Xxx pakitani full sex stories xxx

Xxx pakitani full sex stories xxx
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During this entire ordeal I never noticed the DVD camera running! I thought that they didn't know how to use it since it was mine. Boy was I wrong and was I in for a hell of a blackmailing ! It seemed that the entire gang-bang incident between my two step-brothers and their three friends had been planned! I don't know if any of this would have happened had my mom married a white guy but the fact is my step-brothers were black. Their three friends were black and the whole lot of them all were typical horny males, or maybe I could say maniacs!

When I asked Teddy about a week later why in the hell did they have to make a DVD of me being gang-banged he yelled for his brother,"Tommy, can you come here a minute"? Tommy was bigtits ho face jizz bbc interracial and pornstars "wassup"? and Teddy started to tell him about my asking why they had to make a DVD. "I was forced to suck your cocks and never had I been raped let alone gang-banged!

You were even making me say the encouraging things"! "No way", said Teddy.

"It sure looked to me as if you were enjoying the entire situation, after a few short minutes"! With that Tommy left and soon returned with a huge dilldo. He went to the bed and told me to sit next to him and he was going to explain why they had to make a DVD of the gang-bang.

"Sis, first of all we won't ever hand over the original copy of the DVD we made. You are now putty in our hands and today we are going to make another DVD". I was shocked! "What ? You mean you two are going to make another DVD of me"? The looks on their faces left no question actually but I thought I'd at least try. "Please you two. What the hell is this really all about"? As I was asking my other step-brother Tommy had the camera and was setting it up, again! Teddy had me still next to him on the bed when he said, "ok sis, time for some action.

Get stripping looking at the cameratrying to get out of it by asking why", tanned brazilian beauteous babe rides hard weenie soon the dildo was being lubed up. Teddy managed to get his jeans off and had a grin on his face. "Keep begging sis for us not to do this but it's going to happen.

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Now get sexy brunette nurse hardcore action with patient your knees and start sucking my cock first then Tommy will be next. I was on my knees and decided not to beg anymore since that was going to be useless. Besides, the dildo they had I had never seen or tried before and now I was wondering how much bigger than their cocks it might be since it looked bigger but not by much.

"ok sis' lay on the floor while Tommy refocuses the camera". When Tommy had done this I was handed the dildo. "And what am I supposed to do with this monster cock? You actually want me to fuck this?" "That's is exactly what you are going to do and Teddy gets to watch while you bang yourself and suck my cock at the same time." I hesitantly took ahold of the dildo and massaged my clit a bit when I began sucking Tommy's cock which already was semi-hard and then the dildo was slipping into my pussy.

Istopped and got adjusted so to say to the dildo and began somne slow in and out movement.Tommy was pulling his cock out of my mouth and telling me to keep fucking myself with my knew favorite toy and try not to blink as I was made to stare into the camera. I was starting to enjoy this dildo and got braver and was doing myself a bit faster.

"See, Teddy? I told you the slut would fuck herself good since she enjoys anything now big and hard." Damn they were right! I don't know how they knew all this but I knew that they were going to use the DVD against me if I didn't do whatever they wanted me to do, from now on.

The other thing I knew I was actually liking this dildo even if it was hust a bit bigger then their cocks, maybe a whole inch more in length.

I was nearing my first climax and Teddy told me to wait until he was gagging me with his cock again while I had to resume sucking his cock. "You suck me and then keep banging yourself except when I tell you all the way in it is the dildo I mean, I can fuck your mouth myself and put my cock all the way in and half way down your throat if I want", he chuckled.

"ok, start to hump it while I hold the dildo and then let's see if you can make yourself cum. Tommy be sure to keep the view finder on her face and pussy. This should be good". Pretty soon as he had some drippage from his cock I was trying to hump for all I was worth and suddenly I grabbed the dildo myself and rammed it in to the hilt and held it there. I was squirting and they knew I had orgasmed as they knew quite a bit about me already damn it.

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They knew I was horny when they entered my bedroom. They knew I could suck a number of cocks and swallow all the cum they or anybody shot down my throat.

They now knew I could cum with this huge dildo. I was their slut, their DVD slut. The guys where no match for me ever since the first DVD was made and now I was actually enjoying their using me like this. I didn't care, they had huge cocks, they were nice enough to get a huge cock-like dildo for me to bang myself with and have squirting orgasms and never had any of them or their friends shot their creamy loads actually in my pussy,just down my throat.

They all seemed to like this and as I was thinking about this I felt another cock explode in my mouth!