Hot blonde sucks and massages dick in pov

Hot blonde sucks and massages dick in pov
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She kissed me so playfully underneath my chin while stroking my taint with her fingers. I could feel my pussy swelling, growing, secreting.

Scenting. Juices flowing, fragrant with woman as if to call her to me. Into me. Her fingers were wet with my pussyjuice, stroking my taint back and forth, driving me wild. Running from the pucker of my asshole to the wet wanting hole of my cunt, and back. I rolled my head back washed with desire. Her mouth opened wider kissing and licking my chin and my throat. As she slid her fingers into me she suckled my neck, taking a gentle bite out of the underside of my chin.

I whimpered as her two fingers inside of my hoe curled so their tips were pointed, rubbing against the front of my pussywall. It was like she had a map to that magic place. Well technically she did. Leave it to a woman to find the G spot, I didn't even know it was real before that moment. Everything felt different, and right. I was shuttering when her fingers found it. I could hear her giggle playfully as she kissed and sucked my neck.

I knew she was going to make me cum, in a way I female fake taxi blonde fitness babe loves big tits and eating pussy in taxi sex in car big boobs never cum before.

I should back up. I should give you some of the background. I was 19 when my boyfriend of a few months told me he wanted a threesome. He wanted me to invite another girl to bed with us. My reaction was one of upset. Wasn't fucking me good enough? Weren't my three holes satisfying? I was pissed at him. And I was also a little disgusted. I wasn't gay. I had never thought about being with a woman before. I loved cock and I might add, cock loved me. I was a little hard body with nice flat abs and great plump titties.

My hair is long and blonde and I'm pretty. And lesbians were supposed to be, what, dykes? I guess I had no idea. All I knew was how pissed I was at my dumb boyfriend. The next evening I decided to go out alone. I had some thinking to do. It was all I could think about.

So maybe I was putting that vibe out there. And that's when I met her. I was in the mall, in the pet store of all places. I was innocently looking at the puppies and kittens in the window. "It's perfectly natural," she said. "What is?" I turned and saw her. She was a ginger. Long red hair, light skin, huge green eyes She was so different she almost looked a little evil.

She gestured to the cats in the window. "See how the females are wrestling. Playing. It's perfectly natural. It's the way nature intended." I felt a little hypnotized. She was so mesmerizing. We walked through the mall talking about nature. I told her about my boyfriend, how he had insulted me saying he wanted a threesome.

She laughed it off. The insult part, anyway. We left the mall and walked to her place. She told me that men want threesomes because there is busty blonde gets jizz in her mouth more beautiful than two women together.

It's innate and perfect. We were lying on the floor. The heat between us undeniable. I felt sexual in a way I'd never been before. The first thing She leaned over me and pushed my tight t-shirt up exposing my breasts. Then she unbuttoned and slipped off her blouse. She lowered her body to mine. Her breasts were beautiful.

I hadn't really looked at another woman's breasts before. Before I could touch them she closed in the inches that separated us, and our tits were pressed together. The feeling of her tits, the supple flesh of her breasts against mine was utterly magical. Kissing another woman isn't like kissing a man at all. Her mouth was sweet and gentle. Her lips were so incredibly sultry. The taste was something completely different.

She was on top of me, her long red hair falling all around my face, in a witchy and wonderful way. My breasts felt mashed underneath the weight of her but when I glanced down and saw our magnificent tits pressed into each other I was instantly wet. I had crossed over into a state of heat. She knew what I was thinking, she knew what I wanted, even before I did. "I'm going to show you that you don't need a cock to make your G Spot erupt." Her kisses trailed down my neck. She leaned up and unbuttoned her jeans, then mine.

Her moves were somewhat snake like as if her whole body was one glorious muscle, moving in one rhythm. She slithered my Lucky Brand jeans all the way off and then rolled onto her back to take hers off.

She was between my legs, the back of her head on my crotch as she rolled her hips forward and then back, sliding her jeans and underwear off in one motion. My hands moved to her hair, pulling it back over my stomach.

I could feel the lochs tickle my hips. She sat up rolling her head backward, elongating the stroke of her hair on my body.

She rolled over in place. As I looked down at her face in between my felt desire. She smiled a little and reached her hand up toward mine. I put my hand in hers carefully, slowly. Then she grinned and wagged her tongue at me.

How could it be so innocent and natural, yet so devilishly delicious at the same time. She was licking my clit, and holding my hand at the same time. With her free hand she placed her thumb at the very top of my pussy crack and pressed. Pressing her hand firmly down into my stomach, stretching my pussy taut and long. She lapped with her flattened wicked tongue all the way up my closed snatch, lapping at the stretched tight clit, and back down over my closed pussy lips.

She wouldn't separate them with her tongue, she just worked the outside softly, and licked my clit. I could feel my cunt puffing. Growing. Wanting her. Begging for her. This is where I began. Once she had driven me wild with desire she crawled up my body and suckled my neck. Her hand cupped my swollen pussy lips and then, finally, separated them. Parting them through my juices. The myth of the G Spot wasn't a myth after all. Two fingers, inside my vagina, deeply, and pressed into the front wall, right on the spot I had never found before.

In my 19 years of life, in all the masturbating and all the guys I'd fucked, this magic button had never before been uncovered. I moaned loudly. She was kissing my chin, nibbling the jawline and mouthing at the nape of my neck. Her tits were pushing my tits upward, rubbing them, making the nipples erect and sore. The butt of her hand was against my clit, rubbing into it in a knowing way as her fingers dug into my cunt, working xxxstory boss and sacretary sex G Spot in rhythm.

She was fucking me with her hand. Thrusting. Again. And again. But with such precision. Such intent. It wasn't chick sofy torn lets fake talent scout fuck her and haphazard, it wasn't about her and what felt good to her. It was as if she knew exactly what to do with my entire body.

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From the erogenous zones of my neck with her mouth, to the ache in my breasts with her own tits and her weight, to the pressure on my clit and the precision of the angle of her fingers in my pussy, she was fucking me. Fucking me better than I'd ever been fucked before.

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Playing me like an instrument that she knew inside out. I was moaning. And moaning, riding with her, humping her hand. Fucking her hand. I clenched and began to whisper but before I could get a syllable out, she said, "You're cumming. Now." I tightened my thighs grabbing her hand in my cunt with every muscle I had and I hung on. Humping with my hips. Digging in. Cuddling her face into my neck. I never told my boyfriend about it.

I didn't see her again. It's been almost 8 months, and I think about it every day. Wouldn't you? ;)