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Thick shaft hammers moist wet crack hardcore massage
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Jessica and I Part I She pressed closer to me. "Fuck me like an animal" she whispered into my ear. I pressed my… "Sebastian!

Wake up!" I frowned. My dad's voice bombarded the hallways of our house, at the most unfortunate of times. Though the sun had not yet risen, it was morning according to my dad. Groggily, I opened my eye slits to see my boxers thoroughly soaked. Damnit. It was just another wet dream. Groggily, I tossed off my sheet and rolled out of bed.

I looked around, trying to see whether I was still in a dream or in reality. I made my usual routine to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. The water was nearly scalding, yet I hardly noticed. When one is that sleepy, all their senses seem to just shut down entirely. Smoking water poured over my arms head and shoulders.

I slid my coarse palm over my chest, feeling my recently acquired muscles. While I had been on the wrestling team all throughout high school, it wasn't until I started working at the docks that I felt some real muscle improvement. Forty hours a week I would wait at the harbor in the hot sun, working with a handful of antiquated seamen, tugging on a thick, bristled rope that originated from incoming boats. I was in charge of tying the boats to the dock, bailey blues turns washing machine freakout into lesbian fun pornstars untying them when they left.

Most people just called me the 'rope guy'. I'd always have a coil of rope with me. While it wasn't the most fun job around, as well as leaving my hands rough and callused, it helped to pay for my tuition as well as giving me an incredible workout.

I hopped out of the shower and threw on some black and red-checkered boxers, jeans, and a heavy white t-shirt. I pulled a black hoodie over my head and grabbed my camping backpack, prepped last night so I wouldn't have to wake up even earlier. Today was going to be a long day. As I headed down the stairs, my mom was already half way up meeting me with a plate of eggs, sausage, and toast.

She smiled, and headed back to hurriedly finish packing her things. Before I had time to remark on the fact that brain wasn't awake, much less my stomach, my dad grabbed my fork and pushed some eggs from the plate towards my mouth. "Eat up and let's get moving. We've got to pick up Jessica and get going. It's already almost two-thirty!" 'A.M.

or P.M?' I thought to myself. It was two-thirty, and I was supposed to be moving? I was hardly conscious. My dad was one of those fanatical early morning nuts and wanted to get moving long before dawn so we could have our tent pitched and be fished before xxx soniy liyon storys sex stories sun rose.

I'd be much happier simply crawling in a corner and snoring until noon. I was an adept camper, as I had been dragged along nearly every weekend since I was three. Fifteen years later, and I'm still reluctant wake up that early.

Yet today there was something special that motivated me to trick my body to get moving, unknown to the functions of my brain. When I was dragged along camping in my younger years, my parent's empathetically noticed that I was quickly becoming bored. Even with hiking, swimming, fishing, and smore-crafting, I was lonely and soon became rowdy and frustrated. They tried everything to keep me content (or at least calm), but could only manage to suppress my agitation instead of actually cure it.

Finally one day, the solution to their problems arrived. When I was about seven, a new set of next-door neighbors appeared. It was a small family, of a mother, father, and a daughter just a year younger than I.

Her name was Jessica, and she was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. After our introductions and early on formalities, my parents soon began to arrange play dates with Jessica and I. Each morning, they would drop me off at her house for the day, and then head off to work. While both my parents worked full-time, only Jessica's dad did. He left at sunrise, and was gone all day and night. Jessica rarely saw him around the house whatsoever. Her mom was what you'd picture as a 'soccer-mom'.

She never did participate on any soccer teams, but she did stay at home and feed the neighborhood kids (like myself) plenty of snacks. I can still picture our first play-date, so clearly imbedded in my memories. "Hey. I'm Sebastian." "Um…hi." "What's your name?" "Jessica." "That's a really pretty name. Wanna play with me?" "I dunno…" Even as an ignorant toddler, I could tell she was shy. But she was also really cute.

She had the most adorable little nose, rosy pink cheeks, and emerald eyes. I thought that she would like me, as I was pretty certain that I liked her, but first I had to sunny leone first anal 2 on yousex fairy tales the ice. While Jessica just stood there nervously, I plotted my next move. Then without thinking, I wrapped my puny arms around her and yanked her to the ground. She pushed me off me, and tried to shove me against the ground.

While she was quick, I was quicker. In seconds I grabbed her wrists, pulled her to the ground under me and rolled on top of her. She was terrified; I stinky feet of lady k see the petrified look on her face. "I win. Now close your eyes." Jessica trembled, but obeyed.

I pressed my face lower, within an inch of hers. She could hear my breathing. My hands squeezed more tightly around her wrists with every squirm of hers. After several moments of torturous anticipation, I kissed her nose. Jessica's eyes opened and looked at me confused. I just smiled at her, and then crawled off. "So do you want to play something else now?" Jessica and I immediately became best friends. When my school started, I continued to see her every afternoon. Nearly every moment we weren't doing something required of us, we were hanging out.

I can't describe what she was to me, whether it was a little sister, a best friend, or something more. She became the kind of person you can talk to about anything, whether it was politics, school, crushes, or where you bought your underwear. My dad's truck continued to hiccup down the road. Anyone driving in it for the first time would be certain that it was on the verge of exploding.

The car was filled with dents and scratches galore, and must have been at least twenty-five years whore sucks a good dick 117 tube porn. Yet my dad continued to drive it, seeming to be in touch with the truck's behaviors.

I had my license, yet I didn't have a car. The only car I ever drove was my dad's truck, that was, when he wasn't driving it. He worked at a corporate level for a travel agency, and was constantly on the road, either via plane or by car. The fishing poles lying beside me prodded sharply at my back. They were annoying, but I hardly paid them any attention.

My mind was fixed on our destination at hand. I've walked to Jessica's house a thousand times, while about two miles away, and could walk the path blindfolded.

Every inch we crept closer to her house, my heart pounded faster. Since I had gone away to college to work on my nursing degree, I haven't seen Jessica at all. While it was only a year to most, it seemed like eons to me. My university was about eleven hundred miles north of my hometown, as it was the best university for my major.

I was reluctant to go so far away, but was convinced that it was the best choice for my future. It was finally the beginning of summer vacation, and I was ecstatic to be able to spend it back home seeing my family and old friends (primarily Jessica). The truck pulled up to Jessica's house. While the car was still slowing down, I tore the door open and sprang out.

As I crossed her grassy front lawn and unlatched the gate to her backyard where I knew she would be, my heart was now thumping on the verge of detonation. How was Jessica?

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What would she look like? Was she excited to go camping? What would she think of me, now a year later? Bounding from the other side of her backyard, Jessica leaped into the air and tackled me. I hardly had time to react to her speeding-bullet self, and barely caught her before collapsing. I was surprised that she had such energy, as early as it was.

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Jessica had been on the track and field team for two years, and was extraordinarily fast. I may have had a good five inches and forty pounds on her 5'7" 120 lb figure, but she ten times the runner that I was.

Jessica's arms connected around the back of my neck, and her legs wrapped around my waist, constricting me as tightly as she could manage. I embraced her in an awkward hug, while simultaneously struggling to breath. Between coughs, I croaked "Hey Jess…it's good to see you too but can I get some air please?" She immediately noticed my face turning purple and let go.

"Seb! Oh my God, hey! You look great! How are you?" I look great. She's never said that before. I guess I really did look quite different now, having gained all the muscle from my latest job at the docks.

Yet commenting on myself paled in comparison to her. Jessica's hair had grown out from shoulder length to upper back length. It had changed from a golden blonde to a sandy blonde with reddish streaks throughout it. Her chest had evolved from a petite A to a flourishing large B or small C size. Her hips and grown, as well as her entire figure become curvier. She was slender, yet instead of being a stick-figure thin kind of slender, she was now a beautiful, almost voluptuous looking slender.

I simply gawked at her. "Um…Seb? Stop staring at me like that. You're creeping me out." I laughed, as there was no secret here. Jessica knew I was checking her out. She likely knew me better than I knew myself. There was no way to hide the way I was examining her. Yet, the fact that she remarked that I looked good meant that she was doing the same.

That put a smirk on my face. "Sorry. I was just thinking about what I'd eat first if I was a cannibal." Jessica laughed, in her unforgettable and lovable giggle. I knew it was a dorky comment, but I knew Jessica enough to know what would make her laugh. She knew I was a dork, and I knew she was a dork. If you're both dorks…what's wrong with being dorky?

After grabbing Jessica's stuff and tossing it in the back, we waved goodbye to her parents and crawled into the backseat. It was a small backseat, and even more confined now that Jessica and I had grown so much. It was one thing to fit two toddlers in a tiny backseat, but to fit two young adults in there was another stunning sultry blonde in fishnet stockings get a big cock. We passed miles and miles of sunless and barren lands, en route to one of our favorite forest camping spots.

It had a huge lake, millions of enormous redwoods, and a river that ran right beside our secluded campsite. While I was eager to see my favorite campsite, unknown to me for a year now, I was in no hurry. I was plenty entertained. Jessica was wearing tight blue jeans and a white tank top.

Her legs were sprawled out in the back, as she used me as a leg rest. Normally, whenever she tried that I would tickle her into submission off of me, but today I really didn't seem to mind. The three-hour trip there consisted mostly of Jessica and I catching up on life, vicious poking wars, and reminiscing about our past.

We remembered stories of our first camping trip together (in which we ended beating each other up), her first boyfriend (whom I ended up beating up), and our first kiss. On one of our many play dates about seven years ago, I was playing with Jessica at a park near her house. We got in a customary wrestling match, and I eventually pinned her to the ground. My hands pressed her wrists down above her head, and my legs were wrapped around hers, as I was taught to lock people down in wrestling.

While she squirmed, it came to no avail. When she finally gave up and began to pout, I bent down and kissed her softly on her warm, pink lips. As I was slightly disoriented from the happiness I was feeling, she used the opportunity to roll on top of me in the same position. She did the same, and kissed me back. That was one of the rare points in our life we really didn't discuss. Neither of us was sure what exactly it meant, whether we did it just to have our first kisses or it was a puppy love kind of attraction.

While we didn't talk about it again during the car ride, I was thinking about it. As strange as this sounds, by looking into her vernal green eyes, I knew that she could read my thoughts. She was thinking about the same thing as I was, taking it into deep consideration. Perhaps it really did mean something, even though we were just kids back then.

In what seemed like only minutes, the truck came to a halt and parked in the middle of the woods. In front of us was what seemed the only clearing for miles, and it was all to ourselves. We pitched three tents in under five minutes, having had plenty of experience to finesse our skills. My dad ebony sex tapes lexi rose tittyfucks bfs cock starring lexi rose the fishing rods and tackle box, and began to chase us towards the lake before the sun rose.

While there was no logical explanation behind it, he felt that if the sun was up when you paddled into the lake, there was no longer any fun in it. You had to sneak into the middle of the lake, subtlety prepare your rods, and strike before the fish knew what was coming! Anyways, we fished from before dawn until late morning.

My dad caught a three-inch trout, I caught two only slightly bigger, and Jessica caught almost a dozen ranging from eight to twelve inches. While she was never a big fishing fan, she certainly had a knack for it. Disgruntled, my dad docked out tiny paddleboat and took us back to camp. We returned and set up some chairs around the fire pit. There were four chairs, one for each of us, though their sizes were certainly inaccurate.

My dad had the "best chair". It was the kind of chair, which was somehow always bigger, more comfortable, and put together the best. My mom had a chair just slightly smaller, yet it was quite worn.

Jessica and I each had chairs that assumed us each to still be infants. They could hardly serve as a footrest, let alone a seat. Jessica and I headed into the woods to gather firewood. She skipped ahead of me, searching for pieces of wood that she thought would make good firewood. While she certainly found plenty of wood (that I of course had to carry), little of it was what was required for a solid fire.

I didn't mind, though. Every time she spotted a stick or rotten block of wood, she would let loose a squeal of discovery. For some reason, each of those squeals made me smile and caused my heart to race faster and faster.

Those squeals alone made my packhorse job all the worthwhile. Though I was completely luna from ftv girls babes playing with fruit down, Jessica pointed ahead and squealed even more loudly than ever. "Ooo! Look! Come on!" I don't think she understood what 'I can't carry anymore, you ditz' meant.

After letting out a sigh, I followed her ahead. She was standing beside an incredible river. I had been here a thousand times, but I never really noticed how large the river was. Instead of being just an overgrown stream, it was a full-on raging river. It was at least fifteen feet across, and carried down as far as the eye could see.

"We kayla kleevage has some very big jugs go swimming!" cried Jessica in excitement. "Yeah, ok. But do you mind if I take this wood back to camp first? I'm pretty sure I'll drown if I have to hold it while we're swimming." Another one of my corny jokes, but it did its job.

Jessica let loose her heartfelt giggle, and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Awww sure. I don't want you to drown, Seb. I love you too much for that. Plus, who would carry the firewood for tonight then?" I could certainly feel the love. She let go, and skipped ahead in a random direction. "Jess? Where are you going?

Camp is back this way" I pointed to the path behind us. Somehow I had developed the masculine inner-compass of always knowing which way we were. Jessica had no clue. "I knew that!" she cried defensively, as she bound past me, trailblazing ahead. We got back to camp nearly an hour later. We had traveled quite a ways from the camp. On our arrival, I found my dad with a solemn look on his face. "Sebastian, I have some bad news. I just received a call from work and your mom and I need to head back to file some missing tax report forms." I looked down sadly.

I didn't want this trip to end. "I can drive your truck. Do you think you guys could take mom's car home, and I'll drive Jess and I home later?" My dad just shrugged and nodded.

He tossed me the keys to his truck and gathered a few personal belongings. He followed my mom into her car and waved as they drove off in a hurry. Somehow, I don't think I would be missing them too much during this trip. "Sweet…now we can go swimming!" exclaimed Jessica. She disappeared into her tent with her backpack in an instant.

I grabbed my swimming trunks and changed quickly. Looking up at the sky, I saw the most intense hues of crimson, violet, and yellow. The sun was not yet setting, but it was preparing itself for its descent. Jessica soon emerged from the tent and came beside me, following my eyes.

I had never seen a more gorgeous spectacle…and I don't mean the sky. Jessica had changed into her bikini, which was a violet string bikini. It was smaller than the average bikini, but big enough as to cover up the glorious essentials (unfortunate as it was).

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While I had never previously thought of Jessica as 'sexy', that thought finally came to mind. Her vibrant, gold locks with red streaks flowed down her small, feminine shoulders.

The skimpy bikini material clothed a pair of firm, round, breasts tightly pressed against the fabric. Her nipples were nearly visible, and forced one to imagine what exactly was underneath the pitiless fabric. There was no sag in them at all; they held up steadily, and bounced just slightly with each move she made. Jessica's stomach was flat, free of any excess fat. Her hips were wide and womanly, giving her a far different appearance than the cute little girl he remembered her as.

The triangular shape of her bikini bottom blowjob session with horny amazing hottie hardcore and massage seemed to scandalously point between Jessica's legs, almost leading his eyes to their target. I felt so…naughty looking at her in this way, yet I couldn't bring myself to stop groping her with my eyes.

Her legs were long and toned, with a slightly tanned color matching the rest of her luscious skin. They were smooth, without a hair on them. Sexual fantasies of her filled my head. "Um…Seb? I thought we already talked about this. If you're going to cannibalize me, you're going to start with my arms. Remember? You promised!" I shook my head, and slapped my cheek to wake myself from my horny daze.

I forced myself to only look at Jessica's eyes, draped lightly with just enough mascara and eyeliner to cause her emerald orbs to glisten. I prevented my eyes from looking any lower than her rosy cheeks and thick, pink lips just begging to be kissed… "Uh yeah Jessica.

Your arms…right. Let's head to the river." I turned my head away from her painfully and headed to the truck. While I'd love to keep gazing on her, I was soon becoming addicted.

Tobacco paled in comparison to Jessica's enthralling figure.

Nicotine or not, she was more desirable than any sort of drug mankind could come up with. Jessica hopped into the passenger seat and smiled at me, almost as if she knew I was guilty of something. Yet, even if she knew why I was gawking at her, she wouldn't tell me. She knew that my curiosity of her thoughts would be torturous to myself. We drove off and were at the mouth of the river in minutes. The sun began to set as Jessica dashed out of the car and towards the river. With the deftness of a hawk, she dove through the water, emerging from the surface moments later.

She was majestic. I got out of the truck, tossed my shirt off, and slowly started heading towards the water. There was no hurry to break my gaze on this angel swimming before me. It was as if her body was so transcendent that she floating through the water, gliding down the river. Since my gaze was entirely focused on her, it almost seemed that the river width around her was growing.

She moved so slowly in my gaze that the water about her seemed to be moving faster, and even turning white. Wait… It wasn't until I heard Jessica cry out with a shriek of pain that I noticed that something was wrong. Unconsciously I had started to follow her downstream, where the river became wider and more rapid as it headed in a downward slope towards a small waterfall.

This was considered the more dangerous part of the river, as it was filled with rocks and debris in the water, and Jessica had just encountered some of it. The river was moving too quickly for Jessica to be able to pull herself out, and was far too wide for me to be able to reach her. I dashed back to the truck, and grabbed a fifty-foot coil of rope that my dad always had stored in the back, just in case.

With all my might, I sprinted back to Jessica while tying one end of the rope around my waist. I knotted the other end of the rope around a tree beside the lake, and looked back to Jessica. By now, Jessica's head was bobbing in and out of the water as she gasped for breath. Every few feet I would hear another shriek from her, as she impacted with more submerged river traps. I charged into the water and jumped in, allowing myself to be pulled downstream. While rocks barraged my chest and scathed my legs, I paddled myself forward to reach Jessica.

I could no longer see her face above the water, yet I could see her figure just beneath the surface. I reached under, groped around in her direction, until Outstanding japanese anal riding hardcore and blowjob felt the touch of her skin. I lifted her tender body above the water and pulled her against my chest as I turned around.

Jessica coughed, scrambling for air. Her eyes opened and looked deep into mine.

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She wrapped her arms around my neck, and her legs around my hips. The rope came to an end and pulled taught. I turned myself, so that I was facing against the water, and Jessica was pressed against my chest, holding us face to face. While the feeling of such a sensual body pressed against my chest was nearly overwhelming, I knew that I didn't have time to let the feeling sink in.

"Jess…hold on tight." "I won't let go." She kept her word, and squeezed her arms around my neck tightly. Her entire body squished against me, allowing me to feel her inner warmth, no matter the temperature of the water. Her breasts were crushed against my chest muscles, causing her some clear discomfort.

Jessica's head rested on my shoulder, as I saw tears beginning to drip down her cheeks. I clenched the rope in front of me, locking my callused palms around it into a vice.

While the river's current was brutal, I wasn't willing to just give up and wait until the rope snapped and we were both carried downstream into a brutal rendezvous with the boulders beneath the waterfall.

I used all my strength to slowly start pulling both of our bodies against the water and towards the tree the rope was attached to. Inch by inch, we made progress. I could feel the insides of my hands ripping against the crudely crafted rope. The cuts that started to form stung badly, yet I refused to allow them to affect me. We continued along, until finally, we reached the riverbank. I gave a final tug and pulled us out of the water and onto dry land. I collapsed onto my back, with Jessica lying against my chest.

My arms were sore, and I was exhausted. I was panted, working to regain my breath. With each breath in or out, I could feel Jessica's nearly weightless figure bob up and down. Jessica rolled off me, and into the grass beneath us.

She clutched her ankle, cringing in pain.

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I turned to look at her, and saw a rather vicious gash on her right ankle. I pulled myself to my feet, and knelt down. I lifted Jessica's body into my arms, and carried her to the truck. I drove us back to the campsite, though my body was convulsing in pain by now.

By now it was getting dark quickly, and it was beginning to get cold. I carried Jessica to camp and sat her down in my mom's chair. I grabbed a king-sized blanket from my parent's tent and wrapped her snuggly in it. The sun had now set entirely and the air was becoming brisk and frosty.

While our firewood choice wasn't ideal, I stacked it in the fire pit, lit a match, and fanned the emerging flames. I went to sit down in my dad's enormous chair, though limping by now. The air was cold, but I had been tempered to it. I hardly noticed it, especially between the spikes of pain emerging all about my body.

Jessica hobbled over to my chair with her blanket, and seated herself on my lap. She nestled herself against me so that her body was pointed to one side, while her head pressed against my chest. Her blanket wrapped around both of us, making it extremely cozy. It wasn't so much the warmth from the blanket that made it so snug, but rather the fact that the most beautiful girl in the world was sitting on my lap.

Her legs rested perfectly around me, as if they were designed to be there. Her ass sat right on top of my crotch, creating enough pressure to make myself begin to harden.

"Thank you Seb…for saving me. You're really the most amazing guy I have ever met." As she said this, she wiggled around, repositioning herself more comfortably against me. I didn't expect there could be a comfortable position, as by now my dick had become stone hard. With such a beautiful figure resting on it, it had no choice but to seek out its target, almost struggling to free itself hot arabian webcam girl dildos her ass my pants.

My dick fought to stand straight up, to feel warm flesh around it, to penetrate the pussy that it knew was lying over it almost in a sick, temptress sort of manner.

I struggled to try and quell my dick's uprising, but it was bent on prodding itself between Jessica's legs. I could feel it sliding up and down against the bottom of her bikini, and could almost feel the smooth, hairless pussy rubbing against my dick through the insignificant material. I closed my eyes ecstatically.

This was pure, captivating bliss. It was only Jessica's whimpers of pain that awoke me from my corporeal thoughts. I looked down at her ankle, seeing the gruesome cut that caused her such pain. I reached beside the chair, and fiddled around in a box that contained first aid supplies. Inside, I gathered a coil of gauze bandaging. Gently, I moved Jessica's hands away from her ankle.

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I threaded it so that it provided the most support, as well as being loose enough to not cause her any unnecessary discomfort. I reached my head down, and kissed her ankle afterwards. My dick continued to violently rub against the limited fabric around Jessica's pussy, out of control.

"Uh…Jessica I'm sorry. I don't mean to-" Before I could finish apologizing for my dick's fleshy desires, Jessica reached her head up and pressed her fluffy pink lips against mine. She kept the embrace going, kissing me with such passion that I could never imagine from her.

Her arms held onto my shoulders, as she propped herself now into a half-kneeling position over me. Each of her legs took a side around my waist, followed by her sitting down onto me once again. My dick bobbed again at the sensation, poking away at her. It was impossible for her to not to have noticed by now, meaning she must not have minded. "Don't apologize," she whispered to me with her lips less than an inch from mine. brave young hotty drilled by old rod ok.

I've never told you all these years, curvy slut barbie sins has her pussy slammed I've always had a crush on you. You're so cute, and fun," she looked down at her gently wrapped ankle. "And gentle with me." Her hands pressed against mine, tangling our fingers between them.

"I never thought such rough, callused, wrestler hands could be so loving and gentle. Sebastian, I think I love you. I want to be with you." She cuddled now, once more against my chest, ignoring the tiny gashes that covered it. I wrapped my arms around her, careful not to temper her pure flesh with my rugged hands. "Jessica, I feel the same way about you.

Ever since that day we met, when we wrestled and I kissed your nose, I knew I wanted to hold you forever. There was nothing you could have said that made me feel more happy than the fact that you liked me too, and my feelings wouldn't go unreturned." We lay like that for several hours more. We roasted some marshmallows, made smores, and enjoyed a few sugary kisses together. Eventually, we decided to head to bed. Though she kept telling me that she could manage to walk, I carried her to her tent.

It wasn't so much the fact that I didn't think asian babe akiho yoshizawa can handle to huge dicks at once fingering and bathroom could walk, as the fact that I wanted to carry her.

Holding her slender, bikini-clad body in my arms felt so right. Placing her down into her tent was saddening. Jessica gave me a kiss and I headed to my tent. I crawled into my sleeping bag, though I knew I'd hardly need it. While it was well under thirty degrees outside, my body was well adapted to cold climates.

I stripped myself down to my boxers, and buried myself in the heavy thick fabric. While thoughts of a succulent angel ran through my thoughts, my eyes began to grow heavy and finally shut. I closed my eyes, and fell into a deep sleep. "Hey Seb? Seb?" I propped myself up and looked outside the tent, through the window flap.

Jessica was standing outside, shivering badly. I quickly peeled the zipper to the tent open and let her inside. She was dressed in her pajamas, consisting of pink spaghetti straps, and black flannel bottoms. I could see goose bumps strewn across her bare shoulders. "Um…I'm super cold. I didn't mean to bug you, but do you think-" Before she could say another word, I pulled the sleeping bag zipper open, offering her to join me with a non-judgmental smile on my face.

With a small squeal of glee, she dove inside like a baby gopher fleeing into its burrow. I sealed the tent, even though there was no need. We were dozens of miles away from any civilization, and the only animals around were squirrels and deer. As I crawled into the sleeping bag beside her and zipped us up, I heard her giggle.

She pointed towards my waist, reminding me of a goliath erection that had appeared on me. While the space was only designed for a single person, it fit us both just fine. We lay face-to-face, arms wrapped around one another.

Our torsos gently compressed against one another, allowing us to feel the warmth of one another. Her plump breasts rubbed against my chest, as I could feel my erection poking from outside of my boxers against her waist. I rubbed my hands against her bare shoulders and arms, causing the goose bumps to disappear. She began to quietly purr, as she did when she was enjoying something. Her face pressed towards mine as our lips locked.

She kissed me for several seconds before stopping and staring into my eyes. Her look was almost as if she was asking for permission. I simply nodded and continued to motfrenchs intention for daughter incest7 her. Jessica's hands began to stroke my chest, and then slid down to my waist. Slowly, she slid a hand lower until it reached my dick. She began to stroke it with her fingertips, and then with her nails.

I began groaning happily. Her hands reached around the elastic waistband of her flannel pants and began to slide them down. She removed them and tossed them out of the sleeping bag, leaving her in her white cotton panties and pink spaghetti straps.

She then looked at her top, then at me. I would have been an idiot to miss that hint. I slid the straps off of her curvy shoulders, kissing them the entire way. I pulled the top off, removing it from over her head. I tossed it outside the tent, still staring into her eyes. Her hands returned to my dick, now throbbing painfully. By now, my erection had turned my dick into rock, and forced it to stand almost straight up, still poised partially at its ancestral target.

Jessica rubbed my dick lightly, just enough to allow her hands to feel it's mighty texture. She then reached her fingers into the elastic band, and pulled my boxers down. She tossed them outside the tent, and an innocent grin appeared on her face. I now turned my gaze onto what I had just uncovered.

I stared at her breasts, resting so firmly against her chest. They were the perfect imaginable size- not too big and not too small. Her nipples had become stiff and stuck out. I placed my hands around her breasts, completely encompassing them. I had rather large hands, easily big enough to cover her breasts. I began to rub them in small clockwise circles, applying just enough pressure to be noticeable.

Jessica closed her eyes, and began to purr quite noticeably by now. Her hands released my dick, and reached around her panties. She slid her final article of clothing off, and removed them.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and squeezed me against her, kissing me feverously. As she pulled tightly against me, I could feel all her flesh against mine, and felt how different our skin textures really were. My skin was rather rough and rugged, while her entire body was smooth and creamy. My dick had lunged out again, now having a mind of its own. It prodded against Jessica, now pricking itself against Jessica's bare, hairless, glistening pussy.

I could hear Jessica's repressed moans each time this happened. We continued kissing and rubbing each other's bodies, until I felt something odd. Jessica's body was quivering. It was impossible to be cold, as I could feel intense heat resonating from each of our bodies. I broke off the kiss, and I lay Jessica against the back of the sleeping bag. I propped myself against her, drawing my dick into position against the lips of her pussy. My dick was straining to extend itself as far as it could, as if it were a dog on a leash desperate to break it's leash and seize a juicy steak.

I could feel the moisture exhumed from her pussy. She was now breathing rapidly, and her breasts made patterns of rising and falling with each breath. As my dick began to apply just the slightest amount of pressure against her wet self, I heard a small whine resonate from her mouth. She continued quivering. Her eyelids closed, clenched against each other.

I knew Jessica well, and these weren't her signs of being cold. She was afraid. "Jess? Are you alright?" She just bobbed her head into a rapid nod, not changing her body language.

"If you're scared, we don't have to do this. I would love to do this with you, but only when you're ready. I don't want you to be afraid when we do it." "Really? I mean…is that ok?" I nodded, though my dick was fuming at me. "Can we just…cuddle like this?

I love feeling you holding me." I laid myself back down, spooning with her. I wrapped my arms around her chest, holding her close to me. She slid her hands over mine, turned to give me a kiss, and was soon purring and fast asleep. The next morning we packed up camp and headed home. Our experience last night wasn't mentioned, but the feelings that we both felt during it were on the top of each of our minds.

She slept with her head on my shoulder the whole way back. I was saddened when I finally took her home. While I was sad that she had to go, and that I couldn't allow my dick to sink into the soft skin that it desired to desperately, the knowledge I gained was paramount. I had known that I loved Jessica for years now, and finally she had admitted it too.

It was true that everyone else had a soul mate, and I had found mine.