Group tasting of oriental babes bawdy cleft

Group tasting of oriental babes bawdy cleft
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Neighborhood Slut Mom part2 By Janexxx The weekend of Randy's birthday had gone just fine. We spent the time getting to know each other better sexually. I had spent the time alone with him naked just like he wanted me too.

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Randy would watch me as I cleaned the house and fixed meals nude. I would bend over so he could see my bare cunt from behind. He enjoyed seeing my naked ass and tits as I wiggled and jiggled them for him. In return, Randy would have his cock out playing with himself as he watched my naked body performing just for him. Randy would ask me, well tell me, to suck his cock for him or fuck him, which I would do to please my son and my needs.

It amazed me how his cock stayed so hard after he would cum. The weekend was a fun time but now it was Monday and time for him to go back to school and for me back to work. Sunny leon jackpot movie songstory in mobile download was wondering what would happen and what would be said when I would drive the boys to school. I would soon find out. I got up early on Monday morning and went to the kitchen to fix some breakfast for Randy and then went to take a quick shower.

Randy had showered as I finished fixing breakfast and he hurried downstairs to eat. As I showered, Randy came in and peeked behind the curtain and then smacked my ass playfully. I jumped not knowing he was there. Randy laughed and said "I was a little jumpy this morning." "I have your clothes laid out for you to drive us to school in", Randy said."You only need to wear what is laying there and nothing else." I said OK and thought to myself oh god what is there and how much and what will it cover.

I finished my shower, dried off, and went into my room to see what he had left for me to wear. I looked and it was an older jacket with some buttons missing, nice looking but a little short. It would cover my ass and pussy but not by much, one button missing there. The top would hide my tits but that is where two buttons are gone. The only other things there was my sandals that I wear all the time and no panties or bra. I guess if I keep my coat closed I will be OK.

I don't need the panties or bra since I haven't worn them in a few days, so that's OK. Randy is all set for school, nicely dressed and he has his backpack with him as he heads out the door and to the car. He waits to see me come out the door. I feel really self conscience about myself being undressed as I am in only a jacket and I have a feeling about being watched even though no one else is around. I get to the door and climb in.

I start up the car and we are on our way. "Gee mom you like nice, and sexy too.

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Your legs look good, sexy and naked."Randy said while beaming at me. "Thank you dear." I tell him as I want to just focus on the road. I turn on the radio and try not to pay attention to my son watching me. I am thinking of what he might do when the other boys are with us. I hope right now nothing will happen. We picked them up and headed for school. Randy acts like nothing is going on, he doesn't make any reference to me.

They talk about sports and school work. I am my relaxed now. The boys sit in the back and act like they always do. Tyler, the cute, tall blond hair boy, talks to Jacob, a very nice looking black friend of Randy's about the baseball game his dad took him to over the weekend. Ben (he has dark curly hair and is about the same height as Randy but is built a little bigger) chats with Randy about some homework. We get to school and nothing happens for which I am glad for. I return home and start my work.

I am happy that Randy did not say anything and will feel better about the drive tomorrow. The next two mornings things go the same and I don't mind dressing the way I am now with just my jacket and shoes. Right now no one knows that I am completely naked under my jacket except Randy. Thursday morning arrives and we are set to go to school.

I come out to the car with only my jacket and shoes on. I have a big smile and I kiss Randy as I get into the car. I start the car and turn on the radio as we pick up the boys. Everything is going good this morning as the boys are chatting as usual. Then on the radio Bob Seger's song "Night Moves" starts to play. The words I hear on the radio" She was a black haired beauty with big dark eyes, and points all oriental adorable babe cant live without being lifted and pound own sitting way up high.

Way up firm and high." Randy smiled and said to the boys "This song is about my mom." I suddenly started to turn red as I didn't know what Randy was going to say or do.

Up until this moment it had been just my son and I that knew what a slut I am, and now I wasn't sure what he was going to do. The boys just laughed and told him sure and whatever. Randy said,"My mom is just like that song, she loves to be naked when she is around guys. She is naked under her jacket right now.

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Isn't that right mom? You love to get naked, even naked for me. She was a stripper and liked being seen." I tried to swallow and then speak. My mind and heart was racing, I was getting embarrassed and excited at the same time.

I didn't know what to think, but I knew the boys would know the truth soon and I would see what Randy was going to do about it. All I knew is cookie of attractive girl is banged pornstar and hardcore ever happened, they needed to keep quiet.

I took a deep breath and told the boys that Randy was right, "I am naked under my jacket just like Randy said." "Are you my slut mom for me?" Randy asked.

Another outside in the snow with naked zuzinka breath and I said, "Yes Randy I am your slut, your naked slut." The boys all went a little wild with the WOWS!

And No fake, and one said can we see. I am sure he thought he wouldn't get to see, but Randy had other ideas. "Go ahead mom take your jacket off right here in the cars for the guys, you know you want too." Randy said. It wasn't so much that I wanted too, yes I wanted to get naked right then as I was on fire with the need to be seen, but I felt I needed to be naked too.

I wanted to; I had to prove to Randy that I was not only his mother but his slut as well. I turned down a mostly deserted street went a block and pulled into an alley. As we stopped I popped both of the snaps on my jacket. My heart was pounding, my breathing was deep, my nipples were very hard and my bare pussy was soaking wet.

I felt a hot rush flowing over me. I hear the first pop and then the second pop. It felt like I was sitting there doing that for hours, but was only seconds.

The boys all got quiet and stared at me with my jacket partly opened. You could hear a pin drop as I moved my hands to the open flaps of my opened jacket. I started to pull it open, my hands were quivering and my heart was pounding. I knew in a second I would be naked in front of these boys and then everything would change for me. I would become not only Randy's slut mom but the neighborhood slut mom. As I opened the jacket you could hear the WOWs and excitement in the boy's voices.

I looked in the mirror and every eye was on me. My pussy was so very wet; my clit was hard and hot. I almost climaxed without being touched. My jacket was wide open and I sat naked in my car with the four boys. I felt a tug on the sleeve and then saw Randy taking the jacket off of me. I moved forward and pulled my arm out of the other sleeve which left me completely naked for the boys.

They all looked and they wanted to touch my tits. I left them feel me but then told to keep this a secret and we better go before we get caught.

They each grabbed and pulled on my swollen tits, my hard nipples. I wanted my pussy played with but we didn't have the time right then. Randy held my jacket and told me to drive to the block before school. There I was driving naked, taking my son and his friends to school. Just thinking of that I wanted to touch my bare naked pussy but decided to wait. I drove the five blocks and stopped. The boys got out and my son tells me he was going to bring them home after school.

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Randy also said to be naked when they came over after school. As he was walking away I noticed he was putting my jacket into his backpack. I started to say something but they took off running to school. I looked around the back seat but there was nothing that I could wear or anything to hide the fact that I was naked.

"Oh well, I guess I will just have to take a chance getting home." I thought to myself. The big problem right now I don't have a garage to park in, just a place in front of my home. I drove home hoping not to be seen. I wouldn't know how to explain this to anyone. I pulled up to curb in front of my home and waited a moment to make sure no one was around.

I looked and saw the mailman walking down the street going the other way with his back to me. I saw a couple cars pass by but they didn't see me. I did not see any one else around so I hurried out the car, and shut door. I headed for my front door as fast as I could, took my house key and nervously opened the door after a couple tries. I got in and let out a loud sigh. I was shaking but my pussy was dripping, my nipples were erect as was my clit.

I could not help myself and fingered my cunt very hard and very fast until I had a very explosive cum. I fingered myself a couple more times, making myself cum over and over. The thought of those boys seeing me naked and knowing they will see me naked again made me so wet, and so hot. I knew they would have hard cocks in their pants all day while thinking of me, naked for them. I had trouble working all day as I kept watching the clock. I counted down the time until I would be seen naked again.

I took a nice fake taxi uk dutch teen bath to relax me but all it did was make me hornier. I decide to do something nice for my son and his friends. I head into the kitchen and make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I put them in the oven and let them bake. I know shortly after they come out the boys would be here. I decide to put on my apron, the one that barely covers my tits and pussy, and I will serve the boys cookies and milk while wearing this and my stripper shoes. The cookies were done and left to cool for a few minutes.

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I put them on a plate and pour four glasses of milk. It was almost 3:30 and the boys would be here soon. I kept my apron on and I put on some sweet perfume and my stripper heels. My hair looked nice and my pussy was bare and smooth. Now all I had teen college coeds partying in blowjob dorm reality amateur do was to wait in the kitchen for them, wait almost naked for them.

Suddenly the door starts to open and I jump and gasp a little. There was Randy with his three friends. Ben walks in behind him followed by Jacob and Tyler. My heart starts pounding again and I start to shake a little as they walk into the living room and from the kitchen I tell them to please have a seat.

Randy smiles and turns to his friends, gesturing to them to go over to the couch and have a seat. "See guys, I told you my mom would be waiting for us."Randy said," She does anything I say, she's my slut. I have seen them and read about them on the computer. I know we will have a lot of fun with her.

Mom what are you doing in the kitchen?" I knew Randy was right but I didn't know how far he wanted me to go. I was hoping that it would be mostly just look and feel.

The boys walked over to the couch and sat down. They had never had a chance like this with a woman naked and horny. I saw the bulges in their pants as they walked in; they were all dakota getting fucked good by big black dick size young men. "I baked some chocolate chip cookies for you boys. I wanted to give you a nice snack while you are here (besides the snack they will have with me).

I have some cold milk for you as well. I will be there in a moment."I told them. I grabbed the cookie tray and thought to myself,"well, here we go "and I walked into the living room almost naked. I walked over to the four boys and bent down as I offered them some cookies knowing that they could see down my apron top at big dicked tranny cassia carvalho and a dude fuck each others assholes bare tits.

I turned to go back to get the milk and I knew they could all see my naked ass as I walked back into the kitchen. I could hear the boys saying what a nice butt I had and how my tits were almost falling out of my apron. I came back and offered each a cold glass of milk. I sat down and asked them when they were done if they wanted anything else.

They all said they wanted to see me dance naked for them. I turned on some music (Skin Tight from the Ohio Players, a favorite strip song of mine) and slowly started to gyrate to the sound. I had my back to them so they could see my bare pussy from behind when I bent over. I was wet again, my nipples hard, and a felt a tug on my apron string. I thought it was Randy at first but as I looked up he was standing in front of me. I wondered who was behind me and at that moment I felt a hard, thick cock entering my wet, hot pussy from behind.

I looked around quickly and saw Randy's friend Jacob putting his hard black cock into my tight, hot, wet cunt. I felt him grabbing my hips and thrusting into me. It felt so good and so naughty. It was a nasty thing to do, letting one of my son's friends to fuck my naked pussy.

I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I felt his cock school girl joor koray sex me. At the same time I felt two hands on my tits, playing with my nipples. I looked up and Tyler and Ben were pulling on my tits. Both boys had there hard cocks out and Tyler was forcing his cock into my mouth.

Randy just stood there with his hard cock out smiling at me. I was getting fucked and played with by four young boys and I was loving every minute of it. About that time I felt Jacob stiffen up behind me and then his gushing spray of hot cum into my naked cunt. Tyler that and fired a large hot load into my mouth. Ben then wanted his turn and took Jacob's place by inserting his hard, hot cock into my burning cunt and he started to fuck me hard and fast. I yelled out "FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!!!

CUM IN ME NOW, MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!!!" I wanted all the cum I could get. I was lead to the couch and was forced to lay down. Ben got back on me and in me as he kept on pounding me. I grabbed his naked ass and told him "CUM IN ME MOTHER FUCKER, FUCK ME HARD AND FUCK ME GOOD!!!!! MAKE ME YOUR CUM DUMPSTER, ALL OF YOU FUCKERS, MAKE ME YOUR BITCH, YOUR SLUT, YOUR MOTHER FUCKING WHORE!!!!" Ben than came deep into my pussy and filled me for the second time.

As he got off Tyer got on top and pushed his hard cock into me. He didn't last real long but shot a hot, large load of cum deep into my cunt. As he got off, Randy climbed on me and put his cock into my hot, well used cunt. He smiled down at me and said "You like your horny cunt being used by all of us slut mom? You like us using you like the cunt you are?" I answered "GOD YES, USE THIS FUCKING CUNT AS YOUR CUM DUMPSTER!!!!

GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS USE ME, FILL MY CUNT !!!! USE ME ANY TIME YOU WANT, JUST FUCK ME AND FUCK ME GOOD!!!! OH FUCKKKKKKKKK !!!!!" Right then Randy fills me with his cum. He gets off of me and all four boys are standing there naked and hard. Each boy has a big smile on their face, and Randy tells me to sit up. As I sit up their cream starts to drip down my legs and I finger myself and taste their sweet cum.

Randy wants me to get up and go to the kitchen, he wants the boys to see me piss on the floor. I have never been this taboo around anyone but since I am their slut I will do as they say.

I go in the kitchen and squat down as I start to make myself pee. I feel it coming on and I watch the boys faces as they start to jack off over me. I start to rub my pussy and I am about to cum as my bladder starts to empty itself. The boys watch and stroke as I piss and then they all start to cum on me as I make a pissy mess on the floor. My piss mixes with their cum and my body is splattered with the cum that they jack on me.

I start to climax myself as they finish using me. My cunt quivers with delight and I can't stop rubbing my clit.

I cum several times as the boys watch my naked cum covered body cum and cum again. I finish and try to catch my breath but Randy tells me to get on my hands and knees and lick the pissy mess up.

The boys watch as I do this, one of them states that I am a real slutty whore that will do anything they want. The other boys agree that I am one slutty cum dumpster. They want to see me naked tomorrow while going to school. They all have to head home and I know that now I am truly a neighborhood slut mom.