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Stroking beautys sexy beaver hardcore and blowjob
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My plane landed at the airport right on time, and sister Beth was there to pick me up. We had a nice brother sister chat on the way home. I told her everything that happened out west, but omitted my sexual encounters with Shannon.

Big difference in temperature between here and California. We had a board of directors meeting set up for the end of the week, we have one every year around this time. Dad is the president, Brenda the vice-president, Beth the secretary, and I am the treasure, of the corporation. We go over the whole year, and then the coming year, and make other decisions on what direction we want the company to go. It was time for me to tell them that I decide to resign from the company and move to California.

I missed and loved Shannon way to much to stay here any longer. Now was the right time to make the move. If for some reason it does not work out, then I can still come back here. They all agreed, and figured that this was going to happen, cute babe mila marx gets paid to suck cock they already made plans to on how to proceed without me here.

The girls told me. "that they would watch the cottage for me and use it in the summer months." We had a real good year last construction season, especially in the general contracting division, lots of building going on in the plants. Dad passed out the bonuses to us, plus he gave me an added bonus to help me out till I got on my feet out west. He also sold me the 81 Bronco, for a grand, which is a company vehicle that I had been driving past 2 years.

The board meeting finished up, and we all went out and had lunch afterwards, we have always been sort of a close knit family. They asked me "when Shannon was due here." "She is still in Hawaii film her part in the Magnum PI show, she told me she hopes to wrap up end of this week, or early next. She still plans on flying out here on Monday the 19th.", I reported to them.

"With Christmas on a Sunday this year, we plan on heading back west on Monday the 26.", I informed them. We always went to the folks house, Christmas day dinner. I figured that Shannon and I would spend the night there, and leave in the morning. That way I could close up the cottage on Saturday, for the winter.

It was a busy couple of weeks, and before I knew it I was at the airport waiting for my blonde goddess to show up. I watched the plane land and taxi up to the terminal. I counted and she was the 12 person off the plane. As she came through door she spotted me and rushed to my arms.

We hugged and kissed. "O my I missed you it feels soooo good to be in your arms.", she gushed as she kissed oiled up orgy outside near the pool again. "It is so good to see you, did I ever miss you, and I love you, how was your trip?", I asked her as I returned her kiss.

"I love you to, the trip was great, I am so glad to be here.", She whispered into my ear. We got her bags, and headed out the door towards the truck(for some reason I always call the bronco a truck). We got in and headed for the cottage. It was cold outside and she was shivering before the heater warmed up the inside of the truck. Light snow was falling and there was 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. It was almost dinner time, when we got to the cottage. I had a pork roast in the oven with bake potato's.

It smelled real good when we walk into the cottage. I knew she would be hungry from the long trip. I also had a fire in the fireplace going to heat up the cottage. She saw the fire going and ran over to it to warm herself up. She got her clothes put away and I got dinner on a table in front of the fire place, and we ate. "She told me all about Hawaii, and shooting scenes on the show, and just how nice the main actors were to her.", she said between mouth fulls of food.

"Tom and Larry both real nice and took her out to dinner and she told them all about me getting her this job.", she added. We finished dinner, cleaned up the dishes, and we sat before the fire on my bear skin rug. I put a sheet over the rug, in case we leaked some fluids. Pretty quick we are making out and I slowly undress her, as she undressed me. Our tongues are dancing with each other in my mouth. We lay down in front of the fire place, and I gently start to massage her breast, and nipples.

They were popped out about an half an inch. We kissed some more, and it was very romantic with only the fireplace giving of any type of light. We could hear the wind blowing and light snow was coming down. "O your touch feels so good, it has only been 3 weeks or so, but it feels like we been apart 3 months.", She moans into my mouth.

"I have missed you so much, now that I have you in my arms, I am never letting you go.", I whispered back to her. We kissed with more passion, our tongues were flicking into each others mouth. I continue to massage her breast and nipples. My hand slowly worked its way down to her pussy. To my surprise it was bare. "I shaved my hair off down there for you, do you like it baby?", she breathed into my ear.

" You are always full of surprises, that is why I love you so, yes I like it.", I said, as I kissed her ear. My hand was busy stroking her bare lips, what a turn on to me. I could feel some of her fluids start to leak out of her pussy. I sent my fingers into her pussy to investigate the leakage, and she was so turned on, she was soaking wet in her pussy. I rotated my fingers around her love hole, picking up speed, I could here her gasping. I moved my finger up to the roof of her vagina touching her sensitive spot there.

I keep pressure on that spot, causing pretty latin babe rides on the hard cock of bp officer hardcore brunette some intensive pleasure. I moved over and started to rub her clitoris, and then back to that sensitive spot, rotating between the two areas. Mean while my mouth was working her nipples over, sucking them and licking them, causing bumps on her areola. "O God baby that feels soooo goooood don't stop keep it right there.", She panted.

"I am close to cuming, do it harder, make me cum.", She cried out. I could feel her fluids start to thicken on my fingers, and I kept working her good and soon her legs clamped against my hand as her orgasm shook her body with pleasure. "Baby I have to go down there, and see what a shaved pussy taste like, do you want to lick your pussy.", I asked her in a sexy voice. "O yes lick my pussy make me cum again please.", She purred.

I moved down to her shave beaver and licked the juices that were on the outside of her bare lips. She spread her legs wide open for better access for me, as my tongue started to probe the entrance to her love hole.

I licked her up and down and gave special attention to her clitoris. Soon she was squirming around, and humping her hips into my face. "I am going to cum, I am going to cum.", She screamed as she pushed my face right into her pussy. I was not quick enough and she locked her legs around my head, as she exploded her orgasm right into my face, I tried to drink as much of her sweet nectar as I could. I moved up, and inserted my rock hard cock into her steaming love hole, filling it up with my meat.

We got into a steady rhythm of hard fucking, with my sack slapping at her asshole, as we fucked. "O my God baby I am ready to cum again.", She panted. "Me to.", I grunted back I could feel the pressure building up in my sack, ready to erupt, and I exploded a 15 day supply of cum into her bare pussy, just as she wrapped her legs tightly around me, drawing me into her deeper She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, and I went to the kitchen to wash up.

I grabbed some clean sheets, and some blankets, and pillows, and put them on the bear skin rug. I stoked up the fireplace, just as she came out of the bathroom "O cool we are going to sleep on the bear rug by the fire.", She exclaimed.

We laid down on jhanvi kapoor sex full sex stories rug with her in my arms, and we feel asleep. We both slept without moving till xxx sexy pornpussy puking sex came.

It seem to me that the rest of the week just flew by, and finally Saturday came, and she helped me close up the cottage, and we got it all winterized. We loaded up the truck and headed over to my folks house to spend Christmas Eve and Day with them, before we left for California. We got to the house and Mom was there to welcome us, and she showed us to my old room to sleep in.

S he left us to get settled in, and get dinner ready. Shannon gave out an odd laugh as she said, "I feel funny sleeping together with you under your parents roof." "You think they don't know that we sleep together.", I replied., "Maybe I should tell them about Monday night on the bear skin rug.', I said teasing her. She hauled off and smacked me on the arm and shhhhhed me. Mom call up and said that dinner was ready.

We all sat down and had a great meal, Mom is a very good cook, that is where I learn how to cook from. We cleaned up the dishes, and then we all headed to church for Christmas Eve services. We got home and sat around for a while talking. They want to hear all about Shannon's trip to Hawaii, and how the shoot went for the show, and when was she going to be on TV. Sunday was Christmas and we brought down the gifts that I got for all of our family.

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We open gifts in the afternoon when everyone gets here. The gang showed up around 2 pm, and gift opening started right away.

Mom and Dad gave Shannon and me our gift together. It was a cashier check for $25,000.00, to help us start our new life together. That brought tears to Shannon eyes as she gave them both a hug and kiss. As you can guess Shannon is a big hit with my family.

I gave Shannon my gift last it was a krugerrand gold coin in a neckless. Mom and Dad got them when they were in South Africa in the mid 70's. It was one the things that I salvaged from the divorce. I put the neckless on her and she look stunning. She gave me a hug and kiss, and ran to the closest mirror to see how it looked on her.

It is about 1 oz of gold, worth at current pricing around 400 dollars. Mom always does a great job with Christmas Dinner, we had prime beef tenderloin cook medium rare, with mash potato's, gravy, vegetable, salad, and dessert.

Everybody left around 6, they all wished us good luck on our life together in California. We headed up to bed around 10, and just like Saturday night, I tried to make love to Shannon, but she was not having any of it.

No matter how hard I tried she said nope. She would not even let me feel her breast. So I kissed her good night, and whispered in her ear, "Monday night at the hotel we stop at, you are going to owe me big time." "Ok!", she said as she laughed. Monday morning we said our good byes to the folks, and jumped into the Bronco, and headed west.

As we got out of town and on the freeway, Shannon started up some idle chatter, then she look at me. "You ritina yuzuki uncensored japan fuck what your mother said to me as she hugged me?", She asked me. "I have no idea, what did she say." I replied wanting to know. "She hugged me and said you will take good care of my baby boy, won't you.", She told me.

"That is my mom, I love her so.", I said with a smile. Three days later we pulled into her apartment, and I was tired from driving. Sarah came running out and gave us both a hug as she was glad to see us. I settled down to my new life with Shannon in California. I hope I made the right choice.

It was New Years Eve, time to chase out the old year 82, and usher in the new year 83. The girls were invited to a couple of parties, which they planned to attend. They went out and got complete new outfits to wear. It is a unwritten rule that no one wears the same outfit, so somehow they manage to cataloged the outfits, don't ask me how, as men don't know shit about that stuff.

We attend both parties and had lots of fun, I meet many new faces at these parties, and got some good contacts. I was introduced to Gene Simons of the rock band Kiss, and his actress/girlfriend Shannon Tweed.

The two Shannon's new each other from being together at the Playboy Mansion. It was fun talking to Gene. As usual everyone tells everyone to come and see them anytime, but nobody ever does. We got home the next morning around 5 am, and I slept till noon, Shannon slept to 3, and Sarah got home around noon was still in bed. Things settled down into a routine, and I was working at being a good manager for Shannon, but it was hard as competition for work in the movie business is fierce.

I got tapes of everything that Shannon has done out here. I was looking for her strong points, and her weak two luscious chicks have fun with toys lesbian blonde. I made a list of both, it took me a few weeks of watch and writing, and watching again, to make sure I did not miss anything. It was sad, as she did not have a lot of good points, other than her beauty, and body.

She never really had any training to be an actress, and it showed as she is not really that polished. She needs help with acting lessons, and maybe a tutor to help her also. All that stuff is expensive. Finally it all came to a head. We had our first major fight over this, or least girls fan storys in hostel room did.

I told her, "that as an actress she was very limited, due to her lack of experience, and training."I also told her, " that she need to go to acting school to get that training." For some reason that struck her wrong, or she took it the wrong way, as she fired sexy blond milf brandi love is massaged ampamp fucked by her masseur at me.

"Are you saying that my acting ability sucks, and they only cast me for my looks and body.", she asked with her blue eyes cold as ice. "No honey I am saying that you need some help to get to the next level, or you will always be cast in B movies." I tried to explain to her.

"Then what are you trying to say, that I should be your little wifie poo, and we go back to that cottage in nowhere's ville. Raise 3 kids and go to the PTA.", She screamed at me. "No No No No you got it all wrong, I don't want to go back, our future is out here.", I said, as I tried to reason with her. She had a head of steam built up and let it loose on me, ranting and raving, say all kinds of bad things about me and us. How I was a lousy lover, and never really did satisfied her, she faked everything.

Finally she said "I see now that my future is not your future, you have no faith in me as an actress, you have been here a month and you think you're an expert. I want you out of here, I don't want to see you anymore. You can come get your stuff when I am not here.", She cried at as she ran up the stairs and slammed the bedroom door shut.

I sat there stunned, not knowing what to do, so I just sat there waiting for her to come back down the stairs. I could hear her crying up there. I wanted so bad to walk up there and hold her in my arms, and comfort her.

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But I just sat here in silence, thinking. Finally after a couple of hours, I heard the bedroom door opening, she came down the stairs, and she saw me still sitting there. "What the fuck are you still doing here, I told you to get the fuck out of my apartment now.", she spoke in a venomous tone. "Shannon I love with all my heart, let me say what I have to say, and then I will leave your life for good?", I asked her. She just stared at me with a cold look and nodded her head yes.

"I waited for you to come down, so we could talk about how to tear you apart, and rebuild you into an academy award winning actress. You have the talent, ability, and beauty to accomplish this, and if we work together as a team, then we will succeed, but remember this what ever happens I will double xnx sex storys woman love you." I said in a nervous voice.

I looked at her, and her bottom lip was quivering, there were tears in her beautiful blue eyes, and she ran to me and throw her arms around my neck and buried her face into my shoulder, and cried. I held her tight, and let her cry. "O My God, I am so sorry, I don't know what came over me. Can you ever forgive me.", She sobbed on my shoulder. "Shannon I love you and of course I will forgive you, if you forgive me.", I said as I stroked her hair softly as I held her tight to me.

She pulled back and look at me in a very loving way, and she said, " I do love you, and I am sorry for what I said, it was wrong of me, you were only trying to help, I have nothing to forgive you for, you were right. I will work with you as my teammate, and lover, to accomplish these goals.", she said, as she gave me a soft kiss. She broke the kiss busty stripteases are licking and riding passioantely turned and headed towards the stairs, stopped and held her hand out to me.

We walked up the stairs hand in hand. We got to our bedroom, and she kissed me passionately, then looked softly into my eyes. "Please make love to me, make me cum, make feel wantedneeded, and loved.

OOO how I love you so.", she softly cooed to me in a very loving way. We stripped our clothes off, and I picked her up and carried her to our bed, laying her down I climb in beside her, and we started to kiss softly at first and then with more passion.

Our tongues gently danced together, showing the love busty amateur gf kimberly kendall anal pounded outdoors had for each other. As we kissed, my hand was busy on her 36C breast, rubbing and massaging them, making her nipples stick up like little minute man missiles waiting for launch. I broke the kiss and started on her ear tenderly licking and nibbling on it(she loves for me to do that). I kissed her slender neck, and softly gave it love bites.

I stopped at her breast and started to lick at her nipples, and gently nibbled on them. She gave a couple of gasps at that.

"OOOOO baby that feels sooooo good when you lick and bite my nipples, it starts to get my pussy wet.", She cooed at me I ran my hand down to her bare lips to check it out. She was right, there was moisture on her outer pussy lips. I slowly inserted my finger into her snatch, and started to work it a little bit. Her pussy was just sopping wet, and I could feel her liquid gushing around my two fingers that I had inside of her.

I started to rotate my fingers real slow at first, gently teasing her pussy. She was thrusting her hips into my fingers, demanding more. I started to pick up the speed and moved up the her sensitive spot on the roof of vagina.

I hit that a couple of times and her hips came right off the bed in hot pleasure. All this time I was sucking feverishly on her nipples, and she was moaning in pleasure.

"O baby go down and lick my pussy with your talented tongue, make me cum hard.", She said with love and sex dripping from her voice. I was never one to turn down her request, and I slowly worked my head down to her pussy. She spread her legs wide, and I put my mouth over the top of her pussy lips, and sucked on them, like a hoover vacuum cleaner.

She was squirming like a worm on a hook, as I continue to pleasure her. I worked my tongue into her bare pussy and lick and suck on it, and on her clitoris, till I could feel her orgasm start to build up.

She hit like old faithful the geyser, dousing my face full of her warmer orgasm. I did my best to lick and suck it all up, but it was like she threw a bucket full of cum at me. As I came up for some air, with her cum still dripping off my face, she was squirming and twisting around, with her eyes closed, and then they popped wicked amazing teen lusty appreciation blowjob and amateur and she said to me.

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"I want you in me right now, fuck me as hard as you can.", she said mom and son desi adiesex stories a wild lust full look in her eyes. I moved up and filled her cunt with my cock, and fucked her as hard and rough as I could. Her pussy was hot, and it was not long and my cum tube and nuts were filled with her heat. I could feel that good feeling of cum ready to explode. "Shannon baby I am ready to cum.", I warned her "O honey fill me with your seed, plant it deep.", was all that she said.

I dumped a load, that made her belly button stick out, sure felt like ten spurts of cum that came out of me into her waiting pussy. Man that explosion whipped me, I think that all my juices were now in Shannon. I flopped off her and just laid there. "O baby that was so good, I love you so much, lets never fight again.", She lovingly whispered into my ear, as she held me tight.

We sat down the next day and started to plan out our future. She did some checking on what acting schools were the best, and the cost to join. I knew they would not be cheap. She enrolled into one, and I went with her, to learn all that I could. I was able to start meeting people who were helping me learn how to be a script writer, director, and producer in the movie business.

Shannon was taking acting lesson, and she was a fast learner. Things were going good and we were waiting for our next big break in this business. The next day her episode on Magnum PI was aired, I thought she did a fabulous job. A couple days later the Magnum people called, and asked if she could come out for dada poti sex xnxx ebony season final episode, which will be filmed in a couple weeks.

They would get with her in the next day or two on the scheduling. Now she was all wound up with excitement. All the information came in the next couple of days, we got our flights, hotels, and told the acting school that she would be on a shoot for 2 weeks.

They have strict rules, and said that this was an excusable reason to be gone, and wished her good luck. I called home to the office to talk with Dad, and tell what was going on.

The secretary answered the phone, and I asked to speak to Dad, he answered, and he said hold on I want the girls to hear this. Soon as everyone was on, I filled them in on what has been happening so far. They wished us well and good luck, and Dad said that the would tell mother that I called.

We packed our bags and headed for paradise as Magnum calls it in the show. The flight was good, as we got to our hotel, the clerk gave Shannon a letter. Inside was an itinerary of the up coming week work schedule. When the shooting was done, there would be a big season ending party.

She went into the bedroom, and came out in her skimpy blue bikini, that matched her eyes. "Lets go down to the beach for a while, and unwind a bit.", she said with a mischievous smile. "OK.", I replied eyeballing her skimpy suit. I got my suit on and came back into the room, she was standing on the balcony look out at the ocean. I came up behind her and started to rub her body, and of course I stopped at her tits, and got me a hand full. "No No No beach first before any sex.", she said as she smiled at me while pushing my hands away.

We headed down to the beach, had a nice swim, and then went for a walk down the beach. It sure felt good to do absolutely nothing for a while but hold her hand while we walked. We came back to our hotel and laid around the pool for an hour or so. But I kept remembering her promise of swim firstsex second, and I figured it was about sex time.

"We should head back to the room for a nap" I suggested. She just laughed at me, knowing what was on my mind. We stripped our suits off and I told her to lay down on the bed. I started to give her a massage. I started at her toes rubbing and massaging each toe and both feet.

I slowly worked up her lovely calves giving each a good rubdown, to her thighs. She slightly parted them for better access, and I rubbed them and her lovely buttock. "O God baby does that feel sooooo good.", she moaned at me. I rubbed her back, shoulders, and down each arm to her fingers.

I think that I was turning mom and son desi adiesex stories into butter with this massage. I told her, "to move over onto her back for me." I started on her toes again and moved up her legs.

She had them parted and as I looked at her pussy I could see moisture on her bare lips. I worked my hands up the top of her thighs, till I got to that bare pussy. It looked so delicious to eat. But first I rubbed around her lips real slow and gently.

She was completely relax by now, and was softly moaning as I rubbed her pussy lip. I spread her pussy lips, and slowly inserted two fingers in to her pussy. I started to give her a real good massage inside of her shaved fanny.

I could feel her liquid start to flow. I worked my finger faster and fast, and her breathing got deeper and faster with me. Soon she was twisting and squirming on the bed, as I was working on her engorged clitoris. All of a sudden she grabbed the pillow and scream loudly into it, her legs snapped tight, as her orgasm wrack her body. I let her settle down and then I spread her legs as wide as I could and got my head down there to start to lick up her juices, that were still running out of her pussy.

I gave her the hoover treatment, as I suck real hard and fast on her lips. Then I move up to her clitoris, and licked it as slow and steady as I could. God I just love to eat her honey pot, it tasted like the sweet nectar of love juice. Slow and steady I licked and sucked her pussy and clitoris, till I felt her secretion start to thicken and flow faster, as her orgasm started to begin.

She rock and shook and exploded an ocean of cum into my face and mouth, for a moment I though I might drown. I surface with a grin from ear to ear, as she was howling into the pillow with pleasure. "O My God babe that was so fucking good, from the massage to the finger fuck, to you eating me out.

I think that is the most that I ever cumed.", she exhaustively said, as I kissed her deeply so she could taste herself. Her hand was stroking my ridged cock in a steady motion. She broke the kiss, "it is my turn now.", she said as she nibbled on my ear. She moved down my body and took my cock in her mouth and swallowed me deeply right to the base. She worked me up and down. Then backed off to let me cool down.

Then she licked my sack, and sucked my balls. She went back to sucking the head of my cock, tickling my exit hole. She could tell that I was close to cuming, and backed off, and crawled up to me on her stomach. "Do me from the behind baby.", she said as she looked me right in the eyes. "Are you sure, I no that you had a bad experience one time that way.", I said in a concern way. "I am sure, just do it please.", She begged.

I mounted her from behind and sunk my cock deep into her pussy. I fucked her slowly at first to get her used to the feeling, and then I picked up speed. It was a big turn on to see her pussy lips gripping my cock. I pumped away deep inside her pussy. She became vocal. "YES that is it baby fuck me harder, dump your seed into me, hurry I am close to cuming.", she cried softly. I just grunted as I was almost there. "Now Now Now baby now.", She huffed and puffed as her orgasm started.

"O God baby here I go!!!", I said as I dump my load of seed deep inside of her. I held her ass tight, as I fill her pussy full of my cum. As I let go of her, she flopped down on the bed on her tummy just laying there fully exhausted.

"My God that was some of the very best sex you ever did with me.", she mumbled into the pillow. We both crashed on the bed for a nap, we slept for a couple of hours and then took a shower together.

We dressed and went out for dinner. We hit the sack early, knowing by the itinerary that the rest of the week would be very busy. During the week I talked with the script writers about their job, and how to be a good script writer.

I was able to talk with the director on how he chose the shots per scene that he wanted taken. Finally I was able confer with the producers on what it took to produce this show.

In the end I picked up a ton of information. Shannon was very busy, she had a lot of lines for the 2 hour season finally. She looked great, and did a very good job. But the 12 hour days had her bushed when we got home.

Finally the shooting was finished, and xxxx story sex stories sixe fall sex stories story 2019sex stories was satisfied with the end product. They had a very nice season final party.

I hit off big with Tom, when he found out I was from Michigan and was a Tiger fan. We must have talked for about an hour on the Tiger's. "What are your plans for the future in show business?", he asked me. "I would like to write scripts for movies, and then direct those movies.", I told him. two horny sluts gets slammed by fat cock what about Shannon?", he asked me again. "I told him that she is working hard taking acting lessons, and we will see what that brings us.", I responded back to him.

"You know you have a very loyal woman there, a number of guys tried to hit on including fisting her wrecked teen pussy till she squirts hard, but she fend them all off very politelyand when Larry and I had dinner with her and she told us all about you, and now I know why, I can see she is deeply in love with you.", He told me. "Further more I can see where the acting lessons are starting to pay off, as she is much more confidant on the set, then the first time.

You have a very beautiful woman there, and in this business it is extremely hard to keep them for any length of time.

I wish you and her the best of luck.", he said to me. We had 4 days left of our vacation, and we spent a day each in Maui, and the Big Island Hawaii, and the rest back at our hotel in Honolulu till our time was up. Paradise was real nice, but it was time to head home and back to our lives in Hollywood.