Very tight blonde woman dped by black dudes on the bed

Very tight blonde woman dped by black dudes on the bed
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Eric and I had been friends since starting high school. Each of us had a younger sister, though his was four years younger and mine just three years my junior. His sister, Lynn, was slightly chubby, still carrying her baby fat in the fifth grade.

My sister, Ann, was slim and athletic. Eric adored my sister and always tried spying on her when he was over at my house. I thought of helping him by drilling a peep hole between her room jhanvi kapoor sex full sex stories mine, but never did.

Lynn had a major crush on me, and every time I was over at his house, his sister was hanging around me. Finally, after a few months of her sticking closer to me than my sweaty nutsack, she got her wish as I made out with her during a movie that she tagged along with us to see. It was amazing to have this young girl allowing my hands and fingers to roam over her as her brother sat on the other side of her.

I was hooked! Eric didn't mind that his best friend was groping his sister's budding breasts and rubbing her chunky legs up under her shorts.

He seemed to ignore us, but she was having a blast and I was as stiff as a teenage boy can get.

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Over the next couple of years, Lynn and I would do just about everything from sneaking a feel while her parents weren't watching to doing a 69 in my friend's bed while I was over at his house waiting for him to get home from work. However, she and I never went all the way with intercourse. I racked it up to being nervous, but I later found out the truth - she was also too nervous to take the final step.

It seemed that her brother, my best friend, had played a game called "Get Your Rocks Off" whereas she would lay beside him and they would mutually masturbate each other until orgasm. Of course, being a young girl, she wasn't able to feel a real one, and my friend hadn't been producing sperm at the time, so it was just to make each other feel good.

Well, as time progressed, the siblings became more daring and he was beginning to produce semen. He got to where he was squirting his baby batter on his sister's bare chest and belly while he fingered her while straddling her stomach. This game was played in her bedroom when their parents were sleeping and in his basement bedroom after school when their parents were still at work.

It began when Eric was in 5th grade and continued until I met him our sex stories love hots story sex year as 9th graders. The last time they played their game, they had gotten so bold that Eric was rubbing his teenage cock into his sister's wet opening. She had just started menstruating and knew just enough to be dangerous. After Eric dumped his load at the entrance of her hymen between her open labia, she feared she might get pregnant by her own brother and told him they would have to stop.

That fear stuck in her with me, so she kept my penis away from her fuzz-covered vagina. Eric was given a chance to date my sister when she went into high school and he and I were seniors.

She didn't let him get too far with her because she said she was saving herself for marriage, but he did get to cop a feel of her bra-covered tit. He told me it was nice to feel a boob bigger than his sister's little cups. Ann never touched him, but she let him jack off on her on the side of shed in our backyard. I got to watch from the bedroom window as he coated her cotton panties with his pearly white cum.

Ann leaned against the shed and held up her dress in front. Eric told me he would have loved to have had some of his sperm sneak into the fabric and impregnate my sister.

I told him I would see what I could do to help. The following week, I got him some of her panties to drop a creamy load in the crotch, then put them back in her drawer hoping his viable seed would work their way into her womb while she wore them. She never got pregnant, but it was worth the effort for him.

When I graduated high school and entered college, Lynn had moved onto a boyfriend in her class. Her stepnsisters digital playground jessica jain didn't approve of me being with her so often. They never suspected that she was sexually active with her brother and me.

Imagine the shock when she told them she wanted to get married so she could leave home as a junior in high school. Lynn got her wish and she and her husband, Jeff, moved into a mobile home a mile closer to me. She and I hung out, but her husband wasn't really pleased. He had taken her virginity, and Lynn regretted it miserably. She cried on my chest and asked if I could make love to her now since her husband was horrible at it.

He was uncaring about her emotions, abusive physically and mentally, and never brought her to orgasm.

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Being the first love of my life, I felt a deep devotion to Lynn. We made a plan to get together. Lynn and Jeff would go camping with Eric and me. Since Eric and Jeff had to work late, Lynn and I said we would drive to the campsite early to set up the tents and start the fire while it was still light out. As soon as we arrived, Lynn and I hurriedly pitched the tent and got the firewood out.

In our haste, we left the matches in Eric's car! We did, however, have whiskey, beer, and ice. Lynn and I took a shower together and loved on each other like dogs in lovely teen babe nailed by her masseur hardcore massage. We put a sleeping bag on the picnic table and had pure, unadulterated, animalistic sex.

We were hoping not to make so much noise that we would bring attention to us from neighboring campers as I made her cum loudly several times. Unfortunately, all good things must come to a climax, and I felt my own balls churning up a massive load of baby-making sperm ready to be released into the deep recesses of Lynn's awaiting womb. She could tell by my face that I was ready to unload.

She wrapped her legs tightly around my ass and forced my wet prick far inside where the long-awaiting moment of impregnating my best friend's sister, my former girlfriend, and first love. I grunted and kissed her mouth, neck, and nipples as I drained my entire next generation into her willing uterus. Her pelvic contractions told me that she was eager to accept my sperm-laden cum and have my baby.

A state of total bliss took us over as we lay on the picnic table naked and connected at the mouth and groin. We were still naked when I noticed lights and told her to get dressed since it could be Eric and Jeff. Sure enough, the headlights were shining directly on us. Our eyes had adjusted to the darkness since we were without a campfire and we had to get dressed quickly in total darkness.

As I looked down at myself, I noticed my shirt was inside out and my shorts were on backwards! Jeff noticed and told Eric about my appearance. Eric covered for me and told me we were just drunk. Later that night, Jeff sat next to Lynn around the now-lit campfire.

He fingered her cum-drenched cunt and pulled out two fingers dripping with my cum. Like the dumbass he was, he thought she was just really wet and licked them thinking he was making her horny. He just made us laugh.

Back home after three months, Lynn called me and told me she was pregnant with our baby. She said Jeff fucked her that night in the tent, but she knows the baby is mine.

She was thrilled knowing it will be better looking, smarter, and more loving than anything his sperm could supply. Lynn drops by with him at Eric's house when I visit my hometown.

He sure looks like me, but luckily, her ex-husband Jeff is paying the child support!