Hot blonde wants to drill her sweet little cunt masturbation and fingering

Hot blonde wants to drill her sweet little cunt masturbation and fingering
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It had been a few days since Adams surprise visit in the shop, Stacey hadn't been back horny bride shares her husband with her mom he figured it was just a one time thing but not that i'm complaining his dick seemed to say as it jumped to the thought of naked Stacey. The door beeped and Adam shot up.just another customer He sighed in his head.

Beep the door went again Stacey standing there in a long coat, Adam puts his finger to his lips to say shh and points at the other customer. 15 minutes go by before the customer has left leaving just Adam and Stacey in store. "why are you wearing a long coat" Adam asks "go round the back an ill show you" Stacey giggled At the back of the shop Stacey begins to unbutton her coat letting it slip from her shoulders to show her perfect C cup breasts which flow freely.

As the coat falls further Adam realises why she's wearing it it's because she's wearing nothing else. He reaches an grabs both tits massaging them in his hands sucking each nipple caressing it with his tongue.

"Mmmmm" Stacey moans softly breathing in rhythmic paces as his tongue explores her breasts. One hands runs from her breast down her body softly running down between thighs, pubic hair brushes his fingers he feels a lump circling his finger on it. "Mmmm baby play with my clit" she moans For a 15 year old she knows what she wants thinks Adam as his circles her clit more vigorously. A finger penetrates her wet pussy slidin to the base and back out he tastes her juices and shares them with her.

"Lay on your back" he whispers to her Stacey lays back slowly, legs spread as Adam crawls in-between them kissing her nipples, her stomach and her inner thighs.

Adam spreads her lips apart and her clit pops out pulsing waiting for Adams tongue. He dives for her pussy his mouth an oval shape around her clit sucking hard sliding in two fingers fast turning them inside her pussy for a few minutes. "Oh god make me cum finger fuck my pussy" she selpa sate k xxx storys out shuddering in pleasure Adam wiggles his tongue rapidly over her clit as she screams jerking her body.

"I'm gonna cu." she gushes into Adams mouth shaking and screaming as Adam laps up every drop out of her tight cunt. Kissing her so she can taste her cum Adam takes off his trousers his fully hard 8 inch cock bounces as he lines up her pussy. Pushing hard Adam goes balls deep within seconds making Stacey cry out a little. "stop it hurts" she crys Adam slowly pulls out an slowly guides his cock back in balls deep. Stacey still whimpering slightly' begins to relax and let Adams cock fill her pussy his movements become faster and harder as he pounds her 15 year old cunt.

She hooks her arms round his neck and her legs around his waste biting his shoulder using her legs to pull him into her pussy.

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"fuck your slutty princess, daddy" she moans in his ear "fuck me till I cum on your cock so I can taste it daddy" He fucks her for about 10 minutes trying out different positions before finding the one she likes, reverse cowgirl she bounces and grinds on Adams cock grabbing her tits moaning with pleasure.

She lets out a scream and squirts on Adams cock again as she shudders in ecstasy. "I'm gonna cum Stacey pussy or mouth?" he says hurriedly "not in my pussy baby I'm not on the pill let me swallow your load instead I love tasting your cum" "Mmmmm my little slut bucket whore" he says to her He slides his cock out of her pussy and stands up Download xxx story cinta laura takes his cock in her hands and begins to lick and suck tasting her fresh pussy juice which soaked his dick seconds ago, she licks and teases the underside while she plays with his balls.

Adam grabs her hair an pushes her down to the base of his shaft. He feels her throat swell as he pushes deep holding her head. She begins to gag and choke trying to pull away he let's her breathe.

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He forces her throat onto the base of his cock again pushing up hard and fast Asif fucking her. Gagging hard spit begins to run from her mouth he rams her head on his cock quicker than his hand while wanking.

She begins to play with her pussy as Adam throat fucks her hard slapping noises are heard as he pokes the back of her throat. Stacey begins to choke agen tears running from her eyes as she tries to struggle and breathe she forces up throat cum as she pulls away from Adams cock, dripping to the floor her spit covers his cock, her chin and her chest.

moaning and licking her lips still fingering her young pussy she gives Adam a taste off her fingers.

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Pushing her head back saying open wide adam gets ready to shoot in her mouth. She opens her mouth and a rope of warm salty cum shoots onto her tongue and he slides his cock back down her throat shooting 4 more loads of cum deep thrusting in an out her throat she swallows his load with ease and joy Licking her lips she says "Mmmmmm you got any more?

I want more cum" "maybe another time stacey you cum slut" he replies with a chuckle. Thinking to himself you have no idea what your in for baby girl we haven't scratched the surface yet your dignity will be mine.