way, but standing there in his tight red trunks he was really attractive.

His ass was firm and almost a bubble butt and there was a reasonable size bulge in the front.

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I decided to just stop looking lotta big clit top tube porn get on fishing but I sensed he noticed me looking. Fishing was slow and it was the same on Dane's dad's boat from a radio conversation we had had earlier so there was no incentive to move over to where he was.

Dane and I were just talking general things when out of the blue he said he had seen my car several times on the way home from school parked in the carpark at a local park next to his school bus stop. Well this park was a beat I frequented in the afternoon if I left work early as there was a toilet block with a glory hole that was really active with all sorts of people and I nearly always ended up getting blown within 30 minutes of arriving. Obviously not wanting to tell him that I said yes I sometimes stop there to finish a phone call on the way home as the mobile reception at my place was really bad.

He didn't leave it at that and asked if I had ever gone into the toilets. I said yes a few times for a leak. He asked if I knew there was a hole in the wall between the two toilet stalls.

Not wanting to totally lie I said yes I has seen that. He said he had seen it too.

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I wanted to change the conversation as I didn't want to slip that I went there so I faked I saw a bite on my line and focussed on pretending to catch the fish. That worked and the subject got dropped. It was now early afternoon, the water was calm and the nearest other boat was about half a kilometre away.

I called my mate on the radio and he still wasn't doing any better than we were, just a few bites but no fish. I suggested to Dane that we go over where is dad was just for something to do but he said no let's just stick it out here for a bit more. He sounded a bit nervous but I said ok and I went over to the side of the boat and had a leak off the side.

While I still had my back to him Dane blurted out that he had sucked me off through the hole, my head spun with panic, here is my mate's son telling me he had blown me!

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I asked what are you saying and he said he had followed me into the toilet block about a week before and I had put my cock through the glory hole and he sucked it till I blew. I didn't know what to say. I guess he sensed my panic and quickly said he really enjoyed it and would never tell anyone.

I said okay. I started thinking if I could remember the instance but couldn't exactly. Certainly I had had a few good blow jobs over the past few weeks through the glory hole but none that I could connect in any way to Dane. He then got bold, I don't know if he was just horny or he wanted to prove he was going to keep our newly discovered by me secret but he started to stroke his cock through his trucks, he was hard in seconds and the top more than a rubdown bubble butt brunette his cock poked through the waist band, it was glistening and wet with pre-cum.

I was just staring and my cock was growing quickly too, he then moved over to me and started to rub my leg sliding his hand up my shorts leg. My attraction to him took over and I let him pull my shorts down, drop to his knees and slide my cock into his hot mouth.

He was amazing, his mouth was warm almost hot and he was running his tongue around the tip of my cock whilst bobbing his head up and down slowly taking more and more of my cock down his throat. I had to stop him quickly as I was going to unload and I wanted this to last longer than a blow job through a glory hole.

He reluctantly stopped saying he didn't mind if I cum and that he was close too as he had been wanking his cock. I said no and slowly eased his mouth off my cock, I reached down and grabbed his hand to stop him wanking and just rubbed his tight balls curvy black sluts bunny knight and mckenzie sweet he slowed down.

I guess I had forgotten what it was like to be 17 and driven by the urge to cum. We were just standing together now in my boat, me naked from the waist down and his trunks pulled down under his balls.

His cock was flooded with pre-cum and I massaged his tip with my fingers with his own lube. He was really enjoying it and I was enjoying his reaction. I told him to sit on the boat seat and relax his legs to lessen the urge to cum. As he started to sit I pulled his trunks right down and off and his 5" cock was still as hard as a rock. I spread his legs, got down on my knees and started to lick his balls.

From his balls I slowly ran my tongue up and down his shaft and then around the tip of his wet cock. He was squirming and groaning and my cock was throbbing with the pleasure I was giving him.

I slid my mouth over his cock and slowly worked my way down swallowing him down to his balls. He was beside himself with passion now so I kept swaying his legs making sure he wasn't stiffening to cum.

He grabbed my hair and started pulling my head up and down, this 17 year old really knew what he wanted and I was helping him hold on. He cried out for me to stop, he too wanted to make this last and I guess he had realised he was past being able to hold on much longer.

I slowed down and let him come down. His breathing slowed and I stopped. I got up, he stood up and we held each other for a few seconds, cocks touching. I bit him lightly on the neck and he said bite harder as his cock hardened again but I had to stop, I said how is it going to look him getting off my boat with love bites and we laughed. The secret would be out then that would be for sure!

We sat for a little while and talked about the beat. He asked if I had ever had anal, I said no and he said he hadn't either. He asked if I could try putting my cock into him, I said I could try but maybe he amazing pussy and her sticky panties enjoy sex be better off working up to it over time as going from a virgin ass to a pounding from a 7" cock in one go might not be the best way to be introduced into anal.

He agreed. I suggested that perhaps I just work my cock around the opening of his ass japanese teens neck fetish strangle maybe just put the tip in. He was so eager at that suggestion he dropped down onto his hands and knees.

I got up behind him and slowly ran the tip of my cock up and down over his ass hole. My cock was wet with pre-cum so it was lubed, the sensation of the rubbing made my cock flood so it stayed wet. Dane really was getting into it pushing back against the tip of my cock each time it aligned to slide in. I was working my cock tip slowly into his ass, just putting it in and then pulling it out. From his movements I think he was enjoying this as much as I was, I slowly eased more of my cock in and he kept pushing back.

Then just as I was about to start to slowly run my shaft in the radio sprang to life. It was my mate, Dane's dad saying he was pulling anchor and coming over to us. I answered and said okay reluctantly, I could hardly say don't hurry I'm fucking your son.

Dane asked did I want to cum, I said I certainly do and he said if he didn't he was going to have aching balls until I did. It would be about 10 minutes before his dad would get over to us so we both dropped to the floor of my boat in a 69 position and sucked. I wanted him to swallow but I also wanted to see my cum shoot all over him.

I asked him how he wanted to cum and he said he wanted to see his cum all over me too. So it was decided we sucked like crazy, as I swallowed his cock I put my finger into his bum making him squirm. In a couple of minutes he was thrusting aurora snow cumshot compilation lord of cumshots couldn't stop now and neither could I.

We pulled our mouths off each other and started to wank. Dane shot first and to this day I have never seen a squirt like it. He shot a stream about a metre out of cock right into the air and down onto both of us.

I shot seconds later as his hand strangled my cock from his own ecstasy, my cum squirted streams over his T shirt and onto the floor of the boat. We lay there panting for a few seconds but could hear the sound of an approaching boat. We got up, pulled up shorts and trunks, Dane quickly put his jeans back on and wiped up the obvious cum.

Dane's dad was alongside my boat in about another minute, we talked across to each other and decided to call it a day. His dad turned his boat toward the ramp and headed in. Dane went and pulled up my anchor and we followed. As we headed in he was sitting in the seat next to me rubbing his hand up and down my bare leg and up into my shorts grabbing my cock and balls. Because of the noise of the motor we couldn't really talk but actions were better than talk for me.

As we approached the boat ramp he really started to work on my cock, he leant over and shouted above the noise and laughing asking how I was going to get off the boat with hard on. As we approached the ramp I started to think about the last hour. How could a day have started off as a happy fishing day and ended up one of my hottest sex days since I was a teenager. The relationship between Dane and I had changed from being a protector and a friend to now being equal sex partners. My mind was awash with thoughts and emotions.

For years I had wanted to re-live the horny times of my teenage encounters and today it all came back unplanned in a fishing trip. I pulled up to the jetty, we retrieved our boats and headed off home. Dane went with his dad and brother and I went alone. All the way home I couldn't get the afternoon out of xxx story sey an mail black guy mind.

I went over it time and time again in my head.

I could still feel his hands on me and the feel of him on my hands. My cock was hard most of the trip home and my boxers were soaked in precum.

I eventually got home, put the boat away and went inside with my family. I had just finished dinner and had taken a shower when there was a knock at the door. I went and opened it and it was Dane. I said come in, he was in his bike riding lycra which left nothing to the imagination underneath. I think this was the first time he had ever come around by himself and I instantly became a little nervous thinking perhaps he had second thoughts about the afternoon and was going to tell our secret.

I nervously joked with him about not be able to stay away from my fun personality, he laughed and said no and that he thought he had left his good sunglasses in my boat and he needed them for the next day. I said no problem let's go and look. He said goodbye to my family and we went out to the garage where the boat was. I took the baot cover off and we both got in. Where do you think you left them I asked him? He then told the truth that he didn't leave them but he wanted an excuse to come around and see me again and maybe finish getting my full cock up his ass.

Wow this was risky but it sort of turned me on. I stopped looking for the sunglasses that weren't lost and we talked. He said today was the best sex he had ever had and his cum almost blew his balls off. I agreed with him as I hadn't cum that big and hard for years either. Eventually our talking turned to touching and I was stroking his cock through his lycra. I said we don't have much time as my family will get curious and probably come looking to see if we are okay. He agreed it had to be quick but said he had come prepared.

He had grabbed his big brother lube and all he wanted was to feel me all the way in his ass. I said okay but let's be quick. My cock was already hard from rubbing his so I dropped my track pants and he pulled his lycra bike shorts down.

He didn't have any underpants on and his ass was so round and inviting. He passed me the lube, is spread some on my cock and then I covered two fingers with lube and eased butthole of beauty destroyed girlfriend and hardcore into his ass.

He tensed at first and Pretty chick in darksome dress drilled hard could feel his muscles squeezing on my fingers but at the same time his cock was hard and he was wanking it.

I pulled my fingers out and pushed the tip of my cock against his hole, I put my arms around his waist and eased my hips forward pushing my cock into him. He tensed again and started to moan, I had to put my hand over his mouth to keep him quiet. I eventually got balls deep into him and stopped. He was frantically wanking and asked that I bite him again like I did earlier so I bit the back of his neck and he blew a load all over my boat floor.

I eased my cock back out of his ass my cock smothered in lube, precum and ass juice. It was so hot and my balls were aching. He said sorry for cumming on my boat, I told him not to worry about that and that I was more concerned he wasn't hurting from my cock. He said he had better go and I agreed. He then grabbed me around the neck and kissed me that almost freaked me out but it happened so quickly I just kissed back and his embrace was gone.

I walked him to his bike, he said sorry for leaving you horny tonight but made a promise that he would fix that next time we met. Well that happened the next day he was such a teenage sex dynamo.