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Katy sweet has her tight anus plowed
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She laughed at the very idea of it as he helped her off the table. He took the robe from her and helped her into it and then tied the sash for her. Kissing her once again, he returned to the kitchen and began to serve the meal. He came back carrying two plates covered full with spaghetti. Next he brought a basket full of garlic bread and another bottle of wine.

Before he sat down, he retrieved her glass from the love seat. He sat down and poured them each some more wine and began to eat. She did like wine and smiled to herself at the wonderful flavor of the sauce. Seeing her smile, he asked, "Surprised?" "Surprised about what," she questioned? Vintage babes cockriding in threesome reversecowgirl pussyrubbing that she didn't what to offend him by making a sexist remark, he made it for her, "Surprised that a man can cook such a wonderful sauce that tastes like heaven?" Hoping that he hadn't thought that of her, she answered back, "No, actually smarty pants, it tastes just like my grandfathers except that he puts pepperoni and black olives in his, called it Irish spaghetti.

He learned to make it from an Italian lady in Hell's Kitchen" She watched his face to see what affect her remark had on him. His face was unreadable and passive. She hoped she hadn't made him mad. She really had to hot cute blonde teen first time bigbreasted blond sweetheart cristi ann is on vacation on how she said things.

Her father was always telling her that. She could hear him now, "It's not always what you say, but how you say it." Mentally chastising herself, she thought of how to make it up to him. Seeing that she was still a little uneasy, he gave himself another mental kick. Slow down, boy, you'll spook her. Deciding to keep the conversation light, he said laughing, "Really, I bet the Italians didn't care too much for the Irish thing." "I don't know, I never asked.

He died when I was six. I didn't really know what Irish and Italian meant actually. All I knew was that Grandpa called himself Irish. Its funny how at that age you never question such things," Silk replied. After a moment she laughed and said, "My mother dated this guy before she remarried who was Hispanic, and my brother, River asked him what he was. River meant what he did for a living, but Carlos thought he meant nationality, so he told River that he was a Mexican.

River went around for months telling everyone that when he grew up, he was going to be a Mexican. Everyone just rolled." "I bet. Your brother River sounds like a funny guy. Do you miss your family?" Thinking about it for a minute, she answered, "Yes and no. I miss not seeing them all the time, but it was time for me to leave the nest so to speak. I'm excited to be in college so that takes the place of the homesickness, I guess. What about you?" He laughed, "Well, I miss my family, but since I grew up in boarding schools, this being away is something that I am already used too.

I was in boarding school since I was eight. I only saw my parents at holidays." Seeing this was easing her, he decided to talk for a bit. "What about your family? How many siblings do you have and what about your parents? I know next to nothing about you, whereas, you know a lot about me. Come on, talk," she asked.

Seeing that she really wanted to know and that she really didn't know who he was, he gave in, "My father, is the owner of many large companies, of which includes many cattle ranches all over the US. You've probably eaten our beef. My mother, is into like a hundred charities and stuff like that, and my only sibling, who is a sister, is currently attending college in Boston for the sole purpose of finding a husband who she feels is worthy of her.

She is a real snob. I am the black sheep because I wanted to be a radio DJ. My father said, fine, let me buy you a station and you can do whatever you want. He couldn't understand that I really wanted to go to college to really learn to be a DJ. Thinks that he can pay someone to tell me how to do it and since I would own the station, no one would care if I messed up. I said no and so here I am, much to his dismay." "Why did you want to be a DJ?" Caught off guard, he though before replying, "I don't really know.

I've always wanted to do this. Since I was like 8. I used to pretend I was one. Dad even bought me a bunch of equipment and I actually made shows and recorded them. In fact I used one I made at age 16 for this girl; on my application for the job of Student Program Director. They said that I showed real talent even then. What about you, why do you want to be one?" Ready for the question, she answered, "My step mom does this too.

She got me hooked. When I was 15, she got me a summer job at her station. They had this new gimmick to try and hook more listeners. They hired high school kids to be DJs for the summer.

Well, I was really good and really popular so they kept me on after the summer was over. I had my own regular spot. During school it was from six to ten three nights a week except when I cheered at games. I ran Royals Baseball during baseball season.

During the summer I was the ten to two, afternoon girl and I also had the four to ten spot on Sunday's, with the occasional fill in on Saturday's afternoons. I got my FCC license at 15, but the big stations want a college education with a major in communications, so here I am." Really impressed, he replied, "Wow!

So you really know your stuff, don't you? That's incredible. I didn't even know you could get a license at 15. Bet you had an FCC license before you had a driver's adorable gal acquires nailed so hard hardcore blowjob. That is too cool." Smiling she shook her head, "Yes, I did have the FCC license first, had to beg rides with friends and my step mom to get to work." Not knowing what else to say, they lapsed in to a silence.

Silky was thinking about what had just a transpired and wondering if she had let things happen too fast. She was hoping, he didn't think her easy. She really liked him. She'd felt an instant connection to him like none other. It reminded her of that tingly feeling that they always talk about in romance novels. Wondering what to do next as she finished her meal, she without thinking, downed the rest of her wine.

As she lowered the glass, she discovered Michael looking at her with that hungry look. This gave her some encouragement, but still feeling green, she didn't know what to do. Noting the uneasiness in her look, Michael wondered what should he do next. She seemed to want to be with him, but she also seemed scared. Why though, he was trying hard to be as normal as possible.

Noting that her plate was empty, he saw another opening. "Well, it looks like you're ready to become my love slave." Her mind flashed to that book once more and her eyes betrayed her thoughts.

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Michael noticed a slightly startled look, but it was mixed with lust this time. What was it about the word love slave; it seemed to strike a cord with her? He decided to explore it more, but first, cheesecake. "Are you ready for dessert," Michael asked in a sultry voice. Seeing he was teasing, she purred back, "Yes Sir." She then noticed a strange look on his face and he swallowed very hard.

As he got up and took their plates away, she poured some more wine in her glass, than realized that this was her fifth glass. She never usually could handle this much wine. She knew she was getting drunk and decided to not worry this time.

After what had happened on this very table, it was likely that she was not going home tonight. In fact, she was certain that she was not, and she would definitely make sure of it, but exactly how was the question. Michael returned to the table with two plates full of cherry cheesecake and gave her one. "Now do I have your promise that you will become my love slave as per our earlier agreement?" "Of course, I never back out on a promise.

I am a woman of my word." Reaching under her chin and hooking a finger under the collar, he pulled her closer and kissed her lips. "Good, I'd hate to have to tie you up and beat you, if you backed out." Her eyes widened at what he said and he hoped he hadn't blonde milf cheri deville threesome fuck interracial it.

Damn, he cursed himself, shut the hell up and just play nice for now. Her eyes did widen, but what Michael took it to mean was so far from the truth that he wasn't even in the ballpark. She was thinking of that book again and in that very instant had clearly remembered all of it. She blushed and thought, no way, Michael was not like that, no way. He couldn't be, people didn't really do those things, did they? Then the thought occurred to her, should she tell him about the book?

Should she ask him about that mom makes him blow his load after a hard fuck kirsten cumshot Why not? And with that, before she could chicken out, she blurted out, "Michael, I need to asked you a question." Startled by the way she said it and thinking the ax was falling, he shot back, "Okay, shoot." She proceeded to tell him all about the book and everything including how it made her feel.

She watched his face through the whole story, but couldn't make out anything, as he katsuni and her blonde lesbian friend pussy licking and pussylicking totally unreadable.

As she neared the end of her story, she started to feel a little stupid and was almost hesitant to ask her question, but she gathered her last ounce of courage and with a shaky voice said, "Michael, does this stuff really exist and are you into it?" He was floored.

He knew the book she was talking about. He was going to have her read it in fact. To see what her reaction was, but now that was not necessary. Now he just had to answer her simple questions, but what would her reaction to his answers be? Would she flee? Deciding that he would have to take the chance since lying wasn't his style, he replied smoothly, "Yes, that stuff does exist, but before I answer the rest of your question, I want to ask one of my own." "Okay," came a meek reply.

"If I were to say yes, would you turn tail and run from me? Before you answer, here me out. Also think, if you were to run, would it be out of fright or revulsion?" Without even thinking, she said, "I would not run and I am not repulsed by the thought either.

I am intrigued." Smiling, he replied smoothly, "Then yes, little one. I am, as you say, into that stuff." He watched her reaction and found that she had not lied. She was not scared in the least bit. Deciding to test her further, he asked, "Now may I ask, are you into it?" As she had just taken a sip of her wine, she proceeded to spit it across the table.

"I don't know, I never thought about it. I told you, I didn't know that people really did that stuff." "Now you do know so are you into it, or…" he trailed off smiling at her, he cocked his eyebrow. "Are you Vanilla?" Without thinking she blurted out, "I wouldn't say that I am lily white, I'd just call it a little green." He reached over and hooked her collar again and pulled her close but this time the kiss was more.

He devoured her mouth again and just as she thought she would melt, he broke the kiss. The look in his eyes told her that she was most assuredly staying the night. In fact, she might stay the whole week. "No my pet, you are just inexperienced, but you will learn," he said with a growl and then pulled her into his lap. He began kissing her again as he cradled her body in his arms.

His mouth tasted of cheesecake and wine. She was fast losing any fear she had. The feel of his arms and mouth was just too strong; she was totally lost in them.

She noticed her breathing had become rapid again, almost like a pant. The thought occurred to her that she would surely expire at this rate, but what a way to go. Bliss. This was more than he had dared hope for. Here she was, in his arms and not full length storical xxx family full movies nearly as innocent as he had first thought.

She was also willing for what he had in mind. She felt so right in his arms. He knew though that he should still take things slow. He was already laying out a plan in his mind as to how things would go and in what order.

He could taste success and did not want anything to blow it. Gently he ended the kiss and looked at her. She seemed to be in heaven, which made him smile down at her. She smiled back. This gave Michael a great sense of triumph. "Are you okay," he asked softly.

Her answer came out as a purr, "Perfect." Thinking now was as good as any time to began he said, "Silk, I want you to get on your knees before me. I want to show you a few things." Eager to begin, but still a little nervous, she slid off his lap and landed lightly on her knees in from of him, sitting on her heels.

Trying to remember what she had read in that book about xxx sexy pornpussy puking sex. Remembering something, she spread her knees wide and placed her hands lightly on her thighs, knowing this was a proper relaxed kneel for a slave.

She looked up to see his reaction. He was smiling. This gave her confidence a big boost. She knew that she could do this and please him too. "Very good, you have one of the kneels down almost perfectly. Now hold your head high, but look down with your eyes," he instructed.

"Remember this, when I want you in this position, I'll say kneel. Now, kneel up." She gave him a confused look, not remembering this one. She knew she should remain quiet, but began saying anyway, "I don't know what…" He silenced her with a finger to her lips, "Shhh, never speak unless asked to.

I know you are new to this. If you do not know a position, just look at me and I will tell you what to do, but otherwise, keep your eyes down. Now kneel up means to come up to just your knees, keep your hands where they are unless told otherwise.

When you are wearing a collar, you will lift your head as to present your collar, if you are not wearing one, just stay normal. Do this very fluid and smoothly. No one likes a sloppy slave and always keep you eyes down cast unless asked to look directly at someone." She took all this in and smiled to herself. She knew this would be hard, but thought to herself, 'This unfathomable pounding for marvelous darling homemade hardcore what I want.' Watching her, Michael looked for certain signs.

Signs that she was okay with this and signs that she might bolt. So far, it seemed that she was doing fine. He also noticed the little smile she had, taking that as a good sign, he preceded.

"Silk, I want to teach you a few more things, but I don't want you to feel rushed, so let me know if it gets to be too much and I'll stop." "Okay," came a strong reply. "One other thing, from now on I'm your Master. When we play like this, you will refer to me as such.

You will answer me with Yes or No, Master. Am I understood?" He stated firmly. She looked up and said, "Yes." "Yes what?" Knowing that she had messed up she frowned, "Yes Master." "Good," came the reply. "Now, belly." Noting the quick flash of her eyes, he explained, "Smoothly go to laying on your belly. Once down, put your arms behind your back and cross them at the wrists. Lay you head so you may look in my direction. Some Masters require you to cross your ankles, but I want you to always spread your legs.

I will explain why later. Now belly." She leaned forward, placing her hands on the floor and lowered her body to the floor. Once down she placed her arms behind her back as asked, spread her legs and laid her head so that she was facing him as asked. Next, she wondered what this position is for. Seeming to read her mind, the answer came; "This position mainly is used by a slave to present herself to a Master and beg for mercy, forgiveness, favor, or whatever.

I also use it for sex. You cannot move or get up as easily from this if I am on top of you, and it shows Domination when I am on top. If I were using it for sex, you would stretch your arms above your head.

Do you understand?" "Yes, Master," came another strong answer. Things were going good. A few more and then he would reward her. "This next one doesn't really have a name.

Sometimes I will just say, down. You will use it to show submission sensual latina hottie has her muff plugged obedience. You will go into this position when you are in trouble and know you are receiving discipline. I will also order you to this position if you displease me. You will go back on your knees and then place your top half on the floor so that your bottom is up in the air.

Your chest and face will be on the floor and you will turn your head toward my direction again. Now, down." She once again changed positions.

She didn't know what to do with her arms once there so she flashed him a look again. She felt funny with her fanny in the air but obeyed anyway. Seeing her look and noting that she seemed at a loss as to what to do with her arms, he told her, "For now stretch your arms above your head like you are bowing. Other times your arms may be bound behind your back but if they are not, this is how you will present in this position.

You are doing very well by the way." He left her to wait there and watched her. She did not seem to be uncomfortable. He smiled as he looked at her pert little bottom. Inside he was feeling very proud, but knew that he could not let on to her. A slave must always wonder if they are pleasing their Master, if they knew otherwise they could become vain and lazy. He wondered if he should give her a small lesson in discipline. Why not, just to see how she reacted.

She could not see him very well from her current position but knew he was still sitting behind and to the side of her. She wondered what blacked blonde personal assistant shawna lenee loves black men next. Why was he not saying anything? She arched her back a little, not because she was uncomfortable, just to stretch it out. Seeing him stand, she stopped. What now, her mind flashed. He moved totally behind her and she could not see him now.

She felt the floor shift behind her. Next he touched her hip. He then moved into her line of sight and she saw that he was kneeling next to her. He started stroking her back and bottom. This brought a sigh to her lips.

He felt her begin to relax a little. As he stroked her, he lifted the robe out of the way, thinking that he should have had her remove it before he started. Feeling that she was totally relaxed, he swatted her behind with a gentle, but firm slap.

She jumped a little and a small whimper escaped her. He gave her another one. This time she whimpered again but remained still. Good, he thought, and gave her one more. Again she remained still. This was better than he hoped. He longed to go on but knew he had pushed her limits tonight. He got up and resumed his seat. Sighing he said, "Kneel up." She went back to the right position and even lifted her head to present her collar.

He felt desire shoot through him. He marveled at the power she had over him. "Okay Silk, go ahead and kneel look at me now." She did and then lifted her eyes to meet his. Seeing his smile, she returned it and sent a silent prayer that she had done well and not looked the fool. "Do you have any questions?" He asked. He also noticed that she had not finished her desert and reached for it.

Scooping up a forkful, he began to feed her. Shyly she began, "I do, but I don't want to look silly." She accepted a forkful of cheesecake. The flavor was heaven and the look on her face showed it. Smiling at that look, he continued to feed her and asked, "What do you want to know. Ask me anything I want you to learn. Remember, the only dumb question is the one not asked." "This could take all night.

There are so many things I'd like to know, so many questions to ask," she replied after swallowing a mouthful. "I don't even know how to ask some of the questions, I want to know." "So just start asking, we have forever.

The world is not going to end tomorrow. Just ask what comes to mind and don't be afraid to ask me anything. I will not laugh at you," He answered back smiling. Thinking about what to ask first, she bit her lip in thought, "Well, I guess I should ask what is first and foremost on my mind.

I know that there is some punishment and spanking involved in this, but to what degree and how much do you do it?" "Are you afraid that I'll hurt you little one?" He asked smoothly. Feeling her body tremble at the sound of his voice, she unknowingly closed her eyes and sighed loudly.

"No, not afraid, but I don't really know much about it. I liked when you swatted me a few minutes ago. Made me hot, but I am a little scared about the rest of the stuff involved.

What about the tools and stuff? Also, why do you call me little one or pet?" Giving her another mouthful, he replied, "I will teach you about all the tools and stuff that are involved as you learn. I will not hurt you only give you slight pain. I will not lie to you; some things may cause some minor pain, but never serious pain.

I will teach you to like it and we will start slow, increasing as you learn. As for the term little one or pet, they are basically names that a Master calls his slave.

They are not meant to be a put down. More like a pet name. Besides you are little to me." Feeling braver, she asked, "Will you tie me up?" A little unsure about whether she wanted to be tied, he stated, "Maybe, why, do you want me too.

Will I need to tie you?" He knew that he would definitely tie her at some point but wanted to see what she thought about that. Thinking about it a little, she smiled, "I don't know. I am not afraid, but I have seen some things that look too painful. I don't think I am into hardcore pain. Do you stella son mari veut la voir se faire enculer par des blacks what I mean?" Wondering where she had seen anything like she was hinting at, he asked, "Just what have you seen and where?" "Internet," came a quick answer.

"Why?" He fed her the last of her dessert and stood up. Smiling to himself, when she stayed put, he picked up his plate and carried both their plates to the sink. Then he went to his room and opened a drawer. Silk saw him take out a magazine and then he came back to the table with it and sat down again. "Is this what you are referring to?" He held out the magazine, which he had turned to a page that had a girl tie up by her hair and breasts.

Her arms where tied behind her back and she was lifted up till she danced on her tiptoes. Her breasts had clamps on them and there were clothes pins on her thighs and crotch. "Oh my god, do people really do that?" She gushed without thinking. "That and worse, I could show you things that would make you run. Tell me what you think of this one," he asked as he turned a few pages? This one showed a girl tied to a cross looking thing.

Her hands were tied to the cross members, her mouth had a gag in it and her breast were bound with ropes and there were needles stuck through them.

Her breasts were almost purple and there was blood dripping from the needles. The girls face showed pleasure though. "It looks really painful. Are you asking if I would do that?

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I think not, but surely that is not all there is," she seemed to beg. He laughed lightly at her eagerness, "No, that is not all there is. I will show you what I expect of you. I promise it will not be like that. Actually I am not in to that sort of thing myself. I have done it for someone else, but I got nothing out of it what so ever. I have different tastes. You'll see." "What if I decide I want to stop?

How do I tell you so?" Smiling at how she was opening up to him, he calmly answered, "We will have what are called code words or safe words. I will also give you an action word too. When you hear this word from me, it means to pay attention or mind me.

Your safe word will tell me you want to stop. Just saying no or stop will not work. Do you understand?" Taking in all in, she answered back. 'Yes. So what will those words be?" "Well usually they are something that we would not say normally.

Your safe word is your safety net so to speak, so it is usually something easy to remember. How about Brant? It's my middle name, so you would have no reason to say it normally. Can you remember that?" She smiled at him, "Yes, Master." He felt pride at those simple words, more pride then he had ever felt before upon hearing them, "Good, now for your action word, I will use emerald, because it reminds me of your eyes.

When you hear me say that word, you will know to obey. If we are out in the normal world and I say it, you are to mind me totally, no questions asked. Okay?" She nodded and smiled.

He felt that it was going well. This was going to work. "I need to add, in the normal world, we don't show this to others. They don't usually understand. When I say mind me, I mean in deed, not in voice. You don't have to call me Master, and you will never kneel or anything like that. You will show your submission with your actions, body language and eyes.

You do understand what I am saying, right?" "Yes, Master," came that her voice, strong again. She was looking very comfortable now, very as ease with all of it. He knew she was going to fit jasmine byrne gets airborne on two dicks well.

All he had to do was move slow and always let her ask questions if need be. She seemed to need to ask and that was perfectly fine with him. Feeling the need to connect with her, he had to tell her about the significance of his middle name for her safe word.

He wanted to tell her everything. He knew here and now that they had connected in a way that most never do in this lifestyle.

Most never found someone they could spend their lives with and that is exactly what Michael knew he had found in Silky. Michael also knew to take it slow and not scare her off, but he still wanted to tell her about her safe word. Placing his finger under her chin, he looked into her eyes as he spoke, "I wanted to tell you something. About your safe word, usually I use a word like red or I let the slave pick the word since it for them to use.

I gave you my middle name for yours as a special symbol. Most never know my middle name, so you are special in that. Also I gave it to you because I feel something for you that I have never felt before for any slave.

I don't want to spook you, but I had to tell you " Not knowing what to say, but totally understanding what he was saying, she just stared at him while smiling to herself. She felt sexy harley jade takes a giant dick in her ass same thing, but knew to take things slow.

'You can't rush a good thing.' Finally she knew he needed her to say something, so she replied. "I know what you are saying. Don't worry. I'm not scared. We'll take things slow and see where we end up." His heart flipped and with her simple words he knew that this was going to work out perfectly.

Not only was she already knowledgeable about the lifestyle, but also she seemed to want to be a part of it even if she didn't know that was what she really wanted. She needed training but he knew that she would fit in well.

"May I ask something, Master," she asked hesitantly. Smiling at the way the word Master seem to flow from her lips, he said, "Yes, you may." "You didn't answer me when I asked pussy closer fingering in live chat masturbation striptease being tied up. Will you tie me?" Judging the look on her face he knew she could handle the truth, "Yes, Silk. I will tie you up, down or whatever else I see fit at some point.

Does this answer you question?" Blushing, she replied, "Yes, Master." Michael stood and began to clear the desert plates from the table. He looked back to see if she had stood up, and was please to see that she remained kneeling and had cast her eyes down again. He smiled to himself again.

What a slave she would make. "Is frisky cuties plow the biggest strapons and spray love juice everywhere all of your questions?" Blushing she bowed her head and said, "No, I have one more," she blushed even more and bowed her head farther, "Would you show me what you meant by having sex with me the belly position?" Laughing at her eager shyness, he put the food away and thought of the best answer for her question.

She had said show me, not tell me. So should he actually show her of just explain it? Finishing up with the food, he made up his mind and came back over to her. He held out his hand to her and she took it. "Stand up and look at me," he commanded softly. She stood and looked up to meet his eyes. He smiled at her and she smiled back and blushed again. "Help me load the dishwasher and I show you everything your heart desires," he stated and watched her blush again.

Together they loaded the dishwasher, her rinsing the dishes and him putting them in the washer. As she filled the pan from the sauce to soak, he went and restarted the music.

It was the same type just a different CD from the sound of it and Silk wondered who the group was. It was very good music. The dishes were all done and the saucepan was soaking, so Silk turned from the sink and watched Michael. Michael came back in the kitchen when he was done and stood before her. Watching her face, he decided to take her to the bedroom.

He began kissing her again and she responded quickly. Slowly he pushed her backwards toward his bedroom. He stopped next to the bed and removed the robe from her shoulders; slowly it slid down her body to the floor. Then she felt the mattress press into the back of her knees; she sank down on the bed, never breaking the kiss. Finally he pulled up from her mouth and watched her.

She looked so innocent and yet so like a seductress. Slowly he explored her body with his eyes, next he lowered his mouth to her neck and she raised her chin to let him have access. He began kissing her neck and collarbone, sensing her neck was her weakness and knowing it was his. "Did I tell you that I have a neck fetish?' Slowly understanding his words, she asked, "What do you mean?" "There is something about the neck that really turns me on.

The look, the feel and the way my mouth feels on it. Turns me on like crazy, sort of like how some men like breasts or ass. I like necks," he answered between kissing, showing her just how much his words were true.

"Is that all?" She asked laughing. "Well that and legs. I am a sucker for a great set of legs. I always look at the neck and then the legs first on hot awesome teen receives body fondled well girl.

Is that bad of me?" Laughing again, she said, "No, just very male." Then she added, "Do I pass your inspection?" "Perfectly," he replied as he buried his face in her neck again. As he was kissing her, he began to remove the rest of the clothing. The top hooked in the back and he toni ribas and kerry pov in actricesdelporno full scene making short work of it. When the top was unfastened, he skimmed his hand down her stomach to the top of the garter.

He began undoing the garters. With that done he grabbed the teddy and intense threesome action with two busty babes pornstars brunette it.

Next he gave her a devilish look. "What?" she asked. Arching his eyebrow, he asked, "Are you ready?" So caught up in the moment, she could only nod yes. She was amazed at how turned on she was.

She felt like she was on fire. Michael sat up and reached for her legs. He grabbed her ankle and lifted her leg to his mouth. Slowly, using his mouth, he began removing the stocking from her leg.

He noticed the goose bumps forming on her exposed flesh and sped things up a little. Finally he had removed them both. Holding them him his hands, he got an idea.

He lay down next to her and grabbed her hand and tied the stocking around her wrist and repeated the action on her other wrist, watching her face the whole time.

She seemed okay. He had left the ends free so technically she was not tied up, yet. He began to kiss her again. She almost lost it as he removed the stocking from her legs. Never had anyone done that to her. She was in heaven. Then when he tied them to her wrists, she wondered what he was up to. The devilish look on his face told her that he was up to something, but what? She couldn't wait to find out. She wondered why the thought of him tying her up was exciting her so much. She couldn't remember ever feeling this excited, not even the first time they made love could compare with now.

This time she was really dying. As he kissed and fondled her, he was also judging her to see if she was ready. She seemed to be really into it and so he decided to take things a step further. "Belly, now with your head towards the foot of the bed," he ordered.

Quickly she assumed the position he had asked for and even stretched her arms above her without being told to.

Waiting to see what was next she sighed and turned her head towards the direction that he was. Watching what she could, she saw him get up off the bed and remove his shorts. She sighed again at the sight of his naked body and noticed that his desire for her was very evident. She also noticed him watching her so she smiled at him.

"What are you sighing and smiling about?" He asked. "Nothing," She started to say but a sharp slap on her bottom stopped her. Her eyes flashed to his. "When you are asked a question, you will always answer with a complete answer. Saying nothing to me means that you are refusing to answer.

Do you understand?" He replied very sternly leaving no doubt in Silk's mind that he meant business. "Yes, Master," came a strong reply. "Now answer the question," he ordered. The answer came with a blush, "I sighed at the sight of your naked body because it pleases me and I smiled because you smiled at me." Giving an approving nod to her answer, he got back on the bed.

He rubbed her ass where he had slapped it feeling the heat and admiring the red mark it left. She seemed to press her ass up to meet his hand. He liked that. He bent over her body and lifted her hair off and neck and draped it to the side. As he bent to kiss her neck, he noticed the mark that he had left on her neck in the throws of passion earlier. He kissed it and pressed his lips into the bruises, hoping it didn't hurt too much.

"Opps," Michael whispered in her ear, "You're not going to believe the nasty mark I left on your neck when I gripped it earlier on the table. It's bruised pretty badly. I'll rub it later if bella donnas big booty is like my favorite sports show hurts, okay" "Yes Master, I guess its just rewards for the nasty marks I left on your back," she smiled back to him.

The answer totally floored him, he was glad that she took it well but surprised too. Most women would have been a little upset at least. Taking it a good sign, he proceeded to straddle her body and then he reached up and grabbed the stockings and tied her to the footboard.

Next he shifted himself down her body till his head was level with hers and began to kiss her neck again. He shifted himself and her body into a position that was a little awkward for Silk. Placing his hands on each side of her body, he leaned down to her ear and whispered, "This is how I have sex with you in this position." Next he pressed his hips forward and entered her just a little bit and then with a large thrust, he hissed in her ear, "Mine," and entered her totally.

Silk climaxed right then and grabbed the footboard; next she threw back her head and moaned loudly almost a scream. Michael was surprised at the sound but said nothing. He began to thrust into her prone body and began to pay attention to the sign that would signal new porn game b preggo sucked hmv play free next climax.

He hadn't meant for her to explode like that. He wanted to teach her to beg for it. She was just too hot. He felt her nearing that point again and slowed to almost a stop. After doing this four more times he could feel that she was getting frustrated.

"Do you want to come?" he hissed in her ear? "Yes, Master," came a crazed answer. Smiling at her tone, he hissed back, "Ask permission and I may let you." Wondering what he was meaning, she thought on this, "ask permission?' Before she could think on this more he brought her to the brink again and stopped. She tried to wiggle to bring herself off, but with him on her body like this she was unable to.

She let out a whimper. "Ask for what you want," again came the hiss in her ear He felt her come down a bit and began to move and work her back up. She neared quickly and he stopped but flexed himself a little to tease her. Knowing she really needed release.

"Please Master," came a plea. "Please what." Knowing she would literally have to ask for it, she begged, "Please may I come." "How bad do you need it?" "Very bad," she hissed.

He worked her back up again and then stopped and this time he pulled away from her. After several minutes he entered her slowly and began to build her back up again.

This time he would give her release, but he let her think he was going to tease her once more. Seeing that she was close put him in the same frame of mind. She gave a whimper and silently begged for release. She was half crazed and almost there and she knew he would stop again. "Come now," he breathed in her ear. He kept the motion going, not stopping this time and between his voice in her ear and the rhythm of his thrusts she lost all control and gave herself up to the feeling.

It was so intense, she passed out. Michael knew when she lost consciousness but could not stop either. He felt his climax near and gave into it. Remembering what happen last time, he kept his hands off her body.

Afterwards he collapsed on her and lay there for a few minutes. After catching his breath, he got up from the bed. Looking down on her lying on the bed, he smiled to himself. He noticed that her hands had been clutching the footboard, but now were relaxed.

She had passed out and fallen asleep. This touched Michael in a way he never had known. He untied her hands and rearranged her so that her head was on the pillow. She never woke up. After getting a glass of water, he came to bed also and pulled her into his embrace. Cuddling up with her, he began to fall asleep. He whispered in her ear, "Silk, I think I could fall totally and helplessly in love with you." And then fell asleep.

Later in the middle of the night, she began to rub her body against his and this woke him up. He noticed that she was still asleep. Her body felt so good next to his and soon his hands were roaming her soft flesh. Desire flooded through him. This amazed him, he never was usually this affected by a women. He laughed to himself, at this rate; he would wear himself out before he trained her properly. Oh well, he thought.

At lease he would be happy. Deciding that he was too awake and excited now to sleep, he lifted her leg and entered her from behind. Slowly he began to thrust into her knowing that her lusty nature would soon have her awake and panting. He felt her begin to stir. She thought it was a dream at first. Michael was stroking her body again and she was responding and then he was making love to her and slowly she came to realize that it was not a dream.

Surfacing to reality, she noticed the position they were in and smiled. What would he think of next? His thrusts were making her head swim. They were like a tease. She arched her back and turned her head to his face. There was just enough light that she could see his smile and eyes. He bent his head and kissed her lips.

She then turned her head away, pressed back into him and sighed. With her fully awake now, he began to thrust more powerfully now. Her body felt so good around him and he was fast losing control. He clutched her hip and began to drive into her hard. Knowing that she would explode with him, he kept it up till he felt ready to explode.

Just then she lost it and reached back and dug her nails into his thigh. That was the final straw; he lost all control, pressing into her tightly.

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Fiercely he whispered to her, "Your mine now," never noticing that he was clutching her hip in the same manner that he had done her neck earlier.

"Yes, Master," was her only answer. In the aftermath, they lay there panting. Silk settled back into him and fell asleep again.

Michael looked up at the clock. Seeing it was a little after three, he decided to go back to sleep for a while.