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Red wap me babes com
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Used by parents ----------- I was lying on my parents king-size bed, face down, ass up. My flaccid penis dangling between my legs dripping copious amount of precum, my hands occupied holding my ass cheeks apart.

Meanwhile, my mother was pumping my ass for the last time with a footlong dildo, so thick that her fingers couldn't circle around it. She pulled it out after noticing I was so close to cumming. Replacing the dildo really quickly were four of her fingers, and I could sense her spreading some more lube inside of me.

"Damn, baby. You're really stretched, aren't you?" "Yes, mommy -- aaah!", was I could answer, as she decided to insert her whole fist in my ass. Five pumps later and she removed her hand, before I could blow my load. "He's ready, honey.

Give it to him good.", my mom said, pulling my father by his cock, finally resting his cockhead on the entrance to my gaping asshole. "Beg for it, Mark", my father ordered. "Please fuck my ass, daddy." "That's it? Oh, seems like you don't want to." "PLEASE, DADDY!", I cried now, "Please fuck my ass! Tear me apart! Make me your little bitch!! UUGH", I cried, as dad started to push in. "Yes!

Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooh!!" "Yeah, that's how daddy likes it," he replied, "like a good little boy. You like me filling your ass, don't you?" Dad was still pushing his monstrous cock inside of me.

It was a little thicker than the dildo, and almost as long.

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If it weren't for mom fisting me, I don't know if I could have taken it so easily. Even doing this at least once a week I never got over its giant size. Before dad's giant dick could enter me completely, mom had already moved around and spread her legs in front of my face, pulling it towards her dripping cunt.

I started eating her just as daddy bottomed out inside my ass. My moans were muffled by mom's pussy. "Yeah, Marky! Do you like feeling daddy filling your butt?" Dad thrust slowing in and out of my ass then, letting me get used to his size. I could only moan in agreement while eating mom out. "And do you like tasting daddy's cum in mommy's cunt?" He had dropped a load inside of her before we started, and I just found out already tasting it. "Yeah, baby, clean mommy really good.

Eat all of your daddy's spunk from inside me!", mom moaned, responding to my ministrations. I took care to force my tongue as deep as I could, so as to get as much as possible.

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"Yes, oh dear, yes!" Dad sped up, beginning to pound me really good. Reaching between my legs, he took a hold of my limp dick. Then, the dam burst. The pent up orgasm I was building was triggered by being simultaneously stimulated in ass (full of dad's cock), mouth (full of mom's juices and dad's cum) and, finally, dick.

My limp wiener shot jet after jet of sperm on both my dad's hand and the bedsheets. My body convulsed, clamping my asshole tight around daddy's monstrous shaft, and sending me on overdrive pussy eating mode. This resulted in mom's own orgasm, flooding me with more tasty pussy juices to eat. After about a minute, our orgasms had subsided. Only dad still hadn't climaxed, and I knew what that meant. Taking the hand away from my dick and licking it, daddy prepared himself for the impending action.

"Get ready son. I won't stop now." "Do it, daddy. Rape my butthole.

Make me bleed." "Calm down, boys. Let me get a better view." With that, mom moved under me into a 69 position, engulfing my still limp penis in her mouth. I buried my face in her pussy again and prepared my butthole for the inevitable. "Here you go." was all dad mustered before starting to frantically pounding my ass. My ass cheeks were burning with the impact, and my whole body was convulsing again.

In five more minutes, mom had another orgasm. Her pussy was surely clean of all cum by now. With a few more minutes of pounding and sucking, I too came again.

This time, the contractions of my rectum were enough to push my dad over the edge. "Oh fuck, daddy. Cum in my ass! Fill me up!" "God fucking damn!

Oh, I'm cumming sonny!" Dad released a torrent of sperm inside my butt. With his continued pumping, some started to leak and froth. About one minute later, his orgasm subsided, and he collapsed backwards on the bed, pulling out of me. "Come here, let me clean your asshole for you, sweetie." said my mom, motioning for me to squat with my asshole over her mouth. After positioning myself, my gaping hole promptly poured its contents.

Her expert tongue darted out and into my ass to facilitate the collection of scum. She was clearly enjoying it, and going to town. My father, on the other hand, once again pointed his dick in my direction. But this time, his dick was flacid, and his goal was my mouth. "Come on, son. You know the rules: you've dirtied it, you clean it." he said, with a smirk on his face. "Sure, daddy!" I gladly replied, opening my mouth to his flaccid dick.

I earnestly sucked every remaining drop of ass juice and cum. I sucked and sucked eagerly. Being flaccid was the only way I could manage to properly blow him, given his girth, and I made the most of it. Sadly, after all cleaned up, daddy's cock wouldn't get stiff again. We took that as a cue and cuddled on the bed, with me in the middle, for a good night sleep.