Nice chick is gaping slim honey pot in close up and having orgasm

Nice chick is gaping slim honey pot in close up and having orgasm
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Leslee and I met when I was attempting to carry a box full of personals and a few other fairly big boxes. I came around the corner and bumped into her, dropping my box of sex toys and bondage equipment. I was a little embarrassed, but Leslee didn't seem to mind, she kindly helped me pick them up and introduced herself while handing me one of my silver nipple clamps.

A few nights later I ran into her at a local gathering that the condo puts on every week.

We had a few drinks and got to talking. I learned that she was divorced and seeking a playmate.

After the gathering was over, we headed back up to my condo. We sat in my living room and watched some TV; there was a really sleazy movie on. As the movie progressed, Leslee had leaned against me and I had put my arm around her. She started to rub my leg, as I was running my fingers through her hair.

This wasn't my first encounter with a woman and it didn't seem to be hers either. Leslee mentioned that she was a little tired so she got up and sauntered into the master bedroom. After I had turned the TV off and locked the door I followed mom and son bathroom voids suit. When I entered my room, there was Leslee sprawled out on my bed in a nice tight black open breasted bodice and a leather thong.

Just looking at her made me wet. I started to undress when, I felt two soft yet skilled hands help me with my blouse and bra.

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She proceeded down to my pants after taking off my shirt, bra and released my perky 38D breasts. Taking off my pants revealed a red lace G-string. Leslee stood back to take in the beauty of my succulent body. Her and I then went to the bed.

She caressed my shoulder and then guided my face and lips towards her own. Kissing Leslee was better than kissing any man. The kiss was long and passionate and it was magnificent. As I was kissing her I busied myself fondling and pinching kanad sax xxx porn googlmovr nipples of her supple 36C tits.

After awhile Leslee asked me where I put the box of toys I had when we first met. I got up and walked over to my dresser and pulled open the top dresser drawer revealing my collection of dildos, nipple clamps, whips, handcuffs, ball gags, and some assorted food products. Leslee just giggled with glee at the site of all my toys. I called her over and told her to pick out a toy of her choice. She took out my 10" black colored dildo and a pair of handcuffs.

I chose a pair of silver butterfly nipple clamps. When I turned around to go back to the bed Leslee was already using the dildo on herself.

Just watching her work that 10" black dildo in and out of her heavenly snatch made me unbelievably wet. I laid on the bed beside her and inserted two fingers into my waiting pussy. Every so often between moans we'd kiss; I've never seen a girl work a dildo so well and the way she used that tongue, my god. After she came to a screaming orgasm and I in suit, she turned the dildo on me.

As she was working me with the dildo I attached the nipple clamps to her and took the clamped nipple into my mouth.

Leslee paused what she was doing with the dildo long enough to handcuff me to my own bed, and then she went back to driving the rubber prick in to my ever so eager pussy.

After a few min Leslee took the dildo out of my snatch and propped my ass up with a pillow, after that she found my K-Y-jelly that was on my bed stand and lubed up my asshole. When she was satisfied with the lube job she inserted the dildo into my asshole sending me over the edge in torrents of multiple orgasms.

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Leslee quickly redirected her attention to my drenched cunt. The feeling of her hot breath, the use of her skillful tongue and the dildo in my ass was driving me crazy. I was bucking wildly trying to drive the dildo further up my ass and also trying to bury her face deeper into my needy cunt. After about three or four orgasms Leslee kissed and nibbled her way up to my lips giving me a long succulent kiss and returned to my breasts, where she sucked and nibbled on them.

She got up and walked over to my dresser grabbed the chocolate sauce and then came back to my bed. Once back at the bed she went back to playing with my nipples, she drenched them in chocolate waiting on her ass full on ezzerscom, pushing one of my tits up so as I can lick some of it off myself.

Leslee having some remains of chocolate sauce on her tongue left a chocolaty trail all the way down to my pussy along my tummy. I started to moan and squirm, confessing to Leslee that I need a nice juicy snatch in my mouth, she didn't object. She undid the handcuffs from the headboard and handcuffed me instead to her ankle. I started at her chocolate covered toes and slowly dragged my hot, moist tongue up her calf and then to the inside of her thigh. Licking around her thong, I switch from side to side pulling the sides of her thong down and then eventually getting it off.

I licked and dragged my tongue around her cunt; it was starting to drive her crazy. She was begging and pleading with me to eat her out. I lightly ran my tongue over her heavenly snatch every few passes I darted my tongue into her moist hole. She couldn't take it anymore, she grabbed me by the back of the head and drove my face into her pussy, and the taste was divine.

I shoved my tongue as far down in her hole as possible, when I retracted my tongue, I nibbled, licked, and sucked on her delicious clit. I took the dildo from the side of the bed and rammed it into her cunt, rolled her on her stomach and started to ream her ass each time pushing her forward causing the dildo to fuck her and I took care of her ass.

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While I was working her, my fingers once again found there way to my pussy, as I tongued her ass, I fingered my snatch. We both came in torrents. I removed the dildo and positioned myself so as that I could finger her ass and lap up her juices at the same time. When we were both spent we put our toys away, showered, and went to bed in each others arms. Ever since then her and I have moved in together as a VERY happy couple.