Sexy split by gabriela pliant webcam girl teaser

Sexy split by gabriela pliant webcam girl teaser
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The car rolled down the hill towards the town, Megan desperately hoping the streets would be empty, and no signals would stop them. The grove rape had beem bad enough, a public disgrace was unthinkable. Especially when tied like a toy hanging from rear of a car.

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Her hopes were soon belied. As the road joined the main highway into town, megan saw cars and wet pussy gorgeous hottie finally gets fingered japanese hardcore behind. Eventually a biker saw her, and stared. He pointed to his buddy, and burst out laughing. Normally, no one dared laugh at her. Now she just cried as they drove closer for a better view.

They were now just behind the car, close enough to squeeze her exposed titties. And he did just that, holding on to them as the two vehicles almost collided. The pulling away was especially painful, the guy holding on to her mammary till it was almost ripping. But the real pain for megan was the Guy's expression. No concern, not even shock, just glee and lust. The guy even spit at her as he left. As the spit trailed down her nose, she realized that she had gone out a free woman, she was returning a slut whore.

Megan had hoped to be driven to either of their places or somewhere obscure. After all, didn't they too have some shame, dragging a helpless woman around? As it turned out, they drove right to her place. Megan knew the "good" parts like the back of her tied hand.

Terrified at her father finding out, she began to squirm, but to no avail. Strangely, no one was around. At the community hall, she figured. Her respite didn't last long, she being untied and dragged to the door. It being already dark, she hoped nobody saw her degraded condition. Again, they didn't ring the bell.

Instead, they put her on a dog leash and tied her to the post beside the door. Then they rang the bell, and immediately drove off. Megan's heart was,hammering as,she saw a shadow approach under the door.

What would her folks say? Hadn't she been their epitome of morality, more holy than the saint's statues? Wasn't her word the rule of the house on all matters sexual? And hadn't she reprimanded her brother a zillion times for watching bikini babes? What would they think? She shuddered as her knees grew weak from the kneeling on the welcome mat.

Her brother John, infact, was the only one in the house. His prude sister being late, he was going through a porn mag that he had successfully saved from the SS onslaught. Hearing the bell, he quickly shelved the other plans, hid the mag, and headed to the door.

John stood at 6'4, and was used to looking down on his bitch sister. But he saw noone when he stared out. He was,about to close the door, when his peripheral vision caught a wisp of brown hair. He looked down. Megan could not bear to see her brother stare at her, at her slutty clothes, at her exposed mams. She couldn't bear to look up at him.

For once, the expression of shock and surprise she expected was painted on his face, as he beheld his sister on the mat. On her face was scribbled, "GIFT FROM THE GANG. ENJOY" John quickly took her in, lest some prying eyes find them. Once the door closed, megan relaxed a little. They were inside now, just her and her brother.

He could be handled, like she had done the past 14years. She was wrong. The shocked look changed to one of curiosity not concern, and Megan's quickly prepared explanation became superfluous as he hairy horny pussy shaved during spring break no effort to ungag her. Instead, he ran a finger down her face, noting the dried cum on it. John had first been shocked.

To think of miss feminist kneeling half naked was impossible. But it was true. As he touched her face to ensure he wasn't dreaming, he noted the cum. Soiled, but still fresh, he thought. His first instinct was to untie her and make things "normal", but new, and strange thoughts flooded his mind as he beheld his nude sister.

Hadn't she made him apologize for kissing a girl behind canteen? And didn't she spread the rumour that he was a,moron? Wasn't she the reason his college gang had to stay away from the girls' dorms? Bitch! Megan saw his expression change. He was becoming agitated, but why? She liked to think she was the reason, her assault making him angry.

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She was the reason, as she found out when he abruptly slapped her teary face. The first slap had been instinctive, the next four vengeful, the last ten sadistic.

Her face looked so much better, the red cheeks looking like overdose of blusher. He suddenly grabbed her hair, and dragged her with it up the stairs to her room. It was locked, so she was made to unlock it, John keeping a stranglehold om her neck. She was then pushed roughly into her spick and span room, landing on her bitch brigade bag.

As the pain subsided, megan realized what had just happened. Her brother, instead of freeing her, had dragged her by her hair. Her hair! Which was out of bounds even for girls.

She knew 18th century women were often dragged by their hair, but her. President of Women's Society? She wanted to drown in her cum drenched tears. John used this time to note how sexy her ass was. Forever encased in loose skirts, they now stuck out in full glory at his feet.

He did the logical thing, landing five kicks playgirl enjoys sex with a random chap hardcore russian her backside.

He wanted to kick her out of her senses. To break every bone for the hell she had made for him. But as they say, women have better uses. Megan,desperate to escape the thrashes, tried to crawl to the bed, hoping to get up, even if her hands were tied. This had the effect of knocking her bag over, spilling her bitch brigade batch and sash.

John's mind changed track again. Pushing megan aside, he grabbed the objects, and inspected them.

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Grabbing megan again, he pushed her onto the bed. Climbing onto her, he sat on her abdomen, thus making movement impossible. Taking the badge, he carefully took the pin near her nipple. It was hard from fear. He looked at megan, saw the fear and desperation as she realized her predicament, and went for it. The nipple resisted a bit, but as megan began thrashing on the bed, it went through, emerging on the other side,her soft nub impaled on steel.

He now attached the pin, affixing the badge to her exposed titty. Megan knew what was going on, only she didn't know it was her most precious possession now hanging from her tit like a xmas star. She was soon dragged in front of her queen size mirror, her nipple aching like hot iron pushed three babes have fun on the couch her chest.

The sight brought fresh tears. There she stood, her talisman atrached to her breast, obscenely advertising her utter helplessness. She'd not even allow fellow bitches to use it, today it was being used on her, like Jewellery.

Worse, her brother stood behind her, crowning her with the cap. To her it waz crowning shame, a reversal of her revered status as head of bitch brigade. Megan broke into fresh tears. For once, brother and sister thought alike. Only John was cherishing the feeling, loving every tear that paid for his years of denial.

He clicked a few pics, taking care to make Megan pose, which she strangely complied with, doll like.He pulled the badge slightly, making megan yowl in pain as her tit stretched. CLICK! He pusjed both of her hands under her boobs, raising them. CLICK! He made her stand like the day she took the oath for bitch headship. CLICK! worse, she was made to say the same lines as her brother filmed her. She collapsed on the floor crying.

Wishing it would end, or she'd die. She looked up to find her brother's detested dick dancing before her, free of it's bonds and rearing to claim it's natal opposite.

Megan shook her head. I'm her scheme, rape was to be avoided in practice, but incest in principle. A family sexual act was worse than holocaust, she had told the local Jewish seminary.

Her new married wife sex first time storys in blood was just beginning. With the ease with which men had started using her since the evening, John forced Megan's mouth open hot awesome teen receives body fondled well pulling on her hair.

Her mind compared it to opening a bin by stepping on the lower pedal. Again, she felt a man's member push in. John wasn't a huge guy, something she often told girls not willing to buy her chastity crap.

As his dick began intruding her throat, she knew she was dead wrong. Like deja vu, thoughts of the life that was were replaced by attempts to survive another rape session. John loved the way his darker hair mingled with his sister's mane, and he decided to deep throat his sis.

Megan soon found herself choking on his cock, and was forced to try and breathe through her nose, taking in the aroma of dickhair as the price for oxygen. Her face was being bruised by coarse hair as her pulmonary plight worsened. Then, to her surprise and relief, he pulled out, until only the tip remained between her lips. CLICK! Megan was made to look up, like a slut in a porno mag she'd confiscated from her brother. CLICK! Slut, she'd called the pornstar, now that silicone blonde seemed better off, atleast she retained her free will.

Megan was infinitely worse, her mind told her, being raped by her brother. A sin, no less! As if to atone, her brother pulled out for a whole minute as he listened carefully. He then shoved it back and pushed in and out so fast as to make her dizzy. The hold on her hair was painful, the abrasions on her mouth more agonizing by the minute. When the world had finally gone fuzzy with a headache, Megan felt him squirt seed in her facial fuckhole. It was salty, warm and to her mind, no less than poison.

John coolly made her swallow, and lick up his sticky flaccid dick. Once done, he ran downstairs, locking her in. John had heard his parents return, and knew he had to come i order you to worship my cunt. He'd done that. Basking in the afterglow, he opened the door, taking his mother's groceries to the table.

Once he'd answered the usual questions, he told them that Megan was in her room changing. He now excused himself, deciding to complete his plans before dinner.

He found megan was sitting as he'd left her, drooly cum dripping along her chin. For a momwnt he thought his rapid strokes had wrecked her mind, but a pathetic look assured him she was very much alive to her progressive degradation. Stage 2 began. Megan was made to spread her firm and popular legs for her brother.

He found a veritable mess, ut had already been used. Never mind, cunt was a long lasting resource. A summary cleanup later, John was pushing his 10" dick into the well abused hole of his prude sis.

He was surprised how tight she was, enveloping him involuntarily in her warmth. What treasures she had, and so selfish about them too. She deserved to pay. His drool lubricated sperm rod soon hit her cervix, the gate to her womb.

More pictures followed. He grabbed the badge, and used is as a handle to push in and out of a once proud woman, now a helpless hole. Megan by now knew the routine, her womanly instincts lubricating her for fertilization, for making babies. She was back in an age when babies justified a woman's existence, her whold life was geared to raising healthy children. It seemed women had only changed outside, their bodies still yearned to be fucked as muchto be seeded as much, to be used as much by the stronger sex, as they liked.

Women's lib seemed a distant chimera to a cunt violated by her own brother Worse, her mind was falling in it's spell. Rape was an ordeal, incest a sin, she should be hurting and crying. Instead, her body began ro rock in rythm, her breathing became rapid, and she felt a surge of blood to her private parts. Each thrust made her yearn for more, more of her lover, no matter who he was.

Suddenly, she could hold it no more. A warm sensation passed through her body, as her mind blanked to enjoy the novel feeling coming from her groin.

She moaned in pleasure, gripping her vaginal intruder tightly as she came. "Dirty slut. You came for your own brother. Jeez, what a nympho" As if she cared. She was slowly returning to normal, no longer minding the pounding of her hole.

She unconsciously reached up, grabbed him in a tight embrace as they made love. The feel of her hitherto hidden assets, and the knowledge that she had cum for him, took him over the edge. He poured his seed into his sister's slit. She was his, claimed and conquered. If megan thought her lovemaking would last, she was wrong. She had begun to realize that her assailants' interests always came before hers, and her survival in fuckable shape was the only limits to their perverse fantasies.

She was confirmed in her belief when John made her put on two nipple clamps under the tight sweater he chose for her. They stuck out obscenely, andcher mind was torn between pain and humiliation. An equally high pair of shorts complemented her top, and he cut out the crotch, giving enough wind to her cunt to make her shiver. Worse, she was still dripping cum, and kept her legs closed lest any should fall down.

They quickly exited the house, she being made to give an alibi of a,walk. It was dark, and she hoped nobody would notice the bumps on her chest. She was again disappointed. She met her classmate at the turning, and he tried to get away seeing her unhappy look.

He had recently been made to apologize publicly for grabbing a feel of his gf in a girl's toilet. But John called him back. Emboldened by the confidence of a fellow victim, he came back. He was still scared, and John made his move. The guy not having seen the clamps (improvised cloth clips), he casually, reached out and squeezed a boob, commenting how heavy it was. Megan kept her hands to her side, as his hand stayed wrapped on her tit.

John now raised her sweater to reveal her suffering sack of meat. The guy, called Ron, could hardly believe it. The bitch was being used. Even a cheerleader wouldnt agree to such a streetside squeeze. Which meant she was drugged or he was dreaming.

Well, bizarre foot fucked and anal fisted slave said if you aren't sure if you're dreaming, pinch. He did, on her tit. Soon, her other jug was out and the two merrily abused the humiliated girl. Megan saw the two hands sticking from her chest, two sets of leering eyes, two dicks getting hard.

A normal girl would have gotten used to, and not bothered to know the deatails of the new assailant. But her bitchified brain refused, reminding her that Ron was on the brigade blacklist, that he regularly "misbehaved" with girls, that she was next on his line of fresh cunt.

She was pushed to her knees, and Ron entered her.

The routine began, except that cars passing could see her abuse. From the corner of her eye, she saw a carload of teens pass. They were almost gone, when one of them saw her through the marijuana haze. Soon, hoots and jeers were coming from the gang. One threw an empty beer can at her, which hit her head, increasing the pain.

Eventually they picked up the courage to come nearer. One of them reached down and attached a leash to her neck.

Her brother said nothing just clicked away. Another took out a drug needle and pushed it into her tit, followed by more. To make matters worse, Eon came, squirting his stuff over her sweater and tits. The boys now formed a line, and Megan was soon feeling utterly exhausted from being headbanged on a dick.

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It looked bizarre as a line of dicks approached her like cans to a canning machine. Worse for her , the guys stuck pins in her boobs, turning her already pinstuffed boobs into veritable pincushions. Jizz was soon dripping down her face, turning her sweater into a cum-absorber. She'd counted 5 but the total was about 10. What she didn't know was that the beat police had joined in, in exchange for "license" to use public property for sex. She found out only when a potbelly replaced a skinny frame, and a huge dick pushed in, making her gag inspite of her recent experience.

He was also brutal, ramming his dick deep inside and holding it there till her lungs almost gave in. When he came, the semen covered her face, shutting her eyes and stuffing her nose. She guessed this was how a trash whore looked like. Some cum was washed away by the tears which flowed again. Once they left, and she and her brother were alone again, she was made to take a round of the entire neighborhood.

Luckily it was "earth hour" and lights were out. But they soon saw Trish, arch enemy of the bitch brigade and head cheerleader, coming towards them. She too had a look of total disbelief when she saw her enemy walking so shamelessly.

But she needed no encouragement. She grabbed the sticky pin covered tits, and slowly and painfully pulled out the pins.

Once done, she went into her house, and returned with real nipple clamps, a thong and a torch. The clamps were soon in place, and Trish added weights for good measure. The shorts were removed, and the thong was put in place. Trish reached down, and Megan felt the torch being stuffed in her, held in place by the thong. It was obly when she was pushed on all fours did logic hot girl and two guys please each other. The torch shone from her pussy, as trish sat down on her back, pressed her hells into Megan s kidneys and grabbed her hair in one hand, leash in the other.

So arrayed, megan began to crawl, as Trish bounced on her back, pulling the hair and occassionally squeezing a tit. She stuck two fingers in her mouth, and then sucked on them, saying "bitch flavour. Yum!" Megan wanted to die. Here was her arch rival, sitting like a horaerider, abusing her at will!

She had taken every chance she got to denounce the cheerleaders' skimpy clothes, obscene dances, and loose "morality ". Now if anyone saw her, a slave, worse a mule to her mistress, ehat would they say? How could she face the bitch brigade again, when she was beimg used in ways even prostitutes weren't.

She felt worthless, a piece of meat to be used wherever, whenever and anyhow, by whosoever wanted a fuck, or had been snubbed by her. As she lugged the biggest female victim of her prudishness on her back, the biggest male victim walking along clicking pictures, she regretted, for the first of many times, being a bitch when she still had a chance . [To be continued ]

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