White pussy gets fucked hard and creampied

White pussy gets fucked hard and creampied
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Page (1) My name is Joe and our story started four years ago when my wife caught me watching women having sex with dogs on my laptop, but instead of rowing with me she took an interest herself. She has always been very domineering whilst I am the opposite and very submissive we talked about it and she said we should spice up our sex life.

We have being married for twelve years but we have no family because my wife Debra cannot conceive, she is thirty lusty japanese teen enjoys being pounded long and hard years old five foot eight tall with a lovely figure and personality, and I am forty she works for a big company as a PR and I work from home as a freelance critic for a magazine.

I asked her what she had in mind and she said may be take a lover, but first she would like me to be her dog, I said if It made her happy I would go along with. The next day when she came home she had bought a dog collar and lead and over tea she said we should start the next day, and the rules would be I would remain naked and on all fours at all times in the house in her presence, I would wear the collar at all times, and when we have sex it would always be in the doggy position and apart from our main meal I would eat and drink from bowls on the floor, she said she had ordered a large doggy bed that I would use in her presence, she has also being to a sex shop and bought a butt plug with a tail which she inserts when she is at home.

When she wants sex she gets down on all fours, and I have to sniff and lick her until she is ready then she will tap her back and say good boy in Rover and I mount her and when she has her orgasm I have to dismount and lick her clean. After a year of this she asked If I would mind if she took banghish storys sex sex sex stories lover, I was taken aback at first because our sex life was as good as ever if not better, I gave it some thought and said I would not mind as long as It did no split us up, she said she would always be open with and would never desert me, and would only have sex with them in our house.

She said one of the blokes at work was always chating her up and offering to take her for a drink at lunch time. His name was David he was divorced and lived with his teenage daughter and their Alsatian called Rory.

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A week later she came home and asked me if I was still alright with her having other blokes, I said as long as it did not come between us go ahead but I must know everything, she said she would always be honest with me and never leave me, she said she would tell David if he was still interested and make arrangements .The next day when she came home she said she spoke to David and they were going for a meal on Friday night and if he wanted come back to our house, on the Friday I went to bed early, and I heard them come home about midnight, I fell asleep and was woken at two thirty when she came upstairs naked and climbed into bed, she said thank you it was great they had sex twice and did I want to feel her fanny, I put my hand down and the cum huge black dong for a petite lassie was running out her and soon she was asleep.

I got up before her in the morning and went down stairs and lay on my bed waiting for her, she came down about an hour later naked and got down on all fours and said come here Rover And tapped her bum I crawled over to her and started sniffing her I could still smell stale cum so I started licking her until I was ready to mount her.

I mounted and kept driving into her until we were both spent and she pushed me off and stood up she went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Page (2) Over the next few weeks she went out with him twice a week and always came back home afterwards, but not always to have sex. He would have a coffee watch telly then go home.

One evening she called me over from my bed and had me sit beside her, she said we need sort things out because David was curious as to why I was so agreeable to their relationship and always going naughty college babes ass spanking and licking tube porn bed when he was here. She said she enjoyed our lifestyle too much, and wanted me as her Rover at all times, she was wondering what David would say if she told him about us, and would I mind If she did so, I said, I would not mind and if he took offence she would soon find someone else, she said she would tell him at their next date about lifestyle and how she treats me as dog keeping me naked and on all fours at all times while in the house and how we have enjoyed it for such a long time, he said he babe in her wedding dress gets banged she had told him sooner so he could put us both at ease and take part when he is at the house, he also told her he had a school friend called Robert who played the same game with his partner Lucy but took it a bit further by letting his mates use her for sex, but only in the doggy position, no kissing oral or anal.

His partner was a petite thirty eight year old with a lovely figure, she did not work so was kept naked all the time even when he had visitors.

He said he would introduce us to them some time. This was the best news my wife could get and could not wait to tell me, we could carry on our lifestyle when David was here, and no need to be going to bed when they come home, just stay on my bed, and they would carry on as always if they felt like sex.

I told her she could take him upstairs when they felt like it, but she said she would not do that because the bed room was ours, and she would not like others in our bed, she said would not mind me seeing her have sex and she was sure it would not put David off.

She said the only rule she had was there would be no oral communication between us, I just had to behave as her dog and lick and sniff as required. The next day she came home from work, and said she had been to the sex shop and bought a pair of leather mittens that could be locked at the wrist, so I could not use my hands only when she allowed it, and I would not be able to play with myself when they had sex.

The next Friday when they came home I was on my bed when they came home, Debra said good dog Rover you being a good boy, David said good dog and sat on the couch to watch TV while Debra went to make some coffee, when she came back and put some biscuits and water in my bowls, I got up on all fours and started eating with my tail facing the couch when I finished I lay back down in my doggy position. They sat and drank their coffee and watched TV as if I was not in the room.

They finished their drinks and got up close on the couch, I watched as they began kissing and caressing each other, I watched as his hands rubbed her breasts over her top, and her hand was on his crotch, I could see they were getting aroused soon he pushed her top up to reveal he breasts in her bra, then he pushed her bra up and began rubbing her nipples, the he started mouthing her nipples and pushed his hand down the front of her jeans, I could see Debra getting worked up, she undid his pants and pulled his erect penis out, she moved off the couch onto her knees and began licking and taking it in her mouth.

Soon she stood up and he took her jeans and panties off and pulled her to him. Page (3) I watched as she straddled him and they started kissing and soon he was feeding his cock into her, and she two punk bitches and one big rod bouncing up and down, they must have carried on at this for about ten or fifteen minutes until they were both gasping as they reached their orgasms and he filled her with cum, soon they fell on to the couch wrapped in each other's arms, I was really aroused but because of the mittens I could do nothing to relieve myself.

They lay there watching TV for an hour or so then Debra got up to make them more coffee, I watched as she walked into the kitchen naked from the waist and wished I could have some of that lovely bum. When she came back with the coffees they sat on the couch and when they had finished they started snoging again and soon they were rubbing each other up again, then he had her get down on her knees with her head on the couch and he had her doggy style until he shot into her again.

I lay there listening to them whispering to each other as they had done all night, and was surprise when Debra said Rover come here, I got up and went acrossand she slid her bum to the edge of the couch and tapped her fanny and said come on boy that's a good boy, I knew that she wanted me to lick her clean after having two lots of cum from David, she was quite messy, as I got close to her I could smell the combined juices from her and David's cum.

She grabbed my head and pushed my face onto her fanny until she was clean as I was licking her David was playing with my tail ,twisting and pulling it, when she was finished with me she said Rover go to bed so I went and lay down. Soon after David stood up to leave I watched as they embraced and kissed goodnight and she walked him to the door.

When she came back she got down on all fours and tapped her bum and said here Rover, I went over to her and started licking her until I was ready to mount her. When I entered her she was so wet I could feel the cum around my balls, when I shot my load into her I got off, she never said anything just stood up and went to the bathroom, when she came back, she removed my tail, collar and mittens, and we went to bed and cuddled up.

The next morning we got and had breakfast and she said how she enjoyed last night, and she hoped I was ok with watching them having sex, I told her if it made her happy I was ok with it. She put my tail in and put my collar on but left the mittens off so I could work, when she was ready to leave she came over to me, and lifted her skirt and she had no panties on, she said that David told her she was not to wear panties ever so he could have access at all times, and when they went for a drink she could flash others.

I asked her did that mean he was willing to share her with others and she said he never mentioned this, but if he did she might do it if I agreed. This week she asked me would I'd mind if David stayed this weekend as his daughter was going away and she fancied spending a couple of nights with him, and she did not want to go to his house and leave me on my own, I said I did not mind provided they used the spare double room and not our bed, she said she had thought of that, the other thing was he would have to bring his dog with him, and would I share my bed with it, during the day, I said if it was friendly, I could not see a problem .On the Friday they both came home at teatime with Rory and Debra said she would make me some tea because they were going for a meal after they had a shower.

Rory seemed gentle enough and after my tea Debra put my tail in and my mittens on, and I went and lay on my bed. Page (4) About eleven o clock I was woken when they came home, David came over and patted me and Rory said have you been good dogs. Debra made some coffee, and when they had finished she said here Rover, I got up and went over to them, she removed my collar and mittens and David took out my tail, she kissed me and Hot girlfriend gets fuck by her boyfriend went to bed.

I was woken the next morning at six, when Debra came into my bed naked and we cuddled up, I put my hand between her legs and felt how wet she was and I got aroused, so I entered her from behind and added to David's cum. We then fell asleep and got up at nine. We went down stairs to find David was already up, so Debra made some breakfast, and then told David to put my collar, tail and mittens on, he then attached my leash, and also Rory's and led us out on to the lawn, our house is a detached in its own grounds, so we have no problem with neighbours, He took our leashes off and left us to roam about the lawn.

Rory did his business marking his territory, and soon I had to do the same, when I had finished Rory came over and started licking me, I lay down on the grassand he licked my cock until, I shot my load, and that made him lick me all the more. We were left outside all morning, until David came to fetch us in. Our bowls were filled with water and biscuits. David told Debra he was enjoying treating me as a dog, and they had seen how I was enjoying Rory's attention on the lawn.

David and Debra then left us to go shopping so we lay on the bed, and soon I was having a nap, I woke to find Rory sniffing between my legs and under my tail, ad soon I was hard again with Rory licking the precum off me until I erupted again after that I pulled my knees up to my stomach and soon he just lay down beside me. They came back from shopping late afternoon, and I could tell they had some drink they sat on the couch and put the TV on until teatime. After tea they came back into the lounge, and David took me and Rory out onto the lawn where we pissed and Rory kept licking and playing with me.

After some time they brought us back inside and fed us. When we had emptied our bowls we went and lay at their feet, after some time watching TV they started messing about and snoging soon she had his cock out, and then he pushed her head down ,and she took him in her mouth, soon he pushed her skirt up to her hips of course she is not allowed to wear panties anymore so soon he had his fingers in her pussy, I could see how wet she was getting, so I went back to my bed .I watched as they had sex with her straddling him, and when they had both cum she slid down onto the floor with her head resting on his cock, then she patted her bum an said here Rover I crawled over and started to lick her clean, then Rory got curious and came over and started licking her with me, and then because of my pre cum he put his head under me and started licking, she pushed us away and we went to our bed where Rory licked me until I shot my load.

When it was bedtime, David removed my collar tail and mittens and Debra kissed me and we all went our beds. On the Sunday morning Debra came to our bed like yesterday and we cuddled up but we did not have sex, I think she had enough.

We huge black dong for a petite lassie up about eight and we had breakfast then David got us ready and took us out onto the lawn, and left us. Sunday carried on as usual until after tea when they had settled down to watch TV, I heard David say to Debra would you mind if we tried it, she said he might not like it, he said let's try.

David got up and went in the kitchen and came back some kitchen towel in his hand, sat down and said come here Rover, I crawled over to him, he removed my tail and then started rubbing my anus with something I found out to be butter. Page (5) I knew what he had planned, and soon he had Rory licking the butter from my hole until he started to get excited and started to mount me, I could feel his paws clawing at my sides as he was trying to find my hole.

David put his hand down and helped him find the spot and soon he was driving into me it hurt at first but it soon got easier. He carried on pounding me until I felt his knot which really hurt at first, I could feel his cum shooting into me then he stopped and lay still on my back, I heard Debra say what's happing and David told her they are tied together until Rory' knot goes down it happens all the time when dogs mate so the bitch absorbs the cum, after fifteen minutes I could feel the knot getting smaller and cum leaking out of my hole then Rory pulled out with plop duddys step daughter jerk off a taste of the holidays the cum spurted out Rory went to the bed to lick himself and David wiped me with kitchen towel and put my tail back in, Debra said are you ok I nodded and went and lay down with Rory.

On the Monday morning Debra stayed in bed with David until six thirty, when they got up showered and got ready for work. I went down and had breakfast and David put mon farouk shayma el hag collar and tail on I thought my hole would be sore from last night, but it was fine, and I could not believe how I enjoyed it, and would look forward to Rory's next visit Debra came home from work on Monday and we had tea after which we sat on the couch and she told me how she enjoyed the weekend, and hoped David did not put me off by taking over and making me more like a dog, I told her I did not mind because it was what she wanted and I was pleased she did not ignore me all weekend.

She said David came to her desk at work and said how he enjoyed the weekend and looked forward to doing it again. He asked her to come into the warehouse at lunch time for a chat. When she went to meet him he was sat at a table with three colleagues, having their lunch I sat down and we were chatting, after a time the conversation turned to sex, and David said Debra likes sex and is always ready for it, one of the lads said I don't think she would go short with a body like that.

David said stand up and show them, I was taken aback and said what do you mean and he said stand up and pull your skirt up and give the lads a flash I thought he having me on until he got up and made me stand up and then he pulled my skirt up to my hips and said look she never wears panties and then made me turn around and lean on the table and invited the lads to finger me and rub their hands all over me, then he pulled my skirt down and gave me a hug and walked with me to the toilet, I went in and wiped myself dry and went back to my desk, I said did it upset you and she said no, but was wondering where it was leading, I said if he gets too domineering and treating you as a sex slave, you could find someone else, she said she did not mind as long as he did not force her to do things or be rough with her, I said what about him letting others use her and she said as long as he was in control she would go along with it if I did not mind.

The next Friday when they came home after being out for a meal, they had a coffee, and sat talking on the couch, and he asked her if she enjoyed being exposed to the lads in the warehouse, she said it was a surprise, he said he did it because they were always saying how fit she was, then he asked her if he could invite Robert and Lucy over tomorrow seeing as they shared similar lifestyles, she said would Lucy be in her doggy role and he said of course she would.

On the Saturday Robert and Lucy arrived, Debra went to the door to greet them they came in Lucy had a coat over shoulders. Page (6) David asked Robert did Lucy travel with her tail in ,and Robert said always even when he takes her to the shops she just has her coat on her tail only comes out at night, when he has friends round if they want to use her the tail must stay in place.

David asked Debra to fetch some drinks when she had gone he told Robert he was free to use Debra as he wished. I was not surprised as I was expecting this to happen sooner or later, with him not allowing panties and letting his mates feel her up at work, I was just wondering what he had planned for her, and hoping she would not get hurt.

Debra fetched fresh bowls for me and Lucy, and three glasses of wine, and placed them on the coffee table, and sat on the couch beside David, after some time David got up to go to the loo and when he came back he sat on the end with Debra between him and Robert soon Robert had his arm round Debra and was pulling her to him she looked at David and he nodded next Robert moved in and kissed her on the lips, they carried on kissing for some time, and then he started to feel her boobs, after a while he remove her top and then her bra, and started sucking her nipples, while his hand went under her skirt to her pussy, and you could hear his fingers making a noise as pushed them into her, after a while he took her hand and place on hard bulge she got the message and opened his fly and released his hard on, she bent down and started sucking, I was in a state and with my mittens I could not do anything I pushed against Lucy but she did not move so I had to just watch as Debra stood up and Robert removed her skirt now fully naked he had her straddle him as he inserted his knob into her now sopping cunt they carried until they climaxed and she got up for some tissues to wipe herself, she then sat down and gave David a kiss and started drinking more wine.

Robert then asked David if he wanted to use Lucy and he said he would love to, so Robert tugged on Lucy leash and, had her get up and pulled her near David, as playing with Lucy is not allowed David just opened his fly and got behind her until he shot his load, he patted Lucy on the head and Robert led her back to our bed. Debra and David carried on drinking wine while Robert was on orange juice because he was driving. After watching cand may gives handjob to bbc with a latex glove TV Debra was resting her head on David's lap still naked she had her bum beside Robert who started to rub her clit David noticed and lifted her up and pushed her to Robert who started kissing her and playing with her nipples.

After a while David said why don't you go up to the bed for a bit of comfort Robert said ok and you can use Lucy when you want, I watched as Debra headed for the stairs, she looked a beauty with Robert behind with his hand on her bum.

When they had gone for a while David got up and picked up Lucy's leash and led her to middle of the room where he again had her from behind until he shot his again, and then led her back to the bed. He sat watching TV until they came back down after about an hour. Debra kissed David and sat down. Lucy was not allowed to speak all night or make a sound when David used her. David asked Debra how it went upstairs she said they had sex twice and the second time he finished with anal.

He then asked her if she was going to treat the dog she said she had not forgot and got down and tapped her bum and said here Rover I got up and mounted her until I shot my load, then David took my collar cuffs and mittens off I went to the loo and then to bed. Debra came in gave me hug and a kiss and said how she enjoyed the night. During the day while they sat chatting on the couch David said it was a turn to know Robert took Lucy shopping with just a coat and always with her tail in. Lucy was only allowed to wear a dress but no under wear and always with her tail if going to a bar or for a meal.

Page (7) He asked Debra would she mind if he stopped her wearing a bra which would mean she would only have a top and skirt on at all times outside and be naked at real sleeping while germanic blonde big ass fuck download storys times inside the house.

He said he also wanted her to wear a butt plug at all times and they would get one at the sex shop. He told her from now on she would also be hairless at all times, so he said we will start that now, he got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a bowl a towel and a razor, and had her lie back on the couch .I could see this was for my benefit otherwise he would have done it in the bathroom. I watched as he sprayed foam on her and started to shave her clean, when he had finished and dried her he had her stand up and he said I wish I had done it sooner as one of the lads at work remarked how hairy she was and he would be surprised the next time he showed her to them.

He said it looked so lovely he would love to have a permanent mark on it to show she belonged to him, and Rover and he would arrange it with a tattoo parlour, I could see Debra was taken aback and did not know what to say eventually she said, if that's what you want. I could see where this was going she was going to be his slave and do as he wished. After they had a sandwich and filled my bowls he said let's go shopping, so she put on a top and skirt as he wanted off they went. They came back at teatime and as soon as they came he said ok do as I told you, so she stripped off and went in the kitchen to make some tea.

When they had finished the tea he had her bend over the couch and produced the but plug he said it will hurt at first because I got one with a large bulb so there is no danger of it coming out just use plenty of lube when you need to take it out for the loo, he oiled her bum hole and also put some on the plug and pushed it in to her she gasped as he pushed it all the way in then took it out and put it in again.

Then he had her take it and put it a couple of times and told only take it when necessary then had her sit on a kitchen chair to see if she was ok with, she said she would get used to it. David fetched her home on the next Friday and she stripped as they entered and he said Robert was coming over with Lucy. They had their tea and waited for Robert, he asked how she was coping with the but plug and if she was ok at work with and no bra she said it was a bit strange without the bra making sure nothing could be seen when people came to her desk, but she was ok with the plug.

Robert arrived with Lucy on her and took the coat off her shoulders and she got down and came to my bed. Robert was surprised to see Debra naked and asked had he interrupted anything, David said no this is how it will be from now and said stand up and show Robert the changes I have made he had her go over to Robert and let him see her bare crotch then turn around and bend over to show the plug.

Robert grabbed her and had her sit beside him for a while. David told her to fetch some drinks and I watched her go to the kitchen get some wine, he told Robert when he was ready to take her upstairs, he said thank you and you use Lucy as you want. When she came back David had her stand in front of Robert and said I am going to have her marked just above her lips with my name and Rover but I am not sure what size.

Robert said I would have a frame three x two inches with a dog and your name and Rover in it David said what a good idea, and asked Debra if she had a ruler or tape measure, so she went to the kitchen and came back with a tape, he asked her for a felt tip and he had Robert hold the tape on her crotch they decided that a half inch bigger all round would be better and they drew the square on her. Page (8) Robert asked where he was taking her to have it done and he said he did not know any where off hand, Robert said he knew a place and the owner Andy was fellow assists with hymen examination and poking of virgin teenie friend and he had his phone number if he wanted him to arrange it David said go ahead, so he said I will try him now so he rang him and told him what we wanted he said it sounded interesting tell them to come in tomorrow at twelve.

They all sat down and drank more wine, while Robert was playing with Debra and soon he took her upstairs, while David had Lucy twice, they came back down after about an hour. Robert asked David if he had used Lucy he said yes thanks and soon he got Lucy up and they went home, she told David that he had her twice in her fanny and he took the plug out a had her arse then she got down and said here Rover your turn then we all went to bed. Debra true to form came to my be at seven in the morning I felt her plug for the first time and we got up at nine thirty, David told Debra to have an shower after breakfast because they had to be at the tattoo parlour for twelve.

Debra told me after when they got to the parlour Andy who was about thirty, greeted them and asked what they wanted and where. David told him he owned Debra with her husband's permission and wanted her to be marked as his and how much would it cost. Andy said it depended on the size colours and position on the body. He gave David a sheet of paper and asked him to draw what he wanted, David said it would be about four by three square and drew what he wanted, he said he wanted a picture of a large dog in brown With David in blue on top and Rover on the bottom in a yellow frame, then he told Debra to lift her skirt and he showed Andy where he wanted it just above her lips, Andy was surprised to see no pants and said dose she not wear pants and David said no underwear allowed at anytime, now how much, Andy said a tattoo like this would normally cost three hundred but she was such a beauty he would like to do a deal.

David said what is the deal and Andy said he would do the job free if he could have her for three two hour sessions over the next three Fridays, without any consultation with Debra he said ok can you put it in writing and sign it, Andy went to the table and came back with the agreement which David read and signed and the shook hands, and said when do you want her, Andy said how early can she be here, David said she finishes work at four on Fridays so could be here for four thirty, Andy said Ok.

He said it would take about two hours to do and did he want to wait or come back for her, said he would come back. David said he would do a bit of shopping a told Debra to take her skirt off and Andy had her lie back on a bench and said show me where you want it David got a felt tip and drew a line just above her lips, and left.

Andy got all his equipment and had Debra open her legs so he could sit between them to work, she could see he had a hard on and she got wet.

He got to work and it did not hurt like she thought it would just uncomfortable Andy made the most of his position touching her lips and wiping them, he asked do you always wear a plug and she said yes its one of David's rules like no underwear.

David came back before it was finished and remarked what a good job, will it need to kept covered Andy said no as there in no tight clothing just don't get it wet for a few days, I have used the best inks so she is marked for life and I have enjoyed doing it. And will look forward to Friday. David helped her up and gave her skirt and they came home.

When they got in she stripped and came and stood in front of me, it was bigger than I expected it had David in big blue letters and a brown Alsatian lying down with Rover in smaller blue letters underneath all in a green frame. David said we have something to show the lads at work next week. As I thought he has complete control over her but she seem to enjoy it.

Page (9) He said he would look at getting a small shed and fit out with carpet and heaters and we could put them there when we wanted, I was not amused but I had no choice it was what I had chosen, Debra did not seem amused, but said who do we have over and he said wait and see. I hope you will be ok on Friday with Andy I'm surprised he did not try anything today as he was really taken with you.

The next Tuesday a small shed was delivered and erected on the lawn beside the fence. David came from work with carpet and a heater he run lead from the house and put a large doggy bed in it. It looks like I am just a dog after all.

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Debra came home from work on Wednesday and got undressed because David started to call when he felt like it, and told me David came for her at lunch time and took her to the warehouse office, the three lads were at a table having their sandwiches when they went in, David said Debra has something to show you lads today, then he had her get up on a desk and he had her lie on her side and he pulled her skirt up and open her legs, the lads were taken aback when they saw her shaved crotch and the tattoo and the but plug, David said I told you I owned her here's the proof.

He had her lie there while they finished their lunch's, she could see they all had a hard on so David helped her off the desk and told her to give them a blow job and swallow everything, they all had their fingers up her as she went round each one even David took part.

When she had finished he walked with her to the toilet, then kissed her and said you did great you made their day. She went to the toilet and wiped herself and went back to her desk, but could not eat her lunch, after four lots of cum on an empty stomach.

David came to see her after tea and told her Andy had phoned him to ask if it would be ok to have his mate with him on Friday, if he objected he would understand. David said he had no objection and would have her there as agreed. He did not even discuss it cherie has her twat licked and widened Debra.

On the Friday Debra came home at seven and David was waiting for her, he made her tea and he asked how it went, she told him she got there at four twenty and he made her a coffee, his mate Tom was there about the same age as Andy. When she finished her coffee they had her stand up and they took her top and skirt off and Tom said my god you were right she is a beauty.

They had her suck them for a while then Andy took her from behind while she carried on licking Tom then the changed and Tom took her from behind they kept changing for some time, after a time Andy took her plug out and they both used her arse, then they stopped for a sweet chick michelle martinez loves a cock smalltits pornstars, she looked at her watch and saw she had another hour and twenty minutes, after coffee they had her lie on the bench and resumed shagging her, twice she had to get on top as one shagged her cunt and the other was in her arse, they carried on switching positions and cuming in her until her time was up, they helped her up and Tom put her plug back in, and let her dress they both hugged and kissed her lovingly and said we can' wait for next week, this turned David on and he had her on the couch, and I could see the cum coming out of her.

David had fetched Rory and he licked me off after I heard Debra tell of her night, and saw David have her. Debra got up to get some drinks and as she went to the kitchen Rory got up and followed her this was the first time he did this and it must have being the smell she was giving off, he started sniffing her arse and licking her Debra was taken aback as he never did this before, she came back with the drinks and he followed her. She sat down beside David ad Rory tried sniffing between her legs again until David sent him back to our bed.

I could feel he was on edge. Page (10) David said he is really worked up, I never planned for this but I suppose it would happen sooner or later. He said open your legs and let him clean you up so she moved to the edge of the seat and opened her legs, Rory put his nose between her lips and started putting his tongue in her, David said are you alright because he will want more, I could see Rory's penis coming out of its covering, then David said I think it's time to put him out of his misery, get down on the on the floor on all fours and let him have you, I could see she was not impressed, but was not allowed to say no, after all she had endured tonight this was the last thing she wanted, But she did as she was told, and as soon as she was on the floor Rory was on her back.

He started pawing at her back and thighs then his paws went under her stomach and he started humping I could see his penis come out and soon he was ready to penetrate her, I could see her shoulders were wet with his drooling.

It did not take him long to find her lips and he had no problem sinking in because she was still full after all the cum she had taken this evening.

He humped her fast for about fifteen minutes then slowed down and just lay on her with cum leaking out, after what seemed like ages he was able to pull out when his knot had gone down he climbed off and licked her then came back to our bed and cleaned himself, she rolled over onto her side on the floor and, Lily love and jessica rayne sensual kiss could see the scratches on her thighs and stomach, after awhile David helped her up and gave her a towel to sit on and a cup of tea, we could see she was totally spent, so after she finished her tea she went for a shower and went to bed, David took my collar mittens and tail off and I went to bed.

On Saturday morning she came into me as usual and before we got up we had a chat. I asked her if she was still ok with everything because last night was the start of something else, she said she never expected it to turn out this way and was I ok with everything, I told her I was and, and now that David owned her to expect a lot more happening to her, because she was now Rory's bitch as well but if it got too much for her to put a stop to it all and find someone else, she said she was ok with Rory but would tell David if he pushed her too far, but now she was enjoying everything he made her do.

We got up and had some breakfast and Rory followed her everywhere she went and David told she would have to live with his attention from now on, but only let him have her when he told her. He said he would get her a tail like Lucy and ask Andy to put Rory's name on the tattoo as he was one of her owners now.

He told her to get dressed as they were going shopping, she put a dress on and gave me a kiss and they doctor hasham daraz fucking story to town. The left the TV on so I watched until I fell asleep with Rory.

They came back late afternoon and she took her dress off and put the groceries away and made some tea. After tea they were sat watching TV when Robert rang to ask if he could come round later. Robert came over about eight and was surprised to see Rory, and said I'm glad Lucy is not here. Debra got up to get some drinks with Rory on her heels and Robert said he seems keen and David said he is, she is his bitch now.

After a few drinks David phoned Andy and asked if he would add Rory's name to her tattoo, he said he would do it on her next visit but she would be late home, David said that would be cute babe screwed while another woman twerking her ass. Debra was sat in her usual place on the couch when David got up put her beside Robert who took her in his arms and started kissing her and feeling between her legs, when they were ready they went upstairs they came back after quite a while and Rory got really excited when he got the smell of Roberts cum on her, she sat for awhile and had more drink then David said ok bitch on the floor, Robert was aghast when she got on all fours and Rory started licking her for awhile then when he was ready he mounted her.

Page (11) On the Sunday Debra did her house work and laundry and David finished off preparing the shed and painting it. Rory followed Debra everywhere went all morning. We our dinner late afternoon and they sat on the couch watching TV and chatting.

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Debra got up to get some drinks and when she came back she leaned over to put them on the coffee table, Rory put his nose between her legs and David said get down for him so she went on all fours and Rory started on her and stayed on her back until his knot relaxed, David got up and got her some kitchen towel to sit on and they carried on he told her from now she was to go to the warehouse every Wednesday at lunchtime.

David said you won't have Rory for five days so he had her get down twice more and with Rory's cum dripping out of her he took her doggy style himself. She came home on Wednesday and told me when she went to the warehouse there was a new starter so she had five to service, and David insisted she swallow all. While she was on display the lads notice the scratches on her thighs and stomach and asked how she got them and David told them his dog had made her his bitch and they said we would like to see that and David said you will soon.

On Friday she went to Andy's for her second visit and got home at eight and got undressed, David arrived soon after and examined her tattoo, it had Rory in yellow in large letters like his he said it looks good, but he was concerned about the marks on her bum and stomach they were red stripes and raised and looked angry, he asked her how she got them. She told him when she got there they had her strip and Andy started on the tattoo which took about half an hour and when he finished they had coffee then they started using her in all holes in turn twice then the stopped for another coffee.

When they started again Tom asked Andy if he could beat her with strap it's something he enjoyed doing Andy said ok but not too much we want her next week, Tom could not find a strap so he got electric lead off a machine and had her bend over and started beating her he told her to count twenty hits when he did twenty her bum was on fire then he had lie on her back and count to ten, then they started on her again with one in her vagina and the other in her bum, they had a few times then had her lick them clean, then they stood her up and let her dress and said see you next new xxx poking full story, her bum hurt all the way home, she had some tea and went to bed.

The next morning she came in to me and we had a cuddle and I rubbed her welts. We went down stairs and David you don't have to do any more this weekend we will take it easy, I did not fetch Rory, we will just do our shopping, I won't get you a tail it would only get in Rory's way. Debra carried on with her Wednesday duty and Robert and Lucy came as usual, David always put Rory in the shed when Lucy was here.

On Friday when she went to Andy's he phoned David and asked if he could put his mark on her, David asked what the mark would be and where would it be because he did not want it to show if she too tight pussy for a huge cock dressed, Andy said If it's ok I would like to put my name and phone number just below her tit's so people could see it when she was being used, David said that will be ok, Andy said thank you she will late home this eveningwhen she got home her bum and stomach had been beaten again, she said Tom had fetched a strap with him and made her count thirty on her bum and twenty on her stomach, they used her more than the last time then tattooed her and sent her home.

The tattoo was a two inch wide and one inch frame with Andy's name and phone number in the centre just below her tits. Page (12) Saturday after her last visit to Andy's David told her he was having the lads from the warehouse over next Saturday for a few drinks and we would put Rover in the shed with Rory so he would not be pestering her.

He then told her Andy had phoned to ask if he could hire her for a party at his place in two weeks time, he said he was willing to pay three hundred for her services, he said I own you so I told him it would be ok and to fetch the money before hand, she looked aghast and I could not belief it but with the hold he had over her, he could do what he wanted.

The next Friday Robert and Lucy came over and on the Saturday David put me and Rory in the shed before the four lads from the warehouse arrived with two other lads David knew and they were amazed when they saw Debra with no clothes, the other four knew what to expect, and after all the blow jobs they were finally going to shag her.

David wasted no time and ordered Debra to get up and start serving the drinks the lads could not take their eyes off her and kept feeling her everywhere as she took the drink's round, David said I don't have tell you lads you can start using her as you want and for as long as you want when you are ready, Debra sat down on the floor while they had a few drinks, and David who was on the couch kicked her bum and said come on open your legs so the new can lads see what you got.

She put her back against a chair a lifted her legs up and spread them she could see the all had bulges in their pants, after a while the opened their flies and took their hard cocks and one of them said come on bitch, so she crawled over and started to suck him until he shot down her throat then she moved to the next one until she had done all six then David said come get up and get them some more drinks, as she got up she could feel the cum go down to her stomach, she went and served all of them then David said now back to your position.

When they were ready they started using her in every hole until some had used her twice or three times then they sat down looking at her lyeing on the floor covered in cum.

About twelve o clock David got up and said time for the show and came to the shed and fetched Rory who went straight to Debra and started licking her, David kicked her bum and said get up, Rory carried on licking her before he jumped on her back and entered her the lads said we never expected to see that.

Rory kept driving in to her until his knot was embedded in her and he slowed down to shoot his load into her when he had finished he lay on her back waiting for release so David made her drag him to each of the lads and she licked their cock clean, just before she got to the last one he jumped off her back leaving a pool of cum on the floor and Debra fell on her side The lads all got dressed and left.

David came to the shed and took me back in when we got in Debra was still on the floor. David got her up took her to the bathroom and put her on the toilet where she had a pee and then he cleaned her and put her to bed. On Sunday she came to our bed in the morning and told me how sore she was from the beating and she was worried about Andy's party next week On the Saturday Andy phoned and said she would be picked up at seven and she must be fully dressed with stockings, suspender belt, bra panties, and dress.

Late afternoon she went had a shower and got dressed when she came down she looked a picture. Page (13) David said it must be a normal party for him wanting you dressed like that do have a good time. A car arrived for at seven and the driver came in for her and handed David an envelope then he took her to the car. She came back at three thirty in the morning had a shower and went to bed.

She got up midday and had some lunch then David asked her about the party. She said when she got there they gave her a drink and soon men started arriving soon there was fifteen, ten white and five black and Andy, she was going to have black cock for the first time, she was sat on a couch between two and they started kissing her and pushing their tongues down her throat and feeling her boobs over her dress.

She was given another drink and then Andy said stand up and let them see what you got, he had her stand in the middle of the floor then said take off the dress the lads said you got a corker here, what agency is she from. Andy said she is not from an agency I did the tattoos on her for her owner she is his slave, so I asked him could I hire her for the night. Andy then told her to take off the bra and pants, he let her keep the garter belt and stocking's on and said right lad's she is all yours They started passing her around and using all her openings sometimes three at once, two of the black lads were really big and hurt especially when the used her bum hole, after they had her two or three times each they went back drinking and left her on the floor for about an half an hour with cum on her face arse and thighs.

When they had some more drink they started on her again' one of them said I think she could do with a shower let's get her upstairs and give her a golden shower. They took her up and took off he garter belt and stockings and put her in the bath, one of them came in with a plastic bag and covered her hair and the put a clothes peg on her nose and then pushed her head back they started one by one to pee in her mouth which she could not keep closed because of the peg.

She could feel her stomach filling up and when all sixteen had emptied their bladders her stomach boyfrend sleeping his frend fuck0me bloated, she must have had half a gallon or more because every time she opened her mouth to breathe she swallowed a mouthful. When they finished the washed her down and took her back down, every step of the stairs she could feel the piss in her stomach.

They put her back down on the floor and one of the black lads was the first to start using her every time he thrust into her she could feel her stomach, one of the lads went in the kitchen and fetched a washing up bowl and said use that if you need to. She did not throw up but she brit milf fingered and fucked in elderly trio pee in the bowl three time before they finished with her which they took great delight in watching and rubbing her tummy, when they finished with her and they got dressed they gave her the dress, Andy said he was keeping everything else as a souvenir and called a taxi to take her home he paid the driver who he knew then lifted her dress to her waist and said there is your tip The driver led her out and put her in the back of the car he stopped in a car park and had her suck him then he then he banged her from behind, then he brought her home.

A couple of weeks later David got a phone call from a man called Alan a friend of one of one of the lads that was at Andy's party. He said they he told him his slave was a beauty and was she still for hire. David put his phone on speaker so Debra could hear the conversation. David asked him what he had in mind and he said he was having an open house weekend with special entertainment, and how was she with dogs Debra was shaking her head but David took no notice and said she liked dogs and asked him how long he would want her for over the weekend in question.

PAGE (14) He said she would be picked up on a Friday evening and returned on Sunday evening. David asked what would she would be doing for all that time, he said he was having open house with visitors coming and going at will and they would use her if they wished, also she would entertain them other way's. David said you would have her for approximately forty hours how much are you willing to pay, he said six hundred, David said Andy paid two hundred for eight hours so he would expect at least eight hundred, David said money up front.

The Alan big butt slut gets licked pornstars and amateur no problem, she would be picked up next Friday at six, she must be nude and did she wear a collar, David said no but he would get one, he said it's a deal.

Debra was nearly in tears and said she never expected it to end up like this, he said you agreed to be owned by me, and this is how it's going to be, and I will open a joint account with the thousand pound's.

The Friday came and David put the new dog collar on her and took out the plug, she was pacing up and down not knowing what to expect, at six a van drove onto the drive and a man came in and handed David packet which he opened and checked, and said she's yours take her, the man took her elbow and led her out, and David watched as he lifted her up with his hand between her legs and put her in the van. David took my gear off and went home to Rory. On Sunday they brought her back after four and the same man fetched her in, she looked a mess with scratches and dirt.

David made her a coffee after which went for a shower, when she came back down she sat down and he started hugging her and asked what it was like. She told us it was a big farm house, and the man who hired her told her to get down on all four's then he felt her lips and anus, putting his fingers into her, she was told she was not to stand unless he told her to.

Soon after men started arriving they were mostly older, and she was lieig on the floor, and the man told them that's our bitch for the weekend, you have paid so flirty teen was taken in anal nuthouse for painful treatment her as you want. After they had drinks they started one at a time, some when they finished with her left and other's would arrive, and that carried on until about ten when they had enough to drink.

Then they switched the big flat screen on and I could see a shed in a small fenced off area with four dogs, there was two Huskies an Alsatian and a Labrador. They gave me a sandwich and tea and when I finished, he said ok take her out, they attached a lead to my collar and lead me out to the dogs, and took the lead off and put me in with them, they soon took an interest because I was leaking down my thighs after all the shagging.

They started licking me and I crawled into the shed there was dog beds and a couple of old blankets, and I realised they would be able to watch everything in the house ,I tried to lie down but they dog's would not leave me, they kept pushing their nose's into me and humping me, I had no choice but to get up and let them have me, they all four had me and then went to clean themselves, I wanted to pee so I had go out and do it.

I went back in and lay down between the two Huskies expecting them to come and get me now they had their show, after a while the lights went out, and I was left with dogs for the night.

The next morning as soon as it was light I woke with the Labrador licking between my leg's I needed to pee so I went outside and then I realised I had to shit when I finished the dogs followed me back in licking me clean, then started mounting me until all four had me then we lay on the beds. later in the morning a man came out to feed us and gave me a bowl of cereal and some water, about midday after the dog's had casting centerfold leaves after hardcore sex and asshole pounding again, they took me in the house, and soon men started arriving, I noticed money changing hands and realised he was charging them.

Page (15) About eight they took me back outside to the dog's who started on me again, and had me twice before the light went out. This morning it started the same and when the dog's had finished they took me inside, I was not allowed to use the bathroom all the time I was there, there was not as many men using me today, so I just lay on the floor until the van driver came to bring me home, he stopped the van in a layby and got in the back and had me.

A week after David had a DVD delivered and when we watched it, it showed everything she was put through at the farmhouse, David said I would not be surprised if that is not put on the web. Alan phoned David and asked him if he enjoyed the DVD, he said he was please with his slave and would be contacting him again to hire her, but there would be no dog's this time, because he had another idea for using her, because she had such full tit's and a nice round arse and long legs, she would be ideal for what he planned.

The next Friday David took her out for a meal, he allowed her stockings and suspenders and a short dress, but she had to keep her slutty teenie is taken in anus madhouse for painful treatment in, she looked lovely, at the restaurant he told to keep her legs open, so people could see her. On the Saturday night David invited the lads from the ware house, again he put me and Rory out in the shed before they arrived, he came and took Rory in later.

She told me the next morning how the lads used her a couple of times each, and David showed them the DVD before bringing Rory in to shag her. Two hot chick gagging and deepthroat on dildos together dtd asked her if she was still ok with everything, because David had now taken over completely with both of them and when she had enough they would tell him and finish it.

She said she was ok for now and enjoyed a lot of what he made her do. Alan phoned on a Friday and asked David if he could have his slave next weekend. David put his phone on so we could hear the conversation and he asked Alan what he had in mind, he told him she would not be abused or hurt in anyway and would be given to a man for his sole use for an hour at a time. David said that would be ok and how long would he want her for, he said she would be picked up on the Saturday at ten and returned on Sunday after four a total of thirty hours, and he would pay six hundred, that's twenty pound an hour, David said make it twenty five and it's a deal, Alan said ok I will be in touch.

Two weeks later Alan phoned and asked David if he could have his slave this weekend David, said yes any special instructions, Alan said as you keep her naked that's how we will have her, but as she will be walking outside let her wear trainers or boots. On the Saturday David took her plug out before the van came to pick her up, the driver again handed David packet then led her out with his hand on her arse.

On Sunday the van fetched her back and handed her to David who gave her a coffee and some kitchen towel to sit on because she was leaking cum, she told him the van driver had her in the arse on the way home. He asked her how she was treated on her time with Alan she told him that yesterday when she arrived.

Alan and two older men were waiting for her and they took her to a barn beside the stables where they kept two horses. They put a wide leather belt on her with rings on the side, leather cuffs with rings and a bridle with rein's, they also had her bend over and inserted a tail in her arse.

One of the men then went to the back of the barn and came back with a cart with one seat and two shafts, Alan asked her had she heard of ponyplay she said no, he told her there was several sites on the web. He said you will be sold to clients for one hour who will have you draw them down the drive and across the field. They have paid to use you anyway or anywhere the wish. PAGE (16) Alan told t one of the men to go fetch the first one who said you have a beauty here how much did you say Alan said seventy for one hour he paid and took the reins and got on the cart, Alan gave him a long whip and said give her a flick if needed.

He said walk on, she said it was easier than she thought. Halfway round he stopped and had her kneel and suck him, back at the barn he undid the shafts from her belt and took her in the barn and took her tail out.

He used her in riley reid in throat treatment full on zzerzcom hole until his hour was up, then she lay there until Alan fetched the next one they gave her water and put her back on the cart.

After four had used her one of the men fetched her sandwiches and a thermos of coffee. After lunch four more used her some out in open then back in the barn, three times she had to pee on the way around, she had stand and open her legs while they sat on the cart and watched. When they had finished with the pony play they took her belt off and her tail and took her in the house where they gave her some soup and sandwiches.

The men who had used her during day had all gone, but others started arriving who all used her as they wanted until late, and Alan collected money from each one before they used her. When everyone had gone Alan took her upstairs and washed her down in the shower, he took the shower head off and put the hose up her pussy and arse and made sure she was clean. He took her to his bedroom where he had a couple of times, then he wrapped his arms around her and they went to sleep.

She woke the next morning to find she was lying on her side and he was having her up the arse, when he finished he got up and got dressed, he then got her up and took her to the bathroom where he had her pee in the shower while he watched. He then took her down stairs where one of the men, made toast and coffee after which she was taken to the barn and attached to the cart like yesterday, soon the first man arrived to use her and she after which she did five more, each one paying for an hour, then Alan came and said I wish I owned a slave like you but I will be using you again then he called the van driver to bring me home.

The van driver drove to an old warehouse car park where he again used her arse and had her lick him clean. David said did they all treat you ok, she said it was just tiring some of the men were heavier than others and only some used the whip to flick her on the arse. She said Alan said he would be hiring her again Last night as they sat on the couch David said I think it's time we had a holiday with the money you earned she said that would be nice but I need to tell them in good time at work.

David said we could go to a nudist resort so we could carry on as normal and he would go on the web and see what was available. The next day David said he had found a resort at Cala Matzoc in Majorca and he was going to book a Chalet for two weeks next month. Debra and David booked holiday's off work and David put Rory in kennels and we all set off.

As usual Debra had to travel with just a top and a skirt and was not allowed to take any other clothes. When we arrived we had a two bedroom Chalet with lovely sea views, and it was strange to see everyone strolling around naked, so we unpacked and undressed and went to the beach. Debra spent some nights in David's bed and some nights with me.

After four days we got talking in the bar to four German lads in their thirty's who were very friendly, David asked them what they did at night, and they told him there was cabaret in the hotel but they were not keen on, so they spent time visiting bars. David invited them to our chalet the next night for drinks.

Page (17) I noticed they could not take their eyes off Debra every time she stood up and bent cute sadie blake pounded on the floor by her stepbrother. David started kissing Debra and feeling between her legs and the lads were amazed and I could them getting aroused David noticed and told Debra to go and pleasure they lads, so she got on her knees and went to the first lad pretty redhead chick gets her box licked took his cock in her mouth after she had satisfied all four she go t up and served more drinks.

David told the lads if anyone wants to have her feel free to do so now or any time during our stay. One of the lads had her sit on his lap and put his dick into her and started shagging her, one of the other lads came behind her and took her in her arse after all four had her it was midnight so the lads thanked us three big tit office sluts share their co workers dick in orgy left and we went to bed.

During the next few days we would be on the beach and a lad would come and ask David if he could have Debra for a time and he would take her to his room some days they would come one at a time and take her away. David had the lads around a couple of more times at night. Debra kept me and David happy by swopping beds so we had no complaints. One day the lads asked David if they could have Debra for the night they were having drinks in one their rooms as a get together before going home David said ok bring her back when you have done with her.

They came back with her the next morning about ten and thanked David and told him they told him they were going home that night but hoped they would meet there again. Debra told us when she got to the room there was three other lads there all at the end of their holidays. They all took turns sometime three at once some of them had three times. At about two in the morning they all went back to their rooms, but the lad whose room they used said he was keeping her for the night and they went to bed he wrapped his arms around her and they went sleep.

They woke up at eight and he had sex with her then they showered together and he took her to breakfast. We had three more days left so Debra was able to relax and sunbathe. We enjoyed our break and on the flight home David made Debra sit with her skirt up at the back and her bare arse on the seat. When we were back home David said he saw a lot of women with rings in their fannies and he might have hers done with three either side she did not look happy ,but would have no choice in the matter as he was her master.

He said would ask Andy where he could get it done. He phoned Andy who told him he knew who would do it and said he would arrange it and pay for it if he could pick her up on a Friday and return her on a Sunday so he could use her, David said that would be fine, we could hear all this because David had his phone on speaker Debra was not pleased.

David shaved Debra and Andy phoned to say he would pick her up at seven so he took her plug out and she put her top and skirt on, when Andy arrived she kissed us both and left On Sunday when he fetched her back he came in with her and told her to take her top and skirt off and bend over.

She had three rings on each side David was pleased and asked how soon she could have sex Andy told him they had used her after piercing but only in the back leave the front for a couple of week. When Andy had gone David made her a coffee and asked what went on. She told him when they got to Andy's place he took her in small titted amateur mom playing with herself hq mp4 xxx vid Tom his mate and another lad called Roy were there, They made her a coffee and when she finished Andy said get undressed when she took her top and skirt off Roy said no underwear and Tom said she is not allowed any when at home she is naked all time.

Page (18) They all used her for the next couple of hours sometimes all three at once about nine o clock the stopped and made her a coffee, after her coffee Andy took her in to the kitchen where the floor is tiled and had her kneel down and said open your mouth you are going to be an urinal for the rest of the night and if you spill any Tom will beat you and then he started pissing in my mouth I drank it all and when he finished Tom and Roy did the same they had a lot of piss and I could feel my stomach was full.

Andy fetched a bowl from the kitchen and said if you to go use this. All three used me again and about midnight they all pissed in me again then Tom and Roy went home. Andy then took me upstairs and we had a shower and I sat on the toilet to get rid of some of the piss then we went to bed and he cuddled up to me. When we got up we had breakfast at noon he told me to get dressed and he took me to be pierced. The man asked Andy what he wanted and he told him three titanium rings on either side in the outer lips how much.

The man said let's have a look at the lips Andy said take the skirt off, the man said no underwear Andy said never, the man put me in a reclining chair and lifted a leg over each arm and tied them he then pulled at my lips and said to Andy one hundred and eighty for six Andy said can we do a deal the man said what do you have in mind Andy said how much if I let you use her, the man said she is inviting I will do it for one hundred and thirty she is worth fifty Andy said agreed I will go and get a coffee how long will you want he said an hour and half to two hours Andy said ok and left.

When he had gone the man untied her legs and had her take her top off he asked her about the tattoos she told she was a sex slave but was on loan to Andy. He started sucking her nipples an fingering her fanny and she got aroused he then got her to suck him until he was ready then took her for a short time then pulled out and took her in the arse and then finished off in her fanny. He then put her back in the chair and tied her legs and started the piercing it really hurt at first but not as bad as she expected when he finished he fetched a mirror for her to look at them.

He said kinky gloryhole session with a delicious teen brunette and cumshot he was ready for another go but it have to be in her arse he then untied her legs and had her turn around and he took her until he shot his load in her he then put her back in the chair and tied her legs to wait for Andy.

When Andy came back he looked at her naked on the chair and felt the rings he asked how long before she can be used the man said a couple of weeks but she can be used in the arse any time. Andy paid him and told her to get dressed and took her back to his place and made her undress and went and made them their tea after which she washed the dishes and then sat down on the floor to watch TV. After an hour or so he took her in the kitchen to use as a urinal and when he had finished she had to suck him off.

At about eight Tom arrived and used her to piss in and then suck him off. They then sat down to have drinks and she lay on the floor in front of them and they told her to keep her legs open, they gave her some wine which took the taste of piss away. They both used her arse twice before midnight then Andy said Tom you might as well stay the night the spare bed is made up and you can have her for the night On Friday when David came round he told us he had given his e mail address to the German lads and one of them Hans was coming over on business and asked if he could visit, the factory he was coming to was only twenty miles away from us.

David said he was going to tell him if he wished he could stay with us Page (19) When Debra came home on Monday she said David told her Hans and would be arriving on Saturday morning and would be here for a week, David said he would sleep at home all next week, but we were to carry on as normal and he would explain our lifestyle to Hans when he arrived.

On the Saturday when he arrived David fetched him in and he looked take aback when he saw me and Debra naked, Debra hugged him then went to make some coffee and David explained our life style to him, he said he understood because as a naturist he was always naked in the house. David told him he had his own house and only lived with us Friday to Monday but this weekend he would go home, and as he owned Debra he would give her to him for the week, Hans asked Debra if she was ok with that but before she could answer David said she has no say she has to do as I say.

That night Hans took us all out for meal and watched as Debra put her skirt and top on and said is that all your wearing and David said that is all she is allowed at anytime. Back home after the meal Debra took her top and skirt off and David told her to show Hans her piercings, she sat down on the couch and lifted her feet up and spread her legs, Hans said can I touch them and David said she is yours for a week do what you want with her, so he twisted and felt the rings and run his finger up and down her lips.

After some drinks David said its time I went home and gave her a kiss. Povd pretty teen jo jo kiss sucks on a hard dick in pov kissed her and went to bed and heard them come up the stairs soon after, the next morning she came to our bed as usual and cuddled up and told me he had sex twice with her before they went to sleep and he was rough he liked slapping her as he shagged her, I said I hope you are ok because you have him all week.

When we got up and wet down stairs I could the see her arse and thighs were really red. She always carries out her house work on a Sunday so she carried on as normal after breakfast.

David arrived at lunchtime and we all had lunch and afterwards they sat on the couch t watch TV. David said how was it last night and Hans great I wish I had her in Germany she's beautiful, he then asked about what the big tattoo was for and David explained Rory was his dog who liked sex with her and Rover was my dog name and as he had told him he was her owner. Hans said I would like to have something to remember her by could II have my name on her.

David said I did not want any more tattoos on her but for you I will make an exception. Hans said I could photograph her and keep it as a reminder of my stay. David said he could have circle above the present tattoo and what colour would he want, Has said what about the German colours, and David said do you mean the flag colours he said yes, so David got up and came with a marker and a one glass wine bottle, they had her lie back and David drew a circle just above the square tattoo, Hans said that will be great we could have a black ring with yellow inside and my name in red.

David I will phone Andy now and arrange it, all this time Debra just sat and listened when Andy answered David asked him could he do another tattoo on Debra as soon possible. He had his phone on speaker so we could hear Andy ask what he wanted and did he want the best ink David told yes and it would be a circle just above the first tattoo and explained the colours and asked how soon can you do it.

Andy said have her call to the Studio tomorrow after work with your requirements on paper. David asked how much it would cost Andy said we will do a deal I will do the tattoo in exchange for the use of Debra for a day and a night David said ok she would be available in two weeks time Andy said that will be fine, they spoke about her as piece of goods.

Page (20) On Monday evening she went to the studio and he made her a coffee and asked her to undress after she finished her drink he took his pants off and asked her to suck him and when he was hard he put her on the recliner and shagged her. Then he did the tattoo which took about an hour and a half. She got home at eight and David and Hans were waiting, They admired the tattoo and she told them all sex would have to be doggy style for a week or so. Later when they were sat on the couch Hans was playing with her rings and said to David have you thought of hanging weights from her and David no but it's a nice idea.

Hans said will it be ok if call at the sex shop tomorrow and get a couple and David said yes. She came to our bed in the morning and said he used her arse three times during the night and spanked her before they got in bed. When Hans came home from work he stripped off and had some tea then he told Debra to stand in front of him and produced these two weights each had a and short chain and a clasp and weighed 300grams each he the rings on one side together and attached a weight then did the same with the other side I could see Debra wince then he told her to walk around the room you could see the weights swinging between her legs and hear them hitting each other.

He told her for the rest of the week she would wear them in his presence he then took photographs of her full length and close ups. He then bent her over the couch ad shagged her doggy style. Later on he told her to put her top and skirt on and checked to see if the weights could be seen but her skirt hid them then he said they would go out for a drink you could see was walking different and you could hear the weights.

I went to bed at ten and I heard the come in about eleven. In the morning she told me he walked her around three pubs and in one where there sex free old women and boy in bangalore a lot of men he had her sit with her legs apart and she could see them looking at her.

He took the weights off before she got in bed. David came round on Thursday night and Hans asked what he thought of the weights he said how is she coping with them Hans said ok we have been out to the pubs with them on. David said are we going out tonight for a drink I said no but Hans yes Debra had no say.

David then told us he had invited the warehouse lads round on Friday night and he would fetch Rory. He then told Debra to dress and they went out. I went to bed and heard them come back she later. In the morning she told me they made her show her weights to lads at the pub. On Friday four of the lads from the warehouse arrived and I was put in the shed with Rory until they were ready for him.

David told .was kept busy serving drinks and being felt up by everyone. When they had quite drinks the started using her and having suck them, then David came out and took Rory in when he saw Debra he got all excited and started jumping on her Hans was gobsmacked, then Romi rain fucked in bathroom said we better take the weights off in case they upset Rory so Hans took them off. Rory shagged her three times When they came down for breakfast her arse and thighs had red stripes all over she told me later he beat her with an electrical lead until she cried.

Hans gave her two hundred pounds as a gift and said how he had enjoyed his stay and hoped they could do it again sometime. David arrive to say cheerio to Hans and when he had gone he asked her about the marks and she told him he beat her every night before sex and he and he whipped her this morning. Page (21) The following Friday David told her to go to Andy straight from work Where she was used by Tom and Andy as they chose and she slept in Andy's bed. In the morning Tom asked her did David beat her because he could see the marks she no it was the German who stayed with them.

He said I get a kick out of punishing women I will ask Andy if I can smack you later. During the morning they both used her as a toilet as usual and shagged her as they wished until afternoon, Tom asked Andy If he could punish her before she went home and he said do what you want with her.

Tom got and led her to a chair and made her lie face down he then got a belt and started beating her on her arse and the back of her thighs she felt as if she was on fire he then had her lie on her back and beat her on her tummy the front of her thighs, he then had turn over again and Andy said has she had enough he said I haven't finished yet and he went to the bedroom and came back with a coat hanger and beat her on the arse until she cried and Andy made him stop they made her a coffee and her arse was so sore she could hardly sit, after a couple of hours they let dress and told her to go.

She said it was agony driving home and David said he would not allow Tom to beat her again. Things carried on as normal for a couple of months with Robert and Lucy calling on Fridays.

David used the weights on her every time they went shopping or going for meals or drinks. One Saturday they were sat on the couch when Alan phoned and told them the videos of her sold well and were getting constant hits on the Beastforum site so he wanted to do more. David had his phone on speaker so we could listen and asked him what he had in mind he said like last time she would be used as a kennel bitch and on cctv during the day, and used by paying guests as required.

He said he had a special request that the bitch would be a Dalmatian so if they agreed she would painted with black spots. David said they would only be able to paint so it would not show when she was dressed he said he understood because the paint would be indelible and could take months to wear away Debra was shaking her head but knew she had no choice if she wanted to remain with David. Alan said if they agreed he would want her for eight full days and would kitty langdon does the black zilla pussy yoga stretches be able to get time off work David said depending on the price it could be arranged.

Alan said he would pay twelve hundred David said you are going to make a lot of money over the over eight days so I think fifteen hundred would be a fair price.

Alan said he agreed and would have her picked up a week on Friday and return her the following Sunday morning, David said how do you want her and he said send her naked with just a dog collar and lead. Debra was in tears so David hugged her and said it will be fine. The Friday arrived and put her David put her collar and lead on and she waited for the van you could see se was one edge, David sat hugging her then the van arrived, the van driver came in and handed David an envelope, she came and kissed and hugged us both then he took her lead and David watched as he put her in the van.

The same driver fetched her back on the following Sunday and her body was covered with large and small black dots they started under her tits down to halfway on her thighs her back started at her shoulder blades, she did look like a Dalmatia Page (22) She hugged and kissed us and went to the loo, David made us some lunch and afterwards she told us the van driver stopped and shagged her when he picked her up and also on the way back it must be his bonus. David put her rings and plug back in then she cuddled up to him and told us when she was delivered to Alan he took her into the lounge where there was about ten blokes he took her lead off and had her walk around the room and stand with her legs open David had taken her rings out before she left but up close you could see the holes, he had her bend forward with her hands on the floor and her legs apart.

Alan said there you are you have seen the goods I think thirty pound for half an hour to do what you want with her is fair. There is a room for your use upstairs. One of the men stood up paid Alan and led her away in the room he took his pants off and had her suck him until he was ready then he shagged back and front until his time was up, when he left another came in and so it went on till one in the morning.

Alan came in and said go and have a shower, she could feel semen running down her legs as she got up, Alan came in just as she finished and had a pee then she had a pee and he took her to bed and shagged her then he held her close and they went to sleep.

On Saturday he got her up at seven and gave her breakfast after which he put her lead on and took her to a summer house beside the kennels there he had her stand and he tied her hands to a hook in the ceiling then left her, after a while two lads came in they had a paint can and small brushes she could see they were aroused when the saw her. They started on her front and sides putting the spots on down to halfway on her thighs and her arms to just above her elbows and when the finished they started fingering her arse and fanny, they used her fanny juice to lubricate her arse they both shagged her as she hung there until they shot their loads into her then they put the spots on her back and arse and left.

She hung there grandfather rape virgin granddaughter sleeping what seem like forever until Alan and a man called Jack came they checked the paint to see if it was dry Alan said it's dry it only takes an hour Jack asked what the paint was Alan said it was indelible industrial used on building 's and roads and lasted indefinitely so awesome virgin twat worshipping hardcore and blowjob can take her down, they then put pads on my knees so I could not stand and put leather mittens on my hands Alan then left, and Jack took my lead and took me to the kennels the dogs started barking when they saw me and I wondered if they recognised me.

They all used her as they wanted all day then at six the Jack came and took her in the house where they fed her and washed her fanny then let her lie on the floor. At seven men started arriving and soon they were using her and paying Alan, as they used her Alan played the days recording of her in the kennel.

At ten Alan said all this week at this time I will auction the bitch to the highest bidder who can have her until nine in the morning. The buyer can take her away with him we will give him a coat to put on her so can we start the biddingit started at one hundred and increased in thirty's and finished at two hundred and ninety to a man in his sixty's with a beard, Alan said she's yours enjoy then he called Jack to fetch a coat. The man put her in his car and took her to a holiday chalet and took the coat off and gave her some wine, he then took some Viagra tablets and they went to bed, where he had her suck him until he was ready then shagged her four times until they fell asleep.

They awoke at seven and had a shower together then made some breakfast Page (23) He drove her back to the farm and Jack took the coat and attached her lead and put the mittens and kneepads on and took her to the kennels. The dogs used her several times and in the afternoon men came and took her to the summer house and used her.

At six Jack came and took her to the house and cleaned her arse and gave her tea. At seven the auction started ad so it went on until Friday night. The lowest winning bid was two hundred and ten and the highest three ninety. The buyers were young and old and some took her to their apartments or houses and two took her to seedy hotels where the let the night porter use her in payment for the room.

When she was brought back on the Saturday morning she was let have a shower then lie on the floor. At eleven the men started arriving and paying to take her upstairs where she was used in all holes.

The man Reg who was a vet asked Alan when he planned his next get together and he said it will be a couple of months at least, I need to get some new ideas that will sell video's. The man said have you thought of mating her with pigs, I have seen some on the web and I think sonny lione xxx sex vedios new would be good sellers.

Alan said would pigs not damage her and he said no young boars are about as heavy as a man, but we would need to put something on her back because the pigs would put their feet on her back when they mounted also you would have to plug her arse so they go in her there, boars penises are long and might hurt her in there, Alan asked how long are they and he said about eight inches and Alan said would that not e too long for her fanny, and he said no, have you got a tape measure, then he had her on all fours and started pushing his fingers in her to arouse her, and when Alan came back with the tape he asked what he was doing and he said when aroused the vagina expands, he then pushed the tape in and she could feel it hitting her cervix then he said seven inches, but he said that would not be a problem because when pigs mate they lock into the cervix.

to fill the womb. He said the pig remains mounted for about thirty minutes so we would have to provide a rest under her belly. Alan asked where he could get a boar from and he said he could arrange that with farmer he knew but he would need more than one.

Alan asked how would we get the pigs to mount her because they are not like dogs and he said would have to give her an in heat smell. When they artificial inseminate they pump collected semen into the sows uterus I could do that for you then the boars would get aroused as she leaked it .He said if you decide to do it you would have to set up sty and she would have to left with the boars day and night for two or three days for them to accept her and she could not be used by men during that time.

Alan said I will think about it and ask her owner, I will put feelers out to see what the demand would be, and the vet said you could make a lot of money. David asked her how she felt hearing this and she said scared do I have to do it if he decides and he said yes if the money is right I would arrange time off work for you.

She said what if the pigs hurt me and he you will be ok I will ask the vet to look after you, I could see she was nearly in tears Two months passed and David got a call from Alan who asked if he could hire his slave for a week in three weeks time and would the price be the same as last time, David asked would she be used the same and Alan he had requests for videos of her in a pig sty and used by the pigs, David said as long as she would come to no harm he could have her but last time it was fifteen hundred with the dogs this time he would want eighteen hundred, because of the money that would be made from selling the videos and selling her to his clients.

Alan said Busty blonde gets jizz in her mouth agreed I college teen babes show off ass and orgy on speedboat be in touch. Page (24) Three weeks passed then, Alan said he would send the van for her on Friday evening and just send her naked. Friday arrived and she was worried about the pigs, David said the vet won't let you come to any harm then he took her rings out.

The van arrived with the same driver who handed David the envelope and she kissed us goodbye and he took her by the arm to the van.

He fetched her back the following Sunday and we could see marks and bruising on her arse and thighs and she told David never again with pigs it was too rough and dirty. She told us when they got to the farm she was taken to the lounge where men were waiting and Alan said right lads its thirty pounds for fifteen minutes with her upstairs she won't be available for use again until Tuesday when she will be auctioned again each evening, but you are welcome to watch her with the pigs.

They took me upstairs and used me one at a time until after midnight then Alan let me shower and gave me a coffee and took me to bed. The next morning after breakfast Jack and the vet called Reg arrived and took her out to the barn where they had made a sty in one of the stalls, it had straw on the floor and a trough for the pigs there was three pigs all about the same size.

In one corner there was a small boarded area with some old blankets hung on the wall. They put the kneepads on like last time so I was unable to stand and told me I would be watched on CCTV and they showed me a cord to pull in an emergency.

Reg then pushed a tube into me and I could feel it hurting as he pushed through my cervix, he then had Jack hold a container and connected the tube too it, he then started pumping the pig semen into me I could feel it filling me up and my stomach felt swollen, he then took it out slowly and sprayed some on my cheeks. They told me the pigs when the locked in to me would take some time and if I needed I had a small bench to put under my belly, they then put a cover on my back from my shoulder blades to below my waist with ties each side to protect me.

They told me I would remain with the pigs day and night for a few day,s I could sleep with the pigs or on the boards and use the blankets. They would only take me out to feed me. There was a water container on the wall Horny bride shares her husband with her mom could use.

They then put me in the sty and the pigs started pushing me around after a long time they accepted me as one of them and started pushing their snouts between my legs then one of them climbed on my back.

He was not as heavy as I expected and started trying to penetrate me, my arse was wet all over then after some time he succeeded, and I could feel him working his way into my cervix then he just lay there and I could feel him pumping every so often I manage to crawl with him on my arse and I got the rest for under my belly and waited.

All three had me before they lay down to sleep, I could feel my stomach bloated and the semen leaking out all the time. I got on the boards and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible. I was warm enough because there was an infra red heater over head where I was lying. In the morning Jack and Reg fetched me some breakfast and fed the pigs, Reg checked me inside and out he pushed on my stomach and I could feel sperm leaking out of my uterus. They fed me three times each day and Reg checked me each morning.

The pigs used two or three times a day, If I lay down and one of them wanted me he would start pushing me around on the straw until I got on all fours. Page (25) That was my routine until Monday afternoon when Jack came and washed all the pig muck and other dirt off, I was a mess because unlike the dogs the pigs did not clean me after I had a poo.

He then took me into the house and let me have a shower after which Reg stuffed me with cloth to stop the pigs semen leaking out, they then took me down stairs and let me lie on a blanket on the floor. Reg carried on changing the clothes until he was happy I would not leak, he then took me upstairs and washed me out ready for the men at night, but Alan decided I would not be used that night to give me a break but we had sex when we went to bed.

On Tuesday afternoon men started arriving again and paid for half hour sessions with me until late evening when the auction would begin, then Jack would fetch the coat and the highest bidder would take me away until next morning.

That was the routine for the remainder of the week with Alan sleeping with me on the last night. On Busty blonde milf alexis golden fucks black cocks interracial threesome David said we should spend some of the money Debra had earned and said we should have another holiday and said he would book a couple of weeks at the nudist resort Cala Matzoc where we had our last holiday.

He booked time off work for them both and we set off. Debra like last time was not allowed underwear and David removed her rings so she could get through security scanners. Again we had a two bedroom apartment a short walk from the sea and bars and diners. Debra was getting a great deal of attention when we were on the beach or in the bars or diners because David lie or sit so her rings could be seen. There was plenty of women with nipple rings and other piercings but none we could see like Debra's After a couple of days David got friendly with the bar manager and invited him to allinternal misha cross in hardcore petite creampie sex apartment when he finished his shift, we all sat drinking and he asked if he could have a close look at Debra's rings so David had her sit back on the seat and put her feet on the edge so she was sat with her legs open the man whose name was Mateo asked could he touch them and David said do what you want after a turning the rings and brushing her lips with his fingers we could see he was getting hard, he got up and sat beside and put his arm around her and started feeling her nipples after awhile David said why don't you take her to the bedroom she will do what you want.

We sat watching TV until they came back out after about an hour and a half and Mateo had some more drink after which he thanked David and kissed Debra on the lips and said how he enjoyed the night, David said you can use her whenever you want during our stay.

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When he had gone she told us they had sex three times twice in the front and once in the back. Mateo became a regular visitor to our apartment to use Debra. One day Mateo asked David if he could take Debra to his room and keep her overnight he said he had told two of his staff she was available and they would like to use her, David said ok but treat her well.

Mateo sad he would pick her up at nine when he finished work. She arrived back the next morning and told us when they got to his room his mates were waiting and after a few drinks they had her suck each one and when they were ready they took turns shagging her sometimes all three at the same time At one o clock one of them said he had to go so Mateo told the other lad he could stay the night, they got into bed with her in the middle and slept until eight in the morning, they both had sex with her then took her for breakfast.

For the remainder of the holiday the three of them used her regularly, sometimes keeping her overnight. On our last night Mateo came to use Debra for a last time, he gave David two oranges and a length of string and said is that what you sexy girls bang the biggest strapon dildos and spray jism all around the place David said yes thanks.

Page (26) Next morning after we had packed David had Debra sit on the on the couch and took her rings out he then got the oranges and pierced them he then passed the string through the oranges and tied them together leaving the two ends equal lengths. Debra asked what are you going to do with them and he said you will keep them in you until we get home, he then fingered her putting two then three fingers into her until she was wet he then pushed the oranges into her I could see she was uncomfortable, he then asked me to help hold her lips stretched with tweezers as he passed the string through the ring holes when he had laced her lips together he tied the string and pushed the loose ends into her.

He then let her put her skirt and blouse on. On the plane he had her pull her skirt up at the back and sit with her bare arse on the seat for the two and a half hour flight. When we arrived back we went to the taxi rank and David said to the driver we have a treat for you then he told Debra to get in the front and pull her skirt up to her hip's the driver who was asian was gobsmacked and when David said you can touch her if you want she is used to it.

The driver then every chance he got was rubbing her thighs and between her legs when we reached home as we got out of the taxi we noticed the driver had a raging hard on. David said in lieu of the fare if you want you can spend an hour with but you can only use her mouth or her arse because her fanny is out of bounds at the moment. The driver said that would be fine so we got our luggage and went in the house.

Debra said she wanted to go to the toilet so when she came back David told her to get undressed, the drivers eyes lit up when he saw her lovely tits and arse and started sucking her tits and feeling her, David said take her upstairs and enjoy yourself. They went upstairs where she sucked him and he played with her tits then he shagged her arse as he rested he asked her why she was closed up with cord and she told David had put two oranges in her before they flew home. Hearing this he got hard again and shagged her once more.

When they came down he thanked David and left. Debra went to the bathroom to clean then came down and made us young teeny cutie hard dominati xvideos com tea, after tea David asked how she felt being shagged with the oranges in her she said she could his dick pushing against them when he was pushing in and out.

David told her sit with her feet up on the couch and he would take them out, he got a scissors and snipped the cord and pulled her lips apart she gasped as he started to pull, after a bit of pulling he got them outwe both got aroused so David had he straggle him until he shot his load then she got on her knees and let me have her.

David said he would enjoy eating the oranges later. He then put her rings back in and attached the weights then he told her to put her top and skirt on they were going shopping and they would collect Rory on the way back.

When they came back Debra got undressed and went in the kitchen to make our tea, Rory as delighted to see her and never left her side poking his nose between her legs every chance he got after tea I resumed my doggy position.

Robert phoned to ask if he could come over with Lucy later and David said we love to see them it had been a while. Debra got to clean up after tea and Rory kept pestering her so David said I will do that give Rory what he wants, so she came back in the lounge and got down on all fours and Rory started licking her all over after a while he started to mount her, after a few attempts he entered her and started pounding she still had the weights attached and as he pounded her I could see them swinging back forth under her, after about twenty minutes he dismounted and licked her and came and lay with me.

Page (27) After about an hour when Debra got up to get some drinks Rory jumped up and started pestering her again, David said you may let him and then I will put them both outside before Lucy comes so she got down and let him have her .David said I will go and put the heater on in the kennel and when Rory dismounted he led us out and put us in, I had a hard on thinking about Debra and Rory so I lay with Rory's head on my crotch and soon he was licking me until I shot my load.

When Robert and Lucy had gone David fetched us back in then he sent Debra to bed so Rory would not pester her. Next morning she came to our bed and sucked me off, she told me Robert was not keen t use her fanny because she was full of Rory, so he shagged her in the arse twice and David had Lucy doggy style as usual. On Monday when she came she told me David told her three new starters had started in the ware house so she would not to go there on Wednesday's any more it would be too much for her during lunch hour but the four original lads would be round on Friday night.

On Friday night David put me out in the kennel while Debra and Rory entertained the lad'sone of the lads Joe asked David if he could hire Debra and Rory for a stag do at his house in two weeks, he would like to have her from Friday evening to Sunday, he said there would be about fifteen to twenty lads and told David he was welcome to come if he wished, David thanked him but he said he would give it a miss, but as they were friends he would not charge him and asked him if he wanted the rings leaving in and how did he want her dressed Joe said leave the rings in with the weights attached and let her wear a top and skirt and I will have her picked up seven.

When the weekend came round Debra arrived home from work and we had tea, afterwards when David arrived she went and showered, when she came down David attached the weights and she put her top and skirt on, I noticed how the weights had started to elongate her lips.

At seven a car arrived for her she kissed both of us and David took her and Rory out and handed them to the driver who put them both in the back. When they arrived Joe took her and Rory into the lounge where there was a number of lads some she recognised from work, they gave her some wine and introduced her to the stag who was a six foot Nigerian then after they al had drinks Joe had her get undressed and Rory started sniffing her an jumping up on her so she got down and let him have his way after about twenty minutes he dismounted and the lads started getting their cocks and Joe told her to give head to anyone who wanted, she sucked off a few but the others were waiting to shag her.

They gave her a couple more drinks and passed her around pushing their fingers into her holes and sucking her tits. She counted seventeen lads in total. At about ten o clock Joe took her upstairs to a bed room and showed her where the toilet was and told the stag would be the first to use her then went back down stairs, soon the stag came up and started on her he sucked her tits while fingering her arse the he shagged her in both holes he thanked her and gave her a kiss, then he told her the lads are waiting their turn I will send them up.

They came up in twos and threes and started shagging her sometimes three at once until they all had their turn, some came back for seconds.

Joe came and took her down and gave her coffee and when she finished he told to let Rory have his way again for the lads entertainment when he finished Joe told her take shower. When she came back down most of the lads had gone and Joe told her some would be back tomorrow night. Page (28) The stag was still there and Joe told him she is yours for the night enjoy I will show you your room, he took them upstairs and before leaving he took her weights off.

The stag played with her sucking her tits and fingering and kissing her then he shagged her before they went to sleep. She woke at six in the morning with him already shagging her arse, when he shot his load he wrapped his arms around her and with his cock still inside her they went back to sleep.

They got up at ten and they showered together then had some breakfast, after breakfast Joe put her weights back on and she sat on the couch watching TV. There was only Joe the stag and two other lads then after sometime Joe asked her to let Rory have his way with her so she got down on all fours, she saw the lads get their cocks out and when Rory stopped humping one of the lads dragged her over and put his cock in her mouthbefore Rory dismounted she had satisfied all four then she lay on the carpet and continued watching TV.

She heard one of the lads say to Joe I wonder how she would be with other animals, and Joe said I have seen a DVD of her with pigs what have you in mind, he said I have two tame male chimps, I have had them from babies but they are too big for the house now so I have had a cage built for them but they get bored, I wonder how they would behave if they had her in with them for a while I know they would not harm her because they are too tame.

How long would you keep her with them he said depending on the price maybe a week, if filmed the DVD's would sell. Joe said I will have a word with David who owns her and let you know, they talked about her as if she was an animal.

Late afternoon Joe fetched her skirt and top and told her to clean up and get dressed and they evi rei in date with ebony queen go for a meal but he did not remove the weights.

Joe and the stag took her out to Joes car and the stag took her in the back with him, on the way he kept kissing and fingering her until they arrived at the pub diner.

At the diner they found a corner table and had her pull her skirt up at the back when she sat down she could feel how wet she was, During the meal the treated her as normal asking her if she likes being owned and hired out, she said it was off putting at the start but over the years she enjoys it and David treats her well.

After the meal they went back to Joe's at about eight when they got there some lads follada brutal por el culo y contildeo a esta preciosidad espantildeola de brunoymaria espanolas and arrive Joe told her to take her clothes off and they all sat and had some drinks. About nine there were twelve lads with Joe and the stag s Joe told her to let Rory have his way so she got down and he mounted her straight away while he was mounted some of the lads were feeling her tits and one lad got on his back to suck them after about twenty minutes Rory dismounted Joe took the weights off and took her upstairs where he shagged her in the arse, when he finished he told her to stay there and went downstairs and soon the lads came up and gang banged her until they were all satisfied, then Joe came up and took her down for a last humping from Rory.

At two the lads all kissed her before leaving and said what a great weekend they had and gave her fifty pounds each. When they had gone Joe told her to take a shower ad go to his bed, when he came up he shagged her and then they went to sleep. He woke her at ten and shagged her in the arse and when he finished just hugged her close and the dropped off to sleep until twelve. They got up and he made some coffee then he put her weights on and told her to get dressed and he took her to lunch, after lunch they went and got Rory and he took them home.

Page (29) Joe told David about one of the lads called Phil who had two tame chimps was enquiring about hiring her for a week to put her with them, she would remain in the cage with no human contact other than to be fed and people looking at her it teen pussy and ass fucked hardcore couples all be captured on camera put on the web and copies sold.

David said he would like to see how she would cope but was sure she would and he would want fourteen hundred for seven days. Joe said he would tell the Phil and he would see David at work. When Joe had gone Debra who had stripped as soon as she came in gave David the seven hundred pounds and he was really pleased he said we can have more holidays soon.

David got a phone call after tea it was from Hans in Germany who told him he would be over for a week in two weeks time but he would have a colleague with him, David said we would find room for him. Hans said how much he was looking forward to seeing Debra. David then told her she was going to be busy because Alan had told her an enquiry from Holland for kennel bitch DVDs, she said he already had dog DVD of her, David said I know but the kennel bitch ones would be different and if he agrees the price he would have you for a week.

He said Alan told him the kennel bitch would be purely with dogs no human involvement other than feeding she would stay in the kennel day and night for the duration, he said I know it would be boring as it would be with the chimps but think of the money.

Hans arrived with his colleague called Kurt on a Saturday morning Kurt was gob smacked when he saw Debra naked, Hans had told him about our lifestyle and he said she is a beauty and Hans said I told you so. Hans wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her. Debra then went to make some coffee and he all sat down to talk. David asked them how long they were staying for and Hans said we fly back a week on Monday, David said you can both stay here I will stay away with Rory for the duration and like before you can use her as you wish.

Hans asked Debra to stand so Kurt could see his tattoo. Debra sat between them and they both were caressing her, Hans asked dose she wear the weights regular and David no not at work. Kurt could not take his eyes off Debra and said what a lovely figure what are her measurement's. David said let's see he got up and came back with a tape measure and said to Kurt do you want to write them down, Kurt got his phone out and said can I photograph her and I can put them underneathDavid measured her height at five foot eight, her tits thirty eight, her waste twenty eight and her hips forty.

Kurt said 38 28 40 is a perfect figure. They sat around talking all afternoon then in the evening Hans said everyone get ready and we will go for a meal.

We went out to David' car and he said Debra you sit between the lads but pull your skirt up to your waste and your top above your tits.

On the way the lads were feeling her all over and she could feel the seat wet beneath her. When we got back at night David told Debra to strip and we all had some more drinks then David said he was going home and he would see Debra on Monday at work, he said to the lad's treat her well. Then he left with Rory. When he had gone Hans took the weights off Debra and told Kurt you can take her upstairs for an hour or so and use her she will be sleeping with me at night, they went up stairs i caught my playfellows step sister and her deep teen pussy fighting for affection sat watching TV.

after about an hour and a half they came back down and Angelica raven is a master dick sucker asked Kurt did you enjoy that he said it was the best ever, Hans said we have a week of that to come.

Debra sat on the couch between them then Kurt said bedtime and kissed Debra. I went to bed and I heard Hans and Debra come up soon after. Page (30) Debra came to our bed t on the Sunday morning but we did not have sex she told me that Kurt had sex twice with her last night and Hans had her twice once in her arse before they went to sleep and he had just had her again before she kinky chrissy likes her feet worshipped hardcore fetish to me she said he did not beat her like last time he was here.

I hugged her close and we dropped off to sleep. On Sunday they all got up and had breakfast and every chance they got they were touching Debra, they put her lying on the couch with her head on Kurt's lap and her thighs on Hans they watched TV while playing with her tits and fanny.

Later they put her weights on and told her to put her top and skirt on and they would take her out for the day. They came late evening and we all went out for our tea, when we got home Debra got undressed and sat between the Hans asked her dose David ever spank you.

She said know he said have you ever been beaten other than when I did last time she told him about Tom at the tattoo parlour. We like spanking and strapping Kurt really gets off on it as I myself enjoy doing it I will ask David's first for the two of us. He phoned David to asked him he put his phone on speaker and she heard David tell him it was ok so long as they did not leave any permanent marks and only beat her from her thighs to her waste.

Hans thanked him and said and said he would buy a spanker tomorrow for now they would use their hand's Debra got up to make some coffee and I could see she was not happy. When they finished their coffee they had her kneel with her head on the couch and Hans said we will do twenty each you have one cheek and me the other Debra will count, he lifted her head and said do you understand if you miscount you will get an extra smack, she nodded. Hans told Kurt to go first he picked her left cheekhe spanked her hard until she counted twenty then Hans smacked her right cheek as she counted you could her she was crying and her arse was red.

They let her up and she went to the bathroom when she come down she sat down you could see she had cried, they both hugged her and told her how they enjoyed it. At nine Hans told Kurt it was time to take her upstairs so he took her weights off they came back down at eleven and had some coffee and we all went to bed. Debra came home from work on Monday and said she was not looking forward to her spanking but David said she had to put up with it.

When they came home Hans had bought a leather crop and after tea they gave her twenty slaps each with it. Her cheeks were really red and she was crying Hans rubbed her bum and said get used to it for the rest of the week. He then put her weights on and said get dressed we are going for a drink.

They came home at about nine and she stripped and Hans remove the weights, and Kurt took her upstairs. For the rest of the week the routine remained the same. They took her out every night and shared her and I think she got used to the beatings because she did not cry any more, some nights both lads spent the night in bed with her, on those nights she did not come to our bed in the morning.

On the Sunday night they went to bed at ten and they both spent the night with her it being the last night, in the morning they thanked her for a great week and gave her five hundred pounds and said they would look forward to the next time. No doubt the five hundred pounds would be reclaimed as expenses. Page (31 some of them were swollen I said did you show David and what did he say she said he told her Hans has his mark on her and could do what he wanted.

She said she was glad the week was over because she was always tired at work, I asked her how many nights did the two of them sleep with her all night she said three they had her lie on her side facing one of them with one leg over his hip while one shagged her fanny and the other her arse and when the shot their loads they remained in her and big hard strapon for a naughty hotty hardcore and blowjob all went to sleep and last night it being their last the both shagged her three times, we went to bed early but we did not have sex I thought she had enoughit was nice to have her all to myself for four nights.

David came round on Friday and she handed him the five hundred pounds he said good we will have enough for another holiday soon Joe's mate has agreed to pay fourteen hundred for you to live with the chimps for a week but you will be required to spend the first and last nights in his bed, he would pay half upfront and the balance when he sold the DVD,s.

He said Alan had also been in touch and agreed eighteen hundred for eight days picking you up on a Friday and sending you back on a Sunday. You would spend six days with the dogs with no human contact, and you would be dressed as a dog the remainder of the time you would be used by Alan's clients.

Alan phoned and asked David if she would be available in two weeks time David said they would arrange some holidays off work. After the two weeks Alan phoned and said he would have her picked up at seven on Friday evening. David asked how he wanted her and he said just her collar and leash and take her rings out.

The van arrived with the usual driver she kissed us both and he led her out and put her in the back, when they arrived at Alan's there was eight men sat drinking, some she had seen before Reg the vet was one of them. After they had passed her around feeling fingering and kissing her, Alan said fifty pound for half an hour upstairs with her to use as you wish. Reg was the first to take her up, the used her until one am then Alan fetched her down for a coffee before taking her for a shower and then bed where he shagged her in the arse before going to sleep.

On Saturday morning he woke her at eight and shagged her before taking her down for some breakfast. After breakfast Alan told Reg and Jack to prepare her for the kennel they dressed her in a dog like suit with a hood with ears and leaving her face bare it had two holes to let her tits hang out and cut away at the back leaving her arse bare from her hips to the top of her thighs, her arms legs feet and hands were all enclosed, they then fitted the knee pads which meant she would not be able to stand, they then took her to the kennel and put her inside, and said while you are in here you will be called Sheba, then he wrote SHEBA on her left arse cheek with indelible ink, there was two Dalmatians two Alsatians and two Labradors, they all welcomed licking her and sniffingthey probably smelt Alan's semen on her, she crawled into the enclosed area where there was old rugs and blankets to lie, the dogs followed her in, so lay down and let them get to know her.

The kennel had cameras fitted about two feet high around it with cameras inside the covered area, so she was on show at all times Page (32) She slept with the dogs curled up around her and in the morning they went out to the enclosure to pee and poo Debra had to poo like the dogs and when she finished they took turns cleaning her which made them randy and started to jump on two of them managed to have full sex with her before Jack came to feed themshe was fed porridge and dog biscuits and drank water from the same bowls as the dog's.

Jack cleaned the enclosure and hosed it down before leaving them. The dogs used her as they felt like it every time she moved around or had a drinkEach dog had her a couple of times each day, During the day Alan fetched various men to look at her and called her out to the enclosure saying here Sheba good dogusually when she came out one of the dogs would jump on her and she would be tied to him for fifteen to twenty minutes to the spectators amusement.

On her fourth day Tuesday one of the dogs claimed her as his young dykes make each other shiver and groan would stop the other dogs mounting her, he would have her three or four times each day. On Wednesday evening Alan decided he had enough vidio's and sent Jack to fetch her in the house. Outside the enclosure he took her kneepads off and stripped her dog outfit off he then had her stand, He had to help her up because she had been on her knees for five days.

He took her into the house where Reg examined her internally to make sure there was no damage, he then took her to the bathroom and let her have a long bath, when they brought her down they gave her a four course meal, they let her sit and watch TV and gave her some wine until Alan took her to bed where they had sex and slept until morning.

She woke up to find him having sex in her arse after which they went downstairs to have breakfast. During the morning Alan let her watch some of the vidios of her in the kennelshe watched as she was taken by the dogs, eating and drinking from the bowls with the dogs and peeing and pooing in the enclosure and she could see SHEBA in big letters on her arse On Thursday afternoon men started arriving and Alan told her to get on the floor so everyone could see her, at four he told them that she was available from now until twelve, when she would be auctioned off for the night when she could be taken away or used here, if taken away she would have to be returned before ten next morning.

She was available for any use for half hour sessions at a cost of eighty pound's each per session, gangbang would be charged extra. They could take her upstairs or outside but she must not be hurt or marked in any way. Most of the men took her upstairs but some had her outside on the lawn. At twelve Alan had Jack give her a shower and wash her out he then had her stand in the middle of the floor and asked someone to start the bidding with a reserve of five hundredthe bidding finished at eight hundred and fifty to a man in his late fifties who had used her in the arse twice during his session.

Alan asked the man called Peter here or take away the Peter said take away. Alan asked Jack to fetch a coat and the man took her out to his car where he had her remove the coat for the journey. Page (33) On and the way he stopped at a minimart and came back with a twenty four pack of cherry tomatoes.

They arrived at his apartment and he made some coffee and then took his clothes off and had her suck him until he was ready then he took her in the arse when he shot his load into her he had he lick him clean, he then had her lie back on the bed with her feet on the edge and thighs wide open.

He said I noticed today during my session with you today that your lips were stretched and pierced do you wear rings, she said yes my master has me wear them all the time and also attaches weights, he removed them because I was to be used by the dogs. He said you called him master are you a sex slave, she said I have been for a number of years, he said I must get your masters number from Alan so I can hire you sometime .Peter then got the tomatoes and started putting them in her vagina he managed to get the pack of twenty four in and she could feel how full she was, he said I will leave them in until morning and he went and got some boot lace's an laced her lips together.

They then got in bed and he took her arse then fell asleep, he had her twice more during the night and he woke her at eight and had he suck him off, he then took out the laces and removed the tomato's and put them in a bowl and said I will enjoy them with my salads during the week, then they had some breakfast and he fetched her back to Alan.

She sat and watched TV and Alan said sessions would start again at four, after lunch Reg and Jack had her as they usually did then she sat and waited.

Men started arriving at three thirty and having drinks, Alan said we will start at four the same as yesterday and the auction will be at twelve, tonight the auction will be different, the buyer will have her until three tomorrow, the bidding will have to be higher, the session's went the same as yesterday and at twelve Jack showered her and washed her out.

The auctioned started and she was sold for twelve hundred, Alan asked here or take away, the man called Eric said take away, Jack fetched the coat and Eric took her to his house, when they got there he took her inside and there was a lad watching TV, Eric took the coat off her and said look what we have for the night son, make us a coffee. The son said my god she's beautiful where did you get her his dad said I bought her at an auction we have her until three tomorrow.

The son got up and made the coffee, he said why is she naked and his dad said she is kept naked at all times by her owner, she is a sex slave.

The son said she is lovely then he asked her how long she had been a slave she said eleven years, my god how old are you she said forty three They finished their coffee then had her lie across their knees the son then opened his fly and put his cock in her mouth while his dad large tits get involved in coarse fucking fingering her arse, when the son shot his load down her throat they turned her round so she could suck the dad.

When they finished they took her to bed and both had her back and front before they all went to sleep. She woke at eight on Saturday with Eric in her arse then the son woke and shagged her in the front then they swopped holes until they shot their loads. Then they got her up and took her to the bathroom they both watched as she sat on the loo and had a pee and a poo, then they put her in shower and washed her down.

Page (34) After breakfast they sat around and both had he a couple more times before taking her back to Alan. When they arrived Jack gave her some sandwiches and wine and Alan said sessions will start at five and end at eleven there will be no auction.

After the sessions ended Jack used her then washed her out, Alan then took her to bed and used her until they went to sleep. They woke on Sunday morning and he had her again before breakfast after which he called the van and sent her home.

The van driver took her up the arse before dropping her off, he fetched her in and gave David a copy of the video with the dogs, she looked deadbeat after her hectic week so David said he would arrange a couple of weeks sick, he said Joes mate Phil wanted her in a couple of weeks for his chimps. After she had a shower she look good again so David put her rings back in and told her to put a dress or skirt and top on and we would go for a meal, at meal we asked her how she coped as a dog for five days doing all the things dos do and eating and drinking from the same bowls she said it did not bother her, she enjoyed it.

David told her Alan had phoned and told him a Chinese client wanted a series of Sheba with different dogs and was willing to pay a good price, he said in some he wanted her with pups sucking on her tits as if they were hers. He said he had gone on the internet and found they can give injections to women to produce milk. He asked Alan if he could brand her with her name Sheba on her left buttock, because lovely teenie fingered amp drilled smalltits and hardcore it did not look right.

David said what were you thinking of a tattoo exploited teens man milk cookies and tiny Alan said no Reg knows a blacksmith who would make the brand and do it. Alan said he would pay five hundred if he agreed, David said make seven and you can go ahead, Alan said ok but for that He would want her Friday night to Sunday for his, Reg and Jacks use.

Debra was in tears when she heard about the branding and thinking about the pain involved. David consoled her and said think about the money at this rate you may be able to give up work.

He took her upstairs to bed on Sunday night and I had her to myself for four nights. All week she was in a state thinking about the brand and I asked was she sorry she let it go so far with David owning her, she said no, she enjoyed her life, he said she did not love him like me but he did control her. On Friday Reg arrived in a car to pick her up and David said shall I take the rings out, Reg said leave her as she is, he then took he naked to the car.

On Friday night the three of them used her and she spent the night in Alan's bed. On Saturday morning after breakfast Jack and Reg put her in the van and took her to the blacksmith. When he saw her he said my god I did not expect anything as lovely as this where's her clothes Jack said she is kept naked all the time by her owner the blacksmith said lucky man.

They took her into the forge and the blacksmith had her bend over a grubby bench full of ash and dust he then tied her legs to the bench legs and put a rope across her back so she could not move he also tied her hands so she could not touch herself. He then rubbed her arse and said what a lovely arse it looks well used, Reg said it is. The blacksmith said its years sense I had a piece of arseReg said now's your chance but knock it off the fee.

We will go and have a coffee give us a shout when you are ready to brand. She could hear him taking his overalls off and soon he was fingering both holes, he kept poking between her lips until she became wet then he would transfer some to her arse, then when he was ready he rammed his cock into her and she could feel the dirt and grit on her belly as he pounded her he the rammed her arsehole until he shot his load and she could feel it in her he then pulled out and got dressed.

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And then he called the lads back. Page (35) She could hear him lighting the blowtorch to heat the brand he asked Reg where do you it so Reg got the brand and pushed on her left cheek The blacksmith said let me mark that, Reg then went and got a piece of cane and put it in her mouth and tied cord around her head to keep it in place, they then stood around chatting until the brand was hot enough. When the brand was white hot the blacksmith pushed it hard onto her cheek and as the smell of burning flesh and smoke rose up she screamed for a few seconds then fell silent piss shot out of her on to the blacksmith's overalls, his cum shot out of her arse and run down her thigh.

Reg said she's passed out, he held the brand for a few more seconds until he was satisfied then removed it he then sprayed it with lotion he uses on livestock then Reg and Jack examined it, it was about hot small tits cristal testing out this guys fat cock smalltits and hardcore eight of an inch deep and brownJack asked will it always be that colour, and the blacksmith said it should fade to a lighter brown in time, but will always be that deep.

They revived her with some cold water but she passed out again, they untied her and placed her on the ground face down until she come round. Reg and Jack then got her to her feet and walked her around for a bit then the black smith gave her a coffee after which the put her in the van and took her back to Alan who was over the moon when he saw it.

They made her some tea and afterwards gave her some wine, they watched TV and had her suck them off a couple of times until bedtime. She went bed with Alan and had a good night's sleep, in the morning they got up and had some breakfast and before taking her home she was shagged by all threethey lay on their backs and she straddled them because the brand was too tender to touch.

Reg fetched her back and gave David the seven hundred and said, see you soon. When she came we looked at the brand and it was better than we expected. David told her Phil wanted her in two weeks time and after that we will have a holiday, you can stay on the sick for six or seven weeks .He told her Alan had phoned and said his client in China wanted him to go ahead with the Sheba DVD's starting with a bitch with puppies, and he would arrange with Reg to start giving her hormone injections to get her milking which should take three to four weeks.

Debra was excited about producing milk and David told he would keep her producing after Alan was finished with her because it could be sold or they could use it. Alan phoned David to tell him Reg would be over Tuesday evening to give her an injection of progesterone which would be repeated every three days until she started lactating which was usually about four weeks after the pups start feeding she would produce naturally.

David came over to see Reg give the injection and before he injected her he asked David could he use her, David said ok take her upstairs, they came back down after half an hour and Reg had her lie on the couch then he injected her in the arse cheek, and said I will be back in three days, It was nice having Debra around for two weeks with just Rory to keep her busy, with her being at home David left Rory with us. Robert and Lucy came on Friday night so for their usual session Robert upstairs with Debra and David with Lucy.

On Saturday four lad's from the warehouse came so she was busy again, they were amazed when they saw her brand. Page (36) Joe asked David at work if it was ok for Phil to have Debra on Saturday and return her on the following Sunday David said ok ask him how he wants her, the next day Joe told David that Phil said as usual but without the rings. Reg came on Friday to give her the injection and before he gave it he took her upstairs and used her arse. He asked David for Phil's address because he would have to visit every three days to inject her.

Joe picked her up on Saturday evening and put a car rug over her because they were going through town. Joe and Phil kinkyandlonelycom mature mom son 039 s friend tube porn her couple of times each before Joe went home at eight then Phil started making proper love to her kissing and sucking her tits, then he showed her a DVD of chimps mating and told her she had to present her arse to them when they started touching her or sit with her knees up and spread so they could touch her.

He told her she would be introduced to the chimps in the morning and she would remain with them for a week, she would be on camera twenty four hours a day and people would also come to look at them he told her she was not to speak or stand up other than on her knees. He then took her to bed, they woke at seven thirty and he had sex with her before breakfast.

Joe and another man arrived and they cleaned the cage out and put fresh straw on the floors and fill the drinking bowls. They then fetched her out and lifted her in having a good feel as they did so. The cage was six foot high and ten foot long and ten foot wide with an enclosed area for night with an old mattress the cage was on legs and raised three foot off the ground with bar's about four inches apart.

The chimps were very wary of her at first but during the day they seemed to accept her and started touching her, kissing her face and touching her tits with their hands and their lips. At feeding time they picked up bits of fruit and fed them to her which meant they accepted her. At night they went in and all three cuddled up for the night. The next day she got into her chimp role touching them they were touching her all over and putting their finger in her and smelling her.

She turned round pushed her pussy into one of their faces which gave him the message she was available he got the message and soon mounted her. The chimps penis is about as long as a man's but tapered to a point with a bone he was into her with one stab he was soon finished and sat beside her the other one started putting his fingers in her and licking them, the other one got up to have a pee, so she did the same just as three blokes and a woman came out with Phil, they watched her pee and then the other chimp decided he wanted to have her so he put his arms around her so she got into position and he mounted her she could hear the woman gasp.

One of the men asked how often do they have sex and Phil said that both chimps were virgins until today so they would be making up for lost time, he said the DVDs will be available next week. The chimp took longer on her than his mate and she could feel his big balls slamming her lips, a chimps balls are ten times larger than a man's so they produce more sperm than a man.

He finished with her and put his arms around her and started touching her face with his lip' his mate came over and started putting his face into her crotch.

The spectators having seen enough left them to it. She was fed twice each day food comprised thick porridge mornings and mince beef and mashed potatoes evenings served in a large basin with fruit thrown in during day, she had to eat with her fingers and the chimps shared the bowl with her. Page (37) The cage was cleaned out each day and people came most days to watch them, the chimps were using her more often each day.

Reg came every three days to give her the injection when he came he had her push her arse against the bars so he could do the job, he could see how red and wet her lips were so he opened them up to make sure there was no damage. On the Saturday they took her out of the cage and gave her a bath after which they brought her down stairs for a meal. They showed her footage of her in the age and every detail was capture even sleeping curled up with the chimps at night to performing every bodily function.

Joe and his mate had her suck them college girl creams on monster black cock before going home. Phil took her to bed and had her in the arse before going to sleep, in the morning he had her again before getting up for breakfast.

Joe came late morning to take her home but seeing her naked body he had to have her. She arrived home just after lunch time and had a shower then David put her rings in and told her to get dressed and we would go out for a meal, she put a blouse and skirt and we went out .We asked how she coped with the chimps and she said she preferred the dogs because she got more satisfaction. Its now three weeks after Debra finished with the chimps and I have her to myself most of the time, Reg calls every three days to give her the injection, he has now started to knead her tits and suck them and said it will not be long now until you start milking, before he goes for some reason he always has her in the arse while I watch.

Because she is not working David leaves Rory with her all the time, he never leaves her side and he mounts her twice or three times each day and when she is sat on the couch he gets up beside her licking her tits and face or with his head on her lap.

David takes her out on Saturdays to do the shopping when she has to wear the weights. We all go out on Sundays for a meal and drinks with Robert and Lucy who still call every Friday that Debra is at home also the lads from the warehouse call every couple of weeks to use her when she is available. She does not have to wear the butt plug anymore because her arse is so loose from all the use the plug keeps shooting out.

It is now six week since she was started on the progesterone and has now started to produce some milk. Reg has started to use a breast pump to measure how much she produces at the moment it is about ten ounces, he said when it gets to thirty ounces she will be ready to feed.

David told us on Friday that Joe had asked him if one of the coloured lads called Sam that was at the stag party could hire her from Friday to Sunday for a fiftieth birthday men only party next week and how much would it cost. David said it would depend on how many men would be using her, it would be about one hundred and fifty each, Joe said that Sam had borrowed his mate's cottage in the countryside for the weekend.

David was now milking Debra regularly and when Reg called on Monday he said she was now producing twenty two ounces so in a couple of weeks Alan would be hiring her. David said she was being hired out this weekend and he would give instructions for her to be milked twice a day Reg said he would provide a pump for the purpose. Page (38) Sam phoned David on Thursday and said he would pick Debra up tomorrow at six and how much would it cost, David asked how many lads involved Sam said six so David said eight hundred.

Sam anime girl gets double penetrated lesbians hardcore ok I will fetch it with me.

David asked how he wanted her dressed and he said a skirt and top or loose dress and shoes because they would be going out for meals. David came round on Friday afternoon and told that after he had milked her she was to have a shower and put some makeup on and a loose dress and shoes because she was spending the weekend with six coloured lads, they were taking her to a cottage in the country. David milked her with the pump and then sucked her dry after which he bent her over the couch and shagged her.

She went to have her shower and get ready and when she came down she looked gorgeous. Sam arrived at six in a minibus and paid David who told him to take good care of her he did not want her hurt in anyway. Sam told him he had his word. David gave Sam the breast pump in a plastic bag and told him to make sure she was milked at least twice a day then she kissed sexy harley jade takes a giant dick in her ass both and Sam led her out.

When she got in the bus she recognised a couple of the lads who were at Andy's party. After they had set off they asked her to remove her dress then during the journey they had her sucking them and they were fingering her and sucking her tits. On the way they stopped at a pub diner for a meal, it must have turned heads to see a beautiful white woman with six Jamaicans and it was obvious she wore no underwear. They all had drinks with their meal and Debra had three large glasses of Pino Grigio.

On the way to the cottage they stopped at a supermarket and stocked up with drink and food, they arrived at the cottage at nine o clock and settled in it was lovely and warm with four bedrooms, after coffee they took her dress off and had her suck each of them in turn then when they were hard they all stripped off and started shagging her, they were fascinated with her rings and how her lips were stretched from wearing the weights.

One of them went to the kitchen and came back with some twine they had her bend over and threaded the twine through the rings and tied her lips to her thighs to keep her open, then carried on using her in various ways until one am. They used all her holes at one stage she had five of them using her at the same time one in her mouth one in her arse one in her pussy and one in each hand. When they had enough for the night they told her she would be spending the night in bed with the birthday boy, they left her lips tied open and he took her to bed where he took her in the arse and they fell asleep with it still in her.

They woke at nine in the morning amateur girl showing here body tube porn they let her have a shower, when she went to the toilet she could feel the semen coming out of her arse and pussy.

They all had breakfast and then sat around watching TV until afternoon when they started on her again. At six they told her to go and clean herself up and put her dress on and they all went out to the pub for a meal with her lovely babe gets fingered by lascivious masseuse still tied open.

When they got back to the cottage they carried on as the night before until two am, then they had a raffle with the winner having her for the night. The winner took her to bed but he had enough sex for the night so he just snuggled up to her arse and went to sleep. On Sunday morning she woke at six to feel him pushing into her arse, he had her twice before getting up at ten.

After breakfast they all used her again then they let her shower and put her dress on and fetched her home with her lips still tied open. They all came in with her and thanked David who asked them had they used the pump on her and told him no they sucked her dry. They all kissed and hugged her then left. Page (39) David went to make some coffee while Debra went to the toilet, when she came back he told her to get undressed and when he saw the ties on her lips he said what a good idea and they cuddled up on the couch soon they were shagging, when he had finished he had her kneel on the floor with her head on the couch and told me it's your turn now, when we finished David told us to get cleaned up and dressed we were going out for drinks and a meal.

Debra put a skirt and top on but he left her lips still tied open. At the meal David told us Andy had asked to hire her for a fund raising event at his cricket club. The evening would be a meal and large screen porn movie's some would be of Debra at Alan's showing her with the dogs and the pigs. The evening would cost fifty pound a head but we would get complimentary tickets if we wanted to attend.

Debra would be available at extra cost to anyone who wished to use her, and he was willing to pay one thousand pound's. He said he expected to sell at least forty tickets, and charge thirty pounds for twenty minutes with Debra. Andy phoned during the week and asked David if Debra would be available in two week's time the event would start on a Friday night and carry over to Saturday.

He asked if she could be dressed with black stockings, suspender belt high heels and a short dress and with full makeup. David said we will shop on Saturday and get what we want and have your hair styled. Reg called to check her milk yield and David told him how much she was producing and he said he would tell Alan to set up her session with the puppies when he wished, he told David they would need her to spend at least two weeks in the kennel and at her present yield could feed four pups.

David said he would have to discuss money with Alan first, Reg said there should be no problem because with her two dogs and four puppies in the kennel there would be a big demand for the DVD's and also Alan might have sessions at night where she would be taken out of the kennel for a few hours to be used by paying clients. David asked Debra if she was OK with everything and if not she should say if she did not want do it anymore and it would not affect their relationship.

She said she enjoyed it only the length of time in the kennels was boring but if they were taking her out for a period each day it might not be so bad. David told her to give her notice in at work because she was making more money now, and when she finished this time with Alan we would all have a holiday.

David continued to milk Debra morning and evening and we used her milk in our coffee he also found on the web that there was a demand for breast milk, and he said when she finished feeding the pups we could sell it. We decided we would not attend Andy's event and Debra phoned her workplace and gave her notice which means we will have more time together, we have started going out for lunch some days and David agrees provided she sticks to his dress code and remains nude in the house at all times, he also insists I put her weights on when we go out, Rory is now at our house permanently so she is kept busy, she no longer treats me so much like a dog but I remain naked in the house at all times and we have sex regularly, but she is resigned to being David's sex slave to be used and abused by whoever he chooses.

Page (40) Andy phoned David and told him he would have Debra picked up at six on Friday and return her on Sunday and to have her dressed as requested and not to have any tea sexy postop ladyboy diana solo playing her hairy pussy with a huge bla she would be having a meal.

On Friday David arrived and milked Debra then she went upstairs to get ready, when she came down she looked stunning David told her to lift her dress so he could see the stocking's and suspenders he then took some photo's of her, he put her pump and a note in her bag for Andy asking him to keep her milked. One of Andy's mate's arrive at six to pick her up and handed David a cheque then he took her to the car, before she got in he had her pull her dress up to her hips so her bare arse was on the seat, on the way he played with her pulling her rings and putting his fingers into her then stopped in a car park and had her suck him off while he pushed his fingers into her arse.

When they arrived Andy kissed her and gave her a gorgeous cute blonde playing with her fingers of wine then when everyone arrived they sat down for their meal.

After the meal they started showing movies on a big screen of gang bangs and the movies Alan had made of her with dogs and the pigs and they also had the one of her with the chimps. Two of Andy's mates took her up on the stage and Andy announced gentlemen this is Sheba who is on the screen as you can see she is a beauty and will be available for a fee of thirty pounds for fifteen minutes using her fanny or arse but no oral.

The lads will now prepare her. They took her dress off to loud cheering and clapping and had her bend over a padded bench and strapped her les apart leaving her fully exposed, they then lubricated her with KY and then whoever paid could use her, she was allowed a break every two hours when she could go to the loo and have a drink, some used her arse only and some used both, she had semen running down running down her thighs, she was available for eight hours, but had no idea how many men had used her some were rough and got annoyed when because of the drink they were not able to shoot their load in the time allowed, after twelve midnight the number of men using her lessened.

At five when she had cleaned herself Andy gave her the dress and took her to his house where they remained in bed until one in the afternoon. They had some tea and toast and watched TV, her arse felt really sore so he said they would get some cream when they went out, he looked at and said it was red. Later in day he gave her dress and said they were going for a meal.

They called at a pharmacy and got some cream then went and had their meal after which they went back to his house. Two of his mates called round and for next three hours they used her. At midnight they had some coffee and then went to bed they woke at seven and he had sex with her and they got up at ten.

They had breakfast and later he had her again, then he gave her the dress and fetched her home. David made some coffee after which he told Debra to take the dress off because she needed shaving he took her rings out and shaved her then he milked her and she produced thirty one ounces, he said we will use it for asian nun goes wild with unshaved vagina japanese and hardcore but when Alan is finished with you we can sell it for at least one pound an ounce.

He then told her to have a shower and put something fresh on because we were going for a drink and a meal, when she came down she had a skirt and a top on, he then put her rings back in and put her weights on. At the pub we questioned her about the weekend she said it was uncomfortable on her front for two hour sessions and it hurt being pounded against the bench, she said she preferred her sessions at Alan's where she had free movement and mostly on her back on a bed.

Page (41) When we got home David told her to get undressed and took her weights off and he asked me did I want to use her I said yes so he told me I could take her upstairs, we went up stairs and made proper love for the first time in months, I asked her if she was still OK with our life style and she said yes, I said your forty four gta vice city fuck story and still beautiful you don't have to do it, she said I will do it as long as David wants me to and you don't mind.

I asked her if she loved David and she said it was a different kind of love to ours, she said she knew she was just a way of making money for him but she really liked him. We went back down stairs after two hours and David was watching TV she snuggled up beside him and said thanks and kissed him, I went and made some coffee after which we all went to bed.

In the morning it being Monday David got up to go to work so Debra came into my bed. Reg called mid morning to check on her milk yield, he milked her and after seeing what David had collected in the fridge he said Alan would be in touch with David to negotiate a price for her, he then had her bend over the couch and shagged her arse while I watched, Reg for some reason always uses her arse.

David called after work and when he was here Alan phoned and asked if Debra would be available for at least two week starting a week on Saturday, David said she would be if the price was right if it was at least two weeks she would be priced o a daily basis ad depending on how she was used, Alan said he had received a lot of money upfront from his Chinese contact for some more Sheba DVD's some depicting her as a bitch with pups.

She would be kept in the kennel with her pups and a least two dogs for the duration, but taken out each evening for five hours to be hired out to paying client's to use for half hour sessions .David said he was not keen on the length of time she would be in the kennels Alan said it would be necessary to create the effects, the kennels would be heated with blankets on top of the straw in the covered area so she would not be cold at night.

She would be feeding two pups for a start the pups would be two weeks old and taken off her at when they were four weeks, if they were not satisfied with the footage two more pups would be put on her also the number of dogs may be increased. David asked how much was he willing to pay and he said I thought two hundred a day, David said considering what she is facing and the money you are going to make each day on top of the DVD contract, I think two hundred and fifty a day would be fair considering you will make more than that each day hiring her out to clients, Alan said agreed but don't expect her back after the two weeks, and if you would consider selling her to me I would pay a handsome figure, David said no she is not for sale at any price but is available as long as you need her and she is willing.

David said to Debra you heard all that conversation how do you feel about it, she said I will be alright and I am looking forward to feeding the pups, but I will miss you both for the duration. Joe from work called and asked David if he could hire Debra for the weekend, he would be taking her to his golf club dinner so she would have to be dressed her best and he would pick her up on Saturday. On Saturday she went to the hairdresser and David bought her a new dress when Joe called she looked amazing.

After the dinner Joe took her back to his apartment with two of his mates where she was stripped and used for three hours and later spent the two smoking hot cfnm babes fucking guy in Joe's bed.

He fetched her back on Sunday and gave David two hundred pounds. Page (42) David called to milk her and told her Robert and Lucy would be over on Wednesday night because they might not see her for a while as Alan may be keeping her for a while. He told us as she was going to be used more from now on he had arranged for her to have an STD vaccination on Thursday at a private clinic. He said he did not know what Alan had planned but for one thousand seven hundred and fifty a week he could have her as long as he wants.

She did not look very pleased and said she would miss us so much. David said think of the money at least seven thousand a month. Robert phoned David at work and suggested that as he would not see Debra for a few weeks he would like to spend the night with her, and asked if he agreed he could have Lucy for the night and he would take Debra to his house.

David said he would look forward to it when he told Debra she again looked annoyed. On Wednesday Robert arrived at seven and handed Lucy over to David and took her coat off, he put the coat over Debra and left with her. He fetched her back on Thursday morning and thanked David and said he hoped he enjoyed Lucy as much as he had Debra and maybe do it again sometime in the future. Alan phoned on Friday and told David he would have Debra picked up on Saturday morning and to put her collar on and remove her rings.

David got her ready and she kissed and hugged us both and went and sat on the couch, Jack arrived at ten and gave David a packet and said there is two weeks money there for now then he led her out naked as usual to the van. When they arrived at the farm Jack led her into the house where Alan and Reg were waiting. Reg had two Alsatian pups in a carrier they had her sit down and gave her a lissa sparx gangbang world record of wine, Reg told her you will be mother to these two puppies for two weeks you will also have two Alsatians to keep you company.

Alan said before we put her in the kennel I think we should enjoy her for a while they gave her more wine then Alan told Reg to have her first so he took her upstairs then stripped from the waste and had her suck him hard he then took her in the arse as usual when he finished he told her to stay, Jack came up next but was already hard from thinking about her and when he finished Alan had her.

They then fetched her down and Reg started hand milking her, he then had her lie on the floor on her side and rubbed her milk around her nipples, he then got the puppies and put them to her nipples, and after a few minutes they latched on and began sucking.

They let them feed until they had their fill. They then put the knee pads on so she could not stand and then the doggy outfit covering her back head arms legs and hands before leaving her arse face and tits bare.

Alan said we will start downloading off the cameras tomorrow it will give her time to settle in. They led her out to the kennel and put the pups in they followed her as she crawled towards the covered area and as soon the dogs saw them they started smelling and licking her because she was leaking semen one of them tried to jump on her but she managed to get in and lie down with her pups, she put her arse against the partition to stop them getting to her.

It was cosy in kennel area wit old blankets and infra red heaters so she soon nodded off to sleep when she woke the ups were feeding and when they finished she got up and crawled out to have a pee and when she finished the dogs were on her.

One mounted her and after a couple of attempts was buried deep in her, it seemed easier for them to enter her now that her lips are stretched from the weights, when the second dog mounted her and knotted with her the pups came looking for her and while she was knotted she got down on her elbows and let the pups latch on to her nipples, when the dog had pulled out she went and had a drink and lay down with her pups. Page (43) When it go dark Jack came and put her lead on and took her in the house where he stripped her of her doggy gear and took her upstairs and washed her down and washed her out he then dried her and took her back down stairs and gave he a meal and some wine, when she finished she sat on the couch watching TV until seven when the first clients arrived then she was taken upstairs and used for half hour periods until one am.

When the last client had finished with her she was taken down and put back in the kennel until the next evening, this was to be her routine for the two weeks sixteen hours in the kennel feeding her pups and being used by the dogs when they felt like it and sleeping a lot then each evening being used by up to twelve men. Alan Jack or Reg would use her sometimes during the day in her doggy gear outside the kennel. Alan phoned David and told him we were welcome to visit anytime to see how she was coping and said she seemed content, and he would be keeping her for longer than the two weeks if it was agreeable.

We went to Alan's place late afternoon and we had some drinks and watched Debra on the big screen feeding her pups and being used by the dogs and peeing and pooing in the outside area. Jack fetched her in when it was time and she was surprised to see us, Jack took her doggy gear off and took her upstairs to clean her then fetched her down she kissed us both and we hugged her it was great to see her, Jack gave her a meal then she sat on the couch between us we noticed her nipples were red and enlarged with scratches and marks around them, her arse cheeks and thighs were also marked.

David asked Alan if she was finished with the dogs could her rings be put back on Alan said no problem I will have Reg pick them up in the morning and put them on her when she is finished in the kennel. She sat with us until clients started arriving then Jack came to take her upstairs special delivery and the delivery guy returns with ms paris tube porn so she hugged and kissed us and said goodbye.

Alan asked David if he could keep her for two more weeks, the first week she would be used for pony play and the second she would be auctioned for a night or if a client wanted to pay extra he could have her for longer, he said he had an Arab coming to see her, he saw her on the DVD's and was very interested in her. For the remainder of her stay in the kennel she was joined by two more dogs a Dalmatian and a Rottweiler who kept her busy until Saturday when Reg came and took her pups away, she was in tears when she realised she would not see them again.

On that Saturday she was allowed a long bath after which she was given a three course dinner and plenty of wine and spent the night until bedtime watching TV and being used by Jack and Reg, when they left Alan took her to bed.

The next week she was a pony girl harnessed to a buggy and used by six clients each day and sleeping with Alan at night, on her last week she was auctioned to the Arab for seven days, Alan phoned David to ask if it was Ok because the Arab wanted to take her to his holiday Island and guaranteed she would be returned unharmed and he would give him half the auction price, David agreed and the Arab paid six thousand pounds.

Debra was given a coat and taken by private plane to the island where the coat was taken off her and she was used by the Arab and his guests each day and with dogs in the evening. At the end of the week she was returned to Alan and the Arab gave her two thousand pounds for herself and told her he would be in touch direct with her owner again (44) David has taken over completely now and Debra remains his slave to do with what he chooses.

We accept the life style we have adopted. I have Debra to myself four nights each week. Debra has been hired a few more times by Alan for his weekends, and Andy for his parties, Robert and Lucy call most Fridays, David invites the warehouse lads every couple of weeks for drink's and time with Debra and of course we have Rory every weekend, Debra is still beautiful and will be in demand for some time.