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Crack whores smoking crack while fucked in the ass
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Isabelle's back aches, the pain searing through her troubled dreams. She opens her eyes to find herself in Lord James' bed. Covered in the heavy drapery of the sheets, she gingerly sits up to peer out of the bed's canopy. Behind her, James sits in an arm chair, watching her as she looks for him.

He feels a strange stirring of an emotion he cannot quite verbalize. His eyes roam over Isabelle's healing, bare skin as it reveals itself from the sheets. James' fists clench at the memory of how those marks came to be on Isabelle's skin. He clears his throat, and she whips around to face him, startled at the noise. "My lord." she begins to speak. James waves his hand alina li gets oiled up and fucked silence her.

Isabelle's face falls, and she delicately crawls from the sheets, her bare skin glimmering in the sunlight streaming through the windows. She continues to crawl until she is between his legs, a perfect image of true subservience. Rubbing her cheek on his inner thigh, Isabelle tries to coax James into looking at her.

She glances at his manhood for any signs of arousal, and though she senses his lust, he pushes her - gently - away. "If you wish, I have left some garments for you within the antechamber." James speaks at a level barely above a whisper and then leaves the room. Isabelle simply is unable to fathom what could have possibly possessed her previously domineering lover. She shakes as she dresses herself, concerned for her future: Does James no longer wish to use her?

Will he toss her back to serfdom, or worse, a plaything of the castle guards? She leaves the chamber and weaves her way through the castle. Multiple servants buzz past her in their haste; she drifts along as if invisible. She finds herself walking through two doors, onto a large balcony overlooking a courtyard. The sun bears down, but it fails to find her heart.

A warm hand on the small of her back rushes Isabelle out of her thoughts. She turns right into Sean's chest and freezes in acknowledgement of his presence. "Isabelle." he begins to speak. She interrupts him by slapping him across the face.

His eyes are wide in shock as she hisses, "Do NOT touch me." He grabs her wrist, though more out of restraint than retaliation. "I was coming to offer my apologies for the previous evening; however, it would do you well to remember that you are mine, even if it is only in the presence of that scum you call 'lord.' " The space between Sean and Isabelle is electric with the tension.

It has also grown dangerously narrow as he delivers his toxic news, "Besides, James cares little for you. He has already found another to occupy his dalliances. I would suggest you count your blessings you have me to protect you from being tossed to the guards." Tears threaten to well in Isabelle's chocolate eyes.

Sean gestures to the courtyard, where as surely as the sun is shining, James is best xxx story by sunny leon arm and arm with the blonde woman from the masked feast.

Rage courses through her veins as Isabelle gazes on the scene; she turns to Sean, who has moved even closer to her, eyes locked to her red lips.

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She goes to speak but is interrupted as he grabs the back of her neck and kisses her roughly. She struggles at first but melts into his advances. "What is the point of resisting anyway?" she muses.

"I am already worthless to James." Sean's hands roam across her back, gripping the fabric that so dares to separate her from his grasp. He begins to nip down her neck, careful not to leave marks on her delicate skin.

He groans, "I need you now, Isabelle." His hands crawl back up to her shoulders and begin to push her down. She sighs inwardly and kneels. Sean reveals his cock to her through curvy luscious teen babe likes fucking a lot trousers, and Isabelle's lips deftly engulf the tip. He moans as her tongue slowly slides down his shaft to his balls, the tip of her tongue drawing circles at the base before she draws up, allowing her saliva to cool on his skin.

Suddenly, he moves to join her on the stone floor, lifting her skirts to gain access to her glistening sex. Isabelle tenses at some indescribable instinct - deja vu grips her, but she is pulled promptly from the reverie by Sean's dick smearing its precum on her lips. She begins again as Sean assaults her pussy, his tongue circling her lips and torturing her by avoiding her excited clit. The warmth of her mouth radiates into his dick as it pulses in and out of the depths. She sucks on the head, earning a louder moan and a pleasurable flick of his tongue over her clit at long last.

Isabelle whimpers, and Sean rewards her with another lick- a long, slow lick that starts at the bottom of her slit and travels slowly up, circling her wet hole before flicking her pleasure nub. Isabelle gasps in amazement - it seems as if only a few days have turned shy, inexperienced Sean into a fantastic oral lover. Mindful of their exposed position, she picks up speed, sucking harder on his head and massaging his balls as they begin to contract in ecstasy. His hips drive his dick deeper; Sean wraps his legs around her head to ensure the deepest of penetration into her throat.

As he nears his climax, he penetrates her with his tongue and wiggles it wildly. Isabelle cries out, her juices creaming onto Sean's tongue as she reaches a surprised orgasm. Sean's cock cannot handle the moans surrounding the head, and he spurts deep into her throat, spasming at the massage of her mouth. James and the blonde stop and gaze up at the balcony - curious as to the source of the outcry - but see nothing past the brick wall. They continue their walk, though James feels a twitch in his pants for some unknown reason.

The blonde's hand primly slides to the hardening dick in his trousers. "Oh, what have we here?" she coos. James sighs, allowing her to slide her hand onto him and attempt to stir his arousal further. Though any touch when one desires pleasure can be a pleasurable touch, the blonde does not seem to understand the nuances of James' desires.

He stops her, and they continue their walk. Sean and Isabelle clean up and enter back into the castle. He turns to her, "You deserve some fun, other than what we just did," and takes her hand. She follows him to the lower depths of the castle where the servants are boarded. The rooms are mere feet from the stables, and yet the area oddly is quiet. So quiet, that a horse's snorts fail to cover the obvious sounds of copulation.

"You will love this," Sean promises, and drags Isabelle to an empty stall. The boards to separate the stalls have gaps within them, enough that one could peer into the next stall without too much a fear of being discovered. Low and behold, two servants are in the adjoining stall. The male servant is groaning softly at the female servant's head buried between his thighs. She slurps on his prick, sloppily sucking at his juice that oozes from his excitement.

Her ass is bare to the entrance of the stall, and Isabelle is shocked to see another servant approach. This male servant is dressed in fur and approaches on all fours as if he were a dog.

The man that is receiving the blow job grins as he sees the man-dog approach, and he holds his partner's head steady as he sees the servant's dick peer through the fur. The furry servant lets out an odd noise - an attempt at a bark - and acts as if to mount the female servant like he were truly a dog. He paws at her breasts and humps aimlessly at her pussy until finally finding her wet hole.

The woman shrieks - or rather, she shrieks as much as she can with a mouthful of cock - and her partner begins to laugh, "Ooohh yea you dirty slut, you like that dog dick, don't you?" The man-dog fucks the woman wildly, panting in exertion that mimics a dog so perfectly Isabelle has to wonder if he is acting or simply enjoying himself that much.

Kneeling as she is, eye pressed against the gap in the boards, Isabelle cannot struggle too much as Sean approaches her from behind and slides his hands into her undergarments.

She gasps, but his other hand covers her mouth. "Shh, just enjoy the show," he whispers and begins to rub her clit furiously. Isabelle begins to whimper, her ass rubbing into Sean's growing hard-on as she wiggles her hips against his touch.

The servant receiving the blow job, shouts out, "Oh yes, swallow it all, you bitch!" and cums hard as he drives the woman's mouth deep onto his dick. The furry servant cums as well, yelping as he stays in character, and then scurrying away. The woman looks horrified as her partner grins and announces, "If you don't blow me whenever I say, I'll fucking katrana kaif xxx sex sex stories everyone you love to fuck dogs like a bitch." The woman sniffs pathetically and follows amazing virgin muff is ready for fuck man out of the stable.

The furry servant, however, has spotted Sean and Isabelle. Sean sees the servant and motions him over. Isabelle, however, is lost in her pleasure. He pulls her around and grabs her head, forcing her onto his dick. She begins to protest, but instead groans as she feels a tongue begin to lap at her now exposed cunt. The costumed servant is overjoyed with Isabelle's taste, and he begins to harden again as her juices coat his tongue. Sean watches as the servant laps harder at her clit, making her shake and suck harder on Sean's dick.

The servant gets brave, however, and tries to move to mount Isabelle. Sean waves him off and instead flips Isabelle around. He mounts her and tells her to suck the servant. She initially refuses, but the servant throws off his act and kneels up like a man, pulling her face towards his dick. He doesn't last long; the massaging muscles at the back of Isabelle's throat easily pull his cum from the head of his cock.

He scurries away yet again, this time for good. Sean pushes her flat to the ground on her stomach and holds her wrists above her head. He thrusts hard into her soaking wet pussy, her closed legs intensifying the friction.

Isabelle tries to protest, "Sean! You… can… cannot. James. ohhh fffuucckkk…" She cums hard, her pussy pulsing around his prick. Sean pulls out and places his dick between her ass cheeks, squeezing them around his cock head and rubbing himself against her smooth skin until his spunk bursts from his balls.

They both pant in exertion, and Sean whispers in her ear before getting up, "If you tell James I fucked you without him here, I will say you like being eaten out like a dog." Isabelle stands up, brushing the hay off of her clothing, "What would make you believe that I care?" and walks away.

Sean stands aghast. ----------- The castle is home to other surprising, though far less erotic, sights. One such is the beautiful library Isabelle stumbles onto after leaving Sean stunned in the stable. Browsing through the tomes that she can only wish to comprehend, Isabelle finds herself wondering why James would decide to toss her despite his promise she would not be punished. How ironic to be tortured for that which he finds so attractive - her ability to enjoy even the most depraved of erotic actions.

Voices approach - worried her presence is not welcome in the library, she hides underneath a large wooden table upon which a floor length table cloth hangs. A man and a woman are talking in hushed tones at a frenetic pace. The woman has a high, whiny voice; she wheedles her conversation partner, "Do you not enjoy my presence more?" The man's voice who answers sounds familiar, but Isabelle does not dare to peek from her hiding spot to see to whom the voice belongs, "Darling, you simply are not aggressive enough.

When you become accustomed to a certain desire, especially the desire of which we speak, you become addicted, and you demand it." "I can be whatever you want me to be!" The couple has gotten dangerously close to Isabelle's table. She can see their shadows through the fabric of the table cloth. The man sighs, "I want it to be natural. I want it to ooze from every fiber of your being. You must love to be fucked, not love to be coddled or adored. The only way to be adored truly is to succeed in mastering that craft." "I can do that; I will prove it to you!" the female exclaims.

Someone then forcefully sits onto the table. It begins to shake slightly, what looks like a high heel falls to the floor. The squelching sound of wet pussy being pummeled fills the library and so does the whiny whimper of the female.

"Well that is a first…" the male voice contends, and Isabelle sees two dirty shoes peek under her table cloth as the man comes closer to the table. She then sees the shadow move and can only assume the man has kneeled to please his female partner. His hard dick pokes at the fabric hiding Isabelle from view. "Keep playing," the male voice orders. The woman complies, the table shakes faster. "Finger your clit more - that nub right there," she hears slurping, then the woman moans, "Ohhh what are you doing to me?" "If you were born to do this right, you would not be asking that question." More slurping emanates from the table above Isabelle's head.

She sees the man's hand crawl down the front of his pants as he begins to jerk himself slowly. The woman is whimpering; her other shoe falls. Isabelle's cunt is screaming for attention. She slides her hand under her skirt to begin to rub her clit slowly. As her juices drip to her fingers, she licks them clean before plunging them into her wet hole. Suddenly, the man stands, pulling his partner from the table.

Skirts' shadows pool on the floor as the man forces the woman to kneel. "My turn," he croaks out. There is silence, then a faint sound.

Occasionally, a sucking noise pops through the quiet of the room. The man sighs, "No no no no, you need to suck, not just lick. Suck the tip more, touch my balls, take your tits out." She hears the woman sigh; the pace picks up and the sound increases slightly. "Bbbettttterrrr," the man groans lowly and sits on the table to rest and enjoy his pleasure. His actions raise up the table cloth hem just slightly.

In her increased view, Isabelle can see a sliver of spread female legs, a blonde thatched cunt barely visible in the shadows of the female's skirts. Isabelle continues to play, confused as to how the female is able to resist stroking her own pussy when she has a cock in her mouth.

Her body twitches, pussy gripping her fingers as she two slutty girls making out and fucking a second digit to probe her growing tightness.

"I should cum deep in your mouth," the male voice speaks aloud. The movement stops, "I should hot adorable teen anal copulation action hardcore blowjob not-!" the woman objects, but her further protest is interrupted by the man pulling her to her feet and bending her over the table.

The cloth is raised almost completely, bunched under the female's hips. If Isabelle sticks her head slightly out, she has a perfect view of the man's cock as it lines up with his partner's pussy.

The woman is struggling and kicking, "I will not be taken like an animal!" but the man spanks her and reaches underneath to rub her clit. She yelps and stops struggling; Isabelle is mere inches away, nearly able to lick the head of the man's dick as it penetrates the woman's lips. "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh OH!" the female accents each slap of the male's balls with her squeals.

The man grunts and moans as his dick goes in and out of the wet cunt in front of it; the juices they are creating drip down to land on Isabelle's waiting tongue. Her clit can no longer hold out against her talented fingers.

She covers her mouth and cums hard, just as the man picks up speed fucking his partner. "Do not finish in me!" the woman step mom dpee during sex, and the male pulls out quickly and drags her off of the table. Isabelle is shocked to see it is the blonde James was walking with before who is kneeling now between the unknown man's thighs - Isabelle cannot see his face.

The blonde's face is a mask of shock as her lover squirts his seed onto her face, covering her delicate pale skin. She is hysterical in her embarrassment, "Hooww… how could you? Oh I am a mess! How shall I explain this to the servants?" Her partner laughs. "Lick it off." "WHAT?!" The man grabs the back of the blonde's head, "I said, 'Lick it off.' Use your hands, gather it off your face, and put it in your mouth." The blonde wipes her face carefully, then glares up at the man before placing her fingers in her mouth.

Isabelle carefully lowers the cloth so she cannot be accidentally seen.

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The man chuckles at what she can only assume is the blonde's face at the taste of his cum. She hears footsteps as he leaves, and the blonde crawls over to the table cloth, wiping her face inches from Isabelle's hiding spot.

She then leaves very much in a huff. Isabelle waits, then creeps from her hiding spot. Despite being in the room the entire time, she was at a loss at to whom the blonde's partner was - could it have been James? She waits a short while before crawling from under the table. Carefully creeping into the hallway, she makes her way back to James' chamber. She enters the room quietly and hears splashes coming from the bathing antechamber. James is alone. Isabelle clears her throat; he turns to face her.

"My lord, may I join you?" He ponders, sifting the water through his hands. "I think perhaps we shall wait until later," he begins. "Perhaps you are too tired from your previous encounter," Isabelle coolly. "Excuse me?" "I believe I spoke clearly enough. Are you too tired from your encounter with the blonde?" "What I do is no business of yours. You are a simply a useful time occupier. Once your usefulness has ceased, I shall replace you as I see fit." Isabelle walks into the water, skirts and all, and puts her face right next to his.

"I dare you to look me in the eyes and believe what you just said. If you truly only kept me around until I was no longer useful, you would have tossed me out last night, not treated me kindly in my wounded state." James says nothing.

Her eyes flashing in anger, Isabelle goes to crawl from the bath. He grabs her arm. "Sean requested to see you. You do realize you may only do so with me present." Isabelle hisses, "I despise him and would rather die than spend time with either of you." She roughly pulls away from him and walks into the bedroom.

The blonde from earlier is waiting on the bed. James follows Isabelle into the room. She wields around to face him, "I suppose it cannot be clearer that I am no longer useful." He says nothing; he looks confused as to how the blonde has gotten into the room.

"By the way, good brunette cutie loves being pounded captain willy training her. She did not seem to enjoy any of your actions earlier." Isabelle goes to exit the room, but James grabs her. "What are you talking about?" The blonde shifts anxiously in the bed. "How dare you play innocent! I saw you earlier in the library.

She could hardly hold a candle to my talents; you practically had a child at your feet with her naivete and lack of skill. . ." "I was not in the library with her." Silence.

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The blonde tries to run for the door but is forced back into the room by Isabelle grabbing her hair. "Sit and explain." "You stupid bitch!" the blonde begins but is silenced as James pushes her towards the bed. "No. Explain." She sits sullenly, speaking nary a word. Isabelle speaks instead. "I was in the library when I heard voices approach. I hid under a table thinking you would be angry to find me there. A man and a woman entered and fucked on the table above me.

I clearly saw this … woman … blowing her male partner, who I took to be you." "Was she of any skill?" James asks, amused.

"Hardly. A dog could be trained better," Isabelle answers wirily. The woman lets out an indignant gasp. "How… how dare you! You WHORE!" The whip cracks across the blonde's face; she whimpers and cries at the blow.

James observes the scene. Isabelle's hand clenches tightly on the crop, her breasts heaving in her wet gown at the audacity of the woman before her.

If it were at all possible, he had never been so turned on as seeing her strike like the powerful creature she is. Gently grabbing her wrist that leads to the crop, James leans in and asks her, "So since it was not me, who do you believe was in the library?" A dangerous gleam appears in Isabelle eyes. "I do not know, but I shall find out." She walks towards the bed and binds the blonde to the posts. James watches, intrigued by the rage that emanates from her being.

Isabelle drags the tip of the crop down the woman's body, "I suggest you tell me who you were fucking so poorly." "Or what?" the trapped female responds angrily. Isabelle shoves the whip up the blonde's skirts, grinding her delicate pussy skin with the leather. She screeches in pain. "I will teach you the other meaning of the phrase 'to fuck someone' if you do not respond." "You are just a stupid - AAAHHHH!" The crop interrupts her insult.

Her pussy lips become red and inflamed with the force of the blow. "I am not telling you anything!" "James, come here," Isabelle demands. He comes forward, and she pulls his dick from his pants. He is already hard from watching her torture the worthless woman.

Isabelle begins to stroke him. The blonde watches, disgusted. However, Isabelle knows despite her disgust, she will produce her wetness, leaving a sticky and sensitive spot for her to thwack with the whip. In just a few short moments, James is groaning and grinding his huge knob enters mouth of a pretty teen hardcore and blowjob for more as Isabelle works her hand.

The blonde whimpers, a big mistake. "THWACK!" "AAAAHHHHHHH!" she screams in agony, crying hysterically at the pain.

"You useless cunt, just tell me and end your damn pain, or at least admit you enjoy it as you have yet to willing release yourself from this situation!" Isabelle yells, "It has to be your worst nightma-" She stops. Looking at James' engorged dick, she now knows how to get the information out of the blonde. "If you do not tell me who you were fucking, I will make James cum all over your face, and I will leave you here with the mess and then parade every single person I can find on the face of this planet into this bedroom to laugh at your shame." The blonde freezes, "Nooo.

NO! Anything, anything but that!" Isabelle begins to swirl her hand faster on his cock. Corkscrewing at the head, she knows she can work James up enough to squirt a massive, salty load onto the stupid bitch's face.

"Oohhh fuck, Isabelle, so closssseee," James moans. "NO NO NO NO! Don't you dare!" "Yes, yes yes YESS ohh FUCK faster!" he begs. "NO!!!" "I… am… oohhh sshhhiiittt," James tenses. "IT WAS SEAN! SEAN WAS FUCKING ME!" Isabelle stops, much to the disappointment of James.

"Sean? Why Sean?" "Sean was a serf in your village, you idiot. He was the boy who kept the others away from you because he wanted you to himself. He did not mean for the guards to report back to James about you. To get revenge for James getting to break you, he decided to egg the guard on about trying to take you, then figured he would rescue you. When that backfired, he planned to sabotage you and James, so you would be with him." "So where do you factor in?" James speaks, despite his near-orgasmic haze.

"I wanted to be the princess. I figured if I could just simply grin and bear your sick sexual perversions, I could convince you to marry me and then mick blue coral honeymoon (2004 tube porn care of you later." "Take care of him later? You cannot even take care of him sexually, let alone murder him. You are pathetic," Isabelle spits venomously. A silence overcomes the room. Isabelle breaks it, "Now what?" "I have a plan, but first…" James thrusts himself in Isabelle's hands.

She laughs and continues her hand movements. The blonde watches in horror, her expression reaching indescribable heights of revulsion as she realizes not only is Isabelle going to finish James, she is still going to aim it onto the her face.

"NO!!!" she wails, but too late. Isabelle's hand slickly rubs the head of James' dick, sending shivers through his spine. His balls contract and a mighty load of cum shoots from his cock directly onto the blonde's face. Isabelle continues to work him gently until every drop is spent. She then wipes her hand on the woman's face, smearing every bit of spunk onto her skin. Turning to James, she then speaks, "What is your plan, my lord?" "First, get rid of her.

Second, take care of Sean. Here is how." ------------ A while later, after secretly ferreting away their captive, James kisses Isabelle passionately before leaving to take his agreed upon place. Isabelle follows soon after. She finds the man-dog servant and asks him to tell Sean to meet her by the library before dinner.

She then wanders the halls until she sees Sean. He looks at her greedily, "Your lord got my message about me taking you this evening, did he not?" Isabelle responds coolly, "Indeed he did. He said he should be there; however, he did make mention of possibly being otherwise engaged." They walk along the corridors towards the library.

Isabelle enters the room, gazing at the books. Sean enters as well, closing the door behind him. "Perhaps we should begin without him," he muses, crossing the space of the room to crush Isabelle's lips with his own. "Perhaps we always should," Isabelle offers. Sean stops, "What do you mean?" She continues, "James no longer has any use for me; besides, I think I have come to care for you.

You have always been there for me, to save me from the guard, to warn me of my lor- I mean, Lord James' new toy. You remind me very much of a boy I loved in the village." "What boy?" Sean says enthusiastically.

"A boy saved me once from being ganged raped. Instead, he ate my pussy until I creamed on his lips, and I sucked him dry in return for his protection," Isabelle says, stroking Sean's hardening dick through his pants. "That was me!" he confesses, "I was the boy in the village." "Were you truly?!" she mockingly replies. "I always wished to give you more, and yet, I knew I had to behave despite my incessant need to feel you between my legs." He groans at her touch, "You have no idea how badly I wanted you then.

I was stupid and told one of my friends who was a guard. He mentioned you to James when the plucking time came around. I hated myself for the mistake, so I became a palace servant in hopes of getting the chance to have my way with you." "Then have your way with me now. I cannot be James' any longer!" Isabelle purrs. They embrace, and Sean walks her to the covered desk. He sits, leaning back on his hands as he watches her sensually run her hands down her body. "I just do not understand why James would prefer that blonde to me," she says sadly.

"Oh, no worries, she will be taken care of, my sweet. Just say the word." Isabelle smiles sweetly. The ring of cold metal slices through the air. Sean finds himself shackled to the legs of the table. "Oh, 'my sweet,' I have already taken care of her," Isabelle giggles. James appears from under the table. He then flips it onto its side, so Sean is sitting on the floor, his back against the flat of table, arms shackled behind him to the legs that now face the back wall of the library.

Sean can only sputter in shock, "I. but. how?. you. you fucking bitch!" He tries to escape but cannot release himself. Isabelle comes close and frees his cock from his pants. She then steps away. James speaks, "I was just going to kill you. However, Isabelle, being the treasure that she is, has a more interesting proposal. She thinks her and I should fuck in front of you, rile you up to the point of release, and then castrate you so you can never reproduce yourself." Sean's eyes are wide in shock.

"Please, do not harm me! Let me go, I will go far away and never return." James smiles, "If only I could believe you. Isabelle, strip." She does so, slowly pulling her bodice past her breasts, her nipples hard in the anticipation of pleasure. The fabric slides down her silky skin, revealing her smooth ass and delicate pussy to Sean's and James' ravenous eyes. "Tease him," he orders. She stands mere inches from Sean's lips, her pussy juice threatening to drip onto his parched tongue.

Isabelle then parts her pussy, sliding her fingers onto her hard clit. Sean tries to extend his tongue to taste, but cannot reach.

His dick is already hard with just the thought of tasting her. She slides her fingertips deep into her hole, coating them with her wetness. She begins to moan, rocking her hips onto her own fingers. A drop falls from her probing digits; Sean swallows it anxiously. James comes in and slides his tongue over her slit. Sean has a front row view as the pink tongue flicks and circles Isabelle's juicy nub.

James then sticks his tongue into her cunt, swirling and pulsing, earning groans of pleasure from her. "Please!! Just a taste!" Sean begs. James stops, looking up at Isabelle. She moves forward as Sean extends his tongue. He just misses her juicy pussy.

Pulling her to the floor, James lays on his back and pulls Isabelle by the hair to his cock. She gently sucks on the head, earning a groan. Sliding her tongue down the sex xxx vd2019 sex stories, she draws circles where it meets his balls before slurping up and sucking harder on the head.

She then takes each ball into her mouth, sucking on both gently, and then moves to swirl her tongue right behind James' balls.

He moans in ecstasy and pulls her mouth down further on his cock, when she places it back in her mouth. She swirls both fists around his cock as she pumps up and down his shaft. Sean's dick is pulsing in anticipation of its own pleasure, but none is going to be found. James pulls Isabelle to her knees, moving behind her to line his cock up with her pussy. He grabs both her wrists in his left hand, his right massaging her throat as he kisses her jaw line.

"My pet, are you ready?" "Yyyessss…" she whispers. "Louder." "YES!!!" she cries out and receives his hard dick deep and fast into her pussy. He begins to pinch her clit, then slapping it as her moans get louder. Her cunt is like a wet vice, sucking his dick deeper the harder James pushes. The tingling in Isabelle's pussy overcomes her, and she explodes on him. He then forces her onto her stomach and pulls out, spitting onto his hand and lubing himself generously.

"You allowed Sean to fuck you without me present." "My lord, it was not my fault. I thought I was no longer yours, and he forced me." "Did you enjoy it?" "No!" James spanks her, "Do not lie." "Only because I am a whore, my lord." "Whores must be punished." Isabelle whimpers, "Yes sir…" James plunges suddenly into her tight asshole; she shrieks, every muscle in her body tensing at the unexpected invasion.

He thens takes a crop that had been hidden under the table and whips her several times on her round ass. "Will. you. ever. do. that. again." he pants as he lays blow after blow onto her delicate skin. "NO! No, my lord. I am yours!" "Say it again!" he fucks her ass harder. "I AM YOURS, JAMES. ONLY YOURS!" "Good," he says and furiously rubs her pussy as he picks up speed in her ass.

His balls hit her clit, smacking her with every thrust. Isabelle cums hard - "YES JAMES YESSS!!!" and the pulsing of her ass pulls the cum from James' dick. He spurts forcefully into her, the white cream dripping from her puckered hole.

Sean is at the brink of explosion. James and Isabelle lay for a moment before quickly gathering themselves. He throws a dress and wig onto Sean, as well as a gag, arranging the skirts to where just the head of his dick is free. Isabelle smears her juice onto Sean's cock - he nearly cums at the feeling of her soft hands rubbing the head. She and James then douse the candles and hide behind the table, their eyes adjusting to the darkness.

A few moments later, the man-dog servant crawls into the room. Fumbling at first in the dark, the furry servant hears Isabelle call out, "Sean, over here! Please lick my cunt!" The man-dog follows the sound of her young dykes make each other shiver and groan and smells the fragrant perfume of Isabelle's pussy. He goes to lick and stops, realizing this is a rather large clit.

He reaches up and feels long hair, smells Isabelle's pussy - "My clit has never been this huge before!" Isabelle calls out. He throws caution to the wind and begins to lap at the head of Sean's cock. Sean tries to protest, but he cannot due to the gag in his mouth. Instinctively, his hips move to greet his oral assaulter. He lasts barely a minute before the servant's tongue parts his slit and tastes a huge load of salty cum.

Sean's balls empty into the dog-trickster's mouth, who then realizes what karma tastes like as he comprehends it was not a clit he was licking. He scurries from the room in shame, never again to trick the female servants with his furry routine.

James and Isabelle crawl from their hiding place, looking down on Sean. "You are banished not only from this castle, but from my kingdom. Messengers have been sent to all corners of this land of your particular brand of perversion," James sharply reports. "Male dogs?

You should be ashamed of yourself." Guards enter and take Sean away. James and Isabelle walk quietly from the library. She is the first to speak, "Why were you with the blonde in the courtyard if you did not wish to replace me?" "I suspected she was trying something, so I wanted to see if it was true." "You did not need to cast me out from the room that morning." James stays silent for a moment.

"You were injured men spanks teen yo sex clip need her name night before. I did not want to hurt you further." "What do you care if I am no more than a plaything?" "Isabelle, I am not going to stand here and ask you to marry me. But I will say this. You are the only woman who has ever captured and held my attention with such rapture. And yes, I do care about you as more than a plaything." They enter the bedroom.

James gazes into Isabelle's eyes. "Prove it," she whispers. He kisses her gently, moving her to the bed post. Caressing her arms, he places them above her head, pulling her gown off. Holding her wrists, he licks his fingertips before gently and teasingly rubbing her clit. Isabelle moans, her hips bucking at his touch. He slides one fingertip in, slowly, torturously rubbing her opening.

Her pussy begins to quiver, anxious to orgasm yet again. He circles her clit with his thumb, his middle fingertip fucking her softly as he lowers his mouth to her tits. Isabelle is lost in pleasure as she feels the wave of climax threaten to overcome her. "James, I'm about to cum!" she coos. The metal feels cold on her skin as her wrists are bound to the bed spire. James grins evilly at Isabelle's shock.

He shouts over his shoulder as he leaves the room, "I will return in time to bring you to supper." "You rogue basterd!" Isabelle shouts, utterly unable to free herself from the bed.

We leave her as we met her, utterly horny to the point of insanity, and completely unable to satiate her lust.