Latina fuck in public park with stranger

Latina fuck in public park with stranger
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Lois cut my hair for years. She had a shop in her home. We always flirted with each other. mostly just rubbing her boobs on my neck or her pussy on my elbow. I would say "You better stop that or you'll have a mess to clean up." She laughed and said "If your that horny you need to get laid." "I Know. It's has been awhile.

I tried last night but Cindy wasn't in the mood." Cindy is my wife. "Tom wanted some too." Lois added about her husband. "But I was on my feet all day in the shop and just wanted to cuddle." "What are you girls saving it for?

You know it will grow shut if you don't use it" "He would have just crawled on top of me, pumped a few times, rolled over and left me frustrated and a mess to clean up." "I don't know how you men can just fall asleep after sex. It makes me wide awake." "Well I could could think of a few things I like to do to Cindy if I finish to soon." "Cindy told me you like to eat her. Said you can make her cum really fast with you tongue." "I guess you girls talk alot when the men aren't around." I couldn't believe Cindy told her I licked her pussy after i came in her.

"You should be a fly on the wall and hear some of the things women talk about." she smiled. "Maybe I can hide in your closet and listen to what Cindy has to say about me sometime." "You might be surprised what you girl in a cage gets her ass drilled. It can get pretty graphic at times in here. Some of the other women will go into great detail.

Even talking about eating each other." "I can't believe we are having this conversation.

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I'm going to have to go to the bathroom and take care of business before I walk outside." I put my hand on my cock under the hair smock that I had on. I knew it wouldn't take much to make me cum. Lois had her pussy against my arm and gave it a little wiggle.

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"I better finish your haircut. Brenda Wilson will be her in about 10 minutes. We don't want her to see you like this. I just sat there trying to think of anything other than my cock.

She finished up and as I was getting up she said sori mom i cum inside "Maybe next time you come in we can continue this conversation. Just then Brenda walked in. "Hi Steve, How have you been? Haven't seen you and Cindy in awhile." "Doing good.

Nice to see you." I just wanted to get out of there before she noticed how flushed I was. Cindy was shopping when I got home. I thought about watching some porn and jerking off but I wanted the real thing. I could wait a little while longer. When Cindy got home I was setting on the deck.

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"How was your morning?" I ask. "Good" she said as I helped her carry her packages into the house. I was still horny from this morning at Lois'.

Now I had to figure a way to get Cindy in bed in the middle of the day. "You know honey you teen spying on man and ron cory chase in revenge on your father good in those shorts.

But you would look even better without them." I figured the direct approach was the best. "Thank you babe. You still like to look at my ass after all this time?" as she wiggled it a little. "Look at it, play with it, lick it, fuck it. You name it i'll do it." "Well now how can I turn down an offer like that? We will have to go to bed early tonight." "Why not now?" I said. "It has been awhile and I don't think I can wait till tonight." I was standing behind her and slid my hand down inside her shorts.

To my surprise I didn't find any panties. I unbuttoned them and pushed them down to her knees. My fingers found her slit.

I slipped between her lips. She was already dripping. We were still in the kitchen. Right in front of the sink.I wanted to fuck her right there. I started to pull my cock out of my shorts. "We better go to the bedroom. Some one might see us." She said as she was leaning on the counter.

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"When was the last time we had sex outside the bedroom" I ask. We were in front of the window over the sink. She bent over like she was washing dishes and offered her cute little ass to me. "I hope none of the neighbours are looking." she laughed. I already had my cock sliding between her lips.

I looked down and could see her little brown star winking at me. I was tempted but I knew not to push my luck. She grabbed ahold of me and put the head of my cock against her hole. I pushed into her in one long slow stroke. I looked down as I pulled out. My cock was covered in her juices. I couldn't believe how wet she was.

Look up to see her staring out the window as if looking for something.

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"You like doing this in front of the window? You like it that some one could walk by and see you gettin fucked in the middle of the afternoon?" "This is so hot all I want you to do is fuck me and cum deep in my pussy. I don't know when I was this fucking horny." She was playing with her clit as I slowly screwed her from behind. I was getting close and told her I wasn't going to last long. "Just fill me with your cum.

I'm there too." She squealed as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. I pushed all the way in her and could feel my cum blasting deep inside her. We just stood there till I started to go tsx red dildo tube porn and slipped out of her. I stepped back and sat down on a chair behind her. Cum started to leak out of her and drip on the floor. "I guess I need to clean you up or I'll have to scrub the whole kitchen." I joked.

"That would be nice but I hve to pee so bad I don't think you want to clean that up too." She grabbed some paper towels, held them against her drippig cunt and headed for the bathroom.

I followed her in and as I was wathing her pee she said "That was a nice suprise. What did Lois do to you this morning that got you so worked up? How did she know?