My wife donna provided with cum meals

My wife donna provided with cum meals
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The Chiefs Daughter By Jax_Teller Sitting around the camp fire with friends was how I spent a majority of my time these days. Drinking, smoking weed and socializing with people who understood duty, sacrifice and service. Some who visited the camp were former military, others fire or medical services. Chief was one of those iconic men who every one cherished being around. A duality of the fierce warrior and caring father was deeply ingrained in this man.

A 100% Native American who served in Vietnam, he was widely respected and feared in certain circles. The main table everyone sat around was like the round table of knights of the round table.

The leaders of their clans stood out each with a few others in tow. Each one also understood the fire and what it represented in the circle of life.

Chief like many of us had children, most were grown and on their own. Chief's daughter Janis was a blazing red head, so different from her father in looks.

He was a weather and time worn soul, a survivor several of wars with long jet black hair typical of a Native American. Janis was fresh and of the new age of electronics with a tough attitude. Janis was 24 yrs old and having Chief for a father had taught her respect.

Her skills were like her fathers' but in her own unique way. The day was hot from the waking lights making shade a priority. The camp was not a public place so the rule was, the state of dress was up to the individual. Most warm days it was not uncommon to see nudity either partial or full. In the out lands of Larado by two in the afternoon, it was over a hundred degrees in the shade and there was no breeze. Most of older men were in pants or shorts with boots. Most of the women were either topless or naked, and the drinks were flowing freely.

Chiefs' truck pulled in the drive and Janis got out and came up to the table with two bags of ice for the cooler. Mike went out to the truck and grabbed the the cases of beer. Once the beer was settled in the cooler Janis pulled her tee shirt off and sat topless at the fire side drinking a beer. Even in the heat we always had fire going, not always roaring but a fire. Some times the fire was just for the smoke which helped keep the flies down, but most of the time we cooked over the open fire pit during the summer.

As I sat at the table I noticed the tattoo on Janis's back that looked to be of a bear. I am of the Bear clan and I walked over to her, looking at her tattoo, and I asked her about it. She said yeah it was a bear but she wasn't happy with it.

I asked her what was wrong with it and she said the line near the belly of the bear looked off. I looked at it closer and agreed, she told me she'd got the tattoo done at a Fair in Corpus Christi. She said that she wanted to get it fixed but didn't know who to get to fix it. I told her I could do it if she wanted and we discussed it for some time. I gave her the name of a good shop in Larado, where Chief and his family had their main residence.

As we talked I noticed her breasts were kali james fucks her stepmom and her bf and the nipples were pierced. I had never really thought of her sexually because she was a child of one of the council.

It occurred to me that she was being quiet chatty with me, talking more than we ever had before all together. Janis was 24 yrs old and I had seen her come and go with men from time to time, enough to know she was sexually active. So I knew she wasn't a virgin, and although I was a good 15 yrs older than her, I found my cock getting rock hard, looking her over. The shorts she had on were cut offs that were quite worn freundin des sohnes gefickt und erwischt showed the cheeks of her ass clearly.

Janis was really out of my league, because of her age and who her father was, but she was nice eye candy for now. I told her if she'd like the cover tattoo done to catch up with me later on. She asked where I could do it and I told her my trailer had all my tattoo gear in it and was air conditioned. We sat drinking and milling about mingling in the conversations around the table for a couple hours. I noticed Chief watching Janis and I getting closer, once catching his eye, he gave me the nod of approval.

I wasn't planning on asking him just yet, so his affirmation was very welcome. After diner I asked Janis if she'd like to get the tattoo done. She said sure and we headed to my mobile home trailer. I had my own two bedroom mobile home trailer and had one of the bed rooms converted into a tattoo studio. It was nice to have a place away from the others to go to when the party got big boobs bound and gagged punish gang permission to cum much.

I had it setup near the entrance to the camp so I could also be the gate keeper so to speak. It was a short walk to the table and fire pit that I could see from the living room. I also had a large screen TV and video games for the rainy days. As we walked in the door I turned the stereo on and showed her to the studio, motioning her to the chair I use for tattooing. She asked she could have a towel for the seat. I said sure, figuring she was sweaty, but as I handed her the towel she took she shorts off and laid them to the side.

She said I hope you don't mind and she went on to explain that she'd had a very wet orgasm when she had the tattoo done in the first place. Joking I said well let's hope that doesn't happen then, rolling my eyes.

I had her sit backward in the seat so she could rest her chest on the back of the seat as I worked. The chair being an old barber chair I modified to allow the arm rests to swing down actress jothika surya sex storys out of the way. When she got in position I put them up so she could be at rest as Shool girl xxx story sex stories worked.

I rolled up behind her on my stool and drew the lines where I planned to tattoo. Janis jumped slightly giggling at the tip of the pens touch.

I said now you'll need to be more still than that or I would have to spank her. She said promises, promises looking over her shoulder as I held the hand mirror for her to see the line I added. I told her I would redo the out line of the whole tattoo to make sure the inks blend well and match. As I readied the gun, ink, and gloved up I hitzefrei texas patti and aby action take turns on a big coc tube porn help notice how when she leaned forward her butt was more visible and I got a quick glimpse of her rose bud asshole.

Janis wasn't model material having more of the girl next door look to her, but from this angle next door girl was looking fan-fucking-tastic. She remained still as I turned the box on and triggered the gun a few times getting the fine setting done.

I told her I was starting and she remained still as I touched the needle to her skin. As I began to round the edge of bear she shuddered for a second and I pulled the gun away from her skin for a second. I asked if she was ok, and she said oh yeah way better than just ok. Her voice almost quivered and the tone told me she was really enjoying herself.

I said ok just try to remain still, and I went back to work. As I moved closer to another line I had done previously she shuddered again and I paused and continued on. That area where lines over lap or come close to one another are usually a very painful point for most people.

Each time it happened Janis would have a mini orgasm, and the smell of sex was getting very pronounced.

In fifteen minutes I was done with the tattoo and wiped her skin clean and covered in Tattoo Goo cream. I released her form the chair and led her to the full mirror to show her the tattoo in the wall mirror.

She thanked me and as she sat back down in the chair, I could see the towel was very clearly wet where it made contact with her pussy. As I put the cover bandage in place and taped it she asked me if I would consider doing a butterfly tattoo for her. I said sure and she showed me a picture on her phone that she wanted done. I asked her where she wanted it, and she leaned back in the chair putting her legs over each arm rests and scooted her butt to the edge of the chair and said right here on the top edge of her pussy with the lower part of the wings on the outer edges of her lips.

It had been a long while since I had done a genital tattoo or seen a cute little pussy like hers, completely shaved. Most of the women who hung around camp naked were older and didn't shave.

Not unattractive but not like this cute little pussy staring at me. I told her I could do that and we discussed the details, as she sent me the picture she wanted tattooed. I sent the picture to my printer and pulled out the tracing paper. I did up the butterfly and we discussed the colors until I was finished. I asked her when she'd like to get it done, and she asked if I would be around camp on Friday afternoon.

I said sure I could do that, and she said she would be back from Larado by then. As I cleaned my gear and put it away, I noticed Janis had not put her legs down and had started rubbing her clit in tiny tight circles. I asked her if she was worried about the sensitivity of doing a tattoo there. She said the only thing she was worried about was squirting me in the face when she comes. I said that wouldn't be a problem for me, in fact I might enjoy it. She said well if you would like to, and before she got the rest of the words out I was on my knees between her thighs.

I nuzzled at her clit as she pulled her lips apart for me. I ate her pussy for a good while and she was wiggling around in the chair, when I lightly bit down on her clit. The splash of girl juice splashed my chin and ran down my chest. I reached up and pinched at her nipples as I kept lightly nibbling on her clit, clamping harder every few seconds and she would squirt a little more.

She began grinding her pussy into my face letting go of her lips and grabbed my head. I waited until I felt her pull my face tight to her clit and I bit down on her clit at the same time I pinched both her nipples with force. The flow of her come was constant and she screamed fuck yes, rubbing my mouth back and forth over her clit. When she let go of my head I sat back on my heals and she sat up in the chair.

Janis said wow right? And I said yeah that was great. Sexy blonde gets fucked in the workshop then the door opened and Clair stepped inside.

Clair said sorry she just wanted to check out the tattooing. Janis said no problem honey, and turned in the chair to show the tattoo.

They went on about the sex pron sex story download, discussing what they each wanted to get done. I grabbed a beer and asked if they wanted one. Both of them said yeah and I passed them beers. Janis didn't make any attempt to cover herself or explain her being naked, which is the way it really should be.

I was still a little bit freaked out by how it never came up and their comfort level around each other. I guess being raised around nudity had really influenced them. From what I knew, Clair was a beautiful young woman just out of high school. She had come along with Chiefs' crew. I didn't know much about her other than she was 18 yrs old and just graduated, and had huge cock dude fucks his college gf kind of job with Janis.

Clair said that they were getting setup for a drum circle around the fire and that she was headed back out to the fire. I knew Janis usually drummed so I grabbed another beer, guitar and said well let's go.

Janis put her shorts back on and as we got to the door she kissed me and said thank you. The fire was roaring bright in the diminishing light of the sun setting. What a great life, sharing the best life had to offer with friends. With the rising of the sun, I relived the evening before in my mind and thought how it could have gone differently, always the pervert.

Those thoughts gave way as I saw Chiefs' truck pull out the driveway to the main road. Waking up, I showered and ate breakfast, and then went up to where the table was. It was as most mornings, the coffee was flowing and people wandering in and out of the shower room at the main trailer. The camp had several gutted old trailers that people who visited used as sleeping quarters.

There were was a base group of us who lived at camp most of the year and those who visited for days or weeks. Visitors usually stayed in tents or their vehicles but some elected to stay in the out trailers. Any given day there was between six and twenty people in camp.

The local Leo's left us alone and the camp was more like a commune than camp ground. Before Mike had bought it, the camp was a trailer park that had not been used in five years. No one ever was asked to pay to stay, as the camp wasn't a business but a place for friends to get together.

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As I sat down at the table with my coffee, Vintage hot blonde sucking and riding a cock said morning Gunny, and I said like wise good-sir. We both raised our coffee cups to salute each other. It was our way acknowledging each other with respect.

Chief said nice work on the tattoo, to which I said thank you. I asked where Janis was so I could check it out in the day light. Chief told me that Janis and Clair were on a Bud run to Larado. I said damn, I wish I'd known, I would have donated to the cause. He said no worry there will be more than enough for everyone. He said that Clair sure is a pretty one, I said sure enough. He said yeah she is a natural born stripper, big money earner too. Chief owned a couple strip clubs around Larado so he would know.

It also helped me understand how she was so comfortable with Janiss' sexual nudity last night. I told him I didn't think she was old enough and he said yeah only by 3 months.

Chief said funniest thing is she can work as a stripper but she can't drink or even serve drinks. Chief said he thought of her as a daughter but liked that she wasn't. It was another typical day around camp, people filing through visiting and then moving on.

We heard from Janis that they had got the BBQ sause and they would be home later that night. That was our code for Marijauana, not using it by name as it wasn't legal just yet. Chief me told the story of how Clair's father had killed her mother and then tried to kill her too before killing himself. Clair and Janis were friends at the time so Clair moved in with her to finish High school. She asked Chief for a job stripping at the club, but he had been reluctant to hire her.

Finely he had given in when Janis asked for her, so he and hired her and she worked out to be a good performer. He said he was happy she was too young to get into the drugs and drinking at the club though. The camp was Marijuana and alcohol acceptable but no other drugs were allowed. People who did harder drugs were watched and under suspicion and more often then not, not welcomed back. Some main stream folks would consider the camp to be way out there, but to us, it was where the line was drawn.

Camp was 30 miles outside Larado but it took an hour and a half to drive. I knew it would be later before Janis and Clair made it back to camp so I turned in early, just after sun set. The party went on well after I was asleep but that wasn't unusual at all. Just after midnight I heard Chiefs' truck pull in and a few minutes later a knock at my door. I opened the door naked as I always slept naked and Clair asked if I had room for her to sleep.

I said sure and held the door as she went passed me brushing my cock as she went by. I told her the couches in the living room or the Tattoo studio were available or she could sleep in bed with me. As I turned to go back to bed, I was surprised that she followed me. I thought for sure she would have taken latin cheerleader zara brooks gets dicked down of the couches. I got back in bed leaving plenty of room on the other side for her.

I turned over and started to drift off to sleep when she climbed on the bed and snuggled up to my back.

I was woke by the morning light in my eye and the sounds of folks moving about camp. It was then I noticed Clair's arm laying over my side and her body still snuggled up to me. I realized Clair's' hand had hold of my semi hard cock. I turned away from her as I sat to the edge of the bed and lit a joint. Clair stretched like a cat and scampered over to sit next to me on the edge of the bed. She was cute like a little kitten watching me toke on the joint and I offered it to her.

She took it and toked on it like an old pro. I got up and started getting my pants on, for the first time really noticing that Clair was naked. I went into the campers' kitchen-living room and turned the TV on to the news. Clair came in and sat down still naked, and passed the joint back to me. She thanked me for letting her sleep here and explained there were a few people around the camp that she didn't feel safe around.

I told her she was welcome to stay with me anytime. She thanked me and started getting dressed. We went down to the table and greeted everyone around, while getting coffee. Janis came out from the shower house and hugged Chief and then Clair and I. Janis asked if I was was still up for tattooing later and I said sure enough. Clair asked her if she could watch, and she said no problem.

After lunch the sun got too hot for me and I went up to my trailer and started getting my tattoo stuff setup. It wasn't long before Janis and Clair came in and sat down.

Janis sat in the barber chair that I used for tattooing and scooted to the edge big ghetto breast tube porn pulled her shorts off. She put her legs over the arms of the chair and I moved between her legs with the stencil.

I asked her to spread her legs further apart and she scooted down some more and relaxed. Clair watched intently as I placed the stencil in place and peeled it back leaving the out line of the butterfly. I could swear I sensed her mentally licking her lips. Clair asked her how she kept her hair from growing back in, if she shaved real mother and son homemade story waxed.

Janis told her how she had laser hair removal done and all about the procedure, as I got the tattoo gun set up. It was the most open I have ever had a woman get a tattoo. Some women were very shy, others open to me, but Janis acted like her vagina was just like any other body part as far as talking about care and such. It was fascinating to me, because although I was focused on the tattooing I was about to start, I couldn't help remember how she'd had an orgasm when I did the cover tattoo on her back.

Before I started I asked her if she would like a towel under her as I moved it in place under her, not really expecting her to answer. She said yeah better, and Clair watched as I put it under her. Janis explained to Clair that she has had orgasms during tattooing before. Clair said really from the pain. She said yes as I brought the gun to her skin.

Clair asked me if that was normal and I told her Normal was a city in Illinois. I moved methodically around the outer edges of the out line, keeping my pace even and steady in pressure. I could tell Janis was getting aroused by her scent and slight gyrations as I ended a long section of line. Most people who get tattoos have a significant increase in pulse and respiration during the procedure.

Janis was no different but, she was getting wetter and wetter as I continued. She was gyrating to the point where I had to raise the gun to keep from going too deep.

I knew she was holding back a epic orgasm, and I had hoped to finish the outline before she came, for her sake. I realized that I wasn't going to be able to finish the outline in this session when I looked up and saw her holding Clair's' hand looking only in her eyes.

I rounded the top of the butterfly wing and followed the line to the base that was nearest to her vagina, when she shook. The girl juices squirted from her and she shuddered drawing her knees together in waves as she came. I had not picked up on a sexual connection between Clair and Janis before, but both seemed to be riding out Janis's orgasm together. I rolled back out of the way, put the cover on the ink, washed the needle and shut down the box. When they came down from the orgasmic high I dabbed the area I had tattooed clean and put some tattoo goop on the area.

I helped Janis get up and we all went back to my bed room and laid together. We woke a few hours later to the sound of a loud truck coming in the driveway. It was still light out and my eyes focused on the clock, it was six thirty so there should still be some dinner left down in the kitchen. The girls roused and began kissing each other over top of me. There is something fascinating about women kissing each other, like they are the perfect kiss.

Watching the two of them kissing was getting me harder by the second and if it kept up my hard on would touch their kiss. As if they could sense my cock rapidly hardening, Clair laid her hand on my cock. At first she hardly moved leading me to think maybe she'd needed to balance herself, but then she closed her hand around my cock. They continued kissing and Clair's' hand was joined by Janis' hand. Both of them holding each others' hand and my cock at the same time. Ever so slowly they started to move their hands up and down still on my cock.

Clair swung her leg over to straddle me and they both held my cock up and into her pussy. Janis lovely girl sucks two large dicks hardcore blowjob her leg over my head to straddle my face. The girls facing each other began kissing and feeling each others breasts.

One of the few advantages of being slightly older for men is lasting longer sexually and I was enjoying the suny leone sexy storys xxx of the young woman gyrating her pussy on my mouth. Janis smelled so wonderful and her juices were flowing as I lapped them up. As she rocked forward I flickered my tongue over her rose bud asshole and she flinched for a second and held still.

I heard say out loud oh my god and then rock back so her pussy was once again over my mouth. Clair said switch position, and she turned around never letting my cock escape her tight silky pussy. Janis got off of my face and leaned down kissing me tasting her juices. As she broke the kiss I told her I wasn't going to last much longer. She went around and I could feel her playing with my balls and rubbing Clair's' clit.

To my surprise she pulled my cock from Clair's' pussy and sucked it for a few seconds. Rather than put it back in Clair though she began rubbing the head of my cock over Clair's clit. The speed and force at which she manipulated my cock was a wonderful sensation like I'd never felt before.

I knew I was close to coming and I heard Clair coming. The sounds were wet and furious sloshing and I started to come. My cock head hurt as the the first squirt of come came out, the second seemed as painful but deeper into my balls which felt tight. I felt like my stream of come was almost constant as Janis continued to stroke my cock over Clair's' clit.

As I stopped coming the girls were commenting how they'd never seen so much come before. As Clair dismounted me I could see her covered from her face to her pubic mound in my come. It was surreal like some bad porno bukkakeA scene, but they both were covered in my come.

What came next was almost as erotic in that they both started licked my come off each other. With all my sexual experiences, I knew this was a porn dream come true. I was spent and as I watched them I could feel more come drain from my cock as it shrunk. I'd never produced come in this volume before, but I was very pleased to have had this experience.

As I drifted off to sleep I was wondering what was the difference that made this happen and naughty girls know how to tease guys I would be able to do it again.

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My minds last thought was when I would be able to fuck them again.