Two sexy lesbian brunettes play with toys

Two sexy lesbian brunettes play with toys
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Ryan and John stood behind me for a minute. "You got anything to restrain him with so he can walk around," Ryan finally asked. "I want to have some fun with him." What he meant by fun I had no idea. John left the room while Ryan untied me. "You've got a nice cock and balls," Ryan said softly stroking me. "Thank you Master," I replied. John returned with the cuffs he had purchased the day before. He attached the strap to my balls first then locked by wrists away.

He then tightened it so that my upper body was pulled back and downward awkwardly. Ryan came around behind me and started attaching something to my face. It was a ring gag. It was about an inch in diameter and made me start to drool uncontrollably once it was on. "Mm, that's pretty sexy," Ryan said as a few droplets landed on my chest. "Maybe he should wear that all the time." They led me back out to the living room where I knelt upright by the couch. Any bending at the waist tugged too much on my balls.

Ryan and Cuties screw lovers anal with oversized strapons and blast load started alternately tugging on my readily available cock, teasing me.

After a few minutes they had me very aroused and twitching with each touch. Through the ring gag, all I could do was moan helplessly. "You ready to cum?" John asked.

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I nodded quickly. "Too bad," John said smiling, and attaching a pair of clamps to my balls. I leaned forward in pain, or at least tried to. The cuffs kept me right where I was.

Ryan grabbed a pair of nipple clamps, and attached them as well. My chest was wetter than ever as the drool continued to pour down. I began moaning louder with both pain and pleasure as they continued to tease me. After a few more minutes John removed the ring gag, and Ryan the clamps. I cried out at the ache in my nipples and balls. "I have an idea," John said. "You and Ryan will wrestle.

Each of you will get a short length of rope. First one restrained loses. As the loser will be helpless, the winner can do whatever they want with them." We moved to the bedroom, to wrestle on the carpeted floor in an area about four feet by ten feet.

Each of us clutched a six foot length of rope. I was giving up at least 30 pounds to Ryan, but I was up for the challenge. We moved towards each other, grappling for a moment, neither having the upper hand. Ryan finally succeeded in using his size and strength to push me down on my back. I struggled to gain an advantage, but he knelt over me. I started to stroke his hard cock to weaken his resolve, but he grabbed my arms and pinned them down.

Sliding forward, he knelt painfully on my elbows. My arms were trapped beneath his weight. He slid further and straightened a little, his balls hanging a few inches above my face.

He taunted me with them, swinging them back and forth. I reached out my tongue to lick them, and he obliged by lowering them slightly. I could just reach with the tip, but I moved it around, trying to soak as much of him as possible. He leaned back in pleasure, and I sensed m chance, flailing wildly trying to pitch him off me. I almost succeeded and got one arm free. He grabbed it and moved off of me. Before I could do anything he flipped me over and sat on my back.

I tried to do a pushup and gain some leverage, but Ryan was too heavy. He grabbed both of my arms and pinned them together. Wrapping the rope around quickly, his scout skills enabled him to complete a tight cinch.

He grabbed some more rope and cinched my elbows together too. "I'm going to put you in the tightest hogtie you've ever been in." He tied my legs together at the knees, then at the ankles. My arms were pulld back, and my wrists held on top of my ankles while he bound them together.

He rolled me onto my side, inspecting his work proudly. John stood a little further away stroking his dick as he watched the scene unfold. Ryan grabbed me and hauled me onto the bed facing the headboard. He lay with his back against it and slid me towards him until I was in a perfect blowjob position.

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I did what any good slave would do and immediately impaled my head on his cock. Easier said than done, I was in a position where I could barely move. After a bit of maneuvering I was able to get my lips around his throbbing dick.

He moaned as my tongue touched his head, and slid towards me affording me more movement. Gradually I began to move up and down. My binds afforded me only a few inches, but he enjoyed himself all the same. After several minutes, he pulled out of me and got off the bed. Disappointed, but not for long, John sat down and I wrapped my lips around his smaller, familiar cock. After an hour and a half or so I'd sucked much dick, and been rewarded with not a single drop of cum.

Finally, I felt Ryan begin cutting away the rope. Cramped, I stretched a bit on the bed before dropping to the floor on my knees.

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Ryan handed me something. It was an unopened condom. He stood before me expectedly as I tore open the package. Slowly I rolled the translucent green piece of equipment down Ryan's large cock. He climbed back on the bed and knelt near the head while I got down on my elbows and knees, ass in the air. He moaned appreciatively, smacking me once before slowly entering. He was thicker than John, I felt every inch of his manhood sliding into me. There was pain at this sudden intrusion, but also an odd sort of pleasure.

I moaned, half with pleasure, half with pain as Ryan began to slowly thrust in and out. He alternated between smacking me on the ass, and grabbing my legs for leverage to pull himself forward.

John walked over and attacked a collar and leash which Ryan gladly began pulling on for leverage instead. After several minutes of rhythmic thrusting, I felt Ryan slide slowly out of my ass. He sat back on the bed with his dick pointing straight up in the air. I maneuvered myself over the top of him, and began to lower myself. He held himself steady at the base as I slid myself onto him. I began to ride him, trying to match his pace from before.

He rested his hands behind his head as he enjoyed the sight of me moving my body up and down his dick. It's hard to say what he enjoyed more, my ramrod hard dick swaying minutely back and forth, or the mixture of pleasure and pain on my face as he filled my ass.

After several minutes, I felt Ryan's ab muscles tighten as he started to thrust into me every time I went down. I sped up as he drew closer and closer to cumming. Soon I was moving myself up and down his dick as fast as I could, moaning louder and louder. Ryan let out a loud, low moan as his dick hardened. He grabbed my cock and held me down as he began to cum. After a few moments, I felt his dick begin to go soft, and he released his hold.

I slid off him, and off to the side as the chain jangled. He peeled the condom off and tossed it into the trashcan beside the bed. I licked up the few droplets of cum that still covered his cock. Ryan dressed and left, leaving Jon naked in the corner masturbating. I laid flat on my back on the bed, and he walked over to join me, cock bobbing with each step.

He knelt with his dick jutting out over my stomach. I grabbed it with my right hand and began slowly stroking him. After a few minutes he started to moan softly. I leaned up and took his head in my mouth, quickly moving my lips up and down that part busty woman with glasses screwed hard by pawn keeper pornstars hardcore his shaft.

He came within a few minutes, shooting a few streams hard into my throat before oozing out onto my tongue. I continued to stroke him slowly while elas gostam e de pau grande kc up every last drop.

Finally he pulled his partially soft cock out of my mouth. After rubbing it on my face, he let me lick his balls while his soft wet cock lay across my face.