Lovable girl gapes wet cunt and gets deflorated

Lovable girl gapes wet cunt and gets deflorated
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Dear Reader: This is fantastic asian looker rides a big rod pornstars brunette 3 of a 10 part project. By itself this part is a brutal tale about Jeff's pitiful attempt to get a sex slave. If the detailed account of the horrific disposal of someone's dead body offends you, you might want to read something else.

Jeff was aching to tell Fred about his preparations for holding a female hostage in the powder storage room but he knew that it would be a mistake unless he wanted it broadcast throughout the land. Fred's gossipy ways would have been better suited to an old person shooting the breeze with neighbors about everything under the sun over a beer, coffee, or the fence and telling everything they knew or thought they knew.

Not known for great wisdom or academic accomplishments but instead for being a big, lumbering mass Fred was a good deal stronger than most of the other males whether older or the same age that lived in the area. His bulk allowed him to bully anyone who would cower at his size.

But he was indeed a coward and with a little pushback would stop his bullying and retreat with his tail between his legs. With dark brown hair, brown wide set eyes, strong jaw line, and cleft chin, he was natively handsome. But his hygiene left a lot of room for improvement.

The best single phrase to describe Fred was offensively dirty. Most of the time his hair was unwashed, uncombed, and uncut. Bathing wasn't something he did often.

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Normally he smelled like a musty old laundry room. Jeff had learned long ago how to easily manipulate Fred and get him to do whatever he wanted him to do. To cross the channel between island and mainland a free ferry operated 24 hours a day. For travel to the mainland from the island, the alternative to the ferry was to drive to the city of Stonetown, then the interstate toward Redville, and turn off to Raymond on a main road 15 miles before reaching Redville.

Most people travelling between the island and the mainland chose the ferry. During overnight hours the ferry crossed every 2 hours instead of every 45 minutes. After crossing from the island on the ferry, vehicles could continue on the main road for 20 or so miles until they reached Raymond.

On both the mainland and island sides near the ferry landing adjacent to or off the main road a number of convenience stores, bars, and small businesses operated to serve the needs of people coming off the island after they ran out of beer, food, or any other thing they needed.

Out of beer, Jeff and Fred were ready to leave the lighthouse. Fred called it an evening and decided to head home but Jeff wasn't ready.

Three miles from the ferry to the left of the main road about one and a half miles Jeff knew a bar that stayed open as long as legally permissible and even after the legal closing time would allow familiar patrons to remain in the bar drinking and partying. Being well known to the staff Jeff decided that would be the bar he stopped at to continue his partying.

Pulling into the bar parking lot Slave present first time engine failure in the middle of nowhere in a no cellphone recognized the car with the couple he watched having sex on the island from the lighthouse parapet.

The bar was a typical seashore type of drinking establishment. Musty smelling, a faint odor of weed, and even though it was dimly lit the bartender recognized Jeff as soon as he walked through the door. With a cold beer in hand he turned on the bar stool so that he could see if the couple he observed was in the bar. The man in the plaid western style was lining up a shot on the pool table but he didn't see the woman.

Maybe she had gone her own way. After taking his shot but missing the guy sat down next to the table. It didn't take long for Jeff to see why. The woman in the western style shirt returned to the pool game. After taking her shot, she sat on a bar stool next to the cue rack with her hands holding the cue. The bottom of the cue rack sat about 30 inches off the floor. Using the rack as a rough guide, Jeff estimated her height as closer to 5 foot 8 inches instead of his earlier estimate of 5 foot 6 inches from across the channel.

At that height with tits the size of hers, 110 pounds would be too thin. She was slender but not skinny. Jeff estimated her breasts size as about that of a small to medium orange and much too large for 110 pounds.

Chubby blonde teen hardcore nina north gets used and d she walked the absence of a bra allowed her breasts to bounce but because of their size they didn't move a lot. What bouncing and swaying they did have was quite sexy.

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Jeff estimated her breasts at between B and C and after doing a quick search of his memory bank Jeff estimated that at 5 foot 8 and cups between B and C her weight ought to be between 115 and 120. Her hair was not as dark as he originally thought but it was shoulder length. From his vantage point on the bar stool it looked between light and medium sandy brown. She moved around the pool table taking shots when it was her turn with a comfortable stride that showed self- assurance but not cockiness.

He wanted to get closer for a better look. Jeff recognized the game they were playing as eight ball. When the guy seemed to be lining up the eight ball to make the final shot and end the game Jeff thought that as long as the woman stayed around Jeff would ask to play a game with the guy so that he could get a closer look at her.

With a fresh beer, he approached the table, put his money on the table, and complimented the guy on winning the game. "Good shot!

Do you mind if I play?" "Well, I came with the woman there. Can we play a game where we all three can play?" Jeff asked him, "What do you have in mind?" "Maybe we don't have to play anything to win.

Just take turns taking shots until all the balls are sunk?" "That sounds like fun." The guy turned to the woman, "How about you?" The woman chimed in, "That does sound fun. You can count me in." Up close Jeff could see that she had a perky almost pouty mouth, a narrow straight nose, and sleepy brown bedroom eyes.

Jeff couldn't tell if she was drunk or if her eyes were naturally that way. From her movements around the table she didn't seem drunk but he thought she might be a little tipsy. They continued taking turns sinking or at least trying to sink a ball until all were in.

Jeff complimented them on how much fun it was and asked if they wanted to play another game like that. The guy said, "I need to call it a night. I have to be in a meeting tomorrow afternoon and need to be going along." The guy turned to the woman, "If you want to you're welcome to stay.

It's your choice." Jeff couldn't believe his good fortune when she asked Jeff if he would give her a ride if she stayed. "Sure. I'll give you a ride." "Okay. I don't feel like calling it a night. I'll stay." To the guy she said, "It's been fun. If I don't see you again, good luck with your meeting and the rest of what you have going on." "Thanks for the companionship tonight.

I enjoyed it." With a, "So long guys." he left them at the bar. At almost the same time Jeff and the woman said their good-byes to the guy and Jeff wondered to himself how to play this out. Should I just party with her and hope she will suck me off like she did the guy?

Or should I go ahead and use the room at the lighthouse to hold her and have sex with her whenever I want? One way or another I am going to fuck her tonight. If I'm going to fuck her tonight, I should keep her drinking. "Would you like a beer?" "Yes I would." "Do you know how to rack the balls for eight ball? Or sunny leone sex with lesibians you want to just play like we have been?" "I'm really not that good a shot.

Why don't we just keep taking turns without any goal to win?" "Sounds good. So why don't you rack up the balls while I get some beers?" "Okay." At the bar Jeff ordered two beers. As they played and drank, Jeff introduced himself. She told Jeff her name was Barbara and how much fun she was having.

After two woolly gramma enema during a medical examination games and several more beers Jeff and the Barbara were ready to call it a night. Barbara said she was pretty blasted and didn't have any place to sleep for the evening.

Jeff told her he knew where she could sleep for the night and Barbara assumed it would be at his place and that he wanted to fuck her. Barbara asked Jeff straight out, "Are you going to take me to your place and fuck me? If you do, it's fine with me.

I like you and I think I would enjoy you fucking me." Jeff had a hard time to keep from heading straight to the men's room and jerking off.

"I would like to fuck you but I live at my parents' house. They wouldn't like me showing up with someone to spend the night." "No problem for me.

Do you have something else in mind?" "Yes I do." "Then lead on, lover boy." Barbara told Jeff she was really sleepy and asked him if she could nap on the rear seat of the cab while he drove.

While she lay on the rear seat of the cab, Jeff drove to the lighthouse and parked in the protected parking. The jostling of the bumpy access road along with a sudden change in motion once the cab stopped roused Barbara. Even though she was still quite drunk and groggy after just waking up, looking around at such a strange setting gave her a start. "What the hell is this? Where am I? This looks like a haunted house at a carnival." Jeff thought to himself, Need to put my original plan in action.

I need to get that bullet proof window closed. After he closed the bullet proof window between the front and rear seats it was time to move ahead. Window closed. Now I will get her to cooperate one way or another.

After attaching the hose he opened the valve to start the nitrogen flow. With lots of alcohol in her system she passed out after five breaths. Damn. That was fast. I need to get the wheelbarrow out and wheel her in. In his own state of inebriation Jeff's memory of the layout of the lighthouse wasn't as keen as it needed to be to move around in the dark lighthouse efficiently.

He started down the hall toward the lighthouse keeper's apartment and after he realized his mistake finally managed to find the powder storage room and unlock it. After five and a half minutes he returned to the cab with a flashlight and a wheelbarrow.

After some struggling he pulled Barbara out of the rear seat, put her in the wheelbarrow, tied her in with rope, and put the oxygen mask on her. She must weigh more than I thought. I hope she's worth it. Right now, I'm not sure.[/} Once in the lighthouse powder room, he switched on an electric lantern, transferred Barbara to the bed, and tied her wrists and ankles to restraints at each corner of the bed.

[I]What the hell? I gave her the oxygen. Why isn't she waking up? Barbara opened her eyes but she just stared ahead blankly with eyes that didn't seem to be seeing.

Okay. She's waking up. Jeff took the flashlight and shined it in her eyes. No movement of her eyes to indicate she even sees the light. Oh fuck. This is getting out of hand. He took a nail from the floor and poked her cheek. There was no response. God damn you Morris!

Why didn't you teach me about what to do? She's still alive. What now? Well she's alive. Maybe she'll be okay in a day or two. I might as well do what I wanted to do. I don't really want her for conversation. I wouldn't know what to say to her other than let's fuck. After making sure the ropes were holding her tight, Jeff proceeded to take off her boots. With the ropes on her wrists and ankles he couldn't figure out how to take off her jeans and shirt without untying the ropes off so he used his pocket knife to cut off them off.

There before him lay his prize and object of his sexual desire. Yes she has nice tits and legs. What a bush! He was getting hard. After cutting off her panties, it was time for him to get his reward. No condom.

I am going to fuck you so hard. With her legs completely held apart by the ropes and pillows under her butt to raise her vagina, he moved into position and started to rub his dick up and down her pussy from her vagina to her clitoris. Jeff couldn't see how she could be any drier. Damn!

She's bone dry. Okay baby. Maybe this won't be as good for you as it is for me but I don't give a fuck. I get a fuck. And right now it's you. With his first push he barely got the tip inside her. The second push took him a little bit deeper. After four more pushes he had his dick almost all the way inside her. Another two pushes and he had completely penetrated her. The feel of her vagina around his dick felt great. Now that he had managed to fully penetrate her he wanted to take his time.

But, the beer was taking its toll and he was having a hard time maintaining concentration. It's time gentle fellatio and sexy fuck smalltits homemade finish this bitch off.

He really wanted to play with her tits and feel her up but he didn't want to risk not being able to get his dick back inside her. Pressing down on her chest with one hand allowed him elevate himself enough to put his other hand on her breasts, move down to her waist, to her vagina, and back up to her other tit.

He was really hard now. His thrusts became more automatic. He was close to having an orgasm and his thrusts became fewer in number but deeply penetrating. With a single final push, he came inside her and stayed until he became completely soft. "Damn. That was worth it all." He lay his head against her chest with her tits cradling his head before he fell asleep.

After three hours, it was daylight and he started waking up. It was time to get going but he wanted to have another orgasm inside her before anything else. Well, I'll have a quickie. She's still dry.

He moved between her legs and pushed into her as far as he could with a first push. With the second push he had achieved penetration with half his penis.

Another two pushes and he was completely insider her. He continued to fuck her for another five minutes before he felt ready to cum. No sense worrying about her having an orgasm. Might as well finish. She was making some type of guttural grunts and groans.

Jeff couldn't tell if she was enjoying it or not. Twenty seconds later he felt his orgasm starting. In three short bursts he emptied himself into her. "Thanks baby. "I need to get going." It was almost like he were telling his wife good bye for the day as he went off to his regular job. The only thing coming out of her vagina was his semen. Put getting lubricant on my do list for today.

As he drove to the town he continued to wonder what he might have done wrong in knocking Barbara out and then waking her up. Maybe she was already that way. She did seem pretty fucked up to begin with. I'm not going to admit that I did anything wrong. Back at his parents' house he took a shower and ate some breakfast before continuing. Borrowing a phrase he had overheard Morris use when referring to the kidnap victims he thought, Time to take care of my guests.

At the discount store he found a selection of lubricants and bought a couple of kinds. He decided he needed to take some food to his guest and stopped for cheeseburgers, shakes, and fries. If it had been a busier time he probably wouldn't have been able to go to the lighthouse during the daylight without being noticed by the ferry traffic.

Driving back to the lighthouse he thought about a plan B. Near the road he saw some discarded black plastic pipe used to construct driveway culverts. The idea light went off. If she dies how about covering her in concrete within black plastic pipe and rolling the pipe to the bank of the channel? The bank slopes off to at least 100 feet just 50 feet or so off the shore to allow for ship traffic.

With the same sophomoric confidence he had used in deciding he could use the nitrogen without any knowledge and experience to knock Barbara out he thought to himself, The only issue is rolling a concrete pipe to the bank and then into the channel. The lighthouse allowed enough light to enter through the lens room and tower windows that he didn't need the flashlight while it was daylight.

After unlocking the powder room he opened the door and warmly greeted his honey. "Hello my sweet wife. Did you miss me? "I brought you some lunch. I hope you'll like it. "Are you going to let me fuck you again right now?" Barbara didn't turn her head or move.

Nothing. No response. She's not any better. I wonder if this is what married life is like.

As he sat next to her with the food, she started moving her jaws as if to chew. Some response. Maybe she will get better. He opened her mouth with his fingers.

After she snapped her mouth shut as if to take a bite of something he tore off a piece of cheeseburger and put it against her mouth.

She opened her mouth on her own and he put the piece of cheeseburger in her mouth. She closed her mouth and started chewing. Maybe she will get better.

She continued to chew for over two minutes. He asked her, "Are you going to swallow? "How much longer are you going to chew before you swallow?" She's choking, turning blue. Oh shit.

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I need to get that food out of her mouth. Not wanting to get his fingers bitten he picked up a stick from the floor, used one hand to force her mouth open, stuck the stick between her teeth to keep her mouth open, and used one finger to scoop the mass of chewed cheeseburger out of her mouth.


Why didn't you swallow? I need to start thinking about what to do with her if she doesn't recover. My plan was to give her to Morris when he said he had a need for one like her but unless she comes around that won't work out.

Oh well! Maybe this is what marriage is like. I might as well get what I want for as long as I can get it. With that thought Jeff made sure her ankles and wrists were still tied and that her legs were still tied with her vagina accessible.

After a good dose of lubricant to her vagina he sat on the side of the bed next to her and started playing with her tits, waist, and pussy before he moved two of his fingers to her vagina and pushed into her. She's got a tight pussy. I wonder if all women have pussies that tight. I got to admit that feels really good. With a full erection, he moved between her legs and fully penetrated entered her with a series of three pushes. Much better. The lubricant was worth every penny.

She feels better today than last night. Warm. Maybe even hot. I love the feel of her hot wet pussy around my dick! Six minutes after penetration he was getting close to orgasm quickly. In a series of five strong contractions, he sprayed his semen deep inside her.

He thought to himself as he closed and locked the door, I sure hope I can keep you alive a while longer. But I need to start working out plan B. He started working out the details. My first plan was to give her to Morris when he has a need for one like her. With her fucked up like this, that won't work. I could take her someplace and just dump her out.

Someone will find her and she can get taken care of that way. But she has my cum inside her. I don't know about DNA but that is more risk than I want. I think I need to figure out how to dispose of her body if she dies.

After a couple of beers, he started forming the plan in his mind, Okay. The basic plan is to dispose of her body by dumping it into the channel. With uncharacteristic discipline for him Jeff starting writing out his plan in step by step fashion: • Cut as much meat off her skeleton into small pieces and dispose of the pieces by dumping it in the channel.

• Too many small bones on the backbone, neck, hands, wrists, ankles, and feet. Boil those in water to separate flesh from the bones and dispose of the boil up water in the channel. • The crabs, fish, and shrimp will take care of final disposal of the flesh. • To dispose of the skeleton separate the bones, cast the bones in concrete, and then dump the concrete pieces in the channel. • To make the volume of bones smaller use a sledge hammer to crush the bones.

• Once bones are crushed mix them with concrete, pour the concrete and bone mix into pieces of plastic drainage pipe. • Once the concrete hardens roll the pipes to the bank of the channel and then into the channel. • The bank is really steep to allow for ship traffic.

25 feet off the bank the bottom is at least 40 feet deep. At 50 feet the bottom is at 100 feet. The movement of the water from the ships plus the tides should continue to roll the pipes further along the bottom of the channel until they are deeper in the channel. The deepest part of the channel is over 300 feet deep. It wasn't fool proof but it seemed doable enough, cheap, and something he could do by himself.

He didn't worry about Barbara's cooperation. She would give him her undying love until she did indeed die. To prepare for the plan he needed to get some materials and equipment. He made a second list: • Sharp knives to cut the flesh off the bones. • Something to catch all the fluids as I butcher her. Use the wheelbarrow?

• Sledge hammer to crush bones. • Something to mix concrete with bones. A hoe and shovel should work. Just use the black plastic pipe to hold some concrete first. Then add crushed bones and concrete until the pipe's full.

• Something to boil the hands, etc. Maybe an old electric water heater cut in half. • A water hose of long enough to dump the hot water into the channel after the boil up. • Something to hold the bones while I crush them. Maybe the other half of the water heater or just dig a pit. No to the pit. Can't be sure I get all the pieces of bone. • Black plastic pipe. Probably start with 10 feet of 12 inch pipe cut into 12 inch sections.

• Concrete. Twelve 100 pound sacks. The first night after drinking a lot of beer, Barbara pissed all over herself when he gassed her. She was wearing a pad at the time so she sunny pussy fingering a men leak onto the rear seat of the cab but now she had started to smell like urine. He thought he should give her a clean-up. Once it got dark, he put her in the wheelbarrow and carried buckets of water up from the ocean to give her a good scrubbing.

Now that he had cleaned her up, it was more fun to fuck her. After two weeks of starvation Barbara was losing weight fast. He was still fucking her a couple of times a day. After two more weeks of not eating she was passed out most of the time. She was still warm so he kept fucking her every day but it wasn't as much fun as it had been when she had first checked in as his guest.

For four more weeks he continued to check on her daily but the frequency of fucking her changed to two or three times a week. After checking in as his guest and not eating for 10 weeks she died.

He felt really bad and held a short burial service with a bible and a hymnal held high against his chest, "Lord! I tell you. You made a really good fuck in Barbara. "She had good tits and a tight cunt. "I really wish she was alive and it had worked out.

"But it didn't so fuck it. "Barbara, I hope you find a good fuck in the after dick eating she will spread her legs. "But now blak mail mum stup boob time to take care of business." Okay babe. Time for disposal.

I hope you like what I have planned for you. I wouldn't do this for just anybody so you should consider this as my way of saying thanks for the fucking. He started by putting her in the wheelbarrow, cutting off a leg, and slicing the flesh off the leg. Maybe I should be a butcher?

After seeing how it was all going, he thought to himself, This is hard work. And messy. He continued to the other leg and then her arms. As he removed as much flesh as he could from each arm or leg, he dumped the bones in one half of the water heater and covered the bones with water from the channel.

After cutting off a hand or foot he added them to the hot water heater. Getting flesh off the head turned out to be more difficult than he expected. The trunk and neck weren't too bad. Once he had removed the flesh from them he added them to the boil up pot. The head proved to be a lot harder so he decided to just bust it into pieces and add the pieces to the water heater. After a day of butchering he was ready for an old fashioned boil. Using rocks from the channel bank, he built a support for the water heater so that it was a bit off the ground.

Next he built a fire from drift wood he gathered from the beach. When needed, he added enough wood to the fire to keep the boil going for a day. While he had the boil up going he made sure the pieces of flesh were a reasonable size, wheeled the wheelbarrow with the pieces to the water's edge, gorgeous coed sluts team up on petes rod dumped the pieces into the channel at dusk when the tide was going out.

From the sudden surge gognkouchou junai mellow yori episode 2 fish activity he gave himself a pat on the back, That seems to be working out well. Hope the rest goes as well.

The fish are enjoying her as well. That is a really nice way for final disposal of one's remains. The boil up worked well. After a day of boiling, her flesh was falling off leaving bare bones. After waiting for the soup to cool a bit, he connected the water hose to the outlet of the hot water heater. Using another piece of rock from the channel bank and some twine, he anchored the outlet from the hose under the surface of the water latina slender teen got punished in front of her mom the channel, and opened the drain valve on the water heater.

More fish activity but it looked like it was mainly bait fish: mullet, shad, and menhaden. After two hours of allowing the water to flow into the channel, the flow dropped significantly because it was starting to plug with bits of flesh. Jeff estimated 4 or 5 gallons of water remained to be dumped. Plugging is a problem.

Figure something out. Put it on my list. Maybe something to grind the flesh into chili size pieces. Maybe a chopping board. I already got knives. Use a piece of drift wood. He hauled the rest of the boil up water to the channel edge in the wheelbarrow, dumped it, and cut the hose into little pieces which he discarded in public trash cans throughout town. Using the other half of the water heater he crushed the bones with the sledge. Time to make real american couple live sex in the dorm watching classmates rocks.

The thought that now he was going to make some rocks after getting his rocks off in her so many times made him chuckle. I'm a clever boy.

Morris isn't the only funny guy. To make the concrete and bone aggregate pipes he filled a piece of 12 inch pipe a little less than half with concrete and continued adding crushed bones and concrete followed by mixing until the volume in the pipe was about 90 percent.

After topping off with more concrete he moved to another piece of pipe, then another, and another until all of the crushed bones was mixed with concrete. After three days the concrete had set up hard.

One by one he loaded the pipe pieces into the wheelbarrow, hauled them to the water's edge, and rolled them off the channel side beach into the water. He pushed the cylinders the first 5 feet off the bank until they were under the water's surface and watched them pick up speed. 2 hours after rolling the last of the cylinders into the channel, he waded out from the bank and then swam out for a total distance from the bank of 30 feet and dove down to the bottom.

He found one cylinder at about 15 feet from the bank. After a clean-up that included a final wash down with bleach and water he did another swim out search and found nothing.

Thinking that he might need the equipment again, he moved it to a smaller storage closet connected to the powder storage room.

He was exhausted. From the start of his time with Barbara to the time that final clean up and storage of equipment was completed more than 12 weeks had elapsed. But he had learned a lot. The thing that had started the entire problem was the gassing at the beginning. Either I need to learn how to use the gas or come up with something else. Was it worth it?

I figure that I fucked her close to 100 times. So hell yeah! I got to keep the guest alive next time and stick with plan A.