Hot milf with big tits gets fucked to bail out her hubby brunette blowjob

Hot milf with big tits gets fucked to bail out her hubby brunette blowjob
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It has been a long time since I started writing this story. I lost my muse half way through it and I didn't have the urge to pick it up again. I hope this is better than the last one. We'll see. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them.

Chapter 7 Sharing is Caring Steven had sufficiently loosened up Sean's ass and felt like he was ready for his big dick. He suggested that the two get up on the bed and Sean didn't complain. I doubt the floor was all that comfortable anyway. Sean got up and lay down next to me in the same position in which Steven had first fucked me.

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He turned his head to face me. "This is really gonna hurt isn't it?" Sean asked me. "Just at the beginning. You've been fucked before haven't you?" "Yeah.

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But nothing this big. This had better be worth it." "Trust me, it will be." Steven had taken this time to lube up his cock and get into position. He was positioned over Sean with his left arm holding him up next to Sean and his right hand holding his dick.

Slowly Steven brought his cock to bear and pressed it against Sean's hole. Sean inhaled sharply and held his breath. "Relax!" I said, "Just go with the flow." Sean exhaled and started to relax as Steven started to rub his cock up and down Sean's crack. Each time Steven's cock made contact with Sean's hole Sean relaxed a little and wanted Steven's cock in him just that much more.

Finally, after Steven decided Sean had relaxed enough, he started to apply pressure on Sean's hole. "Breathe," Steven commanded. Sean consciously tried to relax as Steven pushed.

It took longer than expected but Steven's head eventually popped into Sean's ass. "Jesus!" he yelped. Steven held still not wanting to hurt Sean and also held in place by Sean's tightened sphincter. He sat there as Sean slowly got used to the size.

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"Ok," Sean eventually said, "Push." Steven gently started to apply pressure again. Slowly Steven's cock started to sink into Sean.

Sean's face was a mixture of pain, pleasure, and disbelief. From experience I could understand all of it. His eyes were closed and he was breathing very deeply.

After Steven had gotten about two inches of his dick in he paused to let Sean adjust. Steven started to rock his cock in and out little by little. With each inward thrust Pigtail blonde teens toy fuck hardcore and lesbian would push a little more of his cock into Sean's ass.

In a couple minutes of doing this Steven managed to get a bit more than half of his eva adman mom nirmsaaj sex inside Sean and the expression on Sean's face had turned to one of pleasure but Steven couldn't see that.

"How are you doing?" "Great. Ready for more." "You got it." Steven decided that it was time to move on to just pushing his dick in. Now that Sean was ok with what was going on the rocking in was just taking longer than it needed to. He pushed harder than he had before and his cock started to sink deeper into Sean's hole.

"Mmmmm," Sean moaned. Suddenly Steven switched direction and started pulling out of Sean's ass. He didn't stop until he had pulled the full length of his dick was out.

He laughed. "I think I can see straight through you." Sean smirked. "You gonna stick that back in me or am I gonna have to recruit Tyler?" Steven grinned and lined his dick back up with Sean's hole. He pushed half of his dick into Sean in one motion. Sean gasped. "What do you think?" "That I want the rest." "You got it." Sean started pushing his cock into Sean again.

I watched as two more inches of Steven's dick disappeared into Sean's hole. Sean's breathing wasn't deep like it had been earlier. His breathing was much more ragged, the breathing of a man experiencing great pleasure. There was only about two more inches of cock left outside of Sean's body when Steven next stopped pushing in. Once again he backed off but not all the way. He still had about half of his dick inside Sean.

It looked really hard, the veins on his shaft bulging. He must have wanted to fuck Sean like crazy. Can't say I blamed him. With one final thrust and a grunt Steven planted the full length of his dick inside Sean.

His balls smacked against Sean's and their bodies slapped together. "Uggh!" Sean looked to be in pain. His eyes closed tightly and he grabbed the sheets.

Steven held into that position, once again letting Sean get used to having all that meat inside him. He looked to be in a little pain as Sean's sphincter squeezed his cock as he sought to adjust to being so full. I grabbed Sean's hand which was clenching the sheets in his fists. "You ok?" Sean's eyes opened up. There were tears in the corners from the pain.

I repeated myself, "Are you ok?" "Yeah. It was just really sudden." "Sorry," Steven said sheepishly, "It was just so tempting." It wasn't long before Sean had gotten over the pain enough to continue. Steven slowly started to withdraw his cock. He pulled out until just the head of his dick was inside Sean before pushing back in to the hilt. This time Sean moaned in pleasure. Steven repeated the motion, pulling out and pushing in, faster and faster.

With each thrust his balls slapped against Sean. It was so hot to see my 14 year-old brother fucking the brains out of this sexy boy we'd just met earlier in the day. "Knock knock" "Huh?" I looked back. Josh was standing behind me with his hard dick in his hand.

"Can I come in?" He grinned. "Please do." Josh pulled a Steven and just spit in his hand and rubbed it down the length of his shaft to lube it up. He got into the same position that he'd first fucked me in and easily slid his length into me. I didn't need any time to get used to his dick and he started thrusting into me right away.

Next to me my younger brother was fucking Sean while Josh pounded me. It was straight out of a porno and I loved it. Steven and Josh started to synch their thrusting so that they were in rhythm.

They were thrusting together, pounding the living daylights out of me and Sean. I loved Josh's cock just as much now as I had the first time he'd shoved it in me. He didn't fill me up as well as Steven's but he used that dick like a pro. Soon we switched positions. Sean flipped onto his back and I moved over him into a 69 position while Josh fucked me from behind and Steven fucked Sean.

Sean and I sucked each other off. It was wonderfully intense and I loved the feeling of having my dick sucked while I was fucked. The four of us were fucking and sucking like animals oblivious to the world around us. After we were done we would realize that Tyler had gotten dressed and left sometime during our four-way fuck session. Oh well, his loss. For elas gostam e de pau grande kc minutes we continued in that position before Steven announced that he was close to cumming in Sean's ass.

Steven was going to cum deep inside someone's ass and I was going to be able to watch his cock pulse. "Give it to him!" Josh encouraged. Josh slowed down his thrusting to watch. Sean's cock stiffened even more in my mouth at the prospect of Steven cumming inside of him.

This boy better not cum yet, I had other plans for his cum. I let his cock fall out of my mouth. "Ugghh. I'm cumming!" "Yes!" I could see Steven's cock jumping slightly in Sean's hole as he pumped a large load of sperm into Sean's ass. I knew how good it felt to feel Steven's cock shooting cum into me and I envied Sean for a second before I realized that I could get as much of Steven's cock as I wanted until I went off to college.

Steven held his cock in deep, breeding Sean like only a huge cock could. Steven's hands gripped my shoulders as he deposited his large load inside Sean. With each wave of his orgasm he squeezed my shoulders.

Steven slowly pulled his cock out of Sean's ass. His big dick seemed like it went on forever as it left Sean's gaping hole. He was already going soft but was still quite large. It glistened with his sperm.

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"Jesus!" Sean moaned between breaths, "That was fucking amazing!" Sean reached back and ran his finger around his hole before sticking it inside himself. "Holy fuck!" Sean couldn't believe how much Steven's dick had stretched him out.

He lay there basking in the euphoria of a great fuck by a big dick while Josh continued to ram me from behind. Sean lay there, breathing heavily, his dick still rock hard. My dick swung above him, bouncing around at each impact of Josh's body against me. Steven sat down on the edge of the bed to watch us. I stared at Sean's cock. I didn't know how much longer Josh would be able to last but I wanted to try something. "Do you think you could both fit inside me?" I wondered out loud.

In the commotion nobody heard me. "Do you think you could both fit inside me?" I asked again, looking at Josh this time. "You mean like both of us fucking you at the same time?" I nodded. "Well, if you can handle that," Josh motioned towards Steven's cock, "I'm sure you can handle the two of us." He was probably right.

I was still really loose from Steven and Tight young blonde with glasses wants hard cock dicks. "Ok, let's do it." Sean said, crawling out from under me.

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Once again, the question was asked. "How do we do this?" "I've seen it done," Sean said, "Josh, lay on the edge of the bed and Charlie get on his cock facing him." We arranged ourselves as Sean suggested and waited for what came next. Sean got behind me and placed his cock at my already stuffed hole.

He poked around a bit, pushing against me, trying to force his dick inside. It just wasn't working; my ass wasn't stretched quite enough to have both of them inside of me despite being fucked by both Steven and Tyler.

"Josh, pull out a little bit." Josh backed his hips back a bit, pulling back until less of his dick was in me. His dick wasn't as thick there and there would be more room for Sean to try and slide his in. Once again he pressed his dick against my already occupied hole and tried to force it in. This time I could feel him making some headway. He was able to slide some of his dick in but not much. Despite the stretched out state of my ass I wasn't able to get both of them in quite yet.

Sean kept pressure on my hole as Josh began to slowly fuck me. He didn't pull out his dick entirely, but instead pulled out just enough so that Sean's cock slid in a bit more with each cycle.

It hurt a bit as Josh and Sean slowly stretched out my ass with their dicks but at the same time I knew it would soon feel amazing to have both of them fucking away inside me. After a couple minutes of this back and forth I had both Sean and Josh ball's deep in my ass and I couldn't believe how stretched out I was going to be when this was through.

Josh and Sean started to work their dicks in and out of me opposite one another. As Josh pushed his cock in Sean pulled out and vice versa. In this way I was never lacking in a cock deep inside me and they could fuck me hard. I'd thought having Steven fucking me was heaven but I was wrong.

When he fucked me I only got him going one way at a time. Though he fucked me fast it was nothing like this.

No matter what was going on one of them was always deep inside me. "You really are a slut." Steven grinned, "God I wish I'd known that sooner." All I could do was mew in response as these two horny teens pounded my hole. My cock was rock hard and sandwiched between me and Josh. I couldn't touch it and it was throbbing. I could feel the wetness of my precum between us.

I kissed Josh, taking his tongue into his mouth and he moaned. Sean bit my neck as he thrust into me a little bit harder than he had been, hitting my prostate dead on. My eyes rolled back in pleasure and my mouth dropped open, panting. Holy fuck this was intense. I can't even begin to explain how I felt. I had two roughly average size cocks pounding my ass as I was sandwiched between two really hot guys and they were both going to cum inside me soon enough.

They were thrusting into me hard and fast never giving me time to recover as one's cock filled the void which had just been vacated by the other. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better Steven shoved his cock into my wide open mouth.

He was straddling Josh and I can't begin to understand how I hadn't noticed him. "I think I have some more in there. Let's see if we can't get it out." He didn't have to tell me twice. I started going to town on his cock. I took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it before bobbing up and down the shaft.

But it was hard to keep a good seal with my lips with the constant gasping and moaning that Josh and Sean caused. I could hear their ragged breathing in my ear and knew that this wouldn't be lasting too much longer. I was already surprised they had lasted this long given that they were both pretty close when we started this amazing experiment.

I, too, was getting close from all the constant pounding of my prostate and the rubbing of my cock and our stomachs. I wasn't going to last much longer. "I'm getting close. Oh fuuccc-" Josh moaned and stopped thrusting his hips.

Sean kept thrusting and I looked into Josh's eyes as he began to cum inside me. This was so fucking hot. He was shooting a pent-up load deep inside me. And through all of it I tried to keep sucking Steven's cock though I wasn't doing a great job. "Oh man! I can feel you cumming!" And that was it. Without even touching it my cock burst between us as my ass squeezed their cocks.

My cum sprayed our stomachs and it was quickly smeared between us as Sean kept humping, trying to cum. I couldn't handle it anymore and gave up on Steven's cock.

I let it drop from my mouth and he backed off realizing that I had too much right now. He started to jack off watching.

"Uggh" I groaned as I rode my orgasm to its finish. "Yes! Yes!" Sean planted himself balls deep in me alongside Josh's cock and it started to pulse. His sperm boiled up from his balls, through his cock, and into my bowels where it coated Josh's slowly deflating cock. "Uggh uggh little girl and grandpa sex he breathed out. "You were right, I can feel your dick throbbing and I can feel your cum on my cock." Sean briefly collapsed on top of me to rest.

After he had recovered a bit he gently pulled his cock out of my ass. I felt so empty and I still had Josh's inside me. Josh reached around and slowly pulled his cock out of my ass though we didn't move from the position. "Can I?" Steven asked, "It won't take long." I nodded. Steven moved into position and slid his cock into my hole. He didn't seem so thick anymore. He thrust into me quickly, trying to get his rocks off. It didn't take long before he slammed his dick into me and I got my 7th load of the night inside me.

He pulled out of me and slowly helped me up. I was physically weak from what I had gone through. He lay me down on the bed and I lay there.

Sean and Josh cleaned up and got dressed. Josh thanked me for the fuck and left, leaving Sean behind. Sean thanked me and Steven for a great time.

He kissed me and handed me his phone number on a piece of paper. "Steven said you're thinking about coming here for college. If you do, look me up." He winked at me, walked to the door, and left. "Holy fuck," Steven said. "M'hmm" was all I could manage. "Let's get you cleaned up." Steven turned on the shower and helped me in when it had warmed up.

He got in with me and slowly blonde suck fuck and cumshot me. When we were done he washed me and carried me into bed. He tucked me into bed and covered me with kisses. Steven crawled into bed beside me and snuggled up next to me. "I love you so much Charlie." "I love you too Steven." "If you were to date Sean when you go to college… I… I'd be ok with that. He's a nice guy." I smiled at Steven and he laid his head on my chest.

"But for now, you're mine." "Sounds perfect to me." "Sweet dreams Charlie." "Sweet dreams." End of Chapter 7.