Big breast brunette girlfriend the center of all his fantasy

Big breast brunette girlfriend the center of all his fantasy
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Memorial Roast An almost true story Story: #40 Copyright ©2008 Written: June 15 2008 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ******************************************** I woke up that morning like I do every morning with my legs open wide, my girlfriend Stacey's head between them and her tongue buried deep in my pussy, "Good morning sexy?" she said to me when she noticed I was awake and enjoying the stimulation her tongue was giving to my clit, "I'd be doing better if a certain someone would agree to help me ride a spit, like I've always wanted" was how I would answer her question.

She expected this answer, It was how I greeted her every morning for five years. "You know why we can't do that!" was the reply I expected every day it was the same, the same old excuse of. "We would get caught" or "You can't be serious" but this morning she finally shocked me, "Ok lets do it!" was her reply.

At first I was not sure if I had heard her correctly, "Did I hear you right?, Your finally willing to spit roast me?" I asked her more clearly to be sure if we were still talking about the same thing, "YES, if you want it so much I will help you get it!" She said and then put her attention back to tonging my clit.

After many more mutual orgasms it was time to get up and start the day, "So when will we do it?" I asked her not wanting to let her forget her promise or claim it was made in the heat of the moment, danejones perfect young blonde teen riding her boyfriend should wait for a holiday like the 4rth of July to do it, that way we can have your barbeque and celebrate a special occasion at the same time" was her answer.

Again she had shocked me I had expected her to say that she was only joking or try to back out of the promise some how but she seamed to be genuinely serious about helping me to ride a spit.

"Memorial day is in a week, why wait until the 4rth of July?, people barbeque on memorial day too" I said to try to get her to do me sooner not wanting to wait another full month and give her time to reconsider.

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I did not expect her to agree, "Sure sexy if that's what you want" was her answer my answer was a flying hug in to her arms and many kisses. The rest of the day seemed to fly by while we made some decisions on who to invite to the roast and other little details. The next morning I woke up the same as every other morning Stacey's head between my legs and her tongue working its magic on my clit, when she noticed I was awake she looked into my eye's, "Good morning my little spit-roast" she said with a little laugh, "I can't wait until you poke me with something sharper then your tongue" was my reply having changed my morning answer since she had already agreed to it.

"I've been thinking" Stacey said as she looked deeper into my eye's and this scared me a little, "Here it is, she's gonna try to back out now" was the first thought that popped into my head, "I think we should spit someone else" was what she said, "NO NO you agreed to do me, its what I want, please!" was my frantic answer hoping to get her to change her mind, "Oh no babe, that's not what I meant, we invited more people then we have meat, you wont be enough" was her answer, "OH you scared me I thought you were gonna say you want to keep me around longer and not spit me!" I said breathing a little easier now.

"Well yes I do want to keep you around longer, but I wont stand in the way of your desire if its what you really want" was her answer as she went back to tongue lapping my clit, "Well who do you think we should get?" I said to her while enjoying another orgasm, "I don't know one of our friends maybe or a girl off the street that no one would miss?" was her reply, "How about my sister Molly?

she has always been a sexy pain slut like me and has wanted to be a spit roast ever since she read some of my stories on the internet" I said looking down at Stacey.

"But she is younger then you, she is only 16 would it be right to roast her?" Stacey asked while keeping her attention on my clit, "It is just as right as spitting me, as long as we be careful not to invite TOO many people and draw suspicion to what were doing" I said coming off yet another orgasm, "Well if she is willing and really wants it we can do her first by the time she is done roasting and we start serving her I can get you on the spit, she will be just about picked clean by the time your done roasting" was her answer, "We can't both roast at the same time?" I asked her, "No Jason only made one spit and he can't make anymore.

Jason is Stacey's brother a young man about 26 years old who worked for some time as a steel mill engineer he swinging couples cum together for hot encounters taken a long piece of steel, machine sharpened it at the end and brought it home to show that Stacey was serious about roasting sweet girl opens up juicy vagina and gets deflowered virginity hardcore on this newly formed spit, when I saw this shiny silver rod pulled out of his pickup truck and placed into my hands I nearly stripped off my robe and begged him to shove it through me right then and there in the driveway in full view of the whole neighborhood but was able large love muffins asians salacious toying japanese and hardcore contain my desire and keep my robe on long enough to get inside with the spit and then rip off my robe and beg him to fuck me on the couch.

When Stacey saw the spit for the first time she looked at it the same way that I did when Jason first pulled it out of the pickup truck and handed it to me, I was in the middle of being fucked by Jason on the couch at the time so she didn't think I had noticed at first then looked at me and saw me looking at her with a smile on my face, "You want it to?, don't you?" I asked her later that day when Jason had gone home and me and her were alone for the night, "No I don't, im not a pain slut like you I wouldn't be able to take something like that into my pussy and beg for more like you do" she said trying to deny a desire of her own, "I saw the way you looked at it I know that look you were thinking of it being shoved up your own pussy and coming out of your mouth just like I do every day" I said and picked up the spit that was laying on the floor holding it for a few minutes and then brought it out to the back yard and placed it on the picnic table.

The next morning we would both share mutual orgasms during our morning sexual exercises thinking about the spit slowly being forced through us, In a few days I would finally know that feeling but Stacey would have to wait until another story. Finally the day had arrived, the morning of Memorial Monday I woke up to yet another of Stacey's famous tongue whippings to my clit and pussy lips when she noticed I was awake and enjoying her, "Good morning spit-roast" she gave me her new morning greeting, "OH YEAH!!" I screamed as I had a powerful orgasm thinking that in just a few hours I would be riding a spit and enjoying the pain of it pushing my meat and organs to the side making room for its 3 inches of thick steel as it was forced through me, "I don't want to wait anymore I need it now baby" I said as Stacey looked up from between my legs, "We have to wait Jess, Molly isn't here yet she has to be done first if you want to get a taste of Girl-Meat before you get your own pussy on the spit" she replied reminding me sadly that I did want to wait just a little longer at that moment AROUND 6AM the doorbell rang.

"DING, DONG" without wasting much time I jumped from the bed and left Stacey still in her spot where my pussy was a few seconds earlier looking up with pussy juice dripping from her lips as she watch me run out of the room and down the stairs missing the last three and falling flat on my ass, "MOLLY" I yelled as I opened the door and gave my little sister a big hug, "Thanks so much for helping out with our barbeque today" I said as Stacey was coming down the stairs and greeted Molly, "Yes sweety your meat will be greatly appreciated Jessie here just wont be enough to feed everyone" Stacey said giving Molly a hug as well the smile on the young girls face was enough to know she was thrilled to get her wish as well.

A few hours passed and everything was nearly ready Molly and I had helped Stacey prepare all the side dishes and the stuffing that would be used to fill up our intestines just before the spitting, the barbeque sauce was a home made recipe Stacey had come up with on her own a delicious mix of herbs, honey and mesquite hickory flavoring that I couldn't wait to get a taste of from Molly's meat, "This will be delicious" I said and Molly agreed.

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Around 9AM the guest started to arrive and make them selves comfortable in the backyard on the grass striping of all their clothes and starting a sexual orgy binding and torturing the girls that they had brought with them, wives, girlfriend, sisters, daughters, and in some cases mothers, after a lot of sex and sexual torture taking care to use a very large dildo to fuck her ass open enough for stuffing, it was time to get Molly spitted we picked her up and placed her on the picnic table her anus was open wide and you could see all the way down inside of her, Stacey then started to take handfuls of stuffing and packed her intestines with as much as she could hold Molly was stuffed with 6 bowls of the best stuffing Stacey had ever made and Molly looked like she was nine months pregnant, "We wont be gutting you before we want you to last as long as possible" Stacey said to Molly as we moved her from the picnic table over to the specially designed spitting jig that Jason had modified from an old saw horse.

"So Im hoping that the spit wont piece your intestines and ruin any of that stuffing you got inside you now" Stacey added as we strapped Molly to the spiting jig and Jason went to get the spit, the whole time the rest of the guests had worked themselves into a sexual torture orgy their were girls all over the place is different stages of bondage and dismemberment some girls had by this time died from their tormentors abuse by having their throats slit or having been gutted by overly eager men who just wanted to see something killed already, "I guess we didn't need Molly as extra meat after all" Stacey said, "Your not gonna let me go are you?" Molly asked pleadingly, "No sweety, you will roast I promise, I can't let you go now anyway the only way to get the stuffing out of your belly would be to gut you and that would kill you, so no sweety your already dead your body just doesn't know it yet" Stacey assured her.

Once Molly was fully strapped in and Stacey had the spit in her hands she placed it on the support frame behind the spiting jig and placed the sharp point into Molly's pussy and made sure it was a perfect alignment before starting to push it through her once she was sure the alignment was perfect, "Im going to fuck you with the point for a short time to give you one last orgasm before I push it through you" Stacey whispered into Molly's ear and she smiled as Stacey started to slowly fuck her with the spit.

It only took about an interracial fuck session with sexy jaye summers minutes to work the young girls pussy up to a powerful orgasm and when Stacey could see that the spit was covered in the salty white goo from Molly's pussy she gave the spit one fast hard thrust forcing three feet of the spit though her cervix and in to her belly, passed her intestines luckily she had not pierced the intestines and the spit wad now at the base of the young girls chest stopping the spit for a minute she allowed Molly to sweet babe annika eve fucked by stepbro down from her orgasm and take a breath, "Any final words Molly?" Stacey asked when she took her last deep breath, "OH thank you the pain feels great, it's getting harder to breath, thank you for letting me help with your barbeque, I hope my meat will be delicious for you all" she said as Stacey gave the spit the last push.

The bloody tip came out of Molly's mouth the young girls eye's started to blink rapidly she was amazed at how the spit felt inside her and instantly started to try to fuck herself on the spit desperate to get it to rub her clit even slightly for another orgasm before death takes her, I saw this and knew what she was trying to do and being the good big sister I am I used my fingers to press and rub her clit and get her to cum on my finger, I then rubbed my finger on the lips of her mouth to give her a taste of her own pussy juice.

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Without wasting anymore time Stacey and I released her from the spitting jig straps and her hands instantly went to her pussy letting her own fingers rub her clit and pussy lips a final time before they were bound together behind her back for the last time in her young life, Once they were bound behind her back we bent her legs at the knees slightly and tied them to the spit at the ankles giving her just enough leg room to force her pussy up and down the spit slightly to rub her clit while we carried her over to the fire, once we were about 5 feet away she could already feel the heat blasting her skin and she started to get scared now her fantasy was complete she felt the spit though her body from her pussy to her mouth.

She did not want to go over the fire she started to struggle as little as she could to tell us that she did not want to cook but by then it was too late for her to protest, "Sorry sweety Stacey already told you that you will die soon anyway with that stuffing inside you, your time to backout was long passed, now be good and don't be scared we have a lot of hungry people to feed and ill be joining you shortly" I said assuring her that it would all be ok as we placed her on the spit frame Jason had build and let the flames start to lick her skin causing her to jump as much as she could as she started to rotate and as the fire started to turn her skin bright red you could see tears rolling down her cheeks and falling into the coals below making little pop and sizzle sounds before her own juices even started to flow.

"Just fuck yourself on that spit as much as you can until you die and try to enjoy it, don't think about the pain of the fire just think of the fire in your pussy that the spit is causing as petite teen bella rose perfect round juicy ass fucked in the car rubs on your clit" Stacey said to her as she started to brush the special barbeque sauce on to Molly's skin making sure to scrape the hard bristles of the brush over her pussy lips and clit causing the young girl to cum again and stop thinking of the fire burning her skin and only think of the pleasure in her pussy.

After about 20 minutes Molly's pussy orgasmed one final time and then her eye's went dark and she died when Stacey saw that Molly was gone and only meat was left in her place she threw more coal into the pit and moved her spit closer to the flames to cook the meat for the next hour at a higher temperature to get the spit out of her as soon as possible and get me on it as fast as possible, while Molly was finishing her ride on the spit I was over by the picnic table bent over it hands tied behind my back rope tied around my neck while Jason was fucking me from behind another man took the rope that was around my neck and pulled it tight causing me to gasp for air and tied it around the tree that was only a few feet away this was giving me the same feeling that I was dangling from the rope high in the air while at the same time being fucked by Jason it was a massive orgasmic feeling causing me to pass out just as I felt Jason cum inside my pussy.

When I woke up an hour or so later I was still bent over the picnic table hands bound behind my back and the rope around my neck had been cut from the tree but still tied tight around my neck, and another man was fucking me from behind, looking around I could see everyone eating and Molly's head was displayed in the center of the table her nicely cooked body being carved by Jason as Stacey came over to me and looked me in the eye's, "Your turn sexy" she said holding up the spit in her hands as the man fucking me picked me up it was then that I could see that my belly looked like it was full to breaking point, "Thats right hun, I stuffed you while we were waiting for you to wake up" Stacey said as the man moved me over to the spitting jig and strapped me down.

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She then held out her hand showing me a nice size piece of meat, "Here you go sexy your last meal, It was very delishous, As it's sister your meat should taste the same" Stacey said as she moved behind me with the spit and put it in place. "Ill give you the same treatment I gave Molly, Ill fuck you with the tip for mia khalifa fucked by small penis few minutes to get you to cum one more time then you will get the full force of the spit through you, "Thank you Stacey for everything" I said as I finished eating the meat that she had given me, She then started fucking me with the spit causing my pussy to tingle and my clit to rub on the sharp point it did not take long for my pussy to blast the same white goo all over the spit that Molly had done hours before she became meat as well.

Just as I was coming off the most powerful orgasm of my life there was a loud noise to my left as the wooden gate burst open and three men came running into the backyard, "FREEZE" one of the men yelled pointing his gun at Stacey still holding the spit in my pussy ready to push, "Welcome gentlemen come on in we got plenty of meat for everyone" Stacey said looking around at the body's lying all over the yard and then taking a firm grip on the spit pushed it into me as hard as she could, "AHHHIHHAAHH" I screamed as the spit drilled its way though my cervix up my body and out my mouth a few seconds later.

"Would any of you big strong men like to play with our food?" Stacey asked the men still holding the guns, "Shut up bitch Im no man, Im all girl" one of the cops said removing her hat to let down her hair and thrust out her chest to show the bumps of her breast, "Listen little lady, could you do me a favor?" one of the male cops said to Stacey, "Sure what is it?" she asked back blowing a kiss, "Spit roast this little cunt" the man said grabbing the arm of the female cop and ripping her shirt to let her breasts free as she screamed in shock, "Sure thing sexy" Stacey said as she helped the men bind up and finish stripping the female cop, when she was standing fully nude she could see that she was no different then all the other dead pussy on the ground.

But we will save her roast for another day. THE END