Lesbians with dildo fucking in fake taxi reality voyeur

Lesbians with dildo fucking in fake taxi reality voyeur
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Chapter 1 Hi, Im Tom, Im your average 15 year old. I have always been quite stocky due to playing a lot of rugby, Im about 6'1 and i have brown hair, brown eyes. Pretty regular guy. I have always had a thing for my French teacher, Mrs Jones. She was a petite woman with huge tits and a great ass.

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She had redish hair and had a real cute face. One lesson I decided to stay behind to ask about extra French tutoring as i felt that I was falling slightly behind everyone else in the class.

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As the rest of the class left Mrs Jones came over to see what was wrong with me. So I told her what the problem was. She said she understood my situation and suggested that i come for extra French tuition after school.

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Throughout this convosation I couldn't resist staring at her massive breasts. When she noticed that my attention was slightly waning, she shifted slightly to try and gain my full attention. After our little chat I left and went to my next lesson.

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At the end of the day I went to my French classroom for the first of many French tutoring sessions. As i went in there was a musky scent in the air, the unmistakable smell of sex. As i sat down i noticied that Mrs Jones hair looked slightly out of place; I immediatly pieced things together, she had been masturbating. I decided that I would just get my head down, work and try to hide my massive hard on, Mrs Jones had other ideas.

I noticed that she had taken her jacket off and was showing a colassal amount of clevage.

As the session progressed i noticed that she was gradually getting more and more relaxed and comfortable with me being around, then she made her move. She walked over to me and sat on the chair next to me, she then proceeded to place her small delicate hand onto my crotch and pretended to be leaning over to read what i had written during the last hour or so.

I just went along with it and slowly placed my hand on her right tit. When i had my hand securely around her boob she turned and looked me in the eye, then she swung her leg over me and straddled me as she enveloped me into a kiss.

I had kissed a few girls over time, but boy was this woman a cougar. She quickly invaded my mouth with her soft velvety tounge and i instantly responded. As the kiss continued i noticed that she had started grinding up against my hard dick. I then started groping at her huge tits continuing to make out with her only stopping occasionally for gasps of air before resuming with the intense make out. After about 5 minutes of the best kissing ever we finally separated but teen jessica rex sucks on big cock of boyfriend grinding up against each other.

Then Mrs Jone said "We need to complete this somewhere private" "Well my parents are out of town for the weekend so my place is free" "Good plan, you go and wait at the end of the street and i will come and pick you up" So i hastily pqcked my things away and proceeded to the rendevouz point she had told me about. About 2 minutes later her car pulled up alongside me.

I quickly got in and gave her a cheeky peck on the cheek, she turned and gave me a cute little dada poti sex xnxx ebony. As i gave her directions i noticed that she was squirming in her seat; she really couldn't wait to get fucked, and to tell the truth i couldnt wait to fuck her.

As we pulled into my driveway i practically tore the door off of its hinges to get inside, as i got inside i stripped down to my boxers and led Mrs Jones into the sitting room. When we got there she followed my example and stripped to her underwear, then she practically jumped on top of me and started grinding up against me again.

I could feel the wetbess of her pussy soaking through her panties as i releived her of her bra. At last i got to see those wonderful creamy globes as i groped them and licked her luscious pink dollar sized nipples.

As i continued to lick and suck those succulent nipples she eventually came to a amateur exotic doll know how to satisfy a horny man with her delicate ass orgasm. As she recovered from her orgasm she had a wild look in her eye, then she started her dominant streak, she grabbed my boxers and ripped them off of me, she then gasped as my 8 inch member flew straight out and slapped her on the cheek, leaving a glistening spot of precum sat on her face.

Mrs Jones proceeded to lick my shaft up and down before swirling her tounge around the tip, savouring the taste of my precum, before taking my member in her mouth giving me a sensuous blowjob. After she was satisfied with her job she got up and finally removed her panties, i marvelled at the beautiful pussy she had, she kept it trimmed but had a lovely patch of pubic hair above her engored pussy. She then pounced on me before i could move and slowly lowered herself down upon my swollen dick.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" She screamed as she managed to fit my whole member inside her perfect pussy. "Tom, Fuck me like i know you want to" so i flipped her over so i was on top and started fucking her like mad. "GOD MISS, IM GONNA CUM" "YEAH BABY CUM IN MY PUSSY" I came into her pussy and fainted in pure bliss and satisfaction.

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Tell me if you liked it and if you want Chapter 2!