Dad got firecrotche daughter pregnant

Dad got firecrotche daughter pregnant
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was 2 girls sex 1 girl first time in bed room going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts.

ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty-Eight By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter VII: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - Summer Camp Counselors Part 5 - Whole Lot'a Suckin' Goin' On.

(oral mf mm) The rain continued falling until about an hour before lunch the next day. Joey and I couldn't believe our eyes when we found around twenty of the younger boys and girls playing in the mud fully clothed after breakfast.

We let them have their fun, then scolded them for doing it after we split them up and marched them to their showers. I stripped and watched the girls shower, but I found I didn't get any arousal watching the naked but innocent girls. I put my shorts back on long before they finished. Suzi's bed was patched up that morning, and she announced that there would be no more sex in her tent, or at least not on her bed.

That evening, I gave Suzi, Joey, Penny, Gina, Scooter, Jerry and Dana the night off to go and enjoy the waterfall while I watched all of their younger wards along with mine. Only Joey knew what I had planned to do with the youngsters, and ideal kitten is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet twat me it was a great idea. Eric was disappointed when he wasn't invited to go, but after I filled him in on my idea, he was glad I hadn't sent him along with the rest.

Since it wasn't a secret operation, I had nearly half of the camp doing various dances when they returned from their swim. The really big hit was the Conga.

I had inserted the dance step knowledge I had worked out in all of the little ones. They performed it almost perfectly, and the flaws in their performance were allowed by design to avoid suspicion. The rest of the crowd didn't fair as well, but it was still a great night. Friday morning at breakfast, Eric excitedly told me he had found a great place to, as he put it, party on down. The camp was setup so the common facilities and buildings divided the boy cabins from the girl cabins, with paths leading to the natural recreation areas along the camp borders.

The camp was used in the spring and fall by a few other organizations (one being a nudist colony), but it was used for kids all summer long, boy and girl scouts taking the other time slots. There were four other cabins just off the main facilities used by additional staff members such as the cooks and anyone else who were too busy with their assigned duties to be responsible for anyone but themselves. Smitzer and Jarvos each had their own, and because the cooks were married and shared the same cabin, the fourth one was unused.

Eric had overheard Jarvos talking to Smitzer saying they should have had the lock fixed while the cabin was empty. I quickly confirmed this, and promptly had them both believe the cabin was in use and the lock was already fixed. Eric and I checked the cabin out and were delighted to find not only a queen size bed, but a full bath. Eric and I crash landed on the bed, throwing ideas out about what we would use it for. "How about having an all guy night, then the girls could have an all girl night," Eric asked.

"That would probably work okay for you, me, Penny and Suzi, but I doubt the rest would want to." "But wouldn't Joey come? Man. Just think about the fun the three." "Joey likes girls. I know we have done things in the past, but that's different. Joey and I like. I don't know. We don't think of each other as being two guys any more. Put it this way. We know what the other thinks, and we've shared each other's bodies to the point we know how they feel was well as our own. Joey and I are like part of each other.

When we screw around, to us it's a lot like. jerking ourselves off." Eric was quietly absorbing my words for so long, I knew he had been hurt by my words. "Eric. Does this mean you like Joey better than me? I mean, I can't blame you if fujiko kano gets her busty body fucked think he's sexier than I am. I always." "No! Nothing like that. You're the sexiest person I have ever known. Your body gives me a hard on just thinking about it.

See?" he said pulling it out. "But when I found out about you and Joey doing it, I thought. you know. he would want to do it with me. I guess I've been getting my hopes up about having another guy to mess around with. "But you know what?" Eric continued while he slipped his shorts off completely and moved closer to me. "If I never find another guy as long as I live, I'll still die happy because I had you." After a long lusty kiss, I said to Eric, "We only have five minutes before we have to go back.

What do you want to do?" "Can I suck you off?" he said immediately, rubbing his hand over the lump in my shorts. "Sure, and I'll even do you at the same time," I said, lifting my butt off the bed while Eric slipped my shorts off.

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"REALLY?" Eric said, his voice squeaking with his joy. He thought I was going to truly suck him, knowing that it would be something I would never do with anyone else but him. He thought I was giving him probably the most personal gift I could give him before realizing I wouldn't really be putting my lips over his dick.

"Eric. I'm sorry. I didn't think. If it means so much to you," I paused to swallowed, "uhm, I'll really suck you." His face shined when I said that, then it faded a bit before he said, "No.

That's okay. Just knowing you would really do it is enough. And you probably couldn't do as good of a job with your mouth as you could with your magic." "Oh yeah? You have no idea what I can do. You see, I have the experience of the world's best cock suckers up in my head just in case I wanted to have an exceptionally excellent blow job.

I could hold you right at the brink of cumming for as long as I wanted." "You mean you could zap anyone with their knowledge and they would be as good as the world's best cock suckers?" Eric said very seriously. "Well yes and no. You see, the twins and I are empaths. They use their empathic senses to monitor the person they are sucking to keep them at the level they want.

I can copy their sucking skills and stuff to someone else, but they couldn't use some of it because they wouldn't be empathic." "Please?" "What. Oh. I don't know, Eric. I've never actually tried programming someone with it before, and you already give pretty good head yourself." "But you did do it already. You said hot mature milf gets pounded by big black cock on camera tube porn you have the knowledge.

And do I give better head than these twins?" "No, not better, but. All right. I guess I can always undo it if there is a problem. Uhm, lay down, spread your arms and legs apart, and keep your eyes closed. No matter what happens, don't open your eyes or move your arms or legs.

If you do, it won't work, and I won't be able to do it again. Got that?" "Yeah." Eric said nervously. He assumed the position, and I got into mine. "Remember.

No matter what. Don't open your eyes or move your arms or legs. If you do, we'll both know it. Ready?" His eyes were tightly shut as he nodded his head. He gasped when he felt my breath on his dick, then moaned when he felt a mouth engulf him. The mouth used one of the twin's best quickie techniques, my personal favorite when they blow me. Three minutes later, his dick spurted its load, and when his mental pathways cleared, I copied the knowledge into his head, spending a whole minute in the process.

"Okay, we're done," I said getting up off the bed. Eric sat up the guard fucked bitch her account here quickly, examining himself, the bed around him, and then got up and carefully examined my own body. Then he looked at me with a happy tear in his eye.

"What?" I said, knowing very well what. "You really did it. You really sucked me off." "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. You'll never know, and I'm not gonna do it again." "I know you did. If you hadn't." he smiled brightly, "I would have found cum on something. You sucked me, and you swallowed it. God, I love you Tim." The look on my face wiped all doubt from his mind.

He got dressed full of energy, and was out the door before I had even pulled my splotchy wet underwear on with a small involuntary shutter. Once my shorts were on, the evidence was completely hidden. "The things I do for my friends," I muttered to myself as I closed the door behind me. Eric and I told the others about the cabin during ferrari blaque banged bbc redzilla she cant take the sperm p, and we all planned to meet there a half an hour after lights out.

Then Joey surprised me and Eric both. After telling them about Eric's new sucking skill, Joey asked Eric if he would mind trying it out that night on him. When I made a big deal about it, Joey responded by saying, "You get it all the time from the twins, I don't.

I've had, what, maybe five blow jobs from them? If Eric can give them half as good as the twins, it would still be worth paying money for." Scooter, Jerry, and Mick all stared at Joey for a few moments, then one by one directed their gaze to Eric. "Shit, Eric. Looks like you just might get all the cum you want," I said. Eric looked at no one while his face turned red. "Just promise me one thing," I said a moment later. "Don't become a professional dick sucker and make your living on it.

I'd hate it if I had to pay you for a blow job." He looked up at me and said, "You don't have to worry about that. You'll never have to pay me to blow you." Then to Joey, Eric said, "Sorry, but Tim's my first customer. But you can be second. Eric looked at the others and said "Anyone else?" "Joey. Did you really mean what you said about. You know," Mick said. Joey squinted his eyes at me while probing my thoughts. He ran across my little trick I had pulled on Eric, and I shot him a warning look when I caught him grinning about it.

Joey wiped the grin off his face, then said, "If it isn't the best fucken blow job you have for the rest your life, I'll suck you off myself." "Shit," Mick and Jerry said while Scooter dropped his french fry on the floor after it had been an inch from his mouth. "I'll be third," Jerry said before Mick could but in. young attractive babe licks and rides old penis I'm fourth," Mick said crossly, throwing a fry at Jerry while Dana grabbed Jerry's ear.

"Oh. So my blow jobs aren't good enough, eh?" Dana said twisting his ear making Jerry wince with pain. "Well maybe I'll just stop doing them. Them and that thing I do . er. You know." Dana's blushed, then lustful and amorous three some momsandteens and threesome at me to see if I had peeked. When she saw Joey and me with wide grins on our faces, her face turned almost apple red.

Just using her tongue to tease his hole had made Jerry shoot on more than one occasion. It was such a dirty act to her, it drove her wild as well. "Hey Dana, I'll make a deal with you and Gina. I'll let you both feel your boyfriends blow job every time Eric does it." "Nah. That's okay." Jerry interrupted.

"Sorry Eric, but if I had the best blow job in the world from you, I probably wouldn't ever enjoy Dana's like I do now. Right now she gives me the best I can imagine, especially when you do the you know what." Jerry snuggled up to Dana's side. "Can we change the topic?" Suzi asked. "I'm feeling a bit inadequate." "Hey. I'd pay for one of your blow jobs too," Joey said quickly.

"Joey's right, Suzi. The twins have some incredible moves, but they always. do them the same way. Yours are always different. I think they rate right up there with the twins." "Really?" Eric said. "Hey Suzi, can Tim copy yours for me?" Suzi smiled and shook her head. "Nope. You heard them. I'm an original. I never do it the same way twice." "Yeah, Eric. Suzi has the gift. Tim can't copy that. She was born to blow," Joey teased. "Thank you," Suzi teased back.

As we were getting up to leave, the noise of a helicopter in the distance grabbed our attentions. We were all out in the open by the time the low copter flew across a clearing in the trees on the girl's side of the camp.

It sexy teen awesome bitch screams with joy headed in the direction of the open area where the busses had dropped us off. Everyone headed in the same direction, following the twin bladed helicopter. I had to use my talents to keep some of the little ones from getting hurt as the crowd reached the main entrance of the camp.

The helicopter had circled around and was just touching down when we got there. I had to form a line of kids to act as a wall, preventing anyone but the counselors to pass beyond them.

When I joined Joey on the other side of my human wall, we saw two men jump out and pull out a set of steps. "I don't believe it," I groaned as the twins stepped out on the steps.

Joey took off running, followed by a squeal from Suzi as she followed. I half heartedly followed their example, knowing life at camp would get even more complicated.

The men unloading supplies wore US Air Force uniforms. My father had 'borrowed' them for this journey from a nearby base. The twins were happy to see Joey and Suzi, but they left them to almost run to me.

I never saw them move so quickly before. I was assaulted by their warm feelings exploding in my head, and I had to admit that I suddenly was very happy they were there.

I really had missed them too. Especially my little buddy. But not as much as they had missed me, apparently. Shortly after Suzi had left to join Joey and me, they came up with the idea to do the same. What took them so long to actually get here wasn't clear. Mick and Gina joined us at the helicopter, but before anything was said, one of the flight crew came over and saluted me. "Sir. Your supplies are ready, Sir!" he said, still lucky legal age teenager enjoys mind blowing head from ravishing brunette hair his hand in salute, staring straight ahead.

I peeked in his head, and saw what I had to do. I returned the salute, and said, "Thank you, Lieutenant. Well done. Have a pleasant journey back." He lowered his hand with a "Yes Sir!" then spun around and jumped into the machine while two other men pulled the stairs inside and closed the door. He had been extremely nervous to meet me. I must have been a four star general or something in his eyes.

We moved away while the helicopter took off, then walked up to the pile of supplies and started examining them. "Tim. You better have that talk with the twins right now. Take a look at this," Suzi called, indicating the largest crate. On the side of the box was a listing of the contents. "Shit," Joey said. "More vibrators, dildos, 200 boxes of condoms, 50 blow up dolls?" "This one has all leather clothing of some sort black dick bondage and strapon rough milf first time charlotte sartre uncensored level it." Gina said.

"Hey. Do they really make underwear that you can eat?" Mick called from the other side. "Girls. I know you're trying to help with all this stuff, but. You see all those kids over there?

They don't know anything about sex, and we are not going to show them, okay? It's not our job. I know, but. Oh just go feel them. You'll understand. Suzi, go with them while we figure out what to do with this stuff." "Okay, but don't throw anything away until I get a chance to look through it," Suzi said as the twins pulled her with them towards the crowd.

"Especially the leather stuff," she said further away. We turned our backs and started to dig through the crates when we heard Suzi's distant voice, "AND THE UNDERWEAR!" echo around us.

"Heh. I bet she's doubled over from that one," Joey said. "No, seductive babe shae snow intensely fucked in reverse cowgirl style her face is red hot, so you know how wet she is from that," I said. "What are you guys talking about?" Gina said. "Sorry. Inside joke," Joey said. "Hey!," Jerry said, running up to us. "Are erected schlong is getting sucked pornstar and hardcore the twins?" "Yep.

God. What do you think Joey? Who's next. My mom? Maybe my dad?" "My money is on your Grandma," Joey teased. "Oh God. Don't even think it," I said. "Timmy! Hold my teeth while Ma-Ma gives you a nice Urk?" Joey said as I caused his entire body go numb. "lollipop?" Joey finished. I returned his feeling, then moaned when I ran across two more jugs of drink.

"Are those the." Dana began when she jogged up to us. "YES!" Joey and I both said. "twins." Dana finished. "Hey Tim. I think this is for you." Joey said, holding a gold sealed envelope. I opened it, finding it from my dad. "My dad says he'll have a limo and a truck here to pick us all up next Monday. And. Hey Joey. Guess who's coming for dinner Friday night." "You're kidding. Shit. You're not kidding." "Who? Your Grandma?" Gina said. "Worse," Joey said.

"Shit. Nothing like having both your parents show up at camp during your last week. Your parents are coming too, Joey." "Ahh. FUCK! Shit!" "Oh, and get this. He says if we liked the twin's entrance, we'll just love theirs. What the hell could be more impressive than flying in on a helicopter? Coming in on a jet? A train?" "Hey, I know.

He's made contact with an alien race, and he's going to come in a flying saucer," Mick said. "I hope not. We'll be knee deep in green naked ladies with five tits and three crotches." "Really?

I wonder what the guys would look like." Dana mused. "Hey! There are two more tents and four more beds. AWE! Tim. These are WATERBEDS!" Joey exclaimed. "Hey, that's great. But I'm not giving up my bunk. I love waking up with those monsters." "Yeah, but wouldn't those monsters get a kick out of trying out a waterbed?" "Hmmm.

You may have something there." The tents were more like vinyl cottages. I mean, the things had plumbing built into it. We really couldn't use that either, however, because there wasn't anyway to hook the camp's hot water up to them. Out of all the equipment the twins had brought, we only ended up using one waterbed. The entire camp was watered by a well, and it took all day just to fill the first king size water mattress inside the empty cabin, which is where the twins ended up sleeping.

The tents were too complicated to bother with, and Suzi's tent actually was bigger since it didn't have all the built-in features. The three unopened containers of drink and the editable underwear were locked up in Jarvos's cabin. The rest of the supplies were left right were they had been dropped off, covered by a tarp in case it rained. When we joined up with Suzi and the twins in Suzi's tent, I found that they had pretty much understood their previous error.

I had the distinct impression that the twins had envisioned coming here, handing out plastic penises like candy, then instructing all the little girls on how to suck cock. Actually, the idea was rather. stimulating. Eric was fairly upset to learn the real twins had arrived. He had looked forward to being the best cock sucker at the camp.

He was so upset, I convinced Mick to let Eric suck him off just once. Joey had said no way, not with Joy around to give him the real thing. That night at our agreed time, all of us but Penny met at the twin's cabin. The twins hardcore bus station sex with horny teen abella pornstars big dick course were nude when they greeted each person.

They gave everyone a hug and warm feelings, but stuck close to me and Joey most of the time. With Gina and Dana sucking their guys, the rest of us quickly arranged ourselves. Honey sucked Eric, while Eric sucked Mick, Joy sucked Joey, and Suzi sucked me. On the three normal girls I simulated one of my best lickings, all while Joey and I gave the twin's the real thing.

The twin's skills were put to the test by not only having to monitor the person they were sucking, but all of us, with my help. We managed to keep everyone within a highly aroused state for nearly an hour before Eric lost control and brought Mick to his release.

That triggered a chain reaction that the twins didn't even try to fight. After all, that had been the first time the tables had been turned. The twins were held near the edge themselves by my own empathic monitoring and Joey's help. After our numb brains recovered, we all said good night to the twins and retired. The twins understood when Joey and I didn't stay to sleep with them, and they really didn't mind since Suzi had remained.

The next morning, I was awoken slowly by the long missed sensation of Joy's lips on my dick. Her mouth felt so good, I forgot where I was. I laid there in my pleasant daze after I orgasmed for nearly twenty minutes before I finally opened my eyes and realized I wasn't at home.

I sat up so fast I hit my head on the bunk above me. Joy and the five boys were gone. I discovered Suzi had taken them to breakfast before Joy had started. Aki sora episode 1 english dubbed staggered in a few minutes later, almost knocking the wind out of me when he fell on top of me. The two of us barely fit on the bunk, but we were so relaxed, we didn't care. No words were exchanged, and we ended up snuggling together and falling back to sleep with smiles on our faces.

When Randy's voice woke us up, Joey and I both hit our heads. I quickly returned my limp cock to his cave, while Randy and Honey came in. "Uhm, Honey? Randy, what's going on?" Randy turned red, then looked up at Honey and then back at me and Joey.

"I think she. uhm. I mean, I want. She. Can she?" "Honey. Okay, okay. He's all yours. Just. <sigh> We'll see." "What was that all about?" Joey said, trying to interpret the messages Honey had been sending me without much success. I only indicated towards the door as Joy led two of Scooter's older boys in while Honey pulled out Randy's little hard dick. "Shit. And you're gonna let them?" "Well, the boys want it, and the twins know it.

What can I say? They've already been disappointed about not giving the camp's whole female population blow job lessons." "Shit. Well, I'm getting out of here before I have to get in line for seconds," Joey said, getting up.

Before he left he said, "No thanks, ladies. I'll catch up with you later when you're, uhm, not busy." I felt the same offer being given to me, so I gave a similar reply. Still in the snuggling mood, I reached out to see who I could snuggle up too. I found Penny feeling lonely. She was upset about how the twins had taken all the attention away from her.

I had understood why she hadn't joined us last night. Blow jobs grossed her out, whether she was giving them or not. But she had been hurt when her decline had been accepted without argument. Her old habits came back to her and now she was blaming the twins.

"Hey, girls? Hurry it up. There is someone who needs your attention very badly. No, not me. No, hotmosa anal sex with mom Joey, and it's not even a male.

And before you think it, it isn't Suzi. Her name is Penny, and right now she hates the both of you." Randy and Mark came the next instant, and Larry was disappointed when he was told they would do him later. But he happily left with the consolation that he could see them both naked. Suzi was already talking to Penny when I and the twins found them. They were coaching a large group of the older girls to play volleyball.

We were in a mostly secluded area, and most of the girls were already wearing bras of some sort. I knew Penny and Suzi wouldn't object to a little fun in the sun. I kissed Suzi good morning, then unsuccessfully attempted to do so with Penny.

Knowing how to break through Penny's ice, I grabbed her and pulled her quickly to me. I held her until she stopped struggling, then gazed into her face with warmth and said, "I'm sorry for not begging you to come last night." Seeing how her mind had liked the idea, I sank down to my knees and clasped my hands.

I looked up at Penny's surprised face, making my own face look desperate and needy. "Please, Miss Penny. Forgive my stupid male mind. I should castrate myself for letting my petty wants fog my mind to where I couldn't see how I hurt you." The surprise on my face was hidden by the fact Penny had shoved her crotch against it from the surge of lust my actions had stirred.

As I recovered from my shock, she did like wise from her horny state. "Shit. I think we just found you're weakness in men," I said as I wobbled back to my feet. "I don't know what came over me.

I've never felt that way about anyone before. Not even a girl," Penny admitted, looking at Suzi. "Speaking of girls, the twins would like to be your friends. Very close friends, if you know what I mean. And while that's big ass teen monster toy in ass tube porn on, how about a game of topless volleyball?" "Timmy!" Suzi said in surprise.

"They're only twelve and new xxx story sil pek "I'm not gonna touch them. Look at it this way. This will probably be the only chance they will get to play volleyball without a bra comfortably. Haven't you ever wanted to see what it's like to go bare-chested while playing?" "I've done it before, and it wasn't that uncomfortable," Suzi argued.

But then Penny gave her a nudge and a look. Suzi looked at Penny's face, then at Penny's chest and said, "But okay. You win. Just be careful. Come on girls. Let's go give that waterbed a real workout." "Huh? I think that spot over there look's just right for four horny women to have some fun.

Come on, Suzi. You get to see everything Joey and I get to do with each other. I'll feed everything to Joey so he won't miss a thing." "Fine. You and Joey, tonight, my tent. And I want to see lots of male bonding there." "Uhm, well, tonight's not a good night, and tomorrow our parent's will be here.

Uhm, I think we're booked solid the rest of the week. How about the night after we get back? No. that won't work either." "See you later, alligator," Suzi called as the four disappeared down a path.

"Shit. Oh well. Let's see now." I said to myself, starting to do a bit of scanning. It took nearly twenty minutes to prepare them all. There were four teams using two nets, plus a few extra girls that were rotated in. One girl I found to be quite experienced in giving head, and while I watched the topless girls play their sets, Michelle was nude and sucking down my cock.

By the time Michelle had worked the last drop from my shrinking organ, my desire had driven me to do more than I had intended.

I recovered my senses black guy and girl jungle sex quickly had the nude girls put their panties and shorts back on, then decided I had enough and had them finish getting dressed before they returned to their game. I let Michelle stay nude while we snuggled, and in hindsight found that to be a mistake.

Her body aroused mine again, and this time we gave each other oral gratification. Michelle was asleep in my arms when Suzi came back, catching me red handed. Suzi left after venting her anger. She had felt guilty about leaving me, and had come back to give me some affection.

After cleaning up Michelle's memory a bit, I sent her and the rest to lunch, and sat for a while to sulk. Some birds drew my attention from my own problems. I remembered my idea from Penny's words about flying, and studied the creatures carefully.

After spending no more than ten minutes on this new project, my stomach reminded me that I hadn't even had breakfast, much less lunch, so I headed for the food.

I found the four girls sitting together, and I joined them, sitting down next to Suzi. She turned her nose up at me, and the twins made room for me between them. They quickly accessed the situation, and gave me shruggs of uncertainty. They trusted Suzi's judgment about many things, but they couldn't understand why I couldn't use anyone in anyway I wished.

To them, it was the natural way of things. When I noticed one of the birds who always hung around for crumbs, I started trying to figure it's thoughts out again. The twins sensed what I was doing, and immediately informed me I was doing it all wrong. I had been trying to analyze the bird's thoughts like I do with human beings.

But since animals don't talk, their thoughts were based on emotions and senses. Where the twins couldn't access the bird's sensory inputs, they could feel everything about what the bird was feeling. The next several days became ones of routine. The twins helped me in secret to learn how to read bird's thoughts whenever my duties allowed my mind to wander. Everyone else had a little sex play during the course of the day, but it was always in private twosomes. I kept my nose clean, punishing myself for my actions that Suzi had seen.

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Eric nagged me off and on for some action with me, but with the twin's expert lips, his needs were fairly satisfied without my help. And because Suzi was mad at me, she didn't let the twins wake me up by taking the boys to breakfast. I was finally ready to make it up to Suzi Thursday afternoon. She grudgingly agreed to join Penny and the twins in meeting me at the waterfall pool during crafts. When they arrived, I was dangling my legs in the water, sitting on a large rock over in the deep end.

Other than my legs, I was bone dry, including my shorts and hair. "How did you get over there?" Penny asked, seeing there was no way I could have swam and gotten dry so fast.

I had left sani lioon pron xxxx story only ten minutes prior. "I flew," I said, grinning. "Yeah right. Someone carried you, didn't they," Suzi snorted. "Nope. No one's touched me since I was back at the camp. I flew through the air and landed on this rock." "Oh yeah? Fly over here and prove it. And no funny business messing with our minds.

Honey, tell me if he cheats." "Okay. Here I come," I said standing up, teeth showing from my grin. I held out my hand and whistled.

A hawk suddenly appeared from the trees with a rope in its claws. It flew right past me, snagging the rope in my hand before letting go. "Thanks, big guy." I called to the hawk as I let it go on its way. I pulled out the slack, tested my hold a few times before jumping up to grab a higher hold, pulling my body up as I swung across the water. It would have been a perfect execution too, if Suzi hadn't managed to get to my landing spot before I did.

She gave me the wickedest smile as she pushed me back just as my three hot lassies share a fat boner touched. The cry I made must have satisfied her ego as I swung backwards, and found myself stuck on the rope above the water's surface. I could have called for some assistance from a fine feathered friend, but I gave Suzi her victory, and just dropped into the water.

I came back up with a grimace of pain on my face, causing Suzi to apologize for her act. I said it was okay, I had only hurt my toes on a rock when I had pushed off the bottom. She still fussed over my foot, and even gave the slightly red toes a tongue bath. Her actions had aroused me, but I didn't pursue them, wanting to do what I had brought them here for first.

"Suz, the twins have helped me work out an idea Penny gave me. After you caught me thinking with my dick, I've spent all my free time working on this as a form of an apology. Girl drops soap in prison show since it was sorta Penny's idea. How would you two like to really go flying?" "What? In an airplane or something?" Suzi said suspiciously.

"Nope. No machines, no ropes, no tricks either," I said. The twins sat down next to us, forming a rough circle. "Hold our hands, and close your eyes," I said, as the twins and I offered our hands to them.

Suzi and Penny exchanged bewildered looks, then did what I asked. I reached out to two sparrows in the trees above and formed my links. Suzi and Penny gasped as their minds felt the bird's bodies. Once they had full control, I decreased their own bodies senses. Apart from hearing and speaking, their sensory inputs and controls were now linked to the bird's instead of their real bodies. "You can open your eyes now," I said, while helping the twins lay the apparently sleeping girls down on their backs.

"Oh my God," Penny said. "Oh my God!" she repeated again. "Timmy! This is wonderful! I'm a little bird!" "Oh my God!" Penny said in a panic. "I'm going to fall!" "Penny, calm down. You're a bird. If you fall off, you can FLY, Penny. FLY. That's it. See? It's natural." "Ouch!" Penny said. "Well, I guess the landings aren't so natural. Uhm, just be careful. The real owners will be upset if you bang up their bodies while they are, uhm, asleep." The girls spent two hours flying around, chasing each other, even tried eating a few worms they suddenly had a craving for.

They also did some target practice, aiming for a rock in the lake, and releasing a glob of bird shit. I kept changing birds so they wouldn't over work any of their borrowed bodies. The girls started rating the breeds of birds, and both had favorites for different categories. When I called it quits and restored their own bodies sensations, they had trouble readjusting to walking.

They were still taking involuntary hops when we reached camp, causing them to draw some attention until it wore off over night.