Two teen giving the best blowjob on webcam

Two teen giving the best blowjob on webcam
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My friends had dared me to go to this one house. They said to win the dare I had to stay for at least one hour and the house knew I was coming. I head up to the door and knock. It's opened by a older man.

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Baggy cloths somewhat over weight. He sees me and asks who I am and I tell him my friends sent me over. It is a dingy place with ratty furniture and such. I have no idea what kind of place this is.

We walk into the front room and he tells me to sit on the couch. I notice a porn video playing and start watching. Steve comes and sits down on the couch with me and starts to fiddle with a couple of things. I notice this white substance and he is measuring it and then I see him putting it in to several syringes. Then he fills each with water and the white powder dissolves in it. He turns to me and asks me if I know what his is. I shake my head no. Would you like to try some?

It feels really good. It will be our secret. We can do some and you will be the baddest cat of all your friends.

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What do you think? They all have been here too. I am thinking it over and he keeps telling me to do this and then he says it will show your friends you are better then they are. They all wimped out.

All were doing is getting high so know worries. Think of it as pot on steroids. I finally say sure lets do muth marna xxx storys com. I always have been the one to try wild things.

He picks up a strap and puts it on my arm and tightens it up. Then he takes an alcohol pad and rubs the inside of my elbow. This will be just like at the doctors only this will feel so much better.

Steve picks up a syringe and gets the excess air out of it. I see numbers on it and the clear liquid looks to be about 50. it also looks to maybe have a slight pink tinge to frenchie nikita bellucci fucks in the car but I can't be sure in the light of the room.

He sets my arm on a pillow he has placed in his lap. He lines up the syringe and I feel it go in my arm. He pushes it, and then draws back slightly and I see red enter it. it's my blood.

He then starts pushing it into my arm until it's all gone. Then he pulls it out, places a finger over the spot and lifts my arm over my head.

He smiles and says you are in for the ride of your life. He hits the clip causing the band to come off. I am momentarily confused and then fuuuucckk. My whole body gets warm. There is a strong metallic taste in my throat and I start coughing hard for a moment and can't breath. It passes as quickly as it came on. My eyes are fuzzy and i can't really focus. I am warm all over and I feel him pulling my shirt off and where he touches me with his hand feels really good.

After my shirt is off I lean back and I feel my pants and underwear being pulled off as well. I am sitting back on the couch naked and just groaning some and saying wow wow wow. Out of the fog I hear him cough as well. He then pulls me over and I feel something at my mouth. I open up and his cock slips in. I hear him say to lick and suck it. I do as he says and it tastes really good. He is really thick and it seems to be getting thicker the more I lick it and harder.

I also taste something slightly salty but good and I keep swallowing it. I am laying on my stomach doing this and I feel a hand playing with my butt. It's caressing up and down my crack and wiggling into my hole.

He starts playing with my hole and pushing his finger slightly in then out and in till he slips in to his first knuckle. This bbw mom gets pumped and anal fucked feeling really good.

I had never played with my butt before. Then he pulls out and after a pause is pushing back in but this time its rough and hard at first and then I feel it burning a little. I lift my head and say something and he says don't worry it will feel good in just a moment.

Soon it does and he has two fingers in me pumping in and out. I am still licking his cock and it's huge. I keep gagging as he gets to the back of my throat. he pulls out his fingers and pulls me up and then helps me to lean over the side of the arm of the coach. My head is down on the cushion my butt is in the air and I can barely touch the ground with my feet. he then gets behind me and gets down and I feel his mouth on my hole as his hands pull my butt open.

This is just feeling so good. I am groaning and and moaning and saying don't stop. But of course he does. He stands up and his hands pull my butt open and i feel him step closer and then something is rubbing up and down. I am so loving this though I am unsure what exactly is going on. Yet I know. He stops and it's lines up with my hole and I feel him pushing.

What i don't know is he has a cock as big as a a red bull can and long. I feel him start to slip in and I say it hurts. he stops for moment.

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The head is just part way in me. He grabs a hold of me tighter and then I feel him push hard and the head pops in and he keeps going inch after inch till he is all the way in and I feel his legs on my butt and his balls slapping my cock. I scream yet it feels good too. Once he is all the way in he stops and hold still for a moment.

Then he starts to slowly move in and out of me and i hear him say I am fucking you good pussy boi. You will love it. He is right. Soon I am moving to his rhythm and moaning and groaning as he fucks me long and deep and hard. I have no idea how long he fucks me. At some point he picks up the pace and fucks me hard deep and fast and then says take my cum fuck boi.

He plows in one last time and hold still. I think I feel some warmth and then he pulls out and comes around and sticks his cock in my mouth again and says lick it clean and i do. it's covered with cum some blood and some of my ass juice and more. Once he's clean he pulls me over and sits me up. Then he hands me some water which I drink and rub my eyes. I can finally see a little bit. Steven says something about "You will be a good fuck boi to whore out." PART II Steven prepares another syringe with the white stuff, come to find out later it's meth.

While he is fixing it he hands me a bottle of water and tells me to drink the whole thing so I do. It tastes a little funny but I am really thirsty so don't complain. Then he says I am going to give you another shot as he wraps the band around my arm. He then again inserts it, pulls back, gets blood and pushes it all in.

As he is raising my arm he says this is bigger then before. Off comes the band and I cough even harder and my butt becomes my whole focus. Steven helps me to mom and son sexy vi and we head towards the basement. In the basement I am strapped on to this low bench on my hands and knees. I am just moaning and groaning. I hear Steven ask if I want fucked again and I nod my head mumbling yes please.

I hear noise in the background but can't place it. Then I feel something at my butt. it's licking from my shriveled cock all the way up to my hole. I am just loving the feel of the licking. Then it stops and something jumps on my back. I feel scratching on my sides. It's all warm and it's banging something hard into me but misses hitting my butt checks.

I hear what sounds like a growl and then suddenly it hits my hole. he drives into me and goes at a fast pace. It hurts and I am crying a little. Then I hear Steven says just let it happen.

Your now his bitch. It does start to get to feeling better. Steven grabs my face and i had sex with fat girl while husband sleeps look at me. I focus. He asks how are you liking getting fucked by a dog?

By now it's feeling really good and I just smile and nod my head. Steven stands up and shoves his cock in my mouth and I start to lick and suck. Soon I feel something big trying to push into me.

it pops in and once in I feel it growing even bigger. Steven steps back and says your his now. The dog stops and starts to try and twist around. It hurts some and is also so intense I feel my cock letting loose and have no idea if I just pissed or what.

I start to feel warm liquid inside of me. It's feeling good and every now and then the dog kept pulling as if to get away. He can't though.

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Whatever is inside me is stuck. Every time he pulls though I leak more from my own tiny cock. Time passes and he feels like he is stretching me wide again and suddenly slips out. I yelp and then feel all this liquid leaking out of my hole.

The dog turns around and starts licking me again and my senses go into over drive. Steve lifts up my head and asks me how I feel. I say something about feeling empty. A water bottle is held to my mouth for me to get as drink. Another injection is also prepared and given to me. As I am rushing Steve says have fun. He leaves and the door is shut. All I know is my boi hole is empty and i want to be fucked again. I hear movement and open my eyes to look around. There are 2 more dogs walking around.

I know what is going to happen. The three dogs take turns on my hole for the next several hours. All I can think of is getting fucked.

Steven checks on me once and again injects me. At some point the dogs all finally lay down and I am released and helped back upstairs.

As I walk doggy cum is leaking out of me in puddles. Part III I am taken into the bathroom and put in the shower where I clean up. Steven helps me and uses a hose which he pushes in my hole and the force of the water washes everything out till it's running clean. Steven asks me how I like getting high on meth and being used as a fuck toy by men and dogs. I tell him what i am feeling which is I love it and want more of both. I was getting meth injected every 3-4 hours.

Each injection was between the 40 and 50 line. Every person who came over to get supplies was asked to fuck me if they wanted. No one turned them down. Large men, smaller men, teens, old men, anyone. Some said they were impregnating me with there babies. Others wanted to see me take a dog's cock. Some used toys on me. Every 3 hours or so a new injection.

I was at the point of asking for and injection when the edge fell off. I was taught how to inject myself and others. Steven asked if I had any friends that I would like to have join me. There was one. His name was Larry. I called him up and we meet at my house. Steven was in the house too but he was out of sight in a closet where he could see.

Larry le casting divannah une fille tregraves poilue over and we talked and played a little Xbox. I was getting to the time where I wanted another injection. I said hold on I will be right back. Went to bathroom and got the prepared syringes and came back but kept them out of sight. I told Larry I had discovered a few things and that they were pretty wild and a lot of fun. He asked me about it and I said I would show him but he had to keep it between us.

I asked Larry if he had ever gotten high knowing he never son fuck rape her slipping mom. He said no and I asked him if he would like to get high with me.

As I pulled out the syringes I said don't be scared. I have done this and it's great. You have to try this. He started to say no but I kept on him saying how good it was and he was a chicken if he didn't at least try it once with me. Just once it won't hurt and if you don't like it you can go home okay. Finally he agreed and I prepared to give my best friend his first slam. Steven had worked with me for 3 days getting it right and having done both my own and several on Steven I knew I could do this.

I put the wrap on his arm and then prepared to inject Larry. He balked one more time and i said if he didn't get high with me he was a pussy. That did it and he let me proceed. I inserted the needle in then pulled back the plunger and saw I was good. I then pushed forward and injected all of it into Larry's arm. As soon as I pulled the needle out and was removing the band Steven popped out of the closest. Larry was in shock seeing him and then the band was off and you saw the meth hit him.

Steven went to work getting Larry naked as I did my own slam. Once we're we're both naked Steven had us get in a 69 position with Larry on top. As I was sucking his cock Milfs love hardcore fucking on tape clip18 walked him through on sucking mine.

Once he had the idea he came over and started playing with Larry's hole as well. Between his fingers and licking him he soon had him ready and lined up and worked his cock into Larry's ass. It was great having Larry suck my cock as I sucked his and watching Steven llxxx bbc fuck small white girl his hole like he had fucked mine. We played and sucked and fucked till it was time for Larry to head out.

Larry went home still horny but promising to not say anything and asking if we could do it again and of course we said yes. I would do anything to get meth slams and to get fucked by any cock that wanted me man or k9. I am also slowly corrupting my friends. Larry was only the first. If your ever in town come by and get high with me and fuck me like the slut I am.