Screwing a naughty beaver hardcore and big dick

Screwing a naughty beaver hardcore and big dick
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Three days had passed since the threesome.

I stayed clear of the X, but I was finding myself smoking weed far more regularly than I'd of liked. My goals in life never included becoming a pot-head. But there I was rolling joint after joint. What had my life become? My two week time limit was dwindling fast massive tatas get sprayed with sticky spunk I was no closer to coming to terms with the facts at hand than I'd been on day one.

I was too consumed with my own pain. And I kept my brain too fogged with alcohol and drugs to think logically. My husband contacted me daily to check up on me. I'd avoided confessing to the threesome by keeping our conversations brief. Things would soon come to a head, I was certain. I'd also gotten a few late night texts from the stranger wanting to know if we'd be having another repeat performance.

He was persistent I'll give him that. I was avoiding my desires to give in. My will power was quickly weakening though. I was sitting at home high as a kite, watching pretty much the only thing on that late/early.

Skinimax! On the screen two females topless and making out. As I stared at the TV I started feeling horny as hell. I slid my hand inside my pj pants and began rubbing my pussy.

I swirled the tips of my fingers over my clit in a circular motion. Slowly I slid my finger into my tight pussy. I reached for and found my g-spot and began massaging. Just as I was getting into it my phone beeped. - can you meet tonight? - It was Mr. Stranger. My initial reaction was to tell him no. But a good fucking sounded so much better than masturbating. Plus if I was going to end things with him for good I'd have to be woman enough to do so in person, at least that's how I reasoned things in my head.

-yea. I'll be there in 20 -super I looked down at the pjs I had on. "Well this won't do." I thought. My purchases from earlier in the week were still in the bags I'd brought them home in. Aside for the dress I'd worn clubbing.

I rummaged through the items, choosing a pair of short pre-ripped denim shorts and a cream colored long sleeve lace stretch tee with a scooped neck. I applied a fair amount makeup and ran a comb thru my hair. Slipping on a pair of leopard print flats, I check my reflection in the mirror. I looked sexy. Checked my pack of cigarettes to see if I had a joint left, sure enough I did.

I took in several drags on the drive over. My heart raced as I knocked lightly on his door. "Come on in its unlocked!" He hollered from inside.

When I walked inside he was nowhere in sight. "I'm in the kitchen." He called out. "Lock the door." After locking up I made my way into the kitchen. He busily worked away on something with his back to me. "Hope you're hungry." He said without turning around.

"I am actually." I confirmed. "You need help?" I didn't want to be rude. "I've got it. Take a seat at the table." Pulling out a chair, I sat facing him with my legs crossed. He plated the food and brought it to the table. His jaw dropped when he saw me. "Damn Hun." He gawked. Up till then he'd only seen me in jeans and t-shirts. Well that and naked. "Don't drool." I teased. "You're making me want desert before dinner." "Well you sir will have to wait, I'm starving." "Let's eat up then shall we." The shrimp Alfredo he'd prepared was delicious.

We ate in silence at first. He spoke up breaking the silence. "I was worried I'd never get you back here." "You were well aware I was married from the start." I reminded him. "And where's your husband now? Does he know you're here with me?" "We've separated for a bit. He doesn't know I'm here, but he will.

I told him last time. I don't keep things from him." "I've never come across a woman so honest before. He's a damn fool if doesn't fight for you." I blushed at his statement.

"This isn't about him fighting to win me back; it's about my ability or rather inability to trust young teen in glasses and skirt jacks off a dude twice her age amp gets a facial school girl and jac me what happens in the meantime. While you make you decision." "Listen I'm confused enough as is.

I think it's best if after handling a tough and lusty dick hardcore blowjob we cease contact." "Guess I should have seen that coming." He mumbled. Seconds passed with neither of us uttering a word. Stepsis hope howell double penetrated by two nasty dudes threesome brunette he stood, swept the dishes off the table, and lifted me out of my chair.

"I'm ready for dessert!" He said with lust in his eyes. He kissed me with a hungry passion. With the neckline of my lace top in his firm grip he easily ripped the blouse off me. I worked on removing my shorts before he turned those to shreds as well. My bra and panties followed in an instant. He propped me up on the table and hurriedly discarded his own garments. I closed my eyes as his lips sought mine once more.

Wrapping my legs around him, I pulled him to his sticky wet desert. My pussy lips spread welcoming his rock hard member. There was an ease and gentleness this time. His large hands rubbed my back as his hips swayed back and forth. My inner walls pulsated in time with his hips. The table creaked and seemed to move a centimeter with every sway. I buried my face in his neck biting lightly and he nibbled my ear lobe.

My hands clung to biceps as his fingers still kneaded my back. "You feel so good." He said looking at me. "Shit so do you." I ran my fingers through his shaggy hair bringing his mouth back to mine. Cupping my butt in his hands he held me in place carrying me to his bed.

He eased us down on the mattress careful to keep us lodged together. Being cautious not put his full weight on me by holding himself up with his elbows. Our kisses were demanding, but our bodies were patient. Prolonging the point of climax with the tempo we set.

My nails raked along his back causing a shiver down his spine. I used my feet to urge him deeper with every thrust. His hands held tight to my shoulders keeping me in place. This went on and on till there was a sheen of sweat covering over our bodies. He raised his head to lock eyes with me. "I wanna watch your face as you cum." With those words he reared back then slammed me with all the power he possessed.

"Ahhhhhh." I groaned. He now ravished me like a man on a mission. I shut my eyes tightly and threw my head back. "No. Look at me." He insisted. I opened my eyes and watched on as his face contorted in a mix of passion and need. The muscles in his jaw tightened and his gaze pierced right through me. In the heat of the moment I dug my nails in his back drawing blood.

We stared at each other as the pressure in our loins reached a boiling point. He ground his pelvis into mine bringing us both to the threshold.

"Ohhhh!!" We sang out in a simultaneous orgasm. He showered my face with kisses. "You are an amazing woman!" "What can I say…" I said breathlessly. "So you gonna stay this time or disappear into the night?" He said draping his arm over my stomach. "I'm afraid I gotta go. Sorry." "Well at least let me walk you out." I nodded in approval.

Returning to the dining room we redressed. I gathered my torn top and dangled it in front of him.

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"Oh yea sorry bout that. I can pay you for it." He offered. "No worries. But what am I supposed to wear home." "Gimme a sec." He left the room. He brought back a flannel shirt and handed it to me. "Here. A souvenir." He winked at me. "Gee and to think I didn't get you anything." I joked.

The large shirt engulfed me I noticed buttoning it up. "It's huge." "You look hot. Besides it's not like I have a stash of women's clothes." "Thanks." He walked me out the door and to my car. Leaning in he gave me one last kiss then hugged me close.

"Save my number in case things don't work out." He whispered in my ear. I got in my car and drove away. On the drive home I convinced myself that with the stranger now out of the picture I would concentrate on the problems plaguing me and my husband. Unfortunately my growing drug calamity jane missy maria de sanchez rocco siffredi jade eva falk maria bellucci would be a barrier I'd have to overcome first.and that would prove to be one obstacle I couldn't conquer on my own.

"Oh fuck!" I thought out loud when I spotted my husband's car in the drive. "Time to face the music&hellip." The second I walked through the door he stormed toward me. "What the fuck babe? The house stinks of marijuana! That's not acceptable! And where did you just come from?

I can smell men's cologne on you&hellip. Who you been screwing now huh? Do I even want to know?

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You're not a whore, so why do you keep acting like one?" He was seething mad. "I was with him again&hellip. I'm sorry&hellip.

Please quit screaming at me&hellip." I was terrified of my husband for the first time. "I'll quit screaming when you stop this childish behavior!" "I told him not to contact me again…" "Thank god for small favors! What about the other shit? What about us?" "Stop your screaming and we'll talk&hellip. There's some things I need to say…" He crossed his arms. "Talk." He uttered sternly. "Can we sit?" "No. Speak… Now." "I did something…" "You've done plenty.

What's the latest damage?" "You remember when I went clubbing the other day?" "And bought X and weed. Yea Angel plays with vibrator hardcore and massage remember." "There was more." "Just spit it out already!" "We had a threesome!" "That's just great!

Hope you enjoyed yourself! A threesome? Really? You're unbelievable!" "I'm sorry baby…" "And what the hell are you wearing?" "Uh… He ripped my blouse so he gave me one of his shirts." "Take that fucking thing off and burn it!'' "Calm down…please." "I've been too damn calm up till now!

I'm putting my foot down!" "You hot young russian couple having sex on webcam watch part on we're separated right now!

You shouldn't even be here! Just leave me alone and let me deal with this on my own terms!" I was sick of his attitude; he'd managed to piss me off royally. "You want me to go huh?" "Yes!" I tried to move past him, but he shoved me against the wall. "Baby what are you doing?" "Shut up whore!

That's what you are right? Just a whore to be used? Well I'm gonna use you then!" "Quit playing around!" "I'm not playing! You deserve this cunt!" Before I could argue any further, he'd spun me around and pinned me to the wall. I had two options: fighting him to no avail (I was well aware he could over power me), or relent accepting the inevitable. I chose to relent. His anger was well founded I couldn't deny that.

He kept me in place with one hand while reaching around my waist to undo my shorts with the other. After he'd tugged my bottoms down along with my panties, I could hear the sound of his belt being removed. "Babe you don't have to do this&hellip. I'll have sex with you if that's what you want." "Who said shit about sex?" He sneered. "Then wh." WHOOSH! I felt a sharp sting across both my ass cheeks. WOOSH! The belt came down harder this time. WOOSH! I used my hand to block the impact of the third strike.

The belt landed on my open palm. "OW! Fuck babe stop! That hurts!" "Aw poor baby!" He spoke with mock concern. "Now move your fucking hands! Or shall I tie you up?" I was uncertain what all he planned to do with me.

I was truly afraid of my husband at that moment. I sure didn't want to be tied unable to escape if he got out of control. I had no other option except to put my palms against the wall and pray he'd tire after a few more swats. WHOOSH! "OW!" WOOSH! "OW!" WOOSH! "OW!" WOOSH! "OW!" WOOSH! "OW!" Eight strikes in all. Swollen welts covered my now beet red ass.

How I managed to hold back the tears through all the pain I didn't know. "That was one smack for every day we've been apart! All you keep thinking about is your own pain! What about my pain? You and the kids are my whole world!" "You should of thought bout that before you went and fucked her!" I regretted the words once they'd escaped my mouth.

"You wanna go there? How many more dicks you gonna allow inside you before you're satisfied?" I didn't answer. Now was the time to accept my punishment… not make it worse. "Where'd he fuck you?" "&hellip. His house?" I was confused by his question. "No you stupid cunt! Where on your body? Your pussy? Your mouth? Your ass?" "… My… my pussy." I stammered. "Good! I haven't had a piece of that tight ass in a while!" "I'm too sober for this." I thought, knowing he had every intention of making me suffer.

He crouched down, spread my cheeks wide, spit on my hole, and then used his thumb to rub in the spit. He spit again, stood, and lubed the head of his dick on my spit soaked puckered anus.

He slid the head in with ease. "Guess he's not gonna be so rough after all." I thought just before he slammed in all the way. I considered protesting, but knew better of it. He reared back till only the head of his penis remained, then plunged back it. Back forth, back forth… The rage behind each thrust abundantly clear. He was unloading all his frustration. And I deserved every bit of it&hellip. My legs threatened to buckle as he continued his assault.

I received no pleasure, only pain, as with every pound of his pelvis on my already raw behind caused a burning sensation like it was on fire. I could no longer hold back the tears allowing them to stream down my face.

My husband had always been so loving and kind, joymii hot blonde alecia fox gets covered in cum after her massage I'd pushed him too far. "Oh is the bitch crying?" He was mocking me again. I heard a chuckle in his voice, he was relishing in my torture.

He squeezed my neck in his hands as he began taking shorter faster strokes. I couldn't breathe. "Oh my god he's chocking me to death." I feared. I neared the point of blackout at the time he finally shot his cum deep in my bowels. He pulled out and wiped his cum soaked, blood stained dick on the stranger's shirt I was still wearing. I slid down the wall gasping for air. "Fuck him and fuck you too!" He spit on me before pulling up his pants and putting on his belt.

He stood beside me, knelt down, and lovingly stroked my hair out of my face. He looked me in the eyes. I saw only kindness there, then he glanced down at the shirt and fury returned.

He reached for the fabric, pulling at it till all the buttons had popped off. "Take this damn thing off!" He shouted. I didn't hesitate. Then I threw the shirt at him, he caught it. "I'm trashing this.

I don't wanna ever see my wife in another man's clothes again… that understood?" I nodded my head. Before he walked out he glanced down at me, my make-up smeared, my bright red ass, bruises forming on my neck, swollen eyes, tear drops still falling down my face, only dressed in a bra with my shorts and panties around my ankles.

He looked remorseful. "I love you babe." He said calmly. "Now you have 5 days left&hellip." And with that he walked out slamming the door behind him.