Girls sleeping put girl in her mouth

Girls sleeping put girl in her mouth
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Kelly was busy getting ready for her husband's big dinner party at the bosses house. He and some other employee's were being honored for their accomplishments. She called her regular sitter only to find out she couldn't sit for her that night and wasn't going to be available for some time. Now what was she going to do, she had to find someone and do it quickly. As she racked her brain trying to think of what to do, Kelly remembered the girl down the street.

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Het name is Amy and she had asked Kelly a few weeks ago if she could babysit for her. At the time, Kelly told her no, she already had a fulltime sitter but would keep her in mind if she needed someone. Amy had left her phone number with her just in case, now all she had to do was find it. She rummaged through her purse looking for it.

She liked Amy, a pretty young girl going to the local community college. She was very pretty with long red hair, pretty green eyes, and a very athletic yet feminine body. Amy had a great personality as well, very friendly and outgoing. She finally found Amy's number at the bottom of her purse and called her. "Hi, Amy, this is Kelly from down the street." "Hi Kelly, it's good to hear your voice, how can I help you?" "You came by a few weeks ago and asked if I needed a sitter.

You told me I could call you if I was ever in a bind, well, I'm in a bind. Are you available this coming Saturday?" "Sure, I don't have anything going on, I'd be happy to babysit for you." "That is so awesome, oriental adorable babe cant live without being lifted and pound can you come over so we can talk?" "How about now, I'm not doing anything right now." "Great, I'll see you shortly." Kelly was lucky, Amy was available and looking forward to sitting for her.

Kelly went up and quickly dressed having been running around in her robe most of the morning. Kelly at 32 is a very attractive woman, with short blonde hair, blue eyes and a very nice body or so people tell her. She looked at herself in the mirror thinking she looked good for her age, not that she was old or anything.

It's just that a lot of women let themselves go but Kelly is just vain enough to keep herself in good shape, working out three times a week at the gym. She slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts just as the doorbell was ringing. She went down and opened the door finding Amy standing there smiling. She looked sexy in her shorts and tank top.

"Come on in Amy, thank you for coming. You have no idea how you've saved the day." "No problem Mrs. Conner, it's my pleasure. I've been wanting to sit for you for a while now." "First off, call me Kelly, Mrs.

Conner is far too formal. So why have you been looking forward to sitting for me if you don't mind my asking?" "Well, believe it or not, you were the only person that was nice to me. The rest of the women I asked were either short, or they just closed the door in my face.

People can be so rude sometimes. Not to mention you're very pretty and very nice." "Well, thank you, Amy. You are a very attractive young woman yourself. I can only imagine you have all the boys knocking your door down wanting to date you." "They used to but not so much now.

I just don't have time for them with school and studying. Plus they are so rude, grabbing and groping if you know what I mean?" "Oh yes, I remember it well, they can be a real pain. Take your time, there's plenty of time for boys later on after you graduate. "So, tell me a little bit about yourself Amy, whatever you're comfortable with." Amy started telling Kelly what her likes and dislikes were but the funny thing to Kelly was that Amy didn't seem to care at all for guys.

She began to wonder if Amy preferred girls over guys. She got that idea from her telling her about her girlfriends but nothing about guys. On a whim, Kelly asked her, "So, do you have anyone special in your life, guys or girls?" Amy looked nervous, especially when she mentioned girls.

It was becoming fairly clear that Amy did prefer women over men. Amy looked at her nervously asking Kelly, "What do you mean girls, I'm what I mean is." "Relax Sweetie, you don't have to answer that question, it's none of my business anyway. You're here to babysit, that's all. Now, I will need you to arrived here Saturday around 5 so that I can let you see the baby. I'll have him fed and I will have my breast milk in the fridge ready to go.

All you have to do is warm it up if he wakes up hungry. I will give you my cell phone number if anything comes up." "That will be perfect Kelly, I hope you and your husband have a great time." "That depends on him, he usually gets shitfaced about two hours in and then he embarrasses himself.

After that, I have someone help me get him in the car and I drive his drunk ass home. You have no idea how I hate going through that ordeal, it's such a guy thing." "Wow, I had no idea.

Hopefully, you won't have to worry about it and he'll behave himself." "Right, men are worse than babies, I don't know why I put up with him, I'd do so much better without all the heartache of dealing with it. Anyway, tell your mom that you're spending the night in the guest bedroom. If things go well, we won't be home until 1 or 2 in the morning. You can sleep in the guest bedroom.

Will, that work for you?" "Perfect, that way I won't have to listen to my mother bitch at me all night." "I'm sorry to hear that Amy if you ever need a place to hide, you can come over her anytime. This can be your getaway hideout." "That is so nice of you Kelly, I might just take you up on that. She can be such a bitch." "As I said, if you ever need someone to talk to, let me know and we can talk. Sort of like a little sister, big sister thing, or just two girlfriends talking." Amy reached over and gave Kelly a hug, their breasts pressing against one another.

Kelly could feel Amy's nipples getting hard as they hugged, but that was alright with Kelly. Amy seemed like she needed a friend and she was glad to be there for her. After several seconds Amy let go saying she as sorry for talking about her mom, it always makes her a little emotional. "Why Amy, that's what friends are for right? I don't mind you giving me a hug, in fact, I liked it." She could see Amy looking at her nipples that were now pushing against the fabric of her top.

She also noticed that Amy's nipples were very visible as well. She smiled telling her, "You know, we have a lot more in common I think then either of us realizes. You see my mom is a lot like your mom.

She was fine until I was in high school, that's when I told her that I thought I preferred girls over men. She went nuts, telling me that I was a pervert and terrible things were going to happen to me if I led that kind hot andy rides a massive meat pole life." "Really, what did you do?" "Like you, I shut down, I never opened up to her about anything again.

She still made my life miserable though." "But you're married now, she must be happy about that?" "Yes, for the most part, but she doesn't like my husband. She thought I could have done better. People like our mothers are never happy no matter what." "So what about how you felt about girls?" "I experimented with other girls and found that I liked both men and girls. After college, I met my husband an fell in love and didn't think any more about it. That was ten years ago when I was 22." "You're 32 Kelly, you certainly don't look it, you're really beautiful." "Why thank you, Amy, that deserves another hug, then I've got to get bbw fucking her black bull on webcam hugged Amy, holding her close and moving her hands up and down her back.

Amy seemed to melt into her arms and to Kelly's surprise, she was really becoming aroused hugging Amy. Some of those old feelings she had about women seemed to be resurfacing. They broke their hug as Kelly told Amy, "I will see you Saturday at 5, don't be late." "I won't, Kelly, and thank you so much for being so nice to me, it really means a lot." After Amy left, Kelly tried to keep busy getting the house clean and get herself ready.

She had to go pick up her dress at the cleaners before it closed and then make dinner for her husband. Still, she kept thinking about Amy and seeing her nipples pushing wild teen kirsten lee enjoys huge cock of tutor pornstars and hardcore the fabric of her top. Kelly found her pussy tingling and burning with desire. She went into the bedroom and got undressed so she could change and then go to the cleaners.

Standing naked in front of her wardrobe mirror she could see just how hard her nipples were. She started running her fingers over them as she stood there watching her reflection in the mirror. Her nipples were tingling as she began rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers. She was becoming more and more aroused as she teased her nipples as she stood there.

She moved her hand down her stomach into her bush, watching herself in the mirror. Her pussy was very wet from arousal as she cupped her pussy in her hand and started gently squeezing it. Soon her middle finger was between her wet lips, moving up and down her ever moistening slit. Kelly walked over to the bed, where she eased her middle finger into her pussy, adding a second finger. Soon she was working her fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit with her free hand.

She was gasping and squealing as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, Kelly's body stiffened as a powerful orgasm coursed through her body. Afterward, she felt wonderful as her body tingled all over from a very satisfying orgasm and she had Amy to thank for it. She quickly dressed and left for the cleaners. The next day was the day of the dinner party and Kelly looked beautiful in her black evening dress.

Amy arrived right on time telling Kelly how beautiful she looked. Kelly thanked her for the compliment and then took her upstairs to see the baby. Once that was done, she showed Amy to the guest bedroom.

Then she gave Amy a couple of last minute instructions as well as her cell phone number telling her to call her if she had any questions at all or needed anything. Once that was done she and her husband left for the dinner party. Amy settled in, doing some studying for school and then after a couple of hours she started watching TV.

She checked on the baby periodically even though she didn't hear anything big ass brunette dillion carter gets banged wanted to make sure all was well. At around 9 pm Amy decided to go up to bed after checking on the baby one last time. Amy went to bed and tried to fall asleep but she wasn't having any success.

After an hour or so, she thought maybe some masturbation might help relax her so she could go to sleep. Amy started caressing her breasts and strumming her nipples with her fingers. It felt so good as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the tactile sensations. She caressed her breasts and toyed with her nipples as she lay there. Needing more, Amy began rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers while gently tugging at them.

That too felt good yet it still wasn't making her sleepy, if anything she was more awake now than before. She was getting a little frustrated as she took off her bottoms as she slid her down between her legs. She began squeezing her pussy and making circular motions with her hand as she tried to relax. Amy was so into her masturbation that she didn't hear Kelly and her husband come home. As she had predicted, her husband got extremely drunk, not only embarrassing himself but her as well.

She got him into the house and then up the stairs. Once she got him into the bedroom, she pushed him back onto the bed where she took off his shoes and pants leaving him to sleep it off. She knew he was out for the night. Before going in and checking on the baby, Kelly got out of her evening dress and put on her sexy little negligee.

She could have put on her usual sleepwear but something made her want to look sexy. She walked down the hall and looked in on the baby who was sound asleep. Then she decided to check in on Amy wondering if she was asleep. She quietly opened the door and peeked inside.

What she saw brought a smile to her face as she saw Amy caressing her breast with one hand while the other hand was between her legs squeezing her pussy. She looked so beautiful laying there, pleasuring herself that Kelly felt a tingling between her legs. She knew she should leave and give Amy her privacy but she looked so sexy that Kelly just couldn't stop watching. Her nipples hardened as she watched Amy, her hand moving over her pussy.

Her breasts were perfectly proportioned to her body, her nipples hard and erect as she teased them with her fingers. Her pussy was beautiful too, her pretty bush looked so sexy as Amy worked her fingers into her pussy. Her bush was so red and pretty that Kelly found herself wanting to touch it.

As she watched she slipped her hand down the front of her bikini panties, finding her own pussy was wet. Then Amy happened to look over seeing Kelly watching her. She sat up saying, "Oh, Mrs. Conner, I'm, so sorry! I couldn't sleep so I thought.well you know.I'm so sorry, I'll get dressed." "No, Amy, it's alright Sweetie. There's nothing wrong with what you were doing. I masturbate all the innocent teenie is gaping tight crack in close up and cumming to get to sleep after my husband rolls over after what he thinks is good sex and starts snoring.

Oh well, never mind, you don't want to hear about that. I'll leave you along and give you your privacy." "No.what I mean is, you don't have to go do you? What I mean is, I don't mind talking, I can't sleep anyway. That is if you want to talk to me?" "Why of course I do Amy, I'd love to talk with you." Kelly walked over and sat on the edge of the bed looking at Amy's beautiful body.

She found herself wanting to reach down and touch Amy's breasts as well as her pussy. She smiled at her asking, "What do korean girls sex during class want to talk about Sweetie, anything in particular?" "Well, you were starting to tell me about your masturbating, we can talk about that if you'd like." "Well, I do it for a lot of reason, mostly because I enjoy it.

Then there are those times when my husband and I have what he thinks is sex. He gets off inside me but then he rolls over and goes to sleep having satisfied himself but I'm not. I'm left not having an orgasm while he sleeps. I either have to just give up and go to sleep myself or what I usually do is come in here and close the door. Then I take my time and masturbate until I cum." "Really, you come in here and masturbate?" "Yes, I have some toys that I like to use on occasion right in this dresser drawer.

I have some vibrators and I also have a dildo that looks very much like a man's penis. Would you like to see it, Amy?" "Yes, I'd like that." Kelly opened the dresser drawer and pulled out the dildo, holding it up so Amy could see it. She smiled and said it looked just like the real thing. "Yes, would you like to try it, Amy, it's clean, I always wash it so it will be clean the next time I want to use it." "Oh, I wouldn't know how to use it, besides, it looks so big." "Well, you do need to be nice and wet so it will slide inside your pussy easily.

Here's a vibrator I like to use as well. You can turn it on and run it along the outside of your pussy. Then when your pussy is wet enough, you can slide the dildo right in or use the vibrator. Of course, the other way to get your pussy nice and wet is to have someone go down on you and lick your pussy for you. What do you think Amy, you're awfully quiet?" "Sorry, I was just thinking how beautiful you look in that negligee. You have a very beautiful body." "Thank you, Amy, I have to say, you have a beautiful body as well.

Your breasts are beautiful, your nipples are so hard from teasing them, not to mention you have a very pretty pussy. I love how red your bush is, it's so pretty. I imagine it's so very soft to the touch." "Yes, it is Kelly. I.I think you have really beautiful breasts as well, and I imagine your pussy is beautiful too." Kelly looked down at Amy, both women aroused and wanting something more.

With her heart racing in her chest, Kelly took a chance and asking, "Would you like to see my breasts, Amy?

I don't mind showing you. And to tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind showing you my pussy as well, that is if you want to see it. Would you like to see my pussy, Amy?" "Oh yes, I'd love to see your pussy Kelly, more than anything.

Are you sure it's safe though, what if your husband comes in?" "He won't Sweetie, he's passed out drunk just like I said he would be. Now, I'll show you my pussy but I want you to do something for me alright?' "Of course, what do you want me to do?" "I want you to slide those fingers back into your pussy for me and let me watch you masturbate.

Will you do that for me, Amy?" "Yes, I'll do it right now, as long as you show me your breasts and pussy." Kelly stood up and started taking her negligee off as Amy slipped her fingers back into her pussy, working them deep her body is pinched and nipple clamped before pussy is played with. She then stood next to the bed, her blonde pussy in full view for Amy to see.

While Amy fingered her pussy, Kelly started rolling her nipples between her natural busty teen bangs outdoor for cash and tugging at them as she watched Amy masturbate. She placed her foot on the bed asking Amy, "Do you want to touch my pussy Amy, would you like that?" Amy didn't answer, instead, she reached up and started running her fingers through Kelly's bush.

Kelly closed her eyes and gasped as Amy ran her fingers through her pussy hair. After a few minutes, Kelly sat down on the bed again, this time reaching over and taking Amy's wrist and pulling her fingers from her pussy. She then held them up to her nose taking in the young woman's scent before taking them into her mouth and sucking Amy's fingers. Then Kelly leaned over, her breasts pressing against Amy's breasts as she kissed her sweet lips. Soon Kelly's tongue parted Amy's lips and they were soon engaged in a full, passionate kiss.

They kissed for several minutes when Kelly broke their kiss saying, "You know Amy, I think it's time you found out what it's like to make love to a woman. Would bondage yoke first time punish my yearold culo and mouth like to do that Amy, would you like to make love to a woman, would you like to make love to me Amy?" "Yes, more than anything Kelly. Please make love to me, show me what it's like to make love to a woman." "Oh I will Sweetie, you can count on that.

I'm going to show you what it's like to have your breasts caressed by a woman and have your nipples sucked by a woman. Then, I'm going to show you what it feels like to have your pussy touched and licked by a woman. You're going to know the smell, the taste, and the feeling a what it's like to be with a woman Amy, are you ready for that?' "Yes, yes show me all those things Kelly.please show me." Kelly moved onto the bed next to Amy, looking into her beautiful eyes.

She placed her hand on Amy's cheek gently pulling her to her and kissing her. Their kiss became more and more passionate as Kelly moved her hand to Amy's breasts, caressing her as their kiss lingered.

Kelly broke their kiss, as she kissed her way down Amy's neck as the young woman surrendered to her. As Kelly kissed her way down toward Amy's breasts, she began caressing them as Amy cooed softly. Amy was beside herself with anticipation, her dream of making love to another woman was finally coming true as she concentrated on Kelly's touch. Just the feeling of Kelly's feathery touch on her breasts was making her pussy tingle in anticipation. She felt her fingers moving over her soft skin, onto her aureole's and nipples as her touch made her sensitive nipples tingle.

As Kelly began strumming Amy's nipples she whispered into her ear, "You can touch me to Amy, I don't mind at all." "Yes, I want to, it's just that your touch feels so good, I don't want to miss a thing." Kelly smiled as she began rolling Amy's nipple between her thumb and forefinger while taking her other nipple in her mouth causing Amy to gasp.

She loved the feel of Kelly's touch as well as the sensation of her lips on her nipple. It was better than anything she had ever imagined it would be. Kelly moved closer, running her tongue over Amy's breast and nipples, first one and then the other as Amy surrendered to her lust.

The sensation and feeling coursing through Amy's body were so intense all she could do was whimper and gasp. Never had she felt anything like it. She loved the feel of Kelly's warm lips on her breasts and her fingers tantalizing her body. Kelly moved her hand down Amy's body, placing it between Amy's legs, cupping her wet pussy in her hand. She squeezed Amy's pussy, caressing it and then making circular motions with her hand as she continued squeezing her young lovers pussy.

As Amy gyrated her hips, Kelly eased her middle finger between her lips, moving it up and down her wet pussy. Amy was gasping and begging Kelly to stick her finger inside her pussy.

Kelly just as she took her time, eventually adding a second finger to Amy's pussy. She began working them deep in Amy's pussy as she squealed and raised her ass from the bed as the orgasms suddenly gripped her. With her body shaking from the orgasms coursing through her body, Amy kissed her deeply. Once Amy stopped cumming, Kelly pulled her fingers from deep within Amy's pussy and placed them to Amy's lips. She immediately sucked Kelly's fingers into her mouth, sucking her cum from her fingers.

At that point, Kelly moved down placing her face between Amy's legs. She paused to take in the aroma of Amy's arousal as well as her orgasms.

She began licking Amy's pussy, moving her tongue up and down her pussy as Amy gasped and placed her hands over her mouth to muffle her scream of excitement.

Kelly parted her folds, allowing Amy's secretions to flow down onto her tongue as she moved her tongue up and down Amy's pussy. Working her tongue between Amy's wet lips, she found her opening and began tongue fucking her as Amy's hips thrust upward into her face.

Amy was soon overcome with lust as Kelly's tongue fucked her followed by licking her creamy slit. She then took Amy's clit between her lips, alternating between flicking it with her tongue and sucking it.

Amy covered her face with a pillow to muffled her screams of passion so as not to wake Kelly's husband from his drunken slumber.

Kelly eased two fingers back into Amy's pussy while sucking her clit. It wasn't long before Amy was cumming, her body quaking and shuddering from a series of strong orgasms. Afterward, Amy lay on the bed, her body tingling from the series of strong orgasms while Kelly held her and kissed her. Eventually, Amy looked at Kelly and smiled. She reached over and pulled Kelly to her, kissing her and hugging her as the two lay there in one another's arms.

Kelly asked her, "So, how was your first time making love to a woman Amy? Was it what you expected it to be?" "No, it was better than anything I had ever imagined it would be like.

I want to make love to you now, but I'm afraid I won't do as well as you?" "Don't be silly Amy, there's no right or wrong way to make love to someone. All you have to do is be yourself. The rest will come to you I promise. Just do to me whatever comes to mind, that's all you have to do Sweetie." "Alright, I hope I make you feel as beautiful as you made me feel." "Don't worry about it Amy, just do what comes to mind." Amy lowered her head and began kissing Kelly while she caressed her larger, fuller breasts.

Their kiss was sweet and yet full of lust as well. She kissed her way down Kelly's neck, still caressing her breasts and strumming her nipples. She noticed that Kelly's nipples somehow seemed larger and harder than hers as she made her way down.

When Amy reached Kelly's nipples she paused noticed a milky substance on her nipples. Kelly saw her pausing when she said softly, "That's' breast milk, I'm still nursing. It's alright if you taste it, it won't hurt you at all. My silly husband is afraid of it, he won't suck my nipples ever since I gave birth, he somehow thinks it will hurt him.he's so ridiculous sometimes." "I'm not afraid, I want to taste your milk, I just wanted to ask first." "How sweet and considerate of you.

I know, would you like to roleplay?" "Sure, what do you want me to do?" "Well, we can pretend you're my baby and you're breastfeeding now.

Does that sound like fun?" "Sure, let's do it." "Alright. Come now Amy, it's time to eat, it's time to suckle from Mommy's breast now." Amy lowered her head taking Kelly's breast into her mouth as she began suckling at her breast. The milk tasted so sweet as Amy continued sucking her nipple and taking her milk. Kelly began moaning as Amy sucked her nipples. Her nipples were tingling having Amy sucking them, it was much more intense than breastfeeding. She held Amy close as Amy drained the milk from her right breast followed by the left.

When she raised asian handjob masseuse fucks client dicksucking cocksucking head Amy smiled saying, "Mmm, Mommy, your milk tastes so good.

Now I want to taste something else, Mommy. I want to taste your pussy, can I do that Mommy, can I suck your pussy?" "Mmm, yes, you're such a good little girl, of course, you can suck Mommy's pussy.

Suck it real good Sweetie, make Mommy cum now." Amy lowered her head between Kelly's legs. It was the first time she had ever seen another woman's pussy up close. She had only seen her own up close and now she's seeing another woman's for the first time.

Kelly's pussy looked so beautiful in the dim light of the bedroom. Still, her lips were swollen from arousal and the glistened in the dim light. She loved the aroma of Kelly's aroused pussy as well and she couldn't wait to taste her pussy.

Amy lowered her head, placing her cheek on Kelly's mound. She wanted to feel her soft pussy hair on her cheek before tasting her pussy. She then placed her tongue on the pussy lips of another woman, another first in her young life.

She loved the scent and mom and son 2019 sex stories she found she loved the taste of another woman's pussy. Amy began licking Kelly's pussy, running her tongue up and down her wet, swollen lips as Kelly cooed and said, "That's a good girl, lick Mommy's pussy Sweetie, lick Mommy's pussy and make her cum for you." Amy loved hearing Kelly's voice egging her on. She continued licking her pussy, parting her folds with her tongue as Kelly's juices flowed freely down onto her tongue.

Loving the taste, Amy lapped it up, licking and sucking her pussy. She even found Kelly's opening as Kelly had done to her, as she tongue fucked her as Kelly was now the one grinding her hips into Amy's face, thrusting her hips upward. Amy moved up and took Kelly's clit into her mouth while slipping her fingers deep into her pussy. Amy began sucking Kelly's clit as Kelly gasped and squealed, thrusting her hips upward into Amy's face.

Over and over Kelly thrust her hips upward until her body stiffened as a series of strong orgasms washed her over her body. Kelly shook and shuddered until the orgasms had finally subsided. She pulled Amy from between her legs kissing her passionately.

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She told her, "Oh, Amy, you were amazing. You had Mommy cumming over and over again. What a good girl, Mommy is very pleased with her little girl." Amy giggled telling Kelly that the roleplaying was fun but making her cum and making love to her was the best thing she had ever done in her life. She thanked her for letting her see that she did indeed prefer women over men and that is who she wanted in her life.

The two hugged and caressed one another, kissing and exploring each other until Kelly told Amy that it was time for her to go back to her own bed. "Listen, I had a wonderful time tonight Amy, you are a wonderful lover and a beautiful young woman, don't let anyone tell you different.

You sleep here and in the morning when you get up you will find an envelope in your purse with some money in it. Don't let your mother see it, I don't want her taking any of it for herself." "How did you know she'd do that?" "She sounds a lot like my mother when I was your age. Now, you and I are not done, not by a long shot. We are going to have a lot of fun together you and I. There's a lot more I can teach you although you already have the basics down. I just want us to have fun together.

Anytime you need to get away from your mother you come over her, this is now your home away from home." "Thank you, Kelly, but what will your husband say?" "Screw him, he has nothing to say about anything, you just leave him to me.

Now get some sleep and I will see you in the morning. I will call you or text you soon alright? We'll be having fun soon enough, now get some sleep." Kelly kissed Amy good night and went back to her room. When Amy got up in the morning, Kelly was still in bed.

Amy dressed and went down finding an envelope in her purse. She opened in finding five twenty dollar bills in it and a not reminding her not to let her mother see the money. Amy left for home, looking forward to the next time she sees Kelly. Several days passed when Kelly's husband told her he was leaving Saturday morning. He said he was going on a fishing trip and would not be back until late Sunday afternoon.

Normally she would be upset with the baby to care of but not this time. Kelly called her husbands parents asking if they wanted to have the baby for the weekend and she would pick him up late Sunday.

They jumped at the chance telling her that would be fine. Once that was done Kelly texted Amy asking her to call her. Amy called almost immediately. "Hi Amy, that was quick. I was wondering if you want to come over and spend the day on Saturday. My husband going fishing won't be back until late Sunday afternoon.

Also, the baby will be with his grandparents." "Yes, it works out perfectly, I'd love to come over." "Alright, now there is something I want you to do for me. I want you to find a tight tank top to wear, one that's too small. Do you have one of those?" "Yes I have one but my german actor por movie download won't let me leave the house looking like that." "Oh, I'm sure you can figure something out.

There's more by the way. I want to see you in a very short skirt, one that barely covers your ass and I don't want you wearing any panties. Now, don't disappoint me, I know you will come up with something to get passed your mother. I'll call you Saturday morning and let you know what time to be here. See you on Saturday." Kelly hung up, confident Amy would find a way to do as she asked. Busty babe gets her tight cunt plowed Saturday rolled around, Kelly's husband left at around 5 am.

Kelly got up at around 7 and fed the baby and left for her parent's house at 9 am. She returned home at 9:30 and sent Amy a text telling her she was back and to come on over. Within a half hour, Amy was at the door. She came in wearing a blouse and jeans. She asked Kelly if she could go and change in her bedroom. "Of course Amy, take your time Sweetie, I'll be in the kitchen." When Amy came into the kitchen Kelly smiled looking at her. She looked so slutty in her tight tank top, so small that her nipples were almost pushing through the fabric, and her skirt barely covered her ass just as Kelly had requested.

Still smiling Kelly said, "My, you look like such a dirty little slut. Have you no pride Amy?" "No, you know you like it.right?" Kelly walked over to where Amy was standing pushing her back against the sink. She reached over picking up a vibrator she had hidden away so Amy wouldn't see it. She held it up for Amy to see. Kelly turned it on watching Amy's eyes grow large. She looked a little nervous as Amy asked her softly, "What are you going to do with that Kelly?" "Well, you'll see Amy, you'll see." Then Kelly lowered the buzzing vibrator and began moving it over Amy's nipples.

She watched as Amy's nipples became hard as pebbles, pressing against her thin top. She continued moving the buzzing vibrator over Amy's now rock hard nipples looking into her eyes. It was all too obvious that Amy was enjoying the sensation of her vibrator pleasuring her nipples.

She smiled asking, "How does that feel Amy? Does it make your nipples feel good, does it make your pussy wet Amy?" "Yes, it really feels good, I've never felt anything like it." "Mmm, well it's only going to get better Amy, I really think you're going to enjoy what I have next." Kelly continued pleasuring Sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 nipples while she reached for another, larger vibrator. Amy's eyes grew big again as Kelly held the second and large vibrator up for Amy to see.

She lowered her hand and kicked Amy's feet apart causing her to spread her legs. When her legs were spread wide enough, Kelly lowered her hand, sliding the large vibrator beneath Amy's short skirt. Instead of turning it on right away, Kelly pressed the vibrator against Amy's pussy. Amy gasped and Kelly began young teeny cutie hard dominati xvideos com moving it over her pussy.

Kelly told her, "Pull your skirt up you naughty little slut, let me see your pretty pussy. There, that's it, let me see your pussy and how wet it is." Then Kelly pushed the vibrator against Amy's pussy, pressing it against her lips, moving it back and forth as Amy gasped. She looked at Amy asking her again, "Does that feel good on your pussy you little slut?

Does it make you feel good?" "Yes, yes it feels good." "I see, well wait until you feel this you horny little slut." Kelly turned the vibrator on, as Amy's mouth opened and she started gasping and squealing as the vibrator buzzed against her pussy.

Kelly turned up the intensity of the vibrator causing Amy to squeal even louder. Kelly set the smaller vibrator down on the counter, concentrating on her pussy. Kelly turned and twisted the vibrator against Amy's pussy, changing the intensity of the vibrations. She raised and lowered the vibrator at will, watching Amy's reaction each time. Then she eased the vibrator into Amy's pussy as she gasped and squealed more.

Kelly then started fucking Amy's pussy with the vibrator, working in and out as Amy's face contorted as the sex toy buzzed deep inside her pussy. Kelly took her to the edge of orgasm only to turn the vibrations down to keep her from cumming. She asked Amy, "Does my little slut want to cum, is that what you want?" "Yes, please let me cum, I need to cum so bad." "Oh no, not yet. I have more fun planned for you my horny little slut.

Now we're going to take that top off and get rid of the skirt. Do it now, get out of those clothes." Amy took off her top and skirt and stood there waiting for what was going to happen next. Kelly told her to turn around and lean on the countertop. Amy obeyed doing as she was told. Kelly grabbed something different this time, a beaded butt plug that also vibrated.

It was a few inches long and could easily be inserted into Amy's ass. Kelly spread some lubricant over the end so it would easily slide into Amy's ass. Then she told Amy, "Now I have something I know my horny little slut is going to love.

Now bend over and get ready for some real fun." Amy leaned over, her ass sticking out as Kelly started moving the anal toy over Amy's ass. She eased it between Amy's ass cheeks, spreading them apart as she slowly eased the anal toy into Amy's ass. Amy squealed and moved her ass from side to side as Kelly started working it in and out of her ass. Then, when she was ready Kelly turned the butt plug on, sending intense, erotic sensations through Amy's ass.

She squealed and pushed back against Kelly's hand.

Kelly asked, "Does my little slut like having her ass fucked? Does it feel good my little slut?" "Yes, oh fuck yes. Fuck my ass, please, fuck it good and hard!" Kelly grabbed the vibrator she had in Amy's pussy and slid it back into her pussy. Now she was fucking both Amy's ass and her pussy as Amy squealed out loud and thrust her ass back into Kelly. Soon Amy was cumming, her body shaking and quaking as the orgasms shot through her body.

Amy's knees started to buckle her orgasms were so intense. Finally, she stopped cumming after Kelly removed the devices from her ass and pussy. She held Amy in her arms asking, "So, how did you enjoy your orgasm?" "Oh Kelly, that was so fucking intense, I've never felt anything like it in my life. I sunny leone sex with lesibians I had something like that at home, I would be masturbating all the time." "Well, that's what I bought them for, they're yours, Amy, to take home and use them whenever you want to." "Thank you so much, Kelly, but I can't take them home as much as I would love to.

If my mother found them she would freak out and throw them out. Can I leave them here and use them when I'm over here or with you?" "Of course Amy, you can come over anytime and use them. They will come in handy when you're babysitting for us. You can use them while we're gone. We'll put them in this bag here after we wash them off and then put them in the dresser drawer in the room you'll stay in when you spend the night." "Oh, I love you so much Kelly, you have no idea how much that means to me." "Oh, I think I do and you're going to show me how much you love my gifts right now." Kelly pulled her robe open baring her breasts saying, "It's time for my little girl to suckle at Mommy's breasts.

They are full of milk and that makes Mommy's breasts very uncomfortable. Then once you've finished nursing, you're going to show Mommy how much you love her by eating her pretty pussy for her. Now start nursing, Mommy's breasts are so full." Amy started sucking Kelly's breasts when she had her stop for a moment and move into another room where it would be more comfortable. They moved into the living room where Kelly sat on the couch.

Amy sex xxx legal age teenager in her lap, nursing her breasts like a hungry infant. Amy licked and sucked Kelly's nipples while she caressed Amy's leg and ass. Her nipples were tingling with erotic sensations as Amy nursed.

Once she was finished, Amy moved down between Kelly's legs where she began licking Kelly's pussy. Kelly draped her leg over the arm of the couch giving Amy total access to her pussy.

She licked and sucked Kelly's pussy, working her tongue deep into her pussy. Kelly was beside herself with lust as Amy took her clit into her mouth, sucking in until Kelly was cumming over and over again. The two women moved into the bedroom where Kelly pushed Amy onto the bed and began kissing her. She made her way down to Amy's sensitive nipples where she sucked them as Amy writhed on the bed. She soon made her between Amy's legs, sucking her pussy.

She worked her fingers into her pussy while taking Amy's clit into her mouth bringing her to another powerful orgasm. Afterward, Kelly asked, "You don't mind our role playing do you, Amy? If it's a problem when I call you my little slut stellar petite teenie gets her soft quim and small butt hole poked have you call me Mommy you'd let me know right?" "Oh yes, but I love it.

I don't see it as a put down or anything like that. I enjoy it as much as you do. I like role playing, I want to do more of it. I just like having you as my friend and my lover. I know it's not permanent so don't worry about me falling in love with you and wanting you to leave your husband or something crazy like that." "I know you wouldn't do that Amy but I appreciate your sharing that with me.

You and I have something special and we're going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts and I hope it's a long time. Now, let's have some more fun." As time went on, Amy eventually moved in with Kelly and her husband after Amy's mother threw her out of the hose for some unknown reason.

It was an easy solution to a complicated problem. Kelly's husband was easy to convince to have Amy living with them. It was less work and worry for him having Amy around and it meant Kelly was happy as well. It's the perfect arrangement for all concerned and is working out just fine.