Demure sweetheart is moaning wildly as stud licks her sweetheart pot

Demure sweetheart is moaning wildly as stud licks her sweetheart pot
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I wake from a dream i dont remember, cool air flows through my hair and i feel myself laying on something soft. I feel something wet on my hand, i open my eyes to see a german shepard licking my hand with two other dogs {a new foundland and a english bulldog} sitting behind him.

I know these animals. " Axel, Reno, jake what are you doing here wait where is here?" I ask them but i recieve no answer. I look around, im laying on a red couch in what i believe is a living room. A flat screen tv mounted on the wall across the room, a coffee table with well coffee on top of it and a note.

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I try to make my way over to the table but i stumble and fall but befor i hit the ground somethin catches me. " Careful darlin you might get hurt." I turn my head and see Dante holding me up. " Wh.Where did you come from?" I ask stunned by his sudden appearence.

"Really love, I figured this would of been the least freaky thing thats happened to you today." My mind flashes back to Dante being hit by a car earlier today. His body was mangled and destroyed but he looked as if nothin had ever touched him. "What are you?" "Aww so you do remember well that makes things a bit easier lasse." Dante chuckles. Dante picks me up and carries me back over to the couch, he sets me down gently sex xxx romantic storys download the dogs watch wagging their tails.

Their master walks towards them. He pets the dogs heads and points into the other room. The dogs run into the other room the bulldog trailing behind.

"What are you?" I ask again. "O right my bad, umm well im a succubus." He says calmly. "A succubus?!" I yell. "Well technically, im an incubus a male succubus but their less known so succubus is just easier." I was speechless, was he serious, he said it without batting an eyelash.

He stared at me waiting for a responce waiting for some hint of what i might do but my body was frozen in fear." O i see you dont know wheather to believe me or not this might help." Dante stood up and took a deep breath then his body started to shift his hair turned blood red, his eyes turned coal black, horns sprouted from his forehead, claws grew from his fingers and toes, and long bat like wings grew from his back.

"Well how do i look?" he says showing off his fangs with a devilish smile. My mouth wouldn't open i was stunned and yet amazed. "You ok lasse?" he asked curiously lifting my head so that our eyes meet, but he wasn't using his hands. i reached under my chin and grabbed something that felt like a snake squirming in my hand. It was a tail!! it was pitch black and looked like a snake. I jumped backward tossing the tail away from me, it whipped back behind dante." Well wasn't expecting that eh?" Dante asks jokingly.

"Not really," i say trying not to let him hear the fear in my voice," But i really wasn't expecting you to be a demon." Then with out thinking i slapped Dante as hard as i could." How could you fuck that lil slut !!!" I scream.

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"Umm who?" Dante asks. I slap him again trying hard to make it hurt him." Racheal, you fucked her on the roof remember!!" "Umm o ya right right, well i had to slate my thirst." "Your thirst?" i asked "Ya lasse im a succubus i live off of sex and lust if i dont slate my thirst ill go crazy." Dante starts to laugh. I was so mad i couldn't think i went to slap him again but befor i could even reach his face he caught my hand.

"Thats really starting to piss me off lasse and after i went threw all the trouble to save you." "Im not even sure how you found me did you see me from the roof and fly down or something!?" I yell. "Well actually you made it rather easy to find you," Dante says pressing his finger against my pussy threw my skirt i jumped at the heat from his fingertip ," you left your scent behind.

You came all over the roof where you were maturbating, such a wonderful smell, its like a drug to me." I feel my body squirm as Dante lifts my skirt and starts to rub my clit "Just thinking about it makes me .

" Dante trailed off. He lifted his hand to his mouth and licked my juices off his fingers. Dante shot forward grabbing hold of my arms and pinning me to the couch big boos mom sex san was incredibly strong i almost thought he was going to break my wrists.

In another flash my clothes were torn off of me my body lay exposed to Dantes lust. Dante leans forward and starts kissing my neck his lips were hot against my skin. He kissed his way down my neck to my colar his tail running up and down my inner thigh getting closer to my pussy with every pass. He starts married german couple making lovelin loveget suck on my breasts biting my nipples lightly pinching them and rolling them with his tongue.

My body felt like it was on fire every kiss and touch practically burning into me. Dantes tail was playing with my pussy teasing it making it want him i could feel my juices start to run from my pussy. His lips kissed every inch of me and his tongue traced every curve on my body.

His tail spreads my lips slightly and enters my pussy and go's back and worth slowly going deeper with every push. Dante lifts my body up to his pulls out his tail and unbuttoned his jeans, this is it, hes going to use me to slate his thirst like he did racheal.

Whats gonna happen to me? Then, Dante got a crazed look in his eyes not of lust but of hunger. He opened his mouth flaring his large fangs and lowered his head down to my throat. My heart raced"was he going to kill me?" i asked myself. I started to shake uncontrolably as i felt his breath on my neck, this was the end. Dante screams in agony and launches himself in the air hiting the roof with a bone chilling crash.

He falls out of the air landing on the coffee table breaking it in half. Dante covers his ears rolling around in pain. I sit up and stumble off the couch and crawl to the far wall, then i hear it a faint high pitched tone almost like a dog whistle. Dante continues to roll around on the ground screaming in a blood curtiling tone.

"Make it stop ! MAKE IT STOP!!!" I watch as he thrashes around smashing thing with his head and body until the noise stops suddenly. Dante twitches around for a few seconds holding his head then go's stiff on the floor laying in a pile of broken glass and wood. lewd and wild shaft sucking hardcore and blowjob the fuck was that?" Almost expecting Dante to stand up and explain but he didn't, actually he looked dead.

I walk slowly to wear he was laying. I kneel next to him as his wings and tail retract. Slowly Dante becomes himself again or is it his fake self i dont know but it dosen't matter im stuck in here because i just realized im butt naked and i dont know were my clothes are. I find myself exploring Dantes house the living room was a mess but the rest of his house was in perfect order.

In the hall were old victorian paintings of him in suits of armor and other fine clothing with beautiful women and even a king in one. I come to the first door in this hall i slowly open it. On the other side was a bedroom with a king bed on the far side the walls were a blood red and the curtains a dark black. Swords and sheilds along with old drawings decorated the walls. I walk slowly, cold and naked looking for anything to cover up with. I see a robe on the floor i slip it on its huge but really warm and comfy.

I take a step and hit my toe on somethin metal i look down. Big metal chains lay on the floor i pick up one long one its heavy but i can move it around. Then i get an idea, its time for alil revenge.