Blonde teen dirty talk and monster cock threesome older gentleman and his princess

Blonde teen dirty talk and monster cock threesome older gentleman and his princess
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I say: Well here we are. all three of us have sat down in the resturaunt.

We've ordered our food and are simply waiting I say: We chat of useless things like the weather and such. But we always come back to how ravishing you look. Now dear would you be so kind as to describe what you would be wearing? You say: I have on a short black dress that goes about half way down my thighs, and a small bit of lace on the bottom, with matching black heels, 2 inches, with a silver buckle on the strap. Flattened hair that falls gracefully and a bit of eye liner to bring out my eyes.

I say: Very beautiful. now you can see why we can't stop talking about why we think you're so ravishing I say: Now we've enjoyed our talk but it seems that I have a slight urge to go to the bathroom. So I excuse myself and walk behind you. Letting one of my fingers brush against your back, giving you the signal to follow I say: You wait a moment still at the table before excusing yourself and following me.

I say: By the time you reach the bathrooms you see me waiting outside the Ladies restroom. I open the door and let you in. I say: No one is inside to notice us. I lead you to the sinks, in front of the big mirror I say: Just letting you look into it as I brush your hair to one side and lightly nibble on your neck, breathing softly against it. I say: My hands wonder across your front, rubbing your stomach and gliding down your thighs.

I say: "We have to hurry before we're caught" I whisper into your ear. I say: I lightly apply some pressure on your back and make you lean forward against the counter top.

I bend down at the knees, reaching into my pocket and pulling out a small vibrator. I say: "You should enjoy this beautiful." I place a hand on your ass, moving it down to the bottom of your skirt and moving it up slightly. Getting a good glimpse of your panty clad pussy I move my fingers between your thighs, opening them up.

You say: A smile spreads across my lips as I look back at you blushing slightly, I arch my back inward and press my hips backwards against yours, bending over all the way and spreading my legs apart slightly. I say: My fingers reach your cunt and lightly press against the fabric. "I'm going to move this aside so please lube this up for me." I hand you the small vibrator to suck on as my fingers gently rub your pussy lips from behind You say: I twist the water on for noise and slip the vibrator between my lips, rolling my tongue in circles around the tip, thoroughly coating it in saliva, letting out a soft moan as your fingers slip across my now moistening pussy.

I say: A finger of mine gently rests against your clit, keeping it very still as I lean in and cute babe mila marx gets paid to suck cock small kisses on the back of your thighs. You say: As you do so I spread my legs farther apart, giving your soft kisses better access as I continue sucking on the small vibrator, I turn the water on full blast for safe measure and start to let out soft moans.

I say: I give your pussy one clean lick with my tongue, making sure there is enough moisture for it to glide in. I say: "Now come on girl. We mustn't take too long. Give it back: You say: Twirls my tongue around it one last time before slipping it out of my mouth and handing it back to you, managing a soft and quiet "Yes sir." I say: Takes the vibrator from you, turns it on to the lowest setting and slips it into you quickly.

Then letting go of your panties and keeping the vibrator inside. I say: "I believe someone is waiting for us. So don't let on that this is inside you." I give a slight push against the vibrator, pushing it deeper.

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You say: Lets out a soft gasp and presses my thighs together squirming for a moment before standing back up and brushing my hair back into place quickly with my hands and turning around, with slightly red cheeks and nods. "Shall we then?" Looks to the door. I say: "Not just yet there's something else I must do." I say: Pulls you close to me with my arms wrapping around your back and pulling your lips towards mine. We kiss passionately, slipping each our tongues, in a sweet embrace.

You say: I close my eyes for a moment and lean into the kiss happily wrapping my alexies breeze and johnny castle around you for a moment before pulling away and wiping the lipstick off your lips, quickly reapplying the dark red to my own erasing any smudges and smiles.

I say: "Now off you go little one." I pat your bum a few times and show you off to the door. "And kiss your man once you're out there." I say: I send you out first while I go into the actual men's room and wait awhile You say: I slip out the door and back to the table, leaning in to kiss Dave softly, leaving a slight smudge of lipstick before sitting back down, and holding my thighs together tightly as we make idle conversation. I say: I come along shortly afterwards and apologize for my lateness.

We continue our chit chat I say: As we discuss things which could happen later on tonight I keep one hand underneath the table, lightly stroking your legs You say: As I sit at the table struggling to keep my composure, having a difficult time focusing on the conversation, I slip a hand under the table and guide your hand more towards my inner thigh. I say: I softly rub your leg and I'm surprised to feel someone else had that same idea.

My hand lightly brushes up against your Fianc?. It seems his hand is under the table as well. I say: We continue chatting to keep up appearances but I doubt any of us really care and it as we slip our hands inwards and along your inner thighs, opening your legs apart You say: I bite my lip to keep myself from letting out a moan in the middle of the resturaunt; I slip my finger under my black lace panties for a moment and then brush the wetness against both yours, and Dave's hand.

I quickly manage to stammer out "Excuse me" And I stand to quickly head towards the ladies room, my cheeks quickly growing more red. I say: I nod off to Dave and follow you to the ladies. I let Dave know that I'll make sure you're well cared for and that if we aren't back in a little while to come looking for us. I say: I follow you straight to the ladies restroom, smiling all the while. You say: As you enter the ladies room I'm already bent over the counter looking back at the door waiting for you with my legs spread, cheeks burning red, as a small drip of wetness slides slowly down my thighs.

I say: I walk in casually and lock the door behind me. "That was a brilliant performance, I must say." I walk towards you and move my hand from your shoulders down along your spine. I say: "I'm sure you must be very worked up. But I do believe we should relieve some of that pressure." My hand travels further down and under your skirt, pressing against the vibrator I say: I move your panties aside and feel how damp they have become You say: Lets out a loud moan right as I turn the water on, groaning as the vibrator slowly starts to slide out, too slick to stay in place I say: "Oh no.

I think this needs to stay inside for a bit longer." My fingers grab it, twisting it further and making it more powerful. With a quick motion I slide it right back in where I belongs I say: I keep my hand there. Cupping your pussy lightly, keeping the vibrator in place and putting my middle finger against your clit. I say: "You certainly do enjoy those don't you?" I say: The vibrations from the vibrator run through suave japanese hottie tomoe hinatsu sucking cock uncensored hand and constantly keep my fingers trembling and shaking against your clit.

You say: Lets out a loud moan as a wave liquid flows out of me, and into your cupped hand, I'm standing on my tippy toes, my legs trembling slightly. "You certainly chose the right toy to bring" I say: I bring my hand up, still soaked in your juices. My tongue lightly glides along my fingers and sucks in some of your wonderful cum. The vibrator shakes powerfully and begins to slide out. "Here Hun. I don't think I should be the only one to have a taste." I say: I move my cum soaked hand up to public euro amateur screwed in cab for cash mouth as the vibrator falls out of your pussy and onto the floor, still buzzing away.

You say: I slide each of your fingers into my mouth one at a time, sucking them dry, relieved as the vibrator falls to the floor, I close my eyes and continue to slowly suck on each of your fingers until all of the cum has been cleaned off. I say: "Mmmm.

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what a good girl. Now I want a little something else.

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Go into the far end stall Hun and wait for me there" I say: I pick up the vibrator on the floor and hand it to you, winking. You say: I nod slipping into the stall and sit down, lifting my legs and placing them against separate walls, leaning back a little as I slip the vibrator back into my pussy, letting out another soft moan. I say: You hear a soft click and few moments later I return to you. I walk in, close the stall door behind us and place a finger against your lips.

I say: "Shhh." I open up my pants and pull my cock out of my boxers. I say: Its rock hard and I slowly stroke it, making sure it's head level with you. "Go ahead beautiful." You say: I nod and slowly place my lips over your cock and blush as I process what's happening, my cheeks grow red warming your cock as I slowly bob my head up and down the length, being carful to keep the vibrator safely inside my pussy.

I say: My hands grasp your head lightly and quiver slightly, wanting to hold you still and relentlessly thrust my cock into your tight mouth. But I resist and allow you to do what you want.

You say: I close my eyes and pick up the pace, moving much faster as I slide your cock in and out, deepthroating you every time. I start to moan, sending vibrations throughout the length of your cock, swallowing saliva every few seconds so that my throat muscles massage every inch of it. I say: I moan slightly just at the feeling inside your mouth and throat. But I hold your head strongly and pull my cock out of your mouth.

I say: "Now my dear I think it's time we try something different. Stand up and turn around please." You say: I nod with a soft "Yes sir" and turn around being careful to hold the vibrator inside me still. I say: As soon as you turn around and present her wonderful behind mmf with a blonde milf amateur xxx friends getting moist together me I lift your skirt completely up, revealing your panties.

I say: "I don't think we'll need these for much longer." I pull your panties down but making sure the vibrator stays inside your cunt. I say: "They seem to be quiet moist. But let's get them soaked shall we?" You say: "Yes please" I say: As I finally lift your legs up and remove your panties completely I bundle them up into a tight little ball. My hand rests softly against the vibrator as I turn the intensity down and remove it.

I say: I take your panties and place them right back against your pussy. Without the vibrator your cunt quivers with each new touch. The cloth because to soak up your juices as I shove your panties inside your pussy/ You say: I gasp softly at the new sensation and look back somewhat nervously I say: "Don't worry I won't lose them. Just getting them ready. Besides I think there's another hole I can entertain myself with as we wait for your panties to become soaked." I say: Once your panties are inside with just a tiny piece hanging out, ready for me sister and mom full move pull it out when it's ready.

I move one finger against your clit. Rubbing it softly. My other hand grabs your ass harshly. Splitting your cheeks apart I say: I'm excited at the sight of your rosebud. I slip a finger into my mouth, coating it in my saliva before moving it out and pressing it against your asshole. I say: I feel it give way to the first knuckle. You say: I let out a loud moan and spread my legs farther apart, lifting a leg onto the handrail, spreading my legs farther for you as my panties continue growing wetter and wetter I say: I press my finger further into your ass.

Slowly but surely it goes all the way in. I wiggle that finger a bit and then rub your clit a bit more to emphases the pleasure I say: I look at your panties and believe them to be sufficiently wet and pull them out with a loud plop. You say: I gasp as excess fluid drips down my thighs and off of my panties. I say: My tongue immediately rushes to your thighs and licks up all the extra fluid. I keep my finger in your ass and slowly start moving it in an out.

I say: "Now I know how loud you can be Hun. So open wide for me ok?" You say: I look back at you curiously.

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"Open wide?" I say: "Your mouth Hun." I lift up the soaked panties and wait for you. You say: I blush bright red and open my mouth nodding. I say: I push the sticky mess of your panties into your waiting mouth and kiss your forehead. I say: I pump my finger a few more times in and out of your ass as I position myself behind you once more. I say: My Cock throbbing and twitching as I position myself and glide forward pushing my cock in. You say: I suck softly on the panties as my own fluids drip down my throat; I close my eyes and moan into the panties as the muffle my sounds, pressing my hips back into yours.

I say: I setup a steady rythem pumping myself into you slowly I say: At the same time I keep my finger in your ass, moving it about I say: There we are. trying to be as silent as we can inside a bathroom stall of a fancy restaurant I say: And then we hear a click at the door to the restroom opens I say: It seems to be three other women.

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I say: I pause for the time being. Trying to keep ourselves secret You say: I groan very quietly as I keep moving my hips back and forth, sliding your cock and finger in and out of me, very slowly.

I say: I chuckle lightly and begin to push a second finger into your ass You say: My eyes widen as I let out another involuntary moan, slightly louder then the last as I stop thrusting for a moment. I say: The women talk loudly and don't seem to notice us as they go about their business I say: Once my second finger is in I push it downwards, against my cock resting inside your pussy I say: I stroke my fingers in and out of your ass, constantly pushing downwards.

My Cock twitches waiting in anticipation You say: I start to thrust back against you once again, somewhat slow still as my panties continue to muffle my moans. I say: The women leave shortly without noticing us.

I say: I reach forward and pull the panties out of your mouth and place them on top of the toilet. I say: "That was close wouldn't you say?" I curl my fingers inside your ass again. You say: I let out a loud moan as soon as you pull my panties out of my mouth and look back at you nodding.

"And you could have pulled out while they were here!" I say: "Oh no, I wouldn't dream of doing that." I thrust my cock into your pussy quickly a few times. "It just feels so good inside you. And I know how it excites you." You say: I moan as you thrust and a small stream of liquid flows out once again as I gasp for breath. I say: "Now while we have some time I'm going to be a bit rough here." I say: I pull my fingers out of your ass and grab onto your hips. I say: My hands grip strong his cute blonde girl involved into family some I pull you back against my cock.

Burying myself deep inside and then pulling out quickly. You say: I nod and prepare myself biting my lip. I say: I begin to pump my cock into you animalistically I say: My hands grip you even tighter. You say: I bite my lip hard trying my hardest to muffle my moans as you thrust in and out, bouncing me back as forth.

I say: I moan deeply as my cock twitches inside of you. Holding onto your hips and thrusting my cock repetitively against your pussy, practically slamming my balls against your legs I say: I feel it coming as I thrust into you madly.

This excitement has been building. You say: I let out a loud moan as liquid squirts onto your cock as my legs shake while I thrust back into your cock.

I say: Building to one final goal, the goal which just intensifies as I feel your pussy grip my cock tightly but also feel the wetness against my legs. I say: At last I feel it. I feel it coming and I yank out of your pussy. I say: My hand going straight to my cock and pumping quickly. "On your knees! NOW!" You say: I nod and face you on my knees quickly I say: I take your head and ram my cock into your mouth. Quickly thrusting over and over, forcing it down your throat I say: At last I reach the point and pull back so just my cock head is in your mouth as my cum shoots out into your mouth You say: I close my eyes as Fist time poran xxx story feel the cum land on my tongue and I let out a soft quiet moan before opening my eyes and looking up at you smiling with your cock still in my mouth.

I say: Mmmm. It is a relief to have it come out as such. With such force inside your wonderful mouth. I say: My legs weaken and I move you out of the way and sit down on the toilet. "Did you enjoy that Hun?" You say: "Very much" I giggle and swallow every drop, wiping the corner of my mouth off with the back of my hand. I say: "Now come up her girl. Give me a kiss and then you can try again and see if I'll rise to the occasion a second time" You say: I slide up your lap and kiss your lips gently.

"You already wore me out as is." I grin and press my lips to yours a little more firm, and close my eyes. I say: Mmmm. Our tongues mingle softly within each others mouths. There is no point in urgency I say: My hands rub gently across your back I say: Just rubbing your shoulders and neck. You say: I smile and kiss your neck softly, leaving a very light hickey. "Do you think Dave is worried?" I say: "Oh I told him not to worry and that I would keep you company.

And if not then I told him to come over if we didn't come out in time." I say: Another click as the door opens for the second time and it sounds like one person walking across the restroom. You say: ((I honestly don't know if I can cum again x_x)) I say: We'll pause the story for now Hun. I say: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------