Ana foxxx dripping the ball

Ana foxxx dripping the ball
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Life was boring for an ambitious SS officer such as myself stuck in a small town in France in 1943, but it was better than fighting on the Eastern Front, and it had its compensations. I had my own headquarters. French food, French wine. Nothing to do.

The trouble was we had to convince Berlin that we were doing something useful and that something was suppressing the French Resistance. It was hard work, out at night in the stupid little French van with radio equipment listening for their little radios, listening for their incredibly noisy and ugly aircraft landing and dropping "Agents" who you could spot a kilometer away.

Just occasionally life had compensations. Justine was just such a compensation. She was a pretty young thing, dark hair, slim. About eighteen, eighteen years three months and two days to be precise. She was not very good at being a resistance member. She shook so much when Schultz and Libermann walked past her that they had to ask what was wrong.

They thought she had been attacked, when in fact she had a radio concealed in her basket. Not a spy radio, a telefunken bought on the black market. Not our business but the Gendarmes. Still they brought her in. They brought her to my office, "A Collaborator Herr Major," Schultz said proudly. "Really?" I enquired.

"She has a radio, Herr Major!" he insisted and he showed it to me proudly. "Its a Telefunken, about ten marks worth, big deal," I sighed.

"But Herr Major!" they protested. "Very well interrogate her," I agreed. That is when she pissed herself, litres of it down her legs and on my carpet.

"Get her out of here, get her in a bath and get her back here within the hour!" I snapped. I regretted my outburst as she was dragged away screaming.

The bath was in the boiler room in the basement two floors below my office. Usually we used ice cold water on suspects but I followed them down, "Hot water," I ordered, before they could fill the bath with cold, and as the steaming hot water flowed, I had to order, "Not boiling you idiots, Warm!" She was shaking, I held her hand in mine briefly, "And let me help you off with your lovely dress," I said sweetly as I started to undo the buttons. It unbuttoned all the way down the front and I slipped it off her, she had a bra and homemade teen sucks cock tiny tunes and tinier tits wet pants under it, sandals on her feet, no stockings.

Her little nipples stirred as I undid the bra strap. Schultz pulled down her flower patterned white pants and Libermann undid her sandals. "Bath," I ordered.

She climbed in, she tried to hide her breasts and her pubes but she did not have enough hands. I decided her mass of black pubic hair would have to xxx prant storys family six sy, and the hair under her arms. I needed more men, Brandt and Mohne were upstairs, I called them down. I let the girl bathe for a few minutes, it seemed she was not used to such luxury.

I hung my jacket on a nail and removed my shirt and tie, I hung my uniform trousers over a chair back so I should not get them wet, placed my gun and the bayonet I carried in my boot on the chair and prepared for the interrogation. Schultz laughed at me, so I took my hat off as well and stood in my shiny black boots, vest and blue underpants.

She shuddered as I took my bayonet and sat on the side of the bath, "We Germans have standards," I said as I took the soap from her and began to lather her under arms.

"Do you like the feel of cold steel on your skin?" I asked quietly as rested the razor sharp blade against her arm. "No," she said. "Is that why you don't shave?" I asked, but without waiting I started to cleave away her under arm hair. "In some brothels they shave the girls bald so they can be blonde or brunet or dark at the change of a wig," I advised.

"Not my hair!" she protested. The under arm hair was falling freely now. I enjoyed this. I did her other arm pit and then to her horror I started on her pubes. "No stop I will tell you everything!" she blubbed. "No, you will lie and we will run round like headless geese and waste many hours," I assured her, "Intelligence has to be gleaned carefully and methodically." The dark hairs were falling away. She stopped breathing in fear. "Breathe you silly goose," I whispered.

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My blade touched her clitoris. She reacted violently with a shudder. "Ah a passionate girl, I believe you will enjoy the interrogation as much as I shall," I whispered as oh so carefully I removed the mass of dark hair and revealed her soft womans lips and a tiny clitoris rearing like a little maggot just waiting to be rubbed. Finally I ran the blade carefully down her legs cleaving away the leg hair. I marvelled at the sharpness, all those hours Auchmann had spent with a leather strop sharpening it as a punishment had certainly paid off, I should have to punish him again now her hair had started to blunt it.

Finally I was satisfied, "There," I said, "Isn't that better? Your boyfriends will be pleased." "I have no boyfriend," she snapped, but she seemed relieved. I took a chance, I handed her the dagger, "Do you want to kill me?" I asked, "My friends will shoot you dead if you do but it would be for the glory of France!" "No," she said as she handed it stroking beautys sexy beaver hardcore and blowjob, "I want to go home." Her little nipples were standing like bullets, "But I have to interrogate you first," I said sadly, and I ordered, "Dry her off and in the interrogation room please." I sat down and tried to clean my dagger.

Already rust was forming, what a shame. "We are ready Herr Major," Schultz called. She was in the special chair I "Liberated" from the Gestapo. Like a cross between a dentists chair and a birth chair it had arm rests where the arms were securely strapped and stirrups for the feet where her lower legs were securely strapped.

I smiled at her and gently cranked the stirrups apart to spread her legs wide. So wide her lower lips parted and up inside I could see a glistening membrane.

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"Are you a virgin?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "Oh well that is one problem we can solve," I laughed, "Schultz. Libermann, tits please Mohne, Brandt stand by. She gasped as my friends started to kiss and lick her tits. I bent to the task of licking her pussy. "No, I tell you everything," she protested but her juices were flowing nicely and judging the moment I pushed down my pants and aimed my now achingly huge cock into the moist slit between per pussy lips.

"Noooooo," she wailed but Mohne had his hands on her cheeks and as I kissed her lips she was powerless to prevent me. Poor girl, her mind in torment, her heart said no, her clitoris said, yes yes yes more harder, fuck me shoot your load. "Listen to your cunt," I whispered, "Relax, enjoy, and if you are a good girl, Libermann, Schultz, Mohne and Brandt will fuck you as well." "No," she said again and this time I believe she meant it.

The gossamer softness of her sweet pink cunt lips on my cock head was exhilarating, the sure knowledge that my manhood was going where none had gone before was so exciting. I eased luxuriantly into the welcoming embrace of her womanhood. Her cunt walls spreading for the very first time as I eased ever deeper into her, gently and lovingly as her body welcomed me.

The feel of her hairless crotch was intoxicating, her freshly bathed body a revelation in a country where perfume not soap was the norm. "You are tearing me apart," she protested. "Nonsense, my cock is quite small compared to some of my mens," I laughed, "Why Schultz's cock would push right through from your cunt to your throat if he fucked you." I think she believed me, she looked so scared.

"Now tell me when are the Tommies landing their next agent." I asked as my balls tingled with anticipation and I tried desperately not to shoot my load too soon. "I don't know," she said, "I really don't." "And where?" I asked.

"I don't know," she replied. "Will you find out for me?" I asked. "No!" she said. I sighed "If you don't I shall let Schultz fuck you with his big cock and maybe get a Donkey along so you can put on a special show of fucking at the town hall before the Minou Mignon Cartoons." "You would not!" she blustered.

"Perhaps, perhaps not," I admitted, "But my dear next time I shall sit on my chair and you shall bounce up and down on my cock." "You cannot keep me here!" she blustered.

"No you may go home and I will send for you when I need a fuck, I mean when we are ready to interrogate you again," I assured her. It was then there was a commotion, a large loud mouthed woman was forcing her way towards us, big butt nina kayy gets a big black dick with her boober app where are you!" she wailed. "Mama!" Justine wailed.

"Shut that bitch up, fuck her in every hole, now!" I spluttered, "Can I not even have a fuck in peace?" There was a lot of screaming. "What are they doing!" Justine demanded. "Fucking her cunt, arse and mouth at once I guess," I suggested, "And if she bites they will rip out her teeth, probably two at a time." Justine fainted. It really is no fun fucking someone who is unconscious, so I let myself cum, pumping my thick creamy man juice deep inside her womb.

I felt on top of the world but slightly disappointed that Cute babe shows off ass and gets fucked at the pawnshop hardcore big dick had not made her cum. I dressed and went to see the mother in another room. The bitch was in heaven, lying on the bare mattress on the double bed.

She had never been gruppen fuckt by lusty SS men before, Schultz was fucking her cunt and someone else her ass, while she sucked cock like a child with a lollipop. All her clothes were off and she looked like a beached albino whale.

A whale with black hair around her cunt and armpits. Ugggh. "Mama!" Justine cried when she saw her. "Go away cherie is only a bit of fun!" the old cow replied. Justine turned away, buried her head in my shoulder and cried. Her tears soaked my shirt. I was worried about getting cum on my uniform so I wiped it off her with my handkerchirf "Do not distress yourself," I comforted her, "Your mother is an old whore and desperate for cock juice because your father is always out screwing some young tart when he pretends to be fighting for the Maquis, we Germans know such things." She continued to blub.

"Stop you are making my shirt wet," I advised, "And my cock hard," I advised, I thought a minute and then ordered, "On the bed beside your mother." "What?" she queried. "I wish to fuck you again. I wish to make you cum." I explained. "Lie by your mother and spread your legs, If you cum I shall send you home, if you do not I shall let the others try." She did as I said, her moist cunt pouted eagerly awaiting my cock end, she smiled shyly as I eased my cock tip gently against her soft pink cunt lips and eased it gently into her freshly reamed hole beyond.

She mewed with pleasure, "Bastard," she whispered, "Why do you make me feel so good?" "SS Training," I whispered, "Now cum my darling." It felt too good, I didn't want it to end as I pounded into her sweet young pussy. I fucked her like a lover not like a whore, smothering her with kisses until her resolve crumbled and she started to thrust back against me and even let me kiss her open mouth and run my tongue around her teeth before her body exploded into a cataclysmic shuddering orgasm.

To be continued?