Pieds dans la cul lesbian

Pieds dans la cul lesbian
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There he was, alone at a party. Romeo Montague was visiting a party and the Capulet's house, the house of his families enemy. Romeo stood there awkwardly sipping wine and not talking to anyone.

He felt like he was unwanted.

All of his friends were having a good time but he wanted to be loved. Suddenly, and the top of a grand staircase, a beautiful young girl. This girl was Juliet. She was 13 and she gave Romeo a massive boner. Romeo was drooling as he looked up at this young beauty. Suddenly, Juliet looked down and made eye contact with Romeo. Romeo wiped off his drool and without thinking, he walked to the stairs and began to ascend them. When Romeo got to the top, Juliet was gone.

Saddened, Romeo walked over to a window and began to cry.

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All of the sudden, Romeo felt a tug on his shirt and he was being dragged away into a room and the door slammed shut. There she was. Juliet had pulled Romeo in, for she had also found Romeo attractive. She immediately unbuttoned Romeos trousers and pulled out his massive cock. She then began to suck it like a champ, deep throating it. Romeo didn't even question what was happening. He just accepted this pleasure.

Romeo suddenly felt a strange feeling. He felt like he was about to cum gallons. He brushed Juliet's hair behind her ear and said "I'm gonna ape sex fairy tales sri lanka sinhala sex. Juliet, ready for it, began to suck even harder and faster.

Romeo then thrusted his pelvis, moaned, and released a mouthful of cum down Juliets throat. Juliet swallowed ever bit of it, licking her lips after. But Romeo didn't want it to be over. Romeo was still rock hard and wanted more. He then unbuttoned Juliets dress and pulled off her bra. Her D cup breasts were beautiful to Romeo. He began to lick each individual nipple, not breaking eye contact with Juliet.

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Slowly, he began to kiss his way down towards her crotch. He unbuttoned her pants and pulled down her underwear. There, he saw Juliet's beautiful 13 year old pussy, waiting for Romeo's love.

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Romeo instantly shoved his face into it, moving his tongue in every direction. Juliet began to moan with pleasure. Her body arked and spasmed as she shot her hot vaginal fluids into Romeo's waiting mouth. Romeo swallowed most of it, then spat some of it on her pussy and licked it back up. Romeo now felt that it was time.

He bent over Juliet and slowly inserted his rock hard cock into her tight, virgin pussy. She let out a soft moan and her entire pussy was filled up with Romeos hard dick. Romeo then slowly moved twwomen and one men xxx vedio and out of her wet pussy, gradually getting faster. Juliet came again all over Romeo's cock. Romeo hadn't came again yet, so he removed his cock and inserted it into Juliet's tight asshole.

Juliet grunted and screamed but Romeo put his hand over her mouth, because it was his turn to be pleasured. He quickly thrusted back and forth into her virgin asshole. Juliet, still grunting, actually loved the feeling of being filled up with a huge cock. Romeo then felt the same feeling that he had during his fellatio fun a few minutes ago.

Realizing he couldn't get her pregnant this way, he sped up his thrusting and sent his hot fluids deep into Juliet's asshole. Romeo slowly removed his cock from Juliet ass. Juliet licked off all of the cum that was on Romeo's cock. She then put her hand under her asshole as the rest of Romeo's cum leaked out. She then licked the rest of the cum from in between her fingers and gave Romeo a smile. She felt that it was time to do some extra kinky stuff. She whispered in Romeos ear, and he smiled.

Romeo laid on the ground, waiting for his surprise. Juliet than squatted over his chest, and let out a soft grunt as she squeezed out a steamy pile of moist shit on Romeo's chest. She then laid down on top of him and began to rub up and down on his body, spreading the moist shit all over her tits. Then, Juliet rubbed the shit all over Romeo's still rock hard cock. She used this shit as lube as she rubbed his cock, getting faster and faster as pieces of shit flew everywhere.

Juliet new Romeo's was about to come from the look in his eyes. She then placed Romeo's cock in her mouth, ready to take the final amount of Romeo seed.

She sucked his dick, but this time, she went really slow. She used her tongue and licked the head very sensually. She then worked her way back down the shaft of his cock. He was about to cum. Romeo then shot his thick semen into the back of her throat and it slowly leaked down her stroking beautys sexy beaver hardcore and blowjob. She kept sucking and licking until she was sure that all of his hot cum was out.

She then felt very dirty. She knew she had to shower. She brought Romeo into her bathroom connected to her room, and they both showered together.

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They each washed each other. After they were clean, they both went over to Juliet's twin bed. Romeo still was horny though. He shoved her onto the bed, and Juliet had always wanted to be dominated like this. He then dove on top of her and immediately put her into the missionary position. He thrusted his cock back and forth into her tight pussy.

Romeo than pulled out and shot his cum onto her chest. She wiped it all off with her hand and licked it all. Both Romeo and Juliet were now tired, and Romeo had nothing better to do tonight, so he and Juliet fell asleep next to each other.