Candy samples and uschi digard big breast orgy

Candy samples and uschi digard big breast orgy
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UNEXPECTED VISITOR PART ELEVEN Jim, Nathan and I went into the bedroom and we all turned to face each other in a sort of triangle. Nathan looked at Jim and me with a big grin on his face as he slowly rubbed and squeezed his rock hard erection through his briefs.

Jim and I had both been up hard and ready since Nathan arrived and now we dropped our shorts to the floor to reveal our pulsing meat.

Both our dicks were wet with pre-cum in anticipation of the fun we were about to have. Nathan also removed his briefs. His cock was standing up at 45 degrees in front of his belly. He moved in closer to us and, hands free, rubbed the head of his dick against mine. This made my hard-on pulse even harder and it felt like it was going to burst. I reached out and touched Nathans right nipple which was standing out as hard as could be.

He let out a sigh and did the same to me. Meanwhile Jim was gently massaging Nathan's firm ass cheeks with one hand as he stroked his own cock with the other. This continued for a few minutes until Jim moved to the bed where he flopped down and signalled us to join him. Nathan went first so when I joined them, he was in the middle between Jim and me.

The body contact was great and I asked Nathan quietly what he liked to do. He smiled and said "Actually I am very much new to this. I am very comfortable with you two and as long as there is not too much pain or rough treatment, I will just go along for the ride. I have never experienced anal sex either way but have often fantasised about how it would be." "Have you been with girls before?" Jim asked.

"Yes," Nathan went on, "I have had a few girlfriends and had some good sex with a couple of them. But I have always had strong feelings towards guys too. Not a lot of action though.

Played around a bit at school as a young bloke and I have a jerk-off mate from the footy club but we keep that pretty well under wraps of course." "MMMM, it all sounds good to me." I said. "Would you like me to use my mouth on that hot, juicy meat of yours?" I asked. Nathan smiled and replied "I was hoping you would Dan." I needed no further encouragement and my recent dream was becoming reality as I first licked the tip of the treat before my face. As I did so, a large drip of clear pre-cum appeared from the piss slit.

I hot alexis rides on a stiff dong it up immediately and was thrilled by the sweet yet salty taste of this sample of the juices within. I rolled my tongue around the hot, smooth dancers showing ladies swinging wang striptease hardcore of the head and slowly went all the way down to the base where my nose met up with the shortly trimmed pubes at the base of his belly.

The length of Nathan's cock was just right for me as it touched the back of my throat without making me gag. My right hand was slowly finding its way up the smooth inner thigh of Nathan's shaved right leg.

As I reached the top, the back of my fingers brushed against his large ball sack and I turned my hand so as to gently hold it fully in the palm of my hand.

The weight of his balls was considerable and as I massaged them I heard Nathan let out a low rumbling sigh as he spread his legs further apart. I continued the tongue massage on his hot, hard rod as my fingers explored a little further. I found that his balls as well as his legs were well shaved and as I stroked gently along his perineum towards his tight little hole, I found the whole area to be void of hair.

As I progressed, my fingers came up against the fingers of Jim as he was exploring from the other side and was beginning to gently rub Nathan's hole with the tip of one finger. I moved my hand away to let Jim continue without interruption and took hold of the base of Nathan's cock while I sucked it deep, moving my mouth up and down from the top to bottom.

As I was doing this, I squeezed his dick firmly for a moment then released it before squeezing again. With all this attention, Nathan was moaning and beginning to squirm with the pleasure his body was experiencing. He had hold of my cock while I was working on his and his touch was magical. He was just rubbing it with his hot hand and pushing his leg between my legs.

The three of us were now getting very excited and we were rolling about and sliding over each other as we all pleasured each other. It was not too long before Nathan let out a gasp saying "I'm gonna cum . OH MAN I can't stop." At that moment I felt his whole body go tense and his cock buried in my mouth went so hard you would think it was made of steel. I sucked harder now as a signal that I wanted to take all of his load and swallow it. With a big thrust from Nathan, his hot sperm rushed up his dick and hit me hard at the back of my throat.

There was so much that I had to swallow quickly to take it in.

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Even so, there was an overflow from my hard working lips. There must have been 4 or 5 strong pumps from his cock before the stream slowed. I couldn't believe that a man could cum so much in one orgasm. Cum was leaking from both corners of my mouth and running down my chin and dripping on to his belly.

I eased his pulsing cock from my mouth and rubbed the head all over my face as I licked it clean. It was by far the sweetest cum I had ever tasted. Nathan flopped back on the bed, his still semi-hard dick glistening in the moonlight streaming though the window. I grabbed a towel from beside the bed and used it to wipe him down and to clean up my face. First though, Jim took this moment to slip Nathan's hot, wet cock into his mouth and suck out the last few drops of his tasty cum.

Jim and I were both still very horny of course but took a bit of a breather ourselves while Nathan recovered. We both lay back each side of Nathan and gently rubbed the inside of each of his smooth legs and lightly brushed our hands over his beautiful package. Nathan was just lying there with a big grin on his face and said "I have NEVER experienced anything like that before.

That beats everything I have ever tried. You blokes are awesome." Then he looked at Jim and me and said "Now it's your turn to enjoy yourselves." "Believe me Nathan, we have enjoyed ourselves but if you're up for it and want to continue, don't let us stop you.

What do you have in mind mate?" Nathan laughed and said "I WILL be UP for it don't worry about that." With that he sat up and reached out taking Jim's and my hard dicks in each hand. He started by twisting his hands around the head of each dick and soon found that we were both providing plenty of pre-cum as lubricant. "MMMM" said Nathan, "I thick shaft hammers moist wet crack hardcore massage like one of these inside me as long as you promise to be gentle with me." Jim and I looked at each other and grinned broadly.

"Not a problem mate" said Jim. "Take your pick. Or should I say prick haha." Comparing our dicks, Jim and I noted that although they were both about the same in length, mine was certainly not as thick as his.

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Jim had been fingering Nathan's virgin ass a little while ago and had found the hole to be quite tight. He therefore suggested that sexy teen girl paloma sucks and ripped real good on the couch might be better if the 'cherry busting' duties went to me on this occasion. Nathan, with a slightly nervous look on his face, agreed that this might be the right choice. "Ok then" I said, "I have condoms and lube here so you don't have to worry about that." With all the 'playing' Nathan had been doing while we were talking, he was showing strong signs that he was recovering well.

His beautiful, straight hard-on was standing up between his legs again. This time Jim went down on the tasty meat while we worked on Nathan to really get him in the mood. He turned onto his left side while I massaged his hot ass.

I took the lube and placed some on my hand as I worked the crack and across his tight hole. It wasn't long before the hairless entry was twitching as I began greasing it up and easing a finger tip inside. I stopped as his sphincter resisted my movement but then it loosened up as he relaxed and my finger entered easily.

This went on for old principal with lolly small little while and eventually I had no trouble getting 2 then 3 fingers into Nathan's hungry hole. We moved around so that Jim's head was underneath Nathan's belly in a sixty nine position with Nathan who went on to his hands and knees to allow me to mount him.

Now Nathan took Jim's hard, pulsing dick in his mouth and began exploring it from top to bottom with his tongue which was causing Jim to make muffled moaning sounds of pleasure as he sucked on Nathan's cock from below. I slipped on a condom and smeared it and Nathan's ass with lube.

I took up my position and began to tease Nathan's virgin hole with the tip of my dick. Then came the moment when I began to push gently but firmly against the twitching hungry hole. My dick slipped in easily for a short distance before Nathan reacted to the intrusion and I encouraged him to relax and push back against me.

That worked well and the next thing, with a loud grunt from Nathan, half my dick was inside him. I stopped for a moment as he got used to the feeling then very slowly began to rock back and forth. With each forward push I was getting inside him further until Nathan began to hump back onto my cock harder and harder. Now I was fucking him quite hard and before long Nathan began panting and loudly saying "Fuck me, FUCK ME… MORE." Meanwhile, Jim had climbed out from beneath Nathan and was now lubing up my ass.

He put on a condom and started rubbing up and down my crack and hole as I humped Nathan. The next thing was I felt Jim's thick dick pressing against my hole. As I humped, Jim's dick entered me a little further until I was in the middle of an amazing bit of action.

How the bed stood up to the pounding I don't know. By now we had all laid down sideways on the bed and we kept up this three- way with me now jerking Nathan's cock as I fucked him and Jim fucking me. The feeling of Jim's cock massaging my prostate as I plunged my cock deep into Nathan's ass was unbelievable. We all slipped into a rhythm and kept things going until School class cute anl story felt I was losing control.

Magically, at that moment, Jim gave a big thrust as he filled the condom inside my ass with his hot load. I lunged forward as my orgasm arrived and let go a huge blast of semen into the hot, twitching ass of Nathan who was also at the point of no return. All three of us groaned and moaned at the same time. Nathan's aurora nilsson gets asshole stuffed by schlong exploded with another hot stream of his sweet cum filling my hand and spurting onto the bed as well.

We all collapsed in a messy heap on the bed, arms and legs all tangled as we broke the physical union between us. We just lay there panting and laughing softly as we came back to earth. While all this was going on, we hadn't noticed that Brett and Mick had 'finished' in the bathroom and were now standing in the doorway to the bedroom.

They'd had a front row view of the performance us three had put on. Although they had satisfied each other, they were now both sporting a hard-on and not worried about us as they slowly masturbated while watching the 'show'. As we dragged ourselves off the bed, these two cheered and clapped while sporting very big grins. What could we do other than all bow to them in our nakedness. After, Jim, Nathan and I had showered together making sure each was properly clean and dry, we moved outside to find Brett and Mick recovering with a cold beer.

There were three more lined up on the table for us. Sheepishly, we sat down dressed only in our underwear and we all looked at each other and joined in happy laughter. "Pity that Brett and I have to leave in the morning." I said. "But that sure was some send off." "Maybe we will all meet again some time in the future" said Jim. We all nodded in agreement. "I'll drink to that." Nathan said. The final part - twelve is next