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Mother eat daughter creamy pussy juice ejakulation real incest
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It's fifteen after eleven in the morning and I'm sitting in the park with a mysterious new friend who is all bundled up for the cold. The face is covered in a scarf, a hood covering their head, even gloves and a pair of sunglasses covering the remaining skin. I'm beginning to wonder about the people I'm supposed to meet. Confused at my looking around my friend shakes my sleeve to gain attention and motions for phone, I pull my phone out to call Kyle.

My call goes almost straight to voicemail, I scowl a little and send off a text message asking where he is and that he's late. The reply takes a minute or so to come in but I can see the smug look on his face as he sent it, 'I'll be there as soon as I'm not busy taking care of important business, just wait a little longer'. I'm fuming mad but my silent friend takes my hand and calms me down when another text comes in, its Liz saying that all teams are on standby and awaiting my word.

I show all the text messages to my friend who solemnly nods in agreement. I give the go order to Liz and rest my head in my hands, I gave them the chance. Mathilda 11:20 a.m. Okay I'm sitting in the mall food court with Hanna, Hanna who can't lay down a pick to save her life and I'm supposed to take out four girls with her. I recognize the two blonds, Sara and Karmin.

Both are cheerleaders who practices abstinence but that's because girls don't count to them. The black girl in their group is Arisha, bad attitude and loves to show it. Also I'm pretty sure she's the one who used the lighter on Tracy's hair.

It's the last girl I'm not so sure about, Asian and does more listening then talking. The big difference she's not one who looks like she's going to move somewhere that isn't safe. Hanna slides up next to me in the chair with no subtlety. "Okay I got the word from Liz that we're a go. I also checked the bathroom at the end of the food court, it's clear and away from everything," Hanna tells me eagerly," How we gonna get the bitch brigade in there?" I shrug at the question; honestly I don't know how we're going to get them over there.

I'm way out of my league with all this warfare talk. I mean his dad gave me some good pointers but what do I do in a fight with four people? "I got it, just get to the bathroom and wait behind the door for them," Hanna says smiling as she heads across the way to one of the Asian food lots. The girl is gonna get hurt but I figure she's got a plan and I'll bail her out if she's not there in three minutes.

I walk as fast as I can without drawing attention and get inside the ladies restroom. Church is still going so the mall isn't as busy as it will be in an hour or so.

I get myself behind the door and find myself shaking a little at what can happen next. I cute teen marsha may gets drilled and facialized pornstars hardcore feet running in my direction and wait patiently as someone comes flying into the ladies room with more footfalls behind.

I hear them slow down right in front of the door and voices start in. "You fucking bitch, you think it's funny to spill a soda all in my hair," must be Arisha," Well we ain't in school and there's no teachers to save you from us." "Yeah well maybe I don't need to get three friends just to fight one person," Hanna says across the restroom. "Miki, close and lock the door. We get to do punish a little bitch today," Arisha orders to what I think is the Asian girl.

I watch the door move away from me to close and the Asian girl sees me for a second as I miley cyrus cum tribute compilation her throat and use her to slam the door shut and watch her fall to the guard fucked bitch her account here floor afterwards. I lock the door and see Hanna across the room and the three girls finally turn to see me. I grab Karmin and slam her head against the counter with a hard thud.

I see Arisha start to move until Hanna jump on her back and try to choke Arisha with her arms around the neck. I turn to look at Sara when something softer than a fist hits me in the face.

I finally look and see Sara holding her purse and everything Guy's dad told me comes flooding back. Left hand grab opponent by the throat, when her hands come up to remove my hand use my right fist to take the wind out with a straight shot to the gut, as she doubles over remove hand from neck and bring my elbow down on the back of her skull. I'm standing there a little confused as I'm now standing over Sara's unconscious body when reality hits me with what I just did.

Hanna and Arisha are still struggling and I wait till Arisha's head is facing me before dropping her with a wide swing to the face. Hanna gets up from the floor with where she fell with Arisha and start to look around at the mess I just made. "Holy shit you dropped all four of them," Hanna says a little shocked but smiling. "Lock the door, we need to figure out what to do next," I tell Hanna moving the girls into the handicapped stall.

"Don't worry; I have been seeing Natty for a week now," Hanna says helping me with Miki," She's got some really hardcore shit on her computer." "Seeing as in you two are a couple," I ask dropping Miki's feet. "Not really seeing like that, we just hang out and sometimes have sex," Hanna replies pulling out an exacto knife and duct tape from her pockets.

I stand confused at what Hanna said for a moment before helping with a strip down of the girls. Mostly it involves me holding them up as Hanna pulls them out of their clothing and then we start the binding process, wrists to the hand bar around the stall and interlinked with each other save for Arisha. I wanted this bitch since I heard she burn Tracy's hair and I figure that box knife could come in handy for more than cutting clothes and tape.

I step back and survey the whole scene; Sara, Miki and Karmin all with their hands taped to the safety bar around the actual wall of the stall in that order. I did the hands behind their heads and laced in their hair to keep them from struggling too much and taped Sara's left leg to Miki's right one and Karmin's right leg to Miki's left.

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All of them are stripped except for their panties and Hanna somehow used their bras as a gag to keep them from making too much noise. Arisha is different; we had to bind her to the toilet with her hands done to the same bar but her feet we managed to tape together with her pants behind the toilet. All girls are left with their tits exposed and finally I see Hanna start to begin with the wake up.

"Alright bitches it's time to rise and shine," Hanna says shaking each one awake. They're all a little groggy from me knocking them around but it doesn't take too long for them to start trying to talk with the 'gags' in their mouths and struggle against the tape on their extremities. They're confused and afraid, I'm glad they are because I'm starting to feel a little nervous about what we're going to do.

Hanna starts looking in between the two blondes, Sara and Karmin, with a little confusion. "Okay so which one of you is the bitch," Hanna asks getting muffled responses," I need only one to answer." Sara on the left end starts to move her head over in Karmin's direction, Hanna smiles and shows Miki the tape and exacto knife.

A little more panic and finally Hanna get's Miki's attention grabbing the hair on the top of her head. "Listen to me bitch, you tell me who's the bitch between them and I promise you that you'll get the first chance to get free," Hanna tells her calmly," Now who is the bitch in their relationship?" Miki is a lot more honest and nods towards Sara getting a smile from Hanna who is enjoying the situation a little bit.

I watch as she cuts a strip of duct tape off and holding it adhesive side facing Miki she pulls her panties open and applies the tape to the front of Miki's pussy. "You got a lot of hair down there girl so just think of this as a Brazilian and you'll only bleed a little bit," Hanna says looking to Sara," Now for you bitch, I am going to do to you what every bottom hates." I turn my attention to Arisha who is watching us with a glare on her face, I pull her face to see me and slap her tit hard getting a muffled groan out of her.

I grab the tit again and hold it up and raise my other hand, immediately she winces in pain before I even hit her. I wait for her eyes to open. "Bitch you better drop that glare out of your eyes. I'm in charge here, understood," I tell her quietly getting a nod. I get my attention back to Hanna who is struggling with Karmin who is using her free leg to keep Hanna from getting at her pussy.

I get down and grab Karmin's leg by the ankle and pull it up and out helping to spread her wide open, Hanna starts to chuckle a little bit. "Well slutty panties must be the rage for the moralists this season," Hanna chuckles pulling Karmin's panties aside. I watch Hanna lick her fingers before using the tips and working her middle and ring finger into Karmin's pussy. Karmin goes rigid at the invasion and I have to use both hands to hold her leg in place I can see Hanna's hand going slowly as she explores Karmin's pussy.

Suddenly Karmin's body goes rigid for a moment and Hanna looks up at me with a smile before moving to the side over Miki. Hanna starts to rapidly thrust her fingers in and out of Karmin's pussy filling the restroom with the sound of her hand smacking into her pussy.

"Oh god you don't let her finger you much at all, I wish Heather would have let us bring Guy," Hanna tells me smiling," He'd love to fuck this pussy." "Well Heather is the one who said they needed to be the examples so everyone else learns how to act properly," I reply in a lie to Hanna. I can see the shock in chesty secretary lennox luxe gets her pussy ruined pornstars and hardcore girl's faces at the thought of Heather setting them up.

It's working but Hanna is more interested in her new toy as I watch Karmin start to tense up with an orgasm. Quietly Karmin starts moaning into her 'gag' and I watch as her body betrays her as she starts pushing her pussy onto Hanna's fingers.

I watch as Karmin's body tries to relax but Hanna is possessed and is ebony teen train man milk cookies and tiny Karmin's pussy harder and faster than before. The other girls start to whimper and moan but Karmin is getting louder as I get to watch Hanna take her over the top.

Karmin is shaking hard and her eyes are rolling up in her head as the next orgasm hits and all of us watch as she starts to squirt all over Hanna's hand and arm then onto the far wall and floor. Hanna is and finally stops to watch Karmin come down from her orgasm.

I've never seen anyone shoot off like that but Hanna is the one with lesbian cred, I let go two punk bitches and one big rod Karmin's leg and as it hits the tiled floor with a light smack watch Hanna move over to Sara and start to rub her girlfriends cum on her face and hair.

"See bitch, I can make her cum like you can't," Hanna says wickedly as Sara tries to squirm away. "Hanna, give me the knife," I tell Hanna getting an odd look from her and a fearful one from the rest of the girls. Hanna hands it off and I push the blade out taking a place in front of Arisha. She can see the blade and where normally she's staring me down the little bitch has some fear in her eyes.

I grab the hair on the side of her head and start to 'shave the lion'. The whole restroom has gone from moaning in orgasm to crying in shame and fear in a matter of a minute as I move to the other side or Arisha's head and proceed to finish my turn as a hairstylist.

I step back and show Arisha the clumps of hair I have in my hand and honestly think her new hairstyle came out of something you'd see from Katy.

Hanna stands back and moves the girl's clothing pile into view as I take center stage. "Heather wanted the four of you to learn your fucking place and to be honest she told Guy to have us do some seriously fucked up shit," I tell the girls with all of them glaring at me indignantly," Don't believe me, ask yourselves this.

How did we know exactly where you'd be, wife rubs pussy on cam for first time if you are so close as group?" I watch the glares change to shock; I start to put away the blade but stop and crouch down in front of Miki. "That I did for Tracy," I tell her pointing at Arisha," This is the mercy we show people where I'm from." I pull the gag from her mouth and put the handle of the knife in her mouth; I watch her clench down and lightly nod her head.

"Well leave the bathroom and once we're gone you can free yourselves," Hanna tells the girls stepping out. "You ever breathe a word of this and next time Guy will come find you," I tell them quietly," After all, Guy is the only one that Heather wants anyway right? I mean, she never wanted anyone to go after him. She wanted him protected." I close the stall door and get about ten feet out of the bathroom when I see Hanna squaring off with Heather's enforcer who looks shocked to see us.

"Masha," I ask trying to remember her name. "You are one of Guy's women," Masha responds taking her eyes off of Hanna. "How do you two know each other," Hanna says looking between us. "She's Devin's girlfriend, and Guy's woman on the inside," I tell Hanna moving past and getting clear of the bathroom. I don't waste time getting into the parking lot and I see Allison there in my car waiting for us but she starts pointing behind me.

I turn and see Masha following us with an expectant look on her face. "This is the big plan isn't it," Masha asks me as I hear Hanna getting into the back of my car.

"Yes, what did Devin tell you," I ask her. "To stay home and only leave when he called me. I am not weak and when I tried to see him today they told me he was at the mall but here I find you," Masha says a little lost in the situation. "I think you're done with Heather and her people as of right now," I tell her smiling," Come on, let's go give Devin a surprise." We get into the car and on the way to Johnny's I explain Masha's situation to Hanna and Allison who like the change in the situation.

Allison tells me its noon and relays to Liz that our task is complete. I wonder how the others are doing with their assignments. Devin 11:55 a.m. I'm at some park where the kids just stand around and watch each other play on skateboards. I'm watching Natsuko from behind a shed or something, I really don't know how she's supposed to help me when I've got three people to drop and I'm pretty sure I can only take one of them. She's just relaxing while I stand here lurking like some cattle rustler.

I see the tall Asian kid that Guy was talking to, I think he called him Hao, he's got two buddies but they're more interested in their boards than anything around them. I'm standing here for about twenty minutes before I finally see Natsuko start heading away from the park and into a back lot. I soon as she walks past Hao and his boys they notice her, short jean shorts with black leggings and a hooded denim jacket with patches I don't recognize. She's walking to the spot she told me about and I can see Hao and the other two following her at a distance, what amazes me more is that they're staring at her and not at me.

It's only a couple minutes from the park and sure enough I have to duck behind a dumpster just to keep the three from noticing me.

All of them have on pads for skating; Hao's two friends are both white, one with a shaved head and the other sporting some weird Mohawk or something.

"Dude are you sure that's Jun's sister," Mohawk asks Hao. "Yeah man, she's hot too. I say we get over there and have us some fun," Hao tells his buddies probably smiling.

"But what about Kyle, didn't he tell you to get close to Guy and his people," The bald one asks. "Doesn't matter now, Kyle's got Guy where he wants him.

He's meeting with him today and apparently Guy wants 1 time sex sex stories rep ebony talk peace," Hao says as I hear him round the corner. I poke my head out and see Hao and his buddies have left their spot. I move up and peek around the corner, two dumpsters on either side and the back wall is a boarded off building. Natsuko has spotted all three of them and is backing up a little further into the alley.

"Hao what are you guys doing here," I hear Natusko asks feigning fear. "Getting me some rebel pussy, don't worry, if you take care of all three of us we won't smack you around or anything," Hao says chuckling. I'm feeling pissed off, I move up till I'm about five feet behind the three of them. Natsuko is backed up to the far wall when she smiles wickedly.

"I have to ask did you guys bring protection," She says staring at me. I watch the one on my left, shaved head; turn just in time to see my hand going for his throat. I get hold of his neck and use my other hand to grab him by the crotch of his pants before lifting him over my head and throw him head first into the dumpster. I am blinded, something hit me but I don't know what it was.

I put my hand on my head and pull it away to see blood; I look and see Hao holding his skateboard. I straighten up and I finally understand Guy when he goes all crazy, taking bad Mohawk by the hair I slam his head into the dumpster. Over and over again I keep slamming his head against the dumpster till I lose my grip.

I'm still seeing red as Hao and Natsuko stare at me in awe. "You… hit… me…," is all I can say glaring at Hao. "Dude I'm so sor…," is as far as Hao can get before I palm his head. Asian wonder boy is pawing at my hand when I latch the second one onto his the back of his head and start to squeeze. I feel him squirming, then a light crunch from his nose, then he just stops moving all together. I drag Hao to the dumpster with shaved horny babe tiffany jade felling hot and horny for hard pole and watch as shaved head starts to pull himself up and out of the dumpster.

He sees me and my only response is to slam my fist into his face, I feel a little give as he hits the trash in the dumpster. I deposit Hao and bad Mohawk in the dumpster before closing the lid and heading for my truck. It takes me a second but I realize that Natsuko is following me quietly. "Are you okay," I ask holding the bloody lump on my head. "You just went 'Guy' on them," Natsuko tells me with some awe. "I don't know what I did. How bad was it," I ask boosting Natsuko into my truck.

I have Natsuko give Liz the news on our end before heading to Johnny's like planned. Natsuko is quiet for a while but I'm not going to ruin the mood, I did it. I took out three people and have a witness, I gotta make something up for my parents but I'll ask someone to help with that after I get bandaged up. We pull into the front lot of Johnny's and I see Mathilda is here along with Jun and his group.

As soon as we're out of the truck everyone is trying to sit me down so they can patch up my head. I stopped bleeding halfway here and start to just wave everyone off when I hear a voice I didn't expect. "Devin, sit down and let them patch up your head," Masha tells me coming out of one of the trailers.

I want to be tough but Masha takes me by the hand over to a ashley adams getting wet with ashley like a puppy and sits me down so Mathilda can clean me up. My coat and leah gotti porn full sex stories are stained and for some reason I'm being told to strip down so they can be cleaned up as well.

I start to resist when Masha again leads me off to a trailer. I can hear people inside and Guy's friend Johnny heads in first to clear it out marsha may push ups or squats we can go inside. Masha sits me down on a couch/bed thing and I finally get out of my jacket and shirt before covering up with my arms, I am sitting on the blanket and there are pillows like people sleep here.

Masha comes turns back towards me and cocks her head at me confused before coming over to me on the couch thing. I'm looking up at the first girl I've ever kissed or touched and I'm half naked and embarrassed when she uses her hand to close my eyes. I can hear some rustling and finally feel Masha's hands pulling mine away from my chest before I am pushed against the back of the couch. I can feel Masha sitting in my lap and when I open my eyes I can see she's taken her top off.

"You were so nervous the other night. Do you not like me? Is that why we didn't make love," Masha asks quietly. "I'm not very attractive M," I tell her quietly. "Why you say this the hottest babe caught on webcam continue on mycyka com I am someone who does not know you?

You are large and strong, you have soft kind face and pretty eyes," my girlfriend tells me quietly pulling my head to her chest. We sit quietly when I finally raise my head and kiss her, it's soft and sweet like I hoped it would be this time around for us. Masha breaks the mood confusing me as she gets up off my lap and starts to take off her jeans. Masha's frame is more muscle and less girl than even Mathilda but even her small breasts and well defined build have me harder than when I saw a few of the punk girls having sex at the rally a few nights back.

Masha's fully bare and I can see her smile as my face must be in total shock but it's when she starts to undo my jeans I try to help her by standing up. We get my pants and underwear down before Masha sits my bare ass back down and finishes undressing me.

I watch like a fool as she leans me back and starts to sit on my xxx story sey an mail black guy, I can feel her hand touching my thing and I'm honestly the hardest I've been in my life.

It hits me like a shock that there are so many things we're not doing that I try to stop Masha from jumping the gun. "Baby, there is more that we can do before this," I say nervously trying to halt her advance. "My love we will have time for that. Now I will have you inside me," Masha whispers determined.

I feel my head start to press inside Masha, it's warm and so tight but I'm barely inside and the feeling is awesome. I feel like I'm touching a live wire as my beautiful girlfriend continues to press herself onto me.

Masha's eyes are closed and she seems very intense as we've stopped with me only half way inside her, I watch as she bites her lip and I feel a rush as warm womanhood slams down to my hips and engulfs my manhood with tight warmth I am learning to love. Masha sits still shaking a little and the only thing I can think of is how badly I want to start moving but with her pinning my hips to the seat I am stuck waiting on her. Finally she leans back and looks down at our hips; I follow her gaze and see a little blood.

I panic slightly but seeing her face and the smile she has starts to calm me down. "I am a woman now, my love.

Now let's make a man out of you," My beautiful Russian girl whispers. My hands are on Masha's hips as she starts to move up and down my member, I take my mind off the blood and feel a shiver up and down my body as she moves.

It's so warm and tight that I'm worried I might have hurt her when she pushed me all the way into herself. Masha keeps her pace slow and leans me all the way back before kissing me hard this time. I can feel my blood pumping through my body and I feel like I'm going to explode when I grab Masha's hips and help her slam our bodies together. I'm in a rush and Masha's biting my lip a little but we're hard bent into each other when I bolt hits me and I watch as Masha's head rolls back and I feel like everything I had just drained out of my manhood and into my girl.

My girlfriend keeps moving lightly but I'm spent out and in the happiest moment of my life. Masha finally relaxes on me and I hear the door pop open and a head pop in as she turns around and starts yelling at the 'visitor' in Russian.

The door slams shut and we both start to chuckle as Masha gets off of me and starts to clean us up. I find a cloth to wipe my member down with and watch as Masha transforms the couch thing into a bed and lies down under covers. "Come lay with me my man. We will hold each other and be loved today," Masha says sweetly with her accent. I crawl in after my now confirmed girlfriend, we don't have to hide anymore and that along with us losing our virginity to each other has me feeling like nothing in the world could ruin this day.

I have to thank Guy when I see him for his help and ask him how he keeps from finishing so soon. I have great friends. Jun 11:05 a.m. I have the horniest girlfriend ever. I'm sitting in the back of Tracy's car while we wait for Isaac to figure out when Taylor is getting out of his church and where he's going afterwards, however Lilly is not so patient and has me leaned back against the door with my penis out in the open.

Her hand is warm to the touch but I'm more worried looking around to see if anyone can see us. Lilly's wet mouth replaces her warm hand hija adolescente con la madre y el I'm finding myself less concerned about other people and refocus on her. She has a jean skirt on with white leggings and a sleeveless blouse to match. Slowly she's working up and down my length making sure she has my full 'attention'. "I think you're hard enough," Lilly tells me pulling her mouth off and moving onto her back.

I watch as she spreads her meaty legs and pulls the white thong panties she's wearing aside giving me a familiar view. She's been shaving her vagina more since Guy and I gave her a threesome but thankfully she's also not pressured me since he helped me give her a good fucking.

I get a condom rolled on and get on top of Lilly as she uses a hand to guide me into her. It's still tight inside Lilly but the condom keeps me from feeling everything else as I start to thrust in and out of her vagina. Lilly's eyes are closed with quiet contentedness as I keep an even pace and she kisses me as our faces get close.

I'd rather abella anderson with ninpolla fuck be at a home and in a bed so we can move around more but it's still kind of kinky to think that if Tracy found out tera gets her cunt plunged with style we did in her car she'd kick my ass. I can feel Lilly start getting close to her first orgasm and speed up my efforts when Lilly starts to slow my hips down.

Delicately she backs me out of her before starting to pull the condom off of me, I stop her quickly. "No Lilly we're not going without a condom," I tell her in a quiet tone. "Why not, it's not like Guy gave me a disease or anything and I'm on the pill," Lilly retorts getting upset," Why can't we have sex like everyone else seems to?" "Baby it makes me nervous, I've told you this before," I tell her trying not to spoil the mood.

"Junichi you will take that condom off and treat me like a real girlfriend and stop making me think you're saving that for the real woman you plan to be with," Lilly snaps a little emotional at me.

I pull my hands back from hers and let Lilly take the condom off of me and quickly she pulls me back inside her. The sheer difference in sensation is astounding; I went from feeling just the tightness and a little warmth to the full wetness of Lilly's womanhood.

The first thrust in has us both gasping and I can't seem to stop pressing harder and faster into her. Lilly's hands are holding my face when I feel her legs wrap around my butt. I'm pushing harder and faster and while I love it Lilly is moaning loudly as I start to feel my orgasm coming on. "I know you're coming honey, don't pull out," Lilly pleads. I'm a little nervous as she tells me to stay inside but at the last thrust my orgasm over takes me and I'm groaning as I release my seed into my beautiful girlfriends warm wet womanhood.

I keep pushing and after a few moments start to relax when Lilly kisses me again. This kiss is much more passionate than the last one and I'm wrapped up in her arms for what feels like forever. Finally breaking the kiss we start to clean up and get our clothes back on properly. "Now that we have that out of the way no more condoms," Lilly tells me a little sternly but cute.

"I just don't want to take the risk yet baby, it's not that what we just did wasn't unbelievable it's just me wanting to play it safe with us until after college," I reply to her but focusing my attention outside the car. "Well I said no and that's final. Besides I already spoke with your mom and if I get pregnant it'll be fine," Lilly tells me causing me to choke in shock.

I am about to go into a freaked out tirade when I see Isaac come running out of the church and hop into the car. Quickly he starts up the engine and we're down heading down the road before I can ask what is going on. "Taylor left early, found out Kyle and Guy were meeting and he's setting up an ambush with the last two guys on Guy's list," Isaac says peeling down a side road and into downtown.

"Okay so what's the plan," Lilly asks getting ready. "He's on a bus then he's gonna wait behind a couple old business for the others," Isaac says rushing us to either a car accident or our target. We're quiet as Isaac gets us into the heart of downtown and we even pass Guy who is sitting at a table with someone who looks cold and katy perry xxx porn storys up.

I few turns and Lilly is the one who spots Taylor ducking into an alley. "Pull into the alley," I tell Isaac.

He nods and we get in the alley and all of us see Taylor staring at the car confused. I motion for Lilly and Isaac to wait in the car as I get out and as soon as Isaac sees me he starts with the insults.

"Hey it's the slanty eyed side kick. Where's your boss," Taylor asks looking into the car. "Don't need him here for this. It's just you and me," I tell him getting in front of the car and face him. "Really, you actually fight? I thought you were too pussy to get your hands dirty," Taylor sneers.

I don't waste time playing around and rush him, grabbing his shirt and wrestling him down to the ground. He grapples me back and we roll around trying to get the advantage before I let a hand go and punch him in the face, I feel pain in my hand as I crack his glasses into his face.

I feel him let a hand go and it connects with my ribs again and again. I am losing it and using my free hand grab his head and jam my thumb into his eye. Taylor stops punching and starts clawing at my hand to get it off his face. I roll on top and try to push harder into his flesh, I haven't broken the skin but he's hurting and getting more aggressive as I use my free hand to grab one of Taylor's hands and get it pinned under my leg.

Now one hand down I can feel Taylor scrambling with one hand trying to pull me off and the other to get free. A sharp pain in my leg swings the tide and I lose my grip on Taylor's face when it's followed by a second and a third pain get me to roll off and I look to see that I'm bleeding through my pants. Taylor lunges on top of me with a small folding knife, like a Swiss army knife, and I barely grab his wrists to keep the blade from going into my face.

"You stupid little rice eating fuck, I'm gonna carve my name into your face after I cut your fucking heart out," Taylor gloats trying to put his whole body weight behind the blade. I'm losing my strength with this and he's angling the blade towards my throat, I'll be dead in a matter of seconds is what my anatomy classes keep telling me as I start to panic and desperately push back to save myself.

I go from struggling against Taylor's need to kill me to watching Isaac beat him with a tire iron from the car, in the commotion he must have gotten it and was waiting for me to need his help. Lilly is out as well and is helping me up and Isaac has Taylor down on his face and pinned. "Lilly help me over," I tell my shocked girlfriend. I'm limping and bleeding but I have to tough it out, this fucker has been gunning for me and it's my time to make people fucking scared of me for a change.

"Lilly hold Taylor's arm out," I tell her balancing on the wall of the alley. Lilly let's me go and after a brief struggle her and Isaac get Taylor's right arm straightened out and flat on the ground. I limp around so that Taylor can see me as I look down at him. "You want to kill me but unlike Kyle and Heather, Guy doesn't send us out alone. Now you fuck I was just gonna kick your ass and leave it but you fucking stabbed me," I tell Taylor quietly. "I'm gonna fucking slit your throat," Taylor grunts struggling against my girlfriend and Isaac.

I keep my hand on the wall and test my leg stretching it for a second before bringing the heel of my hiking boot down onto Taylor's hand. Isaac covers his mouth so his screams are muffled but I am more feeling it as every time I stamp down my hip lights up in pain. Somewhere in the stomping Lilly grabs me and pushes me against the wall.

"Baby we need to go, you're done here," My sweet girlfriend tells me quietly. I look and see Taylor's hand is bloody and a bone is sticking out from the side of it in a grisly monument to my rage. Lilly helps me into the car and Taylor proceeds to drive us back to Johnny's. We're back before everyone else and as soon as the car stops Isaac starts yelling for a first aid kit and thankfully Johnny comes running with a duffel back full of supplies.

I let one of Johnny's friends pack my stab wounds with gauze after Lilly helps me take down my pants. The whole time I'm being bandaged up she sits there holding my hand quietly. I my disinfecting and bandaging gets done just before Mathilda and her girl brigade bring in Masha, Heather's bodyguard, into the yard. Everyone goes on defense but Matty speaks with Johnny and I nod in agreement from my seat before turning my attention back to Lilly who is too quiet.

"Baby I'm gonna be okay," I tell her quietly," I'll be walking and moving just fine in a few weeks." "I hope so, I'm getting horny as hell after watching you fuck him up I may need to have you finger me or something soon," Lilly tells me with a wicked smile.

I chuckle and remind myself: Horniest Girlfriend Ever. Katy 11:55 a.m. I am literally standing in front of the worlds horniest guys with absolutely no balls. I'm at a comic shop in downtown in the shortest shorts I own and no leggings with one of Kori's bras on pushing my girls up high enough to lick the tops of them, I'd wear it for Guy but I'm trying to get the last two guys on the list to notice me.

The button up sleeveless top and heeled boots has me cold every time I get near a door and my nipples are like rocks because of it. Only four other guys in the store and creepy comic book guy with the bald spot, friar tuck hair and girl's lip gloss seems to be the only one who wants to talk to me. "So priceless fuck with smart luscious girl girlfriend hardcore like DC comics?

I'm a fan of the old Batgirl, she was so much more realistic than the assassin girl they brought in," creepy comic man tells me as I'm apparently in this mature loves big black cock up her pussy DC section.

"Not really sure about who is in what comics," I tell him looking over at my targets before turning my attention back to him," Do you have anything with nudity? I need to pick something up for a friend." "No we don't sell a nude comic here, that's more of a specialty," He tells me licking his lips," I can have the boss order it for you when she gets in." I walk around the counter and step past my targets Derek and Michael, the black kid is the one going through the comics more but as soon as the larger white friend with black hair slicked back notices me shake my ass I have his attention.

"What about these statues," I say to creepy guy bending over at the waist. "Those are busts," I can hear the guy snicker as he's probably more focused on my ass than what I'm looking at," And they don't come in nudes either Miss?" "Miss? Miss Demeanor, Miss Behavior, or how about Miss 'So out of your league you'd need to start having sex with animals before you'd ever touch my dirty socks'," I tell creepy guy standing up and facing him with my full on attitude," Now do you have a store in the area that I can get what I'm looking for or are you just jerking me around." I watch the comic creeper step back behind his counter and looking through some numbers.

I get back to looking at statues, more like looking at the guys behind me in the reflection and while the black guy is watching it's his friend that that is taking the initiative.

"Hey are you looking for something hot or just browsing," Derek gets out with the worst pick up I've heard in over a year. "Actually I'm looking for something hot and hard," I reply turning on him and I see a little confidence waver before continuing," My problem is my girlfriends would get jealous if I only brought one guy to play with." I get out the door and head back to where Imelda is waiting with my coat and her bike.

I'm about half way up the parking lot when I hear people coming up behind me. "So if I brought a friend would your girlfriends be down for hanging out," I hear Derek ask catching up. "Depends on what's hanging out," I say waving Imelda over," See I play with my food, I'm not fair and I will leave marks." "Hey I can give as good as I get babe," Derek tells me with some swagger. "Who are the boys," Imelda asks coldly handing me my coat," I don't think she's going to want company." "Oh come on, they're party favors and I got one that wasn't white for you," I tell her pleading," He'll even let you toy with him." I watch as the black guy, Michael eyes up Imelda's tight body before nodding in agreement.

I pull my coat on and we give the boys the image of me riding behind Imelda voyeur livecam h de partout avec un vrai couple amateur I put on my helmet and we start to leave. I look behind us to see them running to a van and hopping inside, I tap Imelda and we're down heading down the road to the meet up point with Kori and Ben. It's a bit of a trip but we're at an old pump house in a more barren neighborhood that never got fully developed.

Imelda and I hop off the bike and start to head inside when our 'friends' pull up in the van. "What the fuck are we doing here," Busty babe raylene has a huge rack big boobs pornstar asks confused. "Do the best parties happen where the adults are," Imelda asks plainly.

I see him thinking but when she starts unzipping her riding coat and show's she has a bikini top only underneath you can see the thoughts change almost immediately. The door is open and waiting for us inside somewhere is Hottest tramp in the west gets fucked. We lead the moron twins from another mother inside the pump house, it's not big until you get to the underground where some of the machinery is but for me this is almost a rave spot.

Our friends are a little spooked by the low light and shadows but I take a little initiative and back my ass up against Derek to keep him 'focused'. "Relax, we've been here before and it's perfectly safe," I whisper to him grinding back," You're not scared of a little darkness are you." "No babe, I'm good to go," Derek tells me feigning confidence.

"Good, I will make sure our friend is wanting visitors," I hear Imelda whisper joining the conversation," She's a little shy but she is gonna love you two." Michael and Derek are damn near drooling as Imelda's tight little ass heads into a room and I hear talking from inside. Its a few moments and I see Imelda wave me over and I leave our boys behind to see what she's got planned. Quietly she hands me a stun gun and we give the boys a smile welcoming them over.

We let the boys get in front of us and I can finally see the room, candles are all lit up and there are some curtains with two silhouettes behind them, shapely girl and a guy standing upright against the wall. Derek looks at me and I nod for him to go forward. "Hey baby, we were told you like a good party with hot guys," Derek says pulling back the curtain before the shock hits him," WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!?" I didn't think Kori would pull anything like this but I must say she's got a flare for the dramatic like Guy does.

Ben is in the room and bound somehow to a wall with a gag in his mouth and covered in blood while Kori is standing there holding a knife and wearing an apron. "Sisters you brought me something special today," Kori says smiling," Remember me boys?" I can only imagine the horror on their faces but as soon as they turn Imelda and I shock the shit out their asses with the stun guns.

Both hit the ground when I turn my attention to Ben who pulls his hands out in front of himself and takes his gag off. "Okay that was just creepy seeing you like that Ben," I tell him shaking off the image.

"Kori wanted to scare them badly, I just figured something like Texas chainsaw massacre would be right up her alley," Ben says pulling down the curtain.

We get our prep work started, which mostly consists of clearing out all our stuff and stripping the guys down to their underwear and while Derek isn't bad of in the package department Michael proves to me that even black guys have smaller cocks. We leave only one light on and taking their clothes shut the door and wait for our guests to wake up.

It doesn't take too much longer but the what happened and where are we are out of the way quickly when they feel cold and mostly naked before Kori decides to start talking to them through the eye slat in the door. "You boys do remember me right?

You beat me with belts and one of you even said you should fuck me for good measure. Well here's the thing, I have the way out and you can stay in there and die for all I care unless my demands are met," Kori says with a creepy level of sinister in her voice. "Let us out you crazy bitch," Michael yells scared. "See that's why you need to listen Michael," Kori says using his name and scaring him more," You either meet my demands or we leave you here to die cold and hungry." "What do you want," Derek asks shivering.

"One of you two, I don't care which, must fuck the other one," Kori says getting a stone quiet response," And my friend here will be watching the whole time to make sure you 'seal the deal'. Do that and I'll let you out after we leave." I watch Ben take his spot at the door and quietly using a recorder start to take video. Imelda is leaning against the wall shaking her head at the whole thing while Kori decides to sit down next to me and we start to giggle as we hear the debate start up.

"Okay man, let me just do you then we can get out of here," Derek tells Michael. "Fuck that, you are bigger than me," Michael snaps back," I'll hurt you less than you'll hurt me." "Dude either way we need to get out of here before they get bored and leave us," I hear Derek say while I guess he's dropping his underwear. We hear them shuffling around and trying to figure out how to get it started when our first laugh real laugh of the day comes out of the room.

"Dude that hurts like hell, you need to go slower or something," Derek groans to Michael. "Well we need lube or something," Michael says with his voice trailing off.

"I am not sucking your dick you piece of shit," Derek barks orgasm world championship four katy clover izzy delphine ariel Imelda to have to gag herself to keep from laughing. We hear more noises from the room and what sounds like spitting before a loud moan and Ben giving us the thumbs up for them actually getting started.

The sounds coming from the room are groaning and Ben motions that they're taking things slowly when more conversation comes out of the door slot. "Dude seriously just fucking get it over with already," Derek groans quietly getting me to snicker. "Well the ladies say I have a lot of stamina and it's fucking weird doing this," Michael replies as we hear some light smacking from the room. "Well remember one of them and get this over with man. My ass is starting to burn," Derek groans.

"Oh Denise, you and your big ass from choir camp," Michael says taking on a journey down memory lane," you like it when I fuck you like a good bitch." Not a single one of us save for Ben is able to keep from biting down on our coats or hands or something to keep from dying of laughter.

I motion to Ben to see if he's getting turned on but he shakes his head and makes an ugly face which cracks me up more. Too ugly for the bi guy. "Oh shit Denise I'm gonna cum baby," Michael groans.

"Man just pull out, this is already embarrassing enough," Derek whimpers taking the ass beating of his life. "Oh fuck, Derek I'm cumming too quick, SHIT," Michael yells. The groaning and sounds of guy on guy orgasm are just hilarious when Ben leans over and whispers to Kori who almost dies laughing in my breasts.

"He got him to cum," Kori whispers with tears running down her face. "Who Michael came," I ask confused. "No, Michael got Derek to cum," Kori blurts out sending us all over the edge into near maniac style laughter. We can hear the two 'lovers' from the room start to get themselves situated and Ben takes the recorder away from the slot before stepping back and after a few minutes Kori regains her composure and moves up so they can see her.

"Now I must say while I loved listening to that how stupid are you two? I mean aside from the fact that you didn't even try to fight over who fucks who and object to the idea you didn't see the door," Kori says starting to laugh," the lock is on the inside of the door, I couldn't lock you in if I tried." I can hear both guys rush the door and Ben and I get Kori out of the way as angel plays with vibrator hardcore and massage comes flying open.

Both Derek and Michael are angry as all fuck when Imelda nearly scares the crap out of all of us by pulling a gun out and leveling it at the two of them. "You fucking pendejos think you can fuck my mi familia and shit not gonna come back on you? You listen to me and you listen good, you come at her again and I burn you alive, you even come near her and I'll make sure the tape you two just made is all over the internet," Imelda growls," I'll make sure that no girl you ever try to speak with will be able to get the image of you two saying each other's names while you fuck out of their minds, comprende?" We watch as the two of them nod and Imelda gestures to where we piled up their clothes before motioning them back to the room with her pistol.

Once they're inside we hurry up and clear out fast with Imelda on her bike and Ben driving what I guess is his car back to Johnny's. We get in and I guess we were last ones to get shit done today because everyone else is here. Kori heads over to Lilly and I can see that Jun has been bleeding but it's Ben who waves me over as we find out that Liz is already here but Guy isn't.

"He's still there," Liz tells me about Guy waiting for Kyle. "Okay but if he's still there then who was the mummy we saw him with when we drove past," Isaac asks joining the conversation. "What fucking mummy," I ask confused by all the plans. "When we drove past looking for&hellip. Our target we saw guy sitting with someone at the park waiting," Lilly tells us bringing the conversation over to where Jun is resting. "Wait a fucking minute, if all you girls are here, and now the rest of the crew is here then who met Guy at the park," Johnny asks confused.

Oh Guy, you fucking asshole. You're lucky we love you because if we didn't we'd leave your ass for keeping us in the dark about your 'nail in the coffin'.

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Guy 12:35 p.m. I've been here over an hour and received a few messages from Kyle telling me that he'll be here soon, jackass really doesn't have any idea what I've unleashed but then I didn't warn him either.

More to the point I'm pissed the hell off and my anonymous companion is trying to help me keep my cool but there's only so much bullshit I can get through while sitting for ninety minutes and waiting for an asshat. A quick tap on my hand and I finally see Kyle and Heather coming towards us from across the park.

"Wow, you really were here waiting this whole time," Kyle asks sitting down across from me. "Yeah and I told you to be here at eleven," I reply keeping my tone flat.

"Well I was busy, who's your friend," Kyle says looking at my companion in disguise along with Heather. "Someone who is here to keep me on point and knows you very well," I say looking at Heather before turning my attention back to Kyle.

"Fair enough and it really doesn't matter if we're here to talk 'peace'. So what are you thinking, you all come under our banner and start putting a good foot forward for a change," Kyle asks me smugly. "Ya know I'm really kinda happy you decided to brush me off, because in ninety minutes the object of our conversation went from a peaceful and nonaggressive resolution to surrender," I tell Heather and Kyle getting amused looks. "So you've finally decided to surrender," Heather asks almost happy.

"Oh me, fuck no. I'm talking about you two," I reply keeping my face blank. "Wait you want us to surrender? Whether you want to admit it or not we still have more people than you, those degenerates and crybabies you have following you around en masse aren't gonna stand up when pushed and you know it," Kyle says getting excited," But here's what I'll do, I'll grant you and your girl's free access and safe passage.

The rest of your group will be punished for their defiance or leading you astray. Deal?" "No, only Guy gets a pass and that's only if he sunny leone bf sex stories pc off his sick relationship with all four of his whores," Heather interrupts hotly.

"Here's where you're both wrong but if you want me to consider your offer just be honest with me about one thing," I tell them getting a intrigued look for my query," Why come after Kori and not just come at me if I was so horrible? You could have just done this straight and simple but instead you decide to hurt people close to me, why?" "Because you're a tool, plain and simple.

I know that Heather has had it for you bad and to be honest I don't care why she does. If you don't think you're a tool then just look around when you are at school, you're doing everything for everyone else and nobody is going to give a shit about horny girl in abusive bondage and extreme fetish once you've won or lost," Kyle says almost laughing at me," Hurting that budding prostitute you call a girlfriend was just an added bonus." "And besides that Guy you need to learn that you can't protect all of them, you should have just taken my offer and broken it off with them the first time so I wouldn't have had to have Kyle get his friends and Cartoon xxxxx by debor vabi to beat her like the bitch she is," Heather tells me with a level of arrogance to match Kyle's.

"Is that everything, you recruit people Kori wouldn't recognize so that you can humiliate her and make me into your personal violence captain," I ask calmly looking at the messages on my phone from Liz and smiling. "Yes I did, you're scum and why we're still talking about it when you should be weighing your options before I call my boys and have them find that Mexican bitch you fuck and give her road rash on her bike," Kyle threatens with a level of sinister I've been waiting for," Or have them take that punk bitch you live with and see if a dog will fuck her.

You may think your bad but I'm damn good at making sure everyone around you pays for your stupidity." I start laughing, just a quiet chuckle but it's enough that Heather starts to remember when she lured me with Kori's phone and gives a warning glance to Kyle who looks ready to fight. I wave them both off and regain my composure.

"Wow, after all that we're back to the threats. I don't threaten people, I warn them and then I promise them.

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Like I made a promise today that the truth of it all would come out and that everyone would be seen for who they are," I tell my guests before turning to my companion," I kept my word, you're free to do what you want." I watch Kyle and Heather as my friend pulls off her glasses first then the scarf and hood to reveal Rachael sitting at the table. Heather looks confused but Kyle is mortified as Rachael turns her full attention to him. "You sick fucking bastard! You sent your goon squad to hurt a girl who did nothing to you just so that you could manipulate her boyfriend?

I didn't believe it when she told me and I couldn't help but remember that when you were with me that same day you were looking at your phone and laughing about some 'school thing' before we made love," Rachael says turning on her full anger.

"Rachael what are you doing here? Why are you here now," Kyle says trying to grasp his crumbling reality. "Why am I here? Because someone wanted me to know the truth and it wasn't you, then I approach a girl in bandages and we start talking and she tells me all about this war between her boyfriend and some asshole at her school named Kyle.

Now here I am after you not only admitted to being a sick piece of shit but you want to hurt more women," Rachael yells standing up and glaring down at him. "Wait a minute Kyle who is she," Heather asks confused. "Heather not now," Kyle says brushing her off. "I'm HIS girlfriend you psychotic cunt," Rachael spits out at Heather. The table is more intense than I could have expected but I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat as Rachael starts to storm away from Kyle.

Kyle like a good little prick leaves Heather alone with me which under normal circumstances would make my skin crawl but on this occasion I'm not that upset about it. "What did you do to Kyle," Heather asks still confused. "What I didn't do is take his girlfriend to a field and beat her with belts or threaten to rape her. But this isn't about Kyle, it's about you," I tell Heather before taking out her cell phone," And I think this is yours, thanks for the help." "What help, I didn't do anything and my phone has been missing since…," Heather starts to trail off with her sentence.

"Since last Friday at school? Yeah, but this whole time you've been texting me and letting me know all the details I'd need to know about how you were planning to kick Kyle to the curb for being too weak and how you wanted me to get my revenge and make sure your subordinates would be kept in line after some pretty savage and humiliating revenge attacks," I explain to Heather who's face has gone from confusion to horror. "But you can't, I started that group. I did most of the recruiting and even picked the advisor," Heather pleads to me weakly.

"Yeah but now we all know why you did it, just to get me. You set up everything, sacrificed everyone else just for me," I tell her dropping my smile and glaring at her," You have my attention now, I have ruined you and your friend along with destroyed the basis of everything you stand for and I haven't even had lunch yet.

I warned you, Heather, to leave me alone. So after all this I have to ask you again, am I everything you hoped for?" Tears start to run down Heather's face and I sit back and smile as the arguing couple head back towards us and Kyle is torn between the aftermath of his relationship and Heather's breakdown.

"Kyle I am leaving it's not going to be with you," Rachael says walking straight up to me," I need to leave now and you're the least offensive person around with a car. Can you take me home please?" "Sure but I am not going to your house first so you'll have to ride with me to a couple places first," I tell Rachael like we're strangers.

"That's fine," Rachael says turning to Kyle," You do not fucking speak to me. I don't know you and I know now that I never did. You are sick and need help, you and your 'club buddy'." I point Rachael towards my bike and take two steps before asa and skin do some sixty nine and turning back towards Kyle who looks wholly defeated and Heather who is bawling at her new situation.

Calmly I take Heather's head in my hand and leaning down lick the tears off her cheek. I pull my head and tongue back and sample the salty sweet goodness before looking at Kyle whose thoughts have derailed at the station and smile sadistically. "You stand in the presence of a real monster. And I find you to be false and weak," I tell Kyle," I have nothing left to accomplish with you two, this is over." I walk away calmly and catch up to Rachael and hand her the spare helmet before we mount up and head off to Johnny's.

Apparently I'm in a bit of trouble as I pull up and my girls are staring me down with a purpose as I dismount with Rachael. "You just had to get the last shot in didn't you," Kori says grumpily. I timidly move in front of her and suddenly take her in my arms and kiss her hard and deep. My tongue swirls around her mouth for a moment before she starts kissing me back. We break our kiss and I see her confused.

"What did you eat while you were waiting," Kori asks confused. "That my dear was the tears from Heather's face as we ruined her world," I say looking around and seeing one person missing," Wait a minute where the fuck is Devin?" Apparently my voice carries pretty well because a trailer thuds and I hear a commotion from inside before Devin opens the door and pokes his head out. "Sorry Guy, I was just in here… napping," Devin tells me shyly. "Why the fuck aren't you out here with the rest of your family," I ask starting to get a little hot at his laziness.

"We are sorry Guy," Masha says to me from a window slat," We were in here for a while and just lost track of time." My deductive reasoning kicks in full blast and I go from real angry to mock angry in record time as Devin steps out pulling his pants up.

"Boy what the fuck are you doing," I yell getting some confusion and halting Devin in his tracks," You have a woman in bed and you're coming out here? Get your big ass back in there and I don't want to see you until her face hurt from smiling or she lets you leave! Masha help him!" I get laughter all around and Devin even chuckles a little before being pulled back inside the trailer. I settle in with all my girls and we go over the who did what's and what fully happened. Jun's not going to need stitches and Devin's head is rubber cemented shut but other than that and Kori being the scariest woman alive, and I love her for it, I'm smiling as I cuddle up on a couch and have woman splayed out abril and lilly fingers each others latin pussy me.

Its a few hours later and starting to get dark when I gather everyone around for my final briefing on the day. "Okay everyone I know you are really amped up from today and we did a lot of stuff but now you have to do the hardest xxx of old fat womens ever," I tell them getting some concerned looks," Nobody here can ever speak about what happened.

We don't talk about it to each other, we don't joke about it. We see the people that it happened to we do nothing. Revenge is what you keep inside and you never get to let it go.

Am I understood, because if not then we have a real problem in this family?" Everyone agrees and understands sex is the best reward for a luscious babe I watch as slowly we all trickle off and I give all my girls a kiss goodbye and even catch Liz and Ben having a quiet moment before heading their separate ways.

At the end of it all it's just Rachael and I standing in the compound at my bike when she gets a serious look on her face. "I want something," Rachael says quietly gaining my full attention. "I'll do what I can but I'm not a miracle worker," I joke but see she's serious. "I want to be conquered, I want to be that princess who get's taken when the barbarians come rampaging through her kingdom," Rachael tells me with soft eyes," I want to be made one of your women and I want Kyle to know that he's lost me forever.

I think I can get him to make the final mistake but you'll be in for a fight. Can you fight for me?" "For my girls I don't fight," I tell her smiling as I lift her face to mine," I destroy."