Skunk destroys with his huge black cock

Skunk destroys with his huge black cock
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(This all happened about 2 years ago, but I've been prompted to write about it by some of the people on XNXX that I chat with.) My names CindyI'm 24 and I'm a dancer living in Brighton on the South Coast of the UK.

For those of you that don't know, Brighton is a very liberal party town which is why I love living here - I guess becuase I'm a very liberal party girl!

I'm lucky because my job keeps me pretty trim and in good shape, I have a athletic body with a tight ass and good sized boobs - all this keeps me employed and pretty popular. I have several jobs, I dance for a company doing big corperate events and I also teach dance at a local comunity college, but when this happened I was still at dance school as a student and I worked part time at a 'Gentlemens Club' as a lap dancer.

You'd be surprised the ammount of girls in those clubs that are students earning money to get through college or uni. I really enjoyed being a lap jerking your hot cock in my skin tight yoga pants joi, I'm a very sexual girl and the idea of these guys getting all excited by my dancing really turned me on, especially if the guy was cute.

Theres a strict no touching policy for the customers but that often didnt stop me from touching them.

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One night a gorgeous bloke I danced for got the special treatment, I got real close and I could feel his hard cock through his trousers, up against my ass. I gyrated and writhed up against him - he must have really wanted to just grab me and force that big cock into me - the whole idea of this power got me so hot, he ended up shooting in his pants as my ass ground against his pole .

naughty Cindy! Anyway all this dancing would get me very horny by the end of the night and rather predictably I ended up going home with one of the doorman from the club. I say 'going home' but we only got as far as the clubs toilets on the first night!

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Steve was a big powerful guy with a cock to match, that first night he had me pinned up againts the wall of a cubicle stuffed full of his gorgeous cock in no time at all. who said romance bbw mom gets pumped and anal fucked dead?

But I'm not one to complain when I'm on my knees faced with 8 inch dick as thick as my wrist all lovely and hard. He really fucked the shit out of me that night and I loved it. Steve and I started seeing each other from that night and the sex was fantastic, He really loved my body and made me feel very sexy. He never got jealous about the guys I danced for in the club, he just enjoyed watching me dance and loved the fact that all the customers could only dream about the things I let him do to me.

When Steve was working and I was at home I would tease him by sending dirty text messages to his phone, then after I while I started taking pictures on my camera phone and sending them to him. I'd dress up in a latex mini dress that left nothing to the imagination or just stockings and slutty hi heels and send him pictures I'd take in the full length mirror.

When he got home I'd be waiting for him on all fours - he'd storm in and practically rape me. I loved it! He'd fuck me sensless and then flip me onto my back and spray his hot come all over my tits and face, he'd call me his filthy little slut as I greedily sucked his cum covered cock, he would take more pictures of me looking like a cheap whore covered in his cum.

One night Steve was out on the town with a group of his mates, and I was at home enjoying a bottle of wine (or 2). I didnt mind him going out with his friends but by about 1am I was quite drunk and getting pretty horney. I started to watch a porn movie on the DVD in the bedroom and began to get very hot and wet. I was watching a movie with 2 guys banging the shit out of this petite little latino and she was really enjoying it.

I opened the bedside drawer and pulled out one of my dildoes (I have quite a collection) as I watched the porno I rubbed my soaking pussy with the big rubber cock, enjoying its full thickness as I pushed it up inside.

I was thinking about how it would feel to have two cocks to play with, like the girl in the video and it was getting me so fucking horney . where the fuck was Steve! I started to think about how I wanted him to fuck me when he got in, I toyed with the idea of him fucking me while I shoved one of my smaller dildoes into my tight little asshole .

mmmm that would be fantastic. My phoned beeped a it received a text msg. it was from Steve: 'Baby Going to be a bit L8. Still at Daves with the lads xxx' Fuck that I needed him here, balls deep in me as soon as possible. I thought I would send him something that would get him home really quick.

With one dildo deep in my pussy I leant over to the drawer and pulled out another one, slightly smaller but heavily ribbed. I lay back and put it in my mouth sucking on it eageraly, taking it deep into my throat until it was dripping with my saliva.

With the thick jelly rubber dildo up to its hilt in my soaking pussy I got on all fours and began to rim myself with the hard ribbed, clear plastic cock. Slowly I pushed it into my tight puckered asshole.

God it felt so good, I let out a low moan as the first rib slipped past, then the second, then the third, until the whole thing was in me . all 6 inches, deep in sexy lesbo girls homemade strap on action cunnilingus and pornstars ass. Just writhing my hips ground the dildos against each other through the thin wall of my ass and pussy, it felt amazing.

the room filled with the sound of my pleasured moans mixed with the sound of the porn movie. I came suddenly, shuddering and swearing loudly 'UUUGHNNNN Oh Fuck yesss FUUUCKK!' My thighs were soaked with my juices and my ass and pussy were spasming around the two dildos, at this point I grabbed my camera phone and pointed at my reflection in the wardrobe mirror.

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Click. I looked happily at the image - me on all fours with two fat dildos sticking out of me like a cheap slut, my inner thighs were shining with my juices and I looked like I was just waiting for more cock. This was the picture I sent to Steve, my filthiest yet, if this didnt get him home daisy summers nasty little whore up pornstars hardcore I didnt know what would. I got a reply very quickly - 'Oh God UR So Hot.

Be home soon xx' I lay back and gently played with the two dildos, as I watched as the sexy little porn star take two huge loads across her tits and face on the DVD. My hands were soon slick with my juices as I kept myself on the verge of another orgasm. My mind wandered and I began fantising about Steve's thick hard cock pushing into my willing throat as I punished my holes with my toys. After a while I heard the a key in the front door and Steve's footsteps in the hallway, I pushed the dildos all the way in to my tingling holes and got back on my hands and knees, my pert ass in the air pointing towards the bedroom door, my legs parted slightly to show the thick fake cocks jutting out of my slutty little body.

The sound of the bedroom door was followed by Steve's soft voice 'Oh God baby look at you…my naughty little slut' I slowly wiggled my ass at him, the grinding feeling of the two dildos stirring up my horniness, my nipples throbbed, my whole body tingled with expectation, I needed to be fucked sooo bad!

I looked back over my shoulder towards Big bazzers hot new fucking and got a BIG surprise. Steve was not alone, next to him stood another doorman fro the club, his friend Lee, and they were staring at me lustily, taking in the sight of this dirty little dancer completely naked and stuffed full of rubber cocks!

'I showed Lee a couple of your pictures and, well, when you sent that last one, I thought we could have a bit of fun together'. Steve was looking very hot and I could see his thick cock getting hard at the prospect of double-fucking me, but it was Lee that really grabbed my eye.

A handsome black guy about 6"2' and very muscular, his jeans straining with his growing erection. I looked him straight in the eye and smiled suggestively, my eyes wide with desire. I rubbed my aching nipples and then pulled the dildo from my sopping pussy… '.

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be gentle with me boys' I whispered 'No fucking chance you little slut, tonight you're our sex toy' growled Steve as he moved towards the bed, reaching under and grabbing my ass, pulling my hot body to his eager mouth. He began to eat my pussy like a pro. I arched my back and began to grind myself against his face. God it felt good! I felt the bed move beside me as Lee got closer to the action, I turned to look and came face to face with his massive cock, mom and son bathroom voids vieny and thick.

Lee looked down at me with a sneer and said. 'Open your mouth bitch, time to get to work' I obediently nicoletta shea with young boy my mouth and Lee fed his hardening dick into my eagar mouth. It really stretched my jaw and it wasn't even fully hard! I felt his strong hands grasp my head as he forced himself deeper, and his dick began to throb and swell filling my throat completely.

I put my hands on his muscled hips and began to face fuck him his cock was now rock solid and its huge knob of a head was making me gag, saliva coating his shaft and running down my chin. Steve had stopped eating me out and must have been enjoying the filthy sight of his girlfriend deep throating a massive black cock, before long I felt Steve's straining cock pushing at my slick pussy, my ass still stretched around the ribbed dildo.

I lashed my tongue around Lee's beautiful cock as my boyfriend shoved his long hard dick into my pussy, I felt so full down there it was amazing 'Shit Cindy I can feel that dildo it your ass, you dirty little bitch!!' Steve started to build a good rhythm but I knew he wouldnt last long looking at me with a face full of another mans cock, I began to twist my hips, grinding the ribbed dildo in my ass against his pussy stretching cock.

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'Oh God Cindy you slut I'm going to cumm so hard' groaned Steve. I moved quickly, releasing Lee from my mouth and got on all fours to suck on Steve's throbbing meat. He grabbed my hair forcing his cock head as far as it would go, his swollen balls against my chin UUUHHHH FFFUUUCKKK!

With a deep thrust his rigid tool jerked and flooded my throat with hot cum, I swallowed as much as a could but couldn't take it all, it filled my mouth and ran down my chin, Steve held my head so his cock stayed deep in my cum filled throat as his big balls twitched and emptied themselves in to me. His whole body shuddered with orgasm and my mind swam, it was then that Lee decided to take me from behind with that brute of a cock. I was sucking on Steve's balls, my face smeared with jism as I felt Lee's hot knob stretch the entrance of my willing cunt.

Holding my waist he began to force his huge dick into me inch by fat inch. It felt as if he was forcing it into my guts, I'd never felt so full in my life. 'That feel good bitch? You like all that black dick in you dontcha?' Lee grunted as his big balls pushed up against my dripping quim.

All I could do was moan as my eyes rolled back and I savoured the feeling of being impaled on his thick pole. I think I lost it a bit and gave in to animal lust when Lee began to push the ribbed dildo in and out of my spasming ass. 'UUGGHHNNN YESSS FUCK ME YOU BASTARD UGGNNNN!!' I looked up at Steve who was stroking his cock hard again while watching his girlfriend get her brains fucked out by a big black cock.

'I think we may need more guys next time don't you Lee?' Oh my God, my mind filled with ideas of being gang fucked by Steves mates, them stood around me covering me in their cum. I shuddered and pushed back on to Lees rigid tool and came really hard. I fell forward and collapsed in a heap on the bed, my body shining with sweat. I rolled onto my back and ran my hands over my body smiling at my two studs.

But Lee and Steve were far from finished and I was suddenly pulled up by Lee and made to straddle his glistening erection. I slid down on it slowly, enjoying the shape and size of each veiny ridge. I was face to face with my new lover and we kissed deeply as he grabbed my waist and pushed me down on to his gorgeous pole.

Then I felt Steve kissing my neck and running his hands over my tits, groping my tingling body. Slowly he pulled the ribbed dildo from my ass and pushed it towards my mouth from behind. 'Suck it you dirty whore' he whispered 'You're our little fuck toy now… only good for one thing you filthy, cock hungry slut!!' I did as I was told and sucked and licked the greasy toy.

As I did this I felt Steve's bulbous cock head push at my hot ass hole. My mind swam with the image of me sandwiched by these to guys like a pornstar in a movie. The ribbed dildo had been tight so God only knows how I was going to manage Steve's thick 8 inches! But my depraved lust got the better of me 'You want it in both holes don't you Cindy? Don't YOU, YOU FUCKING SLUT!!' 'Oh God.Yes DO IT!

DP me fuck my ass! I want you both in me now' I felt Lee's dick throb inside me as he kept up his slow powerful rhythm. 'Why asian dick sucker gets fucked on the couch you want it in both holes Cindy?

Tell us rep xxxx storys sex stories new bradar and sistar Steve rasped in my ear as I felt him push the ridge of his knob past the entrance of my stinging ass. 'OH GODDDYESSS!! YES! … because… UGHNNN because Im a FILTHY COCK HUNGRY WHORE UUUUGGHHHHHNNNNN!!!' I grunted loudly as Steve rammed himself all the way into me, jamming me full to the brim, my body fizzed and sparkled and I came on a wave of unadulterated pleasure, I gave myself up to it and reveled in the sensation of two big dicks grinding away inside of me.

I began to ride those cocks for all I was worth, lifting my hands up and holding my long blonde hair on top of my head. Twisting my lithe dancers body under the four strong hands that were moving over me. 'Cum in me you big fuckers. fill my holes up, dump your loads in me .GOD YESSS!' The boys didn't need much coaxing, almost simultaneously they grabbed me roughy and forced their cocks right into me and petite slut alice pleasures numerous big boners their hot loads into my willing body, I writhed slowly as they emptied their balls in to me.

God so much cum! We collapsed into a happy sweaty cum covered heap. After a while, once we had enjoyed the after glow and got our breath back Steve gently got up and put his robe on. 'Im going to see if there's any of that Cava left downstairs' I purred happily, my head on Lees belly, his semi erect cock laying near my face. I gently kissed it. 'That's it girl, you like that cock don't you?' I looked up innocently and gently began to suck him again, massaging his balls with my hand, his dick began to respond to my touch.

He stroked my hair and whispered, ' I'm putting my number in your phone, you little whore. and your going to phone me when you want this big black dick again, Steve doesn't need to know, 'cos I know you're hooked aintcha babe? You a slut for black cock aintcha?' I nodded, his growing member still deep in my hungry mouth, and I knew that he was right, Steve was good but I would do anything for more of this massive ebony dick that was now rock hard again and deep in my throat.

'I got plans for you bitch' Lee whispered 'I got a collar and leash just for you.' I could hear Steve on the stairs but Lee carried on, the idea of being Lee's plaything getting me all wet again as I worked his cock with my hands and mouth. 'I'm going to have you strutting around my house in spike heels, stockings and your leash &hellip. Nothin' else …Just for the pleasure of me and my FRIENDS' Steve entered the room with the Cava and glasses just as Lee fired a huge load into my mouth and face.

His thick cum ran from my chin as I lapped it off his wonderful dick 'Ready to go again huh Cindy?' Steve grinned Oh I sure was.