Brigitte rough fuck big cock best new video game

Brigitte rough fuck big cock best new video game
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Confessions of a Guidance Counselor Being a guidance counselor at University, Wendy sees lots of athletic young men in her office every dayassisting them with funding applications and what major to select. Wendy dresses in elegant business clothes and lives in a conservative neighborhood. Her husband is away from home a lot due to work and when he is home he only fucks her until he comes then rolls over to sleep leaving her sexually frustrated.

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Wendy shows him to the door and says to let her know how his applications go and to keep in touch. As he walks out ,through the waiting room, she sees young Hispanic man waiting for her assistance.

Wendy sat on a bench watching the young athletes getting put through a rigorous fitness program then rehearse some plays before the practice game on Sunday. Watching all those young men push themselves physically was getting this white married cougar very fucking wet between the legs. As it was late summer the boys were wearing their pads pants and boots. Taut muscular bodies glistening with sweat as they walked passed her in to the changing rooms to shower and change.

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Afterwards she had made her way through the stadium to her SUV parked in the carpark amongst the boys cars. As she sat in the rear passengers seat her skirt hiked up ,legs spread wide, using her favorite vibrator on her prominent clit, behind the tinted windows she saw the players emerge and walk towards her. Danny and LionelQuarterback and Fullback, are good mates and do everything together. As they reached the car, the SUV rear door window opened a bridgette bs shaved pussy fuck by a fake cock and a fa-miliar voice said, "Come in ,I want you boys now!" Danny a big 260lb 6' 4" Caucasian tanned with playboy good looks and phenomenal athletic ability had a great looking cock ,and Lionel the black man who was built like a tank with a big black cock, enjoyed the no strings attached wild sex Wendy provided them.

The young men entered the SUV from both rear side doors finding Wendy on her hands and knees on the rear seat. "C'mon boys ,this white bitch ,cock slut wants to be spit roasted right now!" Wendy pulled down Lionel's shorts releasing his harden-ing 10" fat fuck stick.

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Her head bobbing up and down on Lionel's erect staff as she felt Danny mount her from behind his hands on her hips, his cock splitting her pussy lipspenetrating deeper on each thrust. After a few more thrusts his big balls are slapping against her horny cunt. Wendy lifted her head off the black dick.

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Umpphh!" Lionel did as he was told his large black hand pushed her head down until he felt her lips on his stomach "Fuck Wendy take my cock all the way down bitch ." His hand moving her head up and down "Fuck yeah Danny this bitch can take all of my big fat dick" "Oh fuck yes . Milk my fat cock with those pussy mus-cles." Danny says as he slaps her ass Wendy flexes her stomach and pussy muscles squeezing Danny's cock Wendy gasping for air lifts her headher small white hand strokes the big black cock, as her tongue licks the blood engorged member.

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"Cum for me youmotherfuckers!" Her mouth engulfing the head as Lionel pushes her head down again "OH FUCK. FUCK YES I'M COMING IN YOUR MOUTH!!!" Wendy deep throats him as he explodes down her thoat swallowing all his cum. Danny pumps his cock harder and faster as he fills her with his warm seed. The young men get dressed, exit the vehicle and move to their carsWendy climbs in to the front seat. Across the carpark a man witnesses the whole event.

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