Cheating wife fucks daughters man and gets threesome se

Cheating wife fucks daughters man and gets threesome se
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Missy Brother and Dad (7-8) Their soapy fingers both felt new feels. They enjoyed the feel of their body's all slick and wet. It was a very hot turn to them both. Mom held Missy from behind her and let her soapy hand feel Missy's little pubic patch, and her warm soft young tits.

She had never done this in her whole life. Her hand quivered as it felt the wet little hair. God…she said to herself.this I the most taboo thing I've ever done in my whole life, and I love it,…Oh god.

it just made me orgasm on the spot. It makes my legs shake with excitement. I'm stalling because I know as I put my finger lower, I'll feel her little clit.

I hope I can stand the tension, it's so hot to do this. Missy is loving this. She getting turn on by her own mom, and it has her tummy jittering. She waits for mom to put her finger in her pussy…('go ahead mom'), she wants to yell… ('rub my little clittie. Please')…she's in a hurry to have the tingles she wants. Missy puts her hands behind her and feels mom soft wet pubic hair…oh wow!…she thinks, what a new turn on…it's wet and warm and is making Missy tremble.

She decides to lead mom, and puts her finger on mom's clit. Mom jumps and moans with excitement as tingles bioshock infinite sex pov elizabeth fuck big cock through her. She's so glad now she knows Missy is liking all this, just like her. Missy turns around and grabs mom's hand and puts mom's finger in her pussy, she was just to excited to wait. Now their face to face. Mom's heart is beating so fast, she feels faint.

Her daughter actually wants me, her mom to feel her pussy. Missy's fingers go right in mom's pussy and starts a three finger in and out motion. Mom is stunned and feels the juices start to flow in her pussy. ( Wow…Missy can really make my pussy feel so good.) Mom just didn't know Missy had been around this kind of thing, and now she's teaching mom about masturbating the female pussy. Missy loved her mom's big pussy. Her small fingers went right and soon added all of her fingers.

Mom had never had this done and her legs began to buckle.

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Missy held her and leaned her against the shower wall. Missy was getting a great buzz from fisting her mom now. Mom thought she came in here to try and get her daughter hot for her, so she could join in fucking her son and Missy. Instead Missy is making her hot for her, showing her new things.

Soon mom's pussy squeezed down and she muffled a yell and climaxed in the shower. Missy held mom's fingers in Missy's own pussy and moved them in and out while Missy rubbed her own clit.

She too moaned out as she climaxed and they both slowly sunk to the floor, panting. Missy rubbed her mom's tits and said: "Wow mom, your so much fun to shower with!, let's do this a lot!" Mom just weakly smiled as mature sucking step son and masturbates her pussy hotgirlcams club tube porn panted sitting on the shower floor.

Mom thought, my little daughter is a sex machine, she is teaching me hot new things and I'm loving it. --------- .That night at Jen's house, Jen had finally got Jen's dad to respond to Jen's desire to have sex with her dad. With Missy's help, they made him hot when he came home from work that day. Now he sat in his recliner and tried not to think about Jen and Missy young little 14 yr old body's. It was no use. Here comes Jen to sit in his lap. She knew just what she was doing as she sat right on his dick.

She wore no little bra and no panties. Dad could see right thru her thin night gown. August taylor preston parker housewife 1 on 1 squirmed her little butt on dad's dick.

Dad began to get hot and his breathing told Jen she was making progress. She slowly reached over and put dad's hands around her tummy. She took control and moved them around like she was the puppet master over his hands, just touching the bottom of her young tits, teasing his hands with the feel.

Jen's mom took off right after she was born. Her dad raised her all the way. He was proud of his iron will not to allow lusty thoughts to enter his mind as he watched his daughter bloom into a sexy 14 yr old. All that was being tested now to the max. He couldn't control his dick, as more and more he felt it get semi-hard around her. She now had nice little tits, a young girl's shape and she wanted her dad to have sex with her now.

Her little friend Missy was no help with his resistance of wanting to feel his own daughters sexy little body. He didn't know how much more he could take of this. Missy actions got him hot for her too. Thoughts of touching them both were entering his mind now, every day.

Jen was now moving his hands all around her little tits, and squirming her little pussy on his dick. She would look up and him and smile to see if she was making progress to get him into bed with her and have glorious sex with him. He resisted and sat up, picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.

She at first thought,&hellip. .'(he's going to do it!') When he laid her down, she still had her little legs wrapped around him, and wouldn't let her legs go.

He laughed and said: "Jen, it's bed time, let go now." She somehow pulled him on top of her and they both giggledshe tickled him.

His dick landed right on top of her little pussy as they fell into her bed. She gasp…as his semi-hard dick push right on her little clit. He felt it too and stopped and just laid on her.

She held on tighter, now pushing her little pussy into his full hard dick.

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He felt the jolt of pleasure in his dick as she started grinding her pussy slightly on it. She whispered in his ear: ("…sleep with me daddy, there are monsters under my bed, I just know it.") He chuckled and smiled at his sexy little daughter. She grabbed his neck and pulled his lips to hers. She kissed him like a woman would for the first time. He felt her little tongue run across his lips. He was in shock what to do. He wanted so bad to kiss her back with adult passion, but he didn't even have time to think, as she now had her tongue fully in his mouth and was making out with his tongue.

He responded back now, it was just happening, and his passion for his daughter came rushing out. He got dizzy as she was now panting with him, She whispered again: ("…oh daddy…I've been waiting so long to do that&hellip.feel me daddy&hellip.feel me". ) The next day at school Jen and Missy excitingly talked about their nights they just had. They made each other so hot with all the latest news, Missy led Jen and snuck into a empty classroom and locked the door.

They were licking buddy's now, and Missy was the leader. She got darkskinned chocolate ambitious booty fucked by bbc macana man her knees, and lifted up Jen's short skirt, pulled her panties to one side and just had to have some licking pleasure.

Jen held Missy's head as they went for a quick orgasm for them. Missy had her fingers rubbing her own clit fast. This was the first time this had ever happened, and Jen was shaking with excitement, as Missy licked her clit fast, she leaned over and put a hand inside Missy's bra and squeezed her young tit as she bucked and moaned with a great orgasm. Missy stood up licking her lips, smiled and whispered…("…oh Jen…you're the best ever…I orgasmed too!") They giggled and left.

Walking home Jen told Missy how close her dad came to having sex with her last night. Missy immediately had an idea for later. That night mom was in heaven, thinking about Josh and Missy both giving her sex she never even dreamed about.

They all worked out a late night door system. If mom's door was open, Josh or Missy could come on in and have sex play. Closed, she had to sleep. Missy did the same with her dad. Door open, Missy could come in and fuck her dad.

Closed he needed sleep. Josh and Missy didn't need a system. Their doors were always open for each other.

Closed and locked, they were fucking. Mom and Dad never disturbed them when one of their doors was closed and locked. .Mom waited for Josh to come to her room tonight.

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She thought about the wonderful feeling of having him fulfill her needs. It was a hunger that had built up over years, and now she was making herself and him happy. She rubbed her pussy under covers as she waited. Soon Josh quietly left his room and went the hall. Dads door was closed. Either Missy was in there, or he needed his sleep. Missy was in her room waiting for him to walk by.

She quietly pulled him in her room to talk. She suggested they both go in mom's room and have sex with her. Josh liked that idea, so they both creped in her room and closed and locked he door.

It was pitch black in her room. Xxxksi story full he dwinlod desi heard the door close and lock. Her heart started beating fast. Josh slipped in bed with her under the covers.

Then on the other side she felt Missy slip in. Now her heart jumped at what they had in mind. She had never had a threesome in her whole life, and now it was happening with her own son and daughter.

She felt ecstasy run thru her body and shivered. She reached out and felt Josh on one side and Missy on the other, all warm as four hands started feeling her up. Missy whispered: ("…just lie here, and let us play with you mom&hellip.we want you to feel us, as we make you happy."…) Josh whispered: (."you're the hottest mom ever, we're gonna make you climax good!".) The two started in on a trembling sexy woman, who was their mom.

Their 4 hands felt and kissed every inch of their mom, as her hands felt their body's, Her trembling fingers felt Josh's dick with one hand and Missy's pussy with the other. Mom thought, 'I must be in ecstasy land.' That night, Jen tried this, she waited until her dad went to bed, then waited a while, went in his room and quietly crawled in bed with him. He kinda woke up&hellip.she quickly said she had a bad dream, and could she sleep in his bed.

He sleepily said .'ok'. She cuddled up to him, his back, her front. She started rubbing his legs, he slept naked. She felt more and more of him, and started feeling his pubic hair around his now erect dick. Slowly she put her little hand on his warm dick. He did nothing. She started stroking his dick.

She started scooting down and moved over him to face his dick. All he did was start breathing hard. She stroked him a little faster. -------- . I was pretending to be asleep. I felt her feeling my legs, and it was making me excited, so I just let it happen. I was tired of fighting the horny boy fucks stranger in public toiletf70 to put my hands on her anyway.

Damn she has gotten so sexy so fast, and I just didn't realize it. I decided to play asleep and just see how far she was going to take this. I felt her little hand on my hard dick and it felt way to good to stop her. I could barely see her little mouth was so close to the end of my dick, I could feel her breath on it. There was no stopping it now, I felt a cum on the way as she jacked me.

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She somehow could tell I was about to cum and just as I was close, she started jacking fast and put her little lips around my dick head and held them there. I could hold it no more, my hands held her sweet little head, I trusted and shot a huge cum in her mouth and moaned as my dick just keep pumping more and more cum.

She took it all and swallowed as fast as she could. I still over filled her mouth and it squirted out some, down her face and neck. She was rubbing her pussy the whole time and moaned as she rubbed her clit fast, then squirmed and bucked climaxing hard, she shook and moaned a long sweet moan.

What a taboo thrill that was. Now I was hooked and couldn't wait for next time, the thought of tasting her little pussy was making my heart pound with excitement. I had to let her know it was 'ok' and now we had thrills to look forward to. I pulled her sweet body up on top milf pornstar fucks and eats cum pornstars and hardcore me and kissed her like a long lost lover. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me back so hot I trembled.

She whispered: ("…daddy, you're the most wonderful dad in the world, did I make you happy?".) I said more than happy little Jen, we are going to do a lot of 'happy' stuff from now on. As she laid on top of me, my dick between her little legs, we just felt our body's over and over.

It was a first. The first time a man had cum in Jen's mouth. She hadn't had a feeling like oiled up orgy outside near the pool ever before. She loved the thrill of feeling his hot cum shooting in her mouth, filling it and pumping in more. It made her immediately rub her clit and have a super orgasm herself. She finally got to have some sex with her dad.

She got to taste his cum, like Missy described over and over to her, the mega thrill of hot cum shooting in a girls mouth. She didn't get in trouble for it, and her wonderful dad just let go and let her do it. Now he's going to do a lot more sex with her. She sighed lying on top of him, feeling his dick between her legs.

She felt his warm hands feeling her little pussy now from behind. She had plans and he had plans. ---------- Mom lay dizzy as Josh and Missy both felt her body all over, She gasp for air as Josh started kissing his own mom like a new wonderful girlfriend he just found. Their tongues explored their mouths and she kept gasping for air in between.

He was making her hotter and hotter as she pulled him in tight to her tits. Missy rubbed her face on mom's big bush and licked it, letting her tongue part the hair hiding her pussy lips.

She teased mom's pussy, just letting her tongue touch her big pussy lips and slowly parting them and tasting her mom as she went in deeper. Josh and mom were in a frenzy of kissing and him feeling her big tits.

Mom whispered breathlessly to him: (".oh god Josh,…pant&hellip. I can't wait any longer, put it in me …now!…I gotta cum has to cum now!") Missy could tell they were getting frantic fucking and she pulled away and came up to kiss them both as they got ready to fuck like never before.

Three tongues were going crazy as Josh put his hard dick in his mom's warm wet pussy. Mom lost control and started fucking like a wild woman. This made Missy so hot, she put her pussy up to Josh and mom's mouths as close as she could get it, and then started rubbing her clit.

Dad was asleep and the moans all got loud as they all started to cum together. Josh and mom pushed their tongues out to Missy's wet pussy and granny celia is a master of oral sex laid her pussy right over on them and humped fast then&hellip.moaned loud… Three screams and moans shattered the night air as they all came together.

Josh shot so hard his balls hurt, pumping over and over in his mom's hot pussy. Mom's pussy squeezed tight down on him as she shook and squirted. Missy groaned and climaxed on their tongues and then shook and squirted out of control, trembling and shaking. The moans continued as they all trembled and shook at the pulses that were an after shock to their new event.

Mom sobbed with pleasure, unknown to her ever before. Josh lay bbw fucking her black bull on webcam on mom, letting the pulses pump his dick and balls empty. Missy fell over on the bed moaning and rubbing her juices on her wet pussy all over.

They all just let their hands and fingers play with all their body's as euphoric dreams over took them all. Dad just smiled with his eyes closed at the wonderful sounds he just heard. --------- .Dad and Jen slept some, but their minds were on each other and dad still held his girl on top of him. His dick never went down very much. Jen loved the feel of him between her legs.

Now she wanted it in her pussy. She couldn't wait any more, she lifted her little hips up and started slipping her dads dick on her tight pussy. She wiggled it in a little at a time. Dad whispered: ("…let me get your little pussy wet first.") He laid her on her back and spread her legs wide open.

He inched down and was about to lick his daughter's 14yr old pussy for the very first time. Jen squirmed with excitement.

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She loved to be licked, but now it was her dad. She dreamed of this day. As he trembled, he put out his tongue and eased it to her sweet little pussy. His gut felt hot with the tension. Jen squirmed with anticipation, waiting to feel his warm tongue in her pussy. Finally it happened, and the touch they both wanted. They both jumped as his wet tongue met her wet little pussy lips. Slowly he let it glide up and down her little slit, stopping to circle her bigger than normal clit.

They both moaned with delight, and Jen's body twitched with the massive tingles running through her little pussy. (continued)