My best frends hot mom

My best frends hot mom
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We live on 3 acres about 6 miles from town and have one neighbor just across the road and another about a mile down the road. Other than that there isn't much out here but cornfields. Our back yard isn't fenced but it is totally enclosed by hedges and shrubs. The day before this all started, I was mowing the yard and cut off one of the pop-up sprinkler heads that had stuck up. I told my husband about it that night and he said it was my problem to fix because I should have been paying better attention when I was mowing.

"Besides" he said, "I'm going fishing with the guys tomorrow morning and we won't be back for 2 days. I'm sure you can replace it because you've helped me do it before." It was already warm at 8:00 the next morning so I put on terrycloth shorts and a halter top (skipping even panties and bra.) After a cup of coffee and a bagel, I went out and went to work replacing the broken sprinkler head.

I was so intent on pretty blonde drilled by horny pawn man project at hand that I didn't notice that our neighbor's border collie had made his way through the shrubs and into the yard. I was down on my hands and knees just starting to dig around the sprinkler and I only realized he was there when he jumped up and tried to mount me as though he thought I was a bitch in heat.

I turned and pushed him away and told him "quit that" and went back to digging. He apparently ignored what I told him because he came right back and shoved his nose between my thighs and nudged my pussy through my shorts before jumping up on me again humping franticly.

I pushed him off again and scolded him but it didn't seem to make any difference to him. Before I finished with the sprinkler, I must have pushed him away at least 20 times.

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I don't know why I didn't get mad at him but I realized he was actually making me horny even though my husband had pumped me full of his cum just that morning before he left.

During a few of his attempts I had felt his bony cock stab the back of my leg a few times and even against my covered pussy 2 or 3 times. Finally finished with the sprinkler, the thought of him actually finding my pussy with his thrusting little shaft without any help sent a shiver through my thighs and ended deep in my cunt. I immediately told myself I was crazy and went in the house and got a glass of iced tea. Bringing it out on the back deck, I sat down and the little collie came over and laid down right at my feet, looking up at me with excited eyes.

That's when I really knew I was crazy because I realized my pussy was getting my shorts damp and I had to keep resisting the urge to start rubbing it. I couldn't stop the images flashing through my mind. Images of the dog with his front legs wrapped tightly around my waist, his hind end humping wildly. I could almost swear I could feel his bony cock stabbing against my thighs and ass squirting his slick precum all over me as he franticly searched for my warm, wet pussy. This is really stupid I thought as I stood up and slid my terrycloth shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them but I couldn't stop myself.

Almost in a daze, I walked down the 2 steps to the grass and got down on my hands and knees. The collie wasted no time, his nose going straight to my now exposed oozing pussy. Every nerve in large love muffins asians salacious toying japanese and hardcore body stood on edge when I felt his tongue slide across my already hard clit and between my swollen pussylips.

He only licked long enough to satisfy himself that I wasn't going to shove him away before he rose up and clamped his front legs around my waist.

I could feel him jerking around as he humped away. He would keep stabbing around with his bony, squirting shaft for 15 or 20 seconds before he would climb off and walk excitedly around me once or twice. Then he would climb on me again from the side and wrap his front legs around me as his hind end swung around behind me.

I could see just an inch or so of his finger sized shaft with a pointed fleshy tip sticking out of his sheath as he circled me. Each time he mounted me, he would get closer to his goal of finding my pussy.

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I could feel him stabbing away, his bony shaft ramming against the backs of my thighs and between the cheeks of my ass. Between his continued efforts and me adjusting how high I held myself, he had mounted me 10 or 12 times before I felt his stiff rod find its intended target. He must have been able to feel the heat with his little cock because once he got the squirting tip between my pussylips he paused just long enough to clamp his front legs tighter around my waist.

His next thrust was demanding, his front legs pulling back against my hips, his hind end thrusting forward. I felt his thin rod slip easily into my slick pussy and could feel his rod expanding rapidly as he tried to go deeper. He had managed to get his cock shoved inside me but not quickly enough because his knot had swollen before he got it inside me and now it was preventing him from going any deeper.

When he realized that was all the deeper he could get, he calmed down and I could feel his cock surge inside me as he pumped his doggy seed. He seemed to know that he wasn't completely inside me because he only stayed there 30 seconds or so before climbing off and laying down in the grass to lick his swollen knot bathing party slut jizzed group sex and cumshot cock.

It did give me the chance though to see how massive his little shaft could get and how big and rock solid his knot was. I was almost amazed how his thin pink shaft, hardly the size of my finger could turn into a purple raging monster as big as my husbands hard cock and how his knot could go from pea size to bigger than 2 walnuts. I felt relieved that he wasn't a big dog. He licked himself for 2 or 3 minutes as his cock and knot shrunk and slipped back inside his sheath.

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As soon as it slipped back in though he got up and made one circle around me and jumped right back on. This time, he knew just where to be though and with just a couple thrusts slipped the fleshy tip of his cock between my pussylips. This time though, he gripped me tight and on his second forceful thrust I felt his cock ram deep inside my cunt and his pea size knot slide through my tight opening. He kept humping wildly getting a little deeper with each thrust as I felt his knot quickly swell.

This time we both knew he had his cock locked inside me, we both knew I was his bitch. I felt his cock expand inside me, stretching my cunt as he continued humping, going deeper and deeper until his balls were pushing against my pussylips.

I felt his grip on my waist relax at the same time I felt his swollen cock begin to surge inside me and felt a gush of his hot dog seed spew deep inside me with each surge. He stayed that way for a minute or so, his cock squirting again and again, pumping my cunt full of his seed.

I felt his front legs slowly relax their grip and then slip off to my side. His cock though didn't relax, it was locked inside me and he turned completely around to face away from me. We were tied and he would continue filling his bitch with his cum, her pussy opening sealed off by his swollen knot. My pussy felt great with the collie's cock surging inside.

I knew his knot was holding him inside me but I also knew it was small enough that if I relaxed my pussy it would easily slip out. That's when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, the black lab slip between the bushes and walk straight towards us. He was sniffing the ground and air as though he could smell a bitch in heat.

He calmly walked over, sniffing his way straight to my pussy with the collie's cock locked inside. He seemed in no hurry though, waiting, circling both of us again and again until Bi chaps and their cute pretty gf felt the collie's knot shrink inside me until it slipped out.

I hoped I would get a chance to get up and get away because the lab was a lot bigger than the collie and I wasn't so sure about getting bred by him. It didn't work that way though. As soon as the collie pulled away from me, the lab was on me. I tried to get up but I heard a low growl from deep in his throat.

I was going to be his now and he was letting me know it. Yes, I was a bitch, HIS BITCH and he was going to take her whether she wanted it or not. I kept trying everything I could think of to escape what was going to happen but it was impossible. He weighed almost as much as me and was too powerful. I lowered my ass hoping he wouldn't be able to get down far enough to stab his cock in my pussy but he was strong enough that his front legs gripped around my waist were actually lifting my ass up to meet his thrusts.

Humping and thrusting, jerking my ass higher and higher, working his hind legs closer to me until I felt the hot fleshy tip of his cock rub against the cheeks of my ass.

His hind feet dancing around between my knees as he humped away, sometimes scratching the backs of my calves, making me spread my legs farther apart to avoid getting all torn up. Then I felt the hot fleshy tip of his cock rub against the cheeks of my ass, first on one cheek and then the other, his precum squirting, making them feel wet and slick as it slid from side to side until finally slipping into the crease between them.

Working his hind feet closer to me as he slowly worked the squirting tip down the crease, closer and closer to my pussy.

What is wrong with me I thought? I'm not afraid of him anymore. He's actually making me feel good. He's not stabbing away at me like I thought he would.

All I feel is the fleshy tip and spongy end of his sheath rubbing against me. I felt my body relax as a shiver ran through my cunt. As I relaxed slightly, his humping became less frantic and he kept working his way down until I felt the tip slip between my pussylips.

I'm sure he felt the heat of my pussy because he tightened his grip slightly positioned his hind feet to press himself tighter against me, his sheath mashing against my swollen pussylips the soft tip of his shaft barely inside me.

Then, for just a moment, his body was almost motionless as I felt his shaft extend from its protective sheath directly into my pussy just an inch or so. Then suddenly his powerful hind legs thrusting himself forward at the same time his front legs pulling against my hips jerked me back against the thrust, I felt his hard shaft penetrate me a full 6'' in just an instant.

Immediately he thrust again, this time I felt his knot, the size of 2 large marbles, force its way through my tight opening.

Juicy playgirl is a perfect fuckmate hardcore blowjob instantly, I could feel his knot begin to swell just inside the band of muscles surrounding my cuntal opening. He knew by instinct, we both knew, that once swollen inside that band of muscles, his knot would lock his thrusting cock inside me and I would be his. HIS BITCH!!!!!


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He continued thrusting but with his knot swelling bigger and bigger, his cock never moved out as he pulled back, it only tugged at the inside of my pussy and then slipped deeper as he thrust forward again. Deeper and deeper and now his cock swelling like a balloon inside me, my pussy feeling stuffed and his knot getting even bigger. He doesn't even need to thrust anymore, his knot still swelling is actually pulling his cock deeper and deeper.

He isn't even thrusting anymore when I feel the first hot gush of his cum deep in my cunt.

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Again and again his cock surges as he pumps me full of his hot seed. As I feel the hot cum filling my cunt, I start the strongest orgasm I've ever had.

He is panting like crazy and I feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as I feel him relax the grip he has around my waist but the surging inside my pussy doesn't stop.

My pussy has never from mouth to cum hole sex hardcore blowjob sooo full but I still feel gush after gush spewing inside me. It's almost five minutes before the gushes taper to occasional squirts and he slips his front legs to my side and turns around until we are ass to ass, locked, tied until his knot shrinks.

We stay tied for at least another 15 minutes. He doesn't cum much more but I think the swollen knot keeps his cum from leaking out of me, giving his seed time to make its way to my womb.

There must be some chemical in dog cum that makes your pussy go crazy because once I have dog cum in my pussy, it drives me crazy and the only thing that makes it feel ok is to have another cock inside it. Since that day, I have had as many as 4 dogs, one after the other and each one at least twice each. It's odd they don't fight, it's like they know that once a bitch has been screwed once, she'll almost beg for more cock until she can't stand anymore.