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Sleeping wife gets fucked and cum on feet
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My first story in a while. So yeah. ------This is a story about a teenage boy going through high school, becoming a man, finding love (in all the wrong places), and even a few unexpected events that may make him into a great man. Oh and one other little piece of information, that young man is me. This all starts when I was a freshman in high school. I remember it like it was yesterday. ------ It all started back in September of 2006, my freshman year.

(Actually it granny wanks on the cock started in March of 92 when I was born but everything leading up to my freshman year was as normal as it gets.) I was on the freshman football team and I have been practicing with the team two weeks prior to school starting. So I was raunchy amateur blonde pleasures her wet twat accustomed to the school a little bit.

I didn't look like the other freshmen. I was about 5'11 and a muscular 195 pounds. I was the running back for our freshman team. I also wasn't in that awkward zit phase like most of the other kids I went through that in middle school which meant I didn't date much. (I actually did not date at all in middle school). But I had a lot of female friends and I was starting to get their attention more and more.

I was not an ugly kid. I had short old raja rani sex story full hair and greenish brown eyes.

I would in 8th grade I was like a 5 but now I am a 9 at least. The past summer has made a huge difference in my appearance. ------Now about my family, I live with my mother and my two sisters. My mom's name is Taylor she is 45, my older sister Sara is 15 and a sophomore. I am the middle child and 14 and my little sister Carly is 13 and in 8th grade funny cause all our birthdays are in March. Sara the 21st mine is the 10th and Carly is the 1st. Sara is 5'6 and about a 120 pounds, blonde, and is a JV cheerleader.

Carly is a pain in my ass, she is always trying to get me in trouble, but mom knows I am not bad so never punishes me. She is 4'9 and about 90 pounds. Oh and she is a red head. Sara and I have the same father but he left right after mom got pregnant with me.

Carly's father died in a freak car accident after mom got pregnant again. ------We live in King Of Prussia, PA and not to gloat but it is awesome here. We have the biggest mall around and a big movie theater to go along with it. We live in a nice sized house, within walking distance of our schools Upper Merion High and Middle school.

We live right next to the football stadium. (It is not really a stadium per say but it's a fenced in football field with bleachers and a track.) I grew up watching the football games which made me want to play football. ------Now to the first day of school.

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------I woke up early, and jumped into the shower. I walked down stairs and the smell of bacon hit me like a wall as I turned into the kitchen.

Sara and mom were sitting at the table talking. "David please put a shirt on." Mom said "Sorry mom it is in the dryer." I said back as I put some eggs and bacon on my plate. "Put on another one." She said "I want to wear my lucky shirt for my first day of high school." I replied "Fine." She said as she got up and turned the dryer on "Thanks mom, love you." I said "Love you too honey." She replied "Kiss ass." Sara said as she put a piece of bacon in her mouth.

"Love you too sis." I said nonchalantly She replied by sticking out her tongue. "So sis what classes you got?" I asked "I don't have any with you." She replied "What's your problem?" I asked questioning my sister for unusually rude behavior "Why do you always have to steal my friends?" She asked "What are you talking about?" I replied "You always have to hang out with my friends?" She replied again "Sorry I won't hangout with you ever again." I said as I got up and went over to the couch.

------I overheard my mom talking to Sara. "You know its cause you're his big sis." Mom said "What?" Sara replied "It is because he looks up to you to see what he should do, why do you think he hangs out with girls more than guys." Mom said "I never thought of it like that." Sara replied "I think I should go apologize." She said "Maybe you should." Mom said ------Sara got up and walked into the living room, and sat next to me.

"Look I get it you look up to me." She said "No I don't." I said "It is ok. I understand you watching to see what I will do and you try to do it like me." She said "No I know what to do, I don't need help. And I hang out with you because your fun and I had nothing better to do." I replied "You little ass I am trying to apologize." She said "Don't waste your breath.

You do not want me to hang out with you well you got what you want I will never hang out with you again." I said as I walked into the laundry room. I could hear Sara huff and run up the stairs.

------I put on my shirt, got some lunch money from mom and through my back pack over my shoulder, and ran outside to Justin's house. He was my best friend since we were babies. He was a sex you sex fairy tales sexs irani com husky but he was a great blocker. He is our starting left tackle. We walked to school with our football gear and went to our homeroom.

Justin and I setup our schedule so we had all the same classes. After the first bell we went to our first class which was College prep Algebra. I tribute to claire and lisa part 3 tube porn an amazing math student I always was.

Our teacher was about 30 years old was attractive not gorgeous but not ugly. There was a girl who I had a crush on in middle school. Her name was Shelby. She was assigned to my left and Justin was to my right.

We were in the back row. "Are you new here?" Shelby asked as she tapped my shoulder. "No." I replied "But I am David Kennedy." "Wow you look so different." She said in amazement. "Yeah puberty's a bitch." I said with a smile "Funny too." She said with a smile. "How come we never talked?" She asked "I don't know but we should change that." I said with a smile. "Yes we should. Give me your phone." She said "Okay." I said as I handed over my phone. ------She typed in her number.

As she was distracted Justin nudged my shoulder and gave me a corny thumb up sign. "Here you go." She said "Well I will definitely text you." I said "I hope." She said "Quiet down class." Mrs. D said ------As the class went on Shelby and I chatted a bit as did Justin and I.

We finished class and walked to Power and energy 1 with Mr.

P as our teacher. He was funny and cool (for a teacher). We did not do much just went over the stuff we needed for the class just like every other class.

Next we went to gym. We had to choose what we wanted to do, Team sports, individual, or physical workout. Justin and I did team sports our football coach was our teacher. We called him coach K. (He was supposedly struck by lightning twice.)After gym we went to English.

I hated English so much. We walked to the library to pick out an SSR book. (I know I thought it stopped in middle school but nope.) After English was lunch. Justin and I got our lunch. We were one of the first people there, so we had our pick of the tables. We sat at the corner table. After a few minutes a lot of people started showing up.

And all of a sudden Shelby and a couple of her friends sat next to exclusive-hot blonde wants hard sex before the shopping. "Hey Boys." The girls said in almost perfect harmony. "Ladies." Justin said in an old western type way. This made me laugh a little. "I thought you were going to text me." Shelby said a little saddened "I thought you meant tonight." I said "It's okay I forgive you." Shelby said as ecstatically.

------Right then Sara and her friends came over and sat down next to me. "Hey David, how was your day?" Sara said "What are you doing?" I said "Having lunch with you." Sara replied "I am pretty sure I said were not hanging out anymore." I said "You know I was joking." Sara said "Well I wasn't." I said "Shelby you coming?" I asked as I got up "Yeah." Shelby said and we went to an empty table across the lunch room "What was that about?" Justin asked as we sat down at the other table.

"My sister told me to stay away from her friends like I was trying to steal them, so I told her I won't hang out with them or her anymore." I replied "I feel ya bro." Justin said trying to be cool "So how was your day Shelby." I asked "It's good, but I wish I had some more classes with you." She said flirtatiously "So why don't I walk you home after school today?" I asked "You would do that?" she replied "Of course I would." I replied "Dude we have practice." Justin said "Good I have cheerleading tryout anyway so I can watch you after." Shelby said "Even better." I said ------We chowed down our food and talked a bit more.

The bell rang and Justin and I went to our world cultures class. Next was our Science with Mr. K he was a young guy and funny as anything. But he hated freshmen. Literally his first sentence was I hate freshmen. Then we went to our intro to business class the teacher was nice but was kind of nerdy. And our last class was a study hall. We hung out the rest of the period, Justin took a little nap but luckily Shelby was in there with us.

This time when she saw me she gave me a little kiss. Out of nowhere the bell rang and it was time for practice.

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We got down to the locker room and changed. And we walked down to our practice field which was the baseball field. We did the usual ran a few laps, stretched, some drills and about when we were done Shelby walked down and sat on the bleacher. The coach let us play a quick scrimmage of shirts V skins in two hand touch.

I got to show off my new body in front of Shelby none the less. Once we finished I walked over to Shelby as I put on my shirt. "I will be right back I have to change." I said "I will be right here." She replied with a smile ------I shot her a quick smile then ran up to the locker room and changed as fast as I could.

I ran back down the hill with my bag. Shelby was still sitting on the bleacher. So I walked up and sat next to her. "Hey." I said "Hey you ready?" She said "Yeah." I said as we headed towards her house. This was about rep xxxx storys sex stories new bradar and sistar a mile from my house.

------We walked for a little bit. And out of nowhere she jumped in front of me and full on kissed me. "I have been thinking about that all day." She said "Oh really." I said "I have too." I replied ------She jumped into my chest wrapping her legs around my waist and kissed me, this time it was with more emotion then the first.

I was a little shocked when I felt her tongue slip into my mouth, but I countered her tongue with mine. In a sensual exploration of each other's mouths.

We kissed for what felt like an eternity but in reality was only a minute or so. After our kiss we walked to her house hand in hand and as we reached her door I gave her another kiss before heading home.

I walked up to my door and walked inside. I through my bag on the floor, and walked over to the couch. Carly was watching TV and eating a banana.

I lay down on the couch while resting my head on her lap. She doesn't mind. "Hey little sis." I said "Hey." She replied "How was your first day of school." I asked "It was okay. How was your day?" Carly asked "Amazing I got a girlfriend." I replied "Sure who?" she asked sarcastically. "Shelby." I replied "Yeah in your dreams." Carly replied "I'll ask her to come over tomorrow." I said "Whatever." Carly said "So what do you want for dinner?" I asked (I usually make dinner during the week and mom makes it on the weekend.) "Lasagna." She said happily "You got it." I said as I stood up and went to the kitchen.

------As I finished preparing I put the lasagna into the oven and ran upstairs to take a shower. As I walked past Sara's room I heard a soft sob. But I thought nothing of it and jumped into the shower. As I finished and wrapped a towel around my waist I walked to my room I past Sara's room again and heard another sob so I opened the door and saw her lying on her bed.

I walked over and sat next to her. "What's wrong?" I asked "Get out asshole." Sara said "What's wrong, because I know you are not mad about what happened at lunch?" I said "No because now I don't have any friends because of you." Sara said with tears in her eyes.

"You can hang out with me if you want." I said "You're the reason they left." Sara said "What?" "They all liked you, and I didn't want you to date any of them so I told you to stop hanging around with me." Sara said "Why would you care if I dated any of your friends?" I asked ------Sara didn't say anything she just looked deep into my eyes and kissed me.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I pulled away. "I love you David." Sara said "I have a girlfriend." I said pulling myself away. "So she will not find out." Sara said seductively. As she moved towards me and pulled my towel off. "We cannot you're my sister." I said "I will not tell." She said as she wrapped her hand on my swollen cock. xxxstory boss and sacretary sex got up and knelt before me. She put the tip of my cock into her little mouth.

"It is so big." She said as she took it out. "Well thank you." I said as I put it back into her mouth and ------She pushed herself down on my cock only getting about four inches into her small mouth.

She kept forcing it farther still only getting four out of my seven inches. Then as I exploded into her mouth she coughed all of my sperm onto her bed. "That was amazing." I said "Was it really." She said crossdressing couple loves roleplaying and sex naturaltits and pornstars "Yeah and next time we can do more." I said as I gave her a little kiss and I walked off.

------I went to my room and got dressed. I knew dinner would be done in a few minutes. The reason I make dinner is because my mom rarely makes it home by nine or ten every night and never works weekends unless she has a conference which is usually the last Saturday of every month.

It was about six thirty so I walked downstairs and into the kitchen there was about fifteen minutes left so I put in the garlic bread and went into the living room where Carly was watching TV. I lay on the couch and took and watched some TV. I got up as the buzzer for stove went off. Carly got up and set the table as I pulled the lasagna and garlic bread.

I made a pitcher of iced tea, and then called down Sara for dinner.